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RPG Shadow Faction [M-LVS]


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After a much long wait, it is time to start this

Jyan watched the six portals in front of her showing the six people she had chosen to become the new Shadow Faction. "Hopefully I will be able to fill my grandfather's shoes" She waved her hand as the six poeple disappeared in the portals in then appeared in front of her. She noticed a seventh that had seemed to latch one to one of then. "Seems we have a little problem. Oh well I can work around this" She stood up and cleared her throat getting the people's attention. "Welcome to my humble tower..I am Jyan your new boss.."

"What do you mean boss?"

"Yeah and why the hell are we here in the first place?"

"Ahh That you shall find out soon enough Matthew and Dante. You have been chosen to become the new Shadow Faction in order to fight an old evil that has resurfaced to destory this kingdom. That is all you need to know now, for now you can practice with your parnter that you will be paired up with in the training field." She turned to a table were several books were laid out that she began reading.

OOC:Alright you heard the lady, get to know your parnter cause they will be the ones nearest you the most. just basic practice until everyone gets to post. No knows that htey can change yet but will be given the ability to sense their other half when everyone gets back to the building.


1.Matthew Trenton-Starwind/Neko-NekoSama101
2.Mikaze-bleached/Barron-Kam Mikaze's servant prowler menen-prowlinglycan
3.Dante Aligeri-me/Alex Huntington-Illusion

Have fun
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Barron looked around in a field lit by the bright noontime sun. An hour ago, no, twenty minutes ago he'd been on a fishing ship making the final checks and preps before embarking. Now, he was in a massive field with a bunch of people he didn't know.

The field was surrounded by an even more massive wall, but the citadel in the distance dwarfed everything. He looked back to the small bunker they had emerged into this field of enormousness from, only to see that vast schrubs covered the entrance completely.

Guards surrounded him, and a pretty, young girl who called herself 'Mikaze.' To her they gave a thin rapier, and to him they gave his bow and his arrows. "This is an odd match." Barron said aloud.

"So it is." Mikaze echoed. "Do they want us to kill each other?"

The guards snapped to attention, and one of them stepped forward. In a short speech he layed out the training regiment we were to follow for the day. No sooner had his mouth shut, than the earth had begun to quake, bringing Mikaze and Barron to their knees. From a crag that developed in the field emerged a coal-black, slithering wyrm; twenty feet in length, with fangs as long as a man's forearm.

"It's a dragon!" Mikaze exclaimed.
"Not quite yet. It's a youngling, though. They need all the food they can get to mature, too."

As if he was commanded, the wyrm slithered quickly toward Mikaze, but without hesitation she drew her blade and struck him across the eye. This sent the wyrm writhing in pain, and gave Barron ample time to place several well-aimed shots into the wyrm's throat. The wyrm rose up like a viper, a steady river of dark red blood flowing from his throat, nostrils, and mouth.
He gaped open his massive mouth, his fangs were dripping with blood and poison. He drew back to strike, but he wavered from loss of blood and pain. When this happened, Barron took another shot that hit beneath his jaw and stuck his lower jaw to his upper jaw.

The wyrm fell backwards, spasming in pain and expelling blood through his nostrils. A moment later, his movement stopped. Barron turned to Mikaze, "Now what?"

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Guest bleached
Mikaze looked around then smiled, "I have no idea. I don't even know why I am here. Just showed up out of nowhere." She gioggled, then looked at the wyrm. She frowned as it shook from its nerves.

"IT would suck if that thing gets back up. But we both know it won't." Barron said, looking down at it as well.

"Oh, right, propper introduction. My name is Mikaze. Pleased to meet you." She gave a samll bow, then a warm smile.

"I am known as Barron. So, that is a strange weapon to see a woman carry." He looked to her rapier, which she slid behind her slowly.

"Yeah, well so is yours." She smiled then looked over to Prowler. "Hey, what is everyone else doing?" He ran up to her withouth even stopping.

"Well, they all seem to have a diffrent creature to stop, but it also seems that the creature selected, is no match for the two that it is fighting. Just like the wyrm you two faught." He looked at Brennon and then grunts.

"Chill out Prowler, nothing is going on between us. We have only just met." Mikaze leans close to Brenon and wispers into his ear. "He is a little paranoid. Just let him think whatever until I can clear everything out." She smiled as Brennon nodded.

