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[SIZE=1][CENTER][B][COLOR=Red]Warning: This RP will contain spoilers if you are not up to date on the Naruto manga. It?s only minor, but if you haven?t read the story post-time skip, don?t get mad at me for spoiling it for you. Also, I love putting a gruesome twist on anime shows, hence the rating.[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=Green][CENTER]There is a historical document in the Konoha library, which tells of an event that happened one hundred years ago, while the lands were still at Great War and alliances seemed like a thing of dreams. There was a village, one that through the Great War spread its power into the borders of neighbouring countries, gaining enough land to almost declare itself a country. This village was the Village Hidden in Shadows, one where the most ruthless, war-loving ninja lived and trained. They slowly began destroying their enemies, no matter what country they came from and this encouraged the villages of Konohagakure and Sunagakure to join forces.

Eventually, a beaten Shadow signed a treaty, making it almost impossible for them to have so much power again. This treaty prevented the Shadow from building a ninja force and stopped it from having a ninja academy. It also prevented those living within the borders of the village to travel, unless they had special permission in written form. Needless to say, the Shadow was furious but they could do nothing about it and for years had to simply wait and seethe in silence. Until a radical ninja found his way to the village from the country of fire.

He told the people of Shadow that he had been unfairly banished from his country, the Hokage claiming that he was a traitor and eccentric, only wanting things for himself. He told his audience that he wanted to destroy Konoha and her allies and kill the Hokage. The people of Shadow, having waited for years for some kind of leader to take them to war once again were delighted and this young man was appointed the position of Yamikage, the first that there had been in 100 years.

The newly appointed leader attacked within a year of his ascent, a devastating blow to the Village of Konoha. It?s allies, those from the Village of Sand, having helped when Orochimaru was a threat, could not reach them in time and when a team of fifteen elite Jounin ninja arrived, as well as Gaara the Kazekage, the east side of the village had been laid to waste.

Many were killed and more injured, and the Hokage herself had barely managed to escape with her life. Uzumaki Naruto, having grown into an extremely powerful young man, had been travelling once again with the Sannin Jiraiya. When he returned to his village, two days after the Sand ninja had arrived, he found that his home had been destroyed and his previous teacher, Iruka, had been killed in the attack.

His teammates, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke, now firmly on the side of Konoha, had to explain exactly what had happened. Naruto swore that he would take revenge on the Village Hidden in Shadows, and the long process of rebuilding and healing began.

It has now been a year after that attack. The Sand Jounin returned to their village and began ruthless training for when the time came to launch an attack on Shadow. Konoha, now mostly rebuilt but still wincing from the damage, have made a somewhat miraculous recovery. The young Genin who once fought against Orochimaru have all grown to young adults, most of them having achieved the rank of Jounin. New, younger ninja are following the same path Naruto and his companions did not so long ago and they too wish to fight in the upcoming battle.

The Hokage has sent a letter to the Kazekage, requesting his assistance once again and the ninja of Sunagakure are travelling to Konoha to join forces with them. In the time since the last attack by Shadow, the Yamikage has grown stronger and his forces almost doubled, he having formed a secret alliance with the Village Hidden in Mist.

The tides of war are building, but it?s up to the players to decide the fate of the land.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[RIGHT]This RP is set approximately five years after the fall of Orochimaru. I honestly have no idea if Sasuke ever came back to Konoha or how long it took to kill Orochimaru, but let?s just say it didn?t take too long. The ones who were Genin are now approximately 20/21. Tsunade is still the Hokage and Gaara is the Kazekage. Temari and Kankurou are also Jounin, along with almost all the previous Konoha Genin. I?m assuming Naruto isn?t, because it seems like his training wasn?t focussed on gaining levels but gaining strength. Jiraiya still hangs around Konoha, but the Village of Sound has been crushed.

You have a choice of being an existing character or an original character, but I do think it would be good to have a mixture. If you do choose to be an existing character then feel free to make up totally new jutsu, I honestly don?t mind. If you?re going to be an original character, then I suggest you put yourself between the ages of 17 and 19.

I?m looking for people to be from Konoha and from Sand, hopefully an equal amount from each. If all the existing characters form the series aren?t taken, then they?ll be available for anyone to use as NPCs. That all being said, I hope this RP is successful and people have fun with it. It?s really just an excuse to have some fun with fighting.

[U][B]Sign Up:[/B][/U]

If you?re playing an existing Naruto character, give an image of them and just list how they changed in the last few years.
[B]Alliance:[/B] Konoha or Sand
Again, if you?re playing an existing character, try to stick closely to their personality.
[B]Biography/Character Snippet:[/B]
If you?re playing an existing character, you just do a character snippet to show me you know how they?ll act. If you?re making an original character, try to incorporate both into your writing, please.
List four main techniques that your character uses the most and give a description. In the course of the RP you can reveal more, but this is just to give an idea of their style.
[B]Fighting style:[/B]
Saying what jutsu you use isn?t a lot to give people an idea of how your character will act in battle. Give a little information here on how your character would usually handle an opponent. You?ll get extra points for writing a small fight scene here. As fighting is the most important thing in this RP, I wouldn?t want characters getting taken out of context and causing disputes.

And I think that?s it, really. If you have any suggestions/questions feel free to PM me. I?ll start an underground thread if I think it?s needed. I?m looking at about 6-8 people being in this, but as always, those boundaries can change depending on quality.

[B]Edit:[/B] If you need information on any existing characters from the series or terms used, Wikipedia is fantastic. Have a quick look there if you want more info.[/RIGHT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Zensei Ginmaru
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Appearance:[/B] Ginmaru dresses in a relatively functional style, preserving the ninja ideals of stealth and darkness without losing precious style in the process. He wears a mask to conceal the lower half of his face, leaving only his pale blue eyes exposed, which are often covered by his lengthy silver bangs. He keeps to the usual ninja style with a mesh undershirt and simple black, loose pants that aren't so baggy as they catch on any foliage or whatnot. Over this he has a black trenchcoat, and keeps his hands covered with black fingerless gloves.

His body is covered in scars, from missions and brutal training sessions with his father, that mar his pale complexion. In addition, there are strange jet black tattoos across both of his arms, baring the Kanji 'Kin', Forbidden, in the center, surrounded by organic looking lines and spirals. He keeps the Kanji hidden by bandages wrapped across his biceps.

[B]Alliance:[/B] Konoha

[B]Personality:[/B] When one first looks at Ginmaru, they expect him to be a subdued, dangerous person, dark and quiet with hidden strength and intelligence. However, this is not Ginmaru. He is an extrovert, and a cocky one at that, claiming power simply because he is the smartest, strongest, and coolest in his own eyes. This is something he will never be hesitent to prove in battle, and gladly fights anyone who doubts his capabilities.

The thing is, though, he is not one to over-compensate with his boasting - he can back it up. Still, he has a tendency to be, if only slightly, over-confidant in his abilities, which leads him to get into tougher scrapes than he might initially estimate. He never backs down, though, and is consistently determined to prove himself the best swordsman, the best ninja, and the best Zensei.

