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RPG E/a (m-slv)


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Taking a drink of her coffee, Apherion slid into her desk. Interviews...oh god, she thought to herself as she examined the papers. She sighed, taking another sip of the vanilla cappucino. It was not how she liked to start her day. Yet, she thought, shuffling the folders, we have to accept a couple applicants due to our 'coming out'. What she meant by 'coming out' wasn't that E/A was a support group for those certain people (E/A isn't even closed to the idea), but E/A was finally allowing the world to see this top secret organization. It brought her and ViVian to tears each time they spoke about it, but along with the tears it brought both worry.

"Well," Apherion said, using a french-tipped finger to push down on the intercom to the front desk on the bottom floor, "I'd like to see," she read the folder with the man name on it. "Send Sora Hamagary up to see me, please, RaShell." Apherion barely heard the reply of 'Right away' when the door burst open.

"Hey ViV, have some car trouble?" ViVian laughed, brushing her auburn hair behind her ears.

"Oh yeah, and you wouldn't believe the traffic either."

"I think I can imagine, I've been late a few times because of," both laughed as ViVian took her place beside the bubblegum-haired woman. It was an obvious code both liked to use, and Recon never seemed to mind the fake excuses.

"I thought you...oh wait, never mind, field trip." ViVian nodded, opening the folder of Mr. Sora Hamagary.

"Wow, he doesn't have-" the door opened and both women looked up to see Sora walk in, looking around a bit shifty.

"Sit," both Apherion and ViVian said together, business-like voices set, but smiling.

And thus, the interview began, ranging from questions to 'Are you uncomfortable with images that may be grotesque or inappropriate?' to 'Do you know what the 'E' stands for?' He answered just fine, and when he left, looking a bit pale, Apherion looked at her friend and co-worker.

"Looks [I]and[/I] a brain, I'm impressed. He stays," ViVian said.

"I'm surprised they keep you on at that High School."

"The kids love me!" She replied in mock-outrage.

"Yeah, well, your turn to pick the applicant," Apherion said, shoving the papers under her friend's nose. ViVian, being the professional she is, closed her eyes and poked one with her finger.

"Ok, so we're interviewing Tea Kaze."

"Tea? Wasn't her name longer?" Apherion laughed.

"If you can pronouce that name, I'll give you a thousand out of my paycheck." ViVian laughed and told their receptionist to send her in. All went well with her interview as well. The woman sure did pass the 'attractiveness' proportion of the test (only Apherion and ViVian didn't openly discuss that with her). It was noon by now.

"Shit, lunch, my treat?" Apherion asked her friend.

"Yeah, definately. And Kaleb Twight's getting an interview."

"Yup, there's something about makeup on a man," Apherion laughed, pressing the intercom's button.

"RaShell, tell, Kaleb to come back after lunch and we'll talk to him then. Everyone else can go home. I think we've got our three new members."

OOC: Yeah, long and sorry my friend xXAngelic1ZXx for using your character so much. Forigve me! LOL. Happy posting people.
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After Sora's interveiw, he headed towards home. He had been informed that his interveiweres would him later that night with there ansewer. He still had trouble beleiving how beautiful they were. On his way home he stopped at a drive through for some food. Sora lived alone in his apartment with his alaskain husky named shadow. When he got home Shadow greated him as always. Then the phone rang. Hoping it was the ladies from E/A, he picked up the phone. "Hamagary residence, Sora speaking." Sora said into the phone.
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Lunch was over quickly as Apherion was quite anxious for her and ViV to get back to the 'headquarters' to speak with Kaleb. Then to make the phone calls, and then, maybe, sit back, relax, and ask for the updates that she and ViVian had missed during the interview.

"Maira, how's your department doing?" ViVian asked as they saw the eighteen year-old in the elevator to get to their room.

"Wonderfully, you realize the fashion has been sky-rocketing since we decided to go globel?"

