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Star Wars: Shades of the Force [PG13-V]

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Participants: Everyone

?Asi-Mar-Umdal and Galren Jeth arrive from their latest task to discover their new mission from the Jedi Council. As they meet with the Council the other Knights and Padawans make their way to the Temple.?


Just beyond the gravity pull of Coruscant a pair of Jedi craft emerge from Hyperspace with sudden deceleration. Disengaging from their Hyperdrive Ring?s the ships dart towards the planet below at sub-light speed, keeping within good distance of each other. The grey vessel leads the other into a banking dive as they avoid the various other vessels buzzing around Coruscant like tiny insects around a huge beast of burden. Soon the pair are in the atmosphere and are now avoiding the towering skyscrapers that brush even the O-Zone layer of the planet. Rapidly they descend further until they reach the main level of the planet spanning city where all things in the Republic has their Headquarters.

Dodging around the lanes of civilian traffic the two small ships made their way toward the Jedi Temple in the distance. Eventually the two craft approached the Temple and their auto-guidance systems took over from the pilots and landed them in one of the landing bays located within the Temple Precinct. The cock-pit of the grey ship opened allowing the Cerean pilot to remove himself, he was quickly followed by the Arkanian in the other ship.

Soon the two were making their way into the Jedi Temple.

[b]?What do you suppose the council called us back for Master??[/b] The Padawan asked the Cerean Knight.

[b]?If I knew that we need not have come Galren.?[/b] Asi replied with a smile. Galren bowed his head, accepting his Masters answer.

They passed by the various Youngling training rooms as well as the entrance to the Archives but lacking the time to indulge the pair quickly made their way to the Council Tower. The journey up to the Council Chamber was a short one. Thanks to the glass walls surrounding them they could see the vast City planet before them as the traffic continued to move in its specific lines and the activity around the Temple Precinct never seemed to settle down. The doors to the Council Chamber opened, Asi-Mar-Umdal entered first with Galren following on behind.

[b]?Master Asi-Mar-Umdal, we thank you for arriving so quickly.?[/b]

[b]?Of course Masters, the Council calls and we come. What is it you require of my Padawan and I??[/b] Asi asked in a respectful tone.

[b]?You seem impatient, do you wish to address another matter??[/b]

[b]?No my Masters, I only wish to serve the Republic as quickly as I can.?[/b] He replied.

[b]?Very well. The Chancellor has requested our assistance in dealing with a recent crisis in the Expansionist Region. You know this region well yes??[/b]

[b]?Indeed Master, it was where my former Master and I carried out many of our duties. This has been repeated in the new partnership with my Padawan.?[/b] Asi-Mar-Umdal indicated Galren who bowed respectively to the Council, a few mummers ran through the seated Masters before they spoke once more.

[b]?Very well, the focal point currently seems to be the Brak sector. If this sector falls into anarchy it could possibly be devastating for the Republic. We cannot allow this crisis to continue or it will do all we have done since Ruusan.?[/b]

There was a moment of respectful silence as the assembled Jedi gave thanks to their long dead brothers and sisters who helped destroy the Sith almost one hundred and fifty years ago.

[b]?You and you Padawan, along with several other Jedi Knights and their Padawans, are to go to the Brak sector and find a solution to the problem. Remember that force is to be used only when absolutely necessary, the people of the Republic sometimes forget the Jedi are no longer an Army so still they treat us as such.?[/b]

[b]?Certainly Masters, we shall bring order back to the Brak Sector. You have my word.?[/b] As he turned to leave Asi saw that Galren was not moving.

[b]?Padawan, do you wish to address the Council??[/b]

[b]?Only if you allow me too Masters.?[/b] Galren asked with great respect and sincerity in his voice. Again mummers went through the Council before the allowed Galren to speak.

[b]?My Masters, I wish to ask about the trials. I have been with Master Asi-Mar-Umdal for more than ten years now and I believe that I am ready to take the trials, with your permission of course.?[/b] As the Council members began talking with each other Asi strode over to Galren.

