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The Mixed Experiment III: The New Era [M-VLS]


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[B][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][CENTER]The Mixed Experiment III[/CENTER] [/B]

[I] I Wish I was there for you....[/I]

Hiro stared at the endless waves of the ocean. The gray thunder clouds started to move in from the west. The Fujin army boat sailed towards the port that was told to be under attack. It was not.

The boat slowly deported near the nearest dock as Hiro was the first to step off. The streets seemed to be normal. Workers traveling form place to place, picking and dropping of goods. They didn?t seem to be in any harm or terror of what was happening. Was the message a fake? The Captain of the boat stood in front of the crowd of soldiers and mercenaries that just got off.

[B] ?All of you will report to Rufus, the man in command of the defenses. You will find him at the main gate. Good luck.?[/B] He walked off, helping his men for the return back to the Fujin continent.

Hiro walked off away from the group, heading north towards the gate. He?s been here before and knew where everything is. His first mission as a soldier was here. It was full with happiness with people saying hello to each other. Now, it seems the other kingdoms have changed their moods. Hiro stopped at the Main Gate that led outside of the port and into a forest.

[B] ?Well I?ll be, if it isn?t the famous Hiro.?[/B] He glanced above the gate and stared straight into his former friend?s eyes.

Hiro didn?t reply, only glared at the man he would never forget. It was his choice if she lived or died. He cared only for himself and told the army everything.

[B]?Back into the army, I see.?[/B]

[B]?No, I work at the warrior guild, near the castle.? [/B] Rufus gave a sarcastic wide-eye look. Out of nowhere, he jumped fro the high level above the gate and landed afew feet from Hiro. His red hair danced as the wind blew gently across them. The soldiers and workers around them seemed to stop and see what would happen. Everyone knew the two warriors. Yet, in the end, Rufus only smiled.

[B]?We split the mercenaries and soldiers that came on the boat with you into two groups. I made you captain of one of them, since you are a genius of tactics.? [/B] He pointed to a small station, where three soldiers stood. Hiro began to walk past him when Rufus quicky pulled out his iron sword. Hiro stopped as the crowd gasped in shock. Two of the best soldiers, now fighting.

[B] ?It wasn?t my fault. I had no choice. It was my life or [I]hers[/I].?[/B] He whispered, so not even the people around them could listen.

[B]?I wish it was your then....? [/B] Hiro replied back as he walked off from the traced Rufus. In anger, he stabbed the ground as no one wanted to stay around for him to cool down.

Hiro pasted the soldiers and look at the list of the two teams. One team was called the Alpha team, the other, Delta.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Alpha [/B]
Team Leader: Hiro
Renée Lore
Shisuki Layer
Azuroth Darksoul[/COLOR]

Team Leader: Aaron Tellis
Teris Ferrin
Demetri Johan

The Alpha team was to defend the port, while Delta is to sneek into the forest, find the core of the small army and kill the commander officer. It seem Hiro?s job was a easy one.

[B]?Alpha team will stand here.?[/B] Pointed a soldier to his left. Hiro walked and stood with his arms folded. [B]?And Delta will stand here.? [/B] He pointed to the right, across from Hiro.

[B]?When everyone is here and assembled, we will processed with our plan.?[/B] Hiro gave a nod, if you call it that as he stared up at the gray clouds.

[I]I wish It never happened....[/I]

[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Alright, everyone is to report to the main gate and get into their groups. Once everyone has posted, the army will attack the port. Alpha Team rocks!![/FONT][/SIZE]![/FONT]
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[color=#FF3366][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Renée Lore sat in a tree her legs dangling over the edge. She pulled an red ripe apple out of her pocket. She started to shine it a front of her shirt.She looked at it and took one big bite. Darn, was she hungry. She hadn't eating a thing since she got here. She knew why...no money! God, was she dead poor. Luckily she found a apple tree. She luckily was able to drag her dead tired and starving body to it.

'Hnn how much will a apple sell? Oh well maybe I can find some saps later to play poker with me..." Renée laughed. She took another bite out of her apple finishing it up. She threw the apple core to the ground into the pile. The apple tree was almost bare on the side Renée was on. What can she say? She was hungry!

She patted her stomach content. She smiled and licked her fingers. She stood up from her branch and jumped down. Okay, lunch was down now the second thing she had to do...

"Oh yeah! Report to the main gate" Renée smiled. She looked at the time and gasped. She was late! Omg, is she didn't report she probaly won't get paid! No, that can't happen. Renée took a big breath and started runing as fast as she can. [I]'Can't be late, can't be late, can't be late!' [/I] She kept telling herself.