"Yeah, I can," Apherion replied, finishing off the braid that she was putting her pink hair in. "All that hostility to figure out what 'E' is. It's just a letter that could incriminate us if it gets out to the paranoid public."

"Like we're going to start a war. Apherion, quit being such a drag." She laughed at Maira's too true words. "Oh, my stop, see you!" As she departed, ViVian muttered behind her hands to her friend.

"Yeah, but we will end up starting a war if everyone one knows about 'E'."

"Don't be a killjoy, I just like sounding dark...and speaking of dark, we have an eyeliner-wearing man coming into our office." Exactly three second later, both screamed at each other.

"Be good! Jinx!" The two smiled, laughing. Then ViVian replied.

"Oh yeah, behaving is my middle name, but at any rate." Ten minutes later both were settled in their chairs staring unrelenting at the twenty-six year-old in front of them.

"What do you like about our facilities, Mr. Twight?" ViV asked first, once again pushing her long, auburn hair behind her ears.

"Oh...well, it's clean." He said hesitantly, just enough though.

"Really, what can you contribute to our...busniness," Apherion shot at him, folding her hands on the desktop. He watched the movement, and she and ViVian pass a knowing look to each other. He looked her in the eyes and replied,

"I have tons of experience in marketing and I'm not at all disturbed by some of the things you people do here." Apherion grinned while ViVian giggled openly.

"Fair enough, we'll be in touch." And the interview was over once he got up to leave. Both girls watched him with grins on their faces and when the door shut behind him, the two started to laugh hysterically.

"Did you see his face when-?

"And did you notice how uneasy he was?" The two laughed, sharing the 'inside joke'. The main thing that happened after that was at four o'clock when RaShell and DJ started yelling at each other, and with DJ at the other end of the corridor of the reception area, it was pretty vocal.

"Rock, paper, scissors for who phones who?" Apherion asked. ViVian nodded as both went best two out of three. For Sora, the first victor was ViVian with scissors, but she lost the other two to Apherion's 'skillful' (actually luck) reading. Apherion ended up losing the next matches for Tea and Kaleb.

"Damn you, ah well, I'm horrible at that game. Why did we consent as that one to be the game we play to choose who gets to call whom?"

"You already answered it: you suck at that game." Both laughing, Apherion picked up the phone of its reciever and dialed the numbers to Sora Hamagary's place of residence. He answered promptly and she noted how he answered.

"Ah, Sora, I expect you to show up at E/A tomorrow at...let's say 8:30 AM so we can find your [I]true[/I] position. You got the job." His celebrations could be heard slightly in the background.

"Yes, don't forget, 8:30 tomorrow morning." With that she hung up, no good-byes exchanged, that's why she wasn't a receptionist.
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Tea was on her way home she saw in a very fancy car Apherion they looked at each otehr briefly she looked away going up to her apartment she watched as Apherion drove past the next morning she woke up and got a call back from the E/A she smiled and wanted to look nice for her second intereview she understood that appearcnce was imporatant for them she got dressed in a tight fit jacket and a skirt and started back to the buliding seeing Apherion walk in she ran up and waited and she walked in just behinde her
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[color=RoyalBlue][font=Comic Sans MS]After stopping off at her house to change, Valerie entered the E Association building. Her friends had told her about this place and said that she might be able to get a job here since they were looking for applicants.

After speaking to the receptionist in the lobby, Valerie entered the elevator. She was a bit nervous. This was going to be her first job interview. She hoped that she got the job. If not, she could always work at the shopping center that her friend's dad owned. Still, she didn't want to be stuck stocking shelves for the rest of her high school years.

