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RPG Digimon Online Survival [E]


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ooc: Sorry it's so long and these 3 characters will only be in this first post so don't use them.

Vince (Leader): Gabumon, Garurumon, Weregarurumon, Metelgarurumon
Suzy: Biyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon, Pheonixmon
Ivy: Salamon, Gatomon, Angewomon, Magnadramon

"Come on everyone hurry!" shouted Vince an 18 year old tamer who along with Suzy and Ivy was the first to get thier digimon to the mega level to defeat Millenniumon. "If those [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/Flymon.gif]Flymon[/URL] and [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Snimon.gif]Snimon[/URL] catch us we're done for." he shouted as he encouraged his Garurumon that he was riding on to pick up the pace. Vince looked over head to see Suzy with her arms wrapped around her Birdramon's legs and Mira, Ivy, and Gatomon on top of Mira's digimon Aquilamon.

"We can't keep running we have to fight them, they're getting closer and closer." yelled Suzy as she looked back to see the insectoid digimon gaining on them. As Vince looked to see he knew that she was right and they had to fight back. "Attack!" commanded Vince as his Garurumon turned around as did the other digimon. "Howling Blaster!" A powerful beam of blue energy blasted from the wolf digimons mouth taking out a couple of the Snimon. "Meteor Wing!" Birdramon flapped her wings and several balls of fire that looked like meteors were hurled at several Flymon. "Lightning Paw!" the tiny cat digimon used her powerful punch and jumped from Snimon to Snimon knocking them all down.As the tamers began to celebrate they looked up after they heard what sounded like a witch laughing, it was [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/LadyDevimon.gif]Ladydevimon[/URL] an ultimate digimon.

"Let's see how you fare against a real digimon." she said as she prepared to attack.
"Meteor Wing!" cried Birdramon but Ladydevimon effortlessly fought through the barrage of meteors."Lightning Paw!" Gatomon charged towards Ladydevimon but was thrown to the grown like a stuffed animal."Howling Blaster, Blast Rings!" Garurumon's powerful beam of blue energy and Aquilamon's blast of rings combined into a powerful multicolored blast that exploded upon contact of Ladydevimon but to no affect."My turn. Darkness Wave!" None of the digimon could withstand Ladydevimon's attack.

"I'm sick of this.......Digivolve again!" yelled Vince. Garurumon, Birdramon, and Gatomon looked at their tamers as all the digivices began to glow except for Mira's.
"Garurumon digivolve to.....Weregarurumon."
"Birdramon digivolve to..... Garudamon."
"Gatomon digivolve to..... Angewomon."
Mira was amazed at how different the digimon looked in their ultamate forms and so was Ladydevimon but in a different way. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1](This video show what happens in the red text but disregard the buildings, and this takes place during night not day.)[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Aquilamon and Angewomon flew toward Ladydevimon but she blasted down Aquilamon with her Evil Wing attack."No Aquilamon." cried Mira as she stood beside Ivy. "Stay back Mira this is dangerous." he replied. "Aquilamon!" yelled Angewomon as she tried to help but was pulled back by Ladydevimon. The angel digimon and fallen angel digimon stared at each other for seconds before a cat fight broke out. As Garudamon and Weregarurumon grew closer Ladydevimon knew she couldn't defeat them all but she smiled then disappeared. The digimon looked around to see where she went to but didn't see anything.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]Suddenly [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/Daemon2.gif]Daemon[/URL] appeared and Vince recognized him as a Mega digimon he knew that to defeat him the digimon would have to digivolve once agian. "Everyone you have to digivolve to your mega levels." he shouted. "But we can't, we are still weak from our battle agianst Milleniummon, we were barely able to digivolve to ultimate." explained Weregarurumon. The 4 tamers looked as if they knew the world was going to end they didn't know what to do but then Vince snapped out of it and got a fiery look in his eyes a look that Weregarumon knew all to well. Vince digivice followed by Ivy's and Suzy's giving their digimon more strength but no enough to digivolve to mega.
"Wolf Claw!"
"Wing Blade!"
"Celestial Arrow!"
The digimon launched their attacks toward Daemon but to no affect, as the continued fighting Vince ran over to Mira. "Go!" he said. "What!" Mira replied in confusion. "Look we don't have much time but if we survived then that must mean other tamers out there did as well go you have to find them together maybe you can find a way to fix this." Although she was in shock she knew what she had to do and agreed with him. She got on top of Aquilamon and was off looking back as the others stayed to fight a battle they knew they couldn't win.

ooc: At this point thousands of kids that are normally in the digital world are gone except for a select few (us) and none of us know anything about what is going n but when we all get together I will bring in another charcter that will explain everything.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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His eyes slowly opened. He was on his back and he could see it was slighly dark out. He felt so tired. Did he sleep so long it made him even more tired? Or was it just his imagination? He suddenly felt a pain in his side. He leaned up slowly with a grunt. He looked next to him and a large mound of white and blue fur was next to him snoring lightly.

"Watch that horn will you..." He groaned as he stretched and yawned.

The fur stopped snoring and stirred a bit, "I cant help it if I have sharp edges."

The boy smiled," They should have had a warning lable on you,'Warning: Contains sharp objects, Not made for kids under the age of 12' something like that eh?"

"Not funny Azari. Anyways are you alright now?"

[i][b]"Uh Gabumon, what happend? And which member of the group did you belong to anyways?"[/b][/i]

The fur shuffled around and sat up. It was a reptillian creature with a white and blue fur draped over its body, all held up by the long sharp horn coming out of his head. He had a strange design on his belly and sharp nails on his feet and hands.. Even the fur had arms and claws but they werent much use.

[i][b]"Well after you passed out I went to sleep next to you to keep you warm, you looked cold after all. And I belong to the girl Zalina. She went off in search for your partner who was scared away."[/b][/i] Gabumon yawned showing his many teeth white teeth.

[i][b]Azari nodded, "I meant before that. Zalina huh, Thats the girl me and Rraikmon didnt have time to introduce ourselves to before all this happened."[/b][/i]

"Oh, You cant remember? Well something went terribly wrong and people vanished. You know like-"

"Like they were deleted. That is what you were going to say. I remember parts of it."

"Yeah everyone in our party froze and vanished, [i][b]well except for you and Zalina of course.[/b][/i] You paniced and shortly there after you passed out."

"I dont like being alone. I havnt since I was very young. And seeing everyone just vanish and notice how alone I was made me panic a bit."

"You can say that but your not alone." Gabumon sounded quite offended that the fact that Azari would even say he didnt like being alone when he was standing right next to him.

"You know what I mean though right gabumon? Oh well, So what next?"

Gabumon dusted his fur off lighty, "I am not sure. [i][b]Wait for Zalina now I guess"[/b][/i]

OOC EDIT: everything that is bold and italic is what i either added or edited to fix my post so it doesnt seem like gabumon is his partner.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Rubbing his head, Haru opened his eyes seeing nothing infront of him expect the sky. He closed his eyes as he sat, to avoid dizzness and looked around, he was alone. Which was strange, considering that he had been in a fight only moments before when funny things had started to happen.