Renée ran as fast as she can yet she didn't think she can make it in time. 'Okay just a little help from this magic spell...' She put her fingers in a hand signal and soon she was picking up speed making dust trails behind herself.

"Yes! I'm going to make it!" She said as she came closer and closer to the main gate. She tried stopped herself as her feet drag. She was running to fast and she seem no to be stopping! She panicked, her feet still dragging tyring to stop, and the meters between her and the gate closing. Soon, BOOm! Face contacted to the gate making the whole gate shake. She fell down coughing with the cloud of dust that followed her.

Soon Renée opened her eyes and dusted herslf off. "Gah, I thought I could have made it! Curse me for using that spell. I'm not late, right?"

"Please tell me she is not in the Alpha Team...." Some blonde dude asked a officer.

"Well she is Renée Lore...that makes her in the...Alpha Team.." The soldier told him.

"Alpha? I'm I late?" Renée asked

"No your a little early...." The soldier told her.

"I need a new watch" Renée pouted.

"Oh lord no, I get stuck with the silly ones..." The blode guy that asked the soldier sighed.

"What? Say that to my face Mr. Blondey!" Renée yelled.

"Uhh...his your leader. His name is Hiro." The guy told her while Hiro frowned

"Ooopsss...." Renée panicked "Er...nice to meet you ma'm, I mean sir!" She bowed. Grr, why, oh why did it had to be blondey? [/FONT] [/SIZE][/COlor]
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Aaron found his way to the fortress without incident. Why he was cooperating with the warrior's guild was still unclear, even to him. This wasn't his normal thing, fighting with some organized, militaristic team, he usually preferd to be on his own, but the he couldn't just ignore the situation anymore. He was standing just in front of the large main gate. He looks up to the top of the gate and waves to the guard standing at the top [B]"I am Aaron Tellis. I'm reporting for the mission."[/B]

The guard waved back and the massive gate creeked it's way open. Aaron looked inside to see two others standing in front and to the left side of the gate. A young man and a young woman standing with each other. Aaron looked to the two of them for a moment and then proceeded inside. Upon entering a red haired gentleman seemed to appear and came over to Aaron and put out his hand [B]"Welcome Mr.Tellis, I am the commander of this operation, my name is Rufus."[/B]

Aaron looked to the mans hand for a bit, then hesitantly shook it. He then looked back to the other two then back to Rufus who continued on [B]"These two will be on team Alpha, while you will be leading team Delta."[/B]

He then went over to the blonde man of the Alpha team [B]"This is Hiro, he will be commanding the Alpha team. If you have any further questions speak to myself or him."[/B]

Rufus then nodded to Aaron as another soilder came over to him, whisperd something in his ear and the two then left. Aaron then looked to Hiro, the alpha team leader, and approached him [B]"What is our mission?"[/B]

Hiro then went over the mission objective with him, letting Aaron know what he was suppose to be doing with his team. It was at this time that Aaron started hearing Tollack again [I]"This is crap. Why don't we just get to work."[/I]

Aaron simply ignored him, as he usually does. Tollack kept going on and on, feeding thoughts of murder and death as usual. But Aaron was in control, so there was nothing to worry about, Tollack would soon get tired and go to sleep again. Hiro finished up the mission summary and Aaron nodded. He then turned from Hiro and went to the opposite side of the gate and awaited the arrival of the rest of his team.
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Vincent was led through the gates and over to a man standing with a paper in his hands. He kept his cold, calm, calculating demeanor as hsi two guards began talking with the man. He watched as a paper was handed to the man who read it over carefully.

"But what is to say that this man won't turn and betray us all"

One of the guards shook his head. "The Blade isn't like that. He has a sense of honor about him even though he killed Sarin the Harmonizer."

The man looked skepctical when the guard used his nickname. "I am not so sure about this.."

"I heard the best were needed. He is one. Just don't take his cuffs off by all means"

"But he will need his hands to fight"

Vincent's guards turned around and began walking off. "Trust me, He will be fine with them on"

Vincent kept his stare ont he man as he turne dot face him, his eyes boring ddep into the others, until Vincent broke the silence startling him. "Name is Vincent, but you probably known me better as the Blade." He brought his cuffed hands out to shake.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Azuroth relaxed in a Inn chair as he held his blade fimrly in his hand and sharpened it in the middle of Inn. His mask was inside his coat and his attention was focused on the blade itself, he started to remember how he had gotten this blade. He didn't buy it or steal it, it had been sent to him. A soldier had delivered it to his home in the forest when he was only a child, all the soldier said was that it was from someone special and he owed the man his life.

