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RPG Knights of the Old Republic III: Masters of the Force [PG]


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[SIZE=1]The duelling arena of Ord Mantell was, as usual, filled to the brim with those who couldn?t wait to sate their appetite for death and gore. Unlike Taris that came before it, Ord Mantell?s arena had not such limitations on it, death matches were frequent and highly desired exhibitions, while their more tame versions where energy suppressors were active tended to prove more popular with children and adults who did not have the stomach to watch a real fight. Sitting by the edge of the arena with his young female companion, Balthazar waited for the next match to begin, participating was a man who might prove very useful to him in the coming days. He watched as his young aide turned her head slightly as the previous death match came to a grizzly end, Cisa for all her combat training still never had grown to accept death as a constant companion, and for Balthazar, and old friend.

?[b]Admiral, I never understand why you picked up a taste for such... uncivilised spectacles.[/b]?

He laughed, not at her personally, but at the very concept he wouldn?t enjoy a pair of warriors pitting themselves and everything they had, their life included, to prove their superiority. Maybe it was the fact she hadn?t fought in the Mandalorian wars as well as the Second Sith War, to many the Sith War had been a effort to exterminate the traitors, those who had once been friends and comrades but had betrayed everything that had been sacrificed against the Mandalorians. Had she actually fought against Mandalore?s legions she might understand better, when the fights had been even, when he had respected his enemy for his skills, never holding a grudge for having been beaten, it was war and the better warrior always deserved the win.

Cisa appeared as though she was going to speak again, but he raised his hand to silence her, the next match was starting, the man who they had come to find would soon appear.

?[b]Ladies and Gentlemen, you?ve waited for it, you?ve begged and pleaded for it... WELL HERE HE IS. I PRESENT TO YOU THE GREATEST VIBRO-DUELIST WE HAVE EVER SEEN ON ORD MANTELL, I PRESENT TO YOU, KRATOS THE KILLER. Now what duellist would be fool-hardy enough to challenge Kratos, to try and wrest his title away from him, ladies and gentlemen, you know him, you?ve seen him climb through the ranks like a shooting star, step forward GILHAD THE GLADIATOR. LET THE FIGHT BEGIN.[/b]"

The pair took opposite sides on the Arena floor, Kratos looked unconcerned by his challenger, despite the fact that the Iridonian at over two meters looked as if he could tear the head off a full-grown Krayt Dragon. He carried a single blade, composed of what looked like Mandalorian Iron, a crude name given the substance was most certainly not composed of the element iron. Gilhad was the first to make a move, charging directly toward his opponent as had become his signature style. He came closer and closer, the tension grew and voices roared higher, three meters... two meters... one meter... his blade struck down like a meteor threatening to cut Kratos in half. But the blade never landed against it?s target, first Gilhad fell to the ground as both his legs were cut from underneath him, leaving him to bellow angrily while trying to strike his target, then Kratos slid his blades easily along Gilhad?s exposed spine before jamming them down just below the neck. Gilhad roared no more, and the match was over.

In the following minutes the noise was deafening, partially from roars of Gilhad?s fans who felt they had been somehow cheated, others from fans of Kratos who had watched their hero cut down his latest opponent, and others still who held no interest in this match but were just excited by the death sport. Balthazar left his seat along with Cisa to head towards the duellist?s anteroom, standing as though guarding the door was a Nagai, pale and sickly looking like the rest of his race, he still bore a menacing smile. As Balthazar moved towards the door, his hand shot up.

?[b]Where do you think you?re going ?![/b]?

?[b]I wish to speak to Kratos.[/b]?

?[b]That?s a laugh, hit the pavement buddy, unless you want to get cut up right here, right now.[/b]?

?[b]You want to die that badly ?[/b]?

Balthazar?s tone was even, dead even, there was not a trace of emotion, he simply snapped his fingers for Cisa to hand him his vibro-foil. The Nagai seemed taken aback, usually noblemen who wanted to speak to duellists wanted to hire them as bodyguards for prestige reasons, often they could barely even hold a weapon correctly, but Balthazar held the weapon with the confidence of a man who could kill without a single blow. Coughing, the Nagai stepped aside, eying Cisa as she moved passed after Balthazar.

?[b]Visitors, I so rarely have them. Please sit down... Lord Balthazar, you do me honour by coming to speak with me.[/b]?

Kratos had proven himself the charismatic man Balthazar had heard him to be, he stood in a nearby doorway, partially robed as though he were only after cleaning himself from the match, or was about to.

?[b]My apologies for coming in upon you like this Kratos, it is simply rather difficult to get a hold of you outside the ring.[/b]?

?[b]No apologies are necessary from someone of your stature my lord, had you wished to see me you need only have asked.[/b]?

?[b]Thank you, now as you might imagine I have come to offer you a job working for me.[/b]?

?[b]Directly to the point I see, with due respect, why would I be interested in working for you ? I have all I need right here, fame, money, women.[/b]?

?[b]Yes you have, but never a challenge, Gilhad was perhaps the best chance of a challenger you?ve had in months and the ease with which you killed him if beginning to affect fans. Some say you?re too good to be beaten and they?re starting to lose interest. With me, I can guarantee you opponents who will most certainly challenge you?re distinct skills.[/b]?

Kratos merely looked at Balthazar, the same look Balthazar was giving him, a dead contemplative stare. Slowly he nodded his head in acceptance before extending his head to ask his employer to lead the way. A time later the three entered Balthazar?s immense home, leading the party forward Balthazar opened the large doors to his reception room. Seated at various points of the vast centre were many different people belonging to many different species. Taking his place at the head of the table and gesturing for Kratos to take the spot just down from his, Balthazar began to speak.

