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RPG Holy Isldands v2 (sign up)


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Okay,new and improved version right here. I hope this is bigger than the first one.

In the world there is one city concisting entirely of mages. This city is called Trathoria .Some of the mages are masters of their trade, some are still learning. There are schools dedicated to the training of specific mages. The types of mages are:
Black mage- Speciallised in attack magic
White mage- Speciallised in defence magic
Summoner- Can summon creatures from the earth, air etc.
Posseser- Speciallised in possesing animals, birds, fish etc.
Metamorphasiser- Can change its composition into that of anything.
Necromancer- Speciallised in magic that causes Death, or similar effects.
Telekinetic- Can lift objects, animals by using magic.

The schools in which the mages learn are:
Sentronel - School of Black Mages.
Nilholy - School of White Mages.
Ifrin - School of summoners.
Denomar - School of possesors.
Linfield - School of Metamorphasisors.
Cydron - School of Necromancers
Faltor - School of Telekinetics

Do your profile like this:
Race: (A little extra option that wasn't in the first one)
Starting spell: (one starting spell, depending on your mage type)
Mage type:
Weapon: (upto 2, no more)

Name: Necron Ralvenar Kensindan
Race: Elf
Age: 200 (15 in human years)
Mage type: Necromancer
Starting spell: Lv1 Death
School: Cydron
Weapon: Shadow Bow (a long bow enchanted in magic. All the arrows are charmed with Death Magic). Anduril (sword with seven star symbol, with a crescent moon and rayed sun, it enhances his death spells)
Description: Has long silver hair, and a black and red tunic. Has deep hazel eyes.
Bio: His father was a much revered Necromancer, and his mother was a white mage. As such he had the choiuce of being a Necromancer or a White mage. He chose Necromancer, but his mother tought him one white mage spell as a going away present. No one else knows he has it.

btw, Those who were on the first one will remember my Warewolf ability, I DON'T WANT ANYONE COPYING IT!!!
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-Name: Leona Mikono
-Race: Human
-Age: 16
-Height: 5'4"
-Weight: 118
-Mage Type: Summoner
-Starting Spell: Lvl1 Dragon Summon
-Weapon(s): Kali Yuga, long-sword
-Description: Shoulder-length blonde hair, deep blue eyes, low-cut black tshirt, short black shorts, small silver cross necklace, thin/light chain-mail breastplate.
-Bio: Lived with her big brother "Kenjiia" and her parents, but they were killed by a demon. She went to the town of summoners and is training to build up her powers so she can seek revenge on the creature that killed her parents and brother.
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Name:Travis Mansfield
StartingSpell:Magic Missle
MagicType:Black - Warlock
Weapon: one handed Long Sword
Bio:Travis lived with his father. His mother died giving birth to him. His father trained him in the ways of swordsmanship hopeing he would one day become a knight...until one day...one day a mage was visitng Travis's village...Travis was always a strange kid..for even though he was a good kid who much enjoyed sword play...he often delved into all the books he could for fragments of knowldge...and when he got really emotional..things happened...things would burst into flame or freeze and crack...This happened when a mage was visiting and instantly saw it for what it was Travis...had mage talent...so the mage got a recomendation together and instead of becomeing a knight, Travis set off to the city of magic to study the ways of a mage. Upon arrival he found out he would be the first "Warlock" in a century...A mage but one that is trained in the ways of a swordsman with one advatage over other sword using mages...((I am going to be the only Warlock...sorry guys...read my next post for a Warlocks specialty))
Description:He wears a mages ropes, they are decorated in the Red Trim Black Main of the Black Mage school-Sentronel. He has Darkbrown hair in a pony tail down to the top of his pack.The only deference he has then other mages in clothing is that instead of a staff he has a sword hanging at his side...marking him as a Warlock...he is a suberp warrior...but has a tendancy to go it his own without asking for help from others.
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Hey this sounds really cool, I'll join. I missed the first one so I don't know whats going on but I'm sure I'll pick it up.

Name: Altara Shinoin
Race: 1/2 half human/elf
Age: 17
Mage Type: Telekinetic
Starting spell: Lv1 levitiation
School: Faltor
Weapon: An assortment of throwing knives and a short sword which coupled with her telekinetic power make her deadly.
Description: Long black hair and violet eyes. She wears a long black skirt split high at the sides for fighting and a black leather bodice with thigh high black leather boots.
Bio: Altara never knew her parnets. She was grew up on the streets of the city, scrounging a living by theiving, and unconsciously using her magic. She is a good lockpick and extememly stealthy. When she was 12 she was taken in by a powerful telekinetic who she tried to rob and who taught her everything she knew. She may come across as cold but is feircely(sp) loyal to her friends.
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You f'ing forget me, I'll rip out your spinal cord and beat you with it.

