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RPG The Voyage {Rated M for LSV, also contains comedy}


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[I][B]The Voyage:[/B][/I]

The stars glittered with majestic glamour against the darkness of space. The Dragon's tear sheared through the endless void like a gleaming sword nay a crystal tear dancing upon a black dragon's cheek.

In one of the corridors strolled a tall young man; polished leather boots tweaked with every step. He paused for a moment and leaned against the metal wall. Letting out a sigh; he crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

[I]Damn them?[/I]

A shorter, lean man came jogging out of the end of the corridor.

"Captain?captain?" He panted with a salute, and a snap of leather heels.

The man referred to as captain simply opened his eyes and nodded for the other to speak his piece.

"We've monitored several light destroyers?main computer indicates that they bear Imperial signatures?"


"Do we engage, or evade?"

"Evade?I have not time for rogue captains with lost dreams of grandeur, besides they won't listen even if we announced peaceful intentions?poor bastards went crazy after the war?"

[I]Poor bastards?[/I]

He closed his eyes, as they welled up with tears; crimson memories of battle, and blood scorched his aching soul.

"Very well sir?I shall instruct the others to carry out your orders"

A smile was etched upon the lips of the captain, as the other man saluted once more and went back the way he came. After a few moments that tall man resumed his slow paced stroll. He was heading for his quarters, he didn't consider it necessary to go check on his crew; he trusted them.

Upon entering his room, he lazily fell back into his chair, and placed his hands behind his head, and stared into the nothingness.

He began to dream?

[I]Fields of gold swayed left and right under the invisible brush of the teasing winds. The sun glared down softly upon the magnificent scene. There he was?captain strange?his strong frame standing out amidst the golden sea, and his shiny mane struck a hint of fantastic fire. He rushed swiftly and effortlessly through the wavering tides. He could only see the whirling tip of a white silken scarf. The sweet scent it trailed was intoxicating. His eyes were changing from black to dark red; they gleamed with desire. Like a fleeing dove the scarf glided away. At last after a while it drew very close; only an arms length away. He softly grabbed it, and with it he pulled a supple figure into his arms?He still couldn't see her face?she was turning around...[/I]

"Captain?" burst in the man he saw in the corridor.

Strange was startled out of his dreamy state, he jumped out of his chair; eyes as red as hell.

"What is it DAMMIT!!!?" He exploded.

"Uhh?umm...Uhhh?We?We?We successfully evaded the destroyers?" The man stuttered; shiny beads of sweat sliding down his forehead.

"I hope you're going somewhere with this!" The captain snapped, his canines were now closer to vampire like fangs than teeth.

"Do you have any orders sir?" The other asked as he shrunk back.

"Hmm?" The captain closed his eyes, as he hung his head low; a cross shaped vein knotted on the side of his forehead.

"Head for Kasumi the mist planet?we shall attempt to make contact with the brotherhood there?that is all for now?"

"By the way?the next time you barge in on me like this I'll kick you?re a?"

"Y-yes sir?it will never happen again?"

"You should know better Kamuzo?" He opened his eyes and they were black again.

"Now get the hell out of here, and tell that drunkard of a pilot we have, to smoothen this ride up for heaven's sake?move"

"Right away sir?"Kamuzo fled.

He let out a sigh once again, and decided to head for the command room.

[I]Viper?Nightwalker?I wonder if they'll buy it?[/I]

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It had only been a week since he receieved his orders to follow after the stargazers. This would mark Darrens third mission as a federation capatin. He sat in the catains seat on the bridge and simply gazed out into the dark vastness of space. He often enjoyed this simple activity. It brought him peace and a firm piece of mind to be able to see this great terrain before ihm that had no limit. The communtications team was fast at work relaying commands throught out the ship.

