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Ozymandius Jones

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[i]The dawn sun spread like mayonnaise over the morning. This might sound disgusting to some, but it is merely a description of how it moved ? slow and slimy, but a golden yellow instead of white. White sunshine? That would be just weird.

A?tuin, the great turtle upon which stands the four elephants that carry the world, moved slowly through the mayonnaise-thick sunshine, thinking Deep Thoughts, possibly about what to have for breakfast, but - more likely than not ? Thoughts about the Destination. What is the Destination? Only He knows. The elephants don?t think about anything. They just stand. What would elephants think of, anyway?

As the aforementioned sun spreads, and the aforementioned A?tuin swims, something happens along the Edge of the Disc of the World. Something happens that should not happen. Or, rather, something is painted that should not be painted. Something else happens in the Middle of the World, something else happens that should not happen. Or, rather, something is borrowed that should not be borrowed.

Altogether, these events had a rather negative effect on Life on the Disc. The Wizards are alarmed. And, many people can tell you*, alarmed wizards are to be avoided. The Gods are annoyed. Annoyed Gods are something to be avoided at all costs**. Death Itself was cheated?


Yes. Cheated.


Hey, that?s not my problem, I?m just the narrator! You shush!


Where was I? Oh, yes. Death Itself


AlRIGHT, just stop INTERRUPTING! Death [b]him[/b]self was cheated, despite his protests that he didn?t know he was playing, much less what the high card was; and, finally, somewhere in Uberwald, several unfortunate cows died.

Was this all the result of one event? Two events? Five events and an unfortunate run in of Gingham Cheswick of 56 Beechwood Lane with a trunk-on-legs?

That, you shall have to see?[/i]


Someone has learned to paint with Octarine. Octarine is the color of magic; thought to be a somewhat greenish-purple. Only wizards can see it. If only wizards can see it (you may ask) what?s the problem with someone painting it? It?s not hurting anything?

Ah?.but what you can?t see can, in fact, hurt you.


But it?s [i]MAGIC[/i]. It makes wonky things happen! And wonky things are happening, wherever these paintings are bought and sold. The Wizards have sent assassins against the painter, but the painter is not alone in his painting. Some people - some very powerful people - want these paintings spread.

You can play to help the person painting with Octarine?or you can be oppressive and dumb and try to help those chasing the painter. We know this isn?t clear, but there?s a reason for that. We [i]want[/i] you in the dark. All is not precisely as it seems?
Name: [/B] Anything really goes. Ogg is a good name. So is Sam. See the range? Yeah. Lots of room. No anime ripoff names.

[B] Age: [/B] 7 - 100, I would think...
Profession:[/B] Not all people are Heroes. Some people are smarter than that, you know. See the Underground [[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=731482&posted=1#post731482]this post in particular[/url]] for more information.

[B]Backstory:[/B] People do things. What are these things?If you will be the Painter's ally, you haven't met him yet. That will be handled in game.

[B] Personality:[/B] No brainer, I would think...

[B] Stuff:[/B] Do they carry things? A staff, a favorite book, a toy cart? Put that here. Keep in mind that at [i]most[/i] they have a horse, and that's only if the hero(es) aren't hungry...>>.

[B]Talents:[/B] Theif? Music? Weaving? Can they actually write?
Gender:[/B] Duh. Unless you're luggage, or something, and even they have genders. >>

*Or could have told you, had the wizards not nailed them by their ears to the bridge over the AM river at low tide?and left them there until not-low tide?wizards are very petty people.

**So many people would tell you, if they could only find their lips.

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=731203#post731203]The Library[/URL]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma][B]Name:[/B] Anoker the Gnome

[B]Age:[/B] 37

[B]Profession:[/B] Wizard Alchemist

[B]Backstory:[/B] The appropriate beginning to such a backstory would start with "Soandso was born...", [i]however[/i] Anoker is not appropriate. Nor is he normal. No, Anoker was not born. He was just there. For about 30 years at least. Before that he was non-existant. He likes to think of himself as some sort of magical being for this reason. That reason being that he was not born.

