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[I]It has been 1 year since the Rancors attacked Earth. It only took them 1 month to rule it though. Their technology is very advanced, far more better than Earths weapons. These days, Humans are rare, although there are a few rebellion groups left. YOU are one of the Rebels. Although maybe you have a different view? YOU could be a commander/soldier of a Rancor colony! It's your call... [/I]

If you want to join, go to my topic called "Erm...Can't think of a name for this thing right now!" and put in your chars stats like this.

Name: Hajime
Age: 22
Main skill: Martial Arts
Fave long-range weapon: Shotgun
Fave close-range weapon: His sword
Appearance: (Check attachment)
History: Hajime has no memory except the past year. All his family and friends were killed. He made his Rebellion group to avenge their deaths.
Rebel Leader (Or member) of: The Avengers


Main Skill (Can have un-natural ones):
Fave long-range weapon (can make up a custom):
Fave short-range weapon(can make up a custom):


The Rancors work as a complete organization, but the Rebels all have their different methods of fighting the Rancors. The 3 Rebel groups have already been made, and here they are, with their members.

[B]The Avengers[/B]
Hajime (leader) - Me
Jaydan - Squashed Snail
Gohan - Gohan (Gohan, you need to change your stats. ;))

[B]Blood Angels[/B]
Misha (Do you still want that name?) - Outlaw

[B]Apocalyptic Ravens[/B]
Raynor 'Warlock' Dune - Warlock
Pumar - Forte

[SIZE=5]NOW BEGIN!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
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[I]The Rancor's chest exploded, a high powered burst of rifle ammunition bursting through it. The marine behind the dead, and now falling to the ground Rancor quickly reloaded his rifle, and dissapeared behind some rubble of the now in ruins New York. Raynor watched him dissapear through his sniper rifle, giving a quick word through his helmet-mike.[/I]

Raynor: "Good job Doggie. I'm picking up some heat signitures coming your way. Better take cover..."

[I]Raynor gripped his sniper hard, waiting for the possible enemy...[/I]
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Hajime: I'm going out for a little hunting.

Gohan & Jayden: 'K.

[COLOR=red]Hajime walks out of the old building and notices a couple of sounds far away...[/COLOR]

Hajime: :flaming: Rancor...

[COLOR=red]In a flash, he gets out his sword and starts to creep towards the soldier...[/COLOR]

Rancor: [FONT=century gothic]Human sighted.[/FONT]

Hajime: SH*T!

[COLOR=red]The Rancor suddenly pressed a button on its arm, and a giant blaster formed around its arm![/COLOR]

Rancor: [FONT=century gothic]Charging blaster...Done. Firing Beam-Cannon.[/FONT]

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, an enormous blast of energy shot out from the gun, tearing up the ground under it![/COLOR]

Hajime: :demon: Time to play........

[COLOR=red]Hajime jumps out from the rubble and slashes through the Rancors head with his sword![/COLOR]

Rancor: [FONT=century gothic]Major damage to head. Attempting to re-build.[/FONT]

Hajime: Oh no you don't! :demon:

[COLOR=red]Gets out his shotgun, then blasts the Rancor into the wall![/COLOR]

Hajime: Damn things...I HATE it when they re-build themselves! :demon:

[COLOR=red]Walks up to it, and shoots it in a couple more spots to see if it is PROPERLY dead.[/COLOR]

Hajime: Yup...Looks dead to me.

[COLOR=red]Walks back to base...[/COLOR]
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[I]Xyk holds the Soldier up by his head... He sees the blood trickling down his face, the large cut on his left cheek, the fear in his eyes... Xyk holds the soldier up a bit higher, and then waits... He stands there for nearly an hour, watching the soldier squirm... Without warning, he clenches his fist, crushing his skull, and throws the dead body into the side of a ruined building... It leaves a red stain on the wall as it slumps down to the ground, cold and lifeless...[/I]

Xyk: Ha ha ha ha...

