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Sign Up Kingdom Hearts: Third Visit [PG_LV]


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I forgot the rating, can't belive I did that

The kid stared at the huge stained glass window beneath him. "What is this place?" He walked along it as it started to shrink from the darkness that surrounded it. Eyes peered out of the darkness then came out with bodies attached to them. Twisted demeanted looking bodies. These are the Heartless, these are your enemies Kyle stepped back as they grew near. A light shone around him making a small pool around his feet. The Heartless stopped at the edge, not wanting to touch the light. Kyle felt something in his hand, something smooth as cold metal. He looked down and saw a large key in his hands. On the side of the glass, steps formed. Kyle swung at the creatures, slicing them in in peices. They just disappeared as more took their spots, bigger, more freakier ones. Kyle ran up the stairs fighting. When he reached the edge he saw another set. "Oh come on" You have the weapon. The weapon that will defeat the darkness and restore the light. Klye fought through endless waves as a large shadow drew across him. Before him stood about a three story tall Heartless. It brought its hand up as suddenly a blur went across it followed by multiple explosions taking out the creature. [I]You are not the only one who fights evil.[/I] Klye glanced around but saw only darkness as it swallowed him. [I]With their help, you will destory the darkness [/I]
For the worlds click here
As you can see this is an attempt to write a Kingdom Hearts rp. I couldn't really come up with an intro.
Their are several sides you can be on.
Keyblade group-one of the keyblade masters close and personal friends.(Four total

Resistance-These are people who's worlds have already been swallowed by darkness. (four total)

Defenders.-People who's worlds have not yet been destroyed yet and are fighting to keep off the Heartless.(must chose a character from one of the worlds we are going to. Max of one per a world)

I also need a person to play Klye, you can come up with whatever else you want for him. and I need a person to play the other keyblade weilder(must be a girl)

This is based off of video games that aren't Disney so it opens a large variety of characters up


I know it is a little sloopy, but I had a hard time getting this together, unlike the underground thread. And one of the Resistence people belongs to me.
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Gender:[/B] Male
Personality:[/B] Kratos is anamalistic and sadistic to all of his enemies and to humans who are in his way. He craves power and the blood of the one being that betrayed him beyond humanly possible. He desires the blood of Ares, the God of War.
Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/gow_wp1_1024.jpg] Kratos [/url]
Weapon:[/B] He uses the Blades of Chaos, blades that were forged in the deepest pit of Hades. They are connected to a a chain that is seared into the flesh of the user, painful reminders of the promise Kratos had made with the God of War. He also uses the power of the Gods, each power granted to him by a different major God.

[B][U]Zeus' Fury[/U]:[/B] Allows Kratos to throw lightining bolts.
[U]Rage of Posiden[/U]:[/B] Allows Kratos to use the power of storm.
[U]Medusa's Gaze[/U]:[/B] Kratos uses Medusa's head to turn his enemies to stone.
[U]Blade of Artemis[/U]:[/B] Kratos summons the sword that Artemis used to slay a Titan.
[U]Army of Hades[/U]:[/B] Lets Kratos summon souls from Hades to fight for him.

Each ability can be used a certian amount of times before Kratos begins to tire and has to recharge.

[B]Group:[/B] Defender

[B]Bio:[/B] Kratos grew up in Sparta, he was trained as a warrior from childhood. He grew up into a great and brutal fighter. He gained the rank of captain in the Spartan army for being such an effective fighter.

When he became Captain he started with only fifty men, but his numbers grew with every battle he won. They swelled to thousands as he travled and slew men like cattle. He always inspire fierce loyalty and strength into his men, which is why they were so successful in any battle they fought.

Everyone feared him and his men, except one person, his wife. She was the only one to brave his fury. Kratos lust for power at the time was very overwhelming, which is what drove him into battle. But he made the mistake of rushing into a battle he could not win. He faced the Barbarians, who numbered in the thousands, that battle was a horrible fight.

The Barbarians slaughtered Kratos's men with ease, and Kratos himself, faced death at the hands of the Barbarian leader. It was then, when Kratos sparked a deal with the God of War. For saving his life and protecting his men from the Barbarian horde, Kratos promised him his serves. That is when the Blades of Chaos were seared to his arms.