When Anoker reached the age of 7, he met a cat. A special cat named Faerthuntun. He did not name it that, Faerthuntun told him that was his name. From then on, Faerthentun stayed around with Anoker, through thick and thin, fat and skinny.

Anoker was always interested in Wizardry and Alchemy. He got an Alchemist's Play Kit for his 10th anniversary of existantce (which he quite enjoyed). From the age of 14 and on, Anoker grew up in a small hut in the forest, his only companion being Faerthuntun.

He traveled quite a bit in his early years to gain knowledge, but soon he settled back home and studied up. He has been studying for about 10 years now, and doesn't plan on stopping.

[B]Personality:[/B] Well, let me see here...

Anoker is a very intelligent individual. One would need to be if they wanted to be an artisan alchemist. Alchemy takes much reading and writing, you know. It's hard work, but the patient Anoker continues to work with it as it intrigues him so much. Every reaction does not have another reaction. Is this so? Are all frogs toads? Or are there even such things as toads? Do they [i]really[/i] exist?

Anoker would love to find the answer to all of these things. However, he does not let his work get in the way of his life. He has a cat! A talking cat. Who only talks to those who it wishes. Faerthentun is it's name.

Once Anoker starts talking to someone about his work, he gets very excited and never shuts up. [b]Never[/b] ask him about alchemy.

[B]Stuff:[/B] No staff. No toy cart. A book! Yes, yes. Anoker carries a large, magic-sealed, rune-engraved spellbook filled with all sorts of notes he has written down over his many, many years of being a wizard. This is the only book he ever writes in. It's also writted entirely in his own language that only he can understand.

[B]Talents:[/B] Basically mentioned entirely in Personality and Stuff. Heh.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male[/FONT]

[SIZE=1][url=http://img322.imageshack.us/img322/5854/anoker7cj.jpg]Click here for picture.[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][color=DarkGreen][b]Name:[/b] Curiosity

[b]Age:[/b] As old as mankind ... what's that? How long has he actually [i]existed?[/i] About three years. How old does he [i]look?[/i] Well, ask that, then! He looks about twelve or thirteen. That's the age little boys start to get, not innocent-childhood-eating-turds-to-see-what-they-taste-like curious, but [i]parent-embarrassingly[/i] curious. About [i]those[/i] things.

[b]Profession:[/b] Anthropomorphic Personification. Feline Disposal Expert, somewhat absent-mindedly.

[b]Backstory:[/b] Curiosity's existence is the result of a combination of things, namely the intense magical field generated by the goings-on in Unseen University, a slow-pudding day in the UU kitchens leading to a faculty even more irritable than usual, and the overuse of metaphor in some stern tellings-off administered to the students in the High Energy Magic Building. Given the powerful disdain wizards feel towards finding out new things, the general consensus was surprise that he hadn't popped into existence earlier.

The wizards all call him Curi or Rio, because wizards are lazy like that. He's taken to following the Arch-chancellor around, because the Arch-chancellor goes interesting places. The Arch-chancellor doesn't mind in the least, because when Curi enters a room its occupants tend to hurriedly cease all finding-out of things, just in case he's learned to understand The Metaphor yet.

If he comes within six floors of the Library, he's liable to find banana skins being thrown at him by a very defensive orang'utan.

Because he doesn't know any better, Curi is on the side of [b]Unseen University.[/b]

[b]Personality:[/b] Curi is humanity's Curiosity personified, but - and this is a very important distinction - this is Curiosity [i]from the wizards' point of view.[/i] He's highly inquisitive, but always feels guilty about it afterwards.

Poor Curi isn't very bright, and is very confused about his purpose in existing. He knows on a deep, primal level that he's supposed to kill cats whenever people seek new knowledge, but he isn't sure why. The students in the HEM building have taken to keeping a store stocked with unfortunate felines for the inevitable occasion when he wanders in and catches them searching L-space or whatnot.

