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RPG Sakura Full of Charm [M-LV]


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[SIZE=1]"A classical masterpeice."
- The Tokyo Post

"The cast was utmost brilliant!"
- The Critic

Cherry Blossom Productions brings you...

Sakura Full of Charm.

The Cast-

[B]Sakura[/B] as Ayame Chimeiteki

[B]Starwind[/B] as Kazuma Uta

[B]Box Hoy[/B] as Toshi Sekimoto

[B]Anne[/B] as Namuita Umeko

[B]Gemini_Phoenix[/B] as Seita Endo

[B]SlowChemical[/B] as Ruika Kuchiki

[B]Stark[/B] as Kouji Morinozuka

[B]Citrus[/B] as Sakura Wakaba

Movie Begin


[CENTER]Chapter 1: My Baby Just Shot Me Down

Characters Included: All

Location: ****'s Headquarters | Airport | Beijing, China[/CENTER]


**** sat down at the table where 8 individuals sat quietly awaiting his arrival. Sakura was very anxious, she hadn't seen these people before. She was trying to sort everything out in her head, it only resulted in a severe headache.

"Now, my assistants, I have a new mission for you all."

There was a few sounds of shifts and shuffles. Sakura raised her hand slowly.

**** looked at her and smiled. "Yes?"

"What kind of mission is this?"

Everyone looked up at the girl, Ayame shook her head. **** chuckled and answered her questiong.

"You'll find out soon enough. So, my assistants, here are your tickets. You'll be going to Beijing. There is a certain "baby" I want you all to take care of. I am sending all of you because she might have some company around her at the time.
And go ahead and take guns, I don't want any heads cut off this time."

Sakura's eyes widened at his last sentence. Obviously confused Sakura got up pushing her chair back.

"I'm sorry but I am not doing this."

"You better sit back down, girl."

****'s words were harsh. Sakura sat back down at his words, she didn't want to be hurt.

"So go ahead. Your flight is in an hour."

With that said the group got up and filed out the door. Sakura turned around and looked at ****'s back for a second, and then left with the others.

Ok guys. I finally got this up. I want you all to just have a post of your character getting ready then meeting up at the airport. We will process from there.[/SIZE]
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Mori gathered his tools in the dusky twilight that was his assigned chamber, a stark room that was devoid of all personal taste or style. The only hint of his personality he kept were some books he read in his leisure time--the works of the western writer Ayn Rand, the Chinese novel Xi-you-gi, or other works of a similar type--and a small 3X5 photograph of his equivalent to the 'Lost Lenore' Edgar Allan Poe referred to in his poem, 'The Raven'. Not that these articles mattered, because they were buried underneath piles of black and denim in his drawers.

His roughly pulled a black turtleneck over his head, thinking nothing of his bare room or even his orders. Instead, he contemplated the new girl he would be working with, and wondered why Sir would assign someone so green to such an assignment. He shook his head, finger-combing his thick black hair into place without the aid of a mirror.

There was no need for a mirror, unless he wished to torment himself by looking into the eyes of a killer every day.

He slipped his hands into his gloves, and tightly tied his steel-toed combat boots onto his feet. Last, but not least, he placed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose and blinked as the world came into focus. Mori stood, grabbed his knapsack, the tools he would need already inside the battered case, and slung the sack over his shoulders. Before leaving, he took a moment to regard his room once more.

It was a piece of clay, ready to be molded into what ever shape the potter desired. It was not unlike himself, he realized, and not unlike the new girl either. If push came to shove, he silently vowed, he would guard the girl?s back and assist her as much as possible.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Umeko left silently threw the door with the others, she gentle put down each for those that her steps where not heard even though she wore platform heeled shoes. She made her way down her room, carrying Harry in her arms, as she came to her door she opened it. Umeko had redone her room and didn?t leave it plain. She had white lace curtains on her window, the walls where painted in a light pink colour and all her furniture was white whicker. Sitting Harry down on the whicker chair, she went to her wardrobe and opened it up.

A row of colourful dresses where hung neatly in a row, looking at them Umeko put her hand in the center of the row and pushed those that the dresses where on both sides of the wardrobe and she had a clear view of the back of it. On the back of the wardrobe was a handgun duct taped there. She pulled it off and grabbed a garter belt and strapped it onto her left upper thigh.

Still looking at her wardrobe she grabbed a light blue dress. It was much simpler than the one she had one now, a light sky blue for the dresses soft silk fabric, with a small white apron that went on top. The apron had two pockets at the bottom and a small blue ribbon to tie it around her neck and waist. Kneeling down and on the bottom of the wardrobe was lined with shoes; Umeko selected a pair of light blue five in platforms.

With her outfit chosen she quickly redressed. From a pile she grabbed a pair of white-laced gloves and a white hair band to keep her hair back. Turing she looked in a full-length mirror and nodded and smiled to herself. Umeko spun around on her heels and faced Harry. ?I will be going now Harry. I will see you soon.? She looked at the bear and cocked her head. ?What?s that you want to go with me?? She shook her head. ?It?s to dangerous, Harry-chan, you must stay here.? Umeko stared at the bear and blinked a couple of times. ?Oh all right just this once.?

