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RPG Legend of Zelda:The Return of the Mask

9mm Avenger

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Hehe...To celebrate my job on the Otaku on it's upcoming Zelda site, I have created an RPG.

Years after Link has died, and Princess Zelda is an old woman, Majora's Mask returns to wreak havoc on Link's family. Ganadorf, with his promise of also harassing Link's family, has bonded with the Mask to creat a horrible monster....Devil Ganon. Link's son, Akira bands together with his friends to kill Devil Ganon, and restore peace to Hyrule...



Weapon:Master Sword, Hero's shield

Description:Spiked blone hair, yellow eyes, and the Zora Tunic...and the Silver Gauntlets so he can hold up the Master Sword and Hero's Shield...
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Sure I am in...



Weapons:Bow & Arrows(Magic Arrows included)

Describtion:A young ranger and Akira's friend. Long dark brown hair in a pony tail with bangs hanging free...wears a green tunic and pants.has a quiver of about 60 arrows.
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Name: Craig

Age: 15

Weapon: Biggoron Sword, Mirror shield (can't be used together)

Bio: An elf who travels the country looking for money and items. He found the biggoron sword deep in the Lost Woods, and he dound the mirror shield in the depths of Lake Hyrule.

Description: Long Silver hair, hazel eyes, a black and red tunic with a black cape, and black boots.
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You're working on theOtaku's Zelda site? Cool! I'm making my own Zelda site right now!

Name: Drake

Age: 17

Weapon/Armor: Tempered Sword, Red Shield, Goron Tunic.

Description: Tall and skinny with redish-brown eyes and red hair.
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Here comes one of those few more people!

Name: Kool
Age: 13
Weapon: her powers, a sword (level 2), a shield (level 2) and a bow and arrows.
bio: Kool is a sorceress whose family had always been friends w/Links family. Kool therefore vows to protect them from Devil Ganon.
Description: Kool wears the same outfit as in the other RPGs; brown hair, black pants, a dark blue robe, brown boots, and a black cape.
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If this turns out like the last Zelda RPG (The Dark World one), then I might not post.
However, in the mean time...

Name: Silvia
Age: 16
Race: A renegade princess Zora. She doesn't believe in magic, despite the fact she commands water well.
Ganon ordered her family and kingdom people enslaved and killed. She was the only one to survive...
Weapons: Ice Arrow, hookshot
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[color=indigo]What's wrong with my RPG?

Some more description of my character, since I didn't have time to post it last night:

Drake is a blacksmith that lives in Kakariko Village. He has made many fine weapons, but the most power of these is the Tempered Sword which he wields.
He loves the heat and frequently travels up Death Mountain to Goron City, where he got his Goron Tunic. Deep in Death Mountain Crater, he found the Red Shield which has the power to repel fire.
Drake's Goron Tunic and Red Shield make him pretty much fireproof, while his Tempered Sword can absorb fire.
Friendly and talkative, he doesn't like to fight with other people, but will fight to the death defending his friends.[/color]
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[color=indigo][size=3]Name: Zira
Age: Same as Akira (19)
Weapon: Elemental Sword and Elemental Shield, also has a collection of masks, which are Akira's also..
Description: Looks exactly like Link except for Zira has a Silver instead of green. Him and akira are twins also...[/color][/size]
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