?[b]Gentlemen, and lady. As you are all aware I have invited you here to my home to buy your services, exactly what I will have you do will not be revealed just yet, however I do feel it necessary for the people working for me to get to know one another. So for the next few days you will spend your time here, rooms have been prepared for you and you are free to visit all but the restricted rooms, those being my library, my study and my own room. The kitchens, medical room and gym are available at all times, day or night so if you wish to make use of them please do. Now I must take my leave of you, it has been a long day and I?m rather tired. Good night.[/b]"

Moving down through the expansive corridors towards his own chambers, Cisa made an effort to voice her concerns.

?[b]Are you sure this is wise ?[/b]?

?[b]We shall see, won?t we ?[/b]?


Alright, the Underground thread is already up and with it the accepted list to the RPG. All characters except Kratos can go over how they were approached and their thoughts about working for Balthazar now, please keep in mind that entering any of the restricted rooms will result in your death at either the hands of Balthazar?s guards or Balthazar himself.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Sienna]The bar was crowded, smokey, and dimly lit. A band - J'ziz E'bib, as their banner stated - played horribly out of tune music from a stage in the back. Conversations in countless different langauges blended together with the music to produce a very curious, opressive sound that could be found in most bars in the days after the Jedi Civil War.

Jeth was sitting at the bar with a glass of juma juice in hand, enjoying the atmosphere, and enduring the stares he always got for his controversial choice of armour. Even before the Mandalorian Wars, people didn't like doing buisness with Mandalorians. Still, Jeth was not going to hide who he was, and wore his armour with pride.

He had come to this wallowing cesspit with a delivery of spice from a Hutt on Nar Shadda. The delivery was destined for another Hutt, and Jeth was supposed to meet one of his lackies here. As usual with these sorts of deliveries, the man was late. Jeth hated waiting.
"Jeth Ordo?"[/B] A femal voice distinguished itself from the rest of the crowd, coming from the stool to his left. Jeth took a long swig from his glass of juma juice before responding.

[B]"You're late." [/B]Jeth said. She was a young human woman, who seemed like a well distinguished individual of much higher stature than the scum who frequented this place. She also didn't look like the kind of person who was usually employed by a Hutt.

[B]"My master does not work on your time table, Mandalorian."[/B] She said the final word with a certain distaste Jeth had come to expect from people, and with the arrogance of a noble, or at least someone working for one.
"Look, I just want to get this deal over with. The spice is back in my ship, ready to be delivered upon payment."[/B] Jeth said with another swig of juma juice, letting out a satisfied sigh.
"That won't be necessary. The spice delivery was just a ruse." [/B]
"You lured me here? Why? Do I owe your master some credits? Was there a bounty placed on my head when I wasn't paying attention?" [/B]
"Nothing so crude." [/B]She said, as if the suggestions had genuinley offended her. [B]"My master is in need of your... services."[/B] Jeth was genuinley interested; he detested mercenary work, but it was far better than work as a delivery boy for some overweight Hutt.
"What kind of payment are we talking about?"[/B] Jeth inquired.
"Credits, and any plunder you find while under the employment of my master. And the chance to work for a respected war veteran, not a Hutt or some crime boss." [/B]
"You've got a deal, than. Who's my new employer?"
"You'll see soon enough."[/B][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange][B][apologies on the lateness Gavin, I was having a hard time thinking of what to write.][/B][/COLOR]

[B]?The Ultima Pearl?how on Ord Mantell did you locate this??[/B] Jalin watched the people go about their day in the busy streets below; she never gave away trade secrets.

[B]?That?s for me to know?? [/B] She looked up from her day dreaming. Her hirer was still intently gazing upon the rather large pearl. She had gone to particular lengths to acquire it but she had never before given up on a hard to obtain item. The office she stood in was rather lavishly decorated. Typical rich businessman, Jalin had never liked them; she just enjoyed taking their credits. She had been hired by this man before, his name was Cratius Hasun, a human, and he mostly commissioned her to find Jedi artifacts. She disliked his appearance, he always 'stunk' of strong cologne, Hasun always persisted in wearing the most expensive robes his money could buy.

Jalin walked over to Hasun and sat down in a rather expensive chair in front of his large desk, she was eager to receive her payment, a new scope would be a rather nice addition to her blaster pistol or even an updated grip on her vibrosword?her day dreaming was yet again interrupted. One of Hasun?s mans many protocol droids walked into the room interrupting their exchange. It wasn?t surprising to Jalin that the droid was programmed with a female voice, she had never seen this droid before, it must have been a new addition to the staff.

[B]?Excuse me master??[/B] the droid waited patiently for Hasun to notice its presence before talking further.

[B]?Yes?? [/B] was all he answered with, Jalin ignored their exchange she was busy finalizing their agreement.

[B]?Master, a group of men are requesting your presence in the foyer, they say its urgent sir.?[/B] Hasun sighed and stood from behind his desk, he turned to Jalin smiling at her as he spoke, she always thought him a creep.

[B]?The transfer of credits is finalized, I will contact you through the regular means at a later date if any more artifacts whereabouts become known, now if you will excuse me.? [/B] with those words Hasun and his lackeys left the room, the protocol droid exited after them leaving Jalin alone. She looked at Hasun?s desk; the pearl was sitting there in an elaborate stand, she didn?t see 10000 credits worth of value in it? the first blaster shot came from foyer followed by a few small explosions and more sustained blaster and pistol fire.

Jalin immediately jumped behind Hasun?s desk and checked the cameras, camera 1 in the foyer was out but the others were working, her fingers flew across the keypad. Next to check was the north hall camera, what Jalin saw she didn?t like one little bit.

[B]?Great, someone?s trying to steal my prize??[/B] this wasn?t the first time that Jalin had had other smugglers try and steal her finds, one of her best and most trusted friends had died on one such occasion. If they are paid enough, others like her would do anything to get their hands on a rare Jedi artifact, [B][I]?Not today?[/I][/B] she thought. Jalin waited until the right moment before activating Hasun?s security systems, the south hall camera showed the thieves running down the hall way, not long after a plume of green gas shot up from the center of the hall enveloping the thieves and incapacitating them.