"Alright Haru, calm down and try and remember what happened." He spoke to himself.

It started off as his oppenents digimon dissappearing and at the time Haru had been stunned, he hadn't barely attacked the digimon and then his tamer began to fade.And then....what happened after that?

He couldn't remember, no matter how hard he tried. As he pushed himself off the ground he felt something smooth and retreated his hand quickly and looked beside him. His eyes widened as he grinned, so he wasn't alone.


The purple dragon-like digimon stirred and looked over at Haru, rubbing its scaly horn with his hand that had drill like claws on the tips.

"My head hurts."

"Do you remember what happened to us after that tamer and his digimon dissappeared?"

"Ya, you went down like a sack of potatoes, why?"

"You don't think it's weird that we're all alone?"

"A little but, hey, why worry?"

"True, I guess your right."

With that said, Haru pushed himself off the ground and stood looking around the barren field.

"It's just way to quite for the digital world." He whispered to himself causeing his digimon to stare at him funny. Catching the gaze Haru smiled and instantly became very animated, rubbing the back of his head in a embarised way,

"Nothing, nothing don't worry about it! Come on Monodramon lets get out of here."

Doing as his tamer said, Monodramon stood also and started off in no particular direction, keeping his ears open for any abnormal distrubences. If his tamer didn't feel combertable here then he shouldn't either.[/COLOR]
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[font=Courier New]out of character: Sorry about that me and Frankie had a bit of a slight mix up, and I am kind of silly like that... We talked about it and I figured out how to solve the problem. I will post my first post and then she can edit hers or something so check it out for slight differences...[/font]
[font=Courier New]---------[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]Zalina stepped over a cold rock and around a bush before she let out a sigh. She was tired of chasing after this digimon but knew she had to so kept going. She turned around a tree and ducked under its low branches. There at the base sat a large dog like digimon. It was white with blue stripes. I was also wearing a collar and its body from the collar down was slightly transparent as it lay there.[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]Zalina smiled, "Why do you keep running?"[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]"Why is everyone vanishing? Will I vanish too?" It said in a light childish voice.[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]"I, I really dont think so. I think what made the others vanish is gone now. What I do know is you need to return to your tamer. I left my partner with him while i looked for you but you should really go back now. He might need you."[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]The digimon stood up and her body turned solid. "Oh my! I forgot about Azari. I cannot beleive I let myself panic and leave him like that."[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]"Oh I wouldnt worry, moments after it happend he passed out so I dont think he knows you left him. So what was your name again?"[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]The digimon nodded, "I am Rraikmon. You are Zalina are you not? One of the newcommers to the group. Azari and I both saw you talking to the leader but all this happend before we could introduce ourselves."[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]"Yeah, My partner Gabumon is watching over your friend now so lets go back."[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]The dog nodded and began to sniff her way back to her friend. Her shoulders were up to Zalina's waist and her body was long. She sniffed a few more times and decided to run. Zalina ran along with her. A few moments later they arrived in the clearing where Azari and Gabumon now sat.[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]Gabumon leaped up and ran to Zalina, "Your back! Thats great!"[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]"So you are Zalina. Nice, Well thank you and gabumon for helping I guess. Oh Rraikmon there you are."[/font]
[font=Courier New] [/font]
[font=Courier New]"I am sorry for running away when I did, I just did not want to vanish like the others in our group."[/font]
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Azari nodded, "I understand, But because I am here I think you would not have vanished either. Anyways what are we going to do now?"

Zalina yawned and looked around, "Its late, Sleep I guess. And once the sun is up I suppose we can look for others. I mean you and I couldnt be the only ones walking around..."

"You are right but I just woke up and so I am starting to not be tired anymore. You guys can sleep and I will keep an eye out for signs of others like us or hostile digimon." He said walking towards the nearest climbable tree.

A few mments later he was on a high branch looking out over the forest. He was in a good spot where he could see below most of the branches as well. He glanced down at the others. Gabumon was curled up next to Zalina and they both seemed to be resting already. Rraikmon was no where to be seen though.

"You know, you are going to watch over or protect someone you do not even know? I find that odd." Rraikmon said appearing right in front of him as if out of nowhere. What was stranger still was that all you could see of her was from the collar up. A floating head in the tree canopy. 'Just another day in digiland' he thought.

"It is what we did in the group. You should know that by now."

"She is an outsider. Even the others thought that about us when we first joined."

"But they still protected us, even if we caused them trouble. Remember the ninjamon that were after us. That caused quite a bit of trouble for them but they fought them and helped us anyways. I dont judge by first meeting someone. If she tries to kill you or me, THEN I will worry."

Rraikmon floated around him, "I guess you make a good point. So what is our next stop?"

"You heard us talking. Find other survivors I guess."
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]"Oh my god, I can't believe what just happened back there." said Mira with tears pouring down her face. "Uhhh Mira please calm down, don't cry." said Aquilamon with confusion in his voice he didn't know what to do. "How can I calm down Aquilamon I just left my friends who just so happened to be the most powerful tamers in the digital world to die I mean there is no way they could have defeat that digimon. How are we ever going to bring them back?" Mira continued to cry. "Look.....we're the only one's here." Aquilamon replied. Mira looked up to see what her digimon was talking about.

"Your right, I though what happend only happened in the northern sector of the digital world were we were but it's all over. Peoples bags and other belongings are just scatered around as if they just up and left without them." replied Mira but she knew that they didn't leave, it was something else the same thing that happened to the group of tamers she was training with and she knew it had something to do with them not being able to return to the real world but she didn't know exactly what.

"Mira we've been wondering around for nearly and our and I'm getting tired, I can't stay in this form much longer." said Aquilamon. "Yeah I'm getting a little tired myself. Look there's a forest up ahead we can rest there." replied Mira. As soon as Mira and Aquilamon reached the forest Mira got off of Aquilamon and he dedigivolved back to Hawkmon. As they walked through the forest they saw a dog like digimon with blue stripes that they mistook for an enemy. "Get him Hawkmon." cried Mira, Hawkmon then jumped in front of her and grabbed the feather on the back of his head then threw it at the dog like digimon. "Feather Strike!"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: I assume you mean rraik of course


Azari was sitting there very quietly, he had heard some noise but thought it was just the tree branches. After a few minutes he had forgotten about it. That is untill he heard footsteps. He hid behind a branch and peered through the leaves to locate who was making the noise. He saw a red bird like digimon and a girl. She shouted something and the bird went into action.

Azari watched as the attack flew at Rraikmon.

Rraikmon's ears perked up at hearing the sounding of the attack. She frowned and growled. She seemed to vanish almost completely. her body was like mist, just barely visable. The attack flew right through her. You could see in her eyes it still hurt but not as much as it would have if it had hit her directly. She opend her mouth to return fire but suddenly Azari was in front of her.