Umeko picked the bear up and hugged it. ?What?s that, the new girl? What about her?? She looked down at the bear. ?I don?t know, all I know is she better be more careful around, Sir. Come now Harry-chan we have to go or we will miss our flight and we don?t want that.? She grabbed a white lace umbrella before she left her room and started to head for the airport. [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Occ: I fear I mde my first post too long. Please bear with it ^^;;
Rukia closed the door to her room slowly behind her. The room was dark with no lights on and the curtains shut closed. Rukia flicked the light switch on and looked about her room. How plain it looked all but red sheets, comforter placed on her bed, and the black curtains with the crimson butterflies printed on the silk fabric.

Rukia sighed and walked to her closet and pulled out her suitcase. It was already filled with a two things; a book to read in the plane and a picture of a distinguished young man with a cheerful smile and glasses. Rukia picked up her book and dared not to look at the photo. She pulled some clothes out of her closet and neatly placed it on her suitcase. A few pairs of jeans, skirts, shirts and tank tops she placed on the bottom. Then she put three elegant dresses on top. Each seemed more beautiful then the next. Then Rukia gently placed the book at the very top.

Rukia zipped the suitcase up and put it next to her door. Rukia then turned around and looked at the head mirror. She was far enough to look at the whole picture of herself. She could see her long black dress she was wearing drag on the floor as her red slash around her waist hanged. She walked up to the head mirror looking at face. Her eyes directed at her butterfly head dress. It was a fraction on out of place. Rukia moved it slightly to make it look perfect.

Her eyes started to stare straight at the mirror. She blinked and was rewarded with her reflection blinking back. Her eyes were red and shimmered with the light like it always did. Yet she felt something was different in some strange way. The atmosphere seemed fresh in a way. Oh yes Rukia thought, that new recruit. She thought to keep her eyes on her. Rukia tilted her head and thought the others might be thinking the same. Rukia held her head and told herself to stop over analyzing things again.

Rukia tied the kitsune mask around her neck. It faced back looking as thought it was another pair of eyes. Rukia walked to the door and picked up her suitcase. She picked up lots of pin needles and placed it in a hidden pocket she had strapped around her thigh. Then she picked up a few more pin needles and hid it in her slash. She thought of not bringing any other weapon. With her pin needles she can kill the baby?s guards quick and silently. She just had to hit the vital points of the body with leaving a few puncture wounds.

She opened the door and walked a few steps out the door with her suitcase rolling behind her. She looked over her shoulder looking inside her room straight at the mirror. ?No fear, remorse, or regret?? She said to the mirror and closed her bedroom door behind her. [/SIZE]
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Kazuma sat silently in the small cell in which **** kept him. He had tried to escape one to many times and was now kept in confinement most of the time. He sat in complete solitude, his hope for leaving and for a future beyond this life had died to nothing. A guard hired by **** came to the cell door "Time to go, you've been summoned."

Kazuma never moved his frozen gaze and face, he simply rose to his feet and went to the door. The guard cuffed his hands behind his back and opend the door to let him come out. The guard escorted him to the meeting room where **** was already waiting for him. ****'s dark smile sent chils down his spine "Welcome mister Uta. Are you feeling complient today?"

Kazuma kept his gaze fixed on the man infromt of him. His eyes lightly glazed and lifeless. He said nothing.

"Great, I'll take that as a yes, since you don't seem to be resisting."

Kazuma was still motionless and speechless. **** went on "This will be the first misssion I've sent you on with anyone else. I hope you don't mind if the company."

Kazuma's eyes turned up to look at him for a moment and then turned back down "Would it matter if I didn't want them?"

"Of course not. Now please take a seat here Mr. Uta, the others will be here shortly."

Kazuma turned and sat down in a chair nearest to **** on the right side of the table. He takes his seat and looks down to the table, not saying another word. Awaiting the arrival of the others.
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[COLOR=Navy]Ayame watched the new girl, an evil smirk on her face. If the newbie didn't get grips on her new life, and fast, she was going to be meeting a world of pain.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes as Sakura stood and questioned 'Sir' stupidly. Ayame took her ticket from the table and headed straight for her room when they were dismissed. She was very muchly accustomed to this life since it was all she ever knew.

Ayame kicked the door shut smoothly with her foot and looked around at her simplistic room. There were no personal items in the room besides her clothes and weapons. She bent and extracted a small pack from beneath her bed, it was constantly ready because she didn't know when she'd be sent on an urgent mission that required her to take off immediately.

Ayame shouldered the pack, she didn't need anything else because she always carried her weapons and goggles. She tugged at her gloves to make sure they were tight enough, she clenched and unclenched her hands, the leather squeaked quietly.

Ayame checked through her weapons on her body, she had her twin guns in holsters on her hips, a pouch full of different kinds of projectiles and other little things, twin knives in sheaths on her hips, between the two gun holsters, and her goggles. She took out each weapon to make sure they weren't faulty in any way. Even though she took good care and always carried them, someone somehow may have tampered. She polished the blades, replaced some of the different projectiles to make the pouch full again, and took apart her guns, cleaning each part separately. Ayame pushed the goggles down in front of her eyes, each enhancement worked perfectly.

She grabbed her ticket off the table and tucked it into her pocket, her cold brown eyes swept the room before she left. As she walked through the halls she scoffed at the newbie prisoners that had been captured, especially that Sakura and Umeko. Sakura was afraid, and Umeko seemed weak, to be kind hearted was a weakness.