After the bargin was struck between God and Mortal, Kratos did horrific things for the God of War. He murdered priests and innocent humans because the God of War asked of it. But, his most terrible deed was the burning of a village that gave praise to Athena. His army slaughtered the whole village, and Kratos went for the temple. The oracle of the village warned him not to go into the temple.

But he jus tpushed her aside and continued onward, he had broken down the doors and murdered all the priests and villagers in the temple. But his final victims will haunt him for the rest of his days. His last victims was his wife and child. He burned the temple and left, but before he did, the oracle casted a spell that fastened the ashes of his wife and child to his flesh. Making him as pale as the moon.

He became the Ghost of Sparta that day, and vowed to kill the God of War for tricking Kratos into murdereing his wife and daughter. Kratos hunts for a way to kill a God, then the heartless appeared, along with the Barbarian leader that Kratos killed long ago. Now he is defending Atheans and the rest of Greece from the dark creatuers.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Cloud Strife

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Cloud's a quiet type he doesnt like talking unless its to one of his friends.


Weapon: The First Tsung

Group: Defenders

Bio: Cloud was born in Neblihem, a small town. When Cloud grew older he idolized Sephiroth and decided he wanted to become SOLDIER and be as good as Sephiroth.
When Cloud was about 16 he returned to Neblihem, but this time with SOLDIER.
Their mission was to go into the Mako Reactor.

Tifa lead Cloud and Sephiroth to the Reactor. There Cloud and Sephiroth learned how Shinra had created these horrible creatures. One door at the end of tunnel read a title of JENOVA. This caused Sephiroth to go insane. When they got back to the city Sephiroth spent about a week in the library reading up on the experiments.

What Sephirotj read caused him to return to his mother, Jenova and open her container. Tifa mad at Sepiroth because he killed her father picked up his sword and charged. Sephiroth countering Tifa's attack landed her a fatal blow.

As Cloud went to go to the Mako reactor the town was in flames. As Cloud got to the reactor he tried to stop Sephiroth and They both went into the Jenova chamber.

After this Cloud went sent on destroying Sephiroth. Then Sephiroth killed Aeris, and Cloud was extremly mad. Cloud went on and defeated Sephiroth before the planet could be destroyed.
2 years laster...

Kadaj are after Cloud because they think he knows where 'Mother' is. Cloud and a bunch of children have been infected with Geostigma, a disease that distors your body from Jenova cells. Sephiroth returns and Cloud must fight him again. In the end Cloud finishes Sephiroth with Omnislash.
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Guest bleached
Name: Yugo

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality: Very spontanious, he acts like a child, but he has the anger of a bear. It is one of the dunbest things to do, is to piss him off.

Appearance: Below

Weapon: He has none. He is a street fighter and he only uses what he has.

Group: Defender

Bio: Born in a world of incredable fighters, he was one of the few that has the gene that lets you turn into an animal. Throughout his life, he finally grew up to become the strongest fighter in his world.

He had been known as Yugo, the Wolf. For his alter beast. When he is in his beast form and he attacks alot, his fists actually start to throw fire off of them.

His home in the Zoanthrope Kingdom was nothing special. He had faught nearly everyone in the country, and won. He was truely the best fighter. Even after his adopted son, Bakohryu left. Even after Nagi, his girlfriend was killed by the heartless, his friends, all of then were killed by the heartless.

He has sworn revenge on anyone that is involved in the ordeal. He plans on using his skills as a fighter, and his skills as a wolf to kill them all.

please let me know if I need to change anything.
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Name: Dante Kara

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: [url=http://photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=dante.jpg]Dante[/url]

Weapon: The sword on his back which is an extremely long claymore with two grooves along each side of the blade going from the handle to the tip.

Group: Resistence

Bio: Dante yawned as he threw another dart into the target getting another bullseye. "There is nothing to do" He heard a door shut as a girl sat on his desk. "What do you want Trish"

Trish frowned as he caught the dart in midair that Dante had just thrown. "Is that all you do is just sit around all day?"

Dante rocked back in his chair and propped his feet on his desk. "Until a castle or cave needs to be cleaned out yes. You have a problem with that?"

Trish shook her head as she walked into the kitchen. "I still can't see why you had to build your house behind your office"

Danteclosed his eyes and smiled. "Because I didn't want to walk to work everyday"

Trish let out a sigh as she came back into the room. "You are the most laziest person ever. I didn't think you were like that from the first time I met you"

Dante couldn't help but laugh. "Thank you. It was about time you said somthing nice for a change"

Trish brought her hand back to hit Dante when the door flew open and a man came in panting.