[B]Biography/Character Snippet:[/B] Ginmaru dropped to the wooden floor hard, a bolt of pain arcing up from his knee like the electrical current it was. His breath came in ragged gasps, tearing at his throat like a pack of wolves, and his sweat felt like acid in his eyes. He tilted his head up, peering out from behind the curtain of his hair at his father, standing tall and impassive like a statue. The stormy gray eyes that met his burned with near-hatred.

[B]"Get up,"[/B] Zensei Shinzaburo growled, his voice as hard and sharp as the katana he held. Blood glistened on its edge, the blood that leaked from Ginmaru's shoulder.

[B]"F-Father,"[/B] Ginmaru began to stammer. His eyes burned again, this time from the salty tears. He was too old to cry, his father had impressed that quite firmly. After all, he was already eight. Far too old to cry. [B]"I...I can't go on."[/B]

[B]"You will go on until I say you can stop, Ginmaru. Get up."[/B]

The boy gritted his teeth and brushed back his hair with his free hand. The one wrapped tightly around his sword - even now, he would not let it go - was already throbbing, and he knew that he would have blisters the coming morning. But he stood on sturdy legs and raised his blade again. Father would not let him stop until they both bled.


Ginmaru leapt forward, his sword a glittering arc in the high noon sun. Shinzaburo dodged to the side almost effortlessly, but Ginmaru felt cold satisfaction at the few gray hairs that wafted to the ground. It cost him, though, the price being a sharp kick to the ribs. He staggered back, his breathes even harsher now. But he couldn't stop. Not until father bled. He would fight the pain, and the dull blackness if it threatened his mind from the corner of his eyes. To many times that blackness had claimed him, too many times he had awoken to feel the sting of father's words and his bokutoh.

[B]"You still leave yourself open, Ginmaru. Do not swing so wildly. Be sharp, and be fluid. Like water, not wind."[/B]

[B]"Yes, father."[/B]

Another cut, this one more restrained. Ginmaru kept his arms tucked close to his chest, and the tip of his katana glanced upon father's blade. It was progress. The elder pushed his weapon forward, but Ginmaru sidestepped, and swung the hard, dull edge of his sword down on his father's wrists. Without waiting for the reaction, Ginmaru pushed his sword up in another arc, and it came down on Shinzaburo's shoulder. Blood sprayed forth, his hot crimson victory.

Father pulled back roughly, his face barely portraying the pain he surely must be feeling. He sighed and lowered his blade.

[B]"You have wounded me. Better than I expected of you."[/B]

[B]"Thank you, father,"[/B] Ginmaru said softly, knowing that was the closest he would ever get to a compliment.

[B]"I believe it is time, Ginmaru. You can handle the Shussan."[/B]

Ginmaru swallowed hard, and looked up at his father in a mixture of pride and fear.

[B]"The Shussan? Already?"[/B]

[B]"You have to grow up some time, Ginmaru. You are old enough to cut me deep, old enough not to cry. You are old enough to truly be born."[/B]

There was a pause, and Ginmaru steeled his resolve.

[B]"Thank you, father."[/B]

He would use this power. It would make him strong, aid him in his goals.

And he would kill his father.


Ginmaru is the heir to the Zensei clan, a family of expert swordsmen who defected from Kiri over 100 years ago. He is often called a prodigy, but only part of his rapid growth can be attributed to raw talent - most of it comes from the brutal training sessions he has had with his father since early childhood. Those that know him at all know he is not a genius like the Hyuuga prodigy Neji, but more a genius of hardwork like Rock Lee. The scars he bears are testament to that.

For many years, Ginmaru harbored terribly animosity towards his father Shinzaburo for the way the man has treated him for so many years, callously and ruthlessly cutting down his own son to make him stronger. His ultimate goal was to slay his father in a duel but, alas, Shinzaburo was killed in the attack by Yami, stealing away Ginmaru's vengeance. Now he lives with new goal in mind - to prove his strength to great that it will shake heaven and hell, and let his father know who the strongest Zensei was.

Hien [Flying Swallow] - Taught to Ginmaru by his Jounin sensei, Sarutobi Asuma, the Hien is a technique in which Ginmaru forms a sharp, invisible blade of chakra around his sword to extend its range, giving himself a secret advantage that the enemy usually won't realize until it's too late.

Kasei-giri [Mars-Cutter] - Ginmaru's own original fire-based sword technique, where he superheats the blade of his sword to give it added destructive capabilities.

Kingatana: Shussan [Forbidden Sword: Birth] - Utilizing the seal on his right arm, the Shussan gives an explosive burst of chakra to its user that manifests as an organic-metalloid armor around their arm. However, the sheer amount of chakra released puts great strain on his body, so he can only use the Shussan for up to five minutes before permanent damage is done to his arm.

Kingatana: Shi [Forbidden Sword: Death] - The second level of the Kingatana, the Shi can only be used when the Shussan is already in effect because of the chakra it requires. It replicates the Shussan on Ginmaru's left arm, giving him a second sword and armor, and lets him unleash blades of pure chakra from his weapons. However, the doubled strain of the attack cuts his time down to two minutes. Ginmaru has yet to aquire the Fukkatsu, the third level of the Kingatana.

[B]Fighting style:[/B] Ginmaru's expertise, as you might've guessed, is his swordsmanship. As he will proudly tell you, there is no greater swordsman in Konoha than he right now, and he counts himself on par with the Seven Shinobi Swordsman of Mist. The true strength of the Zensei-clan's kenjutsu (sword techniques) is in the initial Iai cut, a quick-draw slash that is good for instant assassination.

However, Ginmaru also has numerous kendo moves worked out in case the initial draw fails. He is extremely fast with his blade, raining down attacks on his opponent so they never know what's coming next. Still, while he often seems to be striking randomly, his brain is always at work behind every strike, plotting out where the next will go and leading his opponents into traps.

He is usually reluctant to use ninjutsu unless he has to, and is also adverse to using any weapons other than his katana. However, he does have a weapon pouch full of shuriken and kunai in case of emergencies.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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As much as I love Rock Lee, I think I'll do an original character. Haha.

[b]Name:[/b] Gin Hayato

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male


Gin is 5'11" and 155 lbs. His body has a lanky, but cut muscular structure. His light weight but tall frame allows him the express his fighting style well. He has a dark tan on his skin from the desert sun. His eyes are a dark shade of green and his hair is a dusty brown. His face has sharp features, save for his eyes which seem perpetually tired or sleepy. His head band covers the lenght of the top of his head, his long hair poking out of the back and reaching the bottom of his neck. He wears on his body a pair of desert camoflauge pants which are rolled at the knees. His shins are covered in light bandages and he wears a pair of light brown sandals on his feet. He wears no shirt, but his lower abdomen and his arms have bandages wrapped in various places. He's sworn away heavy clothing as of late, as he feels they are simply too uncomfortable. Aswell, Gin's posture is normally lazy and tired, if he isn't seen asleep on the ground.