The faculty have recently been trying to explain that the cat in The Metaphor is representative of someone called the Painter. Curi isn't good at metaphors (luckily for UU's student body) but has resolved to kill the Painter's cat no matter what.

[b]Stuff:[/b] Curi carries a knapsack in which he collects int'resting things. It's stuffed with funny-shaped stones, shiny pennies, pretty feathers, a notebook and pencil for noting down int'resting turns of phrase or drawing int'resting scenes, and sacks to put cats in.

[b]Talents:[/b] Curi has an excellent memory for int'resting things, and is possibly the only being in history to have successfully drowned a cat in the river Ankh.

[b]Gender:[/b] Appears male, but of course he is fundamentally composed of sexless thaumatic particles held together with belief.[/color][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange][b]Name:[/b] Violent Jigg, this name is a bone of contention for her and makes her grumpy - her parents thought they?d named her Violet. As it turns out her name fits her personality rather well.

[b]Age:[/b] A very grumpy twenty, soon to be twenty-one.

[b]Profession:[/b] The only legitimate Ankh-Morpork Historian. Or so she?ll tell you quite loudly at the top of her lungs anyhow.

[b]Backstory:[/b] Violent was born to a weaver couple who didn?t know how to spell at all. The day she was born they left her with Granny Mig and went in search of a name for her ? we believe that being left with said granny is the reason behind Violent?s personality as Granny Mig is one crotchety old lady!

?but that?s not what we?re talking about. We?re talking about her [i]name[/i]. Her parents went out into the city to find someone who could (supposedly) read and asked him how to spell Violet since it was Mrs. Jigg?s favorite flower. The man they asked was apparently very fond of practical jokes and spelled V-I-O-L-E-N-T onto the birth certificate for the child. It was only after they?d had it stamped that the judge (apparently [i]also[/i] fond of practical jokes) told them what their child?s name was.

Being simple folk they didn?t think to just call their daughter Violet and pretend the name was simply a misspelling, oh no! They called her Violent, and even [i]told[/i] her that her name was a misspelling.

So their daughter grew up [i]determined[/i] that she would be a better scholar than her parents and thus never embarrass any future children by thinking she had named one Bart and had instead naming him Brat.

So now she?s an extremely grumpy young woman due to a twenty year old grudge (She insists it?s twenty year old, anyhow) against her parents.

[b]Personality:[/b] Violent has a, well, violent personality. She hasn?t an agreeable bone in her body and will argue with you until you come around to [i]her[/i] way of thinking ? and if you [i]don?t[/i] come around to it she gets, as her name implies, violent. The only thing that Violent cares for is increasing her knowledge of everything and anything and has set herself the impossible task of chronicling every single thing in Ankh-Morpork that went on before she was born, is going on now, and will happen once she?s dead (Don?t ask how she?s going to do that, like we said, it?s impossible.)

[b]Stuff:[/b] Paper, writing utensils and a purse. As to what?s inside the purse aside from the paper and writing utensils, no one is altogether sure ? many suppose brick and cactuses?or something that bites, anyhow.

[b]Talents:[/b] Can indeed actually write! A minor miracle, really, considering all her parents know how to spell is her name and even [i]that[/i] they botched up horribly (In her not so humble opinion). Remaining completely neutral - Violent isn't for the UU or for the Painter.

[b]Gender:[/b] Female. And she?d like to point out that gender should be up under age, thank you very much. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple][B]Name: [/B] Olwe (pronounced Ol' way)

[B]Age: [/B] 22

[B]Profession:[/B] Mercenary

[B]Backstory:[/B] Olwe was born to two Elves of Ephebe. These Elves did not like to stay at home. No, they enjoyed travelling all over the world. They travelled so much that Olwe doesn't remember himself where his first home was, nor does he remember the names of all the towns he's visited.

Unfortunately, Olwe's parents were killed by some magical creature of sorts, he's not really sure what ate them to be honest. Olwe was just a young boy when his parents were eaten, so luckily the creature did not eat him; it obviously did not like the taste of younglings.

