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Discuss Pins, Needles and Laughter [M - VLS]


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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Hello all! If you've clicked on this thread, then good on you!
In other news, this is an RPG that's still on paper - that is, I would like some feedback as to whether people like the basic idea at all. This is based on a story a friend of mine wrote ages ago, and I finally got his permission to use it and tweak the hell out of it modification-wise.
I will be attempting my own version of a 'chapter system', but I'm not 100% sure about how well it would work.
Here's the 'blurb' to entice you a little [hopefully]:

[I][COLOR=RoyalBlue]High society is beautiful. There are always gorgeous women, always the handsome men, and you can guarantee that there will always be some sort of fine alcohol for guests to drink.
Most women indulge by means of jewellery shopping - diamonds, after all, are a girl's best friend.

However, as with most things, here in the upper-class there are two sides to the story...

High society is brutal. There are always two-faced women, always the backstabbing men, and you can guarantee that there will always be some sort of well-arranged murder for guests to witness.
Most men indulge in a bit of woman - after all, men are primal creatures, controlled by instinct.[/COLOR][/I]

Interested at all? I'm glad you stayed and read through that miniscule passage.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Basically, the RPG revolves around the story of three main characters - two of which are from rich backgrounds. One is a Princess; one is a conceited, two-faced, backstabbing liar who is the heir to the throne if anything should happen to the Princess; and the last one is the manically-depressed, slightly insane assassin with a pet that can send someone to the madhouse just by laughing.
Other characters involved would include several highly influential upper-class citizens, and one or two hired killers to do the dirty work.

From what I've got in my head and written down in front of me, the story begins with a dinner party gone wrong - and this is all in an Elizabethan-type period.
The Princess arranges a social function, and all of the most influential people from the province are in attendance.
'How would something like this go wrong,' you ask? The answer is simple: the Princess, being the dud character that she is, accidentally lets something slip that should have remained unspoken. This stirs trouble behind everyone's happy and smiling social-function-facade, and gets the Princess' cousin angry. And I mean [B]really[/B] angry.
So much so that he decides to have her 'offed' [as in killed].
Unbeknownst to him, the man he hires to get rid of his cousin is currently in a deep pit of depression. So although the job may seem fairly easy, it actually takes the three characters deep into the 'other side' of high society.
Any other characters that participate will be tied into the storyline, playing as other people almost as conceited as the Princess' cousin. If there is a second - and possible a third - assassin, these characters are not part of the original Dinner Party, and instead come into the story in the second or third chapter.[/COLOR]

Now, there are a great many things that I have here that will be added, but only once I get a little feedback. If there is anyone with an interest in participating in this future brain-child of mine [yes, I've had an immaculate brain-conception], please give me some sort of a response as to what you think of what's here so far. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anything with your comment too.
Here's to hoping that I can tie in any minor characters [that is, those that aren't already definate characters in the story] so that it would make things easier on the RPers that take part in this RP.

Well, much more will be added in the coming weeks, maybe not to this thread, but rather to the scribbles and notes around my room. Depending on feedback, this may be up in the next month or so, or it could come back in a few months time.

I hope you enjoyed, if even only in the slightest.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Curious idea. I'm interested in seeing how you plan on playing this out. After all, there doesn't seem to be any sign of a hero unless the Princess herself is going to be the one rescuing herself. I like the assassin, personally. He has a great background and personality that would be fun to mold and play with. If I sign up, I'm sure I'd be him. Nevertheless, like I said before, I'd like to know how you're going to do this. And how you'll extend this into a full-fledged RPG.
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[COLOR=Pink]My, such a high class role play. The beginning passage is amusing and pulls the readers to...well read on. Strangely enough...well not strangelly the passage is very true in the majority. The whole wealthy people and royalty idea is unique in many ways and hasn't been played in the Inn (From what I know). This rpg seems to be a mix of suspense/Comdey (From the princesses stupidity I suppose) amd drama, one of my favorite mixes. Now on the whole three main character and minor characters thing...would be good, because to many major characters destroy the storyline and confuses the crap out of the rpgers. Anyhow I'm probably rambling, so I'll close up and say it got my interest in every way. I can't wait to see the finishing result and I look forward to signing up, when the chance comes.

