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RPG Holy Islands v2 (play)


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In the world there are several cities concisting entirely of mages. Some of them are masters of their trade, some are still learning.

Near Cydron (the school of Necromancers):

Sentor: Necron, come here my child.

Necron: Yes master?

Sentor: You have great potential, but you have much to learn. You are only lv1, and you cannot leave this city until you are lv 40. You will leave with over 100 spells, and you know 1 as of yet.

Necron: I know sir. But I also know a simple white mage spell. Wound heal.

Sentor: You have been entrusted with Anduril, a truly great weapon of the Necromancer race. I expect great things from you son.

Necron: Yes sir.

Sentor: We must now go to the Shadow Palace in the centre of the city, where your training will begin. It is truly a grand palace, and the only |Necromancer palace. You have been assigned a great job. You are to be one of the palaces grand guards. When you are strong enough of course.

Necron: Sir, when will I be strong enough?

Sentor: That, is up to you child. Your first task is to get to the Shadow Palace, and then a man named Azar, will continue your training. There is nothing more I can teach you.

Necron: When do we leave sir?

Sentor: Are you ready?

Necron: Of course!

Sentor: Then we leave now.

Necron and Sentor walk towards the Shadow Palace. The students of Cydron, however few there are, lok on at him. Some clap or cheer, some look on very jealously. Necron doesn't care though. He just stares at the papace, which, in a few hours, will become his new home.
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Near the school of Sentronel(school of black mages)

Zack:.....my new home...

[I]Zack walks down the crowded streets noticing many people wearing the Black/Red robes of the Sentronel school. He walks silient up the stairs taking in all that he can from sight alone. He walks into the large school where all is silient as today is a day of no school...occaisonally you can hear laughing and playing comming from down the halls, as Zack walks in a tall Wizard walks up to him[/I]

Wizard:are you Zack?


Wizard:ahh welcome Zack to your new home...I recieved the later from my brother and we will take you on...

Zack:thank you...

Wizard:did my brother teach you anything beore he brought you to the city?

Zack:a spell...called Magic Missle

Wizard:ahh that is a useful spell it will gain power as you do...and did he tell you what you are?....

Zack:a mage...

Wizard:much more then that...you are a Warlock...a rare type of mage indeed...this city hasn't had one in nearly a century...

Zack:...a mage who can wield a sword and cast at the same time?...

Wizard:yes...it is an honor that you chose to study the Black magics...we manly focus on attack spells using both elemntal and non-elemnetal magics...

Zack:I know....I read all about the different types of magics...

Wizard:ahh then you are a studyer?

Zack:if it interest me...

Wizard:you shall make a fine mage indeed...a mage must be knowledgeable...he must be able to know what he is doing with his magics, how he is doing it...and even sometimes why...he is doing it....


Wizard:well I should show you around...

[I]The Wizard shows Zack around the school, the dorms, the classes, the dining hall, the library and most of the rest of the school[/I]

Zack:...and who are you?....

Wizard:I am Mr. Laurintine.....one of the teacher here...oh and here is your schedule...

[I]Zack takes the sechdule and looks i over[/I]

Zack:.....why does this class...say...elsewhere?....

Mr.Laurintine:because...our school does not offer that class...but one of the other schools in the city does...so when you are to take that class you will take it at that school....

Zack:which school?

Mr.Laurintine:Faltor...the school for telekinetics

Zack:...ok....that you...for your help....

[I]Zack turns and walks back to his dorm...once their he looks back over the schedule[/I]

Zack:mms...Math, Writing...study hall...basic black magics...basic elemntal magics...weapon and magic sparing...different casting techniques...thats the one I have to take at Faltor....

[I]Zack rolls the schedule back up and places it on his desk, he begins unpacking his stuff and wonders what his new life will be like[/I]
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Several weeks ago...........

[I]A young girl lurks in the concealing shadows of a narrow alleyway, stone still except her eyes which are constantly roaming the passing crowds looking for a suitable mark. A travelling merchant in splendid robes, pulling a small hancart....perfect. But wait, he turns and the sun glints from the well polished sword at his hip.........never mind....find another.