OOC: Sorry about the short post. I wanted you to start the interview, Apherion.
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Sora woke up at 7:00 AM, got prepared, ate breakfast, whole nine yards, left his house at 7:30 AM and, thanks to amazingly good traffic, made it to E/A at 8:00 AM. He was thirty minutes early and he thought that being earlier than expected might help land him a better position in the E/A . He walked to the waiting room, informed the receptionist that he was ready to be seen whenever Apherion and ViVian saw fit. He then sat down in one of the many comfy leather seats, took out a book, and began reading.
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((sorry I wasn't here for the start of the post))

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... I know Pheri- heck I'm already here!" ViVian muttered into her phone while sipping coffee as she parked. "That's right, I'm walking in the back doors, so no- I won't be late. Geeez... so much faith in me." Sticking her tounge out at the phone, ViVian pulled her keycard out of her purse and swiped itnear the doors scanner.
Hearing the locks disengage and the door beep it's way open, She started her way up the back staircase, hoping to avoid the overly eager interviewees ((Lol, thats looks funny! oh-heehee, sorry)) that loved to flock in the lobby.

"So anyways, Miss. Punctual, who are we putting where?" ViVian asked as she rounded the first flight of stairs.
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OOC: Oh yeah, you know. LOL, oh and digiX can you please use periods and paragraphs (i know you can so please do it :catgirl: ) And thanks, Lilt.
"Where are we putting...?" Oh yes, she saw through the moniter Sora standing a little ways off, along with Tea close to the elevator. "Ok, first off, who are you?" She asked to the woman sitting in the chair.

"I'm...Valerie Winchcombe." That's right, Apherion remembered last night phone call. Persistence is always a good factor, just don't call too late at night.

"My apologies, you are fifteen, correct?" And without waiting for an answer, Apherion told to her stand. Looking her down she said,

"I want to see if you look as good as you face." Her eyes looked back at Valerie's. "Ah, no...no stripping involved, yet." Spinning the girl around slowly for a couple of seconds, Apherion stopped her.

"All right, you're in, what say you ViV?" She looked over at her auburn-haired friend, then back at the dark orange-haired Valerie.

"Sounds good to me."

"Then you'll be glad to follow us so we can get positions for you and three others." Smiling at ViVian, who smiled back, all three walked into the elevator. "Oh, ViVian, when are you due back at work?"

OOC: Kinda left it hanging, but I want xXAngelic1ZXx to finish that, cuz she hasn't gotten her feel of the action just yet.
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"I'm not really sure," ViVian replied, pushing the button for the 23rd floor. "George didn't actually say why he needed all staff to come in. All he told me was that I needed to check in at noon for some briefing.... lunatic. I don't know why he is the principal at Everlasting..."

Turning to watch the little numbers above the door light up as the desended. She was eager for their ride to stop. Both her and Apherion had been up the previous night, trying to decide which of the applicants to accept and where to place them. It hadn't really been hard they just didn't make it easy.

"Oh! darn..." She exclaimed. Digging through her purse, ViVian searched for her tiny cellphone. As Always it seemed to fall straight to the bottom so they had traveled 4 floors while she had been getting it. Flipping it open she jabbed at a few numbers and held it to her ear. "Ah! There you are, could you send the two people waiting in your office down to the 8th floor conference room? Yes, that's right," ViVian comfirmed, "Sora and that Tea girl.... I hope she doesn't mind me calling herTea. Ok!Thanks! Yeah, you too. Byee!" Clicking off her phone, ViVi grimanced, "I need a seceratary with less formality. She is driveing me nuts."

Dropping the device back into her bottomless pit, She followed out Apherion and Valerie. Stepping onto the 8th floor was like walking into a magizine.
Everything was derocated with coordinating and warm colors. The entier atmosphere was comforting, down to the smile on the door man's face. Giving him a polite nod, She continued on into a smaller room that was set in blue tones. There were small couches everywhere, so ViVian and Apherion took a seat facing the door.
"Please," ViVian said motioning to another couch, "Take a seat while we wait for the others to arrive."
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Tea arrivied in the room with many couches.
"Um am I suppose to wait here." Tea said meekly ViVian nodded she took a seat on a cushy couch, waiting for the other applicant Sora.
"Tea, Is it alright if I call you Tea" ViVian asked Tea nodded trying to look confident when really she was nerveous out of her mind.
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Sora arrived at the 8th floor and asked the door man where Apherion and ViVian were. after receiving the directions he went to the room where he saw Apherion, Viian, a girl who had been in the waiting room, and someone who he had never seen bofore."Am I late?" Sora asked. Apherion shooked her head slowly."Just on time." She said sminling at him and guestoring for him to take a seat.
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"No, actually we're waiting on Kaleb. ViVian, when did you tell him to meet us here?"