The Pink Hater[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Thanks for your responses so far guys. I can't actually give any more information about the RPG as of yet - because of the whole draft thing, but as I said I'll update every now and then.
What I can do is ask why there should/shouldn't be a hero.
In the original story, there doesn't appear to be a hero - one of the reasons why I decided to 'tweak the hell out of it'.
I've weighed up my own pros and cons, and for reasons I cannot reveal, I'm not going to say anything about it. But a response from anyone here would be nice as to what their personal pros/cons of having a hero [in any RPG that's not "save the world from the bad guys with massive weapons and godlike powers that manage to get you out of every single life-threatening situation"].
Anyway, I'm glad that both responses so far are from OBers whose seasoned-RPG work I've seen [some of it anyway].
Since the two of you have put your hands up for the future RPG I can assure you that it will happen. I'll get back to work on it straight away.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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First off, lemme say that I really like the idea behind this RP. Awesome, really. Count me onboard for sign ups, as well.

So, you said you wanted pros and cons with having a hero
[QUOTE][in any RPG that's not "save the world from the bad guys with massive weapons and godlike powers that manage to get you out of every single life-threatening situation"].[/QUOTE]

Alright, you've got it, but I'll make my points directly to your story, as it'll be constructive towards your planning, hopefully.

Pros: Well, the pros are easy. There seems to always be romance between the "hero" and the leading lady, so haveing a hero could make this RP that much more inticing. Also, having a hero would ballence this RP out a bit, seeing as you have three people as "bad guys," as it were. Having a positive force is always good, unless one of the three actually [I]is[/I] good, but that'll be up to you...

Cons: This is a little tougher. *Thinks hard* Some cons, in my opinion, for having a hero in the story is that it could possibly take away from the story as much as it would add to it. What I mean is that if you plan on having the story as one of decite, lies, and backstabbing, a hero would be totally out of place unless he was to foil everyone's plans, which it doesn't look like you want to do. Really, that's all that I can think of right now...sleepy time almost.

Anyways, my two cents have been said. I'll be anxiously waiting for the actual RP to start...*starts to wait anxiously*

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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Well as for the hereo dilemma, I would say there are more cons then pro. Mainly because the whole hero thing is played out. In well basically in the majority of rpgs there's always these main heroes and the main bad guys of course, but to keep the originaltiy to your upcoming rpg...I would say that there should be hereos and villians, but not main ones. Characters that decide for themselves throughout the story to either be the hereo, villian or the village idoit. This I suppose in my opinion would keep the storyline going, because we don't know whos who...only the general idea of what the rpg is about. Is that understandable or not, if its not clear of what I'm saying...let me know (I'll explain it better...right now I'm going back to sleep...my day off).[/COLOR]
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Mainly I don't think a hero is needed. Like I said before, the Princess can save herself. She seems fully capable. That or things may not go right for the villains in some circumstances. The assassin is depressed, so he can't work completely in certain situations. And the cousin, depending on his personality, can have troubles with his schemes as well. There's numerous possibilities, but there isn't always a need for a knight in shining armor.
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]I'm glad that all three of you agree on the point that a hero certainly isn't necessary for this particular RP, as I never did intend on having one [was it that obvious XD?]
Now that that obstacle has been cleared, I'm going to go on and try to make the story more playable. At the moment it's more like I'd be telling you too much about what you have to post, and I have to work minor characters into the storyline - they may not be part of the main idea, but it's always good to have someone in the way of an assassination attempt or something like that. I'll have a ponder on that one actually.
Thanks for the comments guys.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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This is definitely an interesting piece of work, and I can't wait until you bring up the recruitment thread - as I might be signing up myself. ;D

Having no "knight-in-the-shining-armor" is the very basis of this game, I think. If there'd be one, this would lose all its originality and appeal. I don't think there's that many "court plotting"-RPGs around anyway.

If I get a chance to sign up, I'd probably want to play the Princess, or a mute Jester (oh noes, a [I]mime[/I]!) who witnesses all the events, but has a hard time getting involved in them because of his/her status.

[B]One question[/B]: what does the title of this RPG has to do with... well, anything?