So that's how it was fourteen years ago. Olwe was stranded parentless in the midst of Bhangbhangduc. He didn't really know what to do, or where to go, so he wiped the dirt off of his knobbly knees, picked up the necklace that had been his mother's, and marched off in some random direction. It didn't take him too many days to come to the Rim, a place that scared him almost out of his mind (which is one reason he is today a bit on the odd side). He almost walked off into the abyss of nothingness, or as you may call it, outer space. For you see, Olwe was running along hoping to find some tree of an edible fruit when he slipped at the edge of the Rim; luckily he was caught by the back of his shirt and pulled back to safety by none other than a Krullian.

The Krullians raised Olwe in their strange manner, and then took him to Ankh-Morpork and released him when he was about eighteen years old. There were many things he did not know about the world, and many people that would make fun of him. As a result of all this teasing, Olwe eventually grew to hate most people. He decided that a life of killing the organisms might suit him well. He became a mercenary for hire. It would keep him fed, and satisfy his hatred. Not bad.

[B]Personality: [/B] Olwe, as mentioned above, hates most people. He makes no attempt to make friends or initiate any type of conversation. If someone approaches him, he will rarely reply. When he is in a good mood however, he may speak to them, and if they aren't some annoying folk, he will possibly befriend them. As a result of this behavior, Olwe has only ever had three friends in his life.

He likes to sit and observe his surroundings. He is patient and reserved, waiting until he knows everything about a situation before doing anything. Most would consider Olwe an antisocial, mysterious prick.

[B]Stuff:[/B] Olwe does indeed have a horse, as well as a longsword, a canteen, a knife, a rope, and a leather bag in which he keeps an assortment of things: maps, a blanket, money, a compass, a journal, and pen and ink.

[B]Talents:[/B] Killing. Killing and picking locks with his tiny silver knife.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Side:[/B] Unseen University[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][b]Name:[/b] Rincewind. [i]Just[/i] Rincewind.

[b]Age:[/b] He doesn't even know, but somewhare between thirty and forty. He thinks.

[b]Profession:[/b] Wizzard, protector, professional coward.

[b]Backstory:[/b] He's been on the run for almost as long as he can remember. He's run from XXXX (Fourecks) to the counterweight Continent, and everywhere in between - not all in this universe, either.

Rincewind doesn't remember anything of his past before the UU. Truth be told, he doesn't remember a lot of his time AT the UU. Except for the last bit - the bit that involved threats of sharp things and bridges and general unpleasantness.

He does remember quite a bit about playing tour guide to Twoflowers, the confusing little man from the Counterweight Continent. He does remember starting a revolution of somesuch on that very same countinent. And...he does remember that every time he's mixed up wth Twoflowers, Interesting Things happen...

His job, currently, is to make sure Interesting Things do [i]not[/i] happen to the Painter.

[b]Personality:[/b] That of a kicked dog, usually. Not very opptomistic, due to his pre-emptive karma--if it even looks as if something good will happen to him in the future, his karma will ensure that something bad happens immediately, and continues happening so the good things never come around. His only optomistic thought is that - given his status - Death has to come for him personally, and it's easy to avoid what you can see.

So....yeah. Despite all of this, he's a good distraction...

[b]Stuff:[/b] A hat wot says 'wizzard' on it, a staff that is good for nothing, really...and the Luggage. Or maybe The Luggage owns him.

[b]Talents:[/b] None of a normal wizard - accidental learning of one of the Eight Spells insured no other spell would stay in his head - they were too scared to. Running, very fast. Very [i]very[/i] fast. Generally whilst shrieking. Loudly. He can also see into the octarine.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[url=http://www.elronds-haus.de/kidby/hero3.htm]Click for Appearence[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name:[/B] Hypatia Archimedes Plutarch Pythagoras Euclid Nostradamus Elliot Descartes. Alas, only one female name! No matter, you may call her Hypatia or Happened, whichever you prefer.

[B]Age:[/B] Physically: 7 years Emotionally: 7 and 3/4 years

[B]Profession:[/B] Official Maker of Mischief is the title she has given herself, although most would call her a Delightfully Whimsical Street Urchin.