Ayame saw Sakura and glared at her in the eyes, continuing past. Why did 'Sir' even need these weaklings, she was better than all of them combined.[/COLOR]
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Within the confines of his small room, Toshi sat on his full sized bed. His gaze remained upon the ground, at the cold lifeless flooring. His room wasn't very decorated at all but there were some pictures laying, scattered about the room.

[I]Might as well get packed[/I] Toshi thought.

He stood and approached the closet where the bulk of his belongings were kept. It seemed that after each mission, the supply of his own clothes would grow thinner.

A small black suitcase sat on the floor of the closet. He smirked and picked it up. "Heh. Getting a little worn aren't you," he said talking to the suitcase.

Toshi sighed. [I]How pathetic. You're talking to your stuff now. What's happened to the old, social person you used to be[/I], he thought.

With that Toshi went to the closet and grabbed a couple pairs of jeans. He inspected them making sure that they were clean and there was nothing that stood out. If someone from a past mission had noticed anything and saw it again it would pose some kind of threat to the security of his fellow soldiers.

A small rip near the knee on one pair of pants caught his attention.

"Damnit,' Toshi muttered. He threw the pants back in the cloest, "I hate this job."

Toshi finished his packing and headed for the door. He looked back at the room and than left. The same thought ran through his mind each time he left for another mission. What would happen if he lost what shelter he had? Where would he go?
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Seita stood up from the briefing and left, showing the same lack of interest that he always did in the mission briefings. There was little point to listening anyway. All that was revealed was the usual: someone was to be killed somewhere. The details were left out, to be revealed later on.

The smell of oil used to clean guns drifted from Seita's room as he opened the door. Inside was the same sight that greeted him everyday, a hellish landscape of clutter. The floor, walls, and desk in the room were filled with weapons manuals, guns in various stages of dismantling, maps, and photographs, both from the ground and sattelites. The only area that seemed to have order was a section of wall with a table under it. Both the wall and the table were filled with various objects Seita had taken as souvenirs to remind him of his favorite kills.

Packing for the trip proved easy enough, as he just tossed a few pairs of everything into a duffle bag and closed it. It was not the most proper way to pack, but he really did not care. With that out of the way Seita took a moment to consider which gun he wanted to use this time. There were several to pick from, but in the end he settled on his latest toy, a Walther P-99, the newest high-tech gun from Germany, and began to reassemble it.

The last thing Seita did before heading out was place his black cloak aroud his neck, and fasten the black widow clasp. Leaving the hood down he grabbed his gun, knife, and the duffle bag and left his room. As he walked through the halls of the compound his mind thought over the newest member of the team. He disliked the idea of working with such poorly prepared individuals. They only got in the way. He had rarely had problems working with professional assassins such as Ayame, becuase he rarely worked with them, and liked it that way.
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Kazuma rose and a guard quickly moved in behind him to make sure he didn't try anything, not like he had anything in mind. Still, the gun was put to his back as he was escorted to the storgae locker where his equipment was kept. Kazuma is very paticular about what weapons he uses and won't use just anything.

The guard cuffed him and went around and unlocked the locker in front of them and Kazuma called for weapons. Inside this locker was an esortment from blades to guns to explosives. Inside was a belt feed M-60, M-16 rifle, Berreta standard pistol, 50 caliber sniper rifle fitted with a unique shoulder rest and lacking a scope, a katana he called zengestu, a pair of butterfly swords, a halberd, a .45 luger, and a thompson sub-machine gun with extended round clip.

He looked inside for a moment "Get me the M-60, the berreta, the 50 cal., and zengestu."

The guard looked to him "You know he said no cutting off any heads?"

Kazuma, without turning his head "I carry it for good luck."

The guard simply shrugged and pulled out the equipment he specified and set it aside. He looked to Kazuma and handed him his ticket "The equipment you requested will be sent as cargo and you will recieve it only upon arrival at your next mission site. You know what'll happen if you attempt to run."

Kazuma gave no response. The guard went on "I'll take that as a yes. You are to amintain minimal contact with the other agents til you reach you mission destination, at which point you will be given the specifics on your mission."

Kazuma still gave no response. The guard removed the cuffs and Kazuma took the ticket. He was going on yet another mission to kill someone else, was this really all he had left?
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[SIZE=1]Sakura watched as each of the other slaves walked into their rooms, or cells. Her hands were shaking, she didn't know what was going to happen, let alone where she was still.

The door to ther cell was partially open, she pushed it slightly and slipped in through the crack. The containment area was very cool, a burst of cold air rushed against her face as she entered.

Unlike the other people, Sakura didn't have any clothes. So she sat on the small bed that was in the corner of the room. She started to stare at the wall, thinking about a lot of things.

Then, she suddenly remembered that her mother was dead. Hopefully her father was okay, but she couldn't think about that right now.

Footsteps echoed down the hallway, Sakura shot up and looked out her door. The people were starting to leave, they all looked so different. Like they were just, brainless.

Sakura wedged her way out the door and followed the line of people. She hadn't seen the rest of the facility, she was unconcious during the time her captors brought her through the devilish place.

Sakura's jaw dropped when she saw what the front room looked like.

It had an assortment of colorful rugs, there were large glass doors and a receptionist at the front to greet people. Couches were scattered around the gigantic room where groups of people were talking and laughing.

She was being held captive in a office building.

The others quickly rushed out of the building, as if craving fresh air.