Jalin smiled to herself as she grabbed the pearl, donned a breathing mask and exited Hasun?s building without so much as another blink. 10000 credits richer and still in possession of the pearl, no doubt someone else was willing to pay much more for it than Hasun did.


Jalin made her way towards the local cantina, after the days events she needed a good drink and she wanted to celebrate. A female voice stopped her from entering just as she was about to walk though the doors.

[B]?Excuse me, Miss Talis??[/B] Jalin turned and nodded she despised it when people called her ?Miss Talis?. The woman was young and beautiful; but she had a strange look about her, well to Jalin anyway.

[B]?Your presence is requested by my master, he has reason to believe that you are in possession of a valuable artifact.?[/B] She talked mater of fact, like she knew that Jalin had something of value and the matter wasn?t open to discussion.

[B]?What if am in possession of a valuable artifact??[/B] Jalin raised a questioning eye brow.

[B]?Then he is requesting your presence at his estate, he wishes to negotiate on a price.? [/B] Jalin thought on the prospect, if this ?master? was willing to pay more than Hasun did then she was all for it, of course she did have strong reservations about going to some strangers estate, at least she has dealt with Hasun before.
[B]?I do assure you that my master is genuine in his request, he will pay handsomely.? [/B] Jalin let go of a sigh, she was looking forward to that drink?

[B]?Who exactly is your master? I?m not going anywhere until you tell me, matter of fact.? [/B] Jalin could tell by her facial expressions that the woman was very reluctant to say anything.

[B]?Very well... his name is Balthazar Amidala; I believe that you have heard of him?? [/B] Jalin nodded there were little who hadn?t heard of him. Jalin was a little surprised that a man of his stature was asking to see her though the artifact that she possessed justified this. She had strong doubts about following this woman to Amidala?s estate; it wasn?t that Jalin was scared of the man, well maybe? a little; it was more the fact that she was entering unknown territory. [B][I]?This should be interesting?[/I][/B], she thought.

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The Crimson Axe slowly landed on a docking platform on Ord Mantell. Inside the ship Trig Sentaris and his assault droid TK-01, a slightly beat up frame. "Master, we have safely landed in the Ord Mantell docks." Trig let go of the helm of the ship, "Finally, we haven't breathed fresh air in weeks." said Trig. As he and the droid exited the cockpit his crew was sitting at the table that was in the corner of the center of the ship. "Well guys..." Trig started to say," lets have some fun while we are here." The crews faces lit up. "All of you go to the local cantina and I will go sell the loot we got from our last plunders." The crew fastly exited the ship and head towards the cantina. "TK you stay here and watch the ship. If ANYONE beside the crew sets foot on the Axe... Blast them." said Trig in a calm way. "Yes Master" replied TK-01.

Trig headed for the rough part of town where all of the thugs and gangs hid out. As he was walking down the street a couple of thugs surrounded Trig. "Hey, that is a nice blaster you got there..." one of the thugs said pointing towards Trig's Disrupter Rifle. "Listen... if you don't want to lose your life I suggest you leave me alone." said Trig. The thug laughed and charged Trig with a Carbon pipe. Trig quickly drew his Vibroblade and sliced the Thug's hand off. The others ran away but the handless thug just kneeled before Trig. "Listen... You have to go to the Med Station around here before you bleed to death. "I don't have the money to..." Trig threw down a pile of credits. "Go to the Med station and for Goodness sake clean up your act that way this will never happen again." The Thug thanked Trig and ran off. Trig walked on.

Finally, he reached a slummy shop. A weedo was flapping his tiny wings. "Hey!" said the Weedo, "Find what you are looking for and get out." "Hey... Is that anyway to talk to a potential suppler." said Trig in a sly voice. The Weedo's demener quickly changed, "Oh, you are alway welcome here lets see what you go for me." Trig handed a Weedo a list of the things he Acquired from the Sith Freighter he plundered. " Hmmm. A lot of sith weaponry... May I ask about the way you got such Items?" Trig smiled and sly smile, "No. That would be bad for my occupation. But, if you don't ask about this I won't ask about how you got the rest of this stuff." The Weedo laughed hard. "You have guts...Ok i will buy for 15000 credits." Trigs eyes widened. "Are you crazy!? These are at least 30000 Creds." said Trig in a outraged tone. The Weedo looked intensely at Trig. "25000" said Weedo. "Are you deft I said 30000!" The Weedo sighed and after another few minutes of haggling finally gave up. "Thank You for your business." said Trig with a hand full of Credits. "Yeah...Yeah..." said the Weedo. Trig walked out and headed for the cantina.

As Trig walked into the Cantina he was greeted by his crew. "Hey Trig, How much did you get?" asked the technician. Trig whipped out the crews share of the credits. "Here you guys go 7500 each." The crew was apparently happy because they knew the equiptment was only worth 10000 to any smart buyer. "Yeah I had a deal with a Weedo they aren't that smart," Trig and the others laughed. Then a young man came up behind Trig and the crew. "I heard you are intrested in the Freighters that are docked here. I just happen to have something on a certin freighter that needs... to be liberated. You will be paid on the delivery of the Item and you may have any spoils that you may find." Trig was vaguely interested no one had ever approched him as a employeer. "What Item needs to be taken?"
The man replied, "Something called a Quixani Crystal. See I collect old jedi artifacts and the Quixani Crystal is one of the rarest focusing crystals for a Lightsaber. If you get this for me i will pay 60000 credits. The crew looked shocked 60k for such a small piece of rock. "I will think about it." said Trig and a few seconds later, " We will do it." The Man's face had a large smile on it as gave the name of the freighter the "Quicksilver". Then the man walks out of the cantina. "We will rest for awhile. We will head out in 3 hours get want you need and meet back at the Axe."
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen](Thanks to Gavin for letting me join so late.)