He had lept down from his hiding spot in the trees and landed right in front of her. The bird digimon was startled and Azari made a noise as if to say "back off"

"So whats the big idea huh? You guys normally attack random people?"
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]As Hawkmon's feather returned and he caught it Mira was stunned to see another tamer. "Oh my gosh we are so sorry for attacking you it's just when we saw your digimon we thought that she was evil. We've been fighting evil digimon all day." as Mira continued apologize she paused as the ground started to shake. It shook so hard that it woke a tamer and her Gabumon sleeping next to each other as the sound grew closer and closer the 3 tamers and their digimon hid behind a very large tree as to avoid being spotted by the large creature. Mira took out her d-terminal to look up the digimon and discovered it was [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/DarkTyrannomon.jpg]Darktyrannomon[/URL] as Hawkmon got up preparing to fight Mira pulled him back down. "You don't have the stength to digivolve remember, your going to get us killed." Mira whispered to her digimon as the large footsteps of Darktyrannomon disappeared. Mira stood up and faced the other tamers across from them. "Look a few hours ago when everyone started disappearing the portal to the real world closed and as the group of tamers I was traveling with was trying to fix it we were attacked by this powerful mega level digimon and his henchmen but I was the only one to escape and know I have to find the few remaining tamers left so we can rise up agianst them and bring back all the kids that disappeared, will you guy's help me?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Zalina and Gabumon both yawned at the same time which made Azari and Rraikmon want to do the same. Zalina thought about what this new girl had said and wondered what she could actually do to help her.

"Ill Help, Whats your name?" She asked.

"Mira. And this is my partner hawkmon."

Zalina smiled, "Nice to meet you, My name is Zalina and this is my partner Gabumon. We were in a large group of tamers and they all vanished. Me and Azari are the only people left. If there is a way to save everyone and bring them back I am all for it."

"As Am I!" Gabumon said throwing a fist into the air as if to cheer for the idea. He seemed rather confident.

She was still rather new at the digimon thing but she felt confident enough to give it a try. After all, Mira couldnt do it alone.
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[color=royalblue]Zuri and Oramon were walking around in an empty cave they had accidentally discovered a few days before Milenniummon was destroyed. In fact, neither of them knew much about Milenniummon because they had never seen him. They had been in the cave all that time, adventurous enough to explore its depths. Occasional Digimon had been met along their journeys through the ground, but few were enemies, and those that were were Champion level or lower, and thus Oramon could manage by Digivolving.

Just a few hours ago, the two had discovered a stream and decided to follow it. This stream kept getting wider and wider until it was big enough to swim in, and soon they encountered a steep uphill climb, waterfalls lining the edges. When they reached the top of this, they found a broken mine cart--apparently it had been used to collect pieces of the sapphire walls in certain areas of the cave. The present starts with Zuri and Oramon putting together a sort of raft out of the mine cart--all they really had to do was plug up the holes in the bottom of the wooden part of the cart. After that was done, Zuri pushed the cart into the spring at the top of the waterfall. The path ahead was a tunnel that curved off to the left--it looked like a stone waterslide with the wider river.

"You're sure this isn't too dangerous..." Oramon wondered as Zuri climbed into the cart.
"Just keep your light on," Zuri instructed, referring to the glow emitting from Oramon's ectoplasmic body and especially the crystal fastening her robe. "It is really fate that will get us out of this. Divine forces now compel us to ride--so therefore let our souls rest with them, and the fate that awaits us--not only at the end of the river, but on what lies past it, what sort of world lies outside this abyss."

After that there was a moment of silence--foreboding, almost haunting silence. It was much different from mere quietness, which was not true anyways given the nature of the gurgling cascade behind. And then, a little spark out of the shadows, a little push of the water--they were off.

Zuri's senses sprang awake the second she noticed the cart transcending the edge of the spring and sliding down the tunnel beyond. What Zuri didn't anticipate was the short yet steep incline that dropped from the spring--this gave the cart a great burst of speed along a comparatively level tunnel. Within seconds the river took a sharp turn to the left along the tunnel, making the cart bank quite a bit against the wall but luckily not turn over. This felt more like a bobsled ride than anything else.

As the cart darted down the tunnel, Oramon held on to Zuri's head--she couldn't fly fast enough to catch up with a speeding cart. Her luminosity helped guide the way--at first the tunnel seemed quite smooth, just like a waterslide. The cart went through a fairly twisty path yet never gained or lost speed. But after a while, the river levelled off. Zuri was just about to sigh with relief when she saw a small rock jutting out of the river ahead. This rock would have caused the cart to crash and capsize, but Zuri quickly saw a solution.
"Attack that rock!"
"Crystal Beam!" Oramon announced a split second after Zuri's command--apparently she was thinking the same thing. She fired a misty blue beam that split the rock into a few pieces. All of those pieces flew off and hit the sides of the tunnel. A second later, the cart zoomed through the spot where the rock had been just a moment before.

After this obstacle was cleared, the cart continued down the tunnel. All too soon, though, it made a turn to the right which was smooth--almost like a quarter-circle. After going around this turn, the tunnel floor ended--while the river went over a waterfall to the chamber below, the cart flew of the edge in all its speed. Then, it hit the water but stayed level, and it skipped over the edge a few times, just like a skipping rock. After a few skips, it hit the water firmly and slowed to a standstill.

As Zuri looked around, she saw a long, narrow cavern where the water ran through. It was very beautiful--the sapphire walls were very noticeable here and glistened marvelously in Oramon's light.
[i]So fate led us here,[/i] Zuri thought, smiling at the sight. Within the next few moments, the cart drifted off to the right and struck land--gently because of its drastically lowered speed and because the land it hit was covered in sand. This was no ordinary sand though--it was very sparkly, and Zuri figured it must be either pure white or the same shade of blue as the walls. Zuri then got out of the cart to take a look around--Oramon did the same.
"It is beautiful," Oramon said in a soft and tranquil voice which echoed pleasantly off the walls.
"Yes," Zuri aggreed. "I bet pirates would love to discover a place like this."
"Pirates only explore the oceans," Oramon added incredulously.
"Pirates are only treasure-seekers. I read about one group of them that headed up a river to find a treasure in the land they called El Dorado. But in this case it would be El... Azul, was it?" Zuri giggled to herself yet felt a little surprised--usually she did not come up with such jokes. Oramon giggled too--except out loud.

"A treasure that indeed, many have searched for and even seen," called an unfamiliar voice from the cavern. This caused Zuri and Oramon to fall silent--what caused that voice?
"But many a greedy folk have come here and attempted to steal treasure..." a second voice added.
"...And they never came back," a third, much deeper voice continued in a grave yet powerful tone.
"Reveal yourselves!" Oramon called as she cast her light on the source of the voice. Soon she and Zuri saw the source: a group of white, otterlike creatures with occasional blue stripes and cute, playful expressions. But standing among them was a giant, shaggy white creature with tusks and a horn.
"Who are you guys?" Zuri asked, trying her best not to sound rude or nervous.
"We are the Gomamon," answered the source of the first voice. "And this big fella is our leader, the great Ikkakumon. We are all gathered here to protect the natural beauty of this place, our home, our greatest treasure."
"Normally we are friendly and playful," answered the second Gomamon, "but many people that come here seek the treasure here, and they all are punished the second they touch the stone."
"By Ikkakumon?" Zuri clarified.
"By the great Zudomon!" boomed Ikkakumon. "I am not the true leader here--two other, more powerful guardians protect this place--in fact, it was they who have kept our haven safe from all evil Digimon, even the great Milenniummon. O Great Zudomon, O great MarineAngemon... These two have paired together to protect this place from thieves and pirates--those that have come here seeking treasure were destroyed and thrown out. The same fate will await you should you do the same thing."