Umeko took in a big breath, "Ahh! What a beautiful morning!"

Sakura shot her a look her eyes widened. Was she not frightened as well? Looking around she caught that the rest of the group were looking at her.

"Didn't you bring a weapon?" asked Kazuma.

"I... I don't have one."

Ayame gave a laugh, "It figures. The noobie just had to not have a weapon." She shook her head and began walking down the sidewalk. The others soon following behind her.

"Who the hell is she," wondered Sakura. She looked around and jogged behind the group. She patted a guys shoulder who was in front of her. He turned around his eyes looked as if they peirced her soul.

"What?" Seita asked quite annoyed.

"I was just wondering... if.." Ayame haulted as did the others. She seemed to be the unoffcial leader of some sort.

"Let's stop and get her a god damned weapon. She needs to be prepared, if she dies **** will be pissed, and then he takes it out on us."

They took a corner and into a dark alley. There was a small kiosk that had an assortment of swords, sais, guns, anythign you can imagine.

"Ah! Ayame! Umeko! Seita! Kazumo! Ruika-"

"Cut the shit and give us two Chinese Fans. Already sharpened."

The man nodded and bent over looking for two Chinese Bladed. Ayame stopped her foot.

"Hurry up!"

This made the man jump and he almost knocked over the kiosk. He gave the two fans to Ayame, who slammed them into Sakura's chest.


"Suck it up."

They continued walking, in a big group. It was the most weirdest thing that Sakura had ever seen. Half of them looked like they were depresses, while the others looked as if though they had taken some happy pills.

The airport was very large. Sakura had been to it a couple of times.

| On the Plane |

Most of the group was seated in the back of the plane, they sat there and plainly looked at the seat in front of them.

Sakura took out her fans and smiled at the ornate drawings on them.[/SIZE]
"I'll call you Charm."
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Kazuma sat quietly on the plane. He had done this so many times it was just a simple task of normality at this point. In the years he had been kept in this dark world, he had gone to many places and killed even more people. He looked ahead to the young girl sitting just ahead of him. He was the new one they had obtained only the other day. She was playing with the fans they had gotten for her.

Kazuma rose from his seat and went to the girl "I know what must have happend to you. It happend to all of us, and now you belong to them. Don't bother to try and escape, you belong to then now and forever, til the day your target kills you first."

She just stared to him, to his cold and unalterd face, and looked as if she might cry. Kazuma nodded to her for a moment "My apologies."

He turned and went back to his seat and crossed his arms. He felt naked without his weapons. They never gave him his weapons til it was time for a mission, he had used them one too many times to escape that way. He looked around and looked to the others sitting around various parts of the plane. He knew of them, but had never had to work with them before. He was so unpredictable they wouldn't trust him with others til now.

But why did they cahnge this now all of the sudden? Was the mission really that serious? Or was it the simply they didn't see him as a threat anymore? Either way he didn't really care. He was simply going to do the mission like he was told, he didn't need anymore trouble. This was just a game of survival at this point, he killed to live. A bit of an oxi-moron, but it was the only way to keep going.
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[COLOR=Navy]Ayame walked out of the building calmly. Unlike the others, she didn't think of the place as a prison; it was her home. She'd lived there since she was a baby, had been raised to be used to it, and she was allowed to roam the building freely with her weapons without being chaparoned by a guard. Plus, she had a room instead of a cell. She was so trusted because 'Sir' knew she was loyal to him and she was his best assassin.

Ayame couldn't help but laugh when Sakura stammered that she didn't have a weapon, the laugh was full of scorn, lacking humour.

[B]"It figures. The newbie just had to not have a weapon."[/B] she scoffed, continuing down the sidewalk.

She heard Sakura mutter, [B]"Who the hell is she?"[/B]

Ayame turned her head slightly before continuing to walk, ignoring the comment.

[B]"Let's stop and get her a god damned weapon. She needs to be prepared, if she dies 'Sir' will be pissed, and then he takes it out on us."[/B] Ayame proclaimed, suddenly turning into a back alley.

They wound through the path until they reached the end where Takeshiro sat at his kiosk, surrounded by bunches of weapons. He started to bumble and Ayame swiftly cut him off, ordering a weapon. Takeshiro was their weapon supplier, and Ayame was sent there regularly for errands for 'Sir'. She hurried him as he started to search through all of his weapons, they didn't have much time because they still needed to get to the airport.

Ayame flicked the fans open and inspected them carefully but swiftly, turning them over. She rubbed her fingers against the blades so it didn't cut her, but she could test how sharp they were. She was satisfied and snapped them shut, thrusting them into Sakura, glaring at her.

They continued on to the airport and boarded the plane. Ayame fell into what she usually did when it came to mission flights, she started to review the ways she would kill the target based on what 'Sir' did or didn't want them to do. She leaned back into her seat and looked up at the ceiling, she pulled out one of her guns and ran her hands over the cool, familiar metal. Her fingers flew across it, taking it apart in a few seconds, then she raced to put it together again, she often did it to occupy herself.

