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Sign Up Twilight Legion [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=1][SIZE=3][CENTER][B]Twilight Legion[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE]


[color=#333300][B]?So?that?s it??[/B] A seductive voice flittered through full, luscious male lips as onyx eyes overlooked the massive gate before them. Thin, narrowed eyebrows slanted down over the eyes, and the lips parted to allow a full mouth of surreal white teeth to grin in triumph. Jet black hair contrasted against the pale, yet lively skin. A young demon grunt cowered slightly in the presence of his master. Erebus was a beautiful man, but his looks were deceiving of his inner monster. He was undoubtedly wearing his battle armor, but his cloak obscured the grunt?s vision, frightening him more-so. The young grunt answered swiftly, though he stammered.

[B]?Y-y-yes sir! This is the gate sir! T-took us many a month to dig into this underground chamber, and this here is the fruit of our labor. This gate is said to lead to the world closest to the nexus of the universe??[/B] Erebus strode to the door and ran his hand along it. He had been waiting so long. Any longer, indeed, and he?d have punished them for their incompetence. He spun on his heel and smiled towards the grunt, sending a shiver down it?s spine.

[B]?So why haven?t you opened it yet?? [/B] The grunt fumbled over himself trying to get the answer out, but he was so frightened that all he could muster was incoherent mumbling. Erebus merely ignored him and threw open the doors himself. In the back of the room was a portal of sorts. He smiled and took a step in, when a massive creature dropped from the ceiling. A behemoth in shape, three horns protruded from it?s forehead, and massive fangs dripped saliva onto the floor. Paws the size of mobile homes housed deadly claws. The creature roared menacingly at Erebus, who sighed.

[B]?Tis to clichéd??A creature guards the gate to another world?? How terribly, terribly overplayed. What a shame. I suppose I?ll have to deal with you.?[/B] Erebus threw off his cloak, revealing his skin-tight battle armor. The outfit was made of a light, durable, yet powerful metal he had found on one of the various worlds he had abducted. It was black, with silver lining. He grinned and hunched over, unleashing grand black wings. Angel-like, save for the color. He stood straight up and stretched out his arm, summoning his shape-shifting weapon, currently an axe.

[B]?Twas a pleasure to meat you, great beast. But you?re no longer needed. And so long as you oppose me?I have no other choice but to--?[/B] He stopped speaking and dodged the giant paw that lowered from the heavens in an attempt to crush him. He sprung into the air and a blinding black aura filled the room, producing a fog of sorts. Nothing could be seen of the battle, but it could be heard from miles away. Cries of immeasurable pain echoed from the beasts mouth, a horrid, wretched sound.

The fog cleared momentarily, and blood bathed the floor, wall, and ceiling of the room. Erebus himself was left untainted, even his now-sword was spotless. Pieces of the beast were scattered all over the ground. Once could barely speculate what Erebus had done to it. The grunt gazed on horrified, and almost wet himself when applause came from behind him. Erebus clenched his teeth and threw his blade into the grunt. A young, stunningly attractive woman walked past the grunt, removing the blade from it?s chest and looking it over.

[B]?You really should hire better help, or learn how to deal with monsters such as yourself in a swifter, more efficient manner.?[/B] Erebus rapidly turned his grimace into a warm grin and spun around to meet the entrancing voice. The young woman had long, golden, flowing hair, and deep translucent blue eyes. She was well attributed, slender with nice curves. She had large white, bat-like wings protruding from her Amazon outfit. The two figures stood looking at one another, smiling as if they were dear friends. When indeed, Erebus, the Lord of Darkness and Apolla, the Goddess of Light, sworn rivals until the destruction of time, were looking each other in the eye. Apolla moseyed over to the portal and grinned.

[B]?Now you weren?t thinking of getting a head start into the Gaia, world of Twilight, now were you? You know that just wouldn?t be fair. Why, you?d have an advantage in reaching the nexus.?[/B] Erebus smiled, danced over to Apolla, took his hand in hers and kissed it.

[B]?Why of course not. I was going to summon you as soon as the beast could not harm your lovely skin, my dearest.?[/B] Their gaze reeked of mock friendship, and their hatred for one another wasn?t easily diluted by the façade. Erebus and Apolla stayed looking at one another, never taking their eyes off the other, even when speaking.

[B]?Why don?t we open the door together? I?m sure that would make it fair.?[/B] Apolla smile and mock bowed at Erebus? comment.

[B]?Shall we??[/B] Erebus? smile faded slightly then came back with full force. They pushed the door open together, and the room was shrouded in light.

[I]In Central City, leading up to said event?[/I]


The school bell chimed throughout the grounds, causing a pack of birds to scatter. A fierce breeze had picked up that day, and the sun?s rays were emitting a more golden light than that of usual. Of course, no student nor teacher took this into account from inside of their classrooms. Save two students who decided to ditch that day. Robert and Mark were their names, and this was the day of reckoning for them, though they didn?t know it yet.

Robert was laying on his back on the school rooftop, his head on his crossed arms. His black hair fell over his golden eyes that gazed far off into the reaches of the sky. He was tall, standing at 6?2??, and was 16 years old. Mark was standing -leaning to be exact- against the door leading to the roof, staring at his friend. After a long silence, Mark spoke up.

[B]?So why the hell we out here? Ey, Helios??[/B] Robert rolled his eyes and tilted his head back to look his friend in the eyes. Helios was his nickname, and Mark?s was Achilles. They, along with Robert?s girlfriend Becca, or Artemis, their buds Anthony, or Aries, Noelle, or Pandora, Anthony, or Hade, Steph, or Peres and Cilla, or Cerberus, made up their organization of the ?Council of Eight?. Their alias? would be the names they would go by after they had taken over the world, or so they joked. Robert spoke up.

[B]?You know as well as I do, Achilles. That feeling you had in your gut that said something important would happen. Well, I wanna see first-hand what it is.?[/B] He propped his weight up against his arms and sprung up, dusted himself off, and walked over to his friend. He patted him on the shoulder and grinned.

[B]?Come on! You aren?t in the least bit curios? Hmm? H---?[/B] Robert stopped short as the wind picked up and a bright flash came from the sky. He spun around and gazed into a swirling vortex in the sky. His jaw dropped slightly, and he looked to Mark quickly to make sure he wasn?t dreaming. He certainly wasn?t, unless Mark was having the same delusional visions as him.