[size=1]Name: Neil Casarez
Age: 14
Height: 6'
Weight: 205
Race: Human Mage(:D)
Starting Spell: Energy Cannon Lvl. 1(Blows up. Thus, I am a Fire Mage)
Magic type: Fire
Weapon: Single-arm spear/close combat weapon with a wavey blade (~ <<---like that). Very sharp and manuverable.
School: Sentronel
Mage type: Black Mage
Bio: A young man with secert abilites. All else is unknown.
Descrip.: Black work-out gloves, blonde, spiked hair, dark green eyes, muscelar body, black work-out shorts, and a T-shirt with a steel dragon and steel tiger(Both Chinese style) dueling. Also, black and white tennis shoes.[/size]
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It is ok Videl....errr here is the specialty of a warlock....They can have their sword in their hand and cast....Metal gets in the way of magic...a warlock can by pass that as long as it isn't to much metal ((Example:Metal Armour))...the biggest type of metal to interfere with Magic is steel....that is why a Warlock can only use a sworld and not larger objects...anything else and it is to much a drain...this is with the casting of magic...

*edit*Oh and those in question...small objects like daggers and knives don't put a drain on any mage...hence a mage can use those with no disturbance to their magic....just anything larger then a medium sized dagger- a short sword or larger- and most mages can't cast for the drain is to great...*/edit*
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Name: Juno Gemini
Race: Human
Age: 17
Starting spell: Lv. 1 Inferno.
School: Sentronel
Mage type: Black Mage
Weapon: Stellar a long sword with a elemental power. Increase speed and strength. A gift from his father a crossbow called Sorrow.
Bio: Mother is a summoner, father a telekinetic, grandfather a necromancer, and grandmother a white mage. So he pick up a few things from them but never really talk about it.
Description: Dark hair with brown eyes. 6'2" 122 lbs. Wear a black tunic and a black cape or sometime a black cloak.
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Wow lots of Black mages....hope we get a few others...oh yeah guess their will be lots of NPC's...or a few anyways....BAH!!!...Craig forgot to post something...since we can't leave the city since we have "graduated" with out another warrior/wizard... Inside the city the schools compete with each other...each one "holds" a district in the town...and the competion takes many forms...from frindly competation and debating...to large scale mock battles between the schools....each school has a "Head" wizard that is of the last year who lads the "armys" and the schools make allies and can "claim" territory of the city...at the end of each year the schools are awarded and the territorys revert back to the origanal holder for the next years competetion....their are also special ranks for higher years...each school also has a rival school it never allies with...I will leave that up to Craig...
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Name: Forte Metal
Age: 16
Height: 6'1
Weight: 230
Race: Summoner
Starting Spell: Can summon Shadow Warriors, mass amounts

Magic type: Dark
Weapon: Giant Metal Mace
School: Infrin
Mage type: Black Mage
Bio: He is one of the best Summoner's alive, his skills are incredible
Descrip.: Same black armor as Raiden's from MSG 2.


Be that way Anti, BAH! :cussing:
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Name: Tursi
Race: human
Starting spell: change into small animals
School: Linfield
Mage type: Metamorphasiser
Weapon: enchated dagger, broadsword
Bio: Can't remeber past the age of 7. Lived with a group of centaurs. Can't remeber alot
Description: tall, brown hair, brown eyes, likes to wear the cloak that one of her gardians gave her made of jade velvet.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Anti [/i]
[B]you did?....which one you doing...your post is confusing me...Sentrol is Black mage school.... [/B][/QUOTE]

Okay, so i was lazy and i was going to be a black mage and changed it but i didnt change the skool, but i did now so no more arguments!
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o.O...one more thing Forte *grins evily*..Magic type...that should be summoner....race should be...err I guess summoner fits...
*laughs as he points at Forte*....hehe this is fun....mmms this game looks like it will be fun :P
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Hmm... afraid of white magic are we? Haha... suprising for me to do white magic... Let the Holy Magic of God Flow thru the Veins...

Name: Ken

Race: Human

Age: 15

Height: 6'4

Magic Type: White

Starting Spell: Shield.

