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RPG The Next World [sign-up]


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[I]In another world similar to that of Earth, an evil wizard is gaining more control over the planet little by little. The wizard's name is Lord Rysorb. His plan is to rid the little planet (which is called Zorga) of all that is good and plunge it into his own little realm of darkness. In order to do that, he needs to turn all life into nothing but stone. He has summoned monsters to make sure this is done. Trolls, mutants, zombies, vampires, demons, ogres, ect. roam this land.
In a forest in this land, a fairy uses some magic to summon people from earth to stop him right before she is turned to stone. The small little group is seperated on their way coming here and must now rejoin and stop Lord Rysorb and his minions.[/I]

K. That was the intro. If you want to be in this group that was summoned, post your stats like so. I will make the play version when we have enough ppl.

abilities-(if you choose to have some)
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name- Kool
age- 13
weapon- a sword and her magic (which she discovers as she moves throughout the land)
abilities- magic
appearance- brown hair, black pants, a dark blue robe, and a black cape.
bio- Kool is a girl that never thought her life was very interesting until the day she came to this new world. (I'm still thinking of a name for the planet.)
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Ooo fun . . . ya'll are getting me so addicted to this . . .

Name: (what else?) Sere Tuscumbia
Age: 16
Weapons: A sword, her magic, and an Eagle
Abilities: I'll say that later
Appeareance: The same as other RPGs
Bio: Sere Tuscumbia was summoned from her nearly normal life back on Earth, to visit a planet she never knew . . . or did she?
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name- Pumar Metal
age- 16
weapon- Mace
abilities- Master Summoner and Psychic
appearance- Thick Silver armor cover all of body except for head.
bio - Pumar is a of the race Azur. The Lynx people. He has incredible power within him, he was raised on Earth and now is going on an incredible journey into Zorga, to stop the wizard.
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OoOo cool....

Name:Zack Mansfield
ability's:unknowem(Can't think of em...so I wil decide later on...once I "discover em)
Appearance:still wears his earth clothes,jeans, black t-shirt, hair in a pony tail with bangs hanging free, grey blue eyes that change colors.
Bio:Zack was a normal kid, thought his life was borning and always wished for adventure, He taught himself how to use daggers and alwaysed wished for adventure, now he has one.He wonders why he was summoned to this planet...
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[color=crimson]Hey Kool! I'll join because I love ya! *smiles and hugs her*

Name: Asuka...I'm always Asuka...
age- 16
weapon- Rocket launcher
abilities- Martial artist and elegant dancer
appearance- Has blonde hair with red streaks and wears a school uniform, consisting of a white top with a red plaid pleated skirt. Knee high socks and black mary-janes.
bio- She was a regular high school student until she was summoned to the planet. She loves to dance, and uses it to escape or defeat her enemies. She's also very skilled with a rocket launcher. [/color]
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Name: Ash
Age: 16
weapons: A sword, two rapid firing pistols and a shotgun
Abilities: He is also a master summoner and is a master in many different forms of martial arts. He can also use different types of elemental magic eg. fire ice lightning and more(when i think em up)
Hair: wears the same clothes as blade but he is white and he has short blonde hair and deep blue eyes which are hidden behind his shades. He is about 6'4 and of medium but muscular build.
Bio: When he was just 5 years old his parents were killed by vampires right in front of him but he managed to escape and vowed to slay every vampire he could. He then spent the rest of his life training under the watchful eye of his uncle Rob. Rob also provided him with hi customized weapons and his clothes. He was summoned to the planet for his fighting and killing skills
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This sounds good

name: Andrew
age: 23
weapon: Gunblade (Revolver) and shotgun.
abilities: Martial artist, sharp shooter and can use cure spells.
appearance: Wears black leather jeans, black muslce top, and black trench coat. Has brown eyes and spikey blonde hair. a tall man of about 6'9'' with very muscler build.
bio: He is a special operative for brittish intelligence. He was brought to the strange new planet for his skill. He has lived a normal life. both his parents are alive (can't say the same for most other people) and his grandfather trained in the arts of karate, ninjitsu and others. He can handle his weapons pretty well and with his special power he is a great adversary to the evil wizard.
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Wait for me!! :bawl:

name- Hajime
age- 20
weapon- Sword
abilities- Um...really good at martial arts.
appearance- (Check attachment)
bio- Woke up in a pod 1 year ago with no memorys at all. In that 1 year he has travelled around the Earth to find out about his past. He belives that coming to Zorga might help him find out more about his past life.
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Name: Craig Kensindan
Age: 24
Weapons: Two custom made pistols, a large sword empowered with lightning, a double barrel shotgun, and ifrit gloves.
Abilities: Can turn into a demon, and in this form can also fly and shoot lightning bolts.
Appearence: Shoulder length white hair, a black vest, with red trenchcoat and trousers, black boots and gloves. Hazel eyes.
Bio: Has a mercenary buisness called Devil May Cry, which specialises in hunting demons. He himself is half demon, and a good friend to Zack.
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Hey, I'll join!

Name-(Duh!) Charlie Fortune


Weapon-(Duh! again) His 'Launcher

Appearance-6,1 tall...Neither fat nor thin...A little muscular...I attached the face to this post...And he wears an armor suit (a PSO style suit with jet-powered boots and the ability to absorb energy to fuel the 'Launcher)...

Bio-After his friends' wedding, Charlie returned to Celes, his homeland, to live in peace. After some time, he grew bored...
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Guest redhottie
:p name:jessi
:wigout: age:13
:smirk: weapon:bow and arrow,and a lance
:angel: abilities: flying
:blush: apperance:blake hair with cherry red highlights , plaid skirt whith a balck shirt with a white over shirt
:devil: bio: from the planet earth a warrior death....in a normal town and had been signledby kool and sent to planet Zorge

love yall,
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