The vortex had symbols circling it, many rings of symbols, all spinning in the opposite direction of the ring around and inside of it. A sphere of energy was accumulating at it?s core, and as it grew brighter the rings spun faster and faster, until they were mere blurs around the blinding light. Finally the sphere reached it?s bursting point, and it fell from the vortex, hit the ground, and shattered. An energy wave emitted from the orb, and covered the city, toppling anything in it?s path. When the wave struck the school ground, Robert felt his body being thrown into the air. A light far surpassing that of the spheres sprung from his chest and encompassed his body.

His eyes rolled back into his head as his body was overcome with some change, one he was unaware and aware to all at once. The light finally subsided, and his lifeless body fell down three stories and into the roughage of the destroyed school. Mark?s body followed in a matter of seconds. A lone figure treaded through the debris over to Robert and Mark?s bodies, which had landed next to their six comrades. She looked over them sullenly and spoke to herself.

[B]?Time?s come eh? Hmph?didn?t think it?d be so soon. I was sure that Behemoth would have slowed Erebus or Apolla down a bit? I suppose now it?s in the hands of these children to stop the light or the dark from destroying and enslaving our world.?[/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]


Most stories tell of the grand battle between Light and Dark, where the Darkness seeks to destroy the universe, and the Light is our almighty savior. Well there is no truth in those stories. The Light is a more viscous, cut-throat entity than the Darkness, and it does not look to save the creatures of the universe. It, just like the Darkness, looks to enslave every living man, woman, child, and creature in existence to add to it?s own species, and to ultimately have more minions for the grand objective. Reaching the core, the nexus, the center of all power in the universe. Reaching the ?Creation?.

The Light and the Darkness left their respective planes of existence and began abducting worlds, bringing them under their jurisdiction, and this war has been ensuing from many, many eons. Finally, the two forces have reached the world that holds in it the gate to ?Creation?. The world of Gaia. A relatively harmless world, with advanced yet medieval lands that do not pose much of a threat to the otherworldly forces. However, there is one force, a band of nine teenagers who should be able to defend their world. Should.

The Council of Eight, reborn as new entities, taking on their alias? as their true names, and led by the mysterious Athena, must ward off both the Light and the Dark from their world before it is destroyed. They could care less about the ?Creation? All they care about is expelling the creatures from their world and keeping it mostly in one piece. With their new powers and weapons, they set out on their journey?

I will need five sign-ups for the positions of Artemis, Aries, Pandora, Peres, and Cerberus. Achilles will be playing Achilles, Ouroboros should be playing Hade, though that character will beome available if he doesn't, and I will be playing Helios. The characters will not know of their powers at first, though they will become evident in the first few posts. Here?s a brief overview of the playable characters.
[I]Artemis-[/I] Sweet, 16 year old girl. She?s very pretty, is madly in love with Helios, and is sharp-tongued and can handle herself well in any situation. Uses bow and arrows.
[I]Aries-[/I] Sarcastic 17 year old. Thinks he?s hot stuff, and tends to show off. Handsome. Uses a lance.
[I]Pandora- [/I] 16 year old girl plagued with drama. Her life is rough, but she manages. She looks to her friends for support, but does so in her own, sarcastic way. Pretty. Uses a claymore.
[I]Hade[/I]-Kind 16 year-old. Kind of shy. Very good friend to Helios, and is going out with Peres. Handsome. Uses daggers.
[I]Peres-[/I] 17 year old girlfriend to Hade. She?s the most sarcastic of them all. She?s attractive, at least to Hade. She uses magic solely, though hers is more powerful than the others.
[I]Cerberus- [/I] 14 year old girl. Good friend to Helios, Achilles, and Hade. Gets along with Artemis very well as well. She uses a whip.

[B]Name:[/B] Given.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Anything works really. Detailed descriptions are appreciated [and get extra points] but pics work too. Both, well, that's just fantastic.
[B]Personality:[/B] Please write your own personalities, just keep it in sync with my vague personalities.
[B]Powers:[/B] Keep them reasonable and correspondent with your Greek name. [e.g. Cerberus will be extremely powerful, Artemis can create winds, Hade can manipulate fire and cause Necromancy, etc?] Peres is an abbreviation of Peresphone, so merely do something correspoding with that Greek persona. Pandora... eh, be creative within reason.
[B]Bio:[/B] Nothing major, Just your life up to now. This could be considered a Final Fantasy-ish world, so technology is very advanced, but cities look like?Think Final Fantasy 9 cities.
[B]Writing Sample:[/B] Let me see your writing skill and your character in action.

This is not first come first serve. The best sign-up will get the position. Have fun with your sign-ups. I'll post mine after a couple of others sign-up. ^_^ I'll also be getting an Underground thread up soon, for any questions you might have and for general info.

[B]P.S[/B]. Ah, and for anyone who's RPG's I'm signed up to who is looking at this... This is the reason I haven't posting as much lately. My apologies.
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[B]OOC:[/B] Sounds neat.
[B]EDIT:[/B] Finally finished, sorry it took so long. I may still edit some of it if I can come with something better ^__^
[B]EDIT2:[/B] Was debating whether to or not, I decided to change my appearance.
[B]EDIT3:[/B] *rolls eyes* Changed back

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Becca / Artemis

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/8702/crowdia0xr.jpg.jpg]Here[/URL]. Artemis is about 5'5" and has a lithe body. Her body is quite evenly proportioned so nothing looks out of place. She wears all kinds of things, usually a top and a skirt, or a top and some nice pants. Her regular outfit is usually either a white button up shirt and navy blue cargos, or a white skirt that stopped about 2 inches above her knees and a baby blue top with a navy blue stripe around her breast area.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A Long Bow and a Quiver full of Arrows. [[URL=http://www.narniafans.com/movies/images/collectibles/masterreplicas/susansgifts_md.jpg]Pic[/URL]]

[B]Personality:[/B] Artemis is a sweet and kind hearted young woman, she loves to have friends and tries to treat everyone nicely and with respect, but she doesn't if she doesn't think they deserve it. Artemis is an incredibly honest person and very opinionated, thus she always says what she thinks, but because of that people say she has a sharp tongue. She tries not to be judgemental of people, but she is sometimes affected. She's a tough woman, she can easily take care of herself, handle herself in any situation and isn't one to be messed with if you happen to get on her bad side.

