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Sign Up The Forest [M-LVS]


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[b]The forest stands, in solitude, with a mind of it's own. [i]It[/i] decides the weather. [i]It[/i] decides the time of day. [i]It[/i] decides when you leave. It's vastness extends farther than the eye can see.

Travelers have often stumbled into the forest and have made it out unscathed. Others have never been heard from again. Rumors have spread that great evil lurks within the forest. You decide to venture in, whether out of curiousity ot personal intentions of your own, after hearing one of these rumors.

There are many different areas of the forest. There are regions with mountians. Some with lakes, and rivers. There are even are were some sort of civilization once stood. Most of these places are filled with animal life. Yet, there are areas where even the bravest of souls dare not tread. These are areas of darkness, and evil. This is where you must go.

By order of the king, you have been ordered to find, and destroy this evil. I was the first informed and have already begun my quest. You must gather supplies and weapons and venture forth into the forest. Along the way, you will meet up with others like yourselves. It is Our job to find a way to destroy the evil that is spreading through the forest and if not stopped, throughout the intire world.

I will be waiting for you beside the old ruins just inside the northern edge of the forest. [/b]

Sign ups

[b]Bio/Writing example:[/b]

Oh yes, there is to be no power-playing.

Here's my sign up

[b]Name:[/b] David
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Species:[/b] Human
[b]Weapon:[/b] Sword, magic
[b]Description:[/b] [URL=http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/087/5/c/David_by_Inu_Pro.jpg]Click Here[/URL]
[b]Bio/Writing Example:[/b]

*He stands at the edge of the forest, gazing into its depths. Slowly, he steps into the vast enclosure of trees. Inside the forest is teeming with wildlife. A flock of birds flies overhead. A doe leaps across a fallen log, followed closely by her young. The farther he walks along, the more he sees. A stream winds its way along the forest floor. The stream is filled with many fish swimming upstream to spawn. Near the stream, a fox slowly approaches the waters edge to get a drink of water.*

Also, one last thing. You may have more than one character, but are limited to three altogether.
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Name: Neko
Age: 19
Species: half cat, half human
Weapon(s): samurai sword

Description:She has black cat ears along with a black tail and fangs. She also has long black hair that she ties up when in battle. She has bright emerald green eyes that shine like a cat in the dark. (This also causes her to see very well at night) She stands at about 5?4 and is somewhat curvy.

Biography: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She has held a grudge against her parents and wants to meet them so that she can teach them how it feels to be left alone for years. Since she didn't have any money, she became a bounty hunter. Her skills with a sword are partly hereditary and partly because she has had to survive on her own with only a sword for years.
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Name: James
Age: 22
Species: Human
Weapon: staff, Healing/support magics

Bio: James is a wandering priest with brown hair and eyes, he is of average build and somewhat attractive. He is a very introverted quite person he has spent the last four years of his life wandering the kingdom helping those he could. He answered the king's call to clear the evil in the forest know those others that heed the call will need someone capable of healing to aid them in their quest.
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Guest blooming
Species:half fairy half human
Weapon(s):a magical staff
Description:in her human form she has long golden glossy hair thats straight and down to her knees and in her fairy form she has a tiara and wings and her hair is in a pony tail and her fairy outfit is a small mini hot pink dress and she love making new friends
Bio/Writing example:

*she stands inside the house.she starts to think about going into the forest.she decides to go to the forest.as shes walking into the forest she notices a hurt squirrel.she picks it up and walk out of the forest and back home.as she gets into her house on the edge of the forest she puts the squirrel down on an inspection table.she puts a splinter on the little guys leg and then goes and lays down.*
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Let's see what I can do with this. Hope you don't mind if I add some ecxtra things so people know my character better.

Name: Lokin aka the Crimson Slayer
Age: Looks to be about 22 but is around three hundred and twenty six years old
Gender: Male
Personality: Cold and ruthless when fighting. Has a dark sense of humor and usually is sarcastic. He has a weird charm about him though.
Species: Dragon Demon-pure bred
Description: stands almost at seven foot but is a few inches shy of it. He has deep crismon red sclaes with a black stripes across him. He has a white underbody, with crimson eyes and silver horns and a large wingspan.
He has a crimson chetsplate made out of dragon sclaes with three black slash marks across it. His back plate is almost a mirror image of it. He has crimson shoulder pauldrons with three white spikes on them and crimson greaves. He has crimson shin bracers with three sliver spikes on them as well. He has metal covering the top and sides of his feet but no the bottom so he has more traction. His entire left arm and hand is clad in crimson metal with silver spikes going down the side. His right arm has a black forearm bracer with rubies and diamonds in it and has a black bicep bracer on the same arm just like it. His left wing is covered in crimson armor as well. Last but not least he has a crimson helmet shaped like a dragon head that makes him look even more like a killer.
Weapon: Dia Katanna and Black magic
Writing Sample: Lokin heard the clanking of armor and looked up to see two guards walk over to his cage. As they undid the many magic and other locks, Lokin stretched. "So, what is it today, another enemy of the king needs to be killed."