[b]?I told you not to ask the Councils permission, they alone will decide when you take the trials my young Padawan. You must ? ?[/b]

[b]?Your concern is well advised Master Asi-Mar-Umdal but in this case it is no required. When Padawan Galren Jeth returns from this mission, provided it is successful, he will undergo the trials. You may leave now, return to the Temple Spire and await the remaining members of your group.?[/b]

Asi-Mar-Umdal and Galren both bowed before turning and leaving the Council Chamber. The ride down to the Spire would likely be more vocal than the journey up.


OOC: Let us begin then, it?d be a tad easier if you tried to post in pairs rather than everyone leaping in at once. This isn?t a rule but it would, like I said, be easier as the stories would have a flow to them. Gavin you can continue this if you wish or have Galrens reactions to the previous events. May the Force be with you, always.[/size][/color]

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Voss paced almost frantically towards the Council chambers, with Taj bobbing comfortably behind him; the longer legged being finding an easy stroll was fast enough to keep up with her Chiss master. The morning sun beamed down from the Eastern window onto Voss? face, illuminating half of his figure into an almost sky blue, while in shadow his face was a deep purple. A look of cynicism was on his face as was usual when he was sent to the Council. Taj and he were less than revered for their negotiation and debating skills, whilst their combat abilities had received much praise. As such, Voss had noticed them being sent on missions where violence was an almost certainty, which had naturally made him concerned for his Padawan. Whilst she was more than capable in battle, she had inherited her races trademark clumsiness, which concerned him at times.

The large bronze doors to the Council chambers slid open before them with a calm hiss, and Voss strode calmly into the centre of the room, his Padawan only a pace behind him. Twelve sets of eyes bored inquisitively through his sole, and, as always when he stood before the Council, he felt a sense of nakedness. The Council, though very warm and intelligent as individuals, always seemed to be probing and patronizing when sat as a dozen. This often led Voss to question whether pride was something that could seep into even the highest ranks of the Jedi, a thought that he had, of course, not mentioned to a soul.

[B]?Master Voss, welcome. Congratulations are in order, your recent trip to Dosha was most successful.?

?Thank you Master?.

?Unfortunately, events have swayed are hands, and we regret to inform you that we must send you out again, much sooner than we first expected.?[/B]

Voss? face retained its composure, though he could not prevent feeling the slightest twinge of scorn, which would have hit the Council through the Force like a slap in the face. He saw no signs of reaction from them, but the sudden concern he felt directed from his Padawan confirmed that his feelings had been made known to the people in the room.

[B]?No doubt word has gotten to you Master Voss of the recent troubles stirring in the Brak sector??

?Yes Master, and I understand its importance.?

?You and your Padawan will be part of a small task force of Jedi sent to the system to restore order? and peace.?[/B]

Voss did not speak, but instead bowed slightly to the council, confirming that he understood and accepted the mission. Taj, following her Master?s lead, bowed also, but much deeper, allowing her gangly ears to flop down over her face. Voss half expected her to lose balance, which she didn?t. However, when she rose, she flicked her head back in a whipping motion, causing one of her ears to swing round on course with Voss? cheek. Voss tilted his head left as the ear passed him, feeling only the rushing air surrounding it. Taj responded with an awkward, toothy, Gungan smile.

[B]?May the Force be with you both?

?And you Masters.?[/B]

With that, Voss turned and began making his way to the exit. He met Taj?s eyes as he passed, and winked at her, which was often his cheeky response signalling he had actually found her latest clumsy act quite amusing. Often, it was quite the remedy he needed when feeling stressed.

As he reached the door, he was stopped by a Council member addressing him once more.

[B]?Oh, Master Voss, you?ll be pleased to hear than an old friend, Asi-Mar-Umdal, will be accompanying you on this mission.?[/B]

Voss nodded again, and there was a hint of a grin as he proceeded out the Council doors and into the adjacent passageway. Every instinct in his body told him that this mission was going to prove very interesting indeed.

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[SIZE=1]Alright, hopefully this Star Wars RPG will be the one we've all been looking forward to.