School: Nilholy

Weapon: 'Orion' Staff. The 'Orion' Staff has a Red Ruby on the end of it, it glows red when Ken begins to do a spell. Ken enjoys his staff, It was his fathers. His father was a master White Mage that was killed when Ken was 8 by a Dwarven Army. The Staff Floated from his father's dead body, To Ken. Ken considered it a miracle and declaration from God, and Became a white mage.

Description: White robe than goes to the floor, Has the holy name of god writtin in Latin on the front of his robe. He has long black hair, and a single tatoo on his left arm. It is a dragon, that goes up to his shoulder. When neccessary, he takes off his robe, to reveal long white, baggy, pants, and a shirt with the sleeves cut off. A Gold necklace hangs around his neck, that has the cross on the end of it.

Bio: Born somewhere in the Misty Mountains of the north, Ken was the child of a Famous White mage, who now, only lives in the history books. Ken is a bright person, and not very talkative. His tatoo, and weird clothes under his robe, has made him not have many friends. He doesnt mind... He just turned 15. He enjoys his work as a white mage, His motto is "The best Offense is a good Defense....", With Orion Staff in hand, and the memory of his father, he has a good start on the ways of a Holy Mage.[/color][/i][/size][/b]
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Okay okay I want to be in this! (Even though I don't get to post that often..*sniffles*...)

Name: Asuka
Race: Human *glares around, and keeps her little angel there*:angel:
Age: 16
Starting Spell: I'm Pyrokinetic
School: Faltor
Mage Type: Telekinetic
Weapon: An encased flame inside an orb on a staff
Bio: Asuka is a bad little girl. She always seemed to catch everything on fire and laughed about it...*hears "FireStarter" going off in her head* And so she was forced to leave home, along with her twin sister Pallas Athena, who is Cyrokinetic. Her parents considered her a danger to the family and called her and her sister FREAKS. She began to attend the school Faltor to develop her telekinetic powers, specializing in pyrokinesis.
Description: Has long straight blonde hair past her waist and emerald green eyes. Wears a white dress that ends at her right knee on one side and flows down to the ground in a slant from there. Her eyes have a mysterious misty look as she tends to always be alone and keeps herself withdrawn from others. On the inside, she's just a sweet and innocent woman.:angel:
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Might as well join...


Age:137 (14 in human years)
Starting Spell:Lv1 Ice Dance
Mage Type: Black Mage
Weapon:A thin, powerful saber, seemingly wiht a mind of its own. It's handle is ruby encrusted, and there are strange writings on the blade next to the handle.
Bio:Born to a world of war, Archin was hidden in a dark cave to be safe, and was taken by a family of dragons. They raised him to be a quick, and athletic young man, so that he could protect dragons. Archin left the family of dragons, and is now stationed on Earth, still protecting dragons.
Description:Tall, muscular, and yet still rather thin, with milky-white hair, and misty white eyes. His cloak is white, and so are his teeth :D Archin is a withdrawn kind of person, and does not like to talk much, and many believe that he is mute, which is not true.
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Name: artemis storm
Race: can i be part vampire?
Age: 15
Starting spell: renosence
School: sentronel
Mage type: black
Weapon: glaive and dagger
Bio: mother was an human mage and father was a vampire.. both died in a fire when she was put in an orphanage no one wanted her oneday a man came saw magical potential and took her in
Description: tall black haired girl with silver eyes wears black pants a black bloused sleve, high neck shirt and a blood red tunic
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I'm gonna join even though I'm really quite new to this, but I think I could pull it off. Anyways, here's my character....Hope ya like her.

Name: Pallas Athena
Race: Human:devil:
Age: 16
Starting Spell: Lev. 1 Cyrokinesis (I can change stuff into ice!)
School: Faltor
Mage Type: Telekinetic
Weapon: Ice Crystal Orb on a Staff
Bio: I was a good child until I discovered my ability to freeze things with my mind. Around the same time, my twin sister, Asuka, found her ability to set things on fire. The two of us went around causing all sorts of mayhem and were eventually cast out of our home. We found our way to Faltor and have been in school since then.
Description: Short, spiky blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Wears a blue skirt slit high on the sides and black knee-high boots. Also has a silver belt and a dark blue and black leather bodice. Has trouble trusting people since the ones close to her were the ones who cast her out, she also seems very dark and hard-hearted.
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Okay, enerything is fine, except for a few little details.

1) I changed my mind, there will be NO rivalries between schools. Reading what Anti said reminded me a lot of Harry Potter, and I don't want this RPG to turn out like that freak show. We are all friends, except for maybe rivalries between people or something...

2) Siren, you can be part vampire if you want, just specify what abilities that would give you.

3) Athena, what the hell is a fallen angel?
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