"Dante....there are ....creatures...attacking the... city" He leaned against the door frame trying to catch his breathe.

Dant e jumped out of his seat taking his sword off the wall at the same time. "What do they look like?"

The man's eyes went wide as suddenly his heart came out of him and his skin went black.

Dante scratched his head as the man changed into a weird looking monster. "He looks kinda like a demented jester" He swung his sword as the creature lunged, splitting it in half. He looked out the door. "What the..." People were screamaing and running as different sorts of creatures chased them, all having the same balck skin an they either had a heart shaped hole in them or a heart with an x in it. People fell as their hearts left them then they too became a creature. "Hey Trish, looks like we got our work cut out for us" He cut three down then didn't here an answer. "Trish...?" He turned to see a hung one holding her by the waist as she lay unconcsious in its hands. Dante frowned. "Alright drop her or no treats for you" He lunged as it disappearred into a dark void. "Crap...now I'm mad" He charged out into the streets slcing any that were near him. Voids appeared in random places as more kept appearring. When ever he cut one two took its place. "Looks like this is it."

A shadow came over him making him turn around and come face to face with a three stroy tall giant monster. "I like the shorter ones better" Its fist came down as he rolled out of the way. "Force edge" The blade grew as he took out both legs making it crash into the ground. "One down.." A ripple through the ground sent him into a cart. The ground began breaking away around him. He peered over the edge and saw a dark void underneath. "Come on" He tried to move an saw tendrils of darkness coming up around him. "Why does it always have to be darkness. Why can't they be red or blue."

[I]Do not fight the darkness. Let it lead you to the light. There you will meet your new king[/I]

"King? What the...?" The arms came up around him making him black out.
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Name: Isaac
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Isaac is a head-strong, silent, and loal warrior, who shows his fighting skills on the battlefield. he is a formidable fighter, and is a good companion to have at your side.


Weapon: Long Sword
Group: Defender

Bio: Isaac was born is a town called Vale, a town filled with many adepts, those who can control one of the four elements, earth(Venus), fire(Mars), water(Mercury), wind(Jupiter). Isaac is a Venus adept. His friends in Vale, are Jenna, Mars adept, and Garet,another Mars Adept, and they lived in tranquility, until one day, when Isaac was 14.

A pair of menacing Mars Adepts from a northern colony, Saturos and Menardi, attempted a raid upon Mt. Aleph, desiring to take the Stars for their plot to fire up the four lighthouses of the world, apparently wanting to restore Alchemy to Weyard. However, they failed to solve the riddle blocking their way and triggered a trap, causing the mountain to react with a terrible thunderstorm that in turn caused a giant boulder to be dislodged, crashing through the town below, seemingly killing several of its inhabitants. Isaac's father, and Jenna's family, both parents, and brother(who we later find out is alive), are killed by this boulder. Since that day Isaac and his friends agree one day to assist Kraden, an elderly scholar researching Alchemy, in his ambitious research, and explore Sol Sanctum to study the Stars inside, despite the fact that it is off limits by the town legislature.

Kraden?s group makes it into the innermost chamber of Sol Sanctum, where the four stars await on pedestals. Against what should have been his better judgement, Kraden orders Isaac and Garet to remove them and bring them back, and the boys collect three of the four stars. Then trouble: Saturos and Menardi appear with an extended entourage of two others and apprehend Jenna and Kraden. The other two people are Alex, a debonair Mercury Adept with apparently strong Psynergy talents, and none other than Felix, Jenna?s long-lost brother, who Saturos explains was saved by him after the boulder disaster three years ago, and is now part of their quest to activate the Lighthouses and restore Alchemy to the world. Isaac and Garet are understandably as shocked as the other two, but they decide to comply with this group?s orders and give them the three stars.

But as Isaac and Garet are made to remove the fourth star, the entire area starts trembling under the influence of a volcanic eruption, and Saturos? group is forced to flee with the three stars they have and Jenna and Kraden as their hostages. Isaac and Garet are left behind with the Mars Star they have, and they soon come face-to-eye with the monolithic guardian of Mt. Aleph, a humongous stone entity known as the Wise One. The Wise One declares that the process of the revival of Alchemy has begun, and explains that Alchemy is a devestating force that must never be allowed back onto Weyard, so he tasks Isaac and Garet to pursue Saturos? band across Weyard and prevent them from activating the Ligthouses and returns the two outside Sol Sanctum as Mt.Aleph erupts. The two have been saved.