Even without his connection to the Force, Jeth could feel his Master's frustration at his request to the Council, while he regretted being unable to present his request to the Council by himself he did not regret the request itself. Having been a Padawan for over ten years, the Arkanian felt that perhaps it was time he moved from beneath his Master's wing. Still he did feel the need to apologise to his Master, even if it would only lead to an argument that could be settled with words. Many of the Temple's conference chambers were unused, and they would be as good a place as any to have the forthcoming discussion, sighing gently Jeth waited for his Master to choose a room before following silently. Exhaling again, Jeth decided to simply say his piece and leave it at that, Master Umdal?s eyes however gave off the distinct impression that this was not to be a short discussion.

"[B]I am sorry if my request caused you any unease Master, and I know you asked me not to address the Council on this matter... but I felt it was necessary.[/B]? He sighed sitting down in one of the many seats set into the chamber, one of his hands rubbed through his stark white hair, maybe he was being unfair in looking to take the trails, twenty-three was not an unusual age for a Padawan, though it was getting to the stage where the Trials were something to expect. ?[B]Necessary ?[/B]? The exasperation in his Master?s voice was all too noticeable. ?[B]You thought it was necessary to question the Council on when they?d deem you ready to take the Trials ? My young Padawan I have told you before that the Council?s decision is it?s own, and that you?re raising such a question, even as politely as you did, is disrespectful. I am only glad that they do consider you ready, otherwise...[/B]? Letting the statement hang in the air was enough for Jeth to accept his Master?s point, but he was no longer a ?young Padawan? and raising the question had not been posed in disrespect.

?[B]You are probably right Master, perhaps it was just youthful exuberance, after all, you were only my age when you took me as your Padawan Learner.[/B]" Master Umdal was not the only one capable of allowing his point to get across without actually saying it. He watched as a rare smile broke across his Master?s face, perhaps not an actual smile, but his frown lifted and the atmosphere of the room seemed to lighten.

?[B]Perhaps you are right Jeth, we should keep our minds on the mission we have been assigned, I sense it will not be an easy affair. That in itself should give you insight into why the Council are using this as a test to see if you are ready to take the Trials. Still I can sense how the prospect of being elevated to a fully fledged Jedi Knight is all you can think about at the moment.[/B]? Asi himself sighed, over the last decade he had traversed the galaxy sharing adventures with his Padawan, and soon it might all end, but the Force was a wonderful thing and Jeth would make a great Jedi... or Librarian if he had his way. ?[B]I assume you still want to take that position Master Keto offered you in the Archives ? I can only tell you that it is the galaxy?s loss and the Jedi?s gain if you choose such a path. Still the pursuit of knowledge and history have always been your first love, a term I use loosely, and I can think of nobody better to cater to young Initiates, after all history is such a dreadfully boring subject..[/B].?

Jeth couldn?t help but chuckle, even since he had told his Master he wished to become a Librarian, Master Umdal would make bad jokes designed to provoke a sigh and a chuckle from his Padawan. His love of archaeology and lore would always be his pursuit in life, and though he might eventually become a Librarian under Master Keto, the Archives could wait a few years. Jeth intended to navigate the galaxy itself to uncover the secrets of the Jedi who came before him.

His Master rose, the discussion had been less verbal than he had though it would be, perhaps his Master?s relative youth prevented him from being too strict with his Padawan, but Cereans were not known for letting their emotions influence their judgement. Rising himself, Jeth?s shoulder slumped as he saw the lightsaber in Master Umdal?s hand, he was right when he thought the discussion was less verbal than it should have been, a sparring match however had not been top of his list on ways to resolve the debate. ?[B]Master I see no need to beat you in another sparring match...[/B]? Jeth tried to match his Master?s own exasperation from the beginning of their argument. ?[B]We shall see[/B]? was all that was returned and Jeth smiled inwardly.[/SIZE]

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[size=1][color=#7D8593]Not far off from the Council Chamber, Kora Nov and her Padawan, Yaru, were nearly sprinting with Yaru trying to match each of her long-legged Master?s steps. As they passed through the glass walls, from the corner of Kora?s eyes, the city began to awaken and with it the sounds of the morning. Although, this beautiful dawn was stretching its arms and warming the hearts of everyone, it was apparent that Kora was in no mood for anything warm and cheerful. It seemed that she wanted nothing to do but to train her Padawan but the late request for her appearance had somewhat touched a nerve, yet it wasn?t the place or time to reveal her emotions to the Council.