"I say that we go back to that Jyan girl and ask some questions." Brennon said, walking twards the building.

"Good idea. Race you two there!" Mikaze yelled, running past the two.

"Uhh, tell me something, is she always this hyper?" Brennon asked Prowler,who only nodded.

"You have no idea." He sighed then took off after her.
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Dante looked around as his eyes adjusted to the light. He turned to the girl beside him and held out his hand. "Dante"

"Alex" She shook his hand then stopped as the ground started to shake and a troll popped up out of the earth.

"Shall we?"


The troll came charging at them and brought both arms up to smash them into the ground. Dante smiled as Alex cut off the creature's right arm as he took off the left. Blood sprayed out of the wounds as Dante Ran up and stabbed the creature in the stomach. Alex came running up his back then flipped up above the troll's head. She brought her axe down slicing it straight open. Dante withdrew his sword as Alex landed next to him. "I have a feeling that the others went through theirs just as fast." He began walking back to the door that they had just come out of and opened it. "Ladies first"
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Neko waited patiently for Mattew.
"It's about time!" she said when he walked up to her. "Are you ready to get this thing started?"
"Hold up, shouldn't we get to know each other first?" Matthew asked.
"Okay, fine, I'm Neko. Now are you ready?"
Neko grabbed her sword as trolls came charging at them.
"3....2.....1!" she counted and at one she jumped, stabing her sword into a troll's side and it screamed.
As it was howling from pain, she quickly stabbed her sword through it's head.
"Your turn!" she said to matthew after the troll had fallen into a puddle of blood.
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Matt looked about a bit, he was standing with in this vast open feild. It was sealed off by high walls, though they seemed small from the distance in which he stood. He saw standing to either side of them, a whole parade of soilders, at least 60. To top it off, a girl, about his age, was standing next to him. She had deep black hair and a curvy figure and the green of her eyes almost seemed to shine. She seemed a bit dazed at first, but soon looked about and eyed Matt as well. Matt nodded "I'm guessing your just as confused as I am, right?"

She nodded to him "Yeah. What are we here for? It looks like a military baracks."

Matt took another look around to the soilders and the high wall in this otherwise tranquil feild "Yeah, it kinda does." He looked back to the girl "The name's Matt Trenton. How about you?"

She smiled "Just call me Neko."

Matt smirked and nodded back to her. He heard the boots ot ther surrounding soliders clap together. This meant that an officer was on approach. He looked up and saw a man, who appeared highly decorated with a number of badges on his chest. He his hand he carried a pair of swords with him, which he proceded to throw at the feet of the two them. It was at this time that he spoke in a calm, but commanding voice "Take these! You'll be needing them in the coarse of your training."

Matt hesitated a bit, but slowly went down to take the blade. Neko on the other hand seemed all to excited to take up a weapon. The commander stood high and straight and shouted to the troops standing at both sides of them "Present,ARMS."

The troops all rose in sync to a salute along with the commander. They stood in this state for a few moments and then the commander shouted "Order, ARMS."

And once now all the soliders returned there hands to there belts. The commander walked forward toward the two and saluted one more time before speaking "Do us proud, you two."

The commander then turned from the two and walked back to the head of the parade and started "On my command, all troops fallout. Fallout! Second rank, bring the sample."

All the soilders with the exception of the second row on either side of the two, took one step back, turned on there heels and ran off the feild. The two remaining rows ran off ahead of the two and retreated into a smalldoor inside the wall before them. It was still quite a distnce off, but they reached it in only a few minutes. Matt decided not to move, he had a pretty bad feeling and didn't want to do anything to start trouble.

In the distance, a loud, rusty creek came from the wall in front of them. This loud sound was followed by a thunderous thud and the sight of a massive, red scaled, behemoth of a monster. It had large red horns pertruding to the front of it's head in a curve and black fur on it's muzzle and forearms. The commander and all the other soliders had already taken off. Was this really what they wanted them to do?

For as big as it was, it sure didn't take the damn thing long to come right up on them pretty quickly. You can move pretty fast when take huge steps. Matt and the girl drew there swords and split up. The beast snapped after both of them, it's breath felt like someone had just opened up an oven. It's breath also reaked of sulfur, it's was like rot or something.