"Same time I told Tea," she said smiling. Whipping out her own phone, Apherion stood and walked away from the crowd around the corner, looking like she was dialing Kaleb's numbers. She was actually texting ViVian.
[FONT=Times New Roman]We r going 2 hv sm prob w/ him if he's l8 again[/FONT] Hitting the OK to send the message, she waited for it to send while talking to herself like she was talking to Kaleb so she wouldn't look suspicious to the others when she got back.
---Kaleb's point of view---
"Damn, damn, damn! I told you idiots that I had to be there [I]at[/I] 8:30, not [I]leave[/I] here at 8:30! Shit," he cursed at his business partners for running the meeting longer than it should have gone. Thankfully, he was already decked out in his outfit for the second meeting with his new 'bosses'.

Fifteen minutes later he came to a screeching halt at E. Association. He looked at a stone mounument outside that had the words declaring, 'If you're going to pursue a dream, make that dream here.' He didn't understand it, but he shook his head and continued inside.

He quickly badgered the receptionist where the other 'call-backs' were and she finally said unpon recognition. He darted to the elevator, the chick's voice fading away, asking for his number. He sniffed, as if I'm going to result to what you do. I know all about letting minors in this place, and most, if not all, are in your 'type' of modeling. Just selling skin, that's all that you do here.
---Apherion's point of view---
"Ah, he'll be arriving shortly," She said, clicking into her seat with her black prada heels (these are very much like stilettos), matching her black tank dress, with her long, pink hair pulled into a bun on top of her head. They sat in silence for a few minutes, Apherion vaguely wondered how tense everyone else was. Valerie definitely would make a lovely addition to the modeling department. Even after several cups of coffee, her and ViVian had been hard pressed to find a place that would suit the other three's talents.

Tea would also be good with the modeling, but I don't know how comfortable she would be. That's the thing that ViVian, Recon, and she tried to do: put people where they are comfortable. ViV and I, being comfortable everywhere, sit in for modeling every now and then, write a couple of chapters for some of the aspiring authors, help muse the artists into drawing. Nadein is the best artist of our generation, Apherion thought, and Maira's making leaps and bounds.

"Ah, so glad you've graced us with your prescence Mr. Twight," Apherion said coolly as the elevator doors opened and he stepped out. Black hair, deep, dark brown eyes, eyeliner... ViVian also stood, motioning the others to do the same.

"We will be taking a tour, just so you can get used to this facility," ViVian started smiling at everyone.

"Yes, and even though you will be put in your 'work area', I implore you to follow us for the entire trip for you do bring paper work and things like that to other offices, mainly ours," Apherion indicated herself and ViVian. ViVian began to walk ahead before she called over her shoulder.
---Kaleb's point of view---
"Step lively, we don't spend too long gawking at certain things, unless they begged to be oggled at." The auburn-haired ViVian laughed and the others began to follow. He was about to as well, but he felt Apherion grab hold on his forearm.

"We don't tolerate those who don't listen so I give you fair warning. Don't let it happen again. We may be under the law, but that doesn't mean we don't have insiders. Listen to instuctions and it'll be a real pleasure working with you." He nodded, but inwardly added, how so? Both caught up with the group in no time, Apherion's shoes clicking on the tile in time with ViVian's, and Kaleb had the distinct impression he had sold his soul to the devils. In his frame of mind he figured that if anyone thought that the devil was one person, they were fools.
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During the Tour Apherion approached Tea, Tea fumbled her portfolio "y-y-es ma'm" she said looking at her.
"We're having a problem placing you" she said quietly.
"Why's that" Tea asked
"Your pretty enogh to be a model but you have to be more confident" she said.
"So we wanted to know what you think" Apherion said.
"umm, er.... oh I know" she said smiling.
"what?" Apherion said.
"I heard you run a motivainal speaking wing I'll take a confidnece class and try modeling and if I feel to uncomphy I'll become a writer like a planned to do" she said smiling
"is that alright?" she said
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"That's perfect, I'm glad you decided it," Apherion said laughing. "It's harder to beat around the bush per say, but I didn't want to come off rude as we like to make sure our workers are comfortable. You and Valerie," the girl looked up and walked over.