[b]Alliance: [/b]Sand Village

[b]Personality: [/b]Gin has been described as a very lazy individual. Usually, he is seen either asleep or half awake during missions. His entire mind set is very calm and at ease. He is rarely seen in a state past tranquil happiness and calm. Many consider him to be nothing more than a bumbling fool without a mind to think with. However, most of these people are the ones who?ve never seen him in combat or have spoken to him in depth. Few realize the depth of Gin?s mind and personality, taken back by his apparent lack of care for any trouble around him. If there is ever a time that Gin seems to show any kind of interest or concern, it is when his allies are in danger, and when his mission is active. For the rest of the time though, his is what he calls ?Just a chillin? guy.?

[b]Biography/Character Snippet:[/b]

Gin laid out in the sun, on top the roof of his small apartment where he lived by himself. He wore a pair of sunglasses which covered his eyes as he slept. His body was warm, but nothing he wasn?t used to living in his native land. He wore no shirt as he caught some sun for a moment, he had grown slightly wearing all the heavy clothing usually worn to keep cool in the Village, and he felt a rare amount of freedom without his heavy garbs on. He wore a smile, showing a carefree attitude which he had always carried.

The sound of slow footsteps awoke him slightly. It there was obviously more than one person approaching him. They grew closer and then they stopped. [b] ?...is there anything you?d want...??[/b] Gin sighed without opening his eyes.

[b] ?Gin Hayato, the Sleeping Tiger... The Kazekage requests words with you.?[/b] it was the voice of the revered Jounin, Kankurou. He was the head of the Sunagakure Puppet Corps and a deadly fighter.

[b] ?.... What for??[/b] Gin replied lethargically. His eyes still closed, and scratched his head lazily.

[b] ?Show some respect, you punk!?[/b] came the voice of another respected Jounin, Kankurou?s sister, Temari. Her voice was enraged, probably due to Gin?s unconcerned attitude.

[b] ?Temari, calm down....?[/b] came back Kankurou?s voice. [b] ?Listen. Your services are needed from our brother. You have a mission, Hayato.?[/b]

With that, Gin quickly rose from his position and removed his sunglasses. [b] ?Heh. Well in that case, let?s be off...?[/b] he said with a lazy smile and sleepy eyes. Kankurou gave a smirk whilst Temari retained an upset glare at him. With this, they made their way out of Gin?s house....

[b]Techniques: [/b]

[u]Nemuri-Tora Ryu Taijutsu:[/u] a special form of Tai-Jutsu indigenous to Sand Village. The user takes on three stages of consciousness in a meditative trance-like state. It is said that the user opens the mental boundaries to unlock the body's Life Gates during their trance state. There is said to be three levels of the style, the first of which being a near sleep-like state where it appears the user's body is defending itself while sleeping. The next two levels, however, are unknown to those unfamiliar with the styles and it?s users.

Weapon: None. Gin has an incredibly fast and strong muscular structure, which is above that of the common shinobi.

[b]Fighting style:[/b] Much like his personality, Gin?s fighting style seems to be sloppy, lazy, and unrefined. His specialized style of Taijutsu suits his personality perfectly, as it sends his body into a sleeping state where is mind is allowed to take in all the traits of his surroundings while his body attacks and defends with near flawless precession and speed. This is though to be due to the opening of Life Gates while in this meditative state. The general fighting style is similar to the Drunken Boxing style, though the body seems limp while fighting in the Nemuri-Tora style. It is said that the fighting style is made up of other levels in the battle meditation state, but Gin has yet to exhibit these further states, or at least, it is unknown if he has.

[b]Extra Info.:[/b] Gin is a specialized member of the Sunagakure Chuunin ranks. He is one of the youngest Chuunin in the entire village and is said to have accomplished the Chuunin Exam in a record time for the village, challenging the record of the Sunakage, Gaara. Few people in Sunagakure know of his actual fighting style, save his old teacher and his former team mates. It is clear, that Gin?s major focus is Taijutsu, as he has never exhibited a talent for ninjutsu or genjutsu. He however, does not require anything other than his mastered Taijutsu style.

[b]OOC:[/b] Forgive the short lenght of the character snippet. I just didn't have alot to work with. Haha. I do promise to add more personality in the RP. Inform me if there are any problems.
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Zakuro (Pomegranate)
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] 1-Zakuro and Sorano; 2-young Zakuro and Kumo
[B]Alliance:[/B] Sand

[B]Weapons:[/B] Zakuro's main weapon is a slender but deadly [B]scythe[/B], its blade a rare, fused mixture of metal and bone. She carries a series of small, [B]draw-string pouches[/B] that contain various powdered substances, most of which affect bodily functions (blood flow, hormones, etc), and can be used in battle or for medical aid. A series of [B]bone shurikens[/B] are strung on one of the silk cords around her waist. These shuriken are less deadly but more painful and damaging, as the bones splinter on impact, acting as shrapnel to the body.

[B]Personality:[/B] Somewhat haughty and uptight, Zakuro is one who does not take things lightly, and has close to no sense of humor. It is rare for a smile to cross her face; usually her expression is blank of any emotion, unless of distaste. On the inside, Zakuro is constantly mapping and noting the actions and emotions of others, tucking them away in a vast library of memories, until there comes a time when she can use the pieces of information to accomplish her mission. Up until now life really has given her no real enjoyment. Zakuro has a tendency to lean towards cruelty or apathy in her treatment of other individuals. Unless they have had a significant impact upon her, she sees no reason to waste energy in efforts to be kind or soft. Up until now, the only people that she has any respect or fondness for are her adoptive sand siblings: Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou. She is fiercely loyal to these three, with utmost dedication especially to Gaara, and will protect them at any cost.

Feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse are often missing from her spectrum of emotions. Her temper is still somewhat difficult to rein in ? she is easily annoyed by stupidity or lack of ability, and finds no reason to mask her disdain of others. She assumes that most people are hopelessly below her level of intelligence and skill, and usually chooses to dissociate herself, unless they are proven equals. In fact, there are usually only two ways to gain her attention: 1) anger her; or 2) surpass her. There is in fact a third way that she is not entirely aware of, and that is to save or help her when she is in desperate need ? Zakuro is a complete stranger to the feeling of being indebted or beholden to someone, and it will most likely drive her insane until she has repaid the debt, somewhat like a love/hate relationship, in which she hates the feeling, but at the same time knows she can?t help but be thankful.

