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Sign Up Gates of Caldroth, The Last Revolution [PG-LV]


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[CENTER][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/PurpleFire/caldroth.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER][SIZE=1][CENTER][/SIZE][/CENTER][CENTER][SIZE=1][i]A world in which you have the choice of your own destiny.[/i][/CENTER][/SIZE]


There once was an old woman who had appeared out of nowhere, traveling into a small village with only but a knap sack of goods carried over her shoulder. It was said that she had hair the color of a silver coin and as shiny as the sea with a face that looked as if it was worn down but would never truly age with a smile as wide as the moon with eyes that resembled the color of gold. Yet this woman with her unusual eyes, was indeed blind it seemed she could feel everything around here without a care.

She lived in the village around 3,000 years ago, helping take care of sick children with deadly illnesses that were corrupted by the plague, defenseless creatures, and helped out visitors by offering her shack of a home in the village for free. The village found it odd that she was always smiling and never wanted money in return for her services but they all loved her dearly anyways calling her the nickname "Mother, Mum" or even "Mamma". The village had been peaceful for almost 50 years until one of the elder men that she had helped care for as a child, grew suspicious of her. She never seemed to age, and she had looked the same as she did the day of her arrival.

Suspecting some kind of sorcery, the man had plotted to catch her in her "evil-doing". He had sent his daughter in disguise to go and find out what she had been up too. His daughter, who was nearly in her early 20's, was known for her jealousy of the old woman's beauty and gracefulness. She grew a hatred for the village's adoration of her, and quickly plotted up a scheme to punish her claiming she must be a horrible person that just wants to seek attention. The old woman being as kind as she was, welcomed the daughter into her small home and fed her a feast fit for a princess. The daughter could not even believe a woman of her age could cook so well and not have any health problems.

Jealous and in a pit of rage, she had stormed into her father's house claiming that the old woman had tried to kill her and cook her in a cauldron of pig's blood so that she could drink it and remain young forever. As she bursts into tears, her father took drastic measures to bring the village council together. The whole village instead gathered to debate on the validity of the subject, in which even some travelers had come to protest. Nevertheless, this discussion was held within a month, and while some of the villagers warned the old woman to leave immediately she had stayed in her cottage. The main council had then come to the conclusion that if she had not aged, there could be no other explanation than witchcraft for there is no such power other then that of god and that the only way to get rid of a demon was to execute it from living.

With that statement, the old woman was sentenced to death by hanging. Instead of running, the old woman stood up bravely before her death and stated "I have nothing to say to those who have accused me of such crime, except that I have pity on your souls. I shall put a curse or a blessing on this wretched land to which the destiny of it lies within you or your enemy?s hands. Within 1,000 years, seven people from all over shall be called with a letter enabled with two cross bones enabling instructions. There will be a battle of your hearts, a long journey, and three quests for the prize. The prize is whether this land will be reduced to rubble or to a paradise. If they should fail to complete it however, another 1,000 years shall pass and so forth. You must pay redemption for your sins or wallow in them. You fight for what your future must be, know that and be still." with that last breathe, the old woman stepped off the platform and took her very last breathe.


It has been 2,000 years since the [i]first revolution[/i] and many believe it to be folklore for it has been over 1,000 years and nothing has yet to change in that span of time. People have forgotten most of the legend, feeling it to be a childish fairytale to explain the phenomenon of the changes of the land. Half of the continent never receives daylight and has since been called "Shadow land" while the other half is considered "Light land".

There have been battles between the two of who should have control over the land, in which each are split into multiply countries. Most wars had settled down for the most part, until one sudden day a letter was sent to seven people scattered across the continent. They must band together for the future of the continent and either bring destruction or restoration to the rest of Caldroth. Only you control the destiny of Caldroth's future.


Of course there will be certain rules to this RPG just because I'm expecting quality over quantity. There will however only be [b]seven[/b] people chosen.
[*][b]No God Modding[/b] : No one likes someone who's immortal, every person has a weakness. Try not to boss other members around either please, it's just not very nice.
[*][b]Poor Grammar[/b] : I'm sorry I expect quality grammar. Even if your not the best writer, try using spell check if it helps.
[*][b]Rebirths[/b]: Sorry but I have to put a ban on the "coming back to life" themes. If you die, your dead for good. That means you don't get to come back to the rpg, even as a seperate character. That's just the way it goes.
[*][b]Racial descrimination or harrasement[/b]: In general, just no bringing in real life issues into this RPG. Your characters can not get along but please don't harass anyone. I'm sure you all know that as much as I do.
[*][b]Lack of Knowledge[/b]: If you didn't even bother to read the paragraph above, then maybe this RPG isn't for you. I don't require you to read the underground threads but it might come in handy for you, that choice is up to you.
[*][b]Have fun[/b] : Have fun with this RPG, don't be too serious. Comedy and Romance are allowed and even sometimes encouraged.
By the way, this RPG will be put into Chapters. We will start off with myself posting first, however there will be no posting order. Although this could change depending on the situation to make it fair.[/CENTER]


Here is the sign up sheet for the seven chosen ones, fill this out below.
[b]Name[/b] : Make it fantasy-related. Try and be creative.
[b]Age[/b] : ANY age allowed. The letters send themselves to people of all different age groups.
[b]Sex[/b] : Male or Female. Self-explanitory.
[b]Alliance[/b] : Shadow or Light? Which side of Caldroth do you consider yourself a part of?
[b]Hometown[/b] : The place of your birth or where you were raised. You can use the underground thread [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=53549] [ [b]here[/b] ][/URL] to look up a list of towns or you can be creative and come up with your own.
[b]Weapon(s)[/b]: Do you wield a particular weapon? What are you skilled in? (Ex: Gunsman, Crossbows, swords, daggers, nunchucks) This is not just a medieval theme RPG, your even allowed to be a pirate/cowboy etc. whatever your heart desires.
[b]Gift[/b]: Do you hold the power of wielding fire when your angry? Can you jump to great lengths? Can you feel people getting hurt? Everyone is blessed with a "Gift" that is said to have been given by the old woman. Describe yours.
[b]Biography[/b] : Are you a gunsman from the light? A pirate from the shadow lands? A thief from both? Tell your character's past here. 2 or 3 paragraphs is the minimum.
[b]Personality[/b] : Do you get along with others well? What is your character like? etc.
[b]Appearance[/b]: Self-explanitory. What does your character look like?
[b]Character Snippet[/b] : I just want a small writing sample of your character finding the letter or how it came about on that particular day. Atleast 2 or 3 paragraphs would be the minimum and just try and be creative.


I'd like to thank [b]Delta[/b] for the lovely main banner above and the from the creator of Revolutionary Girl Utena ([i]even though I didn't really base it off the anime[/i]). Also, for anyone who bothers to sign up for my RPG. You are truely great.

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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Rose Eljirth

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Alliance:[/b] Originally Shadow. Now neither.

