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Gaming I can't decide...


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[color=darkblue][size=1]I am having some trouble here...and I want to see what everyone thinks.

My parents want to get me a PlayStation 2 game for Christmas. But the problem is, there are five games which I would really like to get...and I can't choose between them. I'm wondering if you guys could help me choose (especially if you own any of these games and can recommend 'em).

[b]Silent Hill 2[/b]: The first was awesome...and the second is really tempting. It's a hard game, but I like that, because too many games today seem to be too easy...the atmosphere looks great and I really want to feel that atmosphere all over again.

[b]Devil May Cry[/b]: Yet another cool game. I'm a big fan of the Resident Evil series and DMC is designed by the same designer. I love the gothic Castlevania style atmosphere...and the awesome fighting moves. Yet another tough decision...

[b]Twisted Metal Black[/b]: Once again...I loved the first two games in the series (the third and fourth sucked). But TMB is developed by the team who made the first two...and I've heard nothing but awesome things about it. Once again, it appears to have a tough single player game...but I love the challenge and I look forward to the multiplayer aspect.

[b]Wipeout Fusion[/b]: This game isn't yet available over in the USA, but it's out in Europe and Australia. I have Wipeout 3, which I love...and the new one looks amazing. The graphics are superb...and the game runs at an amazing speed. You can even fly upside down against tunnels and stuff in this version...plus it has that great soundtrack.

[b]Jak & Daxter - The Precursor Legacy[/b]: This is perhaps the game which I want the least of all of the above. I only include it because I want to know what people thought of it. It's by Naughty Dog, the people who make the Crash Bandicoot series. I've heard that it is a little generic in terms of gameplay...but I'm interested in the sheer fact that it's apparently quite a large game with lots of different challenges (plus I pretty much only own racing games on PS2 so far...and I wanted an adventure game).

So there you have it. This is my dilemma...all great games, but I just can't choose.

So I'd really appreciate some suggestions. :)[/color][/size]
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Hmm...tough choice...here's my opinions about the ones I've played so far...


Devil May Cry: did get the best rating out of all of the others but the game will last you only around 20 hours since it's fairly short (if you're good at fast paced action). Hyped up and fast paced gameplay will have your heart racing...IMO, it feels like a real 3D version of what MegaManX should be when it hits PS2.

Twisted Metal: Black would also be great since it has huge levels and sweet 60FPS graphics controls are very much the same...it does get repetitive after a while after you unlock all the secret characters, which takes a while...so keep that multitap handy. The videos are always nice to watch also.

Silent Hill 2: This is a game that pretty much kept me looking behind me since I play it in the dark. Realistic shading effects and Konami's own "Surround Sound" coding add to the true horror that James Sunderland will about to face...*gasp* Lengthy, dark, evil, and not making much sense?...sounds like Silent Hill.
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my thoughts....

DMC-I was disappointed with the game, I got the game last friday, and by saturday afternoon I was on level 18, the game has 20 levels, waaaaay too short, but it rocks while it lasts....

SH2-heh, awesome, what else can I say, I would recommend this, but my friend says that where I am is past halfway, which is surprising since I am about 4 hours into the game, I dunno, what do you think rico? I am *SPOILER* hospital turned evil *END SPOILER*

WF-I am a huge fan of the wipeout games, although the 3rd wipeout kind of left a sour taste in my mouth, the 2nd was much better, from what I have seen of the game it looks awesome, but I recommend trying it out before buying it

TWB-on sunday I got the game, I have been playing it ever since :love: heh, so I highly recommend it

when its all said and done, its out of SH2 and TWB which I recommend, if rico says says, the place I am on is halfway through the game, then yes, I recommend TWB, if he says no, and I'm less than half-way, then SH2 be your game....
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[color=orangered][size=1]Agh, such a tough decision.

I'll be going to choose the game tomorrow...and I'm still not sure.

I read the IGN preview of WipeOut Fusion and they said that the controls were "perfect" and that the game had been much improved and was visually awesome...gah.

I personally think I'd be choosing between SH2 and TMB as Seph said...

TMB is great for multiplayer (thus, higher replay value) while SH2 is a very deep single player experience...

*sigh* I just don't know.

Perhaps I can get both eventually lol. I'll see how it goes...[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Squashed Snail [/i]
[B]I'd get the Jak and Daxter game. But that's just me. I'd [i]recommend[/i] the game Twisted Metal Black........ that's a good game too. [/B][/QUOTE]

Once again this conflict comes up, Jak & dexter, a good one player game, but no fun to just pick up and play with your mates, Not even two player :P TMB, a great game to play with your mates and have funa t a party with, but a little tedios one-player on a raininy day. Once you compleate it once, not much else to do.

In my opinion i would say, stick with TMB.
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