Azuroth had also gotten a letter along with the weapon, when he read it as a child it didn't seem anything big to him. Just a gift sent to him by someone his mother knew and was handed down to him. But when he got older, he read the letter once more and the full impact had hit him. The weapon was from his father, and Azuroth had never known his father or what happened to him. So, this weapon meant the world to him. He kept it at its maximum sharpness and keeping it from rusting.

Azuroth reached into one of his coat pockets and pulled out a piece of folded paper, he set his sword down along with the stone he was using. He unfolded it carefully and read it to himself, he sighed as he read on.
"The weapon that I carried into battle will be passed on to my son, Kain. Hopefully his mother will give him the weapon when he is old enough and knows what this is. And what I want him to know the most, is that I love him. Even though I have only seen him once, I will never forget that day. May this blade bring you the same luck it did me and won't send you through the same hell I went through earning its trust."

"Your loving Father."[/B]

Azuroth folded the paper back up and stuck in his pocket, reading the letter always made him remember that his name use to Kain. But it needed to change when he left his home and became a mercenary, he never wanted to meet his father and shame him with his job profession. He snapped out of his momentary flash back and looked up at a nearby clock. When he saw the time he grabbed his blade and stood up and sheathed it.

He walked out of the Inn and staretd for the main gate, the ship ride to the port was very long and boring. So he ahd taken off to the Inn and waited for an appropriate time to go do his job. He came closer to the gate and pulled out his mask and placed it over his face, it was still open due to some guards disput with Vincent. Azuroth shook his head as he walked up to a blonde haired officer.
"Evening, Names Azuroth. Where am I posted?"[/B] The blonde officer turned around to look at him and only met mask, he raised on eye brow.
"Whats with the maks?"

"Is that any of your business? No. Just tell me where I am stationed."[/B] The officer looked over his sheet and explained to him the different teams, and that he would be on the Alpha team. He held out his hand.
"Names Hiro, and I am the commander of Alpha team." [/B]Azuroth grasped his hand and shook it, he used his other hand and pushed the mask up until it was flat on top of his head.
"Alright, Hiro. How about we do things this way, you don't give me orders and I won't cause a problem for you."[/B] Hiro stared at him for a moment, nothing showing on his face. Both of them stoned face.
"Fine. As long as you don't do anything to endager the rest of the team then do as you wish."[/B] Azuroth smirked at and released his hand.
"Don't worry about me. I can do my job easily, just watch out for the little theif over there."[/B] He said, pointing Renée. He then turned away and relaxed on a near by chair, pulling out his sword and stone and sharpening once more.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][B]?Please, would you like to buy something?? [/B]

Teris looked down at the small, hunched over woman. She looked a lot older than she actually was, her clothes were torn and she was a tad dirty, it was obvious the woman didn?t have a lot of money. Putting on her most convincing smile, Teris bent down to the woman and asked to see what she had.

[B]?I have this fine necklace, it is said that it once belonged to a fierce warrior who?s soul belonged to the great lakes, and this bracelet it once belonged to a female who?s hair was as yellow as the??[/B]
Teris had heard enough, the lady no doubt had told that same story to everyone who passed her in hopes of a sale. She was feeling in a rather generous mood, luckily enough for the woman.

[B]?Ok, I will take them?? [/B] Teris dug into her pocket for money, a wide grin spread across the woman?s face as Teris handed her money over and she revived the jewelry in return. The woman could not thank her enough as she bowed and walked quickly down the street, over to three children who were waiting for their mother. [I]?At least?.they?ll eat for one more night?? [/I] she thought as she walked away gazing at the probably worthless stuff she had bought, at least she sensed the metal was actual silver. [B]?Perhaps she had not been lying after all?? [/B] Teris muttered to her self.

Her brown coat was done all the way up; it was a habit of hers to hide what she could of her body. Jagged pieces of metal sticking out of someone?s flesh, was not something people were accustom to seeing everyday, she always thought. Her hands were about the only thing besides her head that she kept uncovered, in public anyway.

She walked along the port, slowly making her way towards the main gate where she was told to meet with everyone else. As she approached the point, she could see that some warriors had already arrived. A blonde solider it seemed, another female and two other men. One of which was handcuffed. As she got closer she recognized the hand cuffed man as the one known as the Blade. [I]?A criminal,?[/I] she thought, [I]?interesting."[/I]

Teris walked through the group assembled to the yellow haired man she assumed to be the commanding officer.