[b]Hometown:[/b] Ashere

[b]Weapons:[/b] See attachment. Rose uses those daggers with deadly finesse. She also uses a thin, but almost unbreakable, metal string for [i]other[/i] exploits. Don't ask where she hides them.

[b]Gift:[/b] Rose can manipulate the arrangement of molecules in the string she uses as a weapons. This means she can make it as sharp as a razor, or as rigid as steel. She can also make it do whatever she wishes.


Rose was originally born in the Shadow Land. Her parents were merchants in the city of Ashere where they were in the trade of antiques, jewellery and gold trinkets. She grew up around these lovely items and soon became fascinated by them.

One night when she was around 7, Rose crept down into the shop from their living quarters upstairs and looked around for a specific trinket she had seen that her parents had traded for that day.

It was a strange, black-gold metal ring. She or her parents had never seen anything like it before. It was light and had intricate designs engraved into all of the metal, inside and out. Rose crept to the box she had seen her parents put it in. All that was going through her mind was obtaining this beautiful object. She opened the box and took it out. The moonlight danced off it, looking rather eerie. Rose gave a sigh of admiration and then thought about how good it would be as a hair ornament.

At that moment, the metal ring shrunk into the perfect size for her hair. Surprised, Rose tentatively put it close to her hair, and amazingly, the ring snapped into place, gathering her hair together into a pony tail.

The next morning, her parents were trying to find where they had put the metal ring. Rose came down the stairs and her parents immediately noticed the metal ring in her hair. They were furious. Rose was beaten and sent to her room.

Distraught, Rose ran away. She packed her things and bailed out of there. It wasn't the first time that she had been caught stealing precious items from the shop.

The next few years, Rose lived off the streets, travelling from place to place without anyone's knowledge of her journey. The first time she stole food, an immense exhilaration ran through her body. During those few years, Rose started to perfect the art of theivery and started going for more luxurious items, such as jewellery, gold and strange trinkets.

She also began to realise that she had a gift - a strange gift. However, this gift was to remain a secret to anyone else.

Rose travelled to the Light 'Kingdom' to steal some more artifacts to add to her hoard. This is where she stayed to this day.

[b]Personality:[/b] Rose has two flaws in her personality. One, she's fiercely independent. This is only because she hasn't got the people skills to befriend strangers. And secondly, she loathes it when people older than her tell her what to do. It irritates her. She's like a lone wolf, prowling endlessly for her next meal. She hides her loneliness behind a facade of flirtacious nature.

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment

[b]Character Snippet:[/b]

" Too easy..."

A transparent, purple-coloured baubble rolled around in Rose's delicate hand. A wisp of royal purple cloud was swirling around inside the glass baubble. She looked at it, fascinated.

" One more for the collection."

Rose happily wrapped it in soft cloth and stored it in her tight pocket, careful not to break the glass. She had just returned to the capital of the Light Territory, Taliara. It had been a fruitful expedition - supplies that would last a few more days and that purple baubble. Rose had seen it around some woman's neck as the overweight wretch rode a horse up to the the main government area. A smile crept across Rose's lips. The stupid woman didn't even notice it had gone from her neck when she fell off the horse, trying to dismount.

" Treasures like these need to be taken away from people like that," Rose muttered to herself as she flicked her hair over her shoulder and walked around the side of the stall she had been 'looking' at. Fortunately for the stall owner, there was nothing that Rose wanted from him.

Making her way back to the inn she was staying at, Rose inspected the many people that pushed past her, oblivious to her ever-watchful eye. She was always on the lookout for something new and fresh she could play with. However, again, there was nothing she wanted from the crowd.

As she walked into the inn, the barkeeper shouted out to her.
" Missy! There be a letter waitin' for ya."
Rose swivelled around on her heel, looking over to the barkeeper.
" A letter?"
" Yeah. Ya know, those thin's that ye get by mail."

A letter? From who? No one knew about her or where she was. She didn't have any friends or relatives - no one that she had come into contact to. Taking the letter from the barkeeper, Rose noticed the crossbones on the wax seal that kept the envelope closed. The contents of this envelope would change her world.[/size]
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Name : Ruoxant Mauzuki

Age : 15

Sex : Male

Alliance : Shadow

Hometown : Barktu

Weapon(s): Sword of the Nine Seals: this is a legendary sword in that has great powers. Nine Seals were put into this sword to keep it from releasing it's ture powers. This sword looks like a katana. When the user dies the next user must unlock the seal from the first seal down to the last seal even if the prevous user has unlocked 9 seals.
1st Seal: enables to user to hold it
2nd Seal: it can be wielded out from its sheath
3rd Seal: it becomes weightless
4th Seal: can break solid objects
5th Seal: becomes indestructable
6th Seal: returns to its owner upon command
7th Seal: it can fly like a boomerang
8th Seal: it can transform into various sword type weapons
9th Seal: it can cut anything

Gift: Ruoxant can muster up energy from his body and release it to his palm in a tornado-like order

Biography : He's one of the survivors from the contamination from the first revolution. Being a survivor at a young age, the rest thought that he was too dangerous to stay alive. He was put into exile from then till now. He lived a lonely life, secluded to others. His misery and hate for the town was kept inside and thus making him far more dangerous than before.

Personality : Ruoxant is mostly calm and friendly. He frequently smiles and never show any emotions other than happiness.

Appearance: Ruoxant

Character Snippet: One day, after his 15th birthday, he decided that his revenge to the town has come. Killing everyone he sees in the way including children and women. Most of the Townspeople hurried to the Elder and reported the incident.

The Elder has confronted Ruoxant. Elder: "I thought i put you in exile leave this place be and never return." Ruoxant: "Is that so... Well in the first place you shouldn't have. now it's payback time for what you did" Ruoxant giving a sadistic look and dashed his way to kill the Elder, Guards came to stop Ruoxant but they were killed instanly by him. A fatal blow struck the elder and thus killing him. The townspeople panickly fled from the town. Ruoxant chased the fleeing townspeople, thus killing everyone and leabing no one alive.

The Bloody Encounter has finally concluded. Ruoxant on the middle of countless corpses. the rain pour and he went inside the town hall. Inside the hall a voice called him. The voice led him to the center of the hall. There a rock was standing in the middle, the rock was wrapped by some seals and runes written all over it. Ruoxant came closer to the rock and with one blow he smashed the rock. From it a sword came and he took it.

Days later, he decided to travel aroud the world to see it's beauty leaving his past behind. By the time he's in the outskirts of the town. He was approached by a hooded man and said "So... Do you want to leave everything behind for something new?" Ruoxant: "Yes... How do you know?" Man: "I know many things about you, if you wish to fulfill your destiny take this... Now it is up to you whether to open the box or not" The man disappered into thin air leaving ruoxant alone. Ruoxant: "fulfill my destiny? What the Heck?" He opened the box and without a word, he left and went into the forest...