[B]Backstory:[/B] Hypatia "Happened" began life as a baby, which is a good place to begin. She happens to have irresponsible parents plagued by memory loss. One day they left her sitting under a tree and forgot where she was. She was surprisingly quick for a two-year-old. She said to herself, "I am lost unless I am found. Being a street urchin would be delighful, though." She began to live as a beggar of sorts, taking whatever people gave her. She would also take what they did [B]not[/B] give her. It is not stealing, just borrowing for a really long time with no intent of returning whatever the item may be.

At age three Hypatia found a bag. Although she did not find it as much as she took it from a wizard who turned his back. Hypatia Happened named the bag Leonard. Leonard turned out to be a good companion, because he has many wonderful and cheery items inside of him. She found out that Leonard's items were very fun if placed into a hat or basket or shoes or... you get the picture.

She has wished she was many things and tried to be them through various costumes. Once she wore cabbages because she thought it would be nice to be cabbage, but she got hungry and ate her costume. She then wished to be a chicken and stuck feathers to herself, but the feathers came off. Currently she wishes to be a butterfly and has made wings out of blue sheets taken from a washline sewn onto a wicker frame. Her hair, however, does not know what color it wishes to be and therefore changes. She spends her time wandering.

Hypatia Happened would be the [B]painter's ally[/B]. If she met him, that is. Painting is fun.

[B]Personality:[/B] Hypatia likes things to happen to people, so she wanders spreading her cheer to all she sees. Unfortunately, her cheer often comes in forms some consider to be undesirable, such as a hat filled with pudding or tarantulas or both. Why wouldn't you want that? Pudding is tasty and tarantulas are cuddly.

Hypatia is fairly book smart but has the logic of someone seven-and-three-quarters. She can be unreasonable if you do not like her "cheer," often acting out with violence or having her eyes cry literal waterfalls of tears. As long as you laugh, she will like you.

[B]Stuff:[/B] The clothes on and around her back, front, sides, namely a tattered cloak, patched pants, and patchwork shirt. One tarnished silver monocle, although it has no legs, sits on her left eye. She carries a bag of cheer. The bag is named Leonard. Leonard does not speak, but he does enjoy giving Hypatia Happened many fun and cheery things to play with. Even she does not know what she will pull out. Leonard is one-half plaid cloth, one half silent sarcasm.

[B]Talents:[/B] Knows how to properly spread cheer, obviously. She can also make people start bashing their head against the wall if she is locked in the room with them for about five minutes. Also very good at "borrowing" things.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female, although it would not be difficult to believe her into being something else entirely.[/COLOR]

OoC: PM me if change is needed (not the nickel and dime kind, though).[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SeaGreen][B]Name:[/B] Arrhenius Fnord

[B]Age:[/B] He has been on the Disc 69 years in total, but for all intents and purposes, is 24. It?s not all it?s cracked up to be?

[B]Profession:[/B] Wizard, at one time affiliated with Unseen University. About four years ago, those ties became very, very remote.

[B]Backstory:[/B] What can we say about Arrhenius? first 65 years on the disc? Frankly, not a lot. He grew up, went to school, had very few misadventures as a youth, and by and large followed all the rules. His class at UU voted him Most Likely To Bore His Biographer To Death. The most interesting thing that happened was his admittance to UU and his subsequent training and research there.

The only truly gratifying thing we can say about Arrhenius is that he is thirsty for knowledge and is always striving to learn, but even there he manages to elude our approval. His thirst led him to dabble with magic that is largely considered to be un-dabble-able, at least by popular opinion on what is Right and Moral and Sane. One morning four years ago, some wizards discovered a stranger in Arrhenius? research cell. He was young, almost handsome, but rather twitchy and irritated. Upon questioning, it was revealed that he was in fact Arrhenius Fnord.

Certainly, some privileges go with being 24 for the second time. The crick in his back is gone now, the ladies no longer look at him with revulsion (for the most part, anyway), and he?ll make sure NEVER to drink too much in that one pub in south Ankh-Morpork again.

