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Bloc Party

Anakoni Stark

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[COLOR=Red]Has anyone[myself excluded] heard of them? they are the best punk act to come out of England since, the red hot chilli peppers! ^_^ their debut LP entitled "Silent Alarm" is the best album i've purchased. their lyrics are very political, their name has something to do with politics:

Bloc - A group of nations, parties, or persons united for common action

Party - An established political group organized to promote and support its principles and candidates for public office.

i heard of them through burnout revenge, then moved out to London, and looked them up and listened to the music. then in march i went out and bought the remix cd of their LP, oddly titled, "Silent Alarm Remixed".

their music is life changing.

listening to their stuff has taught me alot like:

1. dont be who are trying to be. it'll make your friends avoid you.[helicopter]
2. dont go after the same girl, it'll just aggrovate them. widen your spectrum of intersts a bit. [banquet]
3. dont try to change the world by yourself.[the pioneers]
4. i finally know what a person goes through when their loved one is too busy to spend even a day with them. [like eating glass]

and it goes on. there's always some lesson[or mutiple lessons] to find in all of their stuff.

you should check them out.

now lstening to: Like Eating Glass[Ladytron Zapatista Mix]

thank you for your time.


Leon Fury[/COLOR]
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Thank you for this public service announcement.

Bloc Party aren't that new. I've heard of them for a while now. Although I must say their music won't to be to everyone's taste. They aren't to mine. But saying that, my music isn't to most people's taste, so I'm not one to judge really.
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well it's very hard for me to define their sound.

lyrically they sound like thrice. deep and hard hitting lyrics. there are couple verses that are mumbled, but it just makes the song sound better.

but they sound like a hybrid of punk and disco rock.
very danceable stuff.
i dont dance to it, but i've caught a few of my friends dancing to it.

i'm trying to find the Breakneck Remix of Helicopter, It was on this FFAC fanvideo I tried looking fo it on Limewire but i cant find it! could someone help me out?

Arigato Gozaimstu!

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Bloc Party is quite a talented band. And really, I don't know what genre I'd put them in either. I'd go with... Indie? It's quite unique, and thanks for saying it's kind of like a hybrid of punk and disco rock. I've always found it indescribable.

I also like similar artists. Have you checked out Death Cab For Cutie or The Rakes? I've not really looked up the lyrics for Bloc Party before, I think I will now that you've made a deal of it. It also hasn't occurred to me that that band has any political... references. I've just simply enjoyed their music. Feel free to PM me to discuss anything further.

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