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The Mortal Kombat tournament has been a honored tradition that has been around for thousands of years in order to keep the realms in check with each other. But now the OrderRealm has won seven in a row and brough about another change to the tournament. Instead of just one on one now a two person team will fight another team.

This was done in order to bring even more bloodshed and more warriors to the time honored fight to the death. Pairs will fight until both members are dead.

People will be put in a pair with another random character and must fight their way to the end. This is a tournament and you can be beaten but that will not happen until all npcs have been defeated.

[url=http://www.mortalkombatdeception.com/deception.php]Here is the site you can get your character from and Noob and SMoke are two seperate people.[/url]


Name: The character you chose
Realm: What realm they are from

All this is on their bio and makes it easier for me to divide people up.

My Profile

Name: Sub-Zero
Realm: Earthrealm
Alingment: Good
Allies: None
Foes: Noob, Smoke, Hotaru and Scorpion

The reason it has none is because on raidens and smokes it does not have him listed as an ally, on Noob/Somoke's he is a foe, frost does not have a role in this so I left her out
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