Ayame was sitting at the very back so she could watch everyone else, everything so far seemed to be okay. She noticed Kazuma talking to Sakura and was disapproving, they weren't supposed to talk to each other. Ayame smirked, she was satisfied with her life, unlike the prisoners. She supposed it was just because it was the only life she knew. She couldn't wait to arrive, then she could get the mission over with and get home, and maybe not have to work with the amateurs again. Throughout 'Sir''s assassins, the group she was with were known as either the amateurs, the newbies, or the prisoners, because that's what they were. Ayame sighed and twirled her gun in her hand and replaced it in the holster.[/COLOR]
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Seita was momentarily pushed back into his seat as the aircraft accelerated down the tarmac and took off. After a short time momentum caught up to him and the forces eased up. He had been on such trips many times in the past, so this did no bother him. What did bother him was being stuck at high altitudes with a group of assassins who's urge to escape may find itself tested at some point during the trip. This was also the reason he took up on of the rear seats of the plane, so as to keep everyone within eyesight.

With this many killers of questionable loyalty sitting nearby it was a good idea to know who was likely to cause the most trouble. Staring forward as if he was looking into empty space, Seita took a mental tally of the others from what little he truly knew. First up was Sakura, the most likely to snap under even small preassure like this. Next on the list was Kazuma, who was currently chatting with Sakura. Seita had overheard the guards talk about that one many times. He had a bad habit of trying to cut and run. At the very least there were rumors that he was not allowed to have weapons until the job started. The others could go either way, and Seita really knew very little about them.

Movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention, but he continued to stare forward. It was Ayame, currently in the act of breaking down and reassembling her gun. She was the one that Seita trusted the least. She would never betray Sir, as far as he knew, but she was also cold, calculating, and distant. All the makings of a true assassin, and thus the one to be least trusted. Seita doubted she would have any problems shooting him now if ordered, knowing that even a missed shot would not likely pose series risk to the aircraft. That was assuming she would hesitate even if it did.

Honestly, Seita never understood the urge to escape that the others harbored. Having grown up in a gang he knew what it was like to not have an escape route, and this job also gave him the pleasure of the kill he had grown to enjoy. However, it still seemed that Sir did not trust him, and required guards to watch him outside of his living area. As for the threat of being killed by one of the guards, or other assassins, that was nothing new. Even his own gang would have killed him in his sleep, if they were not so scared of him during the last few years he was with them. The honest truth was this job did not bother him to any real degree. It had just about everything he needed, and a lot that he wanted, and if it meant being watched over day and night, locked up like an animal, so be it.

Seita let these thoughts pass as he continued to pay attention to the events around him, while looking completely out of it. Right now he was really anxious to get there. Hints of his bloodlust always crept up during the time before a mission began. Hopefully this one would be worth the wait.
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"Mind if I join you?" Mori smiled at the new girl as she jumped, and had seized the opportunity to quench his interest as he saw Kazuma leave.

"Um, no. Not really." She said, the unspoken questionh obvious in her face and voice.

Mori took that as an invitation and easily sat in the empty seat next to her, ignoring the warning looks he was recieving from the others. She had taken the window seat, so it was easy for him to join her.

"Sakura, right?" He questionied, keeping his tone conversational.

"Yes," She confirmed. "What are you doing here?" She then asked in a lowered voice.

"I'm not allowed to get acquainted with a band mate?" He returned, amused by her stiffness and wariness.

She sighed, "I'm not responcible if you get in trouble."

"By no means!" Mori laughed. "Since I know your name, you should know mine. Call me Mori, if you will. "

"And your full name?"

"Is not necessary."

He eyed the delicate looking fans that still sat in her lap, and adjusted his glasses so he could study them better. "Hm. Ayame chose well." He murmured, "You may want to put those away. There's no need to reveal your toys before the party begins."

She frowned at him, but obeyed.

Mori nodded, briefly wondering what kind of girl she had been beofre her capture. She had a sweet, almost innocent look about her. Clearly, she didn't belong there. Just another school girl, really. She was about the same age as Chi was when they had met...

He pushed that thought aside. There was no use in comparing his new, inexperienced comrad to a dead girl.

Still, it was hard not to.

"I can help you, if you need it," Mori murmured, making a subtle switch from Japanese to English.

"What was that?" Sakura asked, clearly confused. Along with the confusion, there was a hint of understanding. Not surprising, Mori notied, considering how many students learn the basics of the language as a part of their curriculum.

Mori stood easily, "Just what you think it was," He replied. "Now, if you'd exucse me..." He made a gesture to signify that he was leaving. "I will see you later."

He moved easily to his seat, silently glad to have made his mistake. She was a sweet girl, but he couldn't help but fear for his sanity. She was too much like Chidori, and he couldn't promise anything if she got herself hurt.
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Kazuma turned his head to look to the window, he looked down to the open ocean beneath him. It was such an open vast world down there, but like his own life, was so distant for him. He set his head back in the chair, he kept his thoughts to the mission.

He still wasn't sure why they would have kept it so hush hush from them, or why they would risk sending him with others, or even so far away. Did they simply not see him as a threat anymore? **** once said to him, after a thwarted escape attempt "Your a wild cat. Like those lions they capture from the wild and put in zoos. Ones like you are always the most fun to break. And I'll know when I've done it to. Your eyes will glaze and that fire that I can hear in your throat will die out."

Was that what was happening to him? Was he the broken lion? Guess that was all that was left to him now. **** had promised he would do it, and he looks to have succeeded. Kazumas once firery gaze had become as frigid as ice, and the roar in his throat was nothing more then an echo now. Kazuma would have felt ashamed only six months ago, but now felt nothing for it.