Hope this's ok... :animesmil
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B]Xedath Savage (Zed-Eth)

[B]Age: [/B]32

[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Alliance:[/B] Light

[B]Hometown:[/B] Belladure

[B]Weapon(s): [/B]Daggers are his specialty; he has two mounted on each side. And another tucked into his sash along with a nifty little wrist blade that is about ten inches long and is activated through a small, complicated system of gears and springs when his hand is held a certain way. He also likes to use a crossbow that is small enough to put on his back and carry around.

[B]Gift: [/B]Xedath?s gift is rather unique in the fact that it is not an unnatural thing, but how he can manipulate the adrenal glands inside of his body. Making him faster, stronger, more alert and giving most people the effect that he is invulnerability. But really he just can?t feel it. And the aftermath leaves him drained and feeling some what weak.
Biography:[/B] Xedath is actually an assassin that belongs to both sides, but he likes to align himself with the light side, since he grew up in a religious community he became an assassin for the radical religious groups for both sides. He was but a child when the revolution happened and it was enough to affect him mentally for the rest of his life.

When he saw people murdered for the beliefs of each side and for power, he thought he could cash in on this and also do something to speed up the process of one side taking the other. But, what also helped him decide his profession was his unusual ability to pump his adrenaline into his body by choice. This also meant he could control it when under extreme conditions, which made him that much better at what he does.

To this day he practices his dagger skills, crossbow aim and uses his ability to control his adrenaline so that he can go longer with more pumping through him. He always says that, ?You can never be too good at what you do.?

[B]Personality:[/B] Xedath is generally cold and likes to keep to himself but when he gets pulled into a conversation he become the life of the party and rather carefree. He lets nothing get him down and always sees the silver lining. And because of his age he knows quiet a bit and never with holds information if it can serve another better then himself.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/wallpaper_1280.jpg] Xedath. [/URL] Xedath?s clothes are reversible, so one side is white for the light side of the world. And the other is black for the other side of the world
Character Snippet: [/B]The sun shined brightly in the land of the light, the grass swaying in the wind and the people roamed around. All off to do something that was important to them, Xedath doing the same. His cowl over his face as he pushed through the crowd, lightly touching shoulders as he made his way to a bell tower. He came up to the entry way of it and started to climb the stair way. He reached the top and perched himself on top of a protruding piece of wood.

He stood on top of it as he watched a man walk back and forth on top of a platform that was used for hanging people. He was ranting about how they had just hung traitors if the land of light and how that if anymore are found, they should be reported and sent to be hanged. Xedath watched for high up, watching his target walked back and forth and the two men that stood near by. The bell in the tower rang, and Xedath vanished.

He was on the ground, slowly approaching the platform, lightly pushing people out of the way. He slowly picked up his pace, going from a walk, to a faster walk, then to a jog. He pushed people harder with each increase speed; the men just realized he was coming when he was coming up the steps. Xedath grabbed the crossbow from his back and quickly shot one of the guards through the chest. The next guard swung at him and Xedath avoided it in time.

He then quickly used one of the launcher pieces on the crossbow to stab the man through his side. He quickly ran up the mans body as he was falling over and leaped into the air, he flicked his wrist in mid-air and his wrist blade appeared. Xedath?s main target was in the process of pulling out his sword when Xedath came down on him, his blade going through his neck. Slicing open his jugular, he pulled his blade out and closing the dead mans eyes.

Xedath suddenly heard more men coming and leaped off the platform and bolted off down a street, soldiers following him close behind. He made a swift left turn and ran up a small set of stairs and ran up a wall, grabbing on to anything protruding from the wall that would help him get to the roof. He then started to run across the roves of the buildings, the soldiers still on the ground.

He jumped from roof top to roof top until he reached the center of the town and jumped off the roof. He landed on a passing civilian and continued to run, he pushed a man out of the way and stopped, he found himself in front of a pair of large wooden doors. He turned around and saw a line of soldiers, their swords drawn.

Xedaths face remained blank as he faced the men, only the lower half of his face was exposed to the sun. The doors behind him suddenly opened and large group of priests in white walked out of the church. Passing by Xedath without a second look, in a matter of moments, Xedath had disappeared. Leaving the soldiers stumped as he maneuvered his way around the soldiers and priests and leaving the town.

Xedath rode out of the city on a horse he had, commendered, from a near by stable. Ridding for an hour back to his home, Belladure, shortly after he arrived he was handed a letter from one of the priests that raised him and that he worked for.

He opened the letter carefully and started to read it, he found it talked somthing of the next revolution. The last revolution. He smiled from under his hood, closing the letter once more and tucking it into his sash. He went back to his home in the town and did what normal people did, eat, drink, bath and relax. He would leave in the morning, to do what he did best.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
OOC: There you go Pumpkin. Fixed it. If anythign else needs changeing, just pm me.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name: [/B] Reina [Rei] Alexander

[B]Age: [/B] 38

[B]Sex:[/B] Female

[B]Alliance: [/B] Shadow

[B]Hometown:[/B] Korkine

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Guns are her specialty; Rei wields two identical, elaborately decorated pistols. Her pistols [URL=http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/6060/bluegun5oo.png][rough example] [/URL] are constructed out of a blue metal with [Celtic like] silver designs covering the barrels and hand grips. She also carries around with her a sniper rifle in the same fashion as her pistols. [She rarely uses her rifle]
For battles that require something a little more close range, she keeps a simple sword by her side as well as a few small throwing daggers.

[B]Gift:[/B] Under extreme circumstances for example, in fits of rage or emotional distress, Rei has the ability to unleash bolts of lightening. These bots extend outwards from her finger tips and are deadly accurate; when Rei is concerned Lightening indeed strikes twice.

When not under mental duress, Rei still retains the ability to be deadly accurate but with her pistols and rifle. When she releases lightening, her body unfortunately remains unprotected; as a result she becomes drained of physical energy and receives burns to her hands and arms due to the heat.

[B]Biography:[/B] Rei was noted to have a keen eye ever since she was small, when fooling around with other children, she would always best them when accuracy came into play. She was 15 when she was given her first fire arm. A solider had watched how accurate she was and decided to take her in and train her. Opportunities such as those were rare and so Rei happily accepted. She spent may years under his tutelage as a solider in training, eventually she grew enough in skill that she was allowed to go out on missions of her own.

Rei spent 10 years in the service of Korkine, defending its boarders, escorting personnel and even acted as a mercenary for a short period of time. To this day she is still in the service of her city, acting with a few chosen others for missions that have a covert nature.

[B]Personality: [/B] When it comes to her work she is very serious, Rei is very calm and likes to think things through. When she isn?t busy on a given mission she will tend to be very relaxed and laid back, she cherishes every moment of peace she can get. On occasions she can go a bit wild and bouncy, she will try to act friendly towards people but sometimes it just doesn?t work.