Her heart however is soft and lies with the one person that she is madly in love with, Helios. The two of them hang around together as much as possible and openly display their affection for each other, though he sometimes becomes a little over protective but she knows he just cares for her and the others.

[B]Powers:[/B] Artemis has power over the wind, and can manipulate it in any form, from a simple breeze, to a frenzy of tornados. She uses this ability for a variety of things, mainly attacking, flying, and listening in on conversations because the wind can carry words. Artemis can also use the wind to help her control the flight of her arrows so they hit her target, even if the target's moving.

[B]Bio:[/B] Becca is the sole child of a middle high class family, born to Jonathan and Arianna Remelius. Her father was hoping for a son to be born because her mother was told she wasn't able to bear children, and when she became impregnated they knew it was something of a miracle and they may never get another chance. Becca was born, and though Jonathan was slightly disappointed, he accepted her and treated her well. They raised and taught her to become a well mannered young woman; honest, kind, and able to stick up and defend herself.

When she entered school she was picked on often for being in the medium high class. And since she was pretty and an only child they immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was obviously spoilt, which she wasn't.

Becca finally felt accepted when she made friends with the others who together with her would become the Council of Eight. She met Robert in Smithing and he invited her to join the group which she did happily. The group always joked about ruling the world and being the Coucil of Eight.

They all changed their names one day to fit their new personalities as a Council, she dubbed herself as Artemis, and she quickly felt herself changing, she became much more powerful and stronger. She started having feelings for Robert, at the time named Justice and they slowly got stronger, when he changed his name to Helios, they got together and she was happy, and she was quite sure that he was too.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B] Becca stood in the courtyard with the other students. They were in Marksmanship class, each carried their own personal projectile weapon, mainly a mixture of guns and bows. She stood with her ivory quiver slung across her back and her oak long bow rested comfortably in her left hand. They all stood on a white line that extended the length of the courtyard, far on the opposite wall were targets, one for each student.

Becca wanted this class to be over, because there was a break next which meant she'd get to see Robert. She pulled out three of her arrows and thrust them point down into the dirt as she waited for her turn to fire. Their teacher was making his way down the line slowly, making sure each student could successfully hit the bullseye at least once within three tries.

Finally he came to her. Becca pulled out one of the arrows on the ground, notched it to the string, and pulled it back to her ear using her middle three fingers. She immediately released and continued to pick up arrows and release them in a smooth motion. She lowered her bow and squinted over at the target, the three arrows were clustered together at the bullseye of the target. Becca smiled, her aim was still straight and true, instead of using her power over wind to control the arrow, she just stopped the rest of the wind blowing around so she didn't have to adjust.

She walked forward to the target and after a bit of tugging she pulled her arrows free, sliding them back into her quiver. Becca bowed to the teacher and walked away with a smirk, gripping her long bow loosely. Her face lit up when she saw Robert leaning against the entrance to the courtyard.

[B]"Helios!"[/B] she called, calling him by his alias.

[B]"Sharp shooting, Artemis."[/B] he commented, opening his arms to accept her hug.

She grinned and leaned up to kiss him softly. They broke apart and immediately intertwined fingers as they turned their backs on the courtyard.

[B]"Anything new?"[/B] she asked as they walked through the hallways.

[B]"Nothing since the last break."[/B] Helios replied with a smile.

Becca beamed, she was madly in love with him and they seemed to fit so well together, she often wondered what would have happened if she had never met Robert in Smithing, she would still be an exile and a loner, without a loving boyfriend. She smiled softly to herself and unconsciously tightened her grip a little, she shook her head slightly, 'what would have happened' didn't matter because it [I]did[/I] happen, and this was how things had turned out for her.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Mark A.K.A Achilles

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/SandsofTime.jpg] Mark, take away the scars. Add a black shirt with a demon skull on it and blue jeans that are a little baggy.[/url] Achilles is 6'0" and holds himself up well and in a respectful manner, he likes to keep his clothes simple and easy. Trying to keep them from being a nusence in combat or in daily life. As Achilles likes to say," Nice and easy makes life simple."

[B]Weapon:[/B] A great axe, almost bigger then him. It?s double sided and is made of a sturdy metal; Achilles can hold it in one hand while others can?t even lift it off the ground. He can swing his great axe as if it was a feather. The edges are so lean and sharp that they could cut through a human is if it was melted butter. The sheer weight of the axe would crush an ordinary man, but Achilles carries it with ease as his body sinks into the ground with every footstep. Showing his coming.

[B]Personality: [/B] Achilles is a care free guy, he says what he wants and does what he sees gets the job done for anything. His friends all see him as having a demonic out look on life and anything in his daily life. He tends to have a cold heart to people even if he knows them, which makes him a very good killer. Sometimes he cares nothing for anyone and does what he desires. But most of the time he is light hearted and jokes and talks to all without a second though, not caring about the world around him.

Most see him as only a dull witted being that couldn't count past five, but he is very intelligent being.He hides it only exposing his brute side not caring what others see him as or if they hate him or not. This usually happens when Mark makes jokes towards the others. Artemis usually gives him a death glare when he does. He thinks it's funny.

[B]Powers:[/B] Achilles powers are his unnatural strength, his speed that seemed to be blessed by the Gods. And his passive ability of a presence around him that inspires others with courage, strength and zeal to fight to their full potential. To his enemys he gives off a passive effect of being intimidating, only weak minds fall into that trap.

[B]Bio:[/B] Mark grew up like other kids, playing in the yard, through the city streets causing mischief and other things. He enjoyed his childhood to the extreme, he met the man called Robert. At first he thought of Robert merely as a man who was to noble for them and would leave them the moment he saw someone more benficial. Thankfully Mark was wrong.

Robert, who later became Helios, respected and trusted Mark even though his family was of the knights birth and Mark's family leaned more towards the cold killers. Mark leaned towards this as well but still maintained his sense of right and wrong. Robert saw this as more as a useful trait where Mark saw this as a curse. Mark became more of the protector for the council of eight being as his family skills made them quick and powerful killers for hire.