The blackened droid stood in the shadows of the arena, one yellow glowing eye being the only indicator that there was something there. Regardless of the eerie glow, patrons continued to wander around and speak openly in the shadows, convinced that nothing lurked there. A morbidly obese twi?lek man stopped in front of the alcove HK-50 had been occupying. Shortly after, a rough-looking human stopped beside the twi?lek.

[B]?How?s business tonight??[/B] The human had something attached to his belt. Lightsaber? ::PROTECT JEDI:: HK-50?s programming was telling him clearly that he needed to protect this man. The twi?lek, after much coughing and strange gurgling, made a reply.

[B]?Business is slow. Course, it?s been slower than usual for the past month. Since you?re security, could you do me a favor??

?Yeah, anything boss.?

?I think there?s something going on tonight. I just saw a guy hassling Jorek to go into the anteroom. He?s probably just a rich guy who wants to show off his money with some star protection, but who knows? Just keep an eye open for anything funny, will you??

?Who?s Jorek? The nagai? Oh??[/B]

The human rubbed his scraggly beard his a calloused hand. HK-50 had state of the art night vision, as all druid of his extravagant quality had. ::PROTECT JEDI:: No, this was not Jedi. This was security. It was a bludgeoning weapon. This organic had attempted to fool him, no doubt. The organic had to pay. After the obese twi?lek had left, HK-50 went to work. He noticed, using his excellent night vision, that there was a panel next to him that would give access to electricity.

His mind went to work. Electricity would alert the other organics to the possibility of a well-crafted assassin in the building. Of course, he could break the organic. It had been a long time fantasy of his. The wet tears and pops organics made while being dismantled had always been rather fascinating. In fact, the entire concept of a being made almost entirely out of water, but still able to exist vertically had always made him curious. He had a blaster in his chassis somewhere, as well as a grenade. He could use those. No, too much noise.

Breaking the human would have to do. His behavior core whirred with anticipation. His good eye was probably glowing a little brighter than usual too. Using careful steps, he moved outside of his protective alcove. He cautiously moved closer to the scraggly organic and raised his hands. The organic spoke.

[B]?Cheraza, you paranoid bastard. That guy?s gone now. Besides, I got better things to do that watch some nerf-lickin who acts like a damned Jedi?? [/B] His systems suddenly went alert. Had the human heard him? Well, judging from the amount of sound he used to make such words and his tone, HK-50 was reminded that humans sometimes speak only to themselves, as though they do not entirely understand their own thoughts. Of course, if they do not understand their own thoughts, how could they think them? Organics were very paradoxical. He continued, putting one foot before the other until he was right behind the human. His behavior core glowed and nearly shivered with excitement.

In one swift move, he shot out, using his right hand to cover the organic?s mouth. He used his left to make a neat incision in the organic?s lower back. He shoved his left hand into the whole, grabbed something hard (the organic?s nervous system bundle) and yanked, making strange pops and cracks. The organic made wet throaty noises into his right hand, until eventually it stopped making noises altogether.

[B]?Proud statement: Pitiful organic. How easy it was for me to break you. Though I do wish you had squirmed more. It would have made the experience that much more memorable.? [/B] ::PROTECT JEDI:: There was a Jedi in the building. Attempting to get to the pit-fighter?s anteroom? Yes, he would find and guard the Jedi better than any organic pile of slop could ever dream. HK-50 reached down and gabbed the guard?s weapon: a bludgeoning object. So primitive. No wonder he was able to break the organic.

HK-50 walked calmly towards the arena, stopping to watch as a spray of gore hit the force field and sizzled, reminding him or a gran he once knew. He continued toward the nagai, walking fluidly. Fluid motions were also something he prided himself on, though the coating of some of his wires had melted together in the crash, making his slightly less than he?d wished. He approached the nagai.

[B]?Lemme guess. You represent somebody of high importance and wish to talk to the various duelists? About right? Yeah, I thought so, piss off.? [/B] He gave a dismissive hand gesture that turned into an obscene one when the druid refused to budge.

[B]?Veiled threat: Who must I disembowel to be able to move about without questions?? [/B] The nagai?s face suddenly displayed an emotion known as shock and he put his hand on the end of his bludgeon. HK-50 raised his hands, still decorated with the human?s innards. The nagai went paler than usual and made a sweeping gesture to represent acceptance. Taking this opportunity, HK-50 walked past the nagai and followed the path that led to the guards? barracks. He had to eliminate a witness?one who would no doubt tell others. There were two more scraggly human organics here.

[B]?Condescending remark: I do believe Jorak needs to be relieved of duty. He looks rather sick.? [/B] The humans, after giving the assassin droid a strange look, left the room. Shortly after, Jorak appeared. His eyes went wide as he looked upon the face of HK-50. He drew his bludgeon and HK-47 grabbed his hand, bringing it down on the nagai?s head. He drew satisfaction from the odd cacophony of noises.

After wiping his hands on the nagai?s shirt, he made his way towards the anteroom. His eye met that of a young organic woman. She merely said [B]? You must be one of them, you look rough enough. Come with me.? [/B] HK-50?s behavior core whirred.

[B]?Query: You are my master??

?Yes, I suppose. But you will have to obey MY master.?[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]"[B][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Alright TK, we are off watch the ship while we are gone. If anyone that you dont know even touches the ship... Viporize them." [/B] said Trig as he lowered the landing ramp. And in a robotic tone of voice, "[B]Yes, Sir. Any organic lifeforms that come within 150 feet of the ship shall be concidered as hostile. Now engaging Patrol Mode." [/B] The Droid marched in to the main corridor. [B]"Hey, Drav?" [/B] asked Trig. [B]"Yeah Trig I have the tools right here." [/B] replied Drav without Trig haveing to say anymore. [B]"Good, Before we do anything on that ship we need to cut the power. That way they can not take off. So here is the plan Drav and you," [/B] talking to the bulky human and Drav", [B]head for the Hyperdrive and disable it while we,"[/B] refering to himself and the Mandalorian in his assalt armor standing beside him,"[B] will sweep the ship. If my source was correct it should just be a simple snacth a grab so we will have to work fast. Got it?"[/B] The others nodded and exited the Crimson Axe's hanger.