There........an old man in long worm hemp robes with his hands tucked into his sleeves, his expression dreamy and his eyes glazed, his thoughts in another place. Silently she slips from her hiding place and blends seamlessly with the crowd, a movment she has practiced a hundred times before. It is perfect, but then it should be ......it's her survival. Casually she winds her way towards him through the morning maket crowds. Her sharp eyes have already picked out the leather purse at his hip and stay focussed there as she winds her way toward him. As she approaches she passes close to the merchant and stumbles as if he has bumped her. Letting her momentum carry her toward the mark, she crashes into him, seemingly off balance. With a flick of her wrist her knife is in her hand and the man has been separated from his purse before he can blink when...


A fist of invisible force slamms her backwards into the wall of a nearby house. Her head spinning, she looks up just in time to see the man produce a knife of his own - seemingly from thin air - which he hurls in her direction. She raises her hands to protect her face and waits for the pain to come, but it doesn't. The knife lands with a clutter in the ditch opposite. Tentatively she lowers her hands to risk a look, but the man moves almost faster than she can see. In a blur of movement, he has throun two more knives, pinning her arms to the wall by her shirt sleves.

He strides over to her, and close up she can see that he is not as frail as he first appeared, in his eyes is the unmistakeable glint of power. He walks over to her and grips her chin in his fingers, tilting her head so he can look into her eyes. He obviously sees something he likes there for his stern expression softens.

"Do you like this life?"

She thinks this a stupid question, but cannot refuse this strange man, so she mutely shakes her head.

"Then come with me"

"Where?" She manages to force the one word out.

He replies in the same way. *Faltor.............*[/I]

The present...........

[I]A small crystal sphere hoveres in the air above the desk of Raith, wizard at Faltor, school for telekinetics.[/I]

Raith: Concentrate!!

Altara: :mad: I'm trying!!

[I]The crystal sphere wobbles in the air then crashes onto the desk, splintering into a million pieces. Raith grimaces at the loss of yet another priceless object from his ever dwindling collection[/I]

Altara: I'm trying.:mad: I don't know why I have to do these stupid exercises anyway :mad: :flaming: :mad:

[I]The furniture begins to shake and some of the glass lamps explode. Raith throws up a kinetic sheild to protect them from flying debris[/I]

Raith: :rolleyes: That my dear is exactly why. I wanted you learn some control before you mixed with the other students [I] a gong sounds from nowhere[/I] but it's too late now. Time for you to turn in for the night. You have a long day tomorrow.

[I] Altara looks worried[/I]

Raith: Don't worry my dear, I'm sure you will be fine.

Altara: :mad: I'm not worried, but none of those jerks had better get in my way...........[I]and with that she storms out of the room[/I]

Raith: [I]Shakes his heqad grinning[/I] Going to be trouble that one.........
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Majin Buu:*in his mind*that guy is going to make us proud

man:ahem.Majin Buu?

Buu:wha?oh uh yes?



man:here is your dormatory

Buu:thanks...um you know that guy that left


Buu:will anybody else be going too?

man:I'm not sure...my name is Zangief..we'll meet again



Buu:hey YIKES!!! he just dissapeared....kool
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OOC:mmms...some people are going t have to make up student...NPC's....

[I]Zack finishes unpacking his stuff[/I]

Zack:I got a whole day to spend....I guess I will learn the local area...and meet some of the other student...

[I]Zack walks downstairs and heads to the Dining Hall...once their he notices lunch is about to start so he gets some food and begins to eat as other students flow into the Dining hall[/I]
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HighJudge:Chietan, for choosing the ways of the vampire, and going against your ways of good, I condem you,Your magic will be silenced, and you will be kept under heavy guard, Though your mastery in the dark arts will not be wasted, you will teach,

*the Tall, skinny man stands and looks up at the highjudge his eyes glow an earthly red and as his speak,the candle light reflects of the glinting white of his fangs*

Chietan:The Nosferatu, will save me, you do realize this
* he then grins evily*

*a guard steps out from the darkness with an object in a silver casing, he opens it to reveal a cross*

*chietan screams in rage as the cross is placed around his neck* I

Highjudge:if you, or any other of your undead friends defy my ruling, this will be their punishment
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[color=crimson]At Faltor

Asuka walks into her dormitory room. She notices her twin sister Athena's stuff in the bed opposite hers. She walks over to her four-poster bed a sits upon it, setting her stuff down beside her. She looks out the window from here and sighs, her misty green eyes glowing with apprehension.

Asuka: I wonder what coming to this school is going to bring to me....It's better than being completely isolated...

She flips her long golden hair silently as the door to her room opens and a young man is standing there.

Man: Miss Asuka?

Asuka: Yes, that's me..

