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RPG Blood Omen [M-LSV]


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[FONT=Impact][RIGHT][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=4]Blood Omen[/SIZE][/COLOR][/RIGHT][/FONT]

[SIZE=1][CENTER][B]Demonchild[/B] - Keisha
[B]Astdis[/B] - Ren
[B]Gemini[/B] - Alno'dra
[B]RogueAcholic[/B] - Riven
[B]Takuya[/B] - Aulea
[B]Sin[/B] - Kain
[B]Aizen[/B] - Izlandi
[B]Angelus[/B] - Sol Kraven[/CENTER][/SIZE]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]The long lost perfurm of the sea flooded his nostrils and soul as he sat on top of the great wall of Milan as it repelled the crashing waves of the great ocean. The structure of the wall was massive; being part of the cities foundation of course. Its height was 1,000 feet high...its top only began the base flooring of the city itself. It felt like being in heaven...overlooking the ocean blue.

Why must such a beauty be mortal...why must it be so weak...it should be perfect. Her scent faded from me like the passing wind. It's power overwelming and power, ceasing control of my nerves and sanity, becoming everything I lacked...then gone within an instant.[/I]

[B]"Why must you leave so soon my sweet...my queen, goddess, inspiration?"[/B]

[B]"You will always have a piece of me, however my place is apart from you...we can never be...maybe in another life."[/B]

[B]"But I need you...my antidote...my love...to satisfy the cravings of an imperfect world...to keep me alive and young. You are what they could never give...do not leave such an old man alone to wither away and die."[/B]

[I]Memories of their past plagued his mind...reminding him of what was...what is...and what it all could have been.[/I]
The shimmering light of this young woman engulfed him as the sun shined from behind her. She felt compassion and indeed love for the dying old man. So...in her loyalty to him she knelt down as he lay on a couch. Gently brushing the back of her hand across his face, he immidiately regained his former life. Young and handsome, life and energy filled him once more.[/I]
"I will always be with you...forgive me for my foolishness."[/B] [I]she admitted, submitting her will to his. However, the damage was already done...and a different thought went through the mans mind.[/I]

[B]"I love you...and I know you would do anything for me...but I see now that you have your own life, and you wish to live it...never could I ask you to give up your desires for the necessities of a dying man. All I needed to know...was that you still felt something for me...so please...now..."[/B] [I]as he pulled her hand away from his face...her power slipping away from him.[/I]

[B]"let me slip me away...for the last time."[/B][/RIGHT]

[B]"What are you writting mister?"[/B] questioned a young girl as she looked up at Vylon who was finishing up the last sentences of this short story.

[B]"A story of love my dear...and all that it implies."[/B] he responded. Closing his brown, leather covered book, he placed it in his long blue coat and jumped from the walls edge onto the stone street. The little girl wasn't more than eight years of age, looking up at him with innocent eyes.

Without saying another word...he placed a soft hand upon her head and walked past her.
"It was nice meeting you!"[/B] she declared politely, but was not given a response.
Has Riven been instructed yet Drako?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]He has my master...he travels to this place now and seeks you in Milan. [/COLOR]

Vylon walked the streets of Milan calmly and innocently, making every attempt not to draw attention to himself without notice nor suspicion. No one around him realized the plot that was being planned, nor the desires of this man that walked before them. No one knew him, nor recognized his face...but he walked like them...looked like a Milanian...so they all went about their business without question.
A storm is coming as you wished master.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Excellent...get everything in place, have the Lords meet me here and wait for my command, I'm getting a drink.[/COLOR]

The voice faded within his mind as Vylon entered a local bar and ordered a round of drinks for himself as he took a seat alone. Opening up his book once again, he continued to write a different story.

The beast roared with power and authority as all those around him bowed in submission. And one by one...they will fall in time to the death that he will bring.[/I][/RIGHT][/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]
[RIGHT]OOM: Welcome to Blood Omen...post whatever you'd like in your first post about your character and what you'd like to clear up and state, for this will be getting active very soon. [/RIGHT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Ren stretched and pushed herself out of bed. She went to the opposite wall and pulled a long gold rope. The wall seemed to open as heavy red curtains drew back to reveal a window that stretched from ceiling to floor and across to each wall. From it she could see the entire city stretched beneath her. Only in this city of crystal could such a view be possible, windows in any other city would be little more than vents.

Ren brushed out her long black hair and pulled it back with a strap of leather and went behind the screen to change. When she left the house she had a crossbow across her back and knives on her belt, she walked around the tower to the back where a large gold dragon lay stretched in the warm sun like a content cat, blending in with the sand.

Ren leaned against the wall and watched her for a moment


The dragon opened one eye and then, with a slight rumble, stretched her length across the sand and shook, pulling herself to her full height, nearing that of a two story inn.


Ren smiled and pulled a lever on the side of the tower. Water poured from a spout into a large tub.

[B]?I?m going to the inn, see if there are any new comers to Desolace that seem suspicious.?[/B]

The dragon seemed to nod as she drank.

Ren turned and walked down the streets of the crystal city. Some she passed look at her with fear or suspicion. But most smiled as she walked by, knowing her to be a lord of the guild and so armed to protect the city and its people. This wasn?t one of the peace cities like her home in Milan, but still most people who lived there didn?t carry this kind of weaponry.

Once in the inn, she sat at the bar and the innkeeper came over handed her a hunk of bread and a piece of fruit
?Mornin Ren, nothing new to report this morning. Though, a young man came through yesterday, seemed to have a lot of weapons with him.?[/B]

Ren nodded [B]?He?s from the Golden City. Onyxia?s newest young one for me to train, he?s a few months from judgment as I understand it.?[/B]

[B]?Has it really been that long since you were stationed here??[/B]

[B]?My judgment was 15 years ago.?[/B]

He shook his head and ran a hand through hair that was turning gray[B]?Well, you hardly look your age then, where I get older you stay young and beautiful, I tell ya, it?s not fair?[/B]


OOC: I guess her song would be "Bitch". Ren's unpredictable and not a person to be trifled with. :catgirl:
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=2]Keisha leaned back, pulling on the large leather collar as Kael dove foward. The massive emerald green dragon pulled his wings back and pulled his thick, muscular legs close to his body. The hot, damp air swirled around them both as they decended rapidly towards the massive rain forest below.

Kael let out a low groan, green mist rushing from his mouth and rushing up past Keisha. But the girl said nothing as they dove faster and faster towards the trees. Kael groaned again, only feet away from the tree line. Keisha smiled brightly, shifted her weight to her left and allowed her body to manuever prefectly with Kael so as not to fall off.

The dragon ducked his left side under himself and arched his massive neck upwards as he extended his leathery wings, the hot air filling up underneath them and slowing his pace imensely.

The pair flew over the massive forest, seeing no end to the varying green tree-line that seemed to stretch forever. Not more than a thousand paces to the east was the great city of Darkshire. The massive temple errupting out of the earth and stretching high into the sky. One of the few spots that was not completely covered by massive trees, and the only place easily accessable to dragons. Though Kael and one other dragon were the only ones said to live amongst the forest city. But that didn't bother Keisha much. Even with a dragon as her life long companion, the others still frighten her.

Kael snorted, bringing Keisha's attention back to their daily flight. It was good excersise for her and Kael. He dipped down soflty, causing Keisha to lose her stomach for a moment before realizing they were about to land, and Kael's favorite place was the top of the city. Its flat, stone tower that rose above almost every tree in the land was just large enough to emcompass his four massive talons with his tail wrapped around the step-like structure to keep his balance. But Keisha hated when he decided to land on it, nearly throwing her off every time.

Kael squeeled as he tossed his head up, clawing at the air before him with his massive five clawed talons. He kept his wings even as to slow him down and not pick up speed, which was his usual approach. Keisha leaned forward, placing the leather collar and her hands below her chest. Wind rushed through her hair as Kael began to circle, slowing his pace ever so slightly. Keisha could hear the people below commenting on their decent as they watched them. Slower and slower still until Kael threw his hind-quarters under himself and extending his wings behind him. His talons very carefully caressed the stone city's top as he slumped forward and slammed his fore talons onto the edge. Keisha sat up, allowing her hands to fall to her side as Kael extended his neck and let a deep-throated roar. The whole city seem to shake as birds and other flying creatures rushed to the sky.

Keisha slapped Kael's shoulder as the dragon brought himself up right, preparing to soar down to the base of the temple-like city.

Kael threw his head up with a sharp bark to protest the assault.