He had let himself doze in and out of consiousness on this long and wind numbing flight, but now he could see the main land beneath them. Soon they would land and they would begin yet another mission. Kazuma didn't think much of it, he had never worked with others before, but that didn't mean it was different. He'd kill again and then return to that small cell with no windows and a door which was so narrow one could only hope to fit there body through it.

He felt the rattle of the plane as the decent began. The rumble in his stomach as the plane slowly dropped to the earth brought on the memories of all the missions of old. The blood, the cries, the tears, the fear, the anger, the sorrow all these were bi-products of his time spent slaughtering his fellow man. He was called many a time to kill even the innocent becaus they ahd been unfortunate enough to bear witness to his mission. The tires screeched briefly as the touched the tarmat beneath them. To this, Kazuma opened his eyes and looked to the terminal from which they would set off.
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[SIZE=1]Ruika sat down on her seat as she opened her book. She flipped to a part where she left of last time. She couldn?t help by read tragic stories. Maybe it was because it drew her attention away from her own tragic life. The reason was deep inside the pages of her life story. Her life lacked detail, characters, and any real plot. Ruika preferred her story to be that way.

Ruika looked up from her book and saw some of them speaking to each other. Her eyes quickly searched and looked at Ayame. She saw how Ayame greatly disapproved of the others talking. Ruika blinked and remember Ayame attitude earlier when she was giving the newbie a weapon. Ruika never say Ayame in action, yet she knew one flaw of Ayame. Ayame had a superiority complex. Ruika thought maybe she could see Ayame work and find her weakness. Then she can device a plan to bring Ayame down and maybe Ayame can grow stronger from that. Ruika knew Ayame had more pontential, yet since she was consider the ?best? Ayame haven?t grown anymore. She knew it be foolish to take Ayame spot as ?Sir? favorite. Ayame could have it if she wanted it. All that Ruika truly want is out, even though she followed orders, and did everything **** wanted.

Ruika got up from her seat. She sat next to Ayame and can sense Ayame glaring at her. ?I?m not an enemy unless you consider me one?? Ruika said in a melancholy tone her voice always carried.

?I do not need it for a newbie..? Ayame told her her voice cold as ever

?I?ve been in this business for 4 years; I?m not considered a newbie?

?I have been in this all my life??

?Sorry you been raised up like a dog?? Ruika said not meaning to hurt anyone. She can feel Ayame glare become colder. Ruika was making enemies now and Ruika knew this well. Ayame pulled her gun out complete angry and annoyed. Ruika quickly pulled out one of her pin needles and stopped Ayame gun half way.

?I?m just as fast as you?.only not in heavy weapons. I have to admit if we had a battle right now I won?t able to win. Yet if I see you in action just once I could find out your weakness and I could stand out a chance. My eyes are my strong point and I won?t tell you exactly what they can do. I?m just here to help you to grow stronger. I?m not an enemy unless you want me to be?? Ruika said and let go of her pin needle. She wasn?t up for a fight with Ayame. Ayame just needed to learn there are people than can be better then here. That can take that spot from being ?Sir? pride and joy.

Ruika got up from the seat. She lowered her head and closed her eyes. She felt a bit sick but she wasn?t going to show that to Ayame.

?Excuse me I be going to the restroom. Please think about what I said. I?m here to help..? Ruika said and walked to the bathroom. It was vacant and Ruika quickly opened the door and went in. Ruika quickly collapsed to her knees a front of the toilet. She held her long hair up and vomited inside the toilet. How much Ruika hated plane rides because they made her air sick. She wondered how a device like this can get so high up in the air. Sojiro would have laughed and made a witty joke about her current form right now.
Ruika got up from the ground after a long hour in the bathroom. She washed her face and mouth in the sink. She felt a little better now. She stared at the mirror and her reflection stared back. When did her red eyes get so cold? Sojiro would hate her now. Ruika shook her thought and walked outside acting as though nothing happened. The planed landed when she was in the bathroom and people were starting to get up. Rukia sighed and went to her seat to get some of her stuff. [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy]Ayame glared and watched Ruika walk past her. When she was gone she smirked and laughed, leaning back into her seat again. Ruika thought she was oh so simple, Ayame was much more complex than she was being given credit for.

[I][B]"Sorry you've been raised up like a dog?"[/B][/I]

She rolled her eyes and yawned, [B]"Stupid amateur."[/B]

Ruika thought she could so easily find her weaknesses, she covered all points carefully. Ayame was aware that the majority of the group thought she had a huge superiority complex, it wasn't exactly true, she was just cold to all, and seeing as she was the most trained she had a right to be strict so she wouldn't be in a position where she would be in serious danger.

Ayame wasn't willing to trust anyone, even the assassins she'd grown up working beside, what made Ruika think she was going to trust her of all people, even if she had been around for 4 years. The prisoners had the problem of thinking they're better than they are. Ayame was sure none of them could stand up against her or the older assassins, yet they thought they were good enough.

Ayame knew that no one in the group liked her, she gave them no reason to, and she didn't want them to. It was no use to have friends in their line of profession because any emotional connections could be forced into a weakness by others.