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/3852/rei0da.png]Portrait [1][/URL] and [URL=http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/1843/ninjachick4tq.png]body [2][/URL]. Rei stands 5?8? with a relatively muscular build, she has mid-shoulder length dark blue hair and bright green eyes. Her skin and general complexion are very pale, this is basically because she has never seen sun.

Rei usually wears something similar to the picture. The only visible part of her is usually her head. Her hands and arms [a quarter of the way up] are covered in scars from burns. Over her armor and proactive leather clothing she wears a long back and red trench coat with a hood. On the back of the coat features a red eagle with its wings out stretched clutching a thunderbolt in its left talon.

[B]Character Snippet: [/B] Rei walked into the dark room to be meet by a group of anxious eyes, heads of different sections of the military had gathered to eagerly await the news of their success or failure. One man, dressed in an almost over done coat with matching pants and top that went by the rank General, stepped forwards. Rei never liked him, he was fat, bald, pompous and ugly.

[B]?Is it done??[/B] He constantly rocked backwards and forwards on the pads of his feat, his beady eyes darted around the room, he wasn?t entirely sure where to look.

Rei sighed inwardly and threw a cloth bag down into the middle of the table; the bag was black and surprisingly heavy, it was tied up with a heavy rope. One of the other Generals present mustered up enough courage to pull the bag over to himself and begun undoing the elaborate set of knots that had been placed there so the precious contents wouldn?t spill out.

There was an un-natural silence that had fell over the room, no one dared make a single sound, they were so transfixed on the bag and what lay inside it. The General finished un-doing the last knot in the rope and opened the bag. He was so repulsed by what lay inside that he gave out a involuntary cry of disgust and flung the bag away from himself. The contents of the bag rolled across the perfectly shined surface of the wooden table and came to rest in its center.

A severed head now gazed upon everyone and everyone upon it, some of the men in the room looked away after the initial shock had worn off, others kept their eyes on it as an act of bravado. Rei stood exactly as she was with her men behind her, none of them showed any signs of emotion. When she was sure the men were satisfied she re-bagged the head and placed it back in the center of the table. The heads of each division had wanted the head of a rebel that was causing a lot of trouble, so that was exactly what she gave them.

The fat man that had greeted Rei and her men nodded towards her and she left with her soldiers in tow, the rebel whose head now lay on the boardroom table, had been making trouble for the military for a number of years. The people were never told of such things, information like that was privy only to those who needed to know.

What they didn?t need to know was that prior to his death, he had given Rei a letter. This letter told her of some strange things, once he had departed the letter to her, he simply knelt down and allowed her to cut off his head. [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Name: Urd
Age: 18
Sex: female
Alliance: Shadow
Hometown: Ashere
Weapons: little, silver bell, magic staff, and cursed katana
~bell-it rings when it tells her a prediction
~magic staff- has the power of all the elements
~katana- the curse on it steals the magic of the user and could kill the user or put them into a coma.
Gift: she has the ability to make predictions so she is like a psycic.
Bio: she was born in the shadow lands and was usually teased as a little kid who wasn't very bright. When she was younger, many thought that she couldn't be able to do anything and one day she cracked. As some kids were teasing her, she shouted to make them stop and suddenly a bright light came and froze the kids in time. All of the other kids ran away in fear that she might hurt them. From that day on, no one teased her again.
When she got older, she was respected more and no one teased her. She became cold and mysterious to many. One day she realized that she had the ability to see into the future and use magic of all sorts. After awhile, she found a cursed katana and realized the hard way that it uses the magic and drains the body of almost all uses.
Personality: she is stubborn and very cold. not someone who you would call friendly.
Appearance: she has short light purple hair with blue highlights. she has red-cat eyes and wears black and red clothes.
Character Snippet: one day as Urd was outside on a walk, she found a letter with cross bones on it. When she opened it, she realized that the legend was true and she was one of the chosen people. She was very shocked and wanted to tell her mother and father about this but knew that they would not believe it so she kept it a secret. She mastered her magic and her swordsmanship to get ready for the others that were chosen.
She knew that one day she would meet one of the chosen ones and would be able to help or destroy the land. she was ready for what ever was going to happen in this life and willing to die in any situation.
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I'll Join.

((By the way, Sin. What ever happened to the "Fighting with Shadows" topic; any idea? P.M. me)))

Name: Iceer Relment

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Neutral (With this character... I'll probably need the luck... Fun Fun!)

Weapon: Though he carries no weapons on him, he is far from unarmed. Being able to controll water, he mearly freezes water vaper to create what ever type of weapon strikes his fancey.
He is skilled with many weapons, though he's not particularly adapt at anything. (Doesn't specialize)
He's studied multiple forms of smithing allowing him to form almost any structure, from ice.

Gift: He can controll water and all it's forms.

- Hair: Very short, jet white (frozen).
- Eyes: Dead Black.
- Skin: V. Pale; resolting from his lack of exposure to the sun.
- Height: 4'3"
- Weight: 187lbs
- Clothing:
-- Hat: Black, straw, crouching hat. Mostly worne during the day.
-- Mask: Black mask designed to tightly cover his entire face, apparently the fabric is specially designed because, while you can't see his face, he can see everything very clearly.
-- Scarf: Black scarf that he wrappes around his neck and the lower half of his head. The excess falls down to his lower back on the right.
-- Shirt: Loose fitting, black, long-sleeve, cloth shirt with a tear on the right shoulder
-- Gauntlets: Thin, black, leather gauntlets. Suposedly designed more for looks than for combat, though they offer small amounts of protection.
-- Belt: Black, cloth strap tied together at his right side.
-- Pants: Tight fitting, large around the legs, black cloth, run down to knees.
-- Pants: A 2ed pair whorn under the 1st. Long, black, tight fitting.
-- Foot ware: Thin cloth lined with feathers to dampen sound.
- Other:
-- steam: Since he is allways keeping water vaper directly near him cooled, you can allways see a light steam riseing off him.

Bio.: [color=red](I'll make the changes when I get the time, so that it fits the plot)[/color]
Little is known about Iceer Relment apart from his race and the fact that he's a traveling assassin. He most often travels in or near colder climates wear he is most confortable. Even when he was young, he showed great potenchle. Exelling in his studies, though he had the greatest improvement in combat, he was quickly turned into an outcast. His anti-social attitude and natural stubborness wear allways quick to get on others' nerves. Once he had finnished learning marshol arts he left his village. Though he was still considered young, they allowed him anyways beleaving that he whouldn't be able to ruff it out and returne only after a few days. Unfortunatly they where wrong. He never again returned to his home village, and he never once regretted it.
Soon after leaving his village, he came apone a camp of Gypsys. Interested in learning the trade for him self he managed to "convince" one of them to teach him the art. Despite the their complaint that he should be well rounded, he only every studied stealth and pick-pocketing, rather than other comman traits. And there he remained for the next few years advancing his skills.
After only a few years though, he was kicked out of the camp for dangerously using his "unique talents". Not wanting to be the ones to suffer the consiquences of his carelessness twords others, they informed him that he should either be more cautious with his tricks or leave... He chose to leave.
Ever since he has continued to advance his power till he was good enough with it that he was considered to be an elemental. Also from that point on he started his profesion as an assassin taking money for the other's heads.