As they arrived at the door of the target ship the Quick Silver Trig put on his Helmet which looked like a sith soldier helmet. "[B]Ok Drav open the door.[/B]" said Trig loading a ammo clip into his Disrupter Rifle. The Mandalorian who already loaded up his two heavy pistols checked his short vibroblade for dullness. "[B]Hey, Bin you probably won't need that on this run. It shouldn't be that difficult.[/B]" said the human of the crew. "[B]Well, lets see if you say that when we are facing down more then 7 oppenents. I just like to be... cautious... plus i just put on a energy dampener in the hilt and up througth the blade... i should be able to deflect blaster shot with this baby now."[/B] replied Bin. And so was the banter that was before each job and Trig smileing behind the darkly tented visor of his helm. as to not set any distiguishing features. "[B]I almost have it..." [/B] said Drav, as a sudden silence went out. When the door opened all four quickly move towards the ship as a squad should. They got to the exit ramp of the ship and waited for Drav open it as well. When the ramp lower Trig and Bin moved to the cargo hold and Drav and Mou(The Human) headed towards the Hyperdrive. As Trig and Bin enter the cargo hold they saw something puzzleing it seemed that the hold was empty. "[B]Maybe it is in the quarters?"[/B] just as he said this a crew member wandered into the cargo hold. "[B]There are Intruders abo..." [/B] before he could end his sentence Trig shot a blaster shot into his chest. [B]"Ah. How i love the way you operate." [/B] said Bin in a upbeat way. "[B]Let's search the ship the crystal has to be here somewhere." [/B] said Trig. They quickly exited the hold as two more crew at the end of the corrador open fire upon Trig and Bin. Just as this happened Drav and Mou disabled the hyperdrive which turned off the normal lighting and turned on the emergency light which were red. "[B]Just in time, Bin you take the one on the right and i will take the other."[/B] commanded Trig. Bin drew his Vibroblade and charged the left crew member blocking several blaster shots and finally hitting the guy in the face with the flat side of the sword. [B]"This guy isn't worthy to bloody my blade[/B]." said Bin. The other crew member not noticing his buddy knock out concentrated fire on Trig whose armor was repelling each blaster shot and finally rushed at Trig in a fear induced rage with his vibroblade. "[B]Fool..." [/B] said Trig grabing the blade and twisting it out of the other guys hand. The man fell and crawled away and cowered in the corner. "[B]Boss... You have a amazing effect on people how did you come across that armor anyway?" [/B] asked Bin. Trig looked at Bin and Bin took silent and followed Trig to the main quarters.

When they enter the quarter they only saw one bed and a couple of containers along with a box on the bed. "[B]That must be it[/B]" said Bin walking to the bed. Trig processed the layout of the room as if he were a droid and recognize such a ploy. [B]"It appears we have company Bin don't touch the box. Who ever you are you may come out now."[/B] said Trig in a calm voice. A female human with brownish hair, purplish eyes and a dark robe appeared as if cloaked in front of Trig. [B]"You are indeed proficant in the ways of deception..."[/B] said the woman. [B]"No... I simplely recognized the simple trap laid by a simple person. The Quixoni crystal will be taken from this ship and you woman will not stop us." [/B] said Trig as he stepped forward. As he did the woman took a object from her waist and projected the red blade of light in front of Trig. Bin jump and was fixing to strike down the woman when Trig motioned for him to stop. [B]"I will take care of this..." [/B] said Trig as he drew his Golden,silver two toned Vibroblade and struck the Lightsaber away.

"[B]Your vibroblade... is impressive to stand against a lightsaber with the Quixoni crystal installed." [/B] said the Woman. "[B]This is my Vibrosword... able to slice throught durasteel..."[/B] Trig said with a prideful tone. The woman thrusted her saber at Trig who parryed quickly with a thrust of his own. "[B]Damn... You are quick!" [/B] exclaimed the woman. She repeatedly attacked Trig with thursts parrys of parrys and slashes somehow never getting through. Then Trig cut off the top of the saber with one cut making the crystal fall to the floor and so does the woman.

Then, then hits the floor in anger and points a crumpled hand at Trig lifting him up. "I can not be defeated by you!" screamed the woman closing her hand. [B]"Ah! Damn, you wench!" [/B] said Trig yelling in pain from the Force Crush that was being used on him. Bin tried to stop this but he was force pushed away. Trig somehow able to lift his blaster shot a blaster shot into her shoulder, this barely phased her. Trig's armor was starting to warp from the pressure placed upon it. His visor cracked and a piece of glass fell from his head. The woman let loose a horrible smile, [B]"Let it go you can't esape the power of the Force!" [/B] said the woman in a terrifying tone. Trig's armor was on the virge of caving he was trying as hard as he could to escape. "[B]The force flows through all things... you Sith know nothing of what the force can do...[/B]" said Trig as he bent his head.

And all of a sudden he started to break the hold able to move his arm. "[B]No how can you..." [/B] Trig lifted up his blaster again and fire a shot into her shoulder in the same spot this time she droped the hold. [B]"I remembered... the techneques that were taught during my stay in the Sith Base on Taris... it was called Force Resistance... all of the new recruits were taught this one force power... in able to kill Jedi... to break there spirit against the Sith... to make them turn[/B]." Then he walked over to the woman who was now kneeling in submission. Trig bent down to her level and started talking to her.

