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Sign Up RPG: High treason obscurer: Truth forgotten [M-VSL]


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[SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]The year is 2600 a new era has dawned vampires rule the day and night. The vampires populate once human cities while the people sit in wastelands and starve, the price paid for a battle long lost. Creatures stalk the outskirts of the waste lands monsters warewolves lurk in the radioactive dust. This is the new day.

150 years ago vampires? surfaced mankind tolerated their existence?? for a time. Racial wars broke out intolerance wove its way into the hearts and minds of the younger generation. A war was brewing. A gang of humans in one of the worlds best known cities then racially attacked a vampire family on the streets its consequence? riots, mass killings, genocide?..war. For 50 years war raged between vampire and human. In the beginning the vampires were disadvantaged in the day being highly allergic to Ultra Violet light. The humans made good on this advantage they manufactured Uv Bombs wiped out countless soldiers. The vampires found human weakness, cyanide. The vampires proceeded to make CY (cyanide) aerosol bombs, vengeance was made. Scientists developed a cure to the vampire?s reaction to UV light the tide was turning. The fight still raged, the humans? desperate started using guerrilla tactics these became ineffective. In the end the vampires were too technologically advanced to have lost the 50 year long battle. The vampires became the new rulers of the free world. It came at a price however.

The land was left scorched. Dead. 90% was now infertile. A new way of manufacturing crops had to be developed. Mankind was exiled to live outside their once proud cities eating off scraps making a living off their own garbage. Fending off raids from the warewolves who were only doing what they needed to survive. Walls were built. A 50 meter high wall was built around each city with gates to let passing vampires through. The people hadn?t given up people began whispers but no one ever spoke up.

This is one such cities story?..

Alexandria Hurst was about to be inducted a General. At age 40 this was incredibly rare for a vampire as most generals were at least 70 or older but even more so because she was female. Vampires these days lived to about 200. Alex had earned her rank during war it was her battalion that ended the war 21 years ago, she was 19. Her life nearly ended that day she recalled the events well. Her battalion of 200 strong was being cut down by UV grenades, great thing for her; she was in command of the only battalion full of men that hadn?t been given the UV inoculation. The medics had their hands full with sick, wounded and dying men. Worst of all they were in a desert with only a small village near by. That was their destination. The orders read? ??.You are to attack the west Igara Village and then proceeded to take out all remaining insurgents in the Igara Mountain district. Failure will not be tolerated??

Those orders would almost be her last. Her problem was the Insurgents were holding her men down with UV grenades and she couldn?t advance. It was nearing sun up in which case they all would be stuffed. She did the only thing she could do?.. It was her last resort and the effects of this decision would be felt in the years to come. She called in an A-CY bomb strike. This bomb would release a cloud of cyanide gas over the enemy killing them instantly. Her men had filtering implants fortunately for them. ??.Failure will not be tolerated??

The strike was successful they made it to the city by day break. They were to encounter a new problem. The insurgents had received a supply drop of UV rounds. Things just kept getting better and better. Alex?s force was down to 50 percent 100 of her men were wounded and dying. She had to take a risk send a force of 12 of her men out in daylight to dispose of the ammunition or face defeat. She didn?t like the proposition of watching her men be tortured to death if they weren?t dead already. Certain death or certain death?, It would have to be certain death. She took a force of 12 men out into the city keeping to the shadows.

They could feel the sun burning through their amour. The mission was ?successful? she had lost 7 men however. They were making there way back when it happened. Split forces of two human scouts had tracked them from the ammunition site and were getting ready to make their move, Alex and a sergeant by the name of Welch had a wounded man between them. Welch didn?t like her for the simple fact that she was younger than he was and she out ranked him and everyone else on the battle field. They lugged the wounded corporal between them and set down for a breather. This was the scouts? chance. They peppered the small alleyway that Alex and her team were hiding in3 more of her men went down in a blur. Alex herself took 3 UV rounds they burned inside with a searing pain that she had never felt before in her life, shear agony.