[B]?Ferrin, reporting for this mission.?[/B] She spoke matter of fact; the man explained to her the team arrangements. Delta, would be led by Aaron Tellis; it appeared that the blade, Vincent would be on the team also. After the formal greetings Teris stood off to the side, behind Tellis and watched the clouds go by until everyone else arrived.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]Daethios glanced about the port warily, the new smells and sights assaulting his senses, which he tossed aside for later use. His head turned towards the main gate in the distance, its giant form looming above most other things near it, if not all of them.

With a slight, barely audible sigh, he walked towards there, his hands resting on the pommels of his scimitars as was customary for him. One could never be too sure, nor too safe these days. His bright, almost like a darkened shade of robins egg blue hair barely moved in the wind, his bangs remaining as they were in a weird jux ta position above his forehead.

Dark, almost black lensed glasses covered his eyes, which helped with the sun, though not all the food being slung around. He licked his lips once before he shook his head quickly, [i]No..Food will come later...I have a mission right now,[/i] was his only thought until he reached the gate.

He looked at the others assembled there, noting what he could of them for later referencing. He tried figuring out who was the one in charge, but none of them looked to be this 'Rufus' character, at least to him. So, he regretably opened his mouth to speak. [b]"I am Daethios. I am here for the mission,"[/b] his words were short, though not clipped, and had an accent that couldn't quite be placed.

[b]"Daethios...You're on Delta team with Aaron. Over there,"[/b] the man named Hiro was the one whom spoke, though Daethios didn't know that. Dae simply nodded and walked over to the man who was pointed to.

Dae bowed slightly from the waist to Aaron, then listened carefully as the mission plan and objectives were laid out for him. A few side thoughts ran through Daes mind when Aaron finished, but Dae merely bowed once more and stepped off to the side away from the others.

[i]It seems yet again I shall be thrown into the woods in hopes to do what I do best,[/i] Dae thought to himself with a slight smirk. [i]I believe this shall go relatively well if people do not let judgements or prejudices get in the way of their skills and the mission plan Father. Perhaps this shall be my last and I shall join you with the ancestors as was deemed all those years ago,[/i] and then he quit thinking/praying and merely stood in place, his hands on his pommels, and remained unmoving.[/color][/size]
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Aaron stood around watching as the numbers of people grew larger and larger. Three more people for his Delta Team had arrived and two more for the Alpha team. It was still kind of akward to think of it as "his" Delta team. Not only did he not know these people, but he also wasn't much of a team player. Hell, he was a one man team, what with Tollack and all. Aaron looked toward Vincent, then to Teris, and then to Daethios.

This was the team he was suppose to lead into the depths of the forest against an unknown enemy, with unknown force. All he could do was wonder what might happen if Tollack came out in the middle of combat. His voice was still echoing around in his head, coming and going in spells. It was like a chronic disease. he could hear him [I]"Come on, let me cut her. Just once, just a few drops of her blood."[/I]

Aaron simply ignored him and kept his focus as Tollack continued on [I]"These soilders stink of fear. I want to eat there pudtride souls. I want to taste the womans flesh."[/I]

There was no end to it. Aaron was leaning off against the wall just beside the gate as they waited for the others, trying to remain silent. Tollack was feeling very talkative with a battle at hand and everything. Aaron had finally had enough, as he whisperd to try to avoid stares [B]"Your not coming out, and your not going to put a mark on either of the girls."[/B]

Tollack began to scream [I]"Who said you could speak! This is my body, you just need to hurry up and go to sleep you piece of shit."[/I]

The angry slurs feel out of audible focus. It was at this time that aaron realized that some of the others had turned there attention to him. To them he seemed to be just talking to himself, since they couldn't hear Tollack. aaron just glanced up, then went silent again.
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] "There here!!! There..." The cry of the soldier from the top of the gate was cut off by a arrow striking his throat.

Rufus pulled out his sword as the port soldiers rushed to the gate to seal it completly. flaming arrows came falling from the clouds as it set anything to flames. The commander officer, Rufus, came to face the two groups.

"Proceed with the plan."

"We do not have all of our men." said Renee as Rufus shot her a glare.

"I don't give a damn. I will not allow myself to ditch my great plan just because you don't have all your men. Get to work!!" He rushed off as two privates came to inform the teams.

"Alpha will stay and make sure no one will get through to the port. Delta, you will go through a tunnel not far from here and travel to the forest to ambush the enemy. More information is waiting for you at the entrance of the tunnel." Aaron, the leader of Delta, noded as so did his comrades. They followed the 2nd warrior as the 1st warrior saluted to Hiro before leaving.