Then Zuri made her fatal mistake.
"I am not a pirate," she promised, closing her eyes and placing her right hand near her heart as if making a vow. "Your place is so beautiful that I wish not to see it disturbed. I would never take any of those stones from..."
"Hey, great Ikkakumon!" one of the Gomamon interrupted. "Don't listen to her, this girl has already stolen from us!"
"What?!?" Ikkakumon roared. Then his face grew scary, though it didn't freak Zuri out really. But Ikkakumon bent down to get a closer look at Zuri, and his eyes widened when he saw Zuri's ring and earrings--they looked as if they had come from the very walls of the cavern for they happened to be the same shade of blue. Immediately after seeing this, Ikkakumon attacked, knocking Zuri to the floor with his humongous paw.

"What's going on?" Oramon wondered as Zuri fell.
At first Zuri was confused, but then she saw the situation. She held up her right hand so that Oramon could see the ring on it. Oramon then noticed that indeed the charm on it looked like it came from this very cavern.
"We gotta get out of here," Oramon whispered. "Ikkakumon will think we're thieves, and what about Zudomon--and MarineAngemon?"
"I don't even know who they are... but maybe we should just honestly explain that we did not steal anything, that we just came here on this cart and... Wait, Oramon, that's it!" Without time to explain the situation fully, Zuri whispered something to Oramon then leaped into the cart. Immediately, the cart was off.

[i]Remember karma, remember karma...[/i] Zuri thought as she began to drift away on the raft. She knew she was not a thief, and thieves always got punished by karma anyways. Knowing she had nothing to be punished for, she put her trust in fate and used a piece of wood inside the cart as a paddle to move on through the cavern. Meanwhile, Oramon flew over to Ikkakumon and tried to explain the situation. Ikkakumon seemed angry.
"Zuri is not a thief," Oramon tried to explain, "she just..." Then the same giant paw struck Oramon--or at least it tried to--it went right through the ghostly Digimon.
"Harpoon Torpedo!" Ikkakumon announced.
"Marching Fishes!" the Gomamon called in unison. All these attacks approached Oramon, the torpedo being the fastest--but at the last minute Oramon was able to dodge this. She shone more brightly to keep all the focus on her rather than Zuri, and she fired Crystal Beams at the walls, which reflected all around to give dazzling light shows which struck some of the Gomamon with awe. Ikkakumon wasn't fooled though--he began to call the great protectors.
"O Great Zudomon! Hear my call!" And as he started the chant that would awaken Zudomon, Oramon made plans for a different sort of summoning. The light around her shone more brightly, and soon it was so piercing that everyone--even Ikkakumon--was startled by it.
"Oramon Digivolve to..."
"...Cometramon!" The new Champion Digimon quickly fired the first attack.
"Neo Blast!" The attack hit Ikkakumon between the eyes, but it didn't do that much damage. Apparently Cometramon had kept its power to a minimum.

By that time the Marching Fishes were about to strike.
"Shadow Comet!" With Cometramon's next attack, she dimmed and darted around the room, just like a misty comet. This got the fish confused--they started crashing into each other.

Meanwhile, Zuri finally found the tunnel out of the cavern. Unlike the first one, though, this one was also steep and even speedier than the last one, and what was worse, Zuri had no light from Oramon to guide her. She could only adjust to the way the river bent--luckily it wasn't as twisty as the ladt tunnel. She could only hope there were no rocks...

Luckily, there were no obstructive rocks in that tunnel. However, all too soon the tunnel began to straighten out, and the cart picked up more and more speed--Zuri figured she must have been going over 80 miles per hour in that last stretch. And at the last minute, the tunnel curved up, and all of a sudden sunlight shone through, blinding Zuri who had barely adjusted to the darkness...

Below, the river ended in a tall waterfall that came down the side of a cliff. The heavy cart dropped down just ahead of it, but Zuri left go of the cart and went flying out into the air. As soon as she was able to open her eyes, she was surprised as she would never be able to survive the fall, yet she wasn't too panicky. She had a faint glimpse of the end, how painful or not it might be, and all the things that led to this moment... All the while, Zuri continued down--she was almost in a free fall towards the ground. She thought she could see people on the ground in the distance, but perhaps it was her imagination... With this final sight, Zuri closed her eyes, waiting for it to happen.

But it didn't. At some height off the ground still, Zuri was grabbed by the shoulders by a figure that flew out over the land. Noticing this, Zuri opened her eyes--she was still alive all right. Looking around her she saw the great view--and looking up she saw a fluttering white cape and a face that looked all too familiar.
[i]Cometramon![/i] Zuri rejoiced.

Minutes later, Cometramon landed near the group of people, still carrying Zuri. As they saw it, there were also Digimon in the group. A doglike Digimon with blue stripes, a blue and silver horned creature, a grayish dragon, and an eaglelike bird. Finally, Zuri and Ora... er, Cometramon... had found not only light but also company.[/color]

OOC: Sorry for the long post, it just seemed too intriguing to cut short...
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ooc: Once agian sorry for the length but it is all important.

As Mira smiled at the sight of yet another tamer she proceeded to walk over to greet the young girl and her digimon when suddenly they all heard an evil laugh that Mira knew all to well. The tamers and their digimon looked up to see Ladydevimon only this time she was not alone she was not alone she brought along some of her slaves the evil [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied2/images/Bakemon.gif]Bakemon[/URL]. "Hawkmon don't just stand there digivolve!" yelled Mira to her digimon as her digivice began to glow. "Hawkmon digivolve to..........Aquilamon!" As Aquilamon took to the sky Azari and Zalina looked to their digimon and their digivices also began to glow. " Rraikmon digivolve to.....Rylonamon","Gabumon digivolve to..........Garurumon!" Mira was amazed at the strength of Rraikmon's digivolved form and the speed of Gabumon's digivolved form even though she had see Garurumon before. The three digimon along with their new ally Cometramon began battling through the wave of Bakemon. "Grand Horn!", "Howling Blaster!", "Tail Slam!", "Neo Blast!" One by One the powerful champion level digimon used their attacks defeating the Bakemon in seconds but Ladydevimon seemed as if she didn't care as she lunged down toward them. "Blast Rings!", Neo Blast!" yelled Aquilamon and Cometramon as they blasted their attacks but as strong as they were Ladydevimon was just to powerful. "Black Wing!" in less than a second Ladydevimon's left claw was transformed into what looked like a jousting stick used by knights in mid-evil times. Ladydevimon attacked both Aquilamon and Cometramon simultaneously, the impact sent both of them back to there rookie forms then they fell from the sky. Shock could be seen across Mira's and Zuri's as they stuggled to catch their digimon before they hit the ground.

