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Sign Up Neo Rome: Return of the Colusiem [M-LVS]


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This rp is reated mature for language, violence and sexual content

[I]Global Peace, something everyone has wanted. But with peace there comes a price...[/I]Now global peace has been attained by a force known as Neo Rome. Out of no where and through stratigic technological usage, they have untied the entire globe in peace and under one union.

People were happy has thiings were equal, compromises were made and everyone got along. Crime and terrorism reahced an unbeviable .01 rate. And even if someone did something wrong, as long as they amened it they were forgiven and allowed to live on with their lives

But that was hundred years age and the founder and previous Emporer has passed away and now a new Emporer has come on the sceen. He calls himself Nero. Rebellions sparked up over the globe due to his rule but were put down instantly. With an increase in the amount of prisoners, Nero has come up with a new option. To bring back the Roman Colusiem. Every day hundreds of people die in brutual fights to live. The sand has become a stained red due to the loss of life in the Colusiem.

The new Colusiem is a work of art, becoming the most exotic and ornate building in the enitre world. It was a popular tourist site as well were the fights. But the inside of the Colusiem among the three levels was were the real fight began. The cells were overcrowed. The living conditions were far from sanitary. The entire place was cold, dark, crapmed, and musty. An entire city was built just for the fighters so during the time they were free they could earn their food or other items.

People were beaten in the streets, sometimes by guards or sometimes by other fighters. Crime was the only way to survive in the Colusiem cellers and many didn't make it

Can you survive it....

This rp is not just on fighting, it has another main twist. To escape the Colusiem and possibly dispose Nero if the option shows itself.


Name: First and Last
Age: 17 and up
Level: one is the best, three is the worst
Reason for being in the Colusiem: Were you part of a rebellion, or were you born in there, ect

More will be described in the Underground
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Guest blooming
Name:violet mizura
Appearance:gothic clothing and she has long black hair down to her knees
Personality:sarcastic alot of times and she can be mean,snappish and rude if someone brings up her family but she is mostly dark,popular and sweet
Reason for being in the Colusiem:she was outside playing with her friends at t he age of 3.They were playing in the street when some rebellions broke loose.There were about 2-3 so the gaurds were called in.After they had caught the guys they grabbed violet by the hands and took her to the colliseum cellers when she was only 3.she was basicly taken from her family and now wants to find her family or its fate.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][B]Name:[/B] Miach Hewitt

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] He has long, brown hair, down to about mid-back length that he keeps in a ponytail. Since he's been taken in, he hasn't been offered a change of clothes, so he still wears the long white coat of the medic. Under that, he has a black, shortsleeved shirt, black pants and black boots. Wears glasses. He managed to keep a small, portable medical kit on his person when he was taken to the Coliseum, so he can take care of some people.

[B]Personality:[/B] Miach tries to help everyone who is hurt in the cells, especially when the guards have their way with the prisoners. He's afraid to be sent to fight because he'd never had any weapon training. He doesn't mind talking to people, but he doesn't talk to alot of the people in the cells just because most of them are killers, but he still takes care of whomever he can.

[B]Level:[/B] Three

[B]Reason for being in the Colusiem:[/B] On his way to treat a patient of his, a rebellion broke out in the street. When guards came to quell it, he got caught in the mass numbers of people that were running. A few diehards tried to attack the guards, succeeding in killing three out of the fifteen there. They were attacked and left for dead. When he thought the guards were gone, Miach went back to help the men and was caught by some sentries. He was thrown in a level three cell because he tried to help the killers and some guards insisted that he helped them murder.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Name: Neko (last name unknown)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: [URL=http://evilinside.by.ru/pics/gothic_anime_girl_2.jpg]neko[/URL]
Personality:Very quiet and shy. She only speaks when she feels it is necessary or when she feels strongly about something
Level: 2
Reason for being in the Colusiem: She was an illegal bounty hunter.
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Name: Emiko Shun
Age: 17
Appearance: shoudler length dark brown hair, and brown eyes. wears a long dark green t-shirt and black skirt.
Personality: Quiet, she doesn't like speaking to a crowd of people.
Level: 2
Reason for being in the Colusiem: Born inside the coliseum?
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Name: Jake Deon

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=sub2.jpg]Jake[/url] (he does not conrtol ice so don't bother with the ice ball

Personality: Cold as ice. He shows almost no emotions whatsoever. He is calculating and sedistic and won't hesistate to use others for hsi own gain


Reason for being locked up: Head of one of the biggest rebellions. At one of Nero's speechs he started a riot and was able to kill three guards. He was stabbed from behind by someone and was left for dead. Afterwards a man in a white medic outfit came over to him and helped him but they were both aprehended by the sentries and thrown into the Colusiem Cellar.
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Name: Shin Sorinte
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: [url]http://photo.sohu.com/60/51/Img214525160.jpg[/url] < Basically this guy, only without a dagger or the cuts.
Personality: A cunning trickster, determined, funny, a little sarcastick, and seems to have a thing for small shiney objects.
Level: level 2
Reason for being in the Colusiem: Imprisoned for stealing diamonds and silver coins.

OOC: yeah...he loves small shiney things.
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[COLOR=Sienna]One question... why would a world leader WANT to name himself after history's fool? Nero seems on odd choice, when you've got names that sound cool, like Tacitus or Vegitius. Anyways...

Name: Harold Petty

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appearance: [img]http://download.minitokyo.net:8001/view/212415.jpg[/img]

Personality: Harold was a fairly nice guy once upon a time, a friendly, average person. But the harshness of the Neo Colusiem (Interesting spelling...), and the loss of his faimily and friends, made him into a fairly cold person. Not necessarily an inhumanly cold person, just not a very nice person.

Level: Level Two

Reason for being in the Colusiem: Harold was caught up in the rebellion. He was wrongly arrested, and thrown into the Coliseum with the others. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Pe Ell (That really is his name.)

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Pe Ell looks a little bit gaunt with pale skin, short brown hair and a rather gangly body. And he really doesn't look all that fantastic, you could really say he looks like an average joe. He's about 5'10" with a slightly lopsided smile, hawk like nose and green eyes that are always filled with confidence.

He wears dark green shirt and black pants, with hard toed boots with a metal stud on the heel, he is also a rather lean size, but still having a threatening feeling about him. He keeps Stiehl in a sheath that is under his pants, only the handle is ever visable, and thats only if he lets you see it.

[B]Personality: [/B]Pe Ell is a very carefree man, not carefree as in no problems in the world. But as in he really doesn't care about a damn thing, he views every life as his and that he is the only one who can take it. Otherwise he isn't emotional at all, he smiles and shows facial expressions of emotions but he doesn't feel them. Its just a show put on for others to think he is really a human, by emotional standards.

He is also very arrogant, believing he is the best and always will be. That he can do everything by himself with only his trusty 12 inch dagger called Stiehl. And he always looks down on people, especially opponents, he never underestimates them but always regards them as nothing more then a waste of space.

[B]Level:[/B] One

[B]Reason for being in the Colusiem:[/B] Pe Ell is in there for one reason, and one reason only. Because he is bored of killing regular people in secret and wants everyone to see that he is the best.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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