The gate was pretty large in lenth and height. Guarding it was going to be a hard objective. The problem was the long range attack from the archers from the forest. Hiro turned to his group. Not much bigger then Delta's. only Azuroth and Renee. He could split them up, have on of them cover each side of the gate....

"Enemy soldiers on the move to the main gate!" roared a scout from the top.

It took only one charge as the giant gate busted wide open. gun shots fired as soldiers holding the gate were shot down. Other soldiers ran past the Alpha team in fear. Hiro and the rest pulled out their weapons. He was the first to charge, cutting down the first rifleman. The giant greatsword cut right through his armor as Hiro swung right around to the one behind him. Hiro was stopped by a roar that seemed like a airship engine. He looked at the gate to see a machine he had never seen before. A giant armored machine with a long rifle. The end of the rifle began to glow. lightning began to surrounded the glowing ball. Hiro barely had enough time to look back at his team.

"Get down!!!" He roared as the beam fired through the battlefield. It streamed into the town as it kept going to the ocean. far from the port, in the middle of the ocean, a giant explosion erupted. The impact of the explosion knocked everyone down as Hiro took cover near a patrol station at the gate. after afew minutes, Hiro gasped at the outcome. A long path of destruction was right through the port city. It seemed to have cut the port into two. The ocean from afar was filling back up from the blast. What the hell was that? Do they want to destroy the whole place?! Hiro picked up his sword and darted at the machine. He had to stop it or he would have felled his job...Again.

[I] Give me strength...[/I][/FONT]
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[color=#FF3366][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][SIZE=1]"Yeah...fun" Renée smiled and wiggled her fingers moving her hand slowly to her back pouch. Men with guns started runing all over the place. Oh my, how many were they? Before Renée could count her blond haired captain charged. A fight already?

Renée took out her windmill shuriken out of her puoch and unfolded it. By that time men already surrounded her. Darn, they where quicker then she thought. " Oh my, all this guys just for me. You know there only one of me and alot of you. I think...I can handle it." Renée smiled. Time to prove Mr. Blondey she was worth it.

She twirled her windmill shuriken around. She threw it as hard as she could her weopan slicing threw one man. Eww, that was a bit bloody. It came around slicing each man that surrounded Renée. Renée rose her hand up and her weapon came back to her.

Renée ran following Mr. BLondey. Hoping she was able to show off to him. She killed any man that came close to her or him. Yet the darn moron didn't notice it. Soon she gave up protecting his back. He did fight well saving his own ass. Well he WAs the captain. He fought to hard she thought to serious.

"Get down!!!" She heared Blondey scream to the point it made her ears ringed. She dropped down to the ground as a laser shot. Dust rose up making her cough. She looked up from the ground and saw the damage tooking. What...the hell was that? She looked at Mr. Blondey he was running start for the machine.

"What is he doing? Trying to get himself killed!?" She said. She quickly got up and ran after him. Many enimies blocked her path. She just jumped over ther heads not able to mess with them now. The poroxide must be getting to Mr. Blondey's head. The machines long rifle started to lite. Shit, that was no good. She ran faster.

"Look out blondey!" She tackled him to the ground sliding them under the machine.

"What the hell your doing!?" He yelled

"Saving your poroxide ass from been killed!" She yelled at him. She pouted and covered her ears as the machine started to heat up to fire once more.

"I can't let this machine fire again. It is going to destroy the whole city." Hiro said covering his ears from the heating up noise.

"Well what should we do Mr.Blondey?" Renée smiled at him. [/SIZE] [/FONT][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Azuroth looked in awe at the massive scar across the port that was created from the cannon like weapon. He soon got over the shock and moved his mask over his face and readying his sword, he then dove straight into a large group and began to do his job. He cut open a mans face and he turned as he screamed and his gun pointed to one of his comrades and went off. Killing the other man instantly.

Azuroth then jammed his sword into another mans gut and pulled it out in a horizontal pattern, his blade exiting out one of the mans sides and spilling guts all over the dirt. He stabbed his blade into the face of another, he left his blade in the soldiers head and proceded to use his special fighting technique. His hands were lightninig fast, diverintg weapons to point another direction and at the same time hitting vital points so that the soldiers fell over unconscious.

There heart rate increasing dramatically and sending them into shock, they then died from a heart attack. Even though these men were young, they were dieing of this. He took down several this way, diverting weapons so that they would kill other soldiers then killing the soldier that fired. Several bullets wizing passed him and knicking his clothes, not touched skin because of the metal armor.