Later, the two explain everything that happened at a town meeting in Vale, and relate the appearance of the Wise One before them and his command to Isaac and Garet to chase Saturos? band and prevent them from unleashing the apparently deadly consequences of Alchemy?s return. After measuring all circumstances involved, including the capture of Kraden and Jenna by apparently her own brother Felix and the Wise One's description of Alchemy's destructive consequences, the townspeople agree that the responsibility falls on Isaac and Garet to set out on this urgent quest and save all of Weyard.
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Can't do that, because that is one of the worlds we are going to. If you sign up as Llyod that will be the last defender. I still need the keyblade master. I am making it only one instead of two. That is one of the last three spots still open

Here is the list of people who are in.

sinsa-who still need to change your person to an actual character in the game of the world you are defending.
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EYAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *barely makes it in*
Forcystus: 0_o How did she make that slide?!
Kvar: Beats me.
Lloyd: Aah! Desians! *kill, kill, kill!*
Forcystus: Run away! Run away! *runs away*

Hm... how ToS works in a Kingdom Hearts roleplay I have no idea, but what the hey, I once played one of these things as Loz from Advent Children (I was NOT crying!).

Name: Lloyd Irving
Age: About 18, since this takes place after the ToS game, I presume.
Gender: Male, you were expecting otherwise?
Personality: Amazingly blunt and yet he somehow STILL manages to miss the obvious. Hates half-elves who follow Desian teachings with a bitter passion, related to his mother's tragic death when he was three. Has just recently discovered (SPOILER) that the other half of his heritage was a certain seraphim, and is still learning to use his wings (CLOSE SPOILER).
Appearance: Gimme a moment to find a pic I can link to...
Weapons: Self-trained in the practice of twin blades, Lloyd has by experience and some excellent tutoring by single-blade specialists become a master of the Dual-Wielding technique... to the point of being quite incompetent without two swords in hand.
Heck, he's pretty incompetent anyway.
Lloyd's mother Anna, a subject in a mysterious experiment, fled from a Desian human-ranch facility with her child, but due to the powerful Exsphere embedded and then harshly removed from her hand became a rabid monster, only just sane enough to entrust little Lloyd to a dwarf she encountered before going mad and being destroyed.
Lloyd was three at the time.
Raised by the dwarfen artisan and craftsman Dirk, Lloyd learned much of dwarven technology and crafting, and he educated himself in sword-fighting, choosing a twin-blade style because two swords deal twice the damage.
When she turned sixteen (seventeen?) Lloyd's childhood friend and secret sweetheart Colette set out on a mission as the Chosen of Mana: to become the angelic embodiment of the Goddess Martel and restore the flow of life-giving mana to the world of Sylverant. Not one to let go of someone he grew up with, Lloyd set out to join Colette and coaxed their mutual friend, a witty young pure-elf named Genis Sage, to go with him. Genis's older sister Raine and a mysterious mercenary named Kratos were already accompanying Colette, Raine out of a psychotic love for all things ancient and Kratos supposedly for money.
The first part of Colette's journey involved making a difficult transformation from human to angel, then to a vessel for the Goddess to inhabit. First she lost the need and desire to eat and grew wings, next she lost all need to sleep, and her hearing and vision became hyper-acute. Lloyd caught on to what was happening after a fight with an assassin girl named Sheena wounded Colette, who had lost the ability to feel pain. After losing even her capacity for speech, Colette communicated her wishes by tracing letters to form words on Lloyd's hand.
A truce was formed with Sheena the assassin, who explained that she had been sent to kill Colette because an alternate world called Tethe'alla depended on the same supply of mana.
At last, Colette was able to pray that she would become the Goddess's avatar, and at last the cruel treachery of the angelic organization Cruxis came into play. To become a vessel for Martel, Colette was made to give up even her soul, at which point the angel Remiel, a guiding force pretending to be Colette's father (even though she already had a human father, Remiel was supposed to be her angelic father), revealed that he intended to steal Martel's vessel and use it to bargain for more power with the leader of Cruxis, the enigmatic seraphim Yggdrassil, rumored to have connections with the legendary hero Mithos. Lloyd and his companions proved equal to the challenge of defeating Remiel without Colette's aid, as Colette had already given her soul.