However, there are some drawbacks, the most important of which is that when he summoned whatever he did, he bartered away something important. Upon reaching the age of 65 (again), he is sentenced to eternity in the Dungeon Dimensions ? a fact he only learned after his dabbling was complete.

After the incident, the wizards asked Arrhenius, in not-so-polite-terms, to keep to himself, lest his embarrassment be connected with their institution. Plagued by the knowledge of his fate, Arrhenius wasted away in the streets of Ankh-Morpork until UU called him back on a little errand ? assassinate a rogue painter.

[B]Personality:[/B] Up until a few years ago, he was generally nice, friendly, moderately outgoing and generous, and followed the rules. In short, dull as dishwater. After a lifetime of being like this, though, it?s quite possible to snap, and snap he did. Today?s Arrhenius is sneering, whiny, quick to anger and threats, and a touch arrogant; he?d fit in very well at your common preschool.

[B]Stuff:[/B] A small-brimmed, pointed hat, and grungy traveling robes; a snuff box, to feed a habit he retained from his old age; and this little orange fuzzy caterpillar on his chin ? oh, wait, that?s a goatee.

[B]Talents:[/B] Whining, a few shoddy spells made worse through four years out of UU roaming the streets of Ankh-Morpork. He has an occasional spurt of ingenuity, very little of which is helpful.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Jewell von Pastenfriesch

[B]Age:[/B] Was ?alive? until the age of 29, has been around for some 70 years though.

[B]Profession[/B]: An active member of The Golem Trust. He manages papers and the like. Also a vampire, part of the Black Ribboners.

[B]Backstory:[/B] Jewell was never a very interesting person. Some might think that a name like Jewell would suit ones personality, and possibly give the owner a sense of humour. Lord knows his parents must have had one to give their son such a hideous name. However, he was not so lucky and grew up a sour git. Until he died.

When Jewell died his life really began, which is unfortunate. He wasn?t a vampire from birth and in fact grew up in Ankh-Morpork but an exchange trip to Uberwald changed all that during a chance meeting with a beautiful woman who was, in fact, a beautiful man. But no one really needs to know that.

Jewell somehow found his way back to Ankh-Morpork and found that he never could quite adjust to his new self. For one, he wouldn?t dare drink someone?s blood and thus joined The Uberwald league of Temperance, also known as the ?Black Ribboners?, stating that he wouldn?t drink a drop of blood. You heard it, ?Not one drop!?

Despite his many years, Jewell is still back in the age when he was 29. He dresses, like most vampires, in a very understated and old-fashioned way, finding that a cape is absolutely necessary. More that accepting that the world has moved on, Jewell has never wanted to believe it could ever change.

He now finds himself working for The Golem Trust, member count 2. He sorts out the boring stuff like finances and paper work while Adora Belle Dearheart will handle the more exciting things. Like planting a brick through the next bugger who decides it?s fun to smash her windows.

Unfortunately for him, Jewell will find himself on the side of [B]The Painter[/B], which will no doubt involve a level of excitement. Something he really isn?t used to.

[B]Personality:[/B] Jewell is, well, boring. He has one of those faces that looks as if he has a turd under his nose and one would think that the muscles of his face finally gave up and froze in the constant frown he holds. He?s drab and pessimistic, always managing to find something wrong with every possible plan, conversation, opinion and thought. He probably has a funny side somewhere under all the velvet and swishy cape; he?s just never found an opportunity to let it out.

[B]Stuff: [/B] Jewell is never without his little black ribbon pin, which he displays on the (velvet) lapel of his jacket, which is a little useless, as his jacket is black. He also carries a pendant with him, containing spare coffee beans, in case he runs out*. Other than that, he packs as his day suits him.