While Zakuro herself is apathetic towards the fate of Konohagakure, because her three sand siblings are so concerned with the well-being of their ally, she will unquestioningly sacrifice her life for the sake of Hidden Leaf. She is also curious about finally meeting Konoha-nin, in particular Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke, both of whom she has heard about from her three older siblings. She also hopes to test her strength against the famous Hyuugas.[/COLOR]

[B]Biography/Character Snippet:[/B]

My first memory begins with a scent, a simple perfume. All I remember is a sweet darkness, shadows filled with an aromatic scent?something so familiar, and yet something that will always remain a mystery to me. My past is just that, something shrouded in the obscurity of an infant too young to remember. Still, I am able to cling to the one thing that I was born of, and that is all I need for proof of my existence.
"[COLOR=Indigo]Zakuro-chan, what are you thinking of?[/COLOR]" Temari had unfolded another fan, readying it to be decorated by her skilled hand.
"[COLOR=DarkRed]?Onee-san, do you remember when you were leaving for the Chuunin exam? It was night, and I didn?t want to go to sleep, because I knew you wouldn?t be there in the morning.[/COLOR]"
The older girl nodded her blond head, smiling a little," [COLOR=Indigo]Yes, you kept begging me to tell you another story, to try to get me to stay with you. We got off to such a late start; Gaara and Kankurou were so upset![/COLOR]"
"[COLOR=DarkRed]But it worked ? you did stay for a little longer, because you told me another story?[/COLOR]" the voice trailed off, asking silently for an encore of that childhood night.
Temari sighed now, and looked up at the younger girl that sat and watched her. "[COLOR=Indigo]Zakuro-chan, there?s nothing to be worried about. You?re no stranger to combat, and neither are the other shinobi that are going.[/COLOR]"
The girl nodded, but stayed silent.
"[COLOR=Indigo]Oh, alright, I?ll tell you a story?[/COLOR]"

And that was my second memory, the one where the scent was explained to me, that night so long ago, before my older sister Temari, and my older brothers Gaara and Kankurou, all left for the Chuunin exam. In her low, vibrant voice, she told me of a basket filled with ruby-red fruit, smelling of wine and citrus and a sticky sweetness, and one that when they broke the splitting skin, they found crimson jewels falling to their feet, and juice the color of blood: "[COLOR=Indigo]?And just when we were about to eat the last one, poof! Kankurou cracked it open, and there you were, inside of the fruit! You were hidden in that basket, in the guise of one of the pomegranates?[/COLOR]" I fell asleep to that story, comforted, and the next morning I awoke to find my three siblings absent, gone to take the Chuunin exam.
My life began in a basket, beside crimson globes that were grown far from the desert. Somehow that basket found its way into the middle of the vast sands, where the contents were all eaten?all except for one. I remember none of this. Only that distinct scent stays with me, a familiar stranger, and one that I will never meet, because the ruby fruit does not grow in these golden sands.

I have just one other memory to myself, the last of the three that tell of my existence. Temari and Kankurou I remember somewhat in my childhood, but Gaara? Well, very few knew Gaara back then. And I always wondered why and how everyone could feel such fear towards so small a boy?
[RIGHT]The cries and screams receded into the distance, as the others ran away?[/RIGHT]
[RIGHT]She looked up, finding herself staring into turquoise eyes lined with deep black shadows, and a red character that she couldn?t read. The boy looked apathetically at her, and then placed the reptile she had been playing with back into her hands. She looked down at the small, white sand dragon, an albino that had been close to death before she found and nursed back to health.[/RIGHT]
?[COLOR=Teal]Don?t let them do that,[/COLOR]? the boy said. He looked away now, in the direction where the children had fled.
She followed his gaze, but saw no one. ?[COLOR=DarkRed]?But they?re right.[/COLOR]?
[RIGHT]He glanced at her, still disinterested.[/RIGHT]
She took a lock of her pale hair, ?[COLOR=DarkRed]See? I?m the color of this white lizard. I?m the color of a dead person, ready to be buried in the sand.[/COLOR]?
The boy stared with his hard eyes for a minute or two. ?[COLOR=Teal]You?re right ? you and the lizard are the same.[/COLOR]?
[RIGHT]She swallowed hard, biting back tears she didn?t know would come.[/RIGHT]
His eyes narrowed, ?[B][COLOR=Teal]Don?t cry.[/COLOR][/B]? She immediately stopped, and he nodded. Then he took his hand, and pointed up, ?[COLOR=Teal][B]Look.[/B][/COLOR]? [RIGHT]Following his direction, Zakuro found herself looking up into the sky. Usually the bright sun burned down, turning everything shades of rich gold and brown. But today the sky was a stony gray, with heavy clouds signaling the passage of rainfall.
?[COLOR=Teal]Do you see that?[/COLOR]? he asked, watching her to make sure she was paying attention. She nodded. The boy took a few steps closer, and then bent down; his finger traced the pattern of scales on the sand dragon?s body, and then looked heavenward again,[/RIGHT] ?[COLOR=Teal][B]You and this one, you?re both the color of clouds.[/B][/COLOR]? He paused, and then stared at her face blankly. Then he crossed his arms, ?[COLOR=Teal]And only stupid people would think you were dead. Dead people don?t have blood in their bodies; it?s all on the ground around them. So unless you see your blood around you, you aren?t dead yet. You are not like a dead person. [B]Your eyes are the color of blood.[/B][/COLOR]?

I have since then learned of the reasons people had for fearing Gaara, but I still refuse to understand their dread, their ridicule, or their persecution, of that small boy.
These three memories are the skeleton of my existence, as are the three siblings of my childhood. Kankurou, with those clever fingers of his, gave me my birth, uncovering me from the flesh of the pomegranate. Temari, lulling me to sleep with lullabies and stories on the wind, helped me to grow, chasing away my fear and loneliness. And Gaara? I encountered him only a few times in my youth, but I believe that he is the reason I live. Telling me I was a floating cloud with two scarlet specks of blood - it was proof that I was alive, and that I had as much right as anyone to view the world from the sky?
Gaara gave me [B]life.[/COLOR][/B][/I][/CENTER]

The early details of Zakuro?s life, such as her lineage and origins, are unknown. Members of the Hidden Sand ran across a basket of pomegranates, in which an infant was found to be completely enclosed in one of the fruit. With eyes that mirrored the ruby-red seeds of the pomegranate, the girl was named Zakuro. She had a few encounters in her childhood with the sand siblings Kankurou, Temari, and Gaara, and was very attached to them; but was for the most part pleasantly neglected by them and the village. However, it is from one of her encounters with Gaara (above) that Zakuro gained one of her special desert companions, a runt albino sand dragon that she named [B]Kumo[/B], meaning ?cloud.? Kumo now travels with her everywhere, and he is one of the few living things that she has affection for.

Being raised in the Hidden Sand could only generate a skillful and deadly shinobi, and it wasn?t long before Zakuro began to discover and perfect her talents for combat. For the most part, Zakuro trained largely on her own because no one else in the village had seen her kind of abilities; as a result, much of Zakuro?s training techniques remain a mystery. After her dramatic improvement and growth, she garnered a much closer relationship with her three adoptive sand siblings. She also became acquainted with Imi, whom Zakuro had known of before, but had never really approached. Temari, who had been training Imi, finally formally introduced the two girls. In the middle of her seventeenth year, Zakuro became an AnBu member, and one of the youngest ninja ever to do so. However, after the brutal attack on Konohagakure, Zakuro resigned from AnBu, instead training as part of the force to attack the Shadow. As a result of participating in training together, Zakuro and Imi coordinate well together, even though they are not yet close friends.