?They must have already distributed some of the ammo?..but that means ?.? she looked up as the UV grenade came bouncing down the alley way she did the only thing she could think of doing she threw herself over the corporal she had been helping and sergeant Welch shielding them from the grenade. ?..2?1.flash! Bang! The events next were a burning excruciating blur??and now I present to you General Alexandria Hurst the array of delegates and high ranking officers and officials clapped. Alex was awoken from her day dream she extended her fangs as a sign of acceptance and of her bloodlines honor bowed and returned to her seat. There was a lot to think about, her fiancé, and this new promotion, her past. The ceremony dragged on for ages until it finally finished in the usual fanfare. She decided to take the back way home she avoided anyone she didn?t want to talk to that way.

She moved along the back alleys and heard a rustling in garbage cans she turned but only a cat leaped out. She breathed a sigh of relief then BANG out of no where two hands griped her with amazing, amazing strength and held her down she couldn?t move. Pinned she tried to struggle but it was no use a scream would do no good no one was around. She heard an animal like hiss and then pain as two sharp fangs punctured her neck. She felt the warmth of her blood as it trickled down the back of her neck. The creature feed off the blood pouring out from the main artery in the neck. And with the swiftness that it arrived it let her go xxx caught a glimpse of the creature as it skulked away. It wasn?t a creature at all it was a ...human figure?.it was another vampire.

Alex?s heart beat loudly inside her head she was just bitten by another vampire impossible. It just didn?t seam real she wished she was dreaming but she wasn?t. The laws were clear any vampire who bites another and drinks there blood will die from a disease transmitted between vampire blood and die within 5 minutes. This couldn?t be happening to her she was of Nobel blood, the most noble of blood Dracula?s blood line, she would be exiled as a traitor? 5 minutes past she wasn?t dead in fact far from it she began mutating into something different? something more? something else?

Ok sign-up
This is what I would like from you

Name: (anything you like, preferably something that goes with who you choose. First and last names please)
Age: somewhere between 20 ? 200
Race: human, vampire or warewolf. I would like there to be approx 5 vampires (excluding Alex), 3 warewolves or more, and at least 2 humans. I would like someone to be her fiancé but it?s up to you a main rival for her would be excellent also. For anyone out there who likes wolves a warewolf leader would be great too.
Gender: male or female
Weapons: (if any)
Special powers: (if any, for example speed, can see in the dark u know the general idea)
Description: (picture or paragraph I don?t mind I know some people prefer different things)
Bio/character snippet: (who you work for, if you do, why, what you wish for, the vampires to rule or the humans? What your character is like ect.)

Ok here we go. The story line is up to you the fate of Alex is in your hands, do you want the vampires to rule or the humans to overthrow them. In the end of the story whether she lives or dies is your choice. Ill post my character info after a few of you have. Alex will be my character.
I would also love for someone to help me oversee this if one of you would be so kind to volunteer. Fell free to PM me if you have any questions, suggestions or help you could offer.

*takes a deep breath and jumps off the deep end*
So apprehensive? :)

Enjoy ! :)[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Name: Alastor Sharpfang

Age: 121

Race: warewolf

Gender: female

Weapons:Her claws,she has them even when in human form.

Special powers: very fast,very stronge.Also can see at night great sence of smell.

Description: Alastor is very tall for a female she is 5'9 about 130 pounds.She has a long scar across her left eye.She has shaggy grey hair and red eyes.She weres a white tank top with baggy black pants and boots.Also has a pair of gloves with the fingers cut off.

Bio/character snippet: Leader of the Sharpfang clan.She took over after her fathers death.Her father died when she was only a 25 by an attack lead by the vampires.Her clan was occuping a small deserted village just inside the vampires land.The vampires didnt like the idea of haveing them any where knew there city so they drove them out.Lots died amoung them was her father Abatu Sharpfang.Now she swears revenge against the vampires.Her clan now lives in the outskirts of the human race,takeing what they need from them an feeding whenever they like.
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Guest Lisa Lynn

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]

Name: Fujiko Mitsuyomo

Age: 102, appears 16

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Weapons: She carries her dead father's sword with her.

