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RPG Spars...?

Guest Zerich

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Are we allowed to spar in here? If so, I'll edit this into a challenge...or someone can go ahead and post their rules and settings and whatnot...
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-no killing
-KO's at ten posts
-no cheap crap

Setting; An iced over city, once very populated, but was iced over in an arctic storm.

You post your entrance first. I want to play wiht mine a little[/COLOR]
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[I]Zack walks into the gates of the city[/I]

Zack:...so the matches will be held here?.....

[I]Zack is wearing black robes with red trim. A sworld is at his side. He is about 5'10" in height, has Blue-Grey eyes and dark brown hair in a pony tail with his bangs hanging free. The sworld is in a metal sheath which has elvan runes carved across it, they translate to Star'Soul. The hilt is much like that of a long sword except on the end is a Star...incrusted in the star is a light blue saphire. The sword itself is about 4' in length. It is made of titanuim and is diamond tipped. Across the blade are runes of which even the elves cannot read. Zack has one hand extended with a small flame that is emmiting tons of light in front of him. A storm is raging but Zack heads it not. As the ice slams into his body a cackling can be heard as if he is surrounded by a barrier, which he is.[/I]

Zack:I wonder when the other will arrive....

[I]Zack sets off for the town square[/I]
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[i]Deus walks towards an iced over city, once very populated, but was iced over in an arctic storm.[/i]

Deus: damn, these things get everywhere. Thats the third iced over city in a row. Wait... I see someone

[i]Deus continues walking[/i]
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[i]Deus has finished walking towards the city and sees four warriors named Zack, Akira, Larris, and D-Warrior. How he knows their names he is not sure. Deus breaks a two minute silence[/i]

Deus- wassup?

[i]the others look at Deus as if hes an idiot, and then Deus realises how long its been since people actually said 'wassup'. Deus hangs his head in shame.[/i]
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Britty walks into the city, ice breaking against her in the wind. She's dressed in a black sorceress robe and cloak, with a green medalion around her neck. She's carrying a golden staff with a glowing red orb at the top. And has a sword, in a sheath, attached to her back. She frowns as the ice cracks against her. She mutters a few words, and grins as the ice melts the second it touches her body. A heating spell.

Britty: Now.... Where's Zack? We have a fight to finish...

She nods, and continues searching.
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[I]Zack looks over Larris[/I]

Zack:and you Larris still murding innocent children?

Larris:grrrr Zack

[I]Zack's eyes flash as he looks up[/I]

Zack:she's here....

Larris:That sorceress?


[I]Zack watches as Britty walks into the square, his hand on his blade[/I]

Zack:hello Britty.....

[I]Zack's eyes flash white then return to their normal color[/I]
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[i] Metal walks in with his Double Blazer [/i]

Metal Im ready to kick some fuc|<1|\|o) 455!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i] Metal ignites both swords [/i]
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