"One of these days, Kael...you're going to get us thrown out of her, especially when Onxyia finds out." Keisha grabbed a hold of the collar yet again as Kael jumped from the temple tower and began to soar to the bottom.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Just to let you all know, you will not see "converstation" between Kael and Keisha in my posts because only Keisha...and of course other dragons, can understand him.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain looked out into the trees that blocked some of the blue sky, the sun shining through the leaves creating streams of concentrated light. One of the many streams was near Kain, he placed his hand in the way. Slowly twisting and turning his wrist so that his whole hand could feel the warmth of the new sun. He looked around at his other surroundings, he stood alone in the wide rainforest.

The building, that was center of the city, stood tall and proud. Having several centuries worth of growth and wear, but it maintained its shape and it's over look ov the rest of the city. Small villages were placed around it, people and animals romed about freely. Not having to worry about outside interfernce. The inside of the temple was a different matter, inside was the most advance and unbelievable machinary that Kain new of. Darkshire was like the technological advance of the world, Kain enjoyed knowing this.

He moved out of the forest, heading for a near by village. He could see Walker purched on top of the temple, he stretched his wings and his mouth opened wide. Kain smiled, the bronze sheen of Walker scales shimmered in the bright sun light and it seemed like the shine could be seen for miles. Kain was proud of his dragon, and proud of the power he was given by his companion.

Yet Kain in this land was revered as the prtector of the land, but also fear because of his abilities. He was seen as the cupid and the breaker of families, his powers always reacted at people emotions. It always brought up the true emotions that someone was holding in, they always had to be strong enough for Kains magic to take effect.

Kain uses his powers as he saw were helpful, since that was what the dragonhearts did. Help people with their problems, but Kain liked to interfer too much. So he was forced to back off, using his powers scarcely. He kept walking through the village, some people smiled and praised him, others back away and hissed at him from a distance. He ignored all of them, he looked to Walker and spoke to him through his mind.
"How are things up their Walker?"[/I][/B] The dragon looked in the horizan, looking over the lush rainforest trees, seeing far and wide with his accute dragon senses.
"Nothing so far. But I feel something is a miss."

"I feel it as well. Keep watching, if anything or anyone comes. Call me, if they seem like a threat to the villages or temple. Roar. I will come."

"Yes master."[/I][/B] Walker went back to his look out, Kain went to a near by tavern. Needing a drink badly.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Light overflowed into the small room as the day broke. It was times like this that Alno'dra wished he had been given a room on a different side to the building. Knowing that he could not delay too long Alno'dra sat up and leaned his chest against his raised knees. With a few blinks of his eyes, and a big yawn, he managed to chase away the sleep that he wished he could have held onto for at least another half hour. The day's event would never had allowed it however.

Since today was the first day of training for a new batch of Dragonheart potentials he did not have to waste, and quickly washed up. He dresses in his usual custom made robe, which he buttoned up to form a rather unique style of tunic, with a robe base. Returning to his bedroom he found Aria curled up on the bed, alert and waiting. Alno'dra walked over and sat down next to her. With a persicion born of years of routine Aria lept toward Alno'dra and wrapped herself around his torso, with her head resting over his right shoulder.

"Time to see what the future holds in store for us today," Alno'dra said to both Aria and himself.

A short time later the pair found themselves standing in the middle of an open patch of land, little more than dirt really, and waiting calmly. To their right the sound of birds could be heard in a forest, and a small river flowed quickly to their left. This area was an artificial training ground. The river had been dug out by hand, and forest planted many years ago, long before Alno'dra had joined the Dragonheart ranks.

One by one, students appeared in the area, forming into a rough grouping. Alno'dra and Aria watched each one, never moving from their spot, or showing any real emotion. "So," Alno'dra spoke quietly, "which one do you think it will be this time?" Aria did no reply, but continued to watch, until one individual walked in. From his swagger it was obvious that this boy was convinced of his superiority. Not a surprise, since his dragon was twice the size of everyone else's dragons.

[i]'That one,'[/i] a soft voice spoke in a way that only Alno'dra heard. This beautiful voice was the reason he had named her Aria. [i]'He looks like he is just too confident of his own abilities.'[/i]

Alno'dra only nodded slightly, then went right to the point. "Good Morning, class." He spoke in a loud, but not shouting, voice that cut through the conversation. His students formed up into a more solid line and replied instantly. "Good Morning, sir."

"My name is Alno'dra, and this is Aria.We have been chosen to instruct young Dragonheart potientials in the methods of working as a team with their dragons." As he spoke the majority of the young group stood to attention and listened intently. All save for one, the one that Aria had pegged from the start. Alno'dra had been watching, and noticed this behavior. Slowly he approached the youth, while speaking quietly and petting Aria across the head and back. "What is your name, young one?"

"It's Kalest, old man," the boy spat out with just a hint of spite.

"Well, Kalest, is there some reason you seem to take no interest in this training, or do you simply have a sand rat in your pants making it hard to concentrate?" A low snicker started up in the rest of the class, and Kalest gave Alno'dra a glare like a thousand daggers.

"I have no need for this class. Reaver and I have already tested the top in our current class," he gestured to his dragon as he spoke.

[i]'Why must little boys give their dragons such disgusting names?'[/i] Only Alno'dra heard this, but showed no signs of it.

"So, you have tested the highest so far? Then show me."

Without hesitation Kalest did, by trying to order Reaver to strike Alno'dra with his claws. It was obvious that he though Alno'dra and Aria little more than a joke. A big mistake. Rushing forward, Alno'dra grabbed the youth by the collar and kicked his legs out from under him. At the same moment, Aria let loose with a burst of flame and lept from his back. As she wrapped herself around Reaver's neck the massive dragon froze with his claws raised.

"You will have to do much better than that to get to me." Unbeknownst to the group he had placed a delayed muscle freeze spell on Aria earlier, when he was petting her. It was activated when she grabbed onto the larger dragon, stopping him cold. Alno'dra let the boy go, and Aria returned and wrapped herself around his torso again. "Now," Alno'dra spoke as he returned to his earlier posistion, "can anyone here tell me how we won that fight against a physically superior opponent?"

Just another year of class.

OOC: I had just a little too much fun writing that. :D
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Aulea watched as the new batch of students approached her. Some came with their dragons, while others did not. That decision was up to the individual, for the dragons would have no part in Aulea's instruction. Her job was to instruct the students in the art of armed combat. They were not allowed to use any powers they might have, and their dragons had no role in the training. Some elected to bring their dragons anyways. Aulea didn't mind, as long as the dragons didn't interfere. She had no problem with observers.

Suddenly, a large dragon swooped down, and a boy jumped off. The dragon rose into the air, circled the area, then landed next to the boy. Aulea looked at him, but didn't say anything. [i]Not bad,[/i] she thought. [/i]Better than the last guy who tried that move, certainly. Unlike him, you actually pulled it off. And look at you now, thinking you're so good. Looks like you're the usual breed, too. Have to be, if you still think you're so much better than everyone else. Well, we'll just see how you fell after I'm done with you. This is going to be fun.[/i]

"Where's your dragon?" the boy asked Aulea as the other students approached. "Maybe it saw mine and knew it wouldn't stand a chance."

"Dragons have no part in what I will be teaching you," Aulea replied. "Your dragon may remain to watch, but that is all."

When the other students arrived, all their dragons moved to the side, including the self-confident kid's. The students themselved lined up, and Aulea turned to face them. This batch looked like the usual; some dedicated students, a couple who were clearly the brown-nosing type, and one or two slackers. And, of course, the one kid who thought he was better than everyone else.

"Welcome," Aulea said. "My name is Aulea. So far, your instruction has been about various aspects of your relationship with and connection to your dragons. In fact, I believe you began lessons with Alno'dra earlier today. Your lessons with me will be different. I am here to instruct you in the art of armed combat. Your dragons will have no part in these lessons, though they may watch if they so desire. You are also forbidden to use any powers you may have.

"You will be instructed in the use of various weapons, from swords to spears to bows. Eventually, you will be expected to choose and master a specific weapon. Depending on your weapon of choice, you may end up recieving instruction from another, but for now, training you is my job."

"And why exactly do we need this training?"

Aulea looked at the boy who'd spoken. Not surprisingly, it was the same self-confident kid who'd swooped in on his dragon earlier. "You think that this is a waste of time? That your time would be better spent doing something else? Is that it?"

"That's it," the boy said. "Why do I need to learn this when I have my dragon and my powers? And besides, I'm more than good enough with a sword already."

Aulea smiled. She loved this part. "Really. What's your name, boy?"


"All right, Kalest. If you think you're so good, then why don't you-"

Kalest cut her off. "Proove it? Fine."