Iceer Relment is A travaler by nature and an assassin by trade. Though he's easily capable of all out combat, he prefers to eliminate his enamy before they have a chance to react. As such, he trains in the art of manipulating water. He doesn't like to be weighted down to much so what ever he can create from ice He doesn't normaly carry with him; such itoms include weapons and armor. He doesn't like to be around other people to much so he tends to stray away from crowds and most all conversations with him are kept short. He doesn't beleave in relying on others (People or things). To him, the greatest resolts come from one's self without the aid of others. That is not to say he will not aid others or accept help; though tipicaly he has own agenda when doing so. Dealing with him, however, is another matter entirely. Even those who know him have found that he's rather uncontrollable, unpredictable, and untrust worthy; although, if nothing els, he is reliable.

Character Snippet: [color=red](I'll add when I get the time)[/color]
The smell of the ocean was strong, drowned only by the humidity, due to the recent rain. People swarmed the docks hoping to get on the departing ships. The small village was in a panick. Not only had the local leader been assassinated, but so had the two richest inhabitents; all over the course of 1 week. Even with the government's soldiers offering protection to the village, the assassin couldn't be caught. The only simularities between them was the lack of clues.
The first attack fell apone the mayer on Sunday. The timing couldn't have been better; nearly 1/5 of the servents
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Wow, I would love to join!
[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Maridra
[u]Age:[/u] 42
[u]Sex:[/u] Female
[u]Alliance:[/u] Light?
[u]Hometown:[/u] None really (somewhere at the very edge of Light Land so close to the Shadow Land that it receives little light)
[u]Weapons:[/u] Maridra isn't really a weapon person, but she does have some experience with and interest in magical weapons. She has three of her own:
-First is a sort of staff that is about a yard long and is used for enchantment, or "effect spells".
-Second is a short sword with a crystal blue blade. The blade isn't very sharp, but its tip can fire a thien, laserlike beam of any element. The handle also contains an orb with a similar function to a crystal ball.
-Third is a mirror no bigger than her palm. It can be used to deflect spells (not guns or other physical offenses), and it can be used as a form of mind control (though it requires that one gazes into the mirror) as well.
[u]Gift:[/u] Maridra is an animagus, meaning she can transform into an animal. Actually, she can transform into two different animals: a raven and an ice dragon. She can't use weapons that well in her animal forms (especially in raven form), but as a raven her psychic senses are heightened, and as a dragon she gains the ability to remove heat from her surroundings and create small snowstorms. But it's more difficult to become a dragon--she almost has to be at full health to do so.
[u]Bio:[/u] Maridra never figured out whether the man who raised her was her father or not. But what she did know was that the man was an alchemist named Parth, and that he was generally benevolent towards her--the two would very rarely argue. And plus, Parth was touched by Maridra's interest in his magical workings and studies. In fact, one day Maridra asked Parth to turn her into an animal. Parth said the idea was foolish, so Maridra had to try it herself. She almost succeeded, but fate led her to keep human qualities nevertheless. Still, from this came her ability to morph into two different animals.

When Maridra was a bit older, she got the desire to follow in Parth's footsteps, but without Parth's guidance. She wanted to go away to a place where she could stay undisturbed and at ease. Parth, however, was uneasy about this--he had always loved taking care of Maridra because before her, he was suffering from miserable loneliness. He also feared that if Maridra left, she would experience that same feeling that he once did. Maridra didn't want to leave him in misery, so before leaving she prayed for his well-being, acknowledging that they could still remain together in spirit, and reassuring him that she would never meet a lonely fate. Still, she had to sneak out at night to leave his company.

Maridra sealed her own fate. Years after she became content with her new life, with her own magical studies and her opportunities for peace, she too began to suffer from loneliness. She had grown up to be more like Parth than she thought, for Parth had started feeling lonely the exact same way. Plus, she got tired of all things being the same--the same dwelling, the same surroundings of mountain and forest day after day, and no one to share it with... Yet she did have a method of curing this misery that Parth could never take on easily: travel. It just so happened that the two animals she could morph into could fly, so fly she did to more civilized areas.

Soon after entering the civilized world, Maridra was flung into action and surprise, for she heard news of a woman who was burned as a witch long ago, thus sparking conflicts among the sides of Light and Shadow. The woman had apparently been immortal, and she was a wonderful healer. Even thousands of years later (in the present), there was unrest everywhere. All of a sudden the peace she had been living with was disrupted, but at least it cured her problem of boredom. She kept wishing she could somehow help stop the war, and she once even got a vision of somehow being able to determine the fate of Caldroth--to save or to destroy the world. She kept wondering which one of the two she would do--simply saving the world sounded too idealistic.

[u]Personality:[/u] Maridra lives in a place on the border of the Shadow and Light lands--and here rests her personality as well. You can say she has a dark side and a light side, but you can't really call them definite as they blend together harmoniously rather than conflict. Maridra strongly believes in the power of compromise and the beauty of peace--if two different options or paths are presented to her, she'll usually form some new path that staggers somewhere in the middle. Anyways, aside from that, two of her characteristics are nearly opposite but again never conflict: she would gladly risk her own safety for the sake of a friend, but most of the time she tends to be rather selfish and provincial, and she's pretty adamant about doing things her way. And going back to the loneliness, Maridra often finds herself doing things that separate her from the crowd. She's also very independent and hardly ever demands much from other people.
[u]Appearance:[/u] See attachment for human form
[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25328]Raven form[/url] (top-right; dark purple in colour with green-tipped wings)
[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/neptunedra.gif]Dragon form[/url]
[u]Char Snippet:[/u]
It was a lonesome dusk, another one, as countless others had been before for what seemed like eternity. Anyone sitting outside in the dim yet still dazzling sunlight would feel alive and at ease, but such was far from the case with Maridra. There were thousands of days during which she saw this same sight, and she hardly ever saw anything else. It was boring, repetitive, and simply monotonous. Yet luckily, there was that one sole thing that prevented these qualities from taking her life altogether: her workings and studies of magic. This seemed to be the only thing that would please her, and on this particular afternoon, it was no different.

In a circular room Maridra called her "divination room", a crystal ball in the center gathered the sun's rays in the same beautiful way. These sunrays only helped the crystal's properties, as Maridra witnessed while she sat by it, gazing dazedly into its mysterious and supernatural depths. This was usually her favourite pastime, for she occasionally got to see what was happening in the rest of the world. On this particular occasion, Maridra saw the outline of a woman dancing. A hazy white shape, drifting about like a ghost. Maridra sat by idly, casually thinking about what this figure might mean.