As the two kept walking towards the Chamber, Kora began her daily mental rants, except instead of them being mental; her rants became whispered, murmuring, ?Bloody of all days. Is this any way to tell me that we have a meeting, having my Padawan wake me at the earliest of hours? In fact, what is the meaning of this early meeting? This is unbelievable, I always miss my notices and I always arrive late. The Council?s probably going to think of me as an incompetent Knight. But I wonder why the urgent request of this meeting is?? Finally arriving at the doors of the Council Chamber, Kora looked to Yaru and then to the doors. ?There?s only one way to find out what the Council has to say.?

The sound of the Chamber doors opening was heard and Kora entered the room with Yaru close behind her. Upon entering, Kora saw the familiar faces of the Council members. The Knight and Padawan bowed respectively to the Council members and walked further in, yet keeping a distance between the seated Council and herself and Yaru, whose eyes looked to the eyes of the Council. Kora smirked as she glanced down to her Padawan but her gaze went back to those of the Council when they had spoken.

?We are glad that you could make it, Master Kora. There are some pressing matters that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.? There was an air of silence from the Knight and the Council continued on, with Yaru merely watching. ?It has become apparent to us that there has been a request to deal with the recent events in the Expansionist Region, to be exact, the Brak sector. Are you aware of the crisis, Master Kora??

?I am aware, Masters.? Kora had neither emotion nor expression in her face or her voice.

Nodding the Council continued, ?It has become known to us that you and your Padawan, along with several other Jedi Knights and their Padawan will be needed in that sector, Master Kora, in hopes that the Jedi will bring order to this falling sector.

Without any face of emotion, Kora bowed her head in respect and replied, ?It is understood, Masters. My Padawan and I will do whatever possible to helping this fallen sector.? With that, Kora concluded the meeting and raised her head, turning to walk towards the Chamber doors. Following suit, Yaru gave a quick bow and began after Kora, but the Master stopped short of the doors. Before she stepped out of the doors that opened, she asked, ?Is it possible to know who should be accompanying us on this trip, Masters??

A silence fell over the Chamber for a moment but one of the Council answered, ?You shall soon see when Master Kora arrives at the Temple Spire. May the force be with the two of you, Master and Padawan.?

Kora finally walked out of the doors with Yaru following in suit. She hadn?t the faintest idea who would be accompanying her, nor what they would be expecting in the Brak sector, but she knew well that the trip would suggest a challenge and perhaps able Yaru to train on the field. Her footsteps began to resound against the glass walls as she and Yaru began to make their way to the Temple, wondering who the group would turn out to be.[/size][/color]

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[COLOR=SlateGray]Eshka Sei'pek, Jedi Knight, landed her Uriel class fighter several blocks down from the Temple and looked out the rear window, searching the spaces behind her for her Padawan, Laruc Torio. Not seeing him there, where she thought he would be, she shifted in her seat and depressed the button to open the cockpit and slipped out to stand on the wing of her vessel.

She looked behind her again, and then to the sides, still not seeing him, but able to sense him.

[i]These crafts are difficult to hide, where could he?[/i] A mental sigh. [i]?why not look where you sense him from then?[/i] She looked forward and indeed there he was, in front of her by two spaces and perched on top of his vessel, grinning at her. She jumped lightly from the wing of her craft to land on the ground the same moment he did.

Laruc once he had his feet on the ground began the walk towards the Temple. Eshka sighed and caught up with him.

[b]?Always in such a hurry to get where you?re going, Laruc?you need to take time?it?s much pleasanter that way??[/b] She smiled at him and he smiled back.

[b]?We are late, though, Master?I don?t think we can go as slow as you wish today.?[/b] Eshka nodded and sped up.

[b]?You are correct?but, you do need to slow down sometime?sometime when we [i]have[/i] time.?[/b] She nodded at her Padawan and they broke into a run, skidding through the streets of Coruscant until they reached the Temple. They stopped for a moment to catch their breath before Eshka nodded. [b]?Ready to go in?[/b][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna][b]OOC:[/b] And I?ll leave it to you, Laruc/Corey, to get them to their respective designations. :p[/COLOR]

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[size=1]The saber blade blasted into life, and the familiar electric crackle resounded through the air. Corin listened to it, and was comforted by it, breathing in the air around him, feeling the atmosphere tingle with power. The Force flowed around him and through his body, gave him strength and energy, and allowed him to see things others would not normally be able to.

