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If you were legally dead....

Anime Elf

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what happens to your life insurance policy? Seeing as this has not happened to me, I have no idea what would happen. Would your beneficiary get the money? Would nothing happen at all, even though you technically died? Would your premium go up (assuming you could get another policy or something)? Do you have to put death on the part of applications where it asks if you have ever been hopitalized for anything serious?

Edit: whoops, that one word changes everything
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

I don't believe a person has to have actually died to be declared legally dead, in cases where the body cannot be found or the person has simply disappeared and is believed to be dead, then said individual can be declared legally dead. As for what would happen with your life insurance policy, I assume the company would look for the payment back off the beneficiary, though legally as you were declared dead they might not have that right.

I must admit I did find it funny thinking of someone having to buy your second life insurance policy, that conversation would be interesting. I've never heard of such an incident before, so honestly I have no idea what would be involved in trying to get another policy.[/SIZE]
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