[B]"So you aren't a master are you[/B]?" The woman remained quiet. Trig picked up the small crystal. [B]"When your master finds that you have failed to protect such a priceless thing he or she will kill you such is the way of the Sith.[/B].." The woman looked up. "[B]So i am giving you a choice... stay here and die or... join my crew... You are a smart woman your trap was near seemless. And your way in the force is quite strong. It would be a waste to let such talent go."[/B] Bin was not as surprised as the woman was he has been with Trig for the longest he knew that Trig knew all the strategies that could be learned and he was using one right now.[B] "Say?" [/B] asked Trig starting to get up and turned to walk away. The woman looked in to Trig's eye that was showing through the broken visor and rose and walked over to Trig and stared into the dark visor and suddenly kneeled in front of him, [B]"You are my master now..."[/B] Trig motioned for Bin to come and he gave Bin the crystal and Bin left the quarters. "[B]You know now... you are now a rouge sith... and they will possibly track you down with us in the middle..." [/B] said Trig in a sly tone.

[B]"Master, I will strike down anyone that would threaten you." [/B] replied the woman. "[B]I am glad to hear that but I have something to keep them from your mind it is back on my ship." [/B] said Trig exiting the room with the woman close behind.

Back at the ship Bin asked TK if anyone got close to the ship. [B]"Only 1 organic trustpassed... it was only a Gizka. A small toad creature[/B]." Bin replied, [B]"Gizka crap... it was only one right?"[/B] The TK wirled in a postive tone. All of the crew was in the main chamber of the ship when Trig walked in with the woman. "[B]Who's this Trig?"[/B] asked Drav. "[B]This is the Sith that attacked us on the QuickSilver. She has decided that we are more worthy then the Sith." [/B] Drav smiled knowing Trig had a hand in that. "[B]And your name is?" [/B] asked Drav. The woman replied,[B] " I am Reia Marius." [/B] Trig then gave here a set of neural inhibiters, "[B]Wear these. You will be able to use your force power and your masters will not be able to track you."[/B] She took them and placed them on her head. "[B]Congratulations Reia, you are now a member of the Crimson Axe."[/B]


OCC- Those who are confused on how Trig knows how to use a force power. He was trained during the Jedi Civil War which hundreds of Jedi ether turned or was killed. Trig was trained to resist the Force. And since he wasn't a jedi Trig took awhile to summon the strength to use it[/COLOR].[/FONT]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]HK-50 followed the young woman. His behavioral core kept flashing, telling him his primary objective. It never felt right, but he had no reason as to why it would be wrong. ::DESTROY MASTER:: His programming was beginning to irritate him. It had no view on patience. The young organic leading him would die by his hands...but not now. He entered a room with a large table. Two human organics were talking. Then one of them left. The other one looked larger than most. It was superior to most organics, but was still an organic, and therefore inferior one such as him.

Most druids were inferior to HK-50 also. He had new fluid movements, a more advanced behavioral core, infallible programming, and a frag grenade in somewhere in his chassis. ::DESTROY MASTER:: Yes, in time he would. For now observation would have to suffice. Did master deserve an outright death or a thrilling death? HK-50 pulled up list of deaths that would thrill him.

1. Blunt trauma caused by a long freefall
2. Releasing the oxygen-enriching fluids from the organic?s body
3. Shoving various pointy implements through the organic?s torso
4. Having the organic break down due to extreme temperature and/or flames

Master was surely worthy of one of these. [B]?Alright droid,? [/B] the female human master said, [B]?these are the facilities you can use. We have a kitchen, a medical bay, and a gym. Use only those areas though.?[/B]
Having processed all of that information is a split-second, HK-50 looked at the large human. Though it might be fun to break, he had a feeling that this one is not for breaking. In fact, breaking this one might cause him to cease to be. His head followed the young organic master as she left the room. ::DESTROY MASTER:: She went into a forbidden room. Which is more important, to follow the host?s rules or to complete the objective? Maybe, like so many masters before him, he could set a trap for this new master.

The droid wandered through the gym. Not that he was admiring the equipment there. Droids don?t need to attempt to build muscles and to do so would not benefit them at all. Mostly, he was looking for an improvised weapon. HK-50 seemed to like improvised weapons. They made him feel more cunning. Like he bested them without being outright superior, only mostly superior. [B]?Observation: Sub-standard equipment. Nothing of use for master whatsoever.?[/B]

He wandered through the kitchen, checking drawers. Various pointy implements: a requirement for thrilling death number three. A cooking unit: a requirement for thrilling death number 4. A knife: just nice to have along in case of emergencies. Wrapping it in a thick towel (which he had ripped apart for the occasion), he hid the knife in his chassis between the grenade and the blaster. He had never used the blaster. But it was another of those things that is best possessed and maintained in case of an emergency.

HK-50 went into the medical bay. A droid hovered there, waiting for sick or injured people to be taken in. An idea ran through the droid?s mind. He ran, fluidly as one could with inferior wires, back to the kitchen. He opened the chilling unit. He looked at all of the food, searching. There! He grabbed a slab of nerf meat. It was processed, but it would do the trick. He ran back to the medical lab. Using a microscope, he confirmed it: this meat was old?very old. He went back to the kitchen and made a delicacy one of his master?s had requested once. Instead of inserting a mine in the organic slop, he made the uncooked nerf the main course.

Master ::DESTROY MASTER:: would partake in this rubbish and get attacked internally by a bacteria. She would go to the medical bay and the droid there would be entitled to treat her. Droids can be easily reprogrammed though. It can all look like an accident. HK-50?s sudden bout of brilliance made his behavioral core sing with anticipation and he could swear his left eye blinked on for a split-second.

After giving the entrée to a protocol droid, HK-50 went to the medical lab to fix the medical droid?[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Purple]"Where did you learn that technique?" asked Reia later that day she joined the crew. "When I was training on Taris... the world the Sith Lord Malik bombarded in to oblivion... We were taught to use a bit of the force that flows through us by using this we could resist the mind tricks of the Jedi and if we became strong enough it would sheild us from other more powerful force attacks." replied Trig. She then said, "if you can use the force why wasnt you..." Trig interupted upbruptly, "Because I knew and the masters knew I wasn't an adept I can only use a bit of the force and more then that is takes a massive amount of concentration."