Mark later took on the name of Achilles, seeing as Achilles was one of the strongest and fastest men in greek history. Robert saw this as a perfect fit and Mark carries the name Achilles with honor and pride. He saw the ebst day of his life as when they created the Council of Eight. After that day his personality and his physical body changed with hhis new name. He still strives to this day to better his body and mind.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B] Mark stood from the destruction of the school, cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders. He looked around to check on the others, he slowly came up to each one making sure all of them were fine and that nothing was broken. He could feel his sorness from the fall and the pain from the impact were still coursing through his body, but he pushed through it. Something he usually didn't do but kept pushing through it. Everyone was fine from what he could see, mabye the pain they experieneced was just purly the fall. He approched the women, rubbing his neck.
"Alright, who in bloody hell are you and why are we standing in rubble of our school?"[/B] The women just stared at him and punched him in the stomach, Mark fell to the ground holding his stomach. Gasping for air and trying to look up at her.
"What was that for?"[/B] He said inbewteen gasps for air, she leaned down and grabbed his face, pulling it so it faced her dead in her eyes.
"Because I need you not to speak right now. Silence is the most important thing right now."[/B] Mark coughed getting the air to rush back through his vains and lungs.
"What is your name young one?"[/B] The women spoke in a gentler voice. He stared at her hard with his blue eyes.
"It's Mark. Just Mark."[/B] She shook her head slowly.
"No, what is the name they call you by?"[/B] She said gestuering to the others slowly getting up, stumbling like he did as they grew use to their muscles once more.
"Achilles. I am Achilles. A member of the Council of Eight."[/B] She nodded her head in approval.
"You are the eight children."[/B] Mark looked down again trying to get his breathing steady, she left him and went to the others. Mark stayed low to the ground, wondering who this women was.

ooc: Hope this works, if it's no good then tell me I'll change it.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Anthony / Aries

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=5][link][/url]
Aries is handsome and knows it. He walks confidently at a height of 5?11?, but gazes softly with his dark brown eyes. His long black hair is beautifully kempt, but held in its place by a ponytail, despite the pride he holds in it. Adorning his body are flashy clothes ? from matching robes of white and red, to stunning silver and gold battle armor. He takes pride in his appearance, and flaunts his looks when the occasion necessitates it.

[b]Weapon:[/b] [url=http://sow.thelostprophecies.com/files/resvrgam/weapon-lance.jpg][Lance][/url]
Aries? lance is relatively short as far as lances go ? it being five feet in length. Its light weight allows for a quick-stab technique to be effectively utilized, and the metal is perfect for parrying strong blows.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sarcastic and confident, many mistake Aries for being arrogant and stuck-up. Deep beneath the surface, however, Aries wants everyone to know that he is not arrogant, but rather, confident in his personal abilities. His sarcasm is another defense mechanism, joking with others so as to prevent them from discerning his true feelings on a topic. He remains aloof from general turmoil, finding that complaining or stressing over a problem does no good, and can come off as annoying or high-and-mighty.

[b]Powers:[/b] Aries has few special powers to speak of ? for the most part, he is a formidable physical combatant. With the powers of minor fire manipulation and being a berserker, he slays foes on the battlefield quickly and without remorse. He lacks mastery in the field of fire manipulation, and instead uses the technique more as a supplementary mode of attack, rather than a primary one. However, when faced with immediate danger, Aries transforms from a sarcastic teenager to a beast wracked with bloodlust and hate of the enemy.

[b]Bio:[/b] [will edit]

[b]Writing Sample:[/b]
Aries stared Achilles in the eyes, his sweat obscuring his opponent as he gasped for air. He was swift, but Aries and he were going blow-for-blow, each giving as many injuries as they received. Deep within Aries, a feral beast growled in hate, eyes red with visceral rage. He bared his teeth as he swung his lance at Achilles. The attack was parried by the mighty axe, sending a metal clang reverberating through the dry air.

He spun quickly, hoping to outmaneuver Achilles, and threw a ball of flame into his face. The small comet was dodged with haste, and in another instant, the axe was upon Aries once more. The two titans clashed epically, burying vicious wounds within the other in a flurry of metal, blood, and sweat. Aries growled again, feeling his muscles surge once more in a burning bloodlust.

Three stabs pierced the air, followed by a landed attack into Achilles? stomach. He screamed in horror, but managed to brutally punch Aries in the face. Before stumbling backwards, Aries pulled his lance out of the man, bringing with it a torrent of blood that snaked down the gleaming steel. He gripped his face in momentary shock before launching another flurry of blows upon his wounded prey.

Achilles repelled assault after assault with increasing difficulty as blood drained out of his massive wound. He fought like a dying lion ? with valor and strength, but with a limp in his proud step. Aries threw his lance at Achilles once more, but his axe deflected the missile. Achilles, sensing a moment of defenselessness in Aries, charged, hefting his mighty axe once more in glorious charge.

Aries lifted his aching hands together, palms facing towards the coming onslaught, summoned all his remaining strength, and channeled it forcefully through his palms. The beast roared in ecstatic glee as the torrent of flame ripped through the mighty Achilles, murdering the legendary warrior. He sunk to his knees, the fatigue ultimately overpowering all other senses, and painfully gasped for breath through his punctured lunges. He felt bone fragments prick his flesh with every breath he took, and realized he too had been fatally wounded. He would die that day.

Light pierced the world as he woke up from his fitful slumber. Aries sat bolt upright in a cold sweat, huffing with surprise at the dream he had just had. His left hand covered his face, felt its clammy, cold sweat running down his brow. It was the fourth time he had had the dream.

?What does this dream mean??[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Cilla - Cerberus

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Appearance:[/B] ~{[URL=http://pc.magnacarta.co.kr/en/character/image/chelsea.jpg]click[/URL]}~
Cerberus wears a knee-length skirt, a skin-tight turtleneck sleeveless top and knee-high white leather boots. Her skirt is almost as frilly as they get. Ten layers down in a colour sequence of white-pink-white-pink, it matches her happy go lucky and ditzy personality perfectly. Her top is white to go with her shiny boots. She stands at 5'4".

[B]Weapon:[/B] ~{[URL=http://salveblues.ru/mech/weapon/pliable/whip2.gif]click[/URL]}~
Cerberus' whip ends in a small scythe-like blade, which she can exchange for a number of exotic and deadly attachments.