[list][U]Chishio: Michikake[/U] (Blood Tide: Wax and Wane) ? A somewhat atypical form of taijutsu, this technique requires hand seals to be used. Once activated, this method attaches a sort of magnetism to the blade of Zakuro?s scythe, making it capable of manipulating blood flow in her opponent or herself. This move, if used correctly, can become quite lethal to Zakuro?s opponent; she has perfected two sequences of moves (Wax, Wane) in which her scythe is skillfully utilized to push or pull the blood in her opponent?s veins and arteries. ?Wax? is most efficient when the opponent has open wounds, because Zakuro will use her scythe?s magnetism to draw out her enemy?s blood in a continuous flow. ?Wane? is useful in the fact that this can be used to cause such a powerful, uncharacteristic blood flow that can lead to rupturing in the circulatory system.[/list]

[list][U]Hanmougan[/U] (?Eyes of Disruption?) ? Meaning ?half-blind eyes?, this formerly unknown kekkei genkai (blood inheritance limit) has garnered the nickname ?Eyes of Disruption.? The jutsu neutralizes or damages the ability of other blood inheritance limits that are optically associated, or are projected from the eyes. It also allows Zakuro to look through most methods of genjutsu, with only very powerful users having any success at all.[/list]

[list][U]Kuchiyose no Jutsu[/U] (Summoning Technique) ? Summons [B]Sorano[/B], a large, white, desert dragon. Sorano means ?from the sky.?[/list]

[list][U]Gekkou no Ira[/U] (Splinters of Moonlight) ? A ninjutsu technique that can be used only under moonlight, this causes hundreds of razor-sharp, white, obsidian-like shards to rain down from the night sky onto the area around the opponent. When used in concurrence with Sorano, the shards are magnified in size and number, producing a lethal maelstrom.[/list]

[B]Fighting style:[/B]
While her other techniques are powerful as well, Zakuro favors the use of [B]taijutsu[/B], of which she is an expert of, combined with her perfection in using her deadly scythe. Being used to the hot desert sands, she is an expert in taijutsu, and is well-suited for it, as her muscles and stamina have been built up from the harsh training conditions. Also as a result of this environment, she is an expert in conserving energy and chakra, and has no wasteful movements. Zakuro has only practiced her Hanmougan, since she has yet to meet another powerful optical bloodline limit. Thus, she has only so far used her inheritance limit to easily deconstruct genjutsu attacks, but has never fought against the likes of the Sharingan or Byakugan.

Perhaps not as powerful as masters like Rock Lee or Gai-sensei, Zakuro has no problem matching any ninja?s speed or quickness. Flexible as a snake, her body is a weapon in itself, and one that attacks unexpectedly and in the most astonishing places. Highly original and innovative, her style of combat is something most shinobi have never seen, since Zakuro was forced to develop her skills on her own. Never hesitating, she has an unusual assurance of herself in battle, despite her tender years. She is no stranger to death, as are few of Sunagakure, and can take life easily and without a second thought.

However, while most shinobi are experts in hiding or masking their emotions, Zakuro seems unaware of this at times. While in normal life she usually betrays no feelings whatsoever (if she even has them), in combat Zakuro becomes so focused and absorbed in the battle that it is easy to pick her out just by the aura of violent intent that surrounds her person. For those that underestimate her abilities, few of them ever survive another moonlit night.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: kadajaha Uchikada
Appearence: Yyellowish hair in spickes. He has green eyes and a red headband with a mysterious symbol. A made up aymbal he himself tatood. And an earing on the left ear of a shuriken. His pants are black. He has a belt that holds all his ninja weopons.
His shirt is green with an eye on the middle. Instead of blue sandals his are blask. He has two wristbands that are 7 pounds each. as well as protective gloves. (Fingers still show.)

Personality:Strong and funny at the most. He has a place in his heart for Sakura and her arch rival. He Is strong mostly at his fists. He will save any damsel in distress. When he is down he will jump up and flex his muscles. But only when woman are around. Technickly he's a playboy. (Guy who has too many girls at his side.) But all in all he's polite and sometimes will find the quickest way to fight. Or he will beat the crap out of people who diss women.

Aliance: Village of sand.

Biography /snippet: "When a lady is stuck between 2 evl ninja's from some other village be evil or not. I'll be there." Those were his last words. Before he left anyway. He put on his suit and ran off.

As he ran he noticed a bandana from an unfamiliar village. He chased after the person only to get lost. He went back to the village and his comrads were gone. "Hey anyone here?" He asked. Nobody answered. He ran after the others. he then saw a dress hanging on a store window. "Perfect for Ino!" He shouted. But he never left the window. He failed his mission missarably.

The man in the shop that Kadajaha had left was in a daze as he saw Kadajaha's effort to buy a dress and catch up with the other Shinobi. '' What did that boy say to me about village people?" Asked the o;d man. HE was still watching Kadajaha. Wasting his time away.

kadajaha was always in a hurry to help the village and the women. When ha was only 5 he left home. He graduated the ninja achademy at a extrodanary age
of 7. He blazed through the ranks like a fire. His stop was at Jhonin. At age 18 he went on a great mission where he met Sakuira and Ino. He loved them ever since. Now he goes on small misions. What will become of him?Deadly charisma jutsu: Launches into the air and sends lihgtning at the opponent.

Sandy love beach Jutsu: Captures enimies into cacoons of sand. The he draws energy from them. As well as any charismatic skill.

Maelstrom of leaves jutsu: Kadajaha jumps into the trees and attacks with 10.00 leaves. The leaves how ever have blade like properties and can chop down a tree.

And last but not least. Red flame cannon jutsu: As the name states. He shoots fire from his mouth. He can control what it hits and what it burns. He can also cover himself in fire armor and then shoot the armor at enimies.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kagami Imi
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] Imi is a woman of small stature, but her fiery personality and confidence come through, making her seem bigger than she really is. Her skin is lightly tan from her training in the desert and her hair is a dusky red colour, being cropped shot at the back of her neck and left to grow long at the front. A long fringe covers her grey/green eyes, which would be pretty unremarkable if it weren?t for her long, dark eyelashes.

She dresses in black knee-length shorts, with a thick green belt holding her kunai and shuriken covering her abdomen. This belt also acts as protection, even though it is light. Her torso is covered by a mesh top and black bandages are wrapped around her chest. A black over shirt with red stitching covers her back and shoulders. She also wears a red vambrace on her left arm, and her right arm is covered in black bandages similar to those around her chest.