And here Kratos the so-called mercenary turned, revealing himself to be another of Cruxis's leading seraphim, and again Lloyd was forced to battle someone he thought an ally.
Seeking the cause of the commotion, Yggdrassil himself arrived to assess the situation and take the vessel Colette had left for himself, but Lloyd, enraged now that Colette would be so used-- would LET herself be so used-- took the fight to the leader of Cruxis himself. Niether side claimed victory, as Yggdrassil decided his time would be better spent waiting for Lloyd to either let down his guard or come for him.
Sheena proposed, seeing the state of disrepair that Sylverant was in, that the entire group escort her back to Tethe'alla, where she might seek help from the priests and so forth of the Church of Martel there.
Tethe'alla's Chosen of Mana, a playboy and rampant womanizer by the name of Zelos, quickly noticed the females of the party, but paid them no mind, even though the now-soulless Colette threw him clean across a crossroads (proving that in losing her soul, she had acquired immense strength). After meeting with a similarly soulless but very pretty young girl named Presea (who promptly caused Genis to stutter), the group again encountered Zelos, and now he joined them, a swordsman who filled the vacancy Kratos had left. Presea proved handy with an axe that probably weighed more than she did, and was eventually noticed by a convicted murderer and prisoner named Regal.
Colette's transformation into an angel and then a soulless being had been triggered by the holy Cruxis Crystal bestowed on her as the Chosen of Mana, which turned out to simply be a fancier and glorified Exsphere much like the one which had transformed Lloyd's mother long ago into a beast, like the one which had turned Genis's friend Marble into such a creature. Presea had an Exsphere designed to emulate a Cruxis Crystal embedded in her throat (the customary place for a Crystal), which had sucked out her soul without turning her into an angel.
The convict Regal, who joined the party, was the heir to a family whose business was mining the stone for Exspheres, which were powered by the souls taken from humans in the Desian human-ranch installations. He recognized the Exsphere on Presea as being the one which had ruined a girl named Alicia, with whom he'd been in love. This also brought out the fact that as Regal was in his early thirties, Presea had been twelve for sixteen years now!
Lloyd did his best to create a Key-Crest necklace for Colette, to limit the powers of her Crystal, out of materials for a bracelet he had intended to give to Genis's friend Marble, and after a fight with the Grand Cardinal Pronyma of the Desians, Colette recovered her soul.
After many adventures, the group discovered that Yggdrassil of Cruxis really WAS the legendary hero Mithos, a half-elf, and that his only goal in the world was to be reunited with his long-dead sister... Martel, who had never been a goddess in the first place. Mithos had lost his own soul to become the angel known as Yggdrassil, and many of the angels had once been humans or half-elves whose souls were likewise removed.
A Key Crest for Presea, which had to be made of different materials, was finally procured.
Lloyd found that the father he had never even thought of wondering about was Kratos, the seraphim mercenary, and that he was himself part-angelic in nature.
After a final battle with Mithos which shook both worlds, Lloyd and Colette called on the help of the mystical Summon Spirits to ressurect the great World Tree which created the mana that both worlds needed to thrive, and the newborn Tree's roots bound the two worlds together as one, to be inseparable until the end of time.
--- --- ---
Oh my god that took forever. And I don't know hardly anything that happens in ToS between Colette regaining her soul and the final fight with Mithos. I completely left out the rampage against the Desians, Lloyd's tiff with Forcystus, Kratos's fate, EVERYBODY's fate, etc.

If I'm playing Lloyd, can I have wings? *eager* It's really the only thing that would make this kid worth playing, there is NOTHING between his ears. He scored 25 out of 400 on a test and announced that it was his personal best ever.
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Seeing as I have five defenders that is it. I still need keyblade master and several more resistance fighters. Please note that they can be from any game since resistance fighters' worlds have already been destroyed and they fight where needed.
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Guest SonxofxSora
Name: Kai
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Good fighter, not much for speaking
Appearance: NiK
Weapon: Keyblade Oathkeeper
Group: Keyblade Master

Born in the not too distant future, Kai comes back in time to save his father(Sora), and mother(Kairi), from a terrible fate that lies ahead. Armed with his Keyblade, he fights to save his future and for the fate of his parents.
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