Special powers: She can smell blood, and can morph into anything.

Bio/character snippet: Fifty years ago, Fujiko's father stood up for a group of humans that was about to be eradicated for stealing food. The nobles seing this as treason, killed her father, and even plotted against Fujiko.She resisted noble blood and even morphed into a sixteen year-old schoolgirl. Although a vampire herself, Fujiko has planned to help rid the earth of the reigning vampires and restore the humans back again. Now all she needs is a way to do it...[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Dominic "Dom" Herannal

Age: 26

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Weapons: He carries a large hand gun, as well as a pair silver katanas.

Speacial powers: A skilled swordsman and marksman, with lightining reflexes and great speed.


Bio: He was only a child when the war was still being waged between the species. Unlike most humans, he holds no grudge against vampires, they did what they had to inorder to survive. It was a war, lots of people die. That's always been his philosphy on it, even though two of those who died were his parents. despite this he cared little for vengance or even rebellion. But he does live by doing what one must to survive.

Living alone as a small child in this unforgiving wasteland of a world, he had to learn many trades quickly. For one who was relativly uneducated, the best jobs he would get were as laborers or a killer. He didn't like the idea of moving some freight around for the rest of his life, so the killing seemed to be the obvious chose. But what would he do to make money that way. In this time of desperation, two humans were more likely to go for an alliance then to fight or try and kill each other before a vampire or whatever other manner of beast. That was his inspiration for the perfect job.

He did all he could to learn about the monsters of the wastelands, and most noteable the vampires. He set out to learn what it took to kill one and soon saw it wouldn't be much harder then killing off humans, with the right technique. He then set out and found the war vets who survived and learned the way they moved and the way they thought in combat. All the information he obtained was useful, but til he put it to use he'd never know how good it was for sure.

One day when he was 16 he got his chance. He took what skill and knowledge he had and killed a vampire guard, just outside the limits of the city. After the first, more would follow. He too the lives of four in his first week, this gained him a good reputation with the humans living outside the city, and a bad one with pretty much every vampire, werewolf, and all other forms of monster living in this world.

To this day he is attributed to the killing of almost 50 vampires, and just short of 70 werewolves. The monsters hate him, while the humans seek him. He does this to survive in the badlands, just as the vampire did when they took the earth from his kind. He is hailed, he is feared, he is Dominic the monster slayer.
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Name: Alex Hurst
Age: 40
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Weapons: A long samurai sword and a secondary short samurai sword. An array of combat guns (depending on the situation).
Special powers: After being bitten by another vampire Alex mutated into a 'beast'. Cursed with the noblest blood of all vampires, Dracula and endowed with his mythical vampires powers she mutated into a winged bat-humanoid creature when others would have died. She has amazing speed and agility she can see in the dark and best almost anyone in hand to hand combat. After mutating she lost the ability to ?feel?. She can?t feel happiness or joy or any positive emotions. She constantly lusts for blood.
Description: She has a pair of massive black bat wings that extend from her shoulder blades. She has Long black hair (that used to be brown) and gray eyes (that used to be green). Tall and slender with very white pale skin. She wears a black trench coat with many straps and buckles. Underneath a gray tank top with black leather pants and combat boots.

Bio/character snippet: Bio (as above in story) After she mutated (which was excruciatingly painful) she escaped to the ?human city? after being found out and exiled after a very heated gun battle. She was frowned upon in the ?upper circles? when she did something wrong; now she betrayed the ?code? and the nobles want her to pay the price of death.

A prophesy for tells that ?...at the coming of the new age the creature born of blood and misery will bring a new order forth with a sacrifice...?. Alex spent many hours milling over these books in her fathers ancient library. The one line stuck in her head above all. Just what did it mean??

Alex now lives in an abandoned apartment complex among the humans?

After a few more join we will start. PM me with plot ideas or anything else. thanks !
: )
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Name: Rain Joran

Age: 27

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Weapons: A large katana, with a green jewel forged into the handle, named "Stealer".