He felt something stir behind him, and whirled round, his saber flashing, deflecting a bolt of blaster fire straight back into the probe droid that had fired it. Another droid behind him, destroyed. More and more droids firing their weapons at him, he deflected them all, destroying the droids.

[b]"Corin!" [/b]said a voice from the doorway. The Padawan learner was distracted for a moment, and a droid blasted him in the back. He was stunned for a second, before swinging round and smashing the droid to the floor with his saber.

[b]"End training," [/b]he said, pulling off the helmet with its specially blackened visor. The droids stopped appearing from their holes in the walls. He wiped the sweat from his brow and turned to the doorway. His Master, Jedi Knight Torrin Zalrock, stood in the doorway, smiling warmly.

[b]"You were doing well," [/b]he said, [b]"But you shouldn't have let me distract you. That was a dangerous mistake. You should have been able to feel my presence and still concentrate on the task at hand."

"I know, Master. It's hard to concentrate on so many things at once," [/b]replied the Padawan, walking over to his Master, who was over two decades his superior.

[b]"But you will learn to in time. You are still young, you have time to learn the ways of the Force. But you are powerful for your age, Corin, never let anyone tell you otherwise," [/b]said the Master warmly, turning to walk alongside his Padawan.

[b]"What did you need to see me for?" [/b]Corin asked.

[b]"We need to see the Council immediately. They have something planned for us," [/b]he replied, [b]"Don't bother asking me what, Corin, for I don't know," [/b]he added, seeing the questioning look on Corin's face.

A few minutes later, they pushed open the doors to the Council chamber. As etiquette demanded, Torrin walked in first, followed closely by his Padawan. They both bowed deeply as they reached the centre of the floor.

[b]"Master Zalrock," [/b]said one of the Council members, [b]"I will keep this brief. You are needed to investigate mysterious happenings in the Expansionist regions of the Brak Sector. You and your Padawan will accompany a group of other Jedi Knights and Padawans, as well as Master Asi-Mar-Umdal, to help investigate these happenings. Please proceed to the Temple Spire and meet the rest of your group. Is this understood, Master Zalrock?"

"It is understood, Masters," [/b]Torrin replied, bowing deeply. Corin did the same, showing no emotion on his face, even though below he was erupting with excitement.

As soon as Master Zalrock and his Padawan had left the Council Chamber, Corin launched into an excited, rambling speech about his excitement.

[b]"I can't believe the Council is letting me go to the Expansionist Region and I'm not even a Knight yet! This is unbelievable! I can't believe I'm going on my very first mission as a Jedi! It is going to be great!" [/b]he said.

[b]"Calm down, Corin," [/b]Zalrock said with a smile and a laugh, [b]"You are too young to understand fully the importance of this mission. It is no training mission, this is a real, threatening situation. There is a possibility of death. You should not enter into these things too lightly."

[/b]This sudden shock calmed Corin down, and he said barely anything on the way to the Temple Spire, and resorted to simply fiddling with his lightsaber as he walked. Torrin looked at his Padawan and smiled.

[i]So young... [/i]he thought, [i]Most Jedi forget how the joys of youth had to be shrugged off during training. But any good Jedi remembers those times of joy, no matter how little they had.

[/i]Corin turned to Zalrock just before they reached the Temple Spire. He looked around to check that no-one was listening.

[b]"Master," [/b]he said, [b]"If Master Umdal is going to be there, does that mean that Galren Jeth will be as well?"

"I imagine so. Galren is Master Umdal's Padawan after all. Why do you ask?"

"I'm a little frightened by him. He's only a few years older than me and he's already nearing the trials. It's a little intimidating, that's all," [/b]said Corin, hanging his head.

[b]"A little intimidation can be a good thing, Corin. Just don't let any little fears you have of him grow into something larger. Remember, fear..."