[B]Personality:[/B] On top she is the happiest of 14-year-old girls, but once you scratch beneath the surface, you find an extremely deep individual crying to be released from a stereotype. She is a bit of a clutz by nature, so when added to the ever-energetic mask she puts on it is assumed she is just a typical naive young teenage girl.
The reality, in fact, is that Cerberus is quite philosophical in the way she thinks. She questions many things with flawless arguments, but simply cannot find the means to express her thoughts and feelings. Helios, Achilles and Hade seem to understand her well, even though they are seperated by a sufficient age-gap, which may explain why she gets along so well with three older boys.

[B]Powers:[/B] With her innocent look, no one ever expects this of the fourteen-year-old girl. She is immensely powerful, a product of the mixing of her parents genes. Given her strength, she is a formidable opponent. Given her often poison-tipped weapon, matters are then worse for foes. In battle, Cerberus is like a rotweiler in a fight with a bleeding cow - focussed on nothing but the inevitable elimination of her opposition.

[B]Bio:[/B] Andihce Raeve Solstice and Tiffany-Clare Solstice were overjoyed at the sight of their beautiful baby girl, just 14 years ago. They had hopes and dreams for their daughter, that she'd one day marry a wealthy man and that she would be as lady-like as girls come. The way they raised her was, in fact, the same way they had raised their first-born, Helen. To be a well mannered young lady, neat and tidy, well-dressed and -spoken.
Much to their surprise, Cilla did not take her manner-training in stride as her older sister had, and seemed not to learn anything at all. When Mr and Mrs Solstice realised that maybe having two young ladies in the family wasn't the best of ideas, they tried to find Cilla's strengths. They never expected that one of her strengths would be 'strength' itself.

It was a hot summer's day and the Solstice family was on their way home from Cilla's Grandparent's house after a week long visit. Unfortunately the trip to and from the house went along a dirt path through seemingly endless plains, swarms of odd creatures about.
Believing that the spirits the family prayed to would protect them, Andhice and Tiffany-Clare didn't bother to hire protection, but rather decided to fend for themselves along the road should anything happen.
Sure enough, the family of four was jumped by no less than five creatures along the track on their way home. Andhice and Tiffany-Clare, the strong-willed and -minded warrior and mage (respectively) that they were, managed to protect their daughters throughout the somewhat traumatic experience.
During the last fight, though, somethign strange happened. Cilla was ten years old at this point, and had seen her parents fight many times - bolts of lightning flashing across the kitchen at Andhice, having to replace his granite workstation so many times from smashing it with his fist in rage. By now she knew what to do and what not to do during a fight, all from watching her parents battle it out in household arguments.
With her skipping rope in one hand and a sharp-looking rock in the other, Cilla had quickly wound the rock into the end of the long rope. It made for a dangerous makeshift weapon, and the young girl instantly thought of how she would use it.

Whilst her father was leaping and swinging his fists wildly at the dog-like creature they were fending off, her mother was hurling icicles at it, and her sister was sitting in a heap screaming, Cilla snuck around behind the beast. She had no idea what she was up against, but luckily her mother and father had it distracted. It was then that Tiffany-Clare saw her youngest daughter tip-toeing to the tail of the dog monster, and stared in utmost horror as it turned to face the girl.
With two heads sticking up from beneath the beast's shoulders, they smelt and saw Cilla at the same time. It whirled on the spot, just as the ten-year-old twirled her skipping rope around her head and launched it at the dog.
It was a direct hit, and oddly enough, the monster fell to the ground, stunned.
The Solstices took that as their chance to leave, and ever since decided to train Cilla in the martial arts.

It was a year later that they sent her to the fighting academy of their city, which was where she met Robert in weight-training class. It was definately her best subject - not much brainwork required, all strength. And as a bonus she got to check out the older boys that had been taking the class for around a year or more longer than her. It helped to know Robert in that class, they became great friends along with Mark. The three of them had joked about forming a team of the ultimate fighters one day, and ruling the world. Eventually they, along with five others, formed the Council of Eight.
Cilla, now Cerberus, had not looked back since.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B]
"Crap!" Cilla fell backwards. One of the older, less friendly girls had just pushed her over. A challenge to a dual.
"You think you can just waltz into school wearing the exact same thing as me, two days in a row?" the other girls hissed. Her band of giggling friends nodded in disgust. "Yesterday I let you off, one day is a coincidence. Today I'm afraid I have to beat you to into the dirt where you belong. Two days in a row is ridiculous!"
[i]Why me? It's not like I planned to 'copy' her. She could easily have 'copied' me.[/i] Cilla grumbled to herself in her head. "I didn't copy you! I had this outfit planned since last week!"
[i]Crap...how stupid does that sound?[/i]
"Hah! As if! Now raise your hands *****, I have a fight to win."

Almost as though calling out to her, Cilla's whip dropped off her belt. She looked at it vacantly, then stooped down to pick it up, unknowingly dodging a wild roundhouse kick.
"I'm taking of this blade because I don't want to get blamed for making you bleed on your clothes. They obviously mean a lot to you," the younger girl said quietly.
The senior's friends gasped, and Cilla's opponents jaw dropped. "Was that an insult?"
Cilla looked up and grinned slightly. "Maybe..."
Her opponent spat at her, then charged, swinging her fists crazily in the air in front of her.
Cilla was gone in an instant, replaced by Cerberus.

Cerberus dodged easily to the side and with her left hand, her whip hand, flicked her weapon effortlessly. The impact of the blunt metal whip-head on the senior's right hip was devastating. The older girl screamed in pain as the weapon hit, her hip-bone splintering.
Cerberus vanished.