The monster looked to Matt and started to turn it's body to follow after him. All Matt could do was try and keep clear of it's mouth. When the beast turned to face him it took only a few moments for it to cry out in pain. When looked up he saw that Neko girl standing on it's back with the sword she was given, driven into the back of the beasts neck. It whipped around, but she held fast on the monsters back as it thrashed about.

As the beast thrashed, Matt took the chance and jumped on it's massive forearm. He Moved along the arm and drove his sword into the monsters throat. One clean shoot, straight to the adams apple. The blood ran from the monsters mouth as the cries from it grew fainter as the air drained out of it's lungs faster. Neko jumped off it's back and Matt got down as well. The blood was all over the both of them. It was at this moment that he heard it. This sinister voice "Nicely done."

Matt looked about rapidly, but nothing was to be seen. But this voice still left him with goosebumps, whatever it was. As if from thin air, the commander reappeared and approached Matt "I sense a great evil in this one. You'll be perfect for this one."

It was at this moment that Matt noticed he was holding something wrapped in a black satin cloth. He set in front of Matt, who hesitantly took it from his hands. The commander saluted and turned away again. Matt unwrapped the cloth and underneath was a sword with a black scabard. Matt drew the scabard back and saw the black blade of the sword. It's image filled him with chills and dread, but he couldn't put it down. What was this thing?
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alex looked around, it was dark and her eyes took a while to adjust to the conditions. When they focused she was met with a man, his arm out stretched towards her in a sign of greeting.

[B]?Dante? [/B] he spoke with a voice that sounded commanding to her.

[B]?Alex? [/B] she replied and shook his hand taking in his features. Her train of thought was interrupted when the ground started to shake and roll underneath them and a troll rose from the earth.

[B]?Shall we??[/B]


The troll charged at them head on, the two almost didn?t need words and Alex caught a smile escaping from Dante?s lips as she charged right, slashing off the Trolls arm and he chose left, also removing a limb from the creature. Blood was spilt everywhere as Dante violently thrust his sword into the troll?s stomach. Alex ran for the creature using Dante?s back as a spring board to jump and flip up above the toll?s head. She brought her axe down over it with a strong thrust, slicing the beast open. Dante removed his weapon as she landed with a soft ?whump? next to him.

[B]"I have a feeling that the others went through theirs just as fast."[/B] Dante began walking back to the door that they had just come out of and opened it. [B]"Ladies first".[/B]

Alex smiled and gave a small curtsey[B] ?You?re quite the gentlemen?[/B]. She entered in ahead of him as he closed the door behind. They were back in tower they had originally started in.

[B]?I think that it is time we ask questions of this Jyan?[/B] Alex spoke while observing the tower. It was grand in its foundations, solid, built rather well. It was decorated somewhat plainly yet looked very expensive, not old but grand like it had been through generations.

[B]?I agree? [/B] The two waited for others to arrive, hopefully they had been as successful in their training.[/COLOR]
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Neko looked on the blood on her hands.
"ew...." She looked at Mett and saw some person handing him a sword.
She looked aorun to make sure no one was looking and wiped the blood on the back of his shirt. He turned around, feeling her slight touch to see her standing there, whistling to herself.
"What?" she asked when she saw him looking at her with a questioning glare.
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Dante walked the hall with Alex right behind him. He entered the main room to find the others there and Jyan already talking. "Jyan I demand.."

Jyan suddenly slammed her staff on the ground as engery bolts hit them all in the chests sending them across the ground.

Dante slwoly began to stand back up. "You little bitch. What the hell was that for?"

"To bring out your other side. You seem to be fighting it. Looks liek you all with have to suffer another blast" She slammed her staff again, shocking them all. She then walked over Dante and began chanting. Glowing dark blue blades shot out under his wrists as his skin changed a dark blackish metallic color and grew hard and spiky. Two huge jointed blades hot out of his back as a dark aura covered him. A surge of power came off completing his transformation. "Welcome Xion, wielder of darkness and leader of the Shadow Faction."

Xion looked over his hands and everything. "Could you have done that without the pain?"

"Not really. Guard me while I change the others, they might be a little more hostile then you were and since oyu are the commander, they have to listen to you"

"Great" He followed her over to another person.