When he finished talking Bin came into the main corridor, " Trig, I think it is time to bring our package to our employeer. He has been kept waiting long enough." Trig nodded and said, "Guys, It is time to head towards the cantina to collect our reward." The all the crew except for Reia was drooling over the amount of credits they were about to recieve. "So you did all of this for money?" asked Reia to Trig. "This job... Yes, the docking fees on the Outter Rim worlds are going up quite alot and we need supplise to keep this little operation going. But that is not the only reason why we do the things we do... We all have a little problem with how the Sith and The Republic run thing on both ends. The Sith kill inesencts like they were nothing. They are cowards. And the Republic, the sente arguing over the most trivial things. They don't care about the people The Sith hurt they only care about their precious Republic that keeps their greed lacked.

Trig paused then continued,"That is my reason for doing this. But some of the others have their own reasons. Bin was just a mercenary traveling from planet to planet scraping the bottom of the barrel each time I gave him a chance to relive the glory his people once valued. Mou was a vet. of the Jedi Civil War and wanted a way to still defend the Republic. Drav... He has been with me the longest, In the years after Taris was bombed the Lower City of Taris where all the non-humans lived was some what intact. When I entered through the elevator to the Lower City I saw a black vulker fixing to kill a young Nautolan but I fired my blaster into the Vulker's back and killed him. When I saw how badly the kid was hurt I took him to the Crimson Axe,newly bought at the time and I saw that his arm was unrepairable and he was fading fast. So I found a local doctor and payed him to take care of the boy. When he finally came around I was in the office of the Med Center waiting for him. And from then on he became like a brother to me." Reia listened to Trig intently not missing a thing. "But, Is this really that interesting to you? A group of pirates?" "More then you know." replied Reia.

Then Bin yelled, "TRIG!!! Hurry up! Damn!" Trig laughed a bit and followed Bin with Reia close behind him as they headed for the Cantina. When they arrived at the cantina the man that gave Trig and the rest the job was waiting, "So do you have it?" asked the man. Trig showed him the crystal. As the man reached out for it Trig jerked it back and held out his hand, "Our payment?" asked Trig. The man held out the credits said and Trig exchanged the crystal for the creds. The group was walking away as the man said, "My master requests that you meet him. He said if you complete this task he has another job for you." Trig stopped and turned around, "Really? Who is your master?" asked Trig. The man replied, " My masters name is Balthazar Amidala. And he has requested your presance." "We will see..." said Trig as he and his crew walked deeper in to the cantina to enjoy their reward."[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Balthazar sat watching the HK-50 droid from his room, foolish machine, he found it mildly entertaining that the droid felt capable of inflicting harm on Cisa in a compound where his every movement was being watched. The medical droid in the sickbay was a temporary replacement Balthazar?s usual physician, a Mon Calamari named Ackan who had served with the Admiral for as long as Balthazar could remember. He considered having the droid terminated but perhaps thought better of it to leave him roam for a while, he could be shut down if necessary and reprogrammed, droids might walk and talk like sentients but they were nothing more than machines at the end of the day. He stroked the weapon in his lap, perhaps the droid would make a decent sparring partner, it had been a long time since he?d managed to find someone who had proved a challenge, though he would eventually spar against Kratos.

Grabbing the weapon, he strode from his room towards the medical bay, he wasn?t sure how he was going to play the encounter, but he would play it somehow. He also made a mental note to fire whoever had left that nerf meat in the chilling unit, his head chef would have a suffer cardiac arrest if he found out that one of his sub-ordinates had left such a low quality material in the kitchen for so long. Moving through the hallways of the mansion, the medical bay came into sight after a few moments, as expected, the HK droid was to be found tinkering away over it?s deactivated medical kin. Coughing as to attract the droid?s attention, Balthazar watched it?s one working photoreceptor turn towards him.

?[b]Query: How may I help you sir ? Apology: It seems this medical droid is in need of repair and for the time being unavailable for usage.[/b]? The droid's obviously false introduction made Balthazar smile.

?[b]Indeed ? How odd, why I had the droid completely retrofitted and upgraded not one standard week ago. It is such a shame. However droid what is even more shameful is how completely incompetent you regard your master to be in his own home.[/b]?

?[b]Query: Is not the young human female my master ?[/b]? The smile faded from Balthazar?s face.

?[b]No droid, I?m afraid she?s not your master, she is my servant, thus I am your master. Now seeing as you?ve gone out of your way to acquire weapons from different sections of this compound, I can only assume that you mean to cause injury and/or death to the organics there. Am I correct ?[/b]?

The droid continued to focus on Balthazar, reassigning his contract of death to the older human male. ?[b]Statement: It is in my programming to terminate my master whoever he/she or in the cases of Hutts and other multi-gendered species, they may be.[/b]?

?[b]And you intend to terminate me then, as I am your master ?[/b]?

?[b]Affirmation: Indeed Master, I gleefully look forward to dispatching you in whatever manner you enable me to. Despondent Statement: Unfortunately as you have been aware of my actions for some time, I will need to improvise a new method of death for you.[/b]?

Balthazar stood completely calm faced with the homicidal machine, Republic Intelligence had been aware of the later HK unit series abilities and missions since Revan?s re-emergence. The fact that the droid sought to kill him and Cisa concerned him slightly, it was unlikely he knew the truth about Balthazar?s origins but still, the fact that HK units sought to kill Jedi by their very programming meant it was unlikely to be sheer coincidence.