"Cilla! What in [b]Gaia's[/b] name are you doing?!" a teacher on yard-duty shrieked as she rushed over to help the hurt girl up. "You know that using a weapon in school is against the rules!"
The teacher knelt down, brushed aside her flowing robes and pulled her sleeves up her arms. She placed her hands over the senior's hip and a white light emnated from her palms.
[i]She was going to be healed anyway...this school should make it's Dual Policy more leniant[/i] Cilla thought, then put on a confused face and in a high pitched voice asked "What? But I thought we were allowed to use anything to fight with in a dual!"
Her opponents friends came over, "Not when the challenge is from a weaponless opponent!" one hissed.
"Oh..." Cilla felt like an idiot. She'd known that rule in the back of her mind. "Here, let me help you up."
As she leaned down to give the senior a hand, she kicked dust in the girl's face.
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Name: Steph / Peres

Age: 17

Appearance: [IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c318/Inque_me/izumicurtis.gif[/IMG] Steph is beautiful in a ghostly way, her pale skin a sharp contrast with her hair, tiny black well kept dreadlocks falling to her waist. Steph dresses the same most days, her outfit consisting of a white over coat/shirt, a pair of tight fitting pants tucked into heavy combat boots, both practical and comfortable. Her eyes are a stunning and depthless emerald green. About her neck is a silver necklace that is always there. It?s made of fragile silver bells and silver loops with an oval emerald stone. (Same as the image, but the stone is green) She has long white spidery hands that never stay still, always playing with something or drawing. [IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c318/Inque_me/nikki-sansnecklace.gif[/IMG]

Weapon: Magic

Personality: Steph is catlike and mean. Sarcasm comes naturally to her. She is a person of great enthusiasm? Easily excited by many things. Unsatisfied by the ordinary, she seems to be reaching for an epic, extraordinary life. Steph wants the best. The best life. The best love. The best influence. She posses a sharp and keen intellect, her mind is her primary weapon. Strong willed, nothing can keep her down. Stephs energy can seemingly break down any wall or obstacle she comes across. She?s an instantly passionate person? And this passion gives her an intoxicating power over others. At her worst, Steph is a narcissist. Full of herself and even proud of her faults, Steph is stubborn and opinionated, she knows what she thinks is right. End of discussion. A bit of a misanthrope, Steph often sees others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

Powers: Shadow manipulation, limited mind control, earth control, shape shifting.

Bio: As a child, Steph was a well loved with a sunny disposition and a smile for everyone. Once her little brother Roy was born, he became a focus in her life, protecting him from everything, even the things he need to learn on his own. As she grew, she was expelled from school for fighting and learned of lies and that nothing matters more than the money. Her father died of a heart attack when Steph was thirteen. She and her mother and little brother, Roy, moved into the small town, seeking a respite from the city life, and the memories. Shortly after, Seph became depressed, neither eating nor sleeping for days at a time. Her mother enrolled her in a public school at the age of fourteen, hoping that she?d make friends there and the social setting would soothe her wounded heart better than the home school did. It worked, in a backward way. Soon Steph was eating and working out. Not, as her mother thought, because she was no longer depressed, but because Steph had always been a competitive, combative person, and the scrawny form she had acquired was not going to help her. One day she met Anthony and he introduced her to Helios and the rest. Friendship blossomed quickly, and Steph quickly became Persephone or Peres.

Writing Sample:
Recess at school age 12
Steph surged forward, hooking her opponents? leg with her own, causing the bigger girl to come crashing to the ground. Not about to let this hulking behemoth of an eight grader get away with what she?d done, Steph leaped onto her back to plant a pencil into her head. Suddenly, Steph was snatched from the back of the other child by the strong hands of a policeman.

?Lemme go!? She shouted, struggling against the iron bands of the officers? arms. ?She was picking on my brother!? The other child climbed to her feet, sobbing.

?Liar!!? She snuffed dramatically. ?It wasn?t me, honest. Elena and Cherish were with me.? The two named girls came to stand behind the first, nodding in agreement.

?We?ve been on the swings the whole time.? Piped Cherish. ?She?s just angry because we beat her team at kickball.? For a moment Steph stopped struggling, flabbergasted.

?What?!? She kicked the officer viciously in the shin causing him to swear. ?Put me down!? The officer set Steph on her feet, keeping a hand clamped firmly on her shoulder. The door to the main building swung open and the principal strode out, coming to a stop beside the antagonist, kneeling to get a better look at his daughter.

?Brittney, are you alright?? Not waiting for an answer, the man whirled on Steph. ?That?s it. This is the last straw. I won?t tolerate any more of this fighting from you? Understand?? Steph hung her head, furious, and unable to answer. ?I?ll be petitioning to the school board for your expulsion. Until then, you?re suspended. I suggest that in the future you find a better way to deal with your problems.? Steph spat on his shoe. The man grimaced and motioned to the police officer. ?Get her home. Now.? They shook hands, and Steph saw a bit of green poking out of the shake.

"But!" The officer shook her.

"Be quiet, please." Steph growled but closed her mouth. So this is what comes of loyalty and honesty.

If this isn't good enough to get me the spot, let me know. I'll add to it.
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[SIZE=1][color=#333300][B]Name:[/B] Robert/ Helios
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=24&pos=37]Helios[/URL]
Helios is a handsome, well-toned young man, but he doesn?t think so. His hair is jet black, with grey-blue streaks in it and his eyes are a fluorescent golden hue. His brows are usually furrowed in thought, or smiling with his eyes. His arms and legs are lean and muscular, and allow for him to be nimble, agile, and powerful all at once.

He usually wears a white short-sleeved shirt, and a black, button up, short-sleeved shirt with a white stripe over the chest rests over that. A black pair of jeans adjourns his legs, and then running sneakers are on his feet. Around his neck is a black necklace with a silver, budded cross on it, on his right middle finger there is a silver ring with three silver crosses on it and a black gravelly design behind them. On both hands are black, fingerless gloves.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Helios technically has two weapons. Most of the time, he fights with his fists, by creating gauntlets with flames. His other weapon, his true weapon, is a straight blade 42?? in size. The hilt is white with black crosses on it, and has no cross-guard. He can summon it at his will, but he usually saves it for intense battles.

[B]Personality:[/B] Helios is the perfect example of the leader type. Constantly lost in thought, every decision he makes he makes after a long period of contemplating and is always in the best interest of everyone. He is often challenged for power by Achilles and Aries, but merely because their personalities call for them to be right all the time. In battle, however, they follow his orders without hesitation.

Outside of battle, he spends most of his time with Artemis. He?s crazy about her, and openly displays it. He looks out for her more so than he does for himself, though in honesty, he watches out for everyone else in the group more than he does himself.

[B]Powers:[/B] Helios can manipulate fire, heat, and manipulate the sun?s rays. He can concentrate the rays of the sun into a beam of heat, which acts as a laser and can tear through flesh and metal. He has the ability to light his body on fire and to use himself as a weapon. Otherwise, his power would be his physical prowess and fighting ability.