The plane finally landed, and they all filed out quickly, the amateurs had guards around them to make sure they didn't do anything. Ayame put her hands on her guns and walked around the group to the front, watching each member. The guards gave them their weapons and they slid them into place. She payed special attention to watch Sakura, she was still holding her fans like she didn't know what to do with them. She rolled her eyes, she'd have to keep an eye on her so she didn't do something stupid and endanger everyone and the mission. Ayame wished she didn't have to babysit, but it was 'Sir's orders, he didn't want any of them to die.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Ruika got out of the plane and got her bags. She saw Ayame pass by her. Ruika looked and by her movements that Ayame didn?t trust her at all. Ruika knew it would not be that easy. At least Ruika thought it was a good enough try. Ruika tried to ask her nicely, yet that didn?t work. Ruika didn?t want to get into a physical fight with Ayame she knew she will surely lose. Too much energy would be put into just trying to stay alive. She wanted to stay alive just a little bit longer. Her plan to escape this hell hole failed. Yet Ruika knew that plan well fail from the start. The plan was too simple minded and Ruika only put one nano second thought to it. Her prediction of the outcome was correct, no trust from Ayame at all.

Ruika thought maybe Ayame didn?t think that Ruika can find her weak points. That she was unsure of Ruika abilities. Ruika eyes never seemed to fail her. Ruika could device an effective plan to break through fighting styles, destroy opponent on physical and emotional weak points, and go through any type of security. She can do this by looking at the fighting style, movements, daily routine of a person, and security only once. Ruika was smart and sharp. Ayame probably thought she was weak, an amateur. This didn?t bother Ruika at all. She knew better to get angry about what people thought and say about her.

Ruika thought not to approach Ayame anymore. It be too daring and Ruika didn?t want to take that risk. Ruika thought it was a stupid idea to think an elite assassin will want her help. Ruika sighed and thought maybe she should just kill herself now. Her life was no worth living. She wasn?t a perfect assassin. She knew she had to be a perfect assassin to stay alive in this business. ?Sir? would get rid of her anyways sooner or later when he finally realized all he needs is Ayame. She could join up Sojiro in heaven. Yet Ruika thought how her life is now and how many people she had killed. She knew she be going straight to hell. There was no chance for her among the living or among the dead.

Anyone after revealing these thoughts to them selves would have broken down and cried. Yet Rukia face stood emotionless as usual. She learned from this business no not show any kind of emotion to yourself and others. She wasn?t going to let a tear slip just because she thought she deserve to die. Ruika knew this was the life she had to live. She had nothing precious to protect anymore if she escaped. Everything was gone and ?HE? made sure of that. So the only precious thing she had was her work, her pin needles, abilities, home, and the man she had to worked for. Yet she felt pity for Ayame been raised as a dog. A dog ready to jump as high as it master told it even if it was clearly impossible.

Ruika saw herself over analyzing things again. She stood and waited for the rest to come out. She wanted to do this mission already for she can go back ?home?. She wanted this done quick and right. Ruika yawned and wondered how Sakura was doing. Ruika had taking a peculiar interest in her wondering why the boss kidnapped her. She knew she had to watch her back knowing that some others of taking an interest to her too. Some of these peoples interest is just to help Sakura. Some other people interest is to watch and create her down fall. [/SIZE]
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After speaking with Sakura, the rest of the trip had been uneventful for Mori. He couldn't help but notice that Ruika had approached Ayame, as he was sure the others did, and amused himself for a little by just watching their interactions. Their voices were too low to catch, but their body language was enough. It was a discussion, of sorts. Maybe even a challenge, as far as he could gather, between the child raised in the hellhole and the girl who was captured and trained like himself.

He could sympathize, Ayame was hard to get along with, but he would leave it to them. What right did he have to intervene?

He turned his attention back to a book of word puzzles he had picked up at the airport. Cross words, riddles, logic puzzles, and anything else that may have been included in a game book. Anything to keep his mind busy, so that it would not dwell on memories and concerns. He heard Ruika break off her conversation with Ayame and head to the back of the plane towards where the restrooms were, and he spared her a glance.

The girl seemed pale, and if she saw him she made no indication of it. Not that it mattered, because most of his comrades weren't as friendly as him. Of course, the only other one who had spoken to Sakura on the plane was Kazuma, not that any gesture from the troublemaker would be worth anything.

Except as a possible ally.

Once, someone had told him that the only means of escape was through death. Kazuma was the only person who had tried a means of escape that didn't involve death. It failed...but, with the right help...

Maybe. Just maybe.

He wanted release too. There was nothing he missed more than the feel of the sun on his shoulders without that heavy cloud that constantly hung around him. There must have been other people who desired that, too.

Mori felt that the others had given up all hope. Unlike them, he hadn't lost it yet.
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[size=1][color=darkred]While on the plane Umeko sat in her seat staring out the window as the scenery pass by underneath the plane. Taking out a small vile Umeko put down the food tray and began cutting up small plant and adding it to another vile she had on hand. She may not be as strong physically as some of the other, Ayame, but she was skilled with poisons. As she put together her poisons she watched the others around her as they moved about. A couple of her companies seemed to highly interested in the new girl, Umeko could really care as long as this girl didn?t get Umeko killed.

Umeko watched some of the group quietly interact together. She studied them all and watched, she really didn?t know any of them and how they would react to any situation. The only one she semi knew, and that was through channels and links, was Ayame who had been in this business only a couple years longer than she has. Pressing her lips together in thought she laid her head back for the rest of the flight, she had no desire to talk to anyone of her companies right now.