Then Ladydevimon turned to Rylonamon and Garurumon. "Darkness......" but before she could finish her attack she was interrupted by another. "[URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Frontier/Zephyrmon/Images/tn_hurricane-gale.jpg]Hurricane Gale[/URL]!" a powerful gale of wind hit Ladydevimon right in the back, the attack was so powerful she fell to the ground hitting it with a big thud. The tamers were amazed that something did that much damage to Ladydevimon when their own digimon couldn't as they looked in the sky they saw what looked like [URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Frontier/Zephyrmon/Images/zephyrmon-top.jpg]the most beautiful digimon ever[/URL]. "[URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Frontier/Zephyrmon/Images/plasma-pods2.jpg]Plasma Pods[/URL]!" the digimon crossed her arms together, pushed her knees back and gathered energy with her hands and legs. She then straightened her arms and legs back out and flew towards the Ladydevimon releasing the energy into a powerful blow. Ladydevimon was defeated then suddenly her data burst as all digimons as they die. "Execute...Slide Evolution...Kazemon" suddenly the beautiful digimon digivolved to [URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Gallery/image.php?twg_album=Kazemon&twg_show=006.jpg]another digimon [/URL] almost as beautiful as the last. "Fractul Code Digitize!" yelled Kazemon as [URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Gallery/image.php?twg_album=Kazemon&twg_show=346.jpg]she pulled out a digivice[/URL] but it was a different model than the [URL=http://onlinedigimon.com/images/Season%205/Digivice-IC-1.gif]IC[/URL] which the tamers had, she then poined it in the direction of Ladydevimon's scattered data which entered it. Kazemon fell to the ground visibly tired then dedigivolved, all 4 of the tamers mouth's dropped as the saw a human were the digimon sat, Mira more than the others. " Skye, Skye is that really you?" Mira was stunned to see that the girl was her best friend. Zalina walked over followed by Azari and the other tamer whom they were never properly introduced to with Garurumon and Rylonamon right behind.

"Yes it's really me and I'm so sorry I didn't tell you but my dad made me promise not to." Skye explained. "Your Dad." Azari added. "Yes My dad is one of the scientist's that made it possible for us to come to the digital world and he was working on a new program unlike anything before which allows for us humans to digivolve ourselves and become digimon, this process is called Spirit Evolution and it requiers this D-Tector digivice along with the spirits of ancient digimon. For each ancient digimon there are 2 spirits a human which have the power of champion digimon and a beast which have the power of ultimate digimon, mine are Kazemon and Zephrmon. My dad planned on creating 10 of these spirits but because he fell into a coma after a severe heart attack he was unable to finsh and had only created 4. The spirits of Fire, Light, Darkness, and mine Wind. I have been searching to see if any tamers survived the attack and I'm so glad to see that some did." Skye stated to the tamers who were all overwhelmed with all of this imformtion. "Attack?" replyed Zalina. " Yes, all of this was caused by an attack from the 4 digimon who have taken control of the digital world and destroyed the gate to the real world. [URL=http://thedigiport.com/02/Daemon.gif]Daemon[/URL] who contols the north, [URL=http://thedigiport.com/dex/duskmon.jpg]Duskmon[/URL] west, [URL=http://thedigiport.com/02/4.jpg]Blackwargreymon [/URL] south, [URL=http://thedigiport.com/beelzebmon.gif]Beelzemon [/URL] west." said Skye, wait a minute said Azari those are all mega. "Not all of them Duskmon is a Human Hybrid like I am when I am Kazemon you see somehow during [URL=http://thedigiport.com/dex/millenniummon_.jpg]Millenniumon's[/URL] attack when the computer systems at the digital headquarters in the real world were weak the spirts of darkness fell into the digital world and possed a digimon. I tried facing of against him 1 on 1 but I was no match because the spirts of darkness are the most powerful, I barely escaped. If we don't stop him he will find a way to use both the spirits to digivolve futher to the ancient mega digimon of darkness [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied/images/AncientSphinxmon.gif]AncientSphinxmon[/URL] then the 4 rulers will be unstoppable which is why we must go to the eastern sector of the digital world first and destroy him." Skye concluded and looked to the tamers who where so overwhelmed they were speechless.

ooc: gosh that took forever to write.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Azari was the first to say anything, "Well then ok. I am up for it. If its them who caused my group to vanish id love to rip them to pieces."

Rylonamon, who now had a deepr more female growl like voice stepped up next to him, "The same for me. Id love to take my claws and rip his data to bits. I had friends in that group, not to mention I find it completely wrong for someone to decide they can take over things."

Her tail swished from side to side like what a cat does sometimes. She let out a soft growl and looked at the other digimon. She was ready to fight, but were they?

Zalina and Garurumon nodded to each other, "I will go. What you can do is wicked awesome but wickedly powerful too. Our digimon couldnt even hurt that ladydevimon freak, so if that other guy is like you kinda, Yeah Ill help. Id rather defeat him before he figures out how to become even more powerful."

Garurumon watched his tamer speak and then growled, "Me too. You cant do it alone."

Zalina ran her hand over the fur on his forehead and smiled, "Always at my side. Its nice. So uh, when do we leave?"

ooc:girlofwolves is going away for the weekend (spring break weekend trip) and asked me to keep her character in this and going so thats why I added her into my post.
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]After the tamers rested for a little while befire they started on their journey toward the eastern sector and finally had a proper introduction with Zuri they began to wonder how they would actually go about how they were going to get there. "Ok how exactly are we going to get to the eastern sector, even if our digimon could get us there the digi-world is as big as the real one it could take days if not weeks for us to get to Duskmon's domain." said Mira as she looked to the digimon who had now all gone back to their rookie stages. "Don't you think I've already thought of that?" replied Skye. "Follow me." said Skye as she lead everyone out of the forest that they were in to see on the ground what looked like train tracks, she then whistled as hard as she could and what looked like a yellow train appeared. "We'll take [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/TrailmonKettle.jpg]Trailmon[/URL]." The tamers and their digimon quickly climbed aboard the train like digimon and he was off, faster than any of them expected.

"I knew it, I knew there were more of them." said a cold dark voice coming from a digimon looking at a screen which showed the tamers as they were riding on Trailmon. "Relax. They're headed to my domain, I'll take cared of them Daemon." Another digimon said as he walked up behind Daemon. "Execute...Slide Evolution...[URL=http://www.thedigiport.com/dex/velgemon.jpg]Velgemon[/URL]" The digimon was Duskmon but he had digivolved into another and took to the sky, soon after another digimon entered the room. "What damage isthat pathetic digimon going to do to those kids. He's not even a mega like us." said the digimon. "Well I guess we'll see won't we Blackwargreymon.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Azari and Rraikmon sat farther from the others on the trailmon. He didnt know any of them, not even Zalina and he felt kind of uneasy. Rraikmon noticed this and leapt up on the seat to his left and layed her large head across his legs. He gave her a faint smile and scratched behind her ears.