[I]Xyk walks up a staircase, and then out onto a balcony... A balcony high above the decaying ruins of a city somewhere in central europe... The sun is setting, casting a beautiful yellow light across the plains, and the clouds in the sky... Xyk grabs a piece of raw flesh from a huge bucket of meat next to him, and starts ripping into it with his jagged teeth, crushing the bones of the meat to dust with the brute force of his powerful jaw.. God knows what type of meat it is.. Human, Animal, maybe both... Xyk stands on the huge balcony, looking out towards the sunset...[/I]
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[i] Pumar comes behind a Rancor [/i]

Pumar: Die.

[i] Pumar blasts the Rancor [/i]

Pumar: Hey, i see Raynor!

[i] Pumar sneaks up behind Raynor [/i]

Pumar: Hey, im here.

Raynor: Finally, lets get moving. I heard Rancor fire on a soldier.

Pumar: Grr, lets find him and kill him

[i] They advance [/i]
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[COLOR=red]Hajime walks back into the base[/COLOR]

Hajime: I got one.

Jayden: What type?

Hajime: Just a normal soldier.

Gohan: Damn...

Hajime: I just wish that a super-soldier would attack one day! We NEED some info about them! We know almost every weakness of the normal Rancor, but we have no idea of the special abilitys of the Commanders!

Jayden: One'll turn up one day...Just be patient.

Hajime: ...Gohan, got anywhere with that hacking?

Gohan: No. Their computers aren't like any I've seen before...It's as if...They're alive!

Hajime: Stand aside. Let me have a try.

[COLOR=red]Hajime sits down on the chair and starts typing[/COLOR]

[COLOR=limegreen]Cable 6 to Rancor Port 2.

Does not compute.

Cable 6 connect to Rancor Port 2.

Nope. Try harder sucker.

Computer cable port 6 connect to Rancor Computer port 2.

Finally! We thought you'd NEVER get to this bit! Look, we'll go easy on you. If you can guess the password, we'll let you into the PC!


No! Why would we pick something like that???






Heh...Nice one. You have now entered the 2nd PC. Although there is something we think you should know.

Tell me.

Well, we knew you humans were stupid, but your Rebellion groups have quite annoyed us. We've been tracking you via your connection!

Hajime: SH*T!! How come the sensors didn't pick it up??? They usually tell us if someone's hacking into us!

Jayden: I guess their technology is too advanced!

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, the wall blows up, and 5 Rancors are standing there![/COLOR]

Rancor 01: [FONT=century gothic]Correct, human.[/FONT]

Hajime: This isn't good...:nervous:
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[I]Suddenlly behind Hajime a command comes flying across the room[/I]

Zack:Hit the Deck

[I]Hajime and his men hit the floor as 5 guns begin to fire off, the Rancors drop to the floor, Hit in every one of there vunerable spots...as the rancors die 6 soldiers appear from behind some ruins, each one on the shoulder of there shirts has a green and black skull. They all look like they are in their late teens, 3 are carying assult rifles, one a pistol and the other a shotgun. The one with the pistol steps foward, gives a signal and the troops spread out, then walks up to Hajime[/I]

Hajime:who are you?

Zack:Zack, leader of the Death Corpse...you looked like you needed a hand there...

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*In a small bunker in the middle of what was once manhattan, a small group of Russian special forces sits against the walls, preparing for their next mission. Their Commander, Misha, stands in the middle, peeking out a small spyhole in the roof, looking for the enemy.*

Soldier 1 - Commander, what is our next mission?

Misha - Its a simple enough one. We need to meet up with the Apocolyptic Ravens squad. We are too small a force right now to take on these guys. It we met up with a full legion, we would be wiped out.

Soldier 2 - But where are the Ravens.

Misha - Unforunatly, they are on the other side of the island right now, and inbetween us and them, there are 3 Rancor legions posted.

Soldier 2 - So, what do we do?

Misha - Intellegnce says there is a way to get to them in the old subway system. There are still a few semi-functional trains down their. If we can hot-wire one of them, we will be able to reach the other side of the city by nightfall. And the entrance to the subway should be cleared right about....... *presses the button of a remote detonator, setting off an explosion a few hundred yards from the bunker*......NOW! MOVE OUT!