Aulea watched as Kalest walked over to the weapon rack and selected a practice sword. [i]He's definitely been through this before. You'd think he'd have learned by now, but obviously not. Well, that just means that I get to have some fun with him, too.[/i]

Aulea selected a practice sword of her own from the rack. She and Kalest faced each other. "Ready?" Auleas asked her opponent.

"Bring it on."

"Let's do this, then."

Kalest ran at Aulea. A few seconds later, he was disarmed and face-down in the dirt. "Still think you're too good?" Aulea asked as Kalest picked himself up.

"You got lucky," Kalest replied.

"Really? Care to try again?"

The second fight was just as quick as the first. "Are you done yet?" Aulea asked as Kalest picked himself up off the ground again. The boy said nothing as he put his weapon back on the rack and rejoined the other students.

"Well," Aulea said, "Now that that's out of the way, let's get started, shall we?"


OOC: Hope you don't mind me using Kalest in my post, Gemini_Phoenix. I decided to do the same thing you did for my first post, and I wasn't about to let the fact that you actually got yours posted first change that.
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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Sol raced down the golden steps of the main cathedrall with a huge grin plastered across his face, Asche quick on his heels. He had passed the final test, leapt the final bound and was now a Dragonheart Lord. The feeling was indescribable, but if the day was any notion as to how he was feeling, it would be quite marvelous.

The sun always seemed to shine in the Golden city, and the sky always seemed to be a crisp and clear blue. A few white gulls peppered the sky as they flew high overhead, cawing their morning hellos to one another. It seemed strange as though the sea-faring birds were so far inland. Maybe it was an omen that Sol would be returning home to his own city, Milan.

A sideglance to Asche made him think that the Dragon felt the same way. A pup so young to be accepted as well was sure to be quite an acheivement. Sol could tell by the way the drake held his head high and proud. The feeling he had himself was far beyond excited. To return home to his family as a lord was quite an honor.

But before he raced home he would have to say goodbye to one of his most favored teachers, Master Alno'dra. Although he was sure the man hadn't cared for the way Sol would label him as "master", he was fairly certain that he was keen on the lad. Thus he would seek him out before he went anywhere else. Thus he and his dragon headed towards the training grounds.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER][B]"Welcome my brothers and sisters...I respect your courage coming to this place and leaving your exiled lands."[/B]

Each figure around the table nodded silently in response in the isolated room apart from the local bar. These kind of settings were used for secret meetings...lucky for Vylon he was able to have the innkeeper give permission to use it.

Six individuals sat with Vylon...four men, two females. Their names...they were simply known as Ryan, Mr. Death, Yuri and Riven for the men; the women are Grace and Raine.

Riven is a bright young man who is agile and eratic...doing everything and anything he can to prove how worthy he really is. (see RogueAcholics Signup for more info)

Ryan is an average built man with many scars over his muscular body...one specific scar could be seen on the left side of his face...then underneath his clothing it goes all the way down to his left thigh. Vylon didn't know much about him when he saught him out...but his reputation of getting into trouble and recklessness was exactly what he was looking for. [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/IceSton2/josef.jpg]Click Here for Picture[/URL] He and his dragon Stormwind possess the power of the weather...being able to change the weather in anyway he sees fit. Ryan weilds a variety of daggers and poisons. Stormwind is so small it can fit inside a small backpack.

Mr. Death...his name explains it all. The Dragonheart Lords captured him many years back when he was found torturing dragons to produce and enhance the violent gene within Dragons; he and Vylon have been working close together on this. He's very tall and weilds a scythe possessing extrodinary strength given to him by his dragon whom he later killed in his experiments. [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/IceSton2/zasalamel.jpg]Click here for picture[/URL]

Yuri is a young boy who was for some unknown reason kicked out of the Golden City for insulting the great Onyxia in his wisdom in regards to a certain situation with another fellow student. He seemed to have such an innocent side to him, but inside he was aggressive and violent...just like Vylon which he attached and associated himself with. Yuri weilds no weapon, but with his dragon Joon...Yuri is able to create illusions which can take physical form for a brief amount of time before fading. Compared to his small size...Joon is a massive dragon, almost the size of Vylons dragon Drako. [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/IceSton2/boy.jpg]Click Here for Picture[/URL]

Grace was once a high priestess within the Dragonheart Lord order...almost rising to be one of the most greatest priestesses of the Golden City. Having the ability to talk with any animal in the world...along with the power to control and bend them to her will. She no longer uses her dragon...she's given her Dragons BloodShard to Vylon to create a staff to harness the dragons power and now uses mythical beasts as her companions. She was exiled right before her judgement because of her infatuation with Onyxia...and her ability to control him as well. [URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/IceSton2/red2.jpg]Click here for Picture...ignore wings[/URL]

And finally...Raine. She is just as sedistic and terrifying as Vylon...having the same trait for spilling anothers blood, however she can't control herself most of the time. She is young; the same age as Yuri...the girl who he defended against Onyxia. Raine had taken the life of another student due to her desire for killing. Yuri believed she shouldn't have been exiled...but treated and cured. Onyxia heard none of it and banished both...punishing Yuri for siding with such a monster. Raine uses the sword which is shown in the picture...the wings are artificial...believing she is truly the blood god. She has no real power...only that of to kill...every single attribute is enhanced once she feeds on flesh. Raine is a canabal...and flesh fuels her to her godlike self.[URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/IceSton2/red3.jpg]Click here for picture[/URL]

Each of these individuals now sat in front of their new master...someone whom they now call friend. The one who gave them back a life that the Dragonheart Lords took away from them...and now...it was there time for revenge.
''I'm sorry to take you all away from you posts...but I've decided that the time is now..."[/B]
"You remember how they treated you...abandoned you...exiled you from your life...your loved ones."[/B]

Again...they all nodded...quiet...and obediant...
"Don't kill them swiftly...make them suffer...take your time with them and above all...have fun."[/B]

Vylon smiled wickedly as he rose from his seat...as they followed suit.

[B]"Yuri...Raine...you are going to the Golden City. Riven, you are to lead the attack on Milan. Mr. Death...you have Darkshire...Ryan you have Icelenia...and Grace, you have Desolace. You all will be accompanied by many of the dragons me and Mr. Death have breeded for you. Remember...don't destroy everything...not yet...just let them know who you are and that you're back."[/B]

Everyone got out of their seats and headed to the door to exit. Vylon stopped Riven and placed a hand on his shoulder...
"I'm counting on you to take matters into your own hands here...make me proud...and do what I've instructed."[/B]

And with that Riven nodded...and they all left in their different directions. Within hours...revenge will be tasted for the first time. [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]
[RIGHT]OOC: You may choose to have these attack occur whenever you'd like...but do not kill any of these characters...you'll be encountering them throughout the story. I'm glad to see most of you are interested and having fun already...enjoy:).[/RIGHT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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OOC: I posted a little too soon before and I am sorry for doing that, but know I have the order to do so. Apologies to Kairi

Riven looked out over the mostly black dragons that made his small attack force like he had asked. He had waited till nightfall. "Remember to not destroy anything, a few structual damages here and there and a few causlties are okay. Milan will know us before dawn. Leave any dragon heart lords to me. If they are weak enough for you, make them suffer like our master said."

A couple hours later he was walking the city streets. He walked right into another guy knocking him down.

"Hey watch it, I should beat the crap out of you for that"

"Hey watch this" A dark ball of fire appeared around his hand as he shot the man straight through the chest, attracting the attention of everyone else. "Lord of the night, master of darkness. Make this puny city fear us and who we follow this day forward" Two eyes light up in the alley behind him as Nemesis appeared knocking the walls of the buildings down and making people scream and run in terror as the other dragons hidden in darkness fired balls of fire or whatever their power was down into the city, aiming their attacks so as not to do that much damage, just to get their point across. Riven stood on top of the tavern, the only building that was on fire. Riven stood out looking over the city. "Time to go. I think they got the point"

Nemesis let out a loud roar as the flapping of wings was heard and Riven jumped on his back and joined the other dragons flying back to the moountian caves.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER]The night lite up in flames in all of its glory as Vylon walked the streets of Milan as Riven unleashed his fury upon the city.

[I]In and out...[/I] Vylon thought to himself as the screams could be heared throught the entire town. It was late...and it would be soon till the Dragonheart Lords would be upon them...

Bodies lay everywhere on the streets as the guards scrambled around, trying to gain their composure against the unexpected attack...but Vylon was concerned with none of these things...