Special powers: Rain can see in the dark, and has great hearing. He can move so silently, not even Werewolves can hear him.

Description: Rain has short, black hair, and is dressed in an all black ensamble: army-like boots, leather pants, a vest, and his trusty sword and sheath.

Bio: Rain was born of noble blood, but he never really agreed with what his kind had done to the humans. His father was a great general, and the son of one of the five "Great Leaders of the Vampires", Shigra the Noble. Being of decent of the female Leader, Rain was trained from a young age to take her place, as his father had died just after Rain was born. Rain trained seemingly untiredly each and every day, and soon he surpassed every one of his peers. One day, when he was going through some records, he ran across the record depicting the fatal day that began the war. He read it, and came to the conclusion that, although what the group of Humans had done was wrong, so was what the Vampires did...at least in his mind. He though that only the group of humans should have paid the price, not putting their entire race into near extinction. From that day forth, unknown to the ones in his courts, Rain worked from the inside to crumble the Vampire Empire.

*Hope this works...and, as always, if anything needs chainging, PM me with details!*
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Okay, guys. I've already talked to V. Fox, and she said it's ok...if the Moderator(s) have any beefs, just let me know! I'm going to be playing two character, as requested by V. Fox: my first one, and this one. I'll edit everything into it tomorrow. Just letting you know what's up!

[EDIT] Well, I'm finished...Alex's perfect rival. I'm listening to some heavy action music, which has inspired this character.
[CENTER]= = = = =[/CENTER]

Name: Adriana Vor, a.k.a. Addy

Age: 33

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Weapons: Her dead brother's dagger, and a short sword.

Special powers: She can see in the dark, can jump long distances, and has lightning-fast reflexes.

Description: If it wasn't for her fangs, no one would ever suspect Adriana as a Vampire. Her long, dirty blond hair, falling to the top of her butt, is in dred-locks. She wears dark-green sunglasses, so not many know that she has deep, dark blue eyes, quite unnatural for a vampire. Her clothing is quite unlike her kind, as well. She donnes a white tank, light gray cut-off cargos, basic sneakers, modeled after the ancient human NIKE brand, and a light jacket of black.

Bio/character snippet: Addy was just another Vampire, not really doing anything. She spent her days in a street gang helping to erradicate humans, and anxiously waiting for her brother to return every month or so. Her brother, Sorrio, was a low-cast soldier in the Vampire army. They were both single, and were living together in their late parents' house.

One day, shortly after the battle aptly named "The Battle of End," she received news that one general, a new one that happened to be female, had bitten another Vampire. She was shocked, but not nearly as shocked as she was when she was called to the government buildings.

Upon arriving, she was ushered into a small room. Sitting in it was the personification of Vampires. He was pale, tall, skinny, and every inch a death-bringer. He told her to sit, and told her the story of the one called Alex. Addy wondered at why she was granted this information, but was then informed that her brother was killed in battle. She was overcome with grief, but he continued, ignoring her sobbs. He informed her that the reason he died is because he was bitten by another Vampire...the general named Alex.

Addy, rage in her eyes, stared at the rep, then lept up, storming back to her house. She grabbed her dead brother's dagger, and vowed to avenge her brother by slaying Alex. No matter how long it took, or where the hunt took her.
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Name: Dakota Westwood

Age: 35

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Weapons: Dual .50cal Desert Eagles , A short katana

Special powers: Dakota is first and foremost a pistol marksman. He also can heal others , taking on their injuries himself.

Description: Dakota is of a medium build and is 6?3. He has long black shoulder length hair and a goatee. He usually wears a leather trench coat over denim jeans and a black jumper. He always wears a pair of sunglasses and black paratrooper boots.

Bio/character snippet: Dakota Westwood is from the city. His parents were both rich and extravagant entrepreneurs that were brutally murdered in a race riot. He has a deep hatred for all humans and desires the vampires to totally eradicate them from the planet.