"Well I guess this means I should get some rest then huh?" he asked her.

She smiled and did not move, "Yup, I am not moving so your stuck in this very seat. Best get some rest. Thats what Iiiiiii aaaaam doing." She said with a yawn towards the end.

He wasnt very tired though. His body was tired but nothing else was. Even if he did try to sleep he didnt think he could. Not with so many strangers near him. It wasnt that they were really strangers now, they had been introduced after all, but he didnt know them and he wasnt very comfortable sleeping around people he didnt know very well. Perhaps once they got off this train he would sleep, perhaps not. It all depended on what was going to happen next.

OOC: Sorry, didnt have much to go with, its late and my brain is kinda dead but i have been waiting for a chance to post again so lol here i am. Oh and girl of wolves will be here at my place tomorrow (back from her trip) so she will most likely get a chance to post which is why I left her character out of my post.

[i][b]EDIT: Fixed some spelling, not sure i got it all but oh well.[/b][/i]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]As Trailmon entered the eastern sector Skye turned to the tamers to explain what they were about to face. "Okay you guys get ready, unlike every other evil digimon Duskmon works by him self himself he doesn't have any digimon followers..." Suddenly a big explosion occurred and Trailmon was knocked of his tracks, all the tamers and digimon were thrown from the Trailmon except Azari who was struggling to get out. "Azari!" cried Rraikmon as he began to run over and help him. "Wait, your arms aren't long enough to reach him let me." said Mira as she reached inside Trailmon who laid their motionless and slowly pulled Azari out.

When she finally got him out and they fell to the ground they looked up to see 3 flying digimon one with Duskmon on it's head. Mira used her d-terminal to look them up. "[URL=http://thedigiport.com/dex/devidramon.gif]Devidramon[/URL] champion level." she read of it. As the other 3 tamers began to run over they heard something behind them and as they turned around they saw 2 more digimon but they looke like spiders, Skye used her d-terminal to look them up. " [URL=http://thedigiport.com/dex/dokugumon.jpg]Dokugamon[/URL] also champion level." she read, as they continued to run toward Mira and Azari, they were surrounded. "Didn't you say he worked alone." said Mira to Skye who replied "Well things can change can't they?"

Duskmon jumped down off Devidramon and walk toward the tamers. "So if you are the digidestined why do you look so pathetic? I can't believe that your the best this miserable worl has to offer and to think that you actually hve the strength to defeat me.... Well if you want me you'll have to get past them. Execute Slide Evolution....[URL=http://www.thedigiport.com/dex/velgemon.jpg]Velgmon[/URL]" In his new form Duskmon took to the sky as his 5 minions moved closer toward the tamers when suddenly their digivices began to glow.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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ooc: I sure hope the others are thinking about posting sometime too, id hate to be the only other one here... perhaps pms are in order? Id hate for this to die...jsut because there are only three people...

Azari, still in a bit of pain from being thrown around in the trailmon and then yanked out onto the ground, sighed. If it wasnt one thing it was another. The digimon that supposedly worked alone brought along a bunch of friends.

Rraikmon was the first to digivolve. Her ears curled back and downwards and solidified into two large horns. Her skull shape changed and she got more blue stripes. She was now standing on her hind legs and each front paw had a band around it, not to mention sharp claws, She had several blue dots under her cat eyes and a long tail with four plates you would see on a stegomon. Her collar was bigger and more golden now. The stone hanging from it was no longer yellow but a light sky blue and it glowed brightly.

[i]"I wonder which one I should go after."[/i] She thought to herself, [i]"I only have one really good long distance attack for the flyers so perhaps ugly buggy would be a better choice. Sonic horns travles far but Tiger eye does not... Yup I guess its ugly spider butt kicking time." [/i]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]ooc: I think you're right Frankie I should pm the other players because I have so many ideas about what to do with this rpg and I don't want it to die either. Also my brother decided to join because he's trying to get back into digimon before the new season starts so he'll post when I'm done.

"She needs help Hawkmon digivolve." cried Mira as she watched Rylonamon take on the evil digimon alone. Hawkmon flew into the sky and within seconds became Aquilamon, as he flew higher 2 of the Devidramon followed him but the other 1 continued to move closer toward the tamers. "I'll take care of him you guy's run for it." yelled Skye as she pulled out her digivice but the others didn't budge. "Execute Spirit Evolution...Kazemon." The beautiful fairy-like digimon flew into action as she took on Devidramon.

"[URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Frontier/Kazemon/Images/love-tap.jpg]Love Tap![/URL]" cried Kazemon as she rammed her butt into Devidramon trying to infatuate Devidramon but it didn't work. "Crimson Claw!" yelled Devidramon but Kazemon was to fast and quickly doged the attack. "[URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Frontier/Kazemon/Images/tempest-twist.jpg]Tempest Twist![/URL]" Kazemon stood upside down then twirled her legs around and around using the power of the wind to create powerful kicks which she used to attack Devidramon. "Crimson Claw!" the attacks met head to head but as strong as she was Kazemon was no match for Devidramon, [URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Gallery/image.php?twg_album=Kazemon&twg_show=098.jpg]she fell to the ground [/URL] and then dedigivolved back to [URL=http://tdfn.dark-stars.net/Gallery/image.php?twg_album=Kazemon&twg_show=098.jpg]Skye[/URL].

Mira and Azari looked to their digimon who were still fighting of two digimon each when suddenly the gang felt the ground shaking, they looked up to see a giant dinosaur-like digimon that they all recognize because he is one of the most well know digimon [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Greymon.gif]Greymon[/URL]. "Nova Blast!" cried Greymon as he attacked the Devidramon that had just beatin Kazemon. Devidramon's entire body caught on fire as his data burst into nothingness. The gang looked over to see another tamer but he was bit older than them.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Masaru
Color of Digivice IC: Orange
Age: 18
Appearence: [IMG]http://thedigiport.com/masaru.gif[/IMG]
Digimon Parner/Digivolutions and Attacks: Agumon (Pepper Breath), Greymon (Nova Blast), MetalGreymon (Giga Blaster, Metal Claw), WarGreymon (Terra Force, Mega Claw)

Masaru walked over to Skye and helped her up to her feet. Suddenly Aquilamon and the 2nd Devidramon fell hard to the ground, Aquilamon had managed to defeat the 3rd Devidramon but couldn't manage agianst the 2nd. The final Devidramon landed right into the data of the 1 that Greymon had just defeated and used it to digivolve into [COLOR=DarkRed][URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/Mephismon.jpg][SIZE=1]Mephismon[/SIZE][/URL][/COLOR] but Masaru looked at Greymon and smiled as he held up his[COLOR=DarkRed][URL=http://thedigiport.com/screenshots/ep01/56.jpg][SIZE=1] digivice and it began to glow[/SIZE][/URL][/COLOR] and Greymon used the power of [COLOR=DarkRed][URL=http://thedigiport.com/screenshots/ep01/54.jpg][SIZE=1]Masaru's digi-template [/SIZE] [/URL][/COLOR] to digivolve."Greymon Digivolve to ...MetalGreymon."
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ooc: Yay more peoples, After i post this girlofwolves will post hers :) shes right here bugging me to hurry up.