Reaching the castle gates, guards stopped him on either side of him...because of the chaos...soldiers were being dispatched to different areas of the city to fight back the dragons.
"You may pass no further...''[/B] declared one of the guards, holding a spear to Vylons throat at a distance. Thee other grasped the handle of his sword...prepared for retaliation.

[B]"Oh but I insist..."[/B] and without any warning...the guard with the sword suddenly was decapitated. To his own eyes, Vylon had not moved...the spear was still upon his throat.

[B]"In Gods name..."[/B] the soldier muttered...he was panicing...just the sight...the disbelief alone stunned him.

[B]"And I am he."[/B] with that, Vylon hit aside the spear with his left arm and thrust his blade into the mans throat coming out the back of his head. With a sudden flick of his wrist, the blade sliced the skull in half easily.
"Archers!"[/B] cried out another soldier as he witnessed the gate being raised. Immidiately dozens of arrows were being fired upon Vylon as he entered the courtyard. A small amount of warriors were waiting for him as well, guarding the achives of the castle.

[I]...fools...[/I] and in a flash of light...he dissapeared and reappeared in multiple areas around the entire courtyard, leaving the archers lost...they had nothing to aim at. And one by one...the men in the courtyard fell...bodies falling limp and disfigured in moments.

Finally stopping his movement in front of the massive red door of the library, the archers finally pulled back their bows and prepared to fight...but if on queue, five dragons converged on the wall of the castle and began to kill all the archers that had seen Vylon.

Smiling in his success wickedly, he sliced through the door with his katana and walked through a small opening. Upon entering, a battle cry of a few unrecognizable dragons interrupted the chaos outside...

[I]...ah...the Dragonhearts...they're here...[/I] the Dragonhearts of Milan were now upon his breeded dragons; protecting their dear city.

With the battle outside roaring, Drako entered his mind.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Riven has done as you asked and is now fleeing to the mountains for shelter...[/COLOR]
Good...have some of our dragons stay and keep the Dragonheart Lords preoccupied...my time here is almost done...[/COLOR]

And indeed it was, Vylon was now searching for a scroll...one of great importance...that which this entire invasion was based around.

[B]"Ah...finally...the Legend of Leviathan."[/B] the scroll was written in a blue ink that seemed to shine in the darkness of the library. Vylon could hear footsteps in the hall above so he tucked it away in his coat and used his power and stopped time completely.

Everything around him...the flame of the torches...the shifting of stone and dust from the attacks...even sound...the noise of battle all faded and stood still while the master easily made his way outside the castle walls.

All the soldiers, dragons, civilians...everyone was motionless...not aware of what was walking past them. To the naked eye...he moved faster than light itself.

Safely finding himself back at his quarters within the city away from the main fighting and destruction, he locked his door...and began to read and study...unlocking the secret that he seeked.
I wonder if the Dragonhearts are doing well against my new pets...better yet...if my new servants are enjoying themselves...[/I][/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Ren leaned against the wall and watched the boy hitting the pell. [I]His reflexes were good, but he was young[/I]. She watched him silently, trying to figure out why he was sent to her. Onyxia always had a reason for sending students out for training; most were trained on school grounds.

A scream echoed through the tower. Turning sharply Ren looked up the stairs to see a servant running toward her.

[B]?The city milady! It?s..? [/B]

Ren pushed passed him and ran up the stairs to the courtyard above. The city was in chaos. Wild creatures ran through the streets; tigers and large desert dogs ran in the streets. From above soared gryphons with horrible long talons and? dragons.

[I]?Ren? hurry? can?t hold on much? longer??[/I]

Ren ran into the street and pulled her crossbow. A large tiger bore down on her. She fired and it fell to the ground, another leaping over the body, landing on her. Her bow went skidding across the stone of the street. The animal clawed into her and she stabbed it in the chest with her hunting knife. Pushing the dead cat off her, she stood. A concerned onlooker gasped as she watched the wound in Ren?s shoulder knit itself cleanly as her other injuries ceased bleeding.

Ren turned to grab her weapon and the boy tossed it to her, the dead body of a desert beast as his feet.

[B]?Do what you can to protect these people. I?m going to find who?s controlling these beasts.?[/B]

The boy nodded and ran down the street into the fray.

Ren scanned the streets, then turned her gaze toward the sky. Only the creatures. The only people on the street were running from the attack of these animals.

Ren tried to feel out Kaiya, but her thoughts were jumbled and angry. She looked up and saw the dragons destroying the city walls, the crystal shattering under the heat of their breath. She turned and ran up the winding stairs of the tower. Once at the top, she scanned the desert. A dark woman stood on a hill miles from the city with a desert beast at her side. She had to be controlling this horror.

[B]?Wrong city witch.?[/B] Ren said under her breath as she took her crossbow from her shoulders and took cool aim.

She fired. The bolt soared over the city and struck the woman in the shoulder, just above the heart. She staggered, then pulled the bolt from the wound. Ren watched the streets as the animals turned and ran from the city, back to their master. When she looked back at the hill, the woman was gone.
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[i]She rose to her full height and faced her opponent. The other dragon was smaller than she, yet clearly not at all intimidated by her. She could tell that he was significantly younger than she was. He was certainly confident; perhaps he was stronger than most his age, or maybe he had powers that he felt would-[/i]

[i]She attacked the human party that had been foolish enough to challenge her. She killed three of them right away, leaving two alive. The survivors turned to flee, but she didn't let them. She knocked them to the ground with a sudden, strong gust of wind, then ripped them apart with her claws. She leaned over one of the bodies, and-[/i]

[i]She stood over the dead body of the dragon she'[/i][i]d just killed. Her opponent had been large, much larger than she was, and stronger as well. But unlike her, he hadn't had any powers. Her powers had given her the advantage-[/i]

The memories cut off, and the stress on Aulea's mind lessened again. Her first class with the new batch of students had gone rather well. Better than the last batch, certainly. As they'd left, memories had begun to flash through her mind again. She'd sat down and let them come. Now that they'd stopped coming, she stood up again.

The memories came only when Aulea's mind was less stable. They almost never came when she was focused on a particular activity. Focusing helped her maintain her mind. The stress lessened when she was doing something, so the memories rarely came when she was engaged in any sort of activity.

Aulea was surprised to see one of her students, a girl named Kaela, runing towards her. "Aulea, something's happening," she said. She pointed into the sky. Aulea looked, and saw several dragons approaching the city.

"I don't know what's happening," Kaela continued. "I thought it was just some Lords coming to the city, but people are running around, and some dragons just took off, and everyone's acting like someone's trying to kill them, and I don't know what's happening, and I hoped one of the teachers would, and you're the only one I've found, and-"

"Calm down, Kaela," Aulea told her. "Find your dragon and stay with it. Don't do anything. If something's happening, the Lords and I will take care of it. You just stay out of the way."

Kaela nodded and ran off. Aulea watched the incoming dragons. [i]They're definitely not friendly,[/i] she decided. Just then, she heard someone call her name. She looked and saw Alno'dra coming towards her, Aria wrapped around him.

"Alno'dra, what's going on?" Aulea asked.

"Those dragons aren't friendly," Alno'dra said. "We're under attack."

"Well, that's just great, isn't it?" Aulea remarked. "They're probably all exiles, too. This isn't going to be easy. I assume the others are in the air?"

Alno'dra nodded. "Yes. Aria and I can't join the battle unless one of them lands, so we decided to find you."

"Well, you found me. I guess we just wait and watch for now. If someone's heading for a landing, we can go take care of them. Until then, we just wait and watch."


OOC: Gemini_Phoenix, please tell me if I got anything wrong with your character.
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Mortar and brick fell to the ground as a stray blast hit the side of a nearby building. As the stone crumbled, more and more of the building plummeted downward and onto the street. From a nearby alley a shriek of terror could be heard, and Alno'dra and Aulea immediately headed in that direction. Hiding in the alley was a young girl, not much older than about 13, taking shelter under her dragon's wing. As the two approached the dragon looked up, looking ready to fight if need be.

Alno'dra approached slowly, signaling Aulea to hold back for a moment. "It's alright. We're here to help." Alno'dra kept his hands out in a non-threatening posistion. The dragon did not loose focus, but let him walk over without incident. Slowly, Alno'dra kneeled down next to the girl. "Are you alright? Have you been injured."

The look of terror on the young girl's face remained solid, but had a hint of relief at being found. "N-no...I'm...okay," she managed to utter between sobs. "That is good," Alno'dra replied with a look meant to relax the girl. "There is a shelter nearby, you will be safe in there." A reassuring smile crossed his face as Alno'dra held his hand out. Almost as if she had drawn strength from him the girl calmed down and grabbed his hand.

