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[SIZE=8][CENTER][B][FONT=Vivaldi]Immortals: The New Dawn[/FONT][/B][/CENTER][/SIZE][SIZE=1]
In a past now long forgotten, the world was once ruled from a single city, a city of such great magnitude that it spanned the entire continent on which it stood so proudly. Atlantis, a beacon for humanity in it's early darkness, the kingdom of the Immortal Emperor and his Divine Lords, for the great city was but the great jewel in the crown of an empire, an realm that stretched the entire world, over mountains, across seas from the vast Serengeti of Africa to the to the fresh pastures of Europe, to the wide grasslands of the Americas. Atlantean man?s savage cousins were ruled over by the Emperor?s most trusted, the Divine Lords, they spoke for him in all matters and educated these savages in the ways of science, culture and peace, their territories reached far from the great lights of Atlantis, for anywhere that these wondrous lights graced was said to be part of the city and thus subject to the Emperor himself.

For thousands of years savage man was made civilised, the great Empire grew and the secret of immortality known only to the Immortal Emperor and his Divine Lords remained a mystery, but soon strife was to strike at the heart of the Empire in a way that could not have been imagined. The Emperor was a beloved ruler of all man, gentle, benevolent and wise, his wish was to spread the glory of Atlantis to all corners of the globe, to make Man master of all his surveyed, to give him the gift of ever-lasting life when he was ready for it. But frustration built among the Divine Lords, some such as the Lord of Clouds who?s lands lay in the meadows of Europe recalled the great battles long before the rebuilding of Atlantis and lusted for the power that had been granted to their heroic general after the battle had been won. With him the Lord of Clouds took council with his two most loyal allies, the Master Smith and the great Lord of War and planned his revolt against the Emperor.

For immortality was not without it?s price, for tens of thousands of years the Divine Lords had enjoyed their lives unending but could never again know the joys of children, in this they envied savage man and Atlantean alike, who despite living but a handful of rotations about Sol knew more joy in those years than any Divine Lord had know in a millennia. It was said that the Emperor the last being with the memory of how to grant immortality could also reverse it, it was this knowledge that the Lord of Clouds hungered for, to be able to live just one normal life and die as his father had done. But the Immortal Emperor who saw further than any man, Divine Lord or savage saw through the falsehood presented to him by the Lord of Clouds and his allies and before their plan to assassinate him could come to fruition struck first and with a terrible fury. None had seen the Emperor go to battle in an age of the world, since before he had taken on the mantel of Lord of the Earth, against these traitors the Emperor took his still loyal Divine Lords and marched out to war.

Though both the Divine Lords and the Emperor would live forever, death's reach was not wholly from them, in battle an Immortal could be killed if his head was separated from his body with a bladed weapon. This knowledge was known to any who had gained endless life, but tradition stipulated that the combat be a ritualised duel and that holy ground of any kind could not be fought upon. The two colossal armies met and the battle would be a terrible combat that would thankfully be forgotten to the world, the armies of savage mortal man fought his Atlantean brother and they fell in the millions, Divine Lord stood against Divine Lord in combat and brother and sister fell to the feet of one another they had known for countless centuries. Finally the Immortal Emperor took battle to the Lord of Clouds himself, the Sovereign?s great sword was said to be forged of the Earth itself. Their duel lasted days and thousands died around them, the seas rose and mountains fell, the Earth itself groaned in grief until at last with the first rays of dawn on the sixth day, the Emperor slew his enemy and a mighty cheer rose up for savage man and Atlantean alike.

But all was lost, the Divine Lords were broken, none had survived the battle save the Emperor and the great city of Atlantis had fell to ruins in the Earth?s grief. To preserve the world the Emperor took the spirits of the fallen into himself, he cursed those who had rebelled for their folly and begged forgiveness from those who had died in his service. To all he made this solemn oath:

[CENTER]?[B]We the Immortals of the Earth shall live again, but have no memories of past deeds and glories. Atlantis built upon our blood and sacrifice shall lie in ruins, and the splendour of Man shall not reach this height again for an aeon of the Earth. We shall be born to mortal parents and live as one of them until cast out through fear for our gift. We shall be banished, dishonoured and never able to look upon the faces of those we loved first again for this shall be our repentance for our pride and sins. We shall wander the Earth as teachers, scholars, men of standing but always in the shadows, and only through pursuit of the Prize may we have what all have craved since endless life become intolerable, we shall have a single mortal life, know love and have descendants to carry on our new names and new glories. You shall walk upon the Earth in different eras, some of you may be born again a thousand years apart but you shall all be born again, and until only one remains the Prize shall remain elusive, for there can be only One.[/B]?[/CENTER]

His oath made, the Immortal Emperor took his great blade and hewed himself in one graceful movement, the Earth rumbled and the sky darkened, volcanoes erupted in anger and the oceans welled in sadness, the Earth was remade and civilised man became savage again. The spirits of the Immortal Emperor and his Divine Lords resided in the afterlife waiting one by one to be resurrected in order to pursue the Prize, as per his word they awoke again in different ages to one another, but all sought their mortality and awaited the final dawn...