Azuroth suddenly relalized his weapon was lost in the corpses, he then staretd to search for it as he slaughtered more. He spotted amougst a pile of corpses, and on the way to get it he had stabbed his clawed fingers into the mans face and ripped it out. He grabbed his sword and charged into another group. His blade remaining true, cutting throats and severing limbs from the body.

Taking heads off or breaking necks, he did what he could to and was accessible to him. Twisting bodies and mangeling them beyond recogonition, making sure they either suffered or died at his hand quickly. Either way, he was doing what he was being payed to do. He stabbed his sword into another mand then ran up his body before he fell to the floor.

Twisting and flipping in mid-air, his coat flapping and wrapping around his body. His blade held out so when he neared the ground he cut open more men and they bled out. He breathed harshly and heavily.
"I'm getting tired. So many soldiers, where are they coming from?"[/B] He then heard a gun cock and turned around, he found a hand gun point at his face. A soldier standing there with a smile on his face.
"Ahh shit!"[/B] The gun went off and Azuroth fell back hitting the ground hard, the soldier lowered his gun and turned away. He started to walk away, Azuroth then sat up and threw his blade at the man, it stabbed right through his spine through vital organs. Azuroth stood up and pulled off his mask and looked at it, a large dent with a bullet in it was there he groaned. He pulled out the bullet and walked back to where his sword was.

He pulled out his sword and used the handle to hammer the dent flat, he placed the mask back on his face and held his sword firmly. He watched as large groups kept flooding into the gate, he grabbed the handle of his blade with both hands and pulled. The blade split into two different swords and Azuroth charged into the group, roaring as he made contact with them. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Aaron followed the soilder to the dark, subterranean cave that would lead them into the forest. They stopped at the entrance to the cave where yet another soilder stood ready to debrief the group of four. He looked each one over, then began to speak [B]"Follow this cave through til you reach the exit, about 300 feet from here. It's a straight shot so you won't get lost. Move swiftly casue the defenses can't hold forever."[/B]

And with a simple nod in reply, Aaron ran ahead into the cave and was headed for the exit which was already coming into veiw. They had done well to cover it, since all that was visible to signify what it was, was a simple ring of light. Aaron could hear the others coming close behind him, as he turned over the cover on the top of the exit. He jumped out of the hole and ran off to start flanking the enemy forces. He could hear the others doing the same as they too came out into the light.

Aaron broached the right flank at about 400 feet from the gate. He threw himself straight into the fray with great vigor and speed. In a single black flash three soilders fell and the formation aroud them began to collapse at the sight. This was actually turning out well, with the loss of formation there strength against the fortress was but a shell of what it once was.

Aaron had drawn off some attention and was luring them off course, only appearing briefly to strike and kill, then hiding in the forest. He struck in black slurs, with rapid movement that truly showed his monsterous nature. He had already struck down 14 soilders and he could hear the chaos as the others of his groupw were striking else where on the formation. But this was only the begining of there objective. They still had to find the commander in charge, who was undoubtedly bringing up the rear, near the center.

Aaron decided it best for the team to regroup and strike as one on a single point. They were still missing one of there members, but they still had more then enough power to do what they needed to. Aaron turned to leave the battlefront and seek out the others, when he could feel the pull of Tollack on his consious. The blood of battle was his bread and butter. It was obviously getting him all whiped up in a frenzy. Aaron could feel him burning in the back of his eyes and mind.
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[color=darkorchid][size=1]Dae ran behind Aaron the whole time, through the city, into the tunnel, and out the other side. He wasn't even breathing hard, but his heart was sending adrenaline into his system at a pace that made everything feel as if it were slow and cumbersome.

Before his own mind could make the thought, his twin scimitars were out, blades running the length of his forearm, pointed outwards. He smirked slightly, [i]Time to do what I do best,[/i] and then he was moving between the trees, darting as a blur.

For a brief moment, he let his thoughts run rampant before he swirled about a tree, his whole body spinning in a deadly arc of steel. His right hand scimitar lashed out to open the gut of a soldier even as his spin was kept up, and then his left scimitar easily shot out to stab a second in the chest between the first and second rib.

Without even bothering to look or make any judgements, his body took him back into the shadows and cover of the trees. It wasn't good odds, so he was going to narrow them down as best he could. As he was running, he leap up into a tree branch and ran across it, only to reach the end and jump off into a dive. Before a second could even pass, he flipped his body forwards while twisting enabling him to land behind a soldier. He easily jammed both blades into the kidney area of the soldiers back, then spun about to cross slice another man with both blades.

[b]"It's not nice to try and sneak up behind me. It's also not very healthy,"[/b] grinned as his words ended, his eyes being on the fresh corpse.