*Misha leads his forces out of the Bunker and sprints to the Subway entrance.*
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K. I'm gonna use my real name this time instead of my screen name, Kool.

Name: Samantha
Age: 13
Main skill: Martial Arts
Fave weapon (long): Shotgun
Fave weapon (close): her sword and dagger
Appearance: baggy blue pants and a white T-shirt
History: Samantha was just an average kid. Still is, only she wanted everything to be the way it was before, so she joined the rebels.
side: Rebel/The Avengers
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Man, nobody has joined the Blood Angels. Come on ppl, not everyone can be on the Avengers. *pouts in the corner*

........NEways, back to the story
*Mihsa and his squad dropped down through a hole in the rubble of what used to be Times-Square and into the Metro Area.*

Misha - Ok, everyone. Night vision on. Its dark down here, and I don't want anyone getting lost. Now, follow me.

*Misha leads them down past blown out ticket booths down to the tracks. Bodys of those caught in the Subway during the attacks are everywhere. Misha leads them to the ledge over the tracks.*

Misha - Ok guys, watch it here. And whatever you do, don't touch the 3rd rail. The electricity is still running down here.

*Misha drops down, followed by the rest of his small squad. But one of the last guys slips on his landing and falls on to third line. The electricty from the line frys him like an egg in seconds.*

Soldier 01 - Aw ****. Its O'Mally.

Misha - Damnit, that idiot. We can't wait here, the Rancor patrols down here probobly heard that. LETS MOVE!

*Misha runs down the subway tunnels, followed by the rest of his squad, save O'Mally, whos still lying on the rail.*
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[I]Zack's men spread out...they set up a bending and moving paramiter...The move constantly through the rubble, neer being spotted and never standing still long enough to be traced[/I]

Zack:....so who are you guys?...another small rebal group I presume...tch...when will you guys learn that unless we can combine we are doomed to fail...

Hajime:and I suppose you are just a shining example of that?

Zack:....I move from group to group helping them survive so when the time comes we can unify...if we did so right now we would be crushed...again...

Hajime:did you say you were...Death Corpse...wasn't their leader named Zack?...

Zack:he is, that might be because I am him...

Jayden:but your just a kid

Zack:....obviously you didn't read up on us to well...or ele you woulda notice that when I started the group two years ago I was 17...plus our action speak louder then words...we turned the tide in many wars, won one of the few battles against the Rancors, and now go around saving people like you...and setting up communication between the Rebals...

Hajime:have you encountered any of the new Super Rancors?

Zack:yes...it killed one of my men...we had been tracking your group for a while....and that group of rancors...when we saw what they were planning we decided to act fast...

Jayden:what do you mean....you didn't hack them did you?

Zack:we did...

Jayden:without being traced...

Zack:we used their own technology against them...

Hajime:what do you mean!?!

Zack:the battle reports where never published...we won one out of the 2 victories against the Rancor...the other victory was when we caught them off guard with a tactical nuclear strike...that wiped everything out...we took their technology and learned how to use it...we are using their best weapons against them

Hajime:and you survive...

Zack:because no one but us knows where we are...and we would all kill ourselves before getting captured...

Hajime:you said you killed one of the supers...it was after us?


Hajime: Danm it I wanted to fight one of those....

Zack:you would have lost...

Hajime:what are you getting at...

Zack: one of my men is worth 5 of yours...I am not trying to be offensive...but I am running a military organiztion...we have better equipment...stratigical planning, we are researching the enemy's weaknesses every moment, and we have better training...and most the men have actull battle experience...you are running a rag tag Rebal group...which is great...but it dosn't have the abilitys a full fledge organization has...oh and I suggest you pack up and move...I only brought those 6 men and though each one can take out 2 to 5 rancors...we can't while having to defend you...and I prefere not risk it...so I suggest you pack up and move
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[I]Xyk jumps from wall to wall, dodging thousands of bullets flying at him from all angles... Below him is a squadron of 20 or so Marines, all armed with M16 Assault rifles, equipped with Up/Down Grenade launchers... But even with some of the most powerful weapons available in the force, the soldiers quickly fall, proving no match for the Lord of Battle... Xyk quickly flips onto the far wall of the derelict warehouse, springing back towards the group of soldiers at breakneck speeds... He holds out his clawed hands, and slashes through the chests of a few soldiers... They fall to the ground, laying in puddles of their own blood... The other soldiers don't even have time to react before Xyk's Bioclaws are ripping through their flesh... Within seconds, the Lord of Battle stands alone in a room full of corpses...[/I]

Xyk: Pathetic. They don't even fight as true warriors... Krâji resarüm! Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon, hand to hand is the basis of all combat.