[B]Alliance:[/B] Sand

[B]Weapons:[/B] Imi?s primary weapon is a two-piece nunchaku. She designed it herself, so the weapon starts off as being in two separate parts. These two parts can then be twisted together and pulled apart to create a chain link in the middle to be used as conventional nunchaku. She carries these in a holder on her lower back.

She also carries shuriken and kunai on her belt, as well as a roll of wire in her back pocket.

[B]Personality:[/B] Imi is a young woman with a lot on her mind, and she's never afraid to let people know this. She comes across, at first, as confident and pushy, but knows exactly when to turn up the heat and when to back down. Around those she considers close friends she is considerably more relaxed and likes to be the one making jokes and boosting morale, even if it's at her own expense.

She only ever becomes deadly serious when someone deeply insults her, and even that is rare because of how good she is at ignoring small digs. Despite her attitude and bad habit of snapping when her friends are insulted, she doesn't seem to mind if she is the source of insults.

Usually a talkative, but not loud, person, Imi is told that she's very easy to get along with and makes people feel at ease around her. She has settled into her position of Chuunin very well, and should soon be promoted to the Jounin rank.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]
"Ah, Temari-san! Slow down a little, you're rushing."

"Slow down? Would you stand for one of your squad telling you to slow down? You need to keep up, girl!"

Imi bit her bottom lip to stay her tongue, launching herself forward by focussing chakra into her feet. She skidded a little on the loose sand, but managed to catch up to Temari after a great effort. She sighed and looked to one side, the blonde woman on her right, Kankurou on her left. Zakuro would probably be waiting for them back at the village to start her training session, but Imi wished for a chance to just sit down with her friend and drink some tea. Temari and Kankurou were pushing both of them so hard these days.

"Temari-san, why have we been training so much recently?" Imi asked, still pushing to keep up with the pair of Jounin. She needn't have bothered, however, as Temari suddenly stopped, Kankurou having to backtrack a little after realising.

"Eh?" he asked, eyebrow raised, "Why the sudden stop?"

"They have a right to know. Imi, the Kazekage has brought something very important to our attention, you and Zakuro will find out in due time. I'll say nothing more."

Imi opened her mouth to speak but Temari was running again, she turned to Kankurou, hoping for an explanation, but all he did was shrug and smile teasingly. "Come on. You look worn out from all that hard running."

Imi comes from a family of medical ninja, though never really possesed the ability to follow in her mother and father's footsteps. She found from her beginning days in the academy that she had a problem with chakra control. While she was good at pushing it out in a quick, powerful motion, she wasn't very good at balancing it out to let her fight for long, or use long winded techniques. This, apparently, was due to low stamina, and Imi has never been able to overcome the problem.

She became acquainted with the sand siblings after they returned from Konoha. Temari and Kankurou eventually became jounin, and Gaara became the next Kazekage. Temari, having met Imi at a young age, took the girl under her wing to try and teach her weapon based techniques, as it seemed the girl was good for nothing else.

Their friendship is based on teacher and student, it seems nothing more. Imi, however, idolises Temari and wishes to be as powerful as her one day. It was through this common link that Imi met one of her trusted friends, Zakuro. Although they are not very close as of yet, they seem to share some similarities which drew them together.

Kagemusha no Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Warrior)-This is Imi?s most powerful technique and is only used as a last resort. She performs a complicated set of seals before an illusionary technique is triggered, covering the field in darkness. She then summons warriors out of the shadows surrounding herself. These warriors can?t deal major damage, but can?t be hurt themselves. They are used to drive her opponent insane or deal repeated minor wounds, like scratches and bite marks.

Sunaarashi (sandstorm)- A technique that allows Imi to ?blow? a sandstorm from her mouth. The sand is actually moulded from chakra, and is a very good defensive technique to drive multiple opponents back.

Summoning technique: Butterfly- Imi summons a butterfly that is approximately four meters in length, with a wing span of six meters. It, like her Sandstorm, is used more for defence rather than offence. The dust on its wings can be used to blind, poison or induce sleep. It can also blow great gusts at opponents.

Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Cutting Whirlwind Technique)- Imi learnt this technique from her idol, Temari. But instead of using a fan as her teacher did she uses her nunchaku, pushing her chakra into them so that she can rotate them at great speeds, creating an enormous, deadly wind.

[B]Basic Fighting Style:[/B] Imi is a terrible taijutsu user, in the way that she cannot carry out any basic forms of fighting. She is, however, an excellent brawler and prefers to use hand to hand/weapon based fighting rather than jutsu, due to low stamina. Her style of fighting is very aggressive, but she knows when to back away and use one of her defensive techniques if need be. She isn?t the type of fighter who has the ability to finish a battle quickly, so she relies on massive strength and high defence techniques.

I'm surprised I didn't put this in the original sign up (I swear, I thought I had!) but could you edit in a [B][COLOR=Red]Weapons[/COLOR][/B] section, please. This'll include your items such as kunai and shuriken. Sorry about that. =/

Cyriel, perhaps our characters could know each other? I'd already planned on having Imi be taught a little by Temari, and I didn't want to change her character. I hope this will be okay with you.

Thanks for the interest, everyone, I'm waiting for a couple more sign ups then we'll get going.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I'm done, I believe.

[b]Name:[/b] Miyamoto Keiji

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=8&pos=11][link][/url]
Keiji stands at average height with a sinewy yet toned physique, the result of years of arduous training. Heavily tanned from his life in the Sand Village, his skin matches his brown eyes and dark hair. He is usually seen wearing a white cloak to protect his body from the frequent sandstorms and harsh sun of his native village.

Underneath his cloak he wears a simple combination of a sleeveless shirt and brown pants, both of which are adorned with minor plates of lightweight armor, useful only to deflect small attacks. He wears a simple leather necklace with a coin attached that bears the Sand Village insignia upon it.

[b]Alliance:[/b] Sand

[b]Personality:[/b] Keiji is the product of seventeen years of responsibility, regimented training, and intensive studying; in short, he is an extremely controlled, obedient, and reserved person. Rarely ever expressing his views on a matter unless asked, he can come off as overly quiet or introverted. It is not, however, in his nature to remain so silent, and as a result, he is constantly battling with his conditioning.

Within a combat situation, however, his personality shifts to a more objective-oriented approach. He immediately assumes initiative; be it becoming a makeshift leader or simply informing others of what is going on. He is a valuable teammate in battle, able to follow orders or give them out as necessary.

Beneath it all, however, is a roaring determination, bestowed upon him from his parents, to be one of the best. Beneath his blank façade is an unexplainable craving to become stronger, to prove himself worthy of respect, and to survive.

[b]Biography/Character Snippet:[/b]

[I]My upbringing was by no means a conventional one. My father was an Anbu for the Sand Village while my mother took care of me and my sister, I being her senior by four years. I was taught to strive for excellence in all that I did by my father, yet it was my mother who bestowed upon me the desire to become not only excellent, but one of the best. It is because of her I turned out to be such a disciplined person.[/I]

?Ten more, then switch jutsu. You?re slowing down, pick it up!?