With a slight laugh of amusement, he licked both of his blades and darted back into the treeline. He noticed Aaron, the Delta team leader, not far off from him, doing much the same as he was. It seems they had similar ways to evening things up. He nodded respectfully toward the man before a soldier rushing at him caused his blind instincts to kick in again, taking control of his own body.

A growl of annoyance and slight anger rushed from his lips as his scimitars weaved a deadly tapestry of steel before him. The sunlight that leaked through the foliage caused the twin blades to shimmer when the light caught it at the right angle, which gave Dae an idea.

Even before the thought in his head could finish, a soldier suddenly stopped moving and fell forward onto his face, sliding until his head slammed into a tree trunk. [i]Ah, the joys of ice![/i]

He laughed softly, [b]"Careful there big boy..You should learn how to ice skate."[/b]

Then without further ado, he slammed a blade home into the back of the warriors skull before he heard a twig snap behind him. In a blind rush he spun about with his free blade and managed for the part to deflect a bayonet rushing at his chest. The bayonet still managed to sink into his side and stop when it hit one of his ribs, which cracked accordingly.

He looked down at the bayonet, then easily slid his blade in a vicious(sp?) slash across the mans throat. He turned and withdrew his scimitar from the skull of the one man with a sickening squish and slammed it home in its sheath. Daethios' free hand went to the wound at his side and promptly clamped down upon it as he ran into the trees for more actions. Attendance to wounds could come later.[/color][/size]
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Soldier after soldier fell to Vincent's bound hands as he broke multiple bones and hit vital organs in quick accurate strikes. He spinkicked a guy coming up behind Aaron snapping his neck witht eh forc of the kick.

"Thank you"

Vincent didn't nod or smiled as he brought both hands stopping a sword from coming down on him and cut the man's hand in half. He then turned and hit the cuffs witht eh sword but the blade broke. He frowned as he turned to Aaron and held out his hands outstretched as he kicked another man in the jaw.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Teris was the last to exit the tunnel, she stood looking out at the battle field. Everyone had already run into the fray, slashing at soldiers bodies left and right. She watched for a few seconds in a dazed state as her team mates darted in and out of enemies. Before jumping into battle she watched how the soldiers fought, when she was satisfied she too jumped into battle.

Ferrin sprinted for the line of enemy soldiers; the metallic tang of spilt blood was a lot more apparent to her than it would be to others. She un-hooked her weapon as she ran. Extending the wire she attached a short sword to the end of it and began to swing the blade in a circular motion as she ran. When a victim was in her sights she leapt up into the air and let go of the wire.

It flew through the air with a certain grace and wrapped its self around the solders neck only once, the sword resting behind the man?s back, holding the wire in place. With a quick tug the sharp wire cut through the man?s weak amour and flesh almost severing his head. He dropped to the ground dead, Teris walked over him picking up her weapon as she went past, ready for another victim.

There was so much metal on the battle field and Teris loved it, if worse came to worse she would be in no short supply of materials to work with. She smiled to her self as she swung her blade, cutting into flesh and severed limbs with her wire.

One particular warrior singled her out from the rest of the attackers; Teris had a special death in mind for him. He charged at her yelling, weapon held above his head with both hands. Teris stood and watched as he charged towards her, she would have to time this move just right in order for it to work, she looked behind her and made sure that a tree was the correct distance away.

The warrior kept charging and Teris stood ready, when he was in range she struck. Moving quickly she jumped high into the air back flipping over the warrior, at the same time she threw her blade around his body at neck level, this action brought the wire around his neck and flung it back towards her in the same motion. Hitting the ground she jumped back over and up into the tree behind her, while wrapping the sire around its self to make sure it would hold.

If anyone were to look at the scene it would seem truly odd, the warrior struggling to free his neck from the wire while the demon stood atop a tree branch holding on to it. He tried in vain to cut himself free but only succeeded in blunting his sword and tightening the grip of the wire. Teris smiled to her self as she jumped down from the tree branch, causing the solider to be lifted up into the air, and there he hung 5 feet off the ground and quickly choked to death.

[I]?Pity.? [/I] she thought while jumping back into the battle once more, Teris was careful not to stray to far from her team mates, she kept them all in her sight as best she could. Her metallic eyes glinted in the sun as she ran, [I]?Things may be easy at the moment but battles have been known to change quickly?[/I] she reminded her self. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]For way up high in a blossoming tree, Shisuki saw the action take place.