Moments later, darkness fell over the forest, darkness that was more pronounced than it was during the typical day. This startled Maridra, who immediately looked up and out the window. At first she thought a storm was coming, but a look at the trees showed that there was no wind. All there was was a bit of darkness--peculiar, yet still there. Anyways, Maridra then checked the other surroundings. No rain was falling. No animals hurried frantically towards their homes. In fact, there were a group of squirrels and rabbits that stared up at a spot in the sky. Maridra followed the animals' gaze and found, to her astonishment, that the sky was nearly black. No trace of sunset was there at all. Maridra followed the sky down to the horizon line, towards where the sun would usually be. But the sun looked completely different. Instead of being the usual orange, it was pitch-black, with an orangey glow outside of it.

Maridra's heart seemed to stop. She stood up, realizing what this meant.
[i]A solar eclipse![/i]
To Maridra's knowledge, a solar eclipse was a dramatic, magical moment. Many mysterious and miraculous things happened during these moments. In some cases, even, one would lead into an apocalypse of sorts--a moment that can change something completely.

With that, Maridra quickly averted her attention back to the crystal ball. In it, she saw the eclipsed sun, but the scene below it was truly apocalyptic. People were talking, debating more likely... talking about a significant witch that died long ago, and an argument among the sides of Light and Shadow... They obviously were wishing for peace between the two sides, but they felt too powerless to help this worldwide conflict. Maridra felt it--it was a cry for help. Mixed feelings came with this vision--suddenly Maridra felt needed, cared about... and for once, with a sense of purpose in life.

But not much longer after those feelings came, they altogether vanished, for a burst of sunlight shot out from behind the moon. But as Maridra's normal world started to come into view again, her mind remained in that moment of the eclipse. In about the same time during which the eclipse occurred, Maridra sat motionless and in silence, gazing back over the horizon where the sun was once eclipsed. And when this time was up, Maridra left the room, left the house, and transformed into her dragon form. Even then she did not hesitate--she flew up, quite hastily, and headed right for the place she saw in the crystal during the eclipse. Soon it would all come into knowing. What a time of change this most definitely was!
"The snippet must be at least 2-3 paragraphs long"? Well, I guess I got carried away. Speaking of which, I edited the changes you suggested, Pumpkin.
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[SIZE=1]Hey all! Sorry for the long delay on results. Please do not feel bad if you did not get in. I wanted to make this RPG 100% fair which is why I put the standards so high. I also wanted to add in that it seems I forgot to tell you, in Caldroth "magic" which is actually called "Gifts" is not thought of as something highly but more of something odd, rare, and unexplainable in which only you have obtained a specific particular gift by birth or during your lifetime. If you were rejected and want to know why feel free to PM me.


Master of Death


[b]Deathjet[/b], I couldn't t place judgement on your since you don't have your character snippet up yet so I thought I'd just point out a few things. There are a lot of spelling and grammar errors that make your sign up a bit difficult to read sometimes, your biography does clash with Sin's as well as it should be hard to learn such 'magic' from somewhere else. Your gift is suppose to be unique. You also need to choose a side whether or not you turned neutral, you had to be something beforehand.

[b]Nefertimon[/b], You have pretty good grammar, and while I liked the first bit of your biography about living in the wilderness with your father, you could not have recently heard about the woman who was burned because she did over 3,000 years ago and barely anyone remembers. As for the "War", the triffle between shadow and light has been going on for 2,000 years not really a war but just disputes. This revolution determines the end of what will happen between light and shadow. The character snippet, I was a bit lost how that involves the plot line and the fact that you didn't tell how your character received the letter.

Anyways...We are in need of 1 more for light and 1 more for shadow...until then I'll leave this open.

[LEFT][b]Name[/b] : Zydrelle Bardall
[b]Age[/b] : 19
[b]Sex[/b] : Female
[b]Alliance[/b] : Light
[b]Hometown[/b] : Taliara
[b]Weapon(s)[/b]: Zydrelle wields a type of two-ended spear that can also be used as a type of bombarang. She also wields a long sword named "Barkota" which was handed down through her ancestory and is said to be descendended by the first descended of the first revolution although Zydrelle has no clue what that really means. She was given it by her father, the most famous light knight Kyen Bardall.

[b]Gift[/b]: Zydrelle has always had visions since she was a child, but the strange thing about them is despite her happy personality she can only see those who are in pain and predict the future. The sad part of her visions is most of them have come true and she can feel the victim's pain as it is happening. She has a strong sense of other's emotions especially when she is close to them, this might be why she has shyed away from making such close friends.

[b]Biography[/b] : Zydrelle came from within the royal family of Taliara, capital of light territory. Her father Kyen, is most known for his courageous acts against Korkine and 'giving justice to the people' over there. While much of his acts are unknown to Zydrelle, she grew up wealthy and spoiled but she had never taken it to heart instead of being a princess she had dreamed of being a knight like her father hoping to become a legend herself one day. Her mother had died giving birth to her, so she remained close to her father, even when he married to Taylenia, she would always follow her father around the courtyard and watch him as he left to go on one of his expeditions.

However, in reality in shadow territory, the name Kyen holds much hatred for the people living there. It is said that he had actually had taken slaves to work for the castle dungeons and slaughtered many innocent people. Zydrelle had never heard of any of this because she had never venturered into shadow territory growing up and was forbidden too. It wasn't until her father was mysteriously murdered, that she began to suspect some mischevious plans going on.

[b]Personality[/b] : Zydrelle has always perceived a sense of justice and looks poorly down on those who are rude, steal, kill or do anything within the sense of what is 'wrong'. Her naiveness leaves her to see only 'good' and 'evil' as a children's view would see it and her braveness links to that with idiot sometimes in which she will put herself in danger to save others. If your not a thief or murderer however, she can also be a trustful and loyal friend that will be someone you can confide in.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Zydrelle is around 5'9" with long dark brunette hair that is usually tied into a ponytail with green eyes and wears a headband around her forehead sometimes to protect from the heat. She is usually seen nowadays in a full suit of knight armor that almost seems 2x the size of her body and makes her walk a bit wierd.

[b]Character Snippet[/b] : [ Will Edit ]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][i]I think it's time we dip our pen into the ink of the unknown...[/i]

[b]Name.:[/b] Kristos Augur. However, prefers to be called "Char" because of his hair colour.
[b]Age.:[/b] 27. (Twenty seven.)
[b]Gender.:[/b] Male.
[b]Alliance.:[/b] Has ties to the shadow side, but doesn't consider himself part of anything. Will still fight for his "country."
[b]Hometown.:[/b] Anub-Kherban in the far off Ossirian deserts somewhere just east of the capitol of the Shadow land.
[b]Weapons.:[/b] Kristos is a simple man with not-so-simple weapons. For one, his hands are each runed with several figures that imbue the burning heat of fire and the dark heart of steel at the same time. The gloves he wears are also often home to secret poisons from mind numbing to crippling to instant. If his fists fail him, Kristos is also seen using his own hand crafted swords. He calls them the "Ashkandi" and the "Ashbringer". Together, they make what he loves to call the "Seething Flames of Hatred."