With long-legged strides Alno'dra ran down the street. To maintain speed the young girl hung from the back of his neck instead of running next to him. Glancing back he saw that Aulea and the girl's dragon were managing to keep up with his running. Within a few minutes they had made it to the shelter, and the girl and her dragon got inside as quickly as possible.

Aria tightened her grip on Alno'dra slightly. [i]'I feel sad for her. She is just too innocent for this kind of thing.'[/i] Alno'dra was inclined to agree. Many of the Dragonheart potentials were not prepared for the harshness of the training, let alone a real fight. Unfortunately, it takes a harsh truth to get people to see the "real them."

Alno'dra looked over at Aulea. "We may not be of much use in this fight, but at least we can get others out of it." A simple nod was all the responce Aulea gave before the two sprinted off toward the periphery of the battle.

OOC: Takuya, I guess we both have the same problem. I was not sure of how to write actions/behaviors in for your character. :animeswea
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2]Keisha watched out of the corner of her eye as the other Dragonheart Lord wandered into the small village tavern. His tunic was tightly pulled across his muscular chest, and his pants swaying softly back and forth as he approached the bar. He sat in one of the stools and ordered a mug of ale.

Keisha took a long drink of her bitter wine and left a coin on the small round table she sat at. She made her way through the well kept tavern and sat next to the dark man. A shiver of fear raced down her spine as she caught her heart in her throat just in time to swallow it again.

"How was the scoutting trip?" Keisha's voice came out far smoother than she had expected.

"The usual," he said just before taking a gulp from his mug.

Keisha nodded and ordered another drink. She wasn't a huge drinker, but watching some one else do it made her mouth dry and yearning for something slidding down her throat. She took a swig and stared into her cup.

A sudden scream let out across the thick forest and was soon accompanied by another scream just as terrible. Keisha threw her cup down and rushed towards the front door, Kain not far behind her. Fire errupted from the sky that was starting to turn a deathly black and the gorgeous vibrant green trees and plant life that covered the city's vast landscape began to catch fire. Massive beasts flew down from the skies and swallowed everything in its path.

Keisha's heart sank when she saw the vibrant green hues of Kael dipping and diving as he took down foes. Kain's Walker was not far from Kael, violent slashing through his foes.

"KAEL!" Keisha screamed into the sky, hearing the faint nosally cry echo her's as he dove into the depths of the trees, a black mass following close behind him.

"Ahh, you were easier to find then I had originally anticapated," came a husky and throaty voice.

Keisha brought her head level again and quickly focused on the strange villian that now stood in the center of a chaotic mass, beasts taking down villagers every where behind him. Keisha looked about, realizing then, that she was unarmed. She watched as the husky, dark skinned man approached her and Kain. Her eyes floated upwards briefly to see if she could take in Kael's sight, to see if he was ok, but she didn't.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Hope this ok with you, Kain.[/SIZE]
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Riven looked behind him and saw several Dragonheart Lords following and some dragons still attacking the village. "I dwon't try to bring them back, they must have some other mission bu tI must kill the Dragon Heart lords. Nemesis"

Nemesis turned as Riven jumped off and landed on another dragon. The Dragonheart stood up and drew a sword. "You musat pay for attacking the city"

Riven smiled. "Ever fought on a moving object, much less a twisting turning dragon" He drew his dia katanna as his eniemy charged. he spun around knocking him off balance as he jumped and landed in between the dragon's shoulder blades. "Have a nice trip down to the earth" He brought up his sword and stabbed down, severing the dragon's spinal cord and wing muscles. The dragon began falling unable to fly sending riven and the Dragon Lord in freefall Riven smiled as he landed on Riven and watched them fall. The dragon would die before he hit the ground, saving him from a very painfull death. Riven smiled as Nemesis interlocked with another, smaller one and bit into its neck. Riven slashed at one of its wings sending it down to the ground. "Two more" the last two were more veteran ones unlike the first two. Riven landed on one and began in a fiecre struggle with the knight as Nemesis sent a wave of dark spikes at its opponent. the two becaome locked in a freefall as Nemesis stared straight into the others eyes.

Riven laughed as he watched Nemesis break and the other dragon not even move until it hit the ground dead. "Fear is such a wonderful thing isn't it." He ducked under the blade and sliced the man's achilles tendon, making him fall. Riven dispatched him as the dragon went into a barrel roll trying to throw Riven off. Riven planted his sword in the dragon's side, tyring to gain a foot hold. nemesis came up and ripped the flesh of the dragon's wing, making them incapale of flight before Riven flipped back onto Riven. Whne he reached the cave he preformed a spell of dark magic giving him a link to VVlyon. "What is your bidding for me to do next, my master"
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain was ready, his blade gripped in one hand, The dark skinned man stood in front of them. Kain watched him closely.
"You are not welcome here. Leave now." [/B]The man just smiled, Kain turned his head slightly, just enough to get Keisha in his line of vision.
"Get your weapon. I'll stay here."[/B] She nodded and disappeared quickly, off to fetch her weapon. Kain's demonic looking blade ready for anything.
"What is it you want stranger?"[/B] Screams could be heard from Kain's side, villagers were being picked off one by one. Kain couldn't tell where Walker was, all he could feel was that he was still alive, and if he was alive, he would be fighting. Ripping apart any that crossed his path or neared a villager. Kain stared with a rock hard face.
"Are you going to answer me?"[/B] The husky man kept smiling.
"I've come to kill both of you Dragon heart lords."[/B] Keisha had reappeared with a spear in hand. They both stood ready for this stranger and the attack that was encroching upon their quiet rainforest village.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
OOC: Its fine by me DC.[/SIZE]
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[i]Why are they doing this?[/i] Aulea wondered as she and Alno'dra ran. [i]Their force isn't nearly strong enough to take this city, and since these people are probably exiles, they should know that. So why are they here? This attack can't be intended to take the city, so they must have another objective. But what is it?[/i]

And then, suddenly, she had it. "My god!" she exclaimed, coming to a halt.

Alno'dra stopped and looked at her. "What? What is it?"

"These people aren't here to take the city," Aulea said. "They almost have to be exiles, so they should know that the force they brought won't be enough to do that. So we have to assume that they're here for something else. That they have a more limited objective. An objective such as the elimination of a certain individual."

Alno'dra was quick to understand. "Onyxia! You think they're here for Onyxia?"

Aulea noded. "Yes. And they may just be able to pull it off, too. See, their main force came in and drew out most of the Lords. If they sneak a couple dragons in while their main force keeps the Lords busy, those dragons will be able to get to Onyxia without any trouble, and even Onyxia would be hard-pressed to survive against two decently powerful enemy dragons."

"They we need to get to Onyxia, and now," Alno'dra said. "Come on!" He and Aulea ran off.

It wasn't long before the two of them came across a rather unusual scene. A student who Aulea immedeatly recognized as Kalest was facing a young woman who appeared to have wings on her back. There was blood all over her, and a dead body lay nearby. Both Kalest and the woman had swords drawn. Aulea immediatly began cursing the boy's arrogance. Students didn't carry weapons around with them, so Kalest would had to have gone and found a sword in the armory. Which meant that he'd been looking to enter the battle. His dragon was probably participating in the fight above.

"Get the hell away from her, Kalest!" Aulea shouted as she and Alon'dra drew their weapons and sprinted towards the pair. But Kalest didn't listen. Ha remained where he was, facing his opponent. The woman raised her sword, intending to attack. She didn't get the chance. Aulea hit her with a strong gust of wind, knocking her over. The woman reacted quickly, flipping over and landing upright. Aria sent flames at her, but she dodged them all with an impressive series of maneuvers. [i]She's quick,[/i] Aulea observed. [i]Much quicker than most humans.[/i]

As she and ALno'dra approached the woman, Aulea got a better look at the dead body that was nearby. The guy hadn't simply been killed. It looked like pieces of his flesh had been ripped or cut off. This, coupled with the amount of blood on the unknown woman, especially her face, led Aulea to a disturbing conclusion. [i]Was this woman [/i]eating [i]him?[/i]

When he saw that the woman was distracted, Kalest charged. The woman reacted extremely quickly, and Kalest found himself disarmed quickly. Before the woman could make the kill, Aulea used the wind to push her away again. Kalest, who amazingly seemed to realize that this woman was too much for him, turned and ran.

With Kalest gone, the woman faced Aulea and Alno'dra. Now that they were close, Aulea was able to recoginze the woman. She was Raine, a former Lord student who was exiled because of her taste for killing. Why she was back, Aulea didn't know, but apparently she'd become even worse since her exile if she was a cannibal now.