They were suppose to follow, and if at all possible, capture these rogues. Darren had his head proped up by his arm, as he leaned in the chair. The comm officer called to him [B]"The Stargazer ship is just ahead. ETA 4 hours."[/B]

Darren sat up straight [B]"Thanks. Relay to the rest of the crew that they are all to go to level three battle stations in preperation for arrival."[/B]

The comm tech nodded and began relaying the message over the IC system on board the ship. Darren could hear the halls choing with the sound of the comm techs voice. Darren then looked to the helmsman [B]"Take us to half of battle speed and maintain."[/B]

With a nod back to him the ship began to build speed, slowly but surely. With that done, Darren leaned off in his chair and returned to gazing out the portside window into the vast vacuum of space. He played the orders from headuarters over and over again through his head. He wasn't sure why, but they siad his mission was of the highest importance so he took this mission very seriously. Or at least as seriously as he possibly could. Which didn't seem like much at all.

He then rose from his chair and looked out to the bridge crew [B]"Set system on auto pilot for the next two hours. I want all hands to rest up a little before we encounter the enemy. Tell the crew to maintains stations, but also tell them that the mess crew will be coming through with some refreshments for them in a little while."[/B]

The comm tech nodded back to him as he left the bridge and headed down for his quarters for a little R&R before they made contact.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain laid in his seat of the ship, he was buckled up due to the rough ride. His eyes were closed, he drifted between sleep and the waking world. Letting his instincts do their job and watch out for him. And sure enough, he sensed something draw near and he snatched it, his eyes opene quickly to see what he had grabbed. He relaxed as he saw it was only the pilot, making sure he was still awake. Kain released his hand.
"Sorry about that. Are we there yet?"[/B] The pilot nodded and turned back to the cockpit, Kain unclicked the seat belt and stood up. He stretched and groaned as he arched his back. He was glad to be out of that chair and close to where they needed to be. He walked over to a near by window and looked out at the planet.
"Ahh, Kasumi. The mist planet. Been awhile since we've been here. How long before we land?"[/B] Kain s[B]aid while staring out the window.

"About ten minutes." [/B]The pilot replied, still watching intently out the windshield. Kain pushed off the window and started to walk over to another area of the ship.
"Guess I need to wake up O?Neill." [/B]Kain pushed open the door to her room gentely and walked in quietly. He sneaked over to her bed, she lay sprawled out on the mattress. He manuvered to one side of her bed and placed his fingers under the mattress, he refrained from laughing out loud for the joke he was about to pull.

He quickly flipped the mattress over. Sending O'Neill to the cold floor, waking her up instantly, she jumped on her feet and looked around quickly. Kain bursted out in laughter, she turned around to see Kain. She had the look of 'i'm gonna kill you , you basterd'. He smiled at her.
"Good morning princess."[/B] She hated it when he said that, he slowly walked around the flipped over bed and stood in front of her.
"We'll be landing in about ten mintues. Get dressed and get ready, Kasumi is a tough place. Remember last time."[/B] She was still staring at him as Kain left the room.

Ten minutes later. The ship landed on the surface and Kain left immediately, his swords strapped to his back and his knife up his sleeve. He knew where he was going to the local bar, he needed money and they always held a poker game each night. He walked through the mist easily, his eyes penetrating the darkness. He could see the bar from where he stood.
"Nice, their still holding the game."[/B] He walked into the bar and moved over to a near by table with a few men just getting ready to start a game. He sat down in an empty chair and reached into his pocket. The men looked at him as he threw down a few bucks on the table. They all looked at eachother and nodded that he could play. The dealer passed out the cards and they all sat quietly as they looked at their hand.

A few moments of silence got some bids thrown in, Kain threw in his as he watched each card holder. He wasn't looking into their eyes like the others were, he was watching hands. The game progressed and they all laid down their hands, a man to Kains left won. He took the pile and they started again, they played a second game and the same man won.

They played another game, throwing in their money. All of them looking a their cards, the man on Kains left set his cards down, as he done in the two previous games. Kain struck out at him with his knife, pinning his hand to the table. The man yelled, Kain suddenly heard the clicking of guns being drawn and them being pointed at him. He looked up from his cards calmly.
"What the fuck is that about?[/B]" Kain looked at the man who was talking, then looked back to his cards and started to speak to the man.
"He's cheating."