[b]Gift.:[/b] Kristos has the ability to summon flames from the nether, twisting them around as if they were extensions of his own body. It requires no sort of stress upon him, as he's played with this ability since he discovered it, and come to master it. The fire is either Pure or Seething, depending what he wishes it to do. Pure can relieve the stress of his allies and damage his enemies, while the Seething is much more rare, often tinged grey and red at the same time. This attack wounds not the flesh, but the soul.

[b]Biography.:[/b] Kristos Augur. Born twenty seven years ago, soon to be twenty eight. Bestowed upon a simple couple in the middle of a town in a desert halfway in the middle of nowhere, he was their blessing. They were told they would not be able to have children, and yet they defied nature and made Kristos. They named him Kristos; savior. However, in the land of Shadow, that name would lead to much ridicule. And let's not forget, hatred.

At the age of nine years old, Kristos would march into his home with his eyeball nearly hanging out of his socket and blood seeping from his wounds like tears from a new widow. He said that he had been beaten by the local soldiers for defying them when they wanted him to do something stupid.

That was also the day he discovered his "Gift."

He used it to claim revenge on those that would dare to hurt him or any other innocent bystander for not doing something when told to. People grew to fear Kristos, and so he used his remaining time to forge his weapons and leave Anub-Kherban for greener pastures. Well, actually, any pasture would do as the desert is desolate and unforgiving. Since then, Kristos has been traveling around the world and using his Gift to help and kill those who deserved what came to them.

[b]Personality.:[/b] Kristos is a level headed young man with a firey spirit. Able to keep cool when he wants, he often opts to "Beat the **** out of you" and ask questions later. Wanting to make the world a better place because of his origins, he will always help someone in need, no matter what faction they belong to. He wants to stop the fighting and keep this land at peace, even if he knows in his heart it won't happen.

[b]Apperance.:[/b] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=12]Kristos.[/url] Usually wearing the same clothes, Kristos washes them daily. However, he does wear his twin blades across his back in an x-shape, for easy withdrawl. Kristos also carries a black and white inverse colour of the shirt seen and a pair of black pants with the same emblem.

[b]Character Snippit.:[/b] [Will Edit.][/color][/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name:[/B] Kendra Ashkevron

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Sex:[/B] Female

[B]Alliance:[/B] Light

[B]Hometown:[/B] Ashkevron, a small town that is close to Taliara.

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Kendra uses [URL=http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/3180/twinsword4vf.jpg][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B][U]twin swords[/U][/B][/COLOR][/URL]. She also has a small pistol that she uses as a back up. Although she is a fair shot she prefers her swords, as she is quite skilled with them seeing that her father trained her since she was a small child. Given to Kendra by her father these unique dual swords push together to form an innocent looking staff, with each serving as the scabbard for the other.

[B]Gift:[/B] Ever since she was a small child Kendra has had the ability to heal simple cuts and bruises by touching them. Since her ability requires a good amount of energy, especially if the cut or bruise is severe, Kendra has also studied the art of healing using herbs and splints and the knowledge of simple surgery and setting bones. Though since she received the letter her ability to heal has become stronger and once under extreme stress her healing ability manifested as lances of light that struck down some bandits that attacked her when she was gathering herbs in the forest.

[B]Biography:[/B] Kendra mother died when she was very young, she was raised in Ashkevron by her father who died shortly before she turned twenty-one. Since then she has been living on her own and continuing her medical studies with the village healer. She also helps the local healer with treating any illnesses or injuries, as Kendra will eventually replace the current healer who is tending the villagers. Although Kendra has no intention of ever using her swords to earn a living, in honor of her father she has continued her practice and takes any opportunity to learn more techniques from other swordsmen.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kendra has always been very kind hearted and friendly. Though in spite of her outgoing cheerfulness she is deeply lonely and feels isolated since her father passed away. Many of the villagers have spoken to her with offers of marriage but she has turned them all down as she has yet to meet anyone she felt like she could live with. To her helping those in need comes first. Kendra is also outspoken and says what she thinks even if others do not agree with her views. If it were not for her kindness and healing ability it is likely she would have little to no friends.

[B]Appearance: [/B][URL=http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/9728/kendra8cf.jpg][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B][U]Kendra[/U][/B][/COLOR][/URL] is about 5?7? with brown eyes and long blue-black hair that she keeps tied back with a ribbon given to her by her father. Taking advantage of her status as a healer Kendra deliberately dresses in an outrageous fashion, as she prefers short pants to any form of a dress.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] It had been a week since Kendra found the letter sitting on the table inside her cottage. She had heard the folklore about the old woman who before being killed cursed the land. Kendra had always believed it to be just that a legend and nothing more. She still wasn?t even sure if she believed what the letter said. Lost in thought she walked through the village towards the forest to gather the herbs that only grew wild in the forest.

Absent mindedly she nodded and replied to the various greetings of the people she passed but her mind was elsewhere and if you had asked her later she would not have remembered who had spoken to her. She couldn?t get the image of the cross bones on the outside of the letter out of her mind. It was a coincidence that her healing powers had become quite a bit stronger since she got the letter, wasn?t it?

Still lost in thought she continued through the forest, her feet taking her along a path that she knew so well she could have walked it blindfolded. [I]Why me?[/I] She thought. [I]I?m no warrior or questing hero![/I] Irritated she picked up her pace.[I] It has to be a prank![/I] The more she thought about it the more she became convinced it was a hoax played on her by one of the villagers. Kendra had certainly been teased a lot by the young men over her ability to use the sword.

Kendra sighed and began to gather the herbs she had come to collect. She opened her pouch and carefully placed them inside. Once she was done she began to walk back towards the village still lost in thought.

?[B]What have we here?[/B]? A voice said in front of her.

Startled Kendra stopped and truly looked at her surroundings. Three men dressed in scruffy green pants, shirts, and boots, and armed with swords were blocking her path. With a start Kendra realized that she had left her swords back at her cottage. [I]Damn![/I] She thought in panic. Kendra had heard about the bandits frequenting the forest, how could she have been so careless! She took a cautious step backwards.

Kendra let out a startled scream when she was grabbed from behind by an arm around her throat and waist and lifted off of her feet. Kendra struggled as the bandits joked over what to do with her. Something inside her snapped and she struggled wildly, kicking and screaming and biting anything she could.

?[B]Damn wench![/B]? The bandit holding her exclaimed when she bit his arm. He let go of her and threw her against a near by tree. Before she could recover he backhanded her sending her sprawling to the ground. Stunned Kendra struggled to get up but she couldn?t seem to focus. As they came closer something else inside of her snapped.

?[B]No![/B]? Kendra screamed at the top of her lungs. As if in a daze she saw bright lances of light form in front of her. A split second later they flew like arrows and pierced the hearts of the bandits. As if in slow motion they stood there looking at her in a daze before falling over backwards. For a long moment Kendra couldn?t think, when she was finally able to get up she saw to her amazement that the bandits were dead.