[B]Bio:[/B] Robert was the child of Robert Darien Medallius and his wife Charmaigne Renee Medallius. They were guardians to the Queen Salvadia, and both were prestigious warriors, the greatest in all of Central City, all of Gaia, some would say. They raised him as a chivalrous, gentlemanly young lad, and instilled the values of the blade into him. Despite his high status, he kept that from the others whom he went to school with.

Throughout most of his school years he was a well like kid, and everyone was close to him. They were all merely acquaintances to him, and he didn?t develop true friends until his teenage years. The first he became close with was Anthony [Hade] and Stephanie [Peres]. They got along well enough, and the three of them went to the same battle academy. Robert was the leader of the group even then, and his persona attracted more to the group.

He met Cilla and Mark next in his weight training class, then Noelle in marksmanship, Anthony [Aries] in sparring, and Becca in smithing. Robert, Cilla, and Mark found themselves to be almost identical in personality, and they came up with the idea for the Council of Eight. They would joke about controlling the world someday, but they all knew deep inside that they were destined for something great. It was fate, something Robert had always believed in.

They took their names instantly, and the Council was formed. Mark became Achilles, Cilla became Cerberus, Noelle became Pandora, Anthony became Hade, Stephanie became Peres, Anthony became Aries, Becca became Artemis, and Robert originally went by the name Justice. After being assigned their names, their personalities began to change for the better. They became more powerful, more confident. After a couple of weeks, however, Justice didn?t seem to fit him anymore. He changed his name to Helios, and shortly afterwards, he and Artemis got together. Just as things got better in his life, odd occurrences sprung up.

The news told of odd glyphs appearing everywhere and of people seeing odd images of creatures fighting one another. Helios instantly knew that this had to do with him and the others. Now that his city?s been assaulted, and it seems that the worst is still yet to come, he?s prepared to take arms against these forces.

[B]Writing Sample: ?Ugh?waah??[/B]

Helios stood up in pain. He brushed himself off and looked around. The school ground was totaled, and the debris was all around him. He quickly looked over the bodies of his unconscious friends and checked their pulses. He was happy to find that they were all alive, and they were all unscathed. He sighed and then confusion sank in. [I]Unscathed? How was that possible?[/I] Then he looked himself over quickly. Not a scar lined his body. He was fine.

[B]?How?can this be? I feel great, and I fell from three stories up. Onto this??[/B] He kicked a large piece of debris. Helios shuddered slightly and then recalled that Achilles hadn?t been with the others. He spun quickly to see Achilles doubled over, breathing heavily. Before he could go to him, however, a woman walked towards Helios, and looked him over. She then lifted her spear off of her back and jabbed at him.

[B]?****!?[/B] He bent backwards quickly, then garbed the spear with his right hand and used it to project himself into the mysterious woman. She flipped backwards, grabbing his body with her legs and flinging him over her and into a pole. He caught it and spun on it, dropping to the ground and preparing to counterattack. She held her hand up and put the spear back in place.

[B]?We should not be fighting. We are allies. My name is Athena. I am here to show you and the other Council of Eight how to harness your new abilities.?[/B] Helios held his stomach and began laughing. Athena snarled and tossed her spear full speed at Helios. He looked up frightened and watched as the spear spontaneously burst into flames. He stared in disbelief as the ashes flittered to the ground. Achilles walked over to Helios and pointed at the remnants of the spear on the ground.

[B]?How the hell?.??[/B] They stared at each other in awe as Athena walked towards the others and examined them, apparently waiting for them to wake up so she could share something with them all. Helios lifted his hands up to his face and stared at them, amazed.

[B]?What?what was that??[/B][/color]

[B]OOC:[/B] Good job so far, everyone. Sign-ups will be open until Sunday/Monday. If all of the positions aren't filled, then I'll extend the starting date. Sakura, if you could finish your sign-up I'd appreciate it, because I'm glad to see you took interest in this and I'd be pleased to have you as Artemis. ^_^[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][CENTER][SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Noelle/ Pandora

[B]Age[/B]: 16

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/IceQueen12/sg24.jpg]Click[/URL] I might add a description as well later on.

[B]Weapon[/B]: Claymore

[B]Personality[/B]: Pandora is a very perky and excitable person. Most of the time Pandora is found talking and smiling, she loves to be around people especially her friends. But her personality does have some downfalls to it.

Pandora comes in conflict with a lot of drama. Sometimes it makes her go under a lot of stress, therefor she can be down in the dumps. But not for long, she usually cheers up and tells her friends that she is all better.

But usually, that's a lie.

[B]Powers[/B]: Pandora can release plasma energy from her body. Some restrictions do apply though. First off, Pandora cannot shoot these blasts multple times a time period. Usually they are down to 5 blasts every 10 minutes. The energy blasts are formed inside her body when her body's chemicals form together to make a explosion effect.

[B]Bio[/B]: Noelle was born into an average family that lived in a small town just outside Central City. Like her parents, she traveled into the city to attend her schooling.When Noelle was a child her parents would call her "Pandora" because of sudden yelps she would make when she was uncomfortable.

The name stook with her for the remainder of her life. The nickname was barely used, due to the fact that she never gave out her nickname until recently. Noelle found her friends just recently, she thought that her problems were easier to let out with them instead of her family.

Noelle always day dreamed of what the Council of Eight was like, and even wondered if she could be one herself

[Sorry, its not the best but I have been terribly busy lately. I can surely make it up to you in the actual RP.]

[B]Writing Sample[/B]: Noelle walked down a road humming to herself. She looked around to see her colorful city.Noelle and her family lived right outside of the main city. Some of the houses looked as if they were made out of shells, while others just looked like small wooden cabins. Noelle smiled to herself, this was her home.

Two males intercepted her. Noelle stumbled backwards a tad and then look at the two men standing in front of her.

"What do you guys want?"

Without answering one male launched his arm and hooked it around Noelle's. The other man peirced his hand through the air in an attempt to hit Noelle's face. Noelle lifted up her left leg into the air and swung it to the left knocking the man's arm to the side.

His yell rendered the space around them. The other man holding on to her threw her to the ground, she pushed with all her weight and flipped upwards.

"Please, leave me alone!" These words were not enough to keep these mysterious men away from her. Her last chance was to fight.