"Yeah, how do you know?"[/B] Kain looked up at him.
"Because I saw him do it. Twice."[/B] Kain help up two fingers. The man looked at the other with the knife through his hand. Then back to Kain.
"You got any other proof that he was cheating?"[/B] Kain looked at the man with the knife in his hand. He pulled it out and the man pulled his arm into his body. Kain snatched it and reached into his sleeveand pulled out some face cards. He threw them on the table.[B]

"Theres your proof. Now, i'd like my money back. Plus some compensation for me making this cheater."[/B] The man grabbed a hand full of money from the pile and handed it to Kain. Kain counted the money and tucked it away.
"Thats as much as I put it. Wheres my compensation?"

"You don't get it. You caught a cheater, not a wanted felon. You'll take what you have and leave."[/B] Kain stood up from his chair and walked to the man.
"I'm not leaving until you give me the rest of my money. Or I'm gonna have to use more then this knife to get it." [/B]The man showed a hint of fear, he reached down and grabbed another handful. He put it in Kain's hand, he counted that and smiled as he stuffed it into his pocket.
"Thank you Gentelmen. Now, I'll be leaving. You can deal with him in your own way."[/B] Kain then turned away from the table and left the bar. Smiling to himself.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Teryk was in the flourescent lit corridors when, his body still and his thoughts light years away, when he heard the announcement. The vision of that distant technical college he had dreamed of attending as a child shattered as a glass would on the pavement. He sighed, shook his head, and pulled out the hair tie someone (he forgot who) had suggested that he use to hold his hair back since he refused to have it cut. It was enough, and once he was finished he took off running to his station.

[i]Wonder what the occassion is,[/i] he thought. [i]Ninjas? Giant Space Squid?[/i] His thoughts fumbled around on those thoughts until it settled on the most logical conclusion. Pirates. He smiled, remembering why he had been called to that ship. The Stargazers and their ship, the Dragon's Tear. Since it was Pirates, and not cannibals, he didn't believe it would be so bad...

He rounded a corner and came to a dead top. In front of him was a young girl with blue hair, being harrassed by some of the older techs. In silence he stood there, hoping that no one would notice him. Unfortunately for him, the reality was nothing of the sort.

"Hey Rykki," One of them said, grinning. Teryk couldn't recall his name, but imagined that it was somewhere along the lines of Haddock. It sounded similar, anyway. "Do you agree that this little fishie is a real cutie?"

"Just say 'yes'." The other one suggested. Name of Price, Teryk thought.

"Ah..." He began, trying to find his grasp on words. The little blue girl looked over at him, and muttered something in a language he didn't recognize. "You do know that we got called to Level Three Battle Stations, right?"

"Yep," Price said. "We're just trying to show her the way. Isn't that right, Chicky?"

Green eyes narrowed at those words, and a gut feeling told him not to trust these guys. Sure, they were techs, but there was always the wierd folk everywhere. "Ri-i-i-ight." Teryk said, not bothering to hide his disbelief. Then, before they had time to react, he flung the girl over his shoulder and took off down the corridor as fast as he could.

Her name was...Chicky? No. Chiquita? No...Chibi? Teryk ran over the possible combinations, and came up with something. "Ah...Chibu?" he questioned hesiatently, his voice coming out in a breathless gasp.

She pushed herself upright in his arms, and smiled. "Uh-huh. Chibu."

"Great. I'm--"

"Rykki!" She cried, cutting him off before he could finished. Chibu then hugged him, and he felt like the happiest man alive.[/SIZE]
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OOC: Awww, Stark, your post was cute... I've never had someone introduce my character, but you did a good job of it anyway.