[i]We don't have time for this,[/i] Aulea thought. "Deal with her," she said to Alno'dra. "I'll go to Onyxia."

Alno'dra nodded. Aulea sheathed her weapon and ran off, using the wind to boost her speed. She just hoiped she wasn't too late.


OOC: Yes, I know that the exiles aren't actually attacking in order to kill Onyxia, but Aulea doesn't know that. Oh, and tell me if I screwed up any characters or anything.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]Reading the scroll throughly in all of its instructions, you could hear the chaos outside calm itself as the sound of great and many wings flapping in the distance, leaving the town to its fate.
...Very good my children...[/I]
"What is your bidding for me to do next, my master"[/COLOR] Rivens voice could be heard clearly in his mind as his attention was interupted in his reading.

In a sudden rush of rage, Vylons anger with the interuption flooded not only his mind but to Riven...feeling a overwelming fear and anger from his master.

[COLOR=Black]"Forgive me for my interruption...I only wish to inform you that all that you've asked has been done and I await further instructions."[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I know...please...find rest and shelter in my castle in the outskirts of Desolace...you'll have permission to enter...Yuri's illusion spell will make it invisible, but your dragon will be able to see....do you understand?[/COLOR][/I]

There was a pause for a moment, as if he were contemplating something...he had never heard of an invisible castle in the middle of the desert.

[COLOR=Black]"I do understand master...may I ask why?"[/COLOR]
You may not...only know that the rest of us will be meeting there soon...and I need you out of this region...quickly.[/I][/COLOR]
"As you wish...I will obey."[/COLOR] responded Riven in obediance and severed the connection with Vylon.

Vylon sat up from his desk in the hotel room and rolled up the scroll that he had been reading.

[I]...it's time... [/I]

There was a knock on the door, and instinctively Vylon gasped the handle of his katana and slowly made his way to the door. Fully confident without fear, he opened the door to see Ryan standing before him with all of his cloths wet. The storm was picking up as Vylon wished and smiled at his servant.

[B]"I see you've done your work well."[/B] as Vylon welcomed him inside.

[B]"Iceliena is destroyed my lord...I know you wished for it not too be...but it was quite simple really...melting the ice underneath the city by opening up the sun to immense heat...you should have seen it."[/B]
"I suppose I shall forgive you for your disobediance...do not let it happen again." [/B]Vylon recognized this young mans talents, and tried to understand his continual ability to disobey authority. With his statement, Vylon struck Ryan hard in the jaw sending him back towards the wall.

[B]"I understand...'' [/B]was all that Ryan said as he regained his composure.
"Are you ready to witnesse this..."[/B] added Vylon as he took his jacket from a coat hanger and dressed himself.

[B]"I am honored..."[/B] replied Ryan as he made his way towards the door.

Both men walked out into the cold, wet evening of Milan. The fires began to die down as soldiers patroled the city, finding any survivors from the attack. With Ryan alongside Vylon, the two quietly and calmy made their way to the city wall which overlooked the great ocean.

[B]"Hey you!"[/B] yelled out one of the soldier...[B]"Notify the Dragonlords! One of the exiles is here!"[/B]

[B]"Damn..."[/B] mutter Vylon underneath his breath. He didn't imagine that a simple man would recognize Ryan...

Before any of the soldier could respond, both Vylon and Ryan both jumped off the great wall and began to free fall towards the water and rocks below.

Vylon rather enjoyed this...he had done it before. Twisting and turning in the air, Vylon felt like he was flying with the wind blowing in his face and into his trench coat. Ryan as usual was emotionless and simply let things be.

Letting go of the adrenaline rush, Vylon controlled his body movement and seemed to stand upright as they continued to fall. Only a few feet away from the bottom, Vylon stretched out both arms out to his sides and instantaneously, the two of them stopped in mid air, only a few inches from the water.

Ryan continued to contain himself, but inside was amazed at the power and influence Vylon had over his powers. He had stopped time all around them...freezing everything into place...even their decent. Letting his arms down and placing his hands inside his pockets, Vylon simply walked over to one of the rocks and sat upon it while everything was still frozen in time. Knowing that it was his turn to perform...Ryan walked out into the water, letting it rise to knees...Vylon blinked his eyes and made everything right again.

Men on top of the wall could not see the two men at the bottom because of the distance, and only assumed that they were dead. The Dragonheart Lords never came...they were already busy with trying to find Riven...and helping the others in the town, not knowing their great error.

[B]"Where is the entrance?"[/B] questioned Ryan as he raised his hands towards the heavens, looking intensly out towards the ocean.

[B]"Right in front of us."[/B] as Vylon chuckled...pointing in the distance, continuing to sit on the rock, waiting for Ryan to perform.

Without hesitation, every muscle in Ryans body tensed up as he seemed to be trying to lift something up. With every inch of Ryans hands moving upward, the water near the two men began to retreat to the ocean. After a few minutes...the oceans coast was now a massive tidal wave, being held in place by Ryans power. It wasn't high enough to breach the walls of Milan, but it did reveal a small stone walkway deep into the earth.

Knowing that time was short, Vylon quickly lept from his resting spot and ran down the stone walkway into the earth.

People of the city were now flooding the top of the wall to get a glimpse at the marvel that was happening outside their city. Even the soldiers took time to look upon it. How quickly their fears left them...even after such an attack they were arrogant enough to let it go so easily and look upon a wonder...instead of help themselves and others.

The storm suddenly became even more intense as a the rain became even more of a downpour, flooding the streets and washing away the debre and bodies.

Within minutes Vylon could be seen walking out of the walkway grasping in his hands a bright red gem. Ryan couldn't see clearly because of the distance and rain, but suddenly a silver dragon appeared in front Vylon. It's eyes were red...glowing just as the gem was. It bowed to its new master and turned to the potential tsunami.

Vylon began walking back towards Ryan as the beast continued to stand perfectly still...seeming to be staring at the tsunami intensly. The weight of the water was tiring Ryan, but as Vylon got to him, he placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered...

[I]...let it go...[/I]

Obediantly with some hesitation, Ryan let go of his control...only to have the beast immidiately roar loudly as the wave seemed to increase in size and height ten fold. It was enourmous...much taller than the great wall of Milan. With one final roar from the silver dragon, Leviathan and the two men vanished, heading back towards Vylons castle as the tsunami came crashing down upon the entire land.


Back at the Golden City, Onyxia began to feel the pain and suffering of Milan. The event that occured entered his mind violently as all their death lashed out at him...crying out for vengence. It hurt Onyxia inside....his heart breaking for the loss...the confusion of not knowing who did this...only knowing that Leviathan could do such a thing.

But how?...why?...who? these questioned needed answers. Every major town was being attacked...and nothing was being answered. It would call for a uniting of the worlds greatest Dragonheart Lords to search this out...and he knew exactly who.

Aulea's footsteps were heard by Onyxia walking through the temple which lay on top of the mountain with the Golden City below. Unlike its golden foundation, Onyxia's temple was made out of stone, obviously being built many decades ago.

Passing the soldier that guards throughout the temple...they all recognized her and let her pass. She was calm...steady like she always was and entered Onyxia's presence.
"My Lord...I bid you to heed my warning...I fear that someone is trying to kill you."[/B] her voice was full of concern, and honesty and validity. However a strange scent came from her presense...
"I am not so easily killed nor threatened Aulea...you shouldn't worry..."[/COLOR] [/B]Onyxia's voice was strong and profound, no other dragon could speak in human tongue...his valor and superiority was undenyable.

[B]"May I speak openly my Lord..."[/B] added Aulea as she bowed her head in respect. Again, the strange scent flooded Onyxia's nostrils and enraged him inside knowing now the truth.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]"Yes...you may...exile!"[/B][/COLOR] Onyxia roared, shaking the foundations of the temple and stood upright. He was large, but the room and the entire temple was built in sucha fashion to hold such a beast.

Without any reaction, not even a flinch...Aulea smiled from underneath her hair falling over her face and slowly began to fade in and out. After a few moments, the fading stopped and revieled a small boy with black and silver hair...staring at his former master.
"My new Master says hello."[/B] Yuri's smiled turned sedistic and evil.[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][RIGHT][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] Once you all are done with your individual fight scenes, you all will be summoned to the Golden City to convene and discuss this recent incident. This will give all of you a chance to meet one another...and truly get this rpg underway:)[/COLOR][/RIGHT][/SIZE][/FONT]
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The tip of Alno'dra's staff dug a shallow furrow into the soft ground as he approached the winged girl. He held the weapon to his side so that it rested against Aria's scales, right around his shoulder blade. At about five meters away he stopped and shifted his grip so that the staff was held stright at his side, just like the guards in the palace held theirs while on duty. Several seconds of silence were shared as the two sized each other up. With a quiet voice Alno'dra shattered the silence.