Noelle sent a punch towards one man's face. His face made a crunching sound as he moaned and stepped backwards. She then kicked backwards getting the other man in the stomach.

Jumping into the air she kicked him again, this time aiming toward his chest. She connected with him and sent him to the floor. By this time the other man was getting up and ramming into her back.

Noelle held both her hands out, she tried her best to stop him by holding his shoulders but he was a larger force than she was. They both fell to the floor, Noelle being the first one up.

She kicked him in the side as he was getting up. Noelle felt something when she kicked, possibly his ribs.

The man got up and ran away, as did the other. Noelle then collapsed to the floor clasping her chest and gasping for air.

Those men were out for something, but she was never sure what.

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[size=1]With kind permission of Crucifix...

[/size] [center][size=1][b]Name: [/b]Anthony aka Hade

[b]Age: [/b]16

[b]Appearance: [/b]A tall, imposing figure disguises his shy personality. His hair is jet black, and hangs down roughly over his face, down to just below the eyebrows, hanging slightly into his eyes, which are bright crimson. He is well-matured for his age, having already been able to grow a rough, stubbly beard over his chin. His physique is muscular, although not in an overly obvious way. He wears a relatively tight white t-shirt, with a v-neck, and blue, boot-cut jeans. His top is covered by a black canvas jacket with a high collar.

On his hands he wears black, fingerless leather gloves, and his right index finger has a chunky but blank pewter ring on it. His neck is hung with a plain pewter chain.

[b]Weapon: [/b]Hade wields two long daggers, with slightly curved, jet-black blades, which go up into a chrome-coloured hilt, the finger guard lopping tightly round his fingers, giving the extra option of using the finger guards as knuckle dusters. He is also a good hand-to-hand combatant.

[b]Personality: [/b]Although at first glance, Hade seems to be the macho type, he is actually pretty shy. He has always had a problem talking to girls, and he was lucky to find Peres. He sometimes has a problem with her being that sarcastic [i]all [/i]the time, but he has learnt to handle it.

He is a loyal friend, and would die before betraying Helios and the others. He is also a good fighter, so he is one you want to have in battle beside you.

[b]Powers: [/b]Hade has a strange power. His body is a store for massive internal energies, which threaten to rip him apart if he does not siphon excess energy off every so often. This requires him to release energy from his body at least once every two days, if not more.

However, when it comes to battle, he can release this energy in the form of blasts of black fire (he calls it Hell-Fire), which he can hurl from his hands. It will have different effects depending on the amount of energy released. If he releases enough, he can cause massive explosions.

A slight release of this energy can also result in increased speed and strength.

Another way Hade can siphon this energy is by transferring some of it to corpses, reanimating them. He only very rarely uses this, as he is terrified of the possible consequences, but it can be useful in a tight corner. He has complete control over the corpses, which, depending on their state of decay, either become zombie-like creatures, or walking skeletons.

[b]Bio: [/b]Born in the centre of Central City, Antony had never been away from huge crowds at all. He was used to the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis, and he eventually found himself enjoying this busy lifestyle.

His parents never had a lot of time for him, as they worked hard for the Royal Family, just as servants, but they had long hours and arduous work.

So Anthony was sent to a full-time fighting academy, where he met a young boy named Robert, and a girl named Steph, who, although she was as sarcastic as they come, he felt a growing attraction to.

He became close friends with Robert, and ended up going out with Steph. They soon gained more friends, Cilla, Noelle, Anthony, Mark and Becca. At Mark's suggestion, they named themselves the Council of Eight. They were given nicknames as well, Anthony taking Hade.

They became, in essence, the city's protectors, as well as those of Gaia itself. They have rallied together to protect the city from the invading armies.
Writing Sample: [/b]The school was completely destroyed, that was for sure. Hade jumped to his feet, and searched amongst his friends for Peres. He dragged her out from underneath a chunk of concrete, and checked her pulse. She was still alive, thank god. Her pulse even seemed normal. And she didn't seem to have a scratch on her.

For that matter, neither did he.

He saw an altercation involving Helios and Achilles, and some woman that Hade did not recognise. He rushed over to his two friends, who faced the woman.

[b]"What's going on? Who's she?" [/b]he asked, panicking slightly.

[b]"I am Athena. I will show the Council how to use their abilities to their full advantage," [/b]she said.

[b]"What? How does she know about the Council? I thought that was just between us?" [/b]said Hade, slightly confused by the whole situation.

[b]"I think she knows a lot more than that, mate," [/b]replied Helios, indicating the ashes that remained of Athena's spear, now blowing away in the wind.

[b]"Hade, isn't it?" [/b]she asked smoothly. Hade nodded nervously. [b]"Hmmm," [/b]she said, [b]"Tell me, you have felt your body threatening to burst with energy, haven't you? You've felt it threatening to rip you apart? Those migraines you get all the time, they are caused by your inner strength breaking out. I will help you control them."

[/b]She held out her hand towards Hade, and he cried out as energy as black as his hair blasted from his mouth and eyes. He threw his head back, and watched the dark beams of energy lance away into the sky. Energy blasted from his hands as well, shredding the stone ground beneath him.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, the energy stopped. Hade blinked a few times.

[b]"The migraines," [/b]he said, smiling, [b]"They're gone! My body doesn't feel so stretched any more! Thank you, Athena!"

"I can show you much more about yourself, young Hade," [/b]she said with a smile, [b]"As long as you trust me..."

OOC: Hope this is all in order, Crucifix, PM me if not and I'll do some editing.
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[color=#333300][SIZE=1]Alright everyone, sign-ups are closed! As the final roster is:
[list][I]Helios-[/I] [B]Crucifix[/B][/list][list][I]Artemis-[/I] [B]Sakura[/B][/list][list][I]Aries-[/I] [B]Retribution[/B][/list][list][I]Achilles-[/I] [B]Sin[/B][/list][list][I]Cerberus-[/I] [B]Satori[/B][/list][list][I]Peres-[/I] [B]Raquel[/B][/list][list][I]Pandora-[/I] [B]Grace[/B][/list][list][I]Hade-[/I] [B]Blayze[/B][/list]

Sorry Starwind, but Blayze's sign-up was of better quality. For everybody else, the RP will be up tonight or tommorow afternoon. Hope you enjoy yerselves. I know I will. ^_^[/SIZE][/color]
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