[color=royalblue]The corridor seemed endless, and no attention was paid to the occasional doors dotting the sides. Teryk kept running, never losing speed in case the techs caught up, not hindered too much by carrying Chibu. Chibu, meanwhile, kept looking over Teryk's shoulder and also up ahead. But when Teryk turned a corner, Chibu tapped him on the cheek and pointed to a door to the left.
"Hey, why are we stopping?" Teryk questioned. "I thought we..." His voice trailed off as he spotted a sort of glow coming from a space below the door.
[i]Yes, this is the way.[/i]
After stopping, Teryk released Chibu, who opened the door and went in. Teryk followed and shut the door behind him.
[i]I just hope those tech guys don't have ESP.[/i]

The corridor lead to a stairway which seemed to lead to a place of greater illumination. Perhaps they were headed to the space station.
"Naita yai..." Chibu muttered when she reached the top of the stairs, not too far ahead of Teryk.
"I think I know what you mean," Teryk agreed as he looked around. "I guess we're the first ones here--all I can see are spaceships."
"In a big space I hear nothing... no soul inside..." Chibu continued with concern.
"Since there's no one here yet," Teryk declared, "I would think it most logical to explore a bit, see what's in store..."

Teryk then started to walk toward one of the three spaceships sitting in the vast room, casting a glance at Chibu along the way. He thought of showing her around as well, but then he observed that she was standing alert near the stairway, figuring that she could warn him of anyone else coming.
[i]Big ears are there for a reason.[/i]

A few minutes would pass, in fact, before anything else went on.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray][B]occ: Gah! Sorry I haven?t posted sooner Asim, I?ve been having school troubles. [/B] [/COLOR]

Ic:[B] ?Do you love me?? [/B] the mans face was projected in her mind as clear as crystal; his well cut features, his glistening blue eyes and irresistible smile.

[B]?Do the planets turn?? [/B] She smiled back at him, suddenly a gunshot rang through the air, O?Neill looked down to her hands, they were smothered in blood, her own blood.

Like a hard slap in the face reality hit her, she found her self on the floor instead of her bed, jumping to her feet and looking around quickly, one word popped into her head, ?Kain?. She gave him a look that directed at anyone else would have most likely killed them. [I]?You bastard, if you weren?t my friend id kill you? [/I] she thought.

[B]"Good morning princess." [/B] She cringed when he spoke, O?Neill despised him calling her that. Kain?s jokes were the only one?s she tolerated; no one else in the universe could get away with what he did.

[B]"We'll be landing in about ten minutes. Get dressed and get ready, Kasumi is a tough place. Remember last time."[/B] O?Neill was still death staring him as he exited the room. Tough place indeed, if you weren?t stinking rich that is. She changed and existed the ship, O?Neill had been asleep for almost the entire trip, it would have been the best she had in a while if Kain hadn?t had thrown her out of bed.

Ten minutes later the ship landed and she saw Kain exit in a flash, typical of him, she would bet more than a million dollars that he was headed for a bar. O?Neill dressed her self and before exiting spoke a few words to the pilot. [B]?If you receive any communications from anyone at all have them patched through to me and Kain immediately, oh and don?t touch anything in my room? [/B] The pilot gave her a look of, [B]?As if I would?[/B], he was used to her by now.

O?Neill stepped down from the ship and breathed deep the somewhat familiar air of Kasumi and let out a sigh. Last time Kain and herself were here things didn?t go quite so well, thankfully Kain managed to successfully avoid the authorities all while carrying her wounded self on his back. As much as he annoyed her sometimes and though she would never ever admit it O?Neill wouldn?t change Kain as her partner for anyone else.

Finally leaving the docking area O?Neill made her way around town, there was no shortage of water on Kasumi, they derived what water they needed from the heavy mist. Walking along un-noticed by the pompous rich folk of the planet concerned only for themselves, she waited out side a bar for Kain. After few hours or so he exited, smiling to himself.

[B]?Well well, what has the great Kain accomplished this time??[/B] She raised an eyebrow at him as he walked up to her.

[B]?Just liberating men from their money??[/B] O?Neill shook her head, she knew what that meant. They needed not worry about arousing the authorities suspicions, necessary precautions had been taken care of, no one would recognize them.

[B]?We?re due at the meeting point in 30 minutes? [/B] Kain nodded and the two assassins took off to the point where they would be making the charming Capt. Strange?s acquaintance. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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