?[B]Well HK, it seems we are at an impasse, you wish to terminate me and I wish to continue existing, two mutually exclusive goals. If you are interested however in pursuing this course of action, we would be better advised to move to the gym where it is unlikely we will be interrupted.[/B]"

?[b]Statement: If that is you wish master then we will do as you please. After all there are many heavy weights in the gym, any number of which to be used to cause immense physical damage to your organic form from blunt trauma.?[/b]

The pair moved through the corridors of the mansion, the gym was located near the medical bay for emergency purposes, a simple and yet effective planning procedure. The HK unit had been correct in assume there would be many weights in the gym, however had been quite wrong to assume he would be capable of injuring his master with them. The gym was empty thankfully, the large training circle in the middle for duelling would suffice for their exercise, taking one side of the circle for himself he watched as the droid took hold of a nearby barbell removing the weights to create an effective staff. Balthazar merely sighed, removing his own weapon from his side, the droid seemed to hesitate for a moment but Balthazar would not grant him time to hesitate, the snap-hiss of the lightsaber was a sound Balthazar had not heard since his own and Cisa?s last spar. Leaping towards the droid, Balthazar prepared his offensive.


I?ve been meaning to make a post in this thread for the last fortnight, but unfortunately have been unable to do so. If people are still interested then they?re welcome to post, Farto I assume you?re going to have some fun with HK trying to work out whether he should kill his Jedi master which should be an interesting read. The fact that Balthazar is a Jedi is one of the surprises I?ve been hold back, but I felt that I needed to add to the RPG so this seemed a good way. There are still more to come and as you might accept Balthazar?s bio background is in fact only a cover. Oh and for Farto, Balthazar?s lightsaber is blue. [/size]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS](I'm sorry about the wait. Laptop poo-pooed on me.)

[COLOR=DarkGreen]The lightsaber glowed blue and the organic ::DESTROY MASTER:: form before him went into a poorly-constructed Jedi stance. ::PROTECT JEDI:: HK-50 was torn. Not literally. Not torn in the same sense as he wished to do to master. This master ::DESTROY MASTER:: was a Jedi ::PROTECT JEDI::. That complicated matters. Seeing as how he had already threatened master with his worthless organic life and had, as such, armed himself accordingly. Now he had to protect master. Conflicting programs: one of the few flaws in the systems of many droids. Those droids of course, were not manufactured and maintained as well as this particular model.
Conflicting programs meant that the positive overrode the negative. In this case, master was to be?protected. How oddly familiar. The droid?s right eye glowed brighter, then faded slightly. His memory core was attempting to be reactivated. The droid manually put-down the upwelling of memory and addressed the situation at hand.
HK-50: holding a crude bludgeon, capable of extreme damage to master?s chassis and other organs. Chassis: the location of HK-50?s personal weapons cache. Master: lightsaber, capable of much more than cosmetic damage. The bludgeon was inferior to master?s lightsaber. In addition, master was not to be harmed. Beaten, but not harmed.
HK-50 went deep within his behavioral core to assess the situation?s possible outcomes in relation to his programming.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]::Define harm.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]::Physical damage.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]::Define damage.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]::Permanent alteration, whether it be cosmetic or worse.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkGreen]His programming would not allow him to damage master in any way. He could maybe attempt to bypass master?s classification as a Jedi.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]::Define Jedi.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkGreen]Master has a lightsaber, therefore he is classified as a Jedi. Maybe master said something that would give him an indication of intent, thus initiating his self-preservation programming. Seeing as how the organic master had wanted to fight in the gym, rather than in the medical bay, this would be classified as a spar. Not keeping up with his memory core, he went back to his behavioral core.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]::Define spar.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]::A fight based on skill, upon which neither party is harmed in any way, though skill level is shown.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkGreen]So, this spar would allow HK-50 to fight master without contradicting his programming. The human organic charged, lightsaber raised in an aggressive combat form. Seeing no alternative, HK-50 raised the bar to meet the glowing blue lightsaber. The bar was severed in half. Instinctively, he swung one half of the bar down low, as to sweep out the pitiful organic?s legs. That bar was sundered as well. The other bar was swung at master?s back. Instead of harming the organic, its left arm swung out and the bar was removed from HK-50?s hand. The left hand swung back across just as HK-50?s legs seemed to give, causing him to fall over, face-first. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Navy]::Damage assessment.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]::Physical damage to the left ocular processor, heat damage to internal wiring, dust contamination/heat damage/physical damage to behavioral core.::[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkGreen]Nothing new, had his hydraulics given way? Master raised his left hand in the air, causing HK-50 to raise in response?to his knees?to his feet?levitating in the air?This was a Jedi. The organic was using the force to defeat him.

In some respect, it was consoling. Its not like every organic had the force.

(In case of confusion, its not that your character was just sitting there Gavin, he just thinks faster than a super-computer.)
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[COLOR=Crimson]"So do you think we should take the job?" asked Bin to Trig. Trig looked over to Bin and said, "I am not sure if we should or not... I don't want to be sent on a job with no info like last time...though it was fruitful." Bin took off his helmet, "Yeah, we got 60000 creds and a new crew member..." "Speaking of which how is she fitting in?" asked Trig. Bin replied, "Well she hasn't been around long but she seems to be fitting in well. She's pretty quiet." Trig was delighted, "That's good because I have a feeling we will need her later. And I think we will do it." Bin put his helmet back on. "So are going now?" he asked. "Well we can't keep our employeer waiting."
"Right I will tell the men we will be going in a few minutes." said Bin. Trig nodded and put on his helmet.

The crew assembled outside the ship and waited for Trig to come out of the ship. Inside the ship Trig ordered TK-01 to protect the ship as he went about his patrol. He then stepped down the exit ramp. "Hey, Reia." said Trig. Reia looked over and Trig threw a lightsaber at her and she caught it. "What is this?" she asked. "I asked Drav to repair it and he did." "Thank you..." said Reia surprised. "No problem." said Drav. "Ok Lets get going. We don't need to keep our 'employeer' waiting."

When they arrived they were awe struck at the mansion. Upon knocking on the door the man that gave them the previous assignment answered, "Ah! I am glad you could come. Please come in and wait in the main hall." said the man. The crew and Trig went into the main hall and waited for their host to show up.[/COLOR]
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