[I]Xyk walks over to a dead body, rips a chunk of meat of from the chest, and begins to eat it... He crouches, and then springs up, jumping to a wall, and then out of the warehouse...[/I]
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Hajime: Guys?

Zack: Yeah?

Hajime: Shhh...


Hajime: Uh oh...That sounds like-

Zack & Hajime at the same time: BATTLE-SUITED RANCORS!

[COLOR=red]Haime and the rest of the gang start running, and eventually get the the train![/COLOR]

Zack: We have to hurry. That thing could wipe us all out in just a couple of minutes.

Hajime: I'm trying I'm trying!

[COLOR=red]Fumbles about with the wires[/COLOR]

Hajime: GOT IT!

[COLOR=red]The train lights switch on, and the train starts to move, and after a few seconds they speed past the B-S Rancor! [/COLOR]

Jayden: Yes!! We ditched it!

Hajime: Guys? There's something you should see.

[COLOR=red]All of them ran to the side of the carride and looked out the window to see the Rancor aiming its gun while flying alongside the train![/COLOR]

Zack: Everybody DUCK!!!

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, the blast ripped apart the top half of the train, and flew down infront of them all...[/COLOR]

All: :eek:
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okay, I just found the thread since it had a different name. soory...

Jayden: HOLY SH*T!!! *looks up and sees no roof on the train*

Jayden: That thing tust blew half the train away!! *points to where the roof should be*

Zack: ...listen.......

*vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* *they hear the Rancor flying outside of the train, searching for any movement*

Zack: He's still there.....

Jayden: Now what?!

Zack: Time to play bad..... :demon:
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[I]Zack pulls out his sword and pistol[/I]

Zack:Battle Suited Rancor...position for high speed battle....

[I]Zack's men nod and position themself around the train comparment each with their weapon out[/I]

Zack:be ready....

[I]One of the men sees the Rancor fly by[/I]


[I]The 6 guns open fire simultainusly and they hear a loud thud...The rancor quickly gets up and begins coming after them again...[/I]


Zack:I know we arn't armed for this kind of combat against a flying Rancor...

DC2:we have one weapon that might destroy it...

Zack:the grenades...ok here is what we will do...

[I]The Mercanery's reposition and Zack takes a grenade[/I]

Jayden:what are you going to do...wait!!...

Zack:just hit the deck!!

[I]The mercanerys pulls as far back against the wall as the other hit the deck. The rancor lands on the rear of the train, The mercanerys open fire...The Rancor hits the floor of the train, Zack quickly throws the grenade...as The rancor stands up the grenade explodes...Zack and the others hit the deck just as pieces of the Battle suit go wizzing by[/I]

Zack:whew...close call...

Hajime:wow...that was interesting...

Zack:...we are going to DC headquarters...you are welcome to come along if you want...

Hajime:where is it?

Zack:not to far...stop the train...

[I]Hajime hits the breaks and the train stops, everyone gets off but Zack. He restarts the train the jumps off after dropping 9 beacons[/I]

Zack:come on we have to move through the sewers...they can't trace us down there...

[I]The group climbs down into the sewers and takes a short break[/I]

Hajime:what did you drop?...

Zack:decoys...as far as the rancors know we are still on that train rocketing ahead at full speed...
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*The Blood Angels continue to run down the tracks looking for a train. They here a rumbling sound coming from behind them.*

Misha - What the hell is that?

*The small squad looks back and sees a blinding light barrelling down on them.*


*The entire squad stands still against the walls as the train goes flying past. When it passes, the group seems to let out a grouped sigh of releif.*

Misha - That was close. Everyone allright?