Anyway, great job, Satori! ;D
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]"OMFGLOL!!!!11!!!11!" - to quote a friend of mine from one of our MSN chats.
I like that mime idea, it could so work XP
In answer to your question, the title of the RPG has everything to do with it - or with one of the main characters [all in the story, after the RPG I'll reveal secrets ^^]. Here are the details. Nothing will be spoilt here so no worries about reading on either [I probably wouldn't type it otherwise...].
Remember how I mentioned that the manically-depressed assassin has a pet? And remember how I said something about it being able to "[COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]send someone to the madhouse just by laughing[/I][/COLOR]"? Well there's the 'Laughter' part covered. The assassin's pet will have more to do with any arranged murders than he will - he's just the guy who takes the credit for its work.
The rest of the title 'Pins, Needles...' has to do with the sensation any victims of the pet feel. When it laughs, there is a sound like a really high pitched whining, or nails on a chalkboard.
Do we all know what the term 'pins and needles' refers to? Maybe, since I'm kinda insane sometimes and just tend to make stuff up. It's the sensation you get when your blood rushes to a particular area of your body that has just been numb, like tiny pins and needles [there you go] are poking you. It's a damn annoying feeling, and my mate thought it would fit in well with the 'drives people insane' part.
So anyway, this creature sends people mad with its laugh, then does something to kill them, but I'll leave that up to whoever ends up playing the manic-depressive.
I think that covers the title. As to what the assassin controlling this pet-thing will do in a murder situation is possibly either start with the creature laughing or end with it. Those would be my only requirements for that particular character.
Hope it all made sense.

By the way, thanks for comments Sandy ^^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I'm getting more and more interested in the role of the assassin. Being an actor in real life, this is the kind of role I'd die to play, hah. I love the insane (he sounds insane, but depressed insane). You simply must keep me informed of this, so when the sign ups come, I have a chance to register as Monsieur Assassin. :^D

I think I understand what you mean by the creature, but I'm just gonna ask if the assassin becomes the creature or owns it.

EDIT: How come I never noticed you said "pet"? Question answered.
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[COLOR=Plum]Well I for one want the role of the princess, it would be a good change from the serious, smart and dominate characters I usaully play.Of course this can only happen if my sign-up is up too qaulity. But even though the princess is a [I]dud[/I]...I know she'll have some type of good qaulity. I'm very anxious to actually see the rpg in play ^.^.

Dragon Warrior would make a good Assassin of comedy...I can't wait to see that.

[B]-It's Happy Bunny[/B] [/COLOR]
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I'm not sure who I'd sign up as...but I deffintately want to take part in this one. I'd probably just be a minor character, someone who just witnisses the whole thing, and ends up getting dragged into it somehow, or something like that.

I'd have to agree with Simplicity, DW would make the EXCELLENT choice for the assasin. And Simplicity, well, a princess if ever I "saw" one...~_^

Well, I guess that we're just waiting for you, Satori...keep us posted, as I'm sure at least the four of us, Sandy, DW, Simplicity, and myself, will sign up. Ciao!

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[COLOR=Plum]Well there's the princesses cousin, what about her/him...(Needs to reread). This person is also a major character no? Anyhow yes Satori please do keep us posted. Believe it or not, this is the first rpg in my whole 2 yrs. & months in OB that I ever been interested like this. Kudos for you, I do hope the sign up go well and that more members can see your creativity.

[B]-It's happy Bunny[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Just dropping in to say that I'm safely back in Australia at my beloved computer...the download limit of which was wasted in the first nine days of this month. That's 10gb guys...*growls* [stupid brother]. So anyway, at the moment I've been reduced to 56k speed.

Another thing I've dropped in to say is that I am working hard on the RP, and hopefully it will be up within the space of a month as promised in my thread starting post. This means that, all things going well, the sign-up sheets will be in the Inn by the 19th of February. I'm not so good at maths, but if my calculations are correct, this means that:

[U][B]-=The Countdown Has Begun: 21 days to go=-[/B][/U]

Also, thank you again for the comments guys. It's reassuring that I know that your souls are now mine...*crap*...you didn't read that *shifty eyes*[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hmmmmmmmm, Is such an Idea worth my Awesomeness?

I believe yes. It sounds very individual and looks well put together. Just don't let DW get too caught up in a role, I bet he'll eventually become his character in real life. Wouldn't it be fun to eventually hear of an insanely depressed Assassin in the newspapers?
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  • 2 weeks later...
Fragging school has me using up my creativity for my Media Studies and Art, and I have a tonne of notes on the structure and functions of the brain; phonetics and phonology, the international phonetic alphabet and lexicology; and proteins, water and some other biological-type stuff. If anyone needs them, gimme a shout ^^;
In other news [and to keep this post related], as you may see I seem to have been quite busy.
I still intend to run [I]Pins, Needles and Laughter[/I], just later than the date I set in the first few posts. Of course this means that it should be better than what I would've put up in 10 days, so you should be happy for that *nervous laugh* ^^;
If I need a hand I won't hesitate to post up a 'help wanted' type thing in this thread, so don't fret about that. The current date I am setting for the RPG is the last day of February, but don't hold your breath at that, it may yet change. [I know, I'm slack]
That is all.
Over and out.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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