"Yes?" She asked gazing softly at her.

"Valerie and Tea, you two will be working together in our modeling agency. If it becomes too much for you Tea, tell me, and I'll get you in with the Writing Block." She smiled genuinely.

"Let keep going, we haven't even made a dent in how many wings we have."
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Continuing down the hall, ViViaqn turned to the left and went down a brightly painted corridor. The walls were gree, but very subtle shades, both lighter and darker, swirled in for the design. The effect caught everyones' attention so she waited a few seconds before opening the door.

"This, as you might guess, is our design network. These geniuses work on everything from the logo that comes out next week to the backgrounds you lay against." Holding open the door for everyone to enter, "Clothing that hangs on the rack? Well they have blessed us with the textiles. Basically, these people are gods here. If their coffee boy want you to bring the whole placce coffee, I'd suggest taking orders."

A man of slight build came up to the group. "Ah! Apherion, ViVi, my darlings... How are you? There is this new print you [I]have[/I] to see. Straight from Dion's mind... It would really compliment your hair, you know Vivi?" Picking up a lock of it, The man ran it through his fingers. "So soft. Give my compliments to Nanita the next time you get it done."

"Don't worry I will," She said as she bent down to hug him. "Ok everyoone, this is Chris- now he is God." laughing at her joke, she was pleased to see a few smiles and a giggle or two. "Don't worry; I'm only half joking. Chris runs the entier design network for his blackberry. He is boss."

Looking around at the bobbling heads, ViVian wanted to sigh. [I]This is going to be one tough group... Especially that Kaleb... I wish eyeliner was everything.[/I]

"Alright, we'll take a tour through here nad then break for lunch."

"This place is that big?" Tea asked, still trying to hide behind her bag.

"Very much so... Intresting too... Don't worry, it will fly by."
So the group followed behind ViVian, Apherion, and Chris.
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"You'd never guess it," Tea said, scrunching her nose lightly. Apherion laughed softly.

"Oh, we're not to the 'good' stuff yet. Keep your eyes open and try not to seperate from the group, you'll lose yourself in there." She's not serious is she? Kaleb silently thought, watching the pink-haired President click with her heels beside the other, clicking in time with her partner. He mentally flipped both of them off.

"All right, what you see here is..." Kaleb was hardly paying attention to the three in front of him to pay mind to what they had to say. He didn't have to learn it, so why bother?

"Oh, Sora," he heard ViVian call out somewhere in the midst of the lecture. She started pointing out things with Apherion's help...and then he caught the drift. One of his possible work places I take it. He was just about to keep going when-

"Kaleb," ViVian's voice rang like crystal through his brain and he looked at her with an apathetic 'what?' look on his face. "You said you were a designer for Ralph Lauren right?" He blinked and remembered the fake application. Oh yeah...right.

"And to the left is where some of our skilled artist and designers sit to create the hot new looks for young people and old people alike." Chris called out.

"This could be one of your work-stations. I know it's a bit busy, but you'll like it," Apherion said, almost too close to his ear... Almost. He nodded vaguely and stared after her and ViVian, watching Valerie, Tea, and Sora follow them like moths to light.

Maybe working here won't be so bad at all, he thought as they all settled down for lunch after going through the maze-like designer floor.

OOC: Lunch is a time for you all to get with your characters and bond with the other characters. Have fun! :animesmil
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