"Dammit," Shisuki shouted as she jumped from the tree her eyes filled with frustration and anger "My team is going to fry my ass for this!'' Her hair brushed against her face as she fell to the ground, landing on her feet with elegancy. She stood up quickly and ran as fast as she could to the others.

"I don't even know where my team is," she said to herself as she came closer and closer to the gate. When she was close, she saw a laser blast from a distance. "What was that," she shouted as she ran up ahead some more.

All around where dead soldiers. Heads either cut off, bodies sliced in half, or bones crushed. "No!!! I missed the fight. Hm? Hiro has to be around here somewhere. I hope he doesn't hurt me when I tell him why I was late to battle." She cringed but kept going on.

From time to time, Shisuki saw men running up ahead of her and by the way they dressed they were the enemy. "If I didn't have to run at this pace, I would kill them but I must find my team," she said as she jumped over their heads dodging their bloody attacks. Shisuki got frustrated with all the running and not running into anyone she knew, she began to shout.

"Hiro! Where the hell are you?!?!" Nothing. Silence. She kept running on calling everyone's name that she could think of. "Renée!!!!" Nothing. "Azuroth!!" Still nothing, still silence. She kept doing this for a few minutes until:

"Shut up!! You'll give us away!!" She recongized that voice. It was Hiro. As she came closer, she notice that Renée accompany him. Not to far off was Azuroth who was deep in battle. As she approaced them she notice a giant machine getting ready for another blast.

"What is that?"

((Sorry I'm late. Computer was down for a while. :animeswea ))[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=#FF3366][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]?Shh, keep quite. We are trying to disable it.? Renée whispered.

?We can?t let it fire again?? He directed his eyes to the ocean then looked at her ?You can see what damage it does. Protect the front with Azuroth that would distract them while Renée and I disable the weapon. Now go on ahead.? Shisuki nodded and ran up front.

?Ahem, we disable the weapon? The last time I remember you almost turned to little Blondey dust in the air. I think I should handle this.? Renée grinned

Hiro frowned ?That was a moment of weakness won?t happen again. Anyways I?m the leader and you do what I say understand? Now do what we talked about.?

?Yeah, whatever just don?t get yourself killed.?

?Hnn, shouldn?t I be saying that?? Hiro took out his sword ?Go!?

Hiro jumped up to the top of the machine. He tried to slice his sword into the machine but he was just able to scratch it. He frowned more, if that were possible. The machine?s rifle stopped lighting up. It looked like it was going to stop for just a little scratch? No that be too easy. The machine opened a part of its armor and two guns pushed forward. They turned, pointed at Hiro, and fired. Hiro jumped away from the machine. It was just normal bullets thank lord.

Renée got this as her cue. She slides under the machine while it concentrated its energy on firing at Hiro. She crawled under all the way to what she thinks is the control panel. She saw it when she and Hiro were under the machine when she was trying to save his blonde ass. She turned facing the control panel. She took out poison out of her pouch. Hopefully this was the right one that eats away metal and not flesh. She took some of the mixture and smeared it on the control panel. The control panel armor rusted then turned into dust. Oh she was lucky on that one.

She looked at all the wires, the very, very complicated wires. Why did she offer to do the actual disabling part? Why couldn?t she be the decoy? Renée sighed and pouted ?Okay, which wire is which? Err?blue one? No, red? Black??
Renée panicked.

?Okay the only sure thing is to do this!? Renée grinned and pulled on all the wires. She yanked them out and hoped it didn?t explode. Nothing happen. Oh today HAS to be her lucky day.

She slide out and yelled at Hiro ?Okay the laser should be disabled now?

The bullets stopped firing at Hiro

?Uhh, and the bullet fire?. I think it can still move though. All it can do now is run us over? Renée crawled out and ran over to Hiro.

?Well then that?s all I need?? Hiro put his sword forward and charged. He jumped a top of the machine. Two enemy soldiers claimed out in a panic not even bothering to look at Hiro. Hiro dug his sword into the machine. He put as much force possible digging in there. He sliced up cutting the machine in half.

?There goes Hiro trying to be a hero.? Renée smiled.

The machine sparked with electricity. Hiro jumped away from the machine getting away from the sparks. The machine lit up with huge shine of electricity. It stopped for just one second then exploded. Renée fell to the ground covering her eyes as a huge gush of energy pushed her down with a blinding light.

?What was that?They have that...kind of power? That? nuclear power? If I didn?t cut of the laser energy we could have been BBQ?ed just from the explosion?? Renée said huffing and puffing completely out of breath. It was amazing all that energy.

Renée got up stunned. Oh my lord, what to do now?[/FONT][/SIZE][/color]
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