"It has been a long time, Raine." He spoke as if he were greeting an old friend after many years. "Your expression is as cold as ever, I see."

Raine sneered in responce, baring blood-stained fangs. "Indeed it has, [i]teacher[/i]." She spat the last word out like a bitter fruit.

It was true. Before her exile Alno'dra had been her teacher, and he was there on the day she was exiled by Onyxia. It seemed that the course of fate was cyclical. The two found themselves face to face once more, this time as warriors.

"Well, that is enough reminiscencing," Alno'dra's staff swung up and was gripped by both hands as he spoke. "I am afraid that you have violated the calm of this city with your return, and I must have you removed."

As if linked by a magnetic force the pair charged at each other and began to exchange blows. At first the fight was rather simplistic, with both of them trading off between an offensive swing here and there, and a defensive block or parry. Raine was the first one to fully commit to the battle, having gauged Alno'dra's fighting ability. The sound of ringing metal filled the area as her blade repeatedly struck Alno'dra's staff.

[i]'Right side high!'[/i] Another ring as Alno'dra blocked. [i]'Left side middle.'[/i] The staff spun up on his left, parrying the kick and knocking Raine back. A burst of flame from Aria gave Alno'dra a chance to recover. In a fight like this one he was at a disadvantage. While he was a decent fighter with a standard staff, Alno'dra was still not much better than average. When paired with Aria the two were a dangerous force.

Raine once more raised her sword, ready to try another strike. Alno'dra stood ready for anything, but never got the chance. Raine's face twisted in anger and irritation, and she lowered her sword. "It seems that you get a short reprieve, [i]teacher[/i]." Once again she spat out the word with a hint of malice. An instand later she turned on her heel and ran off, faster than Alno'dra could follow. He was forced to simply watch as she disappeared behind a cloud of thick smoke.

"It appears that a bit of trouble is brewing, Aria." Alno'dra brushed his hand along her scales as he spoke. [i]'It would seem so. I am willing to guess that the other cities are facing the same fighting at the moment too.'[/i] Alno'dra contined to brush his hand along her scales, never responding. After a moment of thought he turned and headed toward Onyxia's temple.

OOC: Kairi, I hope you do not mind my the connection I created between my character and Raine. I felt that a little hatred would liven things up.
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Ren kneeled next to the boy with her hand at his throat. [I]Dead[/I]. She looked up and gazed at the street. Bodies were being cared away by survivors. Sand and crystal shards covered the blood stained cobble stones. [I]If it wasn?t for this boy, there?d be more dead.[/I] Ren stood and brushed the sand from her pants. One of the people ran up to her.

[B]?Lord Ren, a dragon messenger has just arrived, they asked for you and I??[/B]

Ren ran down the street to meet the messenger at the once strong city gate.

[B]?Lord Ren Adaer??

?Yes, what news from the Golden City??[/B]

[B]?Here, I was to deliver this to any living Dragonheart lords left in the city.?[/B] He handed her a scroll

[B]?That?d be me.? [/B] Ren accepted the scroll and the rider took off.

[COLOR=Navy]?The cities of Darkshire, Icelenia, Milan, and the Golden City have been attacked. The death tolls are high. Soldiers will be sent to protect what remains of your station. This is a summons to the Golden City. You are to leave immediately.?[/COLOR]

[I]Milan? no?[/I]


The golden dragon swooped down over her and landed just outside the gate. Ren?s travel bag was already looped around the dragon?s neck since Ren had planned to go and inform Onyxia of the attack. But now she had another plan.

[I]?Milan Kaiya?

?Are you sure??

?Damn sure?[/I]

They landed in the streets of Milan. Ren nearly fell off the dragon at the site of her home, or what had once been her home. This looked nothing like it. She stared in silence at the wreckage, the death, all of it. Someone was calling her name. She turned slowly to see one of her brothers running up to her.

[B]?Ren! Praise the gods Ren!? [/B] He hugged her so hard he picked her up from the ground.[B] ?They said? they said so many cities? were attacked? they said you were probably??[/B]

[B]?I?m fine, look at me. I?m ok.?[/B]He nodded

[B]?Is mother alright??[/B]

[B]?yeah? listen Ren, there?s something you should know.?

?What? What is it??

?These attacks were lead by exciles? and? I saw him?


?Ren, I saw Ryan.?[/B]
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Aulea ran inside Onyxia's temple. She stopped using her powers and slowed to a more normal running speed, though still pretty fast. She made her way through the temple to Onyxia's chamber. Upon entering, she saw a boy facing Onyxia, a boy whom she recognized. She drew her staff.

"My new master says 'hello'" Yuri said to Onyxia. He saw Aulea out of the corner of his eye, and turned to look at her. "Why, hello there, Aulea. So nice to see you again."

"You know," Aulea replied, "I kind of thought you hated my guts."

"True. And this time, I'm able to take it out on you."

Aulea laughed. "Really? Because I seem to remember that you were never nearly as good as I am."

"I don't need to be," Yuri said, and dissapeared.

Aulea knew what was going on. Yuri's power was that of illusions. The boy was creating the illusion of empty space over his body, efectivly rendering himself invisible. But Aulea could get around that. She focused, feeling the air around her. Using the air, she could feel Yuri's location. It wasn't accurate enough for weapon combat, but more than accurate enough for Aulea to target him with a blast of wind. The blast knocked, Yuri into the wall, breaking his concentration. The illusion of empty space vanished, and Yuri was again in plain sight.

"Not bad," Yuri said. "Now give this a try."

Instead of his dissapearing trick, Yuri created several illusions of himself. All of the Yuris kept moving, and in a way that made it next to impossible to keep track of the real one by sight alone. But again, Aulea was able to use the air to her advantage. The illusory copies had no mass, no substance. They were just images, and so had no effect on the air no matter what they did. Aulea used the air to pick out the real Yuri, who pulled his vanishing trick when he realized he'd been identified. Aulea used the air to locate him, then blasted him into the wall again, breaking his concentration and causing the illusions to vanish.

Yuri created more illusory copies and bolted. He was gone before Aulea could pick out the real Yuri, and the illusions vanished as he left. Aulea turned to Onyxia.

"I was coming to warn you that your death is probably the objective of this atack," Aulea told the great dragon, "but it would seem that you already know."

"Yuri himself said that while posing as you," Onyxia replied. "But he did not fool me. I could sense the evil within him, just as I could sense the absence of the turmoil I sense within you."

"Why would he tell you that?" Aulea wondered.

"Because it is not the truth. Other cities have also been attacked. I have summoned the other Lords here; I will say more when they arrive."

"Understood," Aulea replied. She turned her gaze towards Yuri's escape route. "Yuri, too. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised." She turned back to Onyxia. "Raine came, too. Alno'dra entered into battle with her while I came here. She wears these strange wings now, and I believe that she's become a cannibal. She's quick, too. She moved faster than I can."

"She is probably under the same master Yuri mentioned," Onyxia said. "Unfortunately, I cannot determine anything about this master."

"That can't be a good thing, especially since this master is clearly very dangerous. Hopefully, we'll be able to find him and take him out."

"It must be done, and before he completes his plan. I do not know what that plan is, but I do know that we must prevent it from succeeding."

"I have to agree there," Aulea said. "I just hope we can."


OOC: Kairi, please tell me if I got anything wrong.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial Narrow]Another ear-piercing screech burst from the trees as Keisha struggled to regain her breath after rushing to grab a spear. Kain had not flinched, he was such a strong warrior, far stronger than she would ever be. She could feel the cold sweat creeping down her neck and her hands becoming clammy. Her whole body was tense and rigid as she waited for some one to make the first move, fighting to keep her focus on the dark man that stood before them.

"Your deaths shall be mine!" the massive man bellowed as he drew his sythe behind him and rushed forward.

Kain slid his feet apart, bracing himself for the man's attack as Keisha thrust her spear forward straight into a massive wolf-like creature's chest. It had taken her by surprise as she watched it slither from behind the man and lunge at her. Did this "Mr. Death" think she weak enough to be killed by a mere animal? She may not be a warrior like that of Kain, but she was not a mere child playing with her father's weapon.