OOC: This is open to anyone who posts next doesn't matter. Just basically follow the same post and add other things if you want
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Barron quickly found his way back to the door that they had entered through. It was uncovered now, and standing wide open. He made a purposeful glance at his two companions, then stepped in.

No sooner did he stepped in through the door way than a flash on blinding energy strike him in the chest, sending him flying into a wall. He reached for an arrow, but as he diid, another wave struck him, and suddenly he felt warmth flowing throughout his body. He looked at his hands and watched as they grew deathly pale. He saw locks of bright, white hair fall in front of his eyes where his brown locks had been.

It took a moment, but he then raised his eyes to see Jyan--that sorcerer--was his attacker. He knew then what to do; and in an instant, he was already at Jyan's throat with an arrow's tip. Jyan looked at him and smiled.

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Xion grabbed Barron in his new form and slammed him against the wall. "You shall not touch her. State your name"

"I am Gale, controller of wind. Who are you"

"I will be your demise if you don't watch your mouth around your commander" Dark fire flashed in his eyes as he let Gale down. "Now Make sure the others don't try the same crap you did Gale"
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Guest bleached
Mikaze began to laugh as she was surrounded by flames. A few moments later, the flames died as wings shot from her back. Her Hair turned to a bleached color, as her eyes turned a deep red.

"And what is so funny girl?" Xion asked, walking up to her.

"Nothing really. It is just that everyone here is a bunch of missfits. Nothing in common. A shame really." She turned around to leave as the one named Jyan got in front of her.

"You cannot leave Kina. You are vital to this team. If you leave, there is a chance that nothing will come of it.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure thats what you tell everyone. They are all important. Blah,blag. Just get the hell out of my way so I can go home." She waled past the girl and headed twards the doors. They quickly locked, and showed no light through them.

"I am sorry Kina. Do not be mad with my, but I cannot let you leave. I cannot let any of you leave." Jyan said, turning to the rest of the group.

"Listen here you little bitch. Either you open this door, or I burn this place down. Make your choice." Kina said, flames surrounding her arm.

"Cut it out. Lets just listen for a little longer, ok?" Gale asked, walking up to her. Instantly the flames died and she turned around.

"Fine, but if I feel like this is going nowhere, this place is going to burn to the ground." Kina said, cocking her head to the side. "Hear that Xion, you have a short amount of time, make it count." She gave a cocky grin as she looked at him.
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"This place will more then burn to the ground if i don't like what I hear, Jyan."

"Well just let me wake the others before you end up killing each other or me"

"I give you about an hour before i let Kina loose on you" He turned around and looked at the rest on the ground. They nbeeded to wake up soon, so he could find out what was going on"

OOC:Feel free to post so i can get this thing going. If I see that some people arn't posting, THEY WILL BE KILLED OFF.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]OOC: Don?t Kill Alex off! I promise ill post more next week when my exams finish. [/COLOR] [/SIZE]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]IC:Alex walked through the doors and let Dante go ahead of her, before she knew what was going on she was on the floor with a searing pain in her chest.

[B]?What the hell was that!?? [/B] Alex was hit in the chest again before she could get up; the blast forced her mind into a dazed state, she could hear voices but couldn?t comprehend what they were saying. She felt the pain in her chest three more times before she thought she would pass out altogether.

It was at that point something strange happened, a green light passed before her eyes and unknown to her, Alex floated up into the air.

[B]?Excellent? [/B] Jyan spoke, all the other guardians were monetarily distracted from their issues as a blinding glowing green light surrounded Alex. From the light a figure appeared, transparent green wings sprouted from her back as she grew taller. Her figure changed, becoming longer, green robes covered her body and a staff grew from her hand. Her ears were slightly pointed at the tips, and her eyes shone with a deep green.

She flapped her wings twice and landed softly back on the ground. Transparent feathers fell to the floor but as they did so they turned into leaves, all of varying colour as one would see in autumn.

[B]?Your name?? [/B] Jyan questioned.

[B]?Symphony, Keeper of nature and the Earth, I bid thee greetings?[/B] Symphony made a sight bow as she looked round to everyone, her robes moved in the air as if they were lighter than it. [/COLOR]
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