Man: Here's your schedule. You'll start classes as soon as you can.

She takes the schedule and glances over it as the young man leaves.

Asuka: I think I just might actually like it here...[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by tursi [/i]
[B]*tursi smiles at her room mate.*

Tursi: at least i'm not alone in this

*tursi walks up to the girl*

Tursi: Hello my name is tursi. this is my first time in a school of this kind [/B][/QUOTE]
Amber: My name is Amber *smiles* yea...same, i wanted to be able to expand in my ability, plus i thought it would be kinda fun to meet people like me:wave:
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[I]Zack eats his lunch alone...most the other kids out and about and the ones already here keeping to their preformed groups[/I]

Zack:....I guess I should go find Faltor....

[I]Zack finishes his lunch then walks out of the school, he pulls up the map that he was givin and walks off to Faltor...it takes an hour to get their...even after using one of the many transports around the city[/I[


[I]Zack looks at the school and walks up the steps[/I]


[I]Zack looks at the room he is supposed to go to...it is close to the dorms in the school....Zack notices a map of the school and takes it...as he is walking down the hall ways he bumps into someone...as he looks up he notices a girl on the floor[/I]


???:it's ok...you arn't wearing the same kind of robe as everyone else round here....

Zack:from another school....

???:why are you here?

Zack:have a class here....who are you?
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[color=crimson]Asuka looks at the guy who has just knocked her over.

Asuka: So where exactly are you from anyway? If you're from another school then why are you here?

She gently brushes off the white silk of her rippling dress. She then flips her hair and looks at him with her cold eyes.

Asuka: Better yet, what's your name? I'm Asuka...[/color]
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Cheitan: Zach, I will be your teacher for you first class
*Cheitan jerks the cross around his neck slightly seeing smoke rising off*

Zach: where did you come from ?

Cheitan: Never mind, follow me.

cheitan and zach walk up the main set of stairs to a large stone room at the very top, there is no one else in there

Cheitan: now, your lessons in the dark arts begin
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[I]Zack returns the cold stare, he is watching everything..and attempting to learn[/I]

Zack:....I am Zack....and I am here because I have a class here....I am from the black mage school....Sentronel....you look like a mage of Faltor....

[I]Zack picks up one of her books and hands it to her[/I]

Zack:......I see you will be in my class....

[I]Zack looks up as Cheitan comes along[/I]

Zack:......back to Sentronel then?

Cheitan:yes...now come on....

[I]the teacher teleports the to class[I]
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Chietan: Zach! Come a long, WE HAVE LESSONS TO DO

*zach follows the vampire up the stairs , once they reach the top Chietan picks up two fairly light wooden moch up swords*

Chietan:You will first learn to fight. then you will learn spells.

*zach nods obdiently*

Chietan: there is no, room, for mistakes, you will learn everything you know to perfection, and then go beyond that. Do you understand.
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[I]Zack nods[/I]

Zack:....I know how to fight with a sword.....

Cletus:do you boy?

Zack:......I am a Warlock!!

Cletus:don't thin just being called that means anything...

Zack:I know how to fight with a sword...I was trained to be a knight before I came here!! and a swordsman before that!!....I will not kill him...

[I]Zack defends himself from Akira's attacks with a sword flaulessly but never attacks himself[/I]
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[color=crimson]Asuka stands in the hallway, holding the book to her chest, wondering about the young man who just stood before her. She walks back up to her dorm and finds her sister Athena there.

Asuka: Athena...this school has some strange people in it..

Athena: Yeah, I know. But you'll learn to deal with it.

Asuka: I'm just ready for class to start...

She looks at her schedule and sees she has one later that afternoon. She looks out the window again and thinks to herself.[/color]
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Chietan: well then you have a slight advantage don't you, and we can't have that.

Chietan stares at the sword as it glows slightly and is weight increases by 5 pounds

Chietan: now , lets see how you do like that.

Chietan glances at akira,

Chietan: you have no clue how to fight do you boy?

Akira(stutters slightly): No, no no, sir..

Zach grins, thinking how easily he can win this fight

Chietan glances at Zach: well we can't have him having too much of an advantage.

Chietan looks at akira, and a shield beings to form around him.
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[I]Zack stares at his sword slightly heaver[/I]


[I]Zack raises his sword and easly parrys another one of Akira's blows[/I]

Zack:I refuse to attack!!

[I]Zack blocks another blow not even have broken a sweat while beads are forming on Akira's head[/I]
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