The change in altitude made Umeko open her eyes, the pilot came on the speaker and announced that they where begging their final approach. Umeko grabbed her lace gloves out of her pocket where she had placed them earlier in the flight and put them back on her hands. She let out a small yawn of boredom as she watched the ground grow closer to them. A small amount of excitement grew insider of he as the plane landed, There was a new kill waiting for her here, she hated this life, but with every kill she made she left a small not in her mind of each of those people. Her eyes glittered and dance there was one kill that she was going to enjoy very much, the day she kill Sir, but for that she knew she had to be much stronger both physically and mentally.

Umeko was brought back from her thoughts of revenge by the exiting of the passengers on the plane. Exiting the plane the gathered in a group and she watched as the amateurs got there weapon back. She measured each one carefully, she much preferred to work alone and the only one she truly trusted not to get her killed was Ayame. She trolled along farther away from the group, in a group that big it made it conspicuous that they are together and Umeko didn?t like to be linked with other, made it to easy for people to find her. She stayed in range though to keep an eye on the, in her right hand she began spinning her opened parasol in boredom. [/size][/color]
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Upon leaving the cabin of the plane and entering the terminal, Kazuma was quickly taken by two guards already waiting for him. The two quickly and casually moved alongside him, but Kazuma could instantly tell who they were and what they were doing. He was guided off from the rest of the group to retrieve his equipment in the far back room near the luggage terminal.

They enterd through a closed, metal door labled with such things as "Do not Enter" and "Authorized Personnel" and what not. They walked in the door and the room inside was loud and dingy. A dull concrete grey, with the sound of the mechanical equipment running all around them. The machinery made the room both humid and very warm. A man, despite the heat and humidity, dressed in a black suit came out from behind one of the running gears draggind behind him a cart that held a his payload of weapons. The man wheeled it over and began to speak over the load machinery "These are the armaments you requested. I assume you know the rules, but for arguements sake. You are not to touch even a singel object on this cart til you are well outside the airport and off the grounds. If you do, one of the guards we have stationed along your route will gun you down, if neccesary. Do you understand."

Kasuma nodded lightly and the man went on "Very good. If you should suffer any problems, you can reach me at this contact. If any of your comrades give you a problem, Mr.**** has given you permission to take them out. You will go to the mission point. From there, the team will recieve it's mission. After that...." The man pulled a small cell phone without any number pads on it. It had a single button that read "start" and "stop" the man continued "I will contact you with further instruction. This is strictly confidential, orders straight from Mr.****. If you divulge this information to anyone, even another of your own party, or give yourself away in any manner, you and the comprimise will be soundly and swiftly dealt with. Is this understood Mr.Uta."

Kazuma nodded once more lightly. The man returned the nod and moved the cart over to him. Kazuma took the handle of the cart and slowly left the loud, hot and humid room, wheeling the cart behind him, his two guards from before following the whole while. Despite the fact they were in the room, they were standing so far back that they probably heard nothing. But, he would probably get the order to deal with them shortly after leaving the airport.

He walked out to the others who stood out front waiting for pick up to leave the airport.
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The pressure of the decent had gotten to him, but Mori managed to bear the growing pain deep in his ears with little more than the tightening of his hand around the armrest. If he bit the bullet, so to speak, the pain would pass with no problem and no attention. Even knowing that, he still cursed. It hurt like hell.

In a daze he followed the rest of his comrades off of the plane, a growing uneasiness settling over him. He knew of these people, yes. But he didn't know them. Without his usual partner he felt exposed, and slightly paranoid. If any of these people should shoot him in the head, no one would have been bothered to clean up the body or pay any respect. No one, save his usual partner...

He snapped the thoughts out of his head, "Stop dreaming of the dead," He muttered, an order directed at himself. Edgar Allen Poe would have been proud if he had continued that thought. He didn't give the dead man the pleasure.

Dead people. That was all he was worth. Once, what seemed like a lifetime ago, he recalled doing a skit with the other people in his drama class and having the audience roar with laughter. It was a touch of improvisation, and the one rule that had to be followed: Never disagree with anything. In using that as a guidline, a whole group of them could make an audience howl in laughter over something as mundane as making a sandwich.

Thanks to Sir, all that was gone.

He waited with the others outside as everyone stood in relative silence. He glanced around, and the only one who seemed to be doing anything was Miss Umeko. She was twirling around her parasol. It was a touch childish, and Mori felt his lips curve upward upon seeing that. There was hope yet in the world.

Umeko closed her parasol as a vehicle came to a stop before the group. The smile fell from Mori's face as he took it upon himself to play the role of a Ninja Assassin. If nothing else, it would keep him amused. As the others entered, he made it a point to be the last.

Mori took a deep breath in as everyone got settled and the vehicle started moving, both for his nerves and to breathe in what little fresh air he could. The silence that permeated the vehicle and it's occupants was heavy and suffocating. Somehow, he thought he caught the smell of something rotting along the surf, and was reminded of an eternity of darkness within a sarcophagus.
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Kazuma loaded his things into the second of a pair of trucks that pulled up to them as they stood out front of the airport. He put all his things back there, knowing he couldn't keep it on him til mission time. Kazuma then went around and went straight to th back of the first van and sat quietly in the back waiting for them to leave and get to the mission.

occ: Where the hell is every body.
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