Well well, that turned out considerably better than I had laid it out in my head. As you might have guessed this is a reimagined version of the Highlander concept in which people will play the reborn versions of the Divine Lords from Atlantis. I?ve purposely obscured how they became immortal save for the mention of a previous battle that destroyed Atlantis the first time around and led the heroic general to become Immortal Emperor and set those allies of his to become the Divine Lords. In the sign up I would ask people to avoid talking about their lives before becoming a Divine Lord as I would like to save that for a potential prequel.

Now I realise that since people are going to be born potentially millennia before one another that there?s going to be difficulty in deciding exactly who shall be the One, which is why the RPG is going to be set across several different eras through chapters, yes this will be my first chapter RPG though I swore once I?d never do so. It?s only fair really as those playing in the modern and potentially early future era will obviously have either been born after or survived those born in earlier times. There will be also different stories to contend with in different chapters, after all we can?t have everyone fighting to be the One in every chapter or else it?d be a real short endeavour. I?ve got a few ideas so I don?t want to give them away just yet, however I think people will enjoy them when they?re revealed.

Alright moving onto the sign up.

[CENTER]|[B]Sign Up[/B]|[/CENTER]

This is where it will get interesting, as I?m not going to use the traditional sign up fields, as simply they either don?t cover what information I?ll be asking from you, or in the case of say Age, will be completely irrelevant . Instead, I?m going to ask you to submit a character post from two points in your life, one from just before the final battle described in the above story, and one from your character?s realisation they?re immortal and what it means to them. The second can be set during any era, however I would ask that if you see one from the decade you?re planning to write that you reconsider as I?d hate to have the whole thing set in the 2000s. If possible I?d like to get a good run over people over the entire spectrum of time.

I?ll address any questions through the Underground thread, please use it as opposed to PMing me as I?ll be able to answer the same question once instead of three times to different people. [/SIZE]
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I can remember it now that I see the past of my life. I was once known as lord Loki. In the face of the final battle I chose to take the side of our brave emperor. I had seen many of my brothers fall in this war already, be it to a sword or conversion to the traitorous lords of the revolution.

I was tired of the blood shed and death. Both me and the emperor had seen enough. I could only imagine how it hurt our emperor to have to kill his own lords, who had once regarded as his own children. But now he had to forsake those who would dirupte the peace of this world simply to incite new war and renew old glory.

I lead the front lines and charged with what little forces remained on both sides of this terrible conflict. The once utopian world we had once were so close to building was now but a shell of what it once was. It was nothing but a burning mess of rubble and wastelands in place of forests. As the two sides charged into the final conflict it felt as if the world was falling apart beneath there feet. I would stand by my lord no matter the price.

The emperor would be the one to stand alone to the lord of clouds. The traitorous leader of the revolt. I took his right hand and lead in to combat with the lord of war himself. I was the lord of knowledge, my combat skills could never compare to his, but his brutish temprament would be his weakness. I was no weakling and would not fall so easily to him. I would charge in to the battle feild and would never again know of this worlds fate, for I would fall in this battle. As in our final desperation we slew each other in one last strike after three days of combat.


It has been so many centuries since then, but still this world is only at half the greatness it was all those years ago. I now stand in yet another mighty kingdom of the savage man called Rome. It's land spread far and vast and they seemed to worship warfare. They even use it as a form of theater in there mighty stage in the capital city.

It was almost a hundred years ago, but I remeber well where it was that my memories returned to me. And where I was forced to recognize my status as an immortal.

I was a general for the still rising army of the Roman empire and we were on the spread through the lands of Europe. I was leading a capaign that I new would end poorly, but I was under the command of a new emperor and he was not as wise or kind as the one I had known in my earlier life, but to this point I was still unaware of all those things from so long ago.

As I had predicted our forces fell to the savages of the northern territories. We were simply to few and they were to many; our fate was decided before we even arrived. As I lay face down on the red battlefield I began to realize this was the end of my days, or so I thought. With a sudden jolt I felt the strength return to my muscles as I seemed to rise to my feet almost out of impulse. I looked about myself, still unsure of why I wasn't dead with the rest of my men, as my mind slowly filled with the memories of my life passed.

I realized that the life I lived now was a limitless one. A life that could last for eternity if let on it's own, but I knew that was not right. I knew many others like myself would be alive somewhere. Though I also knew it would be impossible to just find them. They could be anywhere and exist at anytime, just as I existed here, they might not exist for many more centuries. Or perhaps even those who came before me.

I rememberd well the battle of my final days and knew what it was that needed to be done. If I met my brothern, be they brother or sister, I would have to kill them for the sake of a prize I was not fully aware of at the time. I soon came to understand it better as when I returned in defeat I was, instead of hailed, dishonored and sullied and even threatend with death. I left that place and now live the life of a simple vagabond, never knowing where the winding roads may lead. All I do know is that at the end of this road waits an enemy that I must kill and I don't even know who he or she might be.

I was once know as Lord Loki in the days of the Atlantean empire, but those days have gone. I am now of the name of the mortal couple, and the name given to me at my rebirth was [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Albatini.jpg][B]Vitus Secundinus[/B].[/URL]
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