Rylonamon roared loudly and leapt at the spider. It moved a leg to trip her in mid air but she saw this coming and used the weight of her tail to swing herself around and land on her right front claw. She launched herself into the air again and then flipped over to face the ground. She pointed the top of her head at the digimons back and began to hurtle downwards at it. She hear nearby that a new digimon had appeared and digivolved but she was to busy to pay any attention.

She saw the ugly bug preparing to send webs at her so her eyes began to glow a bright crimson red and a bright beam shot forth from her face and connected with the spiders own gaze. The spider stopped momentarilly and thats when Rylonamon slammed into her opponent skull first right into its back. It screeched and then slammed a long leg into Rylonamon sending her into the nearest tree.
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ooc: ANOTHER SEASON? Are you kidding me? I swear that i swore i thought they were stopping at four. I thought a fifth was like a faint dream, an impossible thing... holy cow. but now that i look at savers... i like the agumon (a little large...) and greymons extra details rock.

Howling blaster! A huge blue blast slammed into the spider that just sent Rylonamon into the tree. It came from the recently digivolved garurumon. He stood there in the dust with a snarl.

"Im not about to sit here and let other people protect us just because they can go past champion. I refuse to be saved all the time." He growled as he ran at the spider. He leaped into the air and slammed into the spider sending it back a bit.

By this time rylonamon was up again and her horns were sparkling. Both of them looked at each other and nodded. "Sonic Horns!" "Howling Blaster!"

The same blue blast mixed with a sonic ring attack that sparkled with the colors of the rainbow. It was only heard by the other digimon however. It was high pitched and annoying. What they heard was small compared to what the target heard though. It was a super powerful high pitched screech that would cause pain to the ears and brain.

The two attacks hit and in no time that one dokugamon vanished into little bits of data.

"Good Work! Right On Garurumon!" Zalina shouted, "Dont give them a chance to harm you or us!" You could tell by the way she talked that she wished she could be in there helping too, like what that one girl could do. Be the digimon. She wouldnt want to give up Gabumon but she would love to be able to fight back. Because she couldnt though she wanted to point all her confidence towards garurumon's abilities. If she couldnt help fight she would at least keep his spirits up.
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]ooc: I've decided on a new way to get our digimon to digivolve past champion because originally I was going to have us search for the digi-templetes by searching for them but I figure that will take to long so I've found a new way that will be revealed after we defeat Duskmon.

"Giga Blaster" yelled the MetalGreymon as he shot his powerful attack toward the other ultimate digimon Mephismon destroying him instantly. The MetalGreymon was a newly digivolved Ultimate and still new to it so he could not sustain his energy that long after attacking 2 digimon then he fell to one knee.

Suddenly Velgemon appeared and this time he was alone. "Dark Obliteration" yelled Velgemon as he shot 3 beams of dark energy at the weakened MetalGreymon who then fell to the ground. "Execute Slide Evolution...[URL=http://www.thedigiport.com/dex/duskmon.jpg]Duskmon[/URL]" After he had become Duskmon agian he put all 7 of the eyes around his body on MetalGreymon. "Deadly Gaze!" yelled Duskmon as each of the 7 eyes blasted powerful blood shot red beams of darkness toward the halg machine half dinosaur digimon. The blast was so powerful that MetalGreymon's data burst as if he were dead.

As Duskmon stood over the data using his skull like hand to absorb it Duskmon was suddenly struck down to the ground. "Aquilamon!" yelled Mira after her digimon used his Grand Horn attack to knock Duskmon to the ground. The little bit of MetalGreymon's data that remained was then turned into a digi-egg which floated to Masaru as he stood their speechless. Skye looked toward Duskmon with an angry look on her face "No we won't let you get away with this. It's time to put my game face on. Execute Beast Spirit Evolution......Zephyrmon" after Skye became Zephyrmon she Aquilamon, Rylonamon, and Garurumon all surrounded Duskmon they were not going to let him escape this time.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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After the death of his digimon partner and best friend had finally hit him Masaru fell to his knees, starring at the digi-egg he held in his arms. "Deadly Gaze!" yelled Duskmon as he blasted his toward the 4 digimon that surrounded him but they where only stunned for a few seconds. "Blast Rings!" cried Aquilamon, as Duskmon faught of Aquilamon's attack Garurumon and Zephrymon attacked. "Howling Blaster!","Hurricane Gale!" Duskmon fell to 1 knee after sustaining 2 critical hits. "Tail Slam!" yelled Rylonamon as she used her powerful tail to knock Duskmon face donw on the ground, it looked as if they had won.
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OOC: Sorry for the long break... but I'm in about 6 RPGs at once on various sites...
[color=royalblue][i]Everyone's Digimon are already at Champion level,[/i] Zuri thought, [i]but power isn't everything.[/i]
"Oramon," Zuri called quietly to the ghostly Digimon at her side, "I believe that soon it is time to enter this battle."
"Without Digivolving..." Oramon answered, sounding only the slightest bit surprised.
"There is a way," Zuri reassured as the two continued to watch the battle. Both of them kept hidden behind a tree.

Meanwhile, Duskmon lay face-down on the ground after suffering three serious hits. Yet as Aquilamon launched an attack meant to destroy Duskmon at last ("Blast Rings!"), Duskmon made a move that surprised him. But something else was happening at the same time...

At the last moment, right before Aquilamon's attack hit...
"Slide Evolution... Velgmon!"
...Velgmon flew out from the spot where he once lay as Duskmon.
"Whoa," Zalina commented. "How could he still have enough energy left to do that?"
"Beats me," Mira shrugged.

[i]Typical...[/i] Zuri thought, still hidden. [i]Dark creatures--maybe this applies to Digimon too--usually have mysterious supplies of energy at hand...[/i]
And at last, Zuri emerged from her hiding place, though none of the tamers nor their Digimon saw her. They only noticed when the all-seeing Velgmon spotted her.
"Perfect," Velgmon declared in satisfaction, "a new tamer to sink my teeth into." [i]No fool would be stupid enough to come here without Digimon.[/i]
Zuri, meanwhile, stood there with a blank expression on her face, hovering between fear and determination inside of her.

But as Velgmon was flying towards Zuri, a beam shot out of nowhere into one of Velgmon's eyes. Automatically, Velgmon turned back into Duskmon, but the eye (which was now the one on his chest) still flickered as if in pain.
"Sonic Horns!" The attack hit another Duskmon eye--Duskmon was distracted and befuddled by the beam out of nowhere. This frustrated Duskmon a bit, though two of his eyes had been damaged.
Three. Another unknown beam shot into another Duskmon eye--the right shoulder one.
Six. Now the only eyes left were on his head and his left foot.
In his rage, Duskmon took out his blade, which glowed an ominous crimson. The sight reminded the group of the Devimon lot. This he slashed around, hoping to cut through the source of the beam. It also blocked a few oncoming attacks by the other Digimon in the process.