[I]Ever since I was able to walk, my mother took it upon herself to train me to become a great shinobi. It is a hypothesis of mine that she is trying to relive and correct her past failings as a ninja through me, however it does not matter. Our relationship was symbiotic ? she confronted and revisited the past through me, while I became stronger under her tutelage. I grew exponentially through her while I was but a child, graduating from the Academy in two and a half years. However, once I graduated, she was of no use to me. It was then my father had to begin training me. It was then I truly became a force to be reckoned with.[/I]

?Now destroy all three,? Gin said, sending his doppelgangers to attack Keiji. The drunken clones surrounded him, unleashing a flurry of fluid punches and kicks. The attacks were blocked by equally fast parries. Moments later, he was airborne, shooting down a hail of fireballs, followed by a final great-fireball to finish off the opponents.

?How?d I do??

?Pretty good I guess,? Gin replied nonchalantly as he stared off at a passing cloud. ?Your chakra use is efficient and your speed is respectable,? he finished with a smirk. Even Keiji acknowledged the inhuman speed of his comrade, and took it as a compliment that he was even considered ?respectable? by him.

?Thanks. Do you want to try??

?Nah, I?m alright. Let?s head back and eat,? he said, glancing at the setting sun. The sky glowed a soft purple in the distance as it sunk beneath the innumerable sand dunes. The vista was a relaxing one after their grueling workout.

?Good idea,? he said under his breath, following Gin back to the Sand Village. Their training had been continuous when they realized that they were the only competition for one another, and rather than let their friendship be torn apart by the rivalry, they decided to strengthen it through relentless practice and sparring. And with smiles on their faces, they kept their new abilities and talents hidden from the Village eyes, content with their self-improvement.


- [i]Amaterasu (Shining Heaven):[/i] Flames jet forth from the palm (or both if desired) of Keiji?s hand, incinerating all within its path. The jutsu is a relatively swift one, executed and ending in an very short window of time. As a result, it is more of a melee attack.

- [I]Great Fireball:[/I] Used in conjunction with the fire scroll, Keiji shoots a massive ball of flame from his hands (approximately 10 m in diameter). This is usually used during team combat, when he?d have ample time to properly execute such a complex jutsu.

- [I]Lesser Fireball:[/I] A smaller version of the Great Fireball (0.2 m in diameter), the lower expenditure of chakra allows for a massive onslaught to be unleashed upon his foe. This attack launches faster and weaker attacks, giving Keiji the edge in battle.

- [I]Incendiary Gasp:[/I] The most lethal and fearsome of Keiji?s techniques, it is still in its experimental phases. It is executed through Keiji inhaling as if he were to expel a fireball from his mouth, but then exhaling slowly. A deadly, invisible toxin is then airborne and directed towards his opponent. If inhaled, the lungs are ignited. If ones eyes are exposed, a fierce burning ensues, followed by almost eminent and permanent blindness. Such an attack can only be executed at very close range, as the toxin dissipates as it diffuses through the air.

Note: The intensity of Keiji?s attacks can be increased through the use of fire seals. The increase in power is directly proportional to the number of fire seals used.

[b]Fighting style:[/b] After years of being taught conventional and highly technically methods of combat, Keiji was eager to adopt aspects of any new and innovative style he came into contact with. Most noticeably influential is his sparring partner and best friend Gin?s speed and unpredictable attack patterns. Awed by the potential of such a style, he incorporated the aspects that particularly impressed him, those being the ability to counter-attack from any position and raw speed.

However, that is not to say that his childhood years had no impact on his current style either. Keiji is also a cunning tactician who employs even the most basic techniques in battle. His sheer mechanical prowess in executing and utilizing simpler jutsu and attacks leave him well grounded in the basics and as a result, an able fighter.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Fire scroll, fire seals.[/size]
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Name: Fujikuru Ashiddo

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Frequently wears the Akatsuki hat but with no white stuffs hanging around. wears a white cotton vest with the leaf sign on embedded at the back, a black shirt (like Sasuke's first shirt) with no logo of the Uchiha clan at the back, Baige Shorts with several pockets good for carrying scrolls, kunai's, shurikens, smoke bombs and pills, also has blue sandals and wears his Forehead protector on top of his head. a pair of gloves and bandage is wrapped around his right forearm.
Has long Green hair with length up to the middle of his back and blue eyes. stands 5'6 tall and has medium build.

Alliance: Leaf

Personality: Friendly, Modest, Kind, Approachable and Laid Back. these are his main and recognizable characteristics. Being a Member of Roots, he has lots of secrets which he keeps with his friendly face. Also he has this "run away if possible" attitude. And sometimes he can be annoying. but he is loyal to the ones he sworn to protect like Konoha.

Biography/Character Snippet:
Fuji-kun, as his friends called him, Enjoying a cup of instant ramen while relaxing on a branch of a tree. Konohamaru suddenly called him "Fuji-kun! Granny Tsuande called you. Report at her office immediately" Fuji-kun:"Ok, ok i'll be there. " he then took a nap. Konohamaru:" (Well i did told him)" Konohamaru then left.

After a few hours, Fuji then woke up and went to Tsunade's office. As soon as he got inside, He was punched by Tsunade that it made him flew outside the office. "I told you to go here an hour ago, You're very late" Tsunade shouted to him. Fuji "Getting mad will make you older, well anyways you're already old. Why did you called me?" Tsunade "You.... Here (gives a paper to Fuji) Your mission is to deliver this message to the Sand. NOW GO! Before i Kill You!" Fuji "Yes Ma'aM!" he then quickly left. Shizune then whispered to Tsunade " Is is ok to trust someone from Roots?" Tsunade:" That bum is the only one we've got" Shizune:"I have abad feeling about this..." Shizune then read his profile and asked herself "How can a ninja like that be in Roots?"

Fuji-kun was then walking to the gates of Konoha. While strolling around Konoha, He said "Konoha sure recover fast..." An Anbu then approached him and gave him a piece of paper and told him "This is from Danzou-sama. Carry out your orders." Fuji replied "Another Mission? This is so annoying... I hate this" "Orders are orders." The Anbu replied. Fuji: "Ok ok..." The Anbu then left. He then opened the letter and after reading it he then fold it and put it in his pocket.

Fuji finally reached the Konoha gates. "This is the start of my journey i suppose. Well, Mission Start!" he then jumped to a tree branch and to another without a minute he was out of sight from the gates.

Weapons: Simple Kunai and a Special Kunai specifically for his Ensan Kodachi no Jutsu. and a couple of Shurikens.

Ensan Kodachi no Jutsu (Hydrochloric Acid Dagger Technique/ Acid Dagger Technique): Releases acidic gas from his kunai which can easily melt things even steel.

Aryuusangasu Buresu no Jutsu (Acidic Breath Technique): It is Like Katon Housenka no Jutsu but instead of fire it releases small acid ball.