[I]Did I do that? [/I]She wondered? [I]Where did the lances of light come from?[/I] She looked around but didn?t see anyone.[I] I must be imagining things[/I]. She thought. Kendra ran as fast as she could back to the village. Only after she had locked herself in her cottage did she sit down and rest. She looked at the letter sitting on the table. Something was different she could feel it. She leaned over putting her elbows on her knees and covered her face with her hands and sighed. Tomorrow she would try to find out more about the letter. Kendra got up and after getting cleaned up she went to bed, though it was a long time before she finally fell asleep. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name :[/B] Gale Lionheart
[B]Age :[/B] 24
[B]Sex :[/B] Male
[B]Alliance :[/B] Light
[B]Hometown :[/B] Taliara
[B]Weapon(s): [/B]
Gale weilds a large variety of weapons and items that help him in his adventures. Being a ranger, you have to be ready for anything. His main weapon is the Claymore of Leon. The sword is very light, but packs a powerful punch in combat. He also carries a shield with the Taliara logo and a Bow. Gale is always prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Gale found out about his gift when he was young. Alone, in the middle of the forest near Taliara. He was surrounded by a pack of wolves. When they came in for the attack, Gale jumped straight up in the air to avoid from death. Something happened though, he kept going higher and higher. He landed on top of a branch of a tree nearby. He has the ability to jump great lenths and heights. After learning his gift, it made hunting alot more easier.

[B]Biography : [/B]
Gale, son of Sir Leon Lionheart, was born in Taliara. His mother, Alica, died after giving birth to Gale. The death dealt a heavy blow to Leon, spending weeks and weeks alone in his room, while a nanny would watch over Gale. when Gale came to the age of 12, Leon began to show his son the ways of the sword.
Leon could see his son had some potiental to be a great warrior. His training with him push from morning to night. He taught him everything there was to survive. When Gale turned 16, Leon fell ill and died in his son's arms. His father's dieing words were. [B][I]'Don't be afraid to make a difference. My heart will show you the way.'[/I][/B]
Gale didn't know know what he meant until he saw it with his own eyes. His father's prized possesion. The Claymore of Leon. The sword that stick with his father through every adventure.
Gale continued to get stronger and stronger, trying to fufill his father's wishes of becoming the greatest warrior in the land. Taliara started to know Gasle very well after he stopped a robbery from a gang of Thieves. He was then giving the shield of Taliara.

[B]Personality : [/B]
Gale is a kind-hearted and friendly man. He fights for whats right and looks for justice. people say he is the perfect figure for a 'true hero' since it seems he has no sense in evil. Gale is never afraid to speak out and tell whats on his mind. Even if it is pretty stupid.

Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.creativeuncut.com/forum/link.jpg]Gale Lionheart[/URL]
[B]Character Snippet :[/B] (editing)[/SIZE]
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[B]Name :[/B] Dhelar Peregrine

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Sex :[/B] Female

[B]Alliance :[/B] Light

[B]Hometown :[/B] Sharanell

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] All Dhelar uses is a single bullet, and a left-handed stone gauntlet.

[B]Gift:[/B] When Dhelar was younger, her right arm was very weak and atrophic. In fact, despite her best attempts, it would never get any stronger. That is, until she hit 17. A fire had started at her home in the slums, and as a reflex, her right arm reach in front of her face, shielding her from the ash and flames. Instead of burning, her arm absorbed the fire and began to ignite. Strangely, however, she didn't feel the intense heat. It felt like a missing part of her, one that she had finally found.

Dhelar's arm may be weak, but it has the ability to temporarily merge with any non-biological thing she touches, and makes the rest of of her body immune to that substance in the process. However, she can only merge with one substance at a time, and the duration is always irregular. She uses a leather glove to keep her arm from absorbing random objects

[B]Biography :[/B] Dhelar Peregrine lived with her mother and younger sister until she was seventeen, when a fire burned her home down and killed them both. All she has to remember the two with is a singed blanket, a memento of her younger sister and her most prized possession Now she spends night after night trying to find a new home, and a way to make ends meet. She has often resorted to petty theft, and occasionally breaking and entering.

[B]Personality :[/B] Dhelar is a nice enough person, but years of living in a dead city filled with lowlifes and criminals has somewhat hardened her.She has a hard time trusting people, and believes everyone is out to get her.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Dhelar is short, about 5' 4", and has brownish-gray hair. The hard years have not taken her beauty, however; she has piercingly bright green eyes, and a smile to die for. Her arm, once atrophic, finally gained muscle when her gift kicked in. However, she still uses her leftarm for nearly everything. She wears gray or white clothing, mostly because dye is expensive,and she had to make them herself.
Character Snippet :[/B]

In the small town of Sharanell, a mere remnant of a once-booming metropolis, finding a home, a safe haven, is more difficult than finding money; that can always be stolen. Dhelar had spent the past 5 years moving from place to place, trying to find a new place to call a home. Instead, all she found were greedy, thieving, insignificant little fools.

"Well, I guess this place is as good as the next..."Dhelar Peregrine said to herself as she shifted the refuse and rubble. She pulled a scorched blanket from her bag, her sole reminder of once having a place to call home. "Don't worry, we'll find a place tomorrow," she said to the blanket, as if talking to an old friend.

As she slept, memories of flame and terror racing through her dreams, two men struggled, one with a knife, one with a coin purse. Dhelar awoke to the sound of screaming as the man with the coin purse fell to the floor. She stayed as still and as quiet as she could, watching the all too common brother against brother attitude at it's worst, a man killing his fellow man over spare change...spare change that could mean the difference between eating and going hungry...surely the man lying on the floor, who could be no younger than forty, must be the father to someone...

When the other man left, Dhelar went to work searching the dead man for precious items overlooked by his attack. [I]It may be despicable, but a girl needs to eat, too,[/I] Dhelar thought to herself, hating herself for what she was doing... but knowing that if she didn't, someone else would.

She saw that the man had a piece of paper clutched in his blood-stained hands. She tried to open them, tugging at his fingers, but not making much ground. She removed her leather glove from her right hand, and grabbed a shattered stone shard.

Dhelar's arm glowed brightly, and it became stronger...as strong as solid cement, and just as hard. She used her newfound strength to pry the man's hand open. "What's this...?"

In his hand was an envelope sealed with a strange crossbone...
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[SIZE=1]Sorry you guys! I've been so busy I forgot to post the sign up results. It took me a long while to think which two out of all you guys...but I finally did it. Great job to all of you.


[b][u]The List[/u][/b]

Sorry to those who didn't get in, I probably didn't think your sign up suited the storyline as well as others. But I still liked each and everyone of them, it was a hard decision. This RPG should be posted up by saturday at the latest. [b]Aizen[/b], be sure to fill out your character snippet before then, thanks. See you all in Caldroth![/SIZE]
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