Soldier 1 - Everyone present and accounted for sir.

Misha - Good. Now, I didn't see anyone on that thing, which means whoever was on it earlier got off. We had beter go back and investigate it.

Soldier 2 - But sir, the mission.

Misha - Your right. Adams and Ericson. You too come with me. Well cheack out what happened. O'Neal, Im leaving you in charge. Find a train and head to the end of the line. Their sould be scouts positioned there that will take you to their HQ. We'll meet up with you later.

O'Neal - Sir, yes sir. Alright men. Move out!

*The rest of the Blood Angels heads off in one direction, while Adams, Ericson, and Misha head back in the other. Adams is a large man who carrys a high power soilder cannon, and Ericson is Misha's best pupil in the art of marksmanship.*
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*Misha, Adams, and Ericson continue to run along the subway tracks. After a while of running, Misha stops quitly and plants himself flat against the wall. Adams and Ericson do the same. Up ahead there is a group of 5 Rancors moving in the direction the train came from.*

Misha - ****, they must be after who ever sent that train too.

Adams - Sir, sould we turn around.

Misha - No, we'll take them out. We dont want them atacking that other group from behind. Ericson....

Ericson - Sir......?

Misha - You and I will snipe out the two Rancors on the side. Than move in to the middle too. Atleast criple those ones. Adams. You take out the middle on with you shouder cannon.

Adams - Sir.

Misha - On the count of one..........ONE!

*Misha and Ericson fire at the two outside soldiers, their diamond tipped bullets ripping right through the skulls of the Rancors. At the same time, Adams fires a blast from his cannon, incinerating the middle Rancor. The other two turn to run, trying to cover their escape by firing wildly. Misha picks off on of them, but Ericson is only able to hit his chest, severily wounding the Rancor.*

Adams - Damnit!

*Adams recharges his cannon and fires a second shot, killing the wounded Rancor.*

Misha - *sigh* Lucky they wheren't very skilled Rancor. You know Ericson, if you miss like that in a real battle, it could cost you your life, or the life of one of your comrads.

Ericson - Im sorry sir.

Misha - Shake it off Ericson. Come on, I doubt we will be able to find those other troups now, they most likely hightailed it out of here after hearing all that firefighting. Let regroup with the other.

*The 3 turn around and head back towards their main force.*
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[I]Zack turns as he hears the cannon Fire[/I]

Zack:Mark...take the Avenger and Hijame and his men back to base with Scott and Sean....Leo, Zork...with me...

[I]Zack walks down the sewer to the place he heard the fire come from...he sticks his head out of the sewer[/I]


[I]Zack hears splashing as what sounds like to him 3 humans walk down, Zack swiftly and siliently sneaks up behind them with the other two behind him[/I]

Zack:Halt...Friend or Foe?
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*Adams quickly turns around and points his cannon directly at Zack. Zack pulls out his pistol and points it at Adams' head inn responce.*

Misha - Hold it Adams. *turns to Zack* That depends on who is asking?

Zack - I am Zack, of the Death Corpes. And you?

Misha - Misha, leader of the Blood Angels.

Zack - Blood Angels? Never heard of em?

Misha - Tahts b/c we are a covert opperations force mostly. But resently we ave been give front line duity.

Zack - And what are you doing down here in the sewers?

Misha - Trying to get to the Northern part of Manhattan to meet up with the Apocolyptic Ravens.

Zack - The Ravens eh? Thats Raynor's squad. Well what was all that firefighting about?

Misha - We almost got run over by a stray Train, so we came to investigate. I sent the rest fo my troops on ahead. When we got down here, we found a group of Rancors where headed in your direction. We desided to take them out so they couldn't catch you off guard.

Zack - Thanks. And.....sorry bout the train.

Misha - No problem. But I need to get back to my troop asap. Where are you all headed?
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Zack: Death Corpse Headquarters....

Misha:where is that?

Zack:can't say in an unsecure area...lets just say it is in the only place the Rancors havn't gotten to...

Misha:I had heard the Death Corpse were the only oneswho repelled the Rancors....