He is a skilled soldier , fighting in the battle of Paris and successfully holding off a city full of humans with a squad of only 20. Dakota , when not fighting , is very soft , well mannered and gentle. He is always ready to do what it takes to get the job done.

Dakota met his fiancé , Alex Hurst , in the Battle of Paris as she was the first vampire to reach his squad and get them clear of the area as a cyanide strike was launched before the battle of west Igara Village.

OOC: Hope thats alright , I havn't done one of these for absolutly ages!
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Ok, guys, the Underground's open! You can view it [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=703629&posted=1#post703629]here [/URL]

Sign-ups are still open...feel free to sign up! just PM either Vampire_Fox or myself to let us know.

-Random, V. Fox's assistant...
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Lucifer Payne
[B]Gender[/B]: male
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Race: [/B] Human
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Lucifer?s only carries one gun and quiet frankly, that?s all
he needs. [URL=http://snowman.ascuk.net/rb_00008.jpg]Here[/URL] is a pic of the gun that Lucifer carries in his jacket. This gun has been passed down from generation to generation. In good condition, it packs a heavy punch on it?s victims. To Lucifer, The ?Raging Bull? is like a part of him. No one touches the gun, unless they want to be staring at the end of it?s barrel.
Specialty: Lucifer has a gift of great hearing. Either hearing a small conversation between two people or hearing footsteps that are quiet as a cat approaching behind him. His hearing saved his life a lot of times when someone comes for a sneak attack. To find information he wants, he could be twenty feet away from two people talking and still hear them. He is grateful to his gift for it also helps him to seek out his enemies. One footstep is one bullet in your chest.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/2001-10-28/wolf.jpg]Here[/URL] is a pic
[B]Personality: [/B] Lucifer let?s his gun do more of the talking. He doesn?t speak his mind much and doesn?t interact with others. He doesn?t like cry-babies and would love to send a bullet to their heads. Nobody would like to get on Lucifer?s bad side. The bad news of that is you never know if your on it or not. His expressions never do change on his face, except when he?s pissed off. He doesn?t show mercy and you better be grateful if he ever does (bad odds). In a fight, if Lucifer has to reload once, your something surviving that long.
Lucifer loathes the sun as if he was like a vampire and prefers the rain over anything. During a sunny day, you can find him under a tree or anywhere with cover. Nobody knows why he hates the light so much, because he never talks about that. He loves the sound of rain dripping on the ground. Maybe that?s the only thing he loves, besides his priceless revolver.
[B]Bio: [/B] Lucifer Payne was born in a small city and was raised in that city until he was fourteen, when that night everything changed his life. His life was not going to well, his parents were in debt and they fought many times. Lucifer thought it was no big deal and hide in his room when they calmed down. Tonight though was different, the fighting was know going for hours and Lucifer was getting tired of it. He went out of his room to complain to his parents when he spotted his father was on top of his mother, choking her to death. He went over to pry him off, but was slapped aside as he continued the assault. Ever since he turned ten, he was allowed to fire the ?Raging Bull? revolver at cans in the backyard. Without thinking, he rushed in the kitchen and gripped the handle of the gun from the closet. He ran back in the living room as he saw his mother dead on the floor. His father, breathing heavily, raised his hands, begging his son to put the gun down. Full of rage, he popped the gun up and fired at his father, who blew back to the wall at impact. He felt as though something was crawling up his back as he wanted more. Wanted more blood. He quicky ran into the closet again and grabbed the carton of bullets and put them in his pocket. He ran out of his house and found a woman on her porch. The old hag that kept telling him to stop crossing her lawn from school. He took a few steps and aimed at her head without her ever knowing. Bang. Twenty murders that night as rain was cast over the small town. The police investigated and never found out where the Payne?s kid was.
If you never guessed, Lucifer ran away from that small city and traveled north. He wasn?t afraid on where he was going or if he might get caught by a policemen. He felt that the only person you can love is yourself, if you love anyone else. Your going to get hurt. That following week, he needed supplies while traveling. He went into a small market near another town. The old lady smiled and asked how he was. She was answered with a bullet between her eyes. He grabbed bunch of food and clothing and placed them in his bag. Why is her doing this? Killing people? Traveling? That?s something hard even for him to say.
When he turned 19, Lucifer had just crossed through a huge city. He'd had been through so many small towns that he didn't see what was happening. Vampires, ruling over people. Of course, Lucifer didn't care. Still hungry from traveling, he met up with afew people and met up with a crime lord, who paid big money for whoever took out the vampires that ran over his street. Of course, Lucifer took the job.
[B]Writing Sample: Lucifer Payne a.k.a. ?Old Death? age 19[/B]
The rain was pouring down on Lucifer ever since he had arrived at the port city. Sirens could be heard from miles away, at least to him. He walked down the sidewalk, alone and hungry. He?s been on an empty stomach for two days now. He approached a stop sign when he could hear crying and a sniff. He turned to his right at a dark alleyway. Curious, he walked down the ally and found two dead bodies and a little girl in the middle. She was covered in blood and seemed unhurt. He could remember his parent on the floor, dead. He turned towards the sidewalk and ready to leave when she stopped him.
?Can you help me? My mama and papa... aren?t moving.? He sniffed again, trying to dry off the tears. He turned back to the girl and stared down at her. She raised her hand and pointed at the door behind her.
?Those....men went in there.? He looked up as rain was flowing down his sun glasses. Why not? He walked past her as he opened the door. The room was blended with black and red. Men could be heard from afar, laughing and cussing at each other. He walked all the way through and stopped at a poor table. Across the pool table sat the quiet men that looked up and saw Lucifer.
?Who the hell is this guy?? From Lucifer?s right came a large-fat man with a shotgun in his hands.
?Who the **** cares?! Kill that son of a *****!!? The fat man pulled up his shotgun, but fell back by the impact of Lucifer?s revolver. The members jumped as they pulled out there guns, but we?re stopped by bullet?s in all of there chest. Their leader sat on his couch, in total shock of his dead men around him. Lucifer walked over as he tried to huddle in a tiny ball.
?Come on man! Here, take this!!? he threw out bills from his pockets at Lucifer as they bounced off his gut and onto the floor. He slammed his foot on the man?s chest as he screamed like a little baby.
?Have mercy!!? He cried as tears ran down his face.
?I don?t.? He fired at his head as he died instantly. He put away his gun as he picked up the dollar bills. He will finally eat tonight. He walked out to see the girl still there.
?Did you get the bad men?? She still had tears coming down her face. He walked past her, but stopped midway.
?Yea....? [/SIZE]
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Name: Shadow Wolf