"Is the path to the Dark Side, I remember," [/b]finished Corin, a little exasperated, having heard this speech many times during his training.

[b]"Good, you would do well to remember that, Corin. It is one of the most important lessons I will ever teach you. And anyway, Galren is six years older than you. I'm sure by the time you reach his age, you will be able to pass the trials easily," [/b]said the Jedi Knight comfortingly.

[b]"You really think so?" [/b]said the Padawan, his eyes lighting up.

[b]"I have no doubt you will make an excellent Jedi some day, Corin. It matters not when you take the trials, but how good a Jedi you become before and after them," [/b]said Torrin with a small laugh, [b]"And now it is time for us to meet our partners for this mission."

[/b]He pushed the doors of the Temple Spire open...


OOC: Ok, I have taken the liberty of including Outlaw's character fairly heavily in my post, as his computer is broken at the moment, so he cannot post. Maybe we can get this thing moving.

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[size=1]Laruc quickened his pace, attempting to keep up with his taller Master. The force was, as always, a useful tool. He quickened the blood flow of his body, and easily caught up to her. Coruscant blurred past them as they ran. Laruc took a moment to admire the beauty of this world before the temple loomed in front of them with it's mountainous beauty.

[b]Eshka-[/b] "Ready to go in?" Laruc nodded, his breath still catching slightly in his throat. Dispite using the force, he always felt a bit uncomfortable amongst the Council. They all held so much wisdom. Wisdom and power. He could only hope to be like that one day.

The doors to the chambers gracefully slid open as they approached. Eshka walked calmly to the center of the room smiling at each Jedi Master in turn. Laruc stayed a few paces behind her, looking shakily at the Council Members. He instantly felt as though he was being analyzed, each nook of his mind examined. He tried to cloud over his thoughts of apprehension.

[b]Council Member-[/b] "Welcome Master Sei'pek. We were saddened to hear you couldn't discover any new information on the residual pockets of Sith resistance." Eshka gave only the slightest hint of a smile.

[b]Eshka-[/b] "I believe our mission was more productive than I first reported, Masters." A few council members nodded happily at this.

[b]Council Member-[/b] "You've been summoned back from your mission to participate in a far more important one, Master Sei'pek. The Chancellor has requested that the Jedi aid in restoring peace in the Expansionist Region, more specifically the Brak Sector." Eshka nodded. "You and your Padawan will be part of a small task force. If this sector falls into chaos, it could be devastating to the Republic."

[b]Eshka-[/b] "I understand Masters. My Padawan and I will help bring this sector back to the light." Eshka bowed low, her spotted fur rippling. Laruc did the same, excitement and fear flowing through his mind.

[b]Council Member-[/b] "The task force will assemble in the spire. Head there immediately. May the force be with you both."

[b]Eshka-[/b] "And you, Masters." They walked out of the chamber, the doors softly shutting behind them.

[b]Laruc-[/b] "Master..."

[b]Eshka-[/b] "I feel your emotions Laruc. Clear your mind and trust in the force. There is a reason we were sent on this mission, even if it's not obvious. Before we leave, I want you to meditate on this." Laruc looked down. Meditation was tedious and time consuming. But it made things much clearer.

[b]Laruc-[/b] "Yes, Master..." They began walking to the spire.[/size]

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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Taj strode lightly behind her master through the temple, feeling an awkward mix of embarassment and pride. She'd been warned about her ears before - the spines on the ends were sharp enough that a mistake could mean a heavy scratch, or worse, if she'd hit an eye...she'd been being careful, honest, just sometimes she forgot.

But Master Voss had found her amusing, despite the fact that it'd been [i]his[/i] eye in danger...she just dismissed it with a flexible shrug, grinning to herself.

Admittedly, she hadn't been paying [i]quite[/i] as much attention to the Masters as she was supposed to be. She did know, however, that if she and her Master were being sent, there would be fighting. She might not be the best at figuring things out, but that was fairly easy.

[B]"Whensa we be leavin', Masta?"[/B] Voss's mouth quirked into a slight smile.