[I]Zack shrugs[/I]

Zack:because they didn't know where we were coming from...they didn't know where to attack...as long as it stays that way we will be fine...until we are ready...

Misha:well I must catch up with my troop....

Zack:Zorg you go with Misha and be our emmisary into the Blood Angels...once you reach the Ravens meet up with our emmisary there...


Zack:the key to winning our rebellion will be unifacation...one reason why the Earth fell so quickly is that we wern't unified...or prepared...we need to be both...

[I]Zack turns and walks sleathly into the shadows and the two head back into the sewer system...they quickly cacth back up with Hajime and the others...Zack leads them through a system of tunnels until they reach the most inner depths of the sewer system[/I]

Hajime:well....where now?


[I]Zack pulls a lever on the wall and a passage opens up beneeath them...[/I]

Zack:these are old maintence and drainage tunnels...we are almost their...

[I]Zack turns down one tunnell which leads below the rest, at the end of the tunnel he stands there for a second...then one of the walls opens up, on the other side of the wall people can be seen moving by, and a man in what looks like a high ranking officer is waiting[/I]

Officer:Zack you have returned...good to see you are Safe

Zack:you to Travis...good to be home...

Travis:so mission succesful?

Zack:yeah it was....

Travis:...why don't you let the men go out and stay back at base for such missions...

Zack:let my men risk their lives while I am tucked away safely...no thanks...anyway this is Hajime of The Avengers...and his rebel group...

[I]The others walk in and are awed...in these tunnells there are lights and paths the stretch off everywhere...there are strips along the wall which serve as goides...everyone in the base is moving rather purposefully, a few laughing and talking as they are off duty. Next to the entrance passage there is a small barraks full of guards, cameras, weapons...the cameras show every tunnel leading to this point...Zack turns and walks down to the control center while Travis leads the Avengers to where their rooms will be[/I]
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Hajime: I'm outta here...

[COLOR=red]Sneaks off, eventually finds Zack[/COLOR]

Hajime: Who are these guys?

Zack: Blood Angels.

Hajime: Who?

Zack: Another Rebel group...

Hajime: Oh...

Misha: So, where are you headed?

Hajime: Well, my troops were meant to go back to our base but seeing as the Rancors have already attacked once theres no point goi-OH SH*T!!!!!

Misha: Something tells me he's a little worried about something...

Zack: Go meet up with your crew, I gotta go.

[COLOR=red]Zack runs off and around half an hour later gets to the base.[/COLOR]

Hajime: Zack.

Zack: Yeah?

Hajime: Do you have a first aid kit on you? Or at least some bandages?

Zack: Sure.

[COLOR=red]Takes some out of his pocket and gives them to Hajime. He then sees that all of the Avengers are all lying on the floor with blood gushing out of their bodies![/COLOR]

Zack: What...Happened?

Hajime: The Rancors came and did...Excactly what they did to the people in my old hometown. :flaming:

Zack: Are there any alive?

Hajime: Jayden. Thats all.

[COLOR=red]Hajime walks over to a corner and sees Jayden with a giant cut on his arm, and a few bruises.[/COLOR]

Hajime: He got lucky...

Jayden: H-Hajime? That you?

Hajime: Yeah.

Jayden: What happened to the others?

Hajime: Dead.

Jayden: ...

[COLOR=red]Hajime finishes wrapping Jaydens bandages and helps him up[/COLOR]

Jayden: We have to move...Quickly! They set up cameras everywhere...

Hajime: So they're watching us right now?

Jayden: Yeah.

[COLOR=red]Points to a camera[/COLOR]

Hajime: Not any more.

[COLOR=red]Takes out his shotgun and with a loud BLAM!!! blows the camera to bits, then blasts all the other ones.[/COLOR]

Zack: Well, I don't think they should bother us now!

Voice: [B]Wrong as usual, human...[/B]

Hajime: That...doesn't sound like a normal Rancor voice...

Voice: [B]Well duh...You humans never were very smart either![/B]

[COLOR=red]Xyk then walks out from the shadows...[/COLOR]
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