One of the guards named Zach frowned as he entered the cage. "Hold out your arms"

Lokin did as he was told and a set of magical cuffs were put around his wrists.

"You are to help a groud of people stop this evil that is upon us. we aren;t quite sure what it is, but when we join up with the outhers we will find out."

"So i get to go free?"

"Not on your life and the hundreds of people that you had killed. You know that you are to live out the rest of your life in service to the king"

"Don't rub it in my face" Zach and his brother Samuel led him thorugh the dark halls past all of the lesser convicts in regular steel cages. They had to make a whole new one for him after what he did to the royal army. Lokin squinted his eyes as he walked outside and into the sunlight. He had to adjust to it everytime, but maybe this time, he could escape. All he had to do was get the keys to get the locks and the collar off that they had fastened around his neck so that he couldn't attack his escorts. "Isn't odd that a prisoner should have to fight for good?"

"Not when he is one of the best fighters in the land"

"And if I die by this new evil?"

"Then hopefully someone stronger then you or one fo the others will be able to kill it."

Lokin mounted a horse that was tied to the two guards. They began their track out to the ruins.
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[B]Name:[/B] Darrick "Dar" Kelston

[B]Age: [/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] A bit anti-social, but not a thug or anything of that sort. He has a pretty explosive temper and a boastful streak in him as well. He loves to rub it in the face of his opponent when he's winning and likes to feign normality when he's losing. Despite these flaws, he's strong willed and has a righteous tendency, he just doesn't like to admit to this. He stands up for the little guy and enjoys the thrill of combat, esspecially when it's a cause he believes in.

[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Swordsman.jpg][B]Darrick[/B].[/URL] He is 5'9 and weights in at 175 lbs.
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[B]Name:[/B] Darrick "Dar" Kelston

[B]Age: [/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] A bit anti-social, but not a thug or anything of that sort. He has a pretty explosive temper and a boastful streak in him as well. He loves to rub it in the face of his opponent when he's winning and likes to feign normality when he's losing. Despite these flaws, he's strong willed and has a righteous tendency, he just doesn't like to admit to this. He stands up for the little guy and enjoys the thrill of combat, esspecially when it's a cause he believes in.

[B]Species:[/B] Human/Shinigami (Death God)

[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Swordsman.jpg][B]Darrick[/B].[/URL] He is 5'9 and weights in at 175 lbs.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A pair of enchanted blades(ones seen in pic), capible of exorcising dark spirits. The left generates light while the other generates darkness, they are the chaos blades.

[B]Bio:[/B] Darrick was born on the out skirts of the forest and was raised in the esoteric society known as the shinigami. This was a clan of exorcists and self proclaimed "Reapers of the Wicked". few are even aware of there existence, only those in the highest levels of power know how to contact them and even then there is no guarntee of a response. Darrick was raised from birth to do this and is naturally talented as a Shinigami. He was the first to be born into the society in almost a thousand years, born to parents who were both Shinigami. As to this, he is highly regarded and many expect him to be the next head of the clan.

He was entrusted with the chaos blades at the age of twelve. But to take such a powerful weapon is no easy feet. All Shinigami have to plead to an inner spirit for power in order to obtain a weapon capible of challenging and defeating spirits. He was no exception. He pleaded to the spirit within him and was nearly drawn in and absorbed by the chaotic energy within. When he emerged from his own inner hell, he had the power and the wisdom needed to weild the chaos blades.

He was contacted recently from the king of the neighboring kingdom. He begged that one of the Shinigami to go forth into the forest and promised he would build them a temple in honor of them if they agreed and succeed. At first the head of the clan was going to deny his request, but Darricks curiosty got the best of him. He asked to be allowed to go personally and on his own. Not wanting to deny him the experience of a true challenge, the head agreed and let him go on this mission.
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