[B]"So you [i]were[/i] listening somewhat...."[/B] She shrugged, bobbing her head in a quick nod; not explaning that the attention hadn't been full...he already knew. [B]"We leave as soon as the other Jedi are ready."[/B]
"Least mesa doesn't have to pack...mesa nevah unpacked from da last one..."[/B] Voss chuckled.

[B]"Always have to look on the bright side..."[/B] Taj grinned widely.

[B]"Yessa, other side be too dark for mesa eyes...."[/B] She knew what he meant, but sometimes it helped to have those around you think you were slower than you were...together, Master and Padawan headed for their quarters to make the final preperations for their trip.


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[SIZE=1]Hopefully we can get this active again after it's little break. Whichever Master and Apprentice pair would like the be the ones entering the sparring chamber at the end of this post are welcome to, whether or not the spar continues is up to Bill however.


The sheer magnitude of the Jedi Temple was enough to cause awe in both Jedi and non-Jedi, and for over three thousand years it had been a beacon for those who sought the light of the Force. It?s thousands of rooms were home to thousands of individual auras in the Force, a Jedi knew that his form was much more than just flesh and blood, he was part of the Force itself and thus was indestructible as the part of him that was of the Force could never be destroyed. Jeth however had other things on his mind as he journeyed the immense corridors with his master, a few minutes ago all he could thing about was the fact that after Brak he would have the chance to take the trials, now he readied all his focus for the sparring match with Master Umdal.

It was not their first sparring match, nor he knew would it be their last, when he had first created his lightsaber his master?s skills with Juyo had been far more potent that his own meagre prowess in Djem So. But that had been nearly a decade ago, and since then Jeth had become far more proficient and most of their sparring matches tended to last less than three minutes, as Asi-Mar-Umdal simply couldn?t match his student?s fierce physical strength. Both Djem So and Juyo required a Jedi to immerse himself into the raw power of emotion, but Juyo mandated that a Jedi in a greater control of their emotions, to enjoy the fight but not bask in the emotions the. Djem So on the other hand was all about the action of the fight, to pit one?s strength against another, to defeat the enemy in single combat, and to hold nothing back.

The sparring rooms of the Jedi varied in size, some very for single duels of master and apprentice, others were large enough to accommodate several spectators most often masters judging for the Trials. Others still were vast chambers for style instruction, where one master would tutor several dozen initiates and then split them into pairs to practice what they had learned. Those same chambers were also used for sparring contests among Padawan, Knights and Masters held occasionally for entertainment. The room Master Umdal and Jeth would be using was a single duelling room with added seats for those who would care to sit and watch, Jeth didn?t honestly like duelling in front of other Jedi but he didn?t mind it at the same time.

?[B]Are you ready Jeth ?[/B]? His master?s tone was authoritative, almost as if they were back when they had first started sparring, back when he had a chance of winning, now however it was only a matter of time before his defences broke under his Padawan?s heavy strikes. Readying himself, he removed his lightsaber from his belt and began to immerse himself in the power of Djem So, he thought about how his Master had embarrassed him in front of the council by treating him like an initiate, how just because Cereans aged faster than Arkanians he somehow felt his appearance reflected his wisdom. He blew out his frustrations, activated his lightsaber and took his personal high guard stance. ?[B]I am master, now how many duels has it been since you beat me ? A hundred fifty, two hundred ?[/B]?

His master?s eyes closed thoughtfully, ?[B]Perhaps it has been simple luck.[/B]? The Arkanian Padawan smiled at the sentiment after all, there was no such thing as luck, only the will of the Force. Gripping the hilt, Jeth moved slowly towards his master, stalking his prey like a Krayt Dragon, until finally he was ready to strike. His Masters cyan blade was extended towards it?s full length, his posture indicated he was going to pursue an aggressive stance of his own, odd considering his choosing such a stance would put him at a disadvantage when the time came to fall back into defence. Jeth?s first attack rained down upon his master like a meteor strike, attempting to simply batter Asi?s lightsaber out of his hands and force him to surrender, his Master held the attack for a few milliseconds before altering the position of his blade and causing his student to overreach. Unphased, Jeth simply steeled his resolve and struck a horizontal blow to regain his footing, again his master interceded with his lightsaber before the duel came to a sudden halt as several presences in the Force approached the room. [/SIZE]

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