[B]Talents:[/B] Jewell is exceedingly good with numbers and statistics and although he doesn?t realise it yet, he?s a very good strategist. Though please, for the love of the turtle, don?t give him a sword. Or a butter-knife. Or anything even remotely sharp.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

*For those who don?t know: Vampires who don?t drink blood usually turn to coffee as a substitute and thus find themselves addicted. They tend to flip out somewhat if they don?t get their coffee.[/SIZE]
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Guest tinkerbell10
Name:jennifer lee



Backstory:She was put into a dungeon at the age of 6 and she spent nearly 2 years there.She managed to break free and kill the gaurds guarding the dungeon.After that she spent almost 7 years wwandering the land.Fortunately she will end up on The Paainters side.

Personality:she mostly rude and mean but sometimes she has a heart as cold as ice.Only once in a blue moon is she the nice caring person she really is deep down that she wishes she could let free.Never ask her about her past because she gets really rude when people ask her about her past and dont ever tease her about her age.

Stuff:she carries tons of stuff like spell book and wands in her backpack but she mostly carries talismans.She also has a sword that has some kind of magic sealed runes.

Talents:writing,music and theift


i hope this is good!
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[size=1]Okay, Pumpkin has deleted her post instead of finishing it. Anyway, I'll get mine up as soon as possible, if I'm able to get it up at all. If necessary you guys can even start without me while I write mine, seeing as we're way over the previous deadline of Monday the 19th.

White has already posted his backstory, which is good. Now we're waiting mainly for me, I guess.

[B]EDIT:[/b] Ha!

?I?m sorry, what did you say his name was? I think I didn?t hear you correctly.?

?His name?s [b]Twoflower[/b].?

?Isn?t that that one annoying fellow who claims to be a ?[I]tourist[/I]? and helped Rincewind run away??

?Guess so. I heard he became Grand Vizier of the Empire, in his homeland the Agatean Empire.?

?He? Ha! How old is he? Twelve or thirteen or something??

?? He?s about 40 years old.?

?? Oh.?

?Hey, I?m sure we have some records on him in the library.?

If you?ve followed the conversation uptil now, you might have come to the conclusion that they shall now walk to the Library to find the information on Twoflower. Of course, we won?t walk. We?ll just Be There.

Like this, you see? Okay, now that we Are in the Library with the information of Twoflower infront of our nose, let us look into it.

[b][I]About Twoflower[/I][/b]

[I]Source: Interview with Rincewind in the The Truth[/I]
Twoflower is the optimistic-but-naive tourist. He often runs into danger, being certain that nothing bad will happen to him, as far as he is not involved. He also believes in the goodness of human nature and that all problems can be resolved, if all parties show a good will and cooperate. Rincewind, of course, remains immovably convinced that Twoflower's IQ is comparable to that of a pigeon. Rincewind described him by saying that if lightning was absolute chaos, Twoflower would stand on top of a hill wearing wet copper armour and shout "All gods are bastards!" He is always followed by The Luggage, a highly protective and stubborn box which moves on hundreds of little legs, carrying his belongings.

The last time anyone has heard something of Twoflower was when he became Grand Vizier of the Empire. Some say that he disappeared within weeks to never be seen again. Others however, say that he just left his position as Grand Vizier of the Empire, because it involved a lot of sitting, and that he had started a carrier in the painting industry.

?There you have it. Undeniable proof!?

?Okay, but how do you plan on catching him? It is said that he?s practically invulnerable, because he believes he is.?

?? We must think that over.?[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Alright! Signups are now 100% officially closed. The RP will be starting sometime in the next few days, possibly as soon as this afternoon. Those who made the cut are as follows:

[center][B]The Colour of Magic[/B]

[B][i]Cast - the Painter[/i][/B]
Boo - Twoflowers
White - Anoker
OzymandiusJones - Rincewind
silver_blade - Hypatia Descartes.
Ezekiel - Jewell von Pastenfriesch

[B][i]Cast - the Unseen University[/i][/B]
Raiyuu - Curiousity
cancer - Olwe
OrangeJulies - Arrhenius Fnord

[B][i]Cast - Nuetral[/i][/B]
StarrStruck - Violent Jigg[/center]

I look forward to playing with you all. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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