Age: 113 years old appears about 18 or 19 years old

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Weapons: He has a special Sword made entirely out of Diamond, sharpened by a laser, so that it cuts through practically anything, and causes small explosions when it splices atoms. Also it can transform to a powerful hand gun, and has as many bullets, of which Domon has to give up blood to use. He also haves a small dagger made like the sword, which he uses for assassinations (cutting throats, etc.).

Special powers: He can move insanely fast, almost to the point where it?s teleportation, he can run up walls, and hang on ceilings, he can see in the dark, and he?s just strong like a regular vampire. He is very stealthy which had come from his job. young he already took interest in the killings of other beings. Shadow is very agile, and can do more than tubmblers can. Whenever he merges into a shadow, he all but disappears, he litterally is gone in the shadow, and as soon as he comes out, the person he is after, is dead.

Description: Medium-tall guy and he wears a black leather trench coat, with black pants and shirt on. His sword hangs on his back, and his dagger in his black boot. He has white short spiky hair, with red eyes. He's fairly skinny and doesn't look built but first appearences aren't everything.

Bio/character snippet: he used to be a top assassin for the old king, but soon broke apart from that and became a loner, only doing what he saw fit for himself. He doesn?t mess with humans too much, except to feed. He would rather have the world shared with all the humans and vampires though, it would be more prosperous, and better for him. Everything from his past was wiped away as soon as he became the elite assasin for this man, not many know him, and the ones that do usually are dead.
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