Green colored blood sprayed from the beast's wound as Keisha mustered the strength to throw him to the side, his yelping ceasing after the thud his lifeless body made. Keisha quickly brought her attention back to the stranger and Kain, the sharp shink of metal sliding against metal echoing from their blows. That's when Keisha heard it, the deep throated cry of a monster more fearful than any man or beast she had ever encountered. Her eyes slowly flickered above her to see the massive black form of a dragon. A dragon that she did not know, a dragon that this Mr. Death had brought to destory their village.

Keisha fought for control over the sudden rush of fear that was threatening to take over her whole body. Again, the beast bugled his alarm. Keisha could feel herself shrink, her hands releasing the spear it clutched so dearly as they slid up around her ears. A second bugle, and a third, but from different monsters, different dragons. It was a sudden rush, everything falling down upon her all at once. She fell to the ground, feeling nothing as a cry rushed up her throat and brust from her lips. A scream that drowned out everything and called upon the only thing that could sooth the unbearable ache that surged through her whole body.

A roar swept through the Keisha's head like a strong wind blows through leaves and brought her head up to watch the massive green dragon dropping from the sky towards her. A sudden sense of worry took hold of her and brought her to stand. Before she could tell him to turn back, Kael picked Keisha up by the back of her tunic, threw her into the air and caught her on his back, between his wings and massive neck.

Keisha grabbed a hold of Kael's leather collar and began to protest. "Kain," was the only work to escape from her mouth as Kael barked something as he sped across the treetops.

"But...what! Onyxia? The Golden City was attacked!" Keisha's sentence was broken as Kael kept feeding her more information of what he had heard while fighting the beasts that had attacked Darkshire.

A light whimper left Kael's mouth and Keisha instantly leaned forward to pat his massive neck. "Land just outside the forest so I can take a look at your wounds," Keisha said calmly, neither dragon nor rider mentioning the attack that had almost caused Keisha's death.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain saw as the dragons came over the tree tops, still holding back Mr. Deaths scythe. He saw as Kael snatched up Keisha and fly off. He was relieved to see her get out of the thick of it, Kael was wounded and Keisha wasn't ready to deal with this kind of battle.

She was strong, but all in all. Kain was glad she was no longer in harms way. His attention turned back to the starnger, the metal still screetching as the pushed against eachother. The black forms were drawing closer.

Kain needed to end this soon, or else die at either the hands of this man. Or the corrosive breath of these black dragons. Kain let his weapon slide down the pole of the mans scythe, ducking down at the same time to avoid the blade coming down on his spine. He felt the tip of it touch his clothes, right then he splintered the pole and butted him with the end of his sword. The man fell back, the tip slidding across Kain's shirt.

Creating a huge gash on his shirt and a left a red line down his back, it lifted from his shirt a few inches before it reached the neck of his shirt. Mr Death fell flat on his back, holding very little of his weapon. Without hesitation, Kain changed the way his blade was facing.

The tip was now pointed toward the ground, over the mans chest. He quickly stabbed it down, piercing flesh, bone, muscle and vital organs. Kain blade went all the way through, the blood pouring out from the hole in his back.

Kain yanked out his blade, wipping the blood off on the mans clothes. Kain then sprinted off from the dragons that were now closing in on him. Their speed was far greater then his. All Kain was do was duck into the forest, jumping to the ground at the bottom of a great tree.

The dragon ripped it out of the ground, along with the other ones around him. A dragon landed by Kain, and approched. It's talons were massive and it sank into the ground as it drew closer.

It backed him up against a tree, Kain seeing little to do but defend himself. The dragons snout was right in front of him. Sniffing him carfully, Kain stabbed his blade through the nostril and drew it back. Black blood followed in a trail from Kain's with drawel. The dragon reared back, roaring in pain and anger.

Walker attacked him right then, seeing the dragon at it's weakest moment. Tearing at its throat with his teeth, shredding its scaled off with his claws. Kain was relieved to see him. Walker ripped out a vital artery in the dragons neck and it collapsed. Black blood pooling.
'About bloody time you arrived. A moment sooner, I would have been dead.'[/I][/B] Kain said to Walker through his mental connection as he approched. Walker turned his head to him.

Kain could see the massive gashs across Walkers body, some of them way to close to vital arteries or blood vesels for comfort. Walker looked as if they didn't effect him at all. Walker could also see Kain's cut cross his back.
'Let us be going. Kael looked severly injured and Keisha might need some help with binding her wounds.'[/I] [/B]Walker said as he looked into the sky, seeing the other hunched forms approching. Kain hurried over, hopping on to his back and sitting in between the fines on his neck.

Walker took off and headed for the edge of the forest. Kain hoped that Kael was doing fine, and that Keisha had remained unharmed.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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EDIT: Accidently wrote Desolace instead of Darkshire...my apologies for the mistake

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]The sands of the city streets shifted underneath Vylons feet as he walked the evolutionary highlight of their people...Darkshire had always facinated Vylon...just thinking of this worlds future potential; what they will all create...what they will destroy.

With all the other exiles back at his castle...Vylon was beginning to wonder what was taking Mr. Death so long. Despite the temples difficulty in location within the thickness of the jungle, his creations drew him to them. Upon emerging from the forest...he could immidiately see the damage that his creations had done. Once his presense was felt...every dragon of his in the city immidiately ceased what they were doing and left the city. Their black scales seemed to blacken the sky as a dozen or so flew away.

Dragging the tip of his katana along the sandy flooring of the street, he looked upon his victims...knowing this was his doing...and marveled at his work.

However, despite how terrifying the attack was, already the people of this city began to repair their wonderous city. Vylon was quite impressed at their work and determination[I]...maybe I'll save this city....for last....[/I]

With Milan and Icelenia already destroyed...he figured the Dragonhearts could suffer in their losses for a time before he struck again...maybe.

This thought suddenly left him as he looked upon a lifeless body lying on the ground. A massive black figure lay motionless as large amounts of blood flowed from his wound. At first glance it obviously was a mortal blow...striking his vital organs.

Kneeling down to the body, he took the mans dying hand and held it firmly with both hands. Everyone around them were already busy caring for the wounded and didn't take much notice of this silver-haired man.
"A Dragonheart Lord didn't this..."[/B] questioned Vylon as he looked into Mr. Deaths dark brown eyes. Blood spattered out of his mouth as he struggled to talk.

[B]"...yes....they...were ready..."[/B]

[B]"I know"[/B] as Vylon quickly interrupted...[B]"I told you not to engage them...but to simply make your presense known."[/B]
"Master...as always...you are right....please...help me...and we shall crush them...together..."[/B] Mr. Death gribbed his masters hand tightly...his eyes glowing with hope and determination.
"Blane; my dear Blane...I don't think that is going to happen."[/B] and with that...Drako emerged from the sky with power and authority has he landed on the ground only a few yards away from the two of them. Drako's roar was deafining as it shook the very foundations of the city. Everyone covered in fear at the beast...its small silver scales around it's dark blue skin glowed in the sunlight as it's body provided a shadow for the two men.

Blane himself began overwelmed with fear as Vylon stood to his fear and continued to look down upon his servant.

[B]"I do appreciate all your help...our creations are perfect, however...I cannot allow weakness..."[/B] trailing off on those last words, Vylon turned his back to Blane as Drako raised it's down and began to feast upon Mr. Death's body. His screams were high pitches like a little girl as they suddenly faded.
Thank you...I haven't had flesh like that in a century...[/COLOR]
I know...you prefer Dragonheart blood...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Should we head back home master...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Yes...this loss isn't a big setback...we created an army together; nothing has changed...let us rest and see what the world turns into over a night. [/COLOR]

Leaping onto his dragons back, a power gust of wind shot throughout all the streets as Drako flapped his wings and flew into the sky. When the sky settled all that the people saw was the dragon and a long blue trench coat blowing in the wind as they left the city and the forest behind...going back home to rest and plan for another day. [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][CENTER]...your move Onyxia...[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Riven praticed in the hallway of Vvlon's manor. "I need another job, i am getting extremely bored here." He turned as soldiers of darkness created by Nemesis attacked him from the shadows only to be cutinto several pieces. "I need to kill somthing real"

Nemesis' head appeared from a shadow. "I agree, this is boring. We should out causing chaos. I have been craving human blood for quite sometime now. This new master of yours doesn't appreciate us very well."

Riven sheathed his sword. "I agree, but I say we wait another couple days. Then I am going to ask him for something to do since after all he did rejoin us"

"Let's show him then how much better we could serve him by attacking any small towns we come across"

"Wait Nemesis. Wait and see"
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