And then it happened. Within less than a second, Duskmon had found the victim and slashed it badly. It was Oramon!
Zuri's heart lept at the sight of this, but though she was wide-eyed, she didn't panic too much. In fact, she ordered the others out of their shock...
"Come on people, don't distract from Duskmon!" Zuri commanded.
Though some still wore surprised looks, they soon re-entered the fight. While Duskmon was smiling (if you could tell), Zephyrmon, being very quick, was first to strike.
"Plasma Pods!" This attack knocked Duskmon back on the ground where he was before.
"Let's try this again!" Zephyrmon declared.
"Blast Rings!" Aquilamon's same move as before, followed by...
"Tail Slam!"
"Howling Blaster!"
These attacks finally made work of Duskmon--soon he was all data.

While the tamers cheered (and Zephyrmon turned back into Skye), Masaru smiled faintly as he sat there somberly, still holding his Digi-Egg. Yet he wasn't the only one...

Near the spot where Duskmon had been, Oramon hovered stiffly in the air, wincing quietly yet painfully. A large and prominent cut seemed to nearly slice her body in half horizontally, and out of it, wispy substances streamed out--sort of like blood but not really because Oramon was digital as well as part ghost.
Zuri, begining to feel nervous, walked up to Oramon in all her suffering, trying to make her feel as much better as possible.

But the instant Zuri touched her, Oramon exploded into a cloud of data.[/color]
OOC: Don't worry, this doesn't mean Zuri's out of the RPG--just wait and see.
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Azari watched as Rylonamon shrank to the size of a basketball. He walked over to the red lump of bright red fur. It had two little yellow eyes and a silver horn jetting up from its forehead. It sighed lightly as he picked it up and held onto it tightly so he wouldnt drop it.

"Ploymon, you fought so bravely. Goo job pal." The little red furball shivered a bit as if it were cold but he could tell it was just stress from the battles.

The little creature looked up at him, "Are the others all right?" He said in a small male voice.

"Well, Oramon didnt fare to well either I am afraid. So two of us have fallen in this battle but they will be back eventually, you know that."

"Wait a minute, wasnt he a girl just a bit ago?" One of the girls asked, he wasnt paying attention to who it was.

"Oh yeah uh, This guy is kind of confusing. His fresh form doesnt talk so im not sure what gender it is but his intraining is male. He has a sudden gender change once he is a rookie and champion. Lord knows what ultimate and mega will be like."
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]Mira looked to see Zuri as her digimon's data burst and slowly formed into a digi-egg which floated into her hands. After seeing 2 people loose their digimon Mira looked for words that could make them feel better but she couldn't find any, she looked to her own digimon who had know dedigivolved back to his in-training stage Poromon and couldn't imagine what she would do if she lost him. Mira looked over at Duskmon who was still lying on the ground unconcious after being defeated and felt her anger for him grow deeper and stronger when suddenly she heard a powerful sound of thunder in the sky. It wasn't heard by just Mira because the other tamers looked up to see what it was as well and they saw what looked like a rift being formed in the sky.

An enormous blue digimon appeared whose body seemed to go on for miles, Mira was stunned at the size of this gigantic beast. "Thank you, thank you my friends for freeing me from my prison. I am [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied/images/Azulongmon2.jpg]Azulongmon[/URL] guardian of the eastern sector of the digital world. The computer virus that caused the existence of Milliniummon drained my power along with the other harmonious ones [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied2/images/Baihumon.jpg]Baihumon[/URL], [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied3/images/Ebonwumon.jpg]Ebonwumon[/URL], and [URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Zhuqiaomon.gif]Zhuqiaomon [/URL] making us extremely vulnerable when Daemon, Blackwargreymon, Beelzemon, and Duskmon overthrew us and sent us into imprisonment. But thanks to you the mighty digidestined I am free."Azulongmon explained. "What exactly are digidestined? I remember them saying something about them in that old digimon show but I didn't think about it until I heard Duskmon call us that earlier." asked Mira. "There is an ancient legend that when the digital world is deep in despair a group of human children will arise with special powers that allow digimon to digivolve to the point that they are strong enough to defeat the darkness and you, you are those children." Replied the gigantic mega digimon.

"We can't be the digidestined we can't even get our digimon to digivolve past champion without digi-templetes which we can't get while the computer system in the real world is down." Mira said to Azulongmon. "I figured that was why your digimon could digivolve to ultimate. Well in that case I have a gift for you, quickly Everyone hold up your digivices." Azulongmon commanded. The 6 digidestined held up their digivices as they began to glow brighter than they had ever seen and 1 of the 12 digi cores surrounding Azulongmon exploded, after it did it's powerful energy divided into 6 seperated beams which flew into each of the 6 digivices.

"Ploymon digivolve to...Rreikmon"
"[URL=http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Tsunomon.gif]Tsunomon[/URL] digivolve to...Gabuomon"
"[URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Poromon.gif]Poromon[/URL] digivolve to...Hawkmon"

Azari, Zalina, and Mira were amazed at how their digimon already had the strength to digivolve to their rookie forms."The power of my digi core will allow your digimon to digivolve past the champion level and you Skye you are different than the rest because you can become a digimon youself and this new power will allow you to digivolve into an even more powerful digimon very soon, of course your digimon don't know how to use this new power yet but the power is now within them. I must go now, I am still weak and must replenish my energy go go to the south and defeat Blackwargreymon to free Zhuqiaomon you must hurry.....Oh you Duskmon I almost forgot you were their, how I pity you, corrupted by the dark powers of Daemon I hope I have enough strength to free you Aurora Force!" A powerful white energy hit Duskmon turning his corrupted [URL=http://thedigiport.com/04spirits/11.gif]human[/URL] and [URL=http://thedigiport.com/04spirits/12.gif]beast[/URL] spirits to the true [URL=http://thedigiport.com/04spirits/L.gif]human[/URL] and [URL=http://thedigiport.com/04spirits/K.gif]beast[/URL] spirits of darkness, after the light disappeared a teenage boy was lying in Duskmons place and a digivice like Skye's appeared nest to him only his was [URL=http://thedigiport.com/04d-6.gif]black[/URL]. As Azulongmon left the tamers looked to the young boy lying on the ground and were shocked that Duskmon was another human all along. "Kevin is that you?" said Skye as he slowly got up. Skye had recognized him because like her he was also a child of one of the scientists who helped create the digital world. As Skye moved closer her grabbed his digivice off the ground and began to run away from the group. "Just stay awy from me!" he sreamed to everyone. "Wait!" sreamed Skye as she began to follow Kevin but Mira grabbed her. "Look if he doesn't want to help us then you can't force him, he'll come around in his own time but we have more important things to worry about like freeing the other 3 guardians."
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