Ensan Heki no Jutsu (Acid Wall Technique): Like its name says, releases a acidic gas wall ,with a .5 meter length on both sides and 1cm thick, the wall appears to where your mark is which is the user's blood. This technique's usage is like Kuchiyose no Jutsu.

Kage-Bunshin no Jutsu: The all famous Shadow Clone Technique

Dispell: Dispells illusionary techniques

Fighting style:He is more of a ninjutsu type of ninja. with Aryuusangasu Buresu no Jutsu as his favorite technique he usually cripples his enemies and delivers a swift and fatal blow to them. he also knows taijutsu but has no knowledge in genjutsu techniques
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name.:[/b] Akujo Myouga.

[b]Age.:[/b] 19.

[b]Gender.:[/b] Male.

[b]Apperance.:[/b] [url=http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=calintz0pn.jpg]Akujo.[/url] Sporting a strange fashion sense and a carefree attitude, Akujo wears things that will set him aside from everyone else. His hair is either worn spiked back or lying straight down, and his emerald eyes sparkle with a mist of knowledge and wisdom not often seen in younger people. Two large diamond shaped leather pads hang from his shirt, protecting his legs and providing a channel for his chakra for some of his more complex maneuvers.

[b]Alliance.:[/b] Kohona.

[b]Weapons.:[/b] [i]Shinkon-Saku (Soulflayer).[/i] A sword with no true end to the blade or true beginning of the hilt, it is forged out of one solid piece of metal and reinforced with several other rare and precious ores. A long crimson ribbon floats around the blade even with no wind, adding more and more to the mystery of the blade. [Seen in the picture.]

[i]Harienju (Black Locust).[/i] This weapon is, if possible, even stranger. It seems to be attached to Akujo's hand in the midst of battle and dissapears after. A three pronged claw weapon with three blades as black as the abyss, it becomes an extension of his own body, though Akujo's unconcious mind dictates when and where [i]Harienju[/i] is good to be used. His hand, when using it, looks disfigured and mutated into a thick and chitnous talon, with the three blades.

Often, Akujo carries a few shiruken and kunai with him, and often a few vials of "homebrewed" poison.

[b]Personality.:[/b] Witty, aware, clever, dark. So many things about Akujo that are in the shadow, besides his personality. Quick to strike with either word or blade, he'll take any opportunity to take a cheap shot at someone insulting him. Looking for weak spots in their personality at the same time, he's cold and precise if he thinks it'll boil down to battle. Otherwise, he can be as warm and charming as possible if they're an ally or even a random passerby. However, he has a tendancy and love for fighting, most ninja should. If one of his friends were to be in danger, however, he would rush to their aid, which is ironic as his last name means Protector.

[b]Biography/Character Snippit.:[/b] [b]"You oughtta go back to suckin' off yer dadd-"[/b]

[b]"I don't live to inspire your fantasies, sir."[/b] Akujo shot him a sharp look and the patron of the Swaying Leaf pub looked at him with a face. Then he burst out laughing, spraying beer in Akujo's face. Rolling his eyes, he calmly wiped it from his forehead and eyes, throwing the rag over the bar and to the bartender, that soon caught it. And then he threw a punch into the man who had insulted him and covered him with beer. A cheap brand, which added insult to...insult.

He staggered, staggered...tripped back and dropped his beer. That made him mad. Akujo grinned softly and put up his hands, flicking his wrist lightly. [b]"C'mon, barfight, 'sgo. You got some beer in my hair so I'll get some blood on your clothes, mkay?"[/b] The drunkard rushed at him with amazing force, but Akujo sidestepped and delivered a light kick to his stomach as he went past.

Now, you see here, this is where the drunk guy gets pissed and decides to do something [i]stupid.[/i] Whipping around, the patron growled and pulled out two blades, finely crafted, that emaniated a touch of his chakra.

[b]"Yer gunnah whishshshs...err...hope...yer ash was never born!"[/b] The man looked almost comically confused before he suddenly charged Akujo again. Looking the man in the eyes, Akujo put his hand forward on the tip of the blade. Only...

[b]"Whut the hell ish up wit' yer hand?!"[/b] Akujo had stopped the man's assult with Harienju, and casually, Akujo pulled his sleeve to reveal that it wasn't just a weapon, it was his own hand. A seal lay on his right arm that was glowing softly in rhythm with the pulsing of small crimson lines on the blades of Harienju. He flicked his hand once, twice, and the fight was over. The swords lay severed in half and the man stood there, grasping two useless pieces of cloth and metal. Finishing off his drink, Akujo rose up and exited the bar, squeezing out his hair as he went.

Akujo was born and raised as a hell-raiser. Of the fancy type. He was tought to confuse the enemy with wordplay and cut them down while they tired to figure out what they ment. By the age of six, Akujo had figured out his first and foremost weapon, the Harienju. He doesn't have a select few or one rival, he sees anyone with combat potential that isn't a friend as a deadly rival. That is, until he knocks them down into their proper place.


[u]Tengoku Kekkai. (Heaven-shatter)[/u]. This is a Chakra based attack in which either or both weapons are surrounded with Akujo's chakra and launch sonic waves localized into an extremely strong blast upon contact with anything from flesh to metal.

[u]Doruikinzoku (Earth-Metal, Summon technique.)[/u] Summons an Earth-based dragon, Neltharias, to attack Akujo's enemies and heal mediocre wounds with the power of the earth. This, however, drains Akujo's chakra intensely as long as he keeps it up. He can keep it up for up to six minutes before it completely drains him.

[u]Senbonkuzen (Rose Garden):[/u] This is an extremely strong technique that requires self sacrifice. Akujo actually spills his own blood and fortifies it with his Chakra, solidifying it. He has direct control over these blood-shards, and can surround himself in a mist of them if needed.

[u]Hayai Katsuu (Swift Divide.):[/u] Akujo collects Chakra around his feet and launches himself off at intense speed in one direction, which enables him to slice through most and any materials with his Shinkon-Saku or Harienju.

[b]Fighting Style.:[/b] Quick, efforless, and painless. Akujo prefers to end fights quick, but if they drag on, he is also an endurance fighter. Preferring to strike with full force and not pull back as to cause instant death or defeat, he doesn't defend much at all. Some call this technique suicidal, he calls it mercy. If aggrivated, he can also prolong a person's death through use of the senbokuzen or many small and painful nicks and cuts with Harienju's talons.[/color][/size]
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Takahashi Hoshi



With bleach-blonde hair, and pale skin, he doesn't look like your typical Shinobi. Add in his short stature and young appearance, and you have a rather strange looking ninja. You'd be hard-pressed to find him without his typical smile, and his fashion sense (all bloodred) is a bit debatable.


Happy-go-lucky, with a somewhat juvenille attitude towards life. Hoshi is a blatant flirt. Hoshi has a soft spot for outcasts such as himself, and often goes out of his way to help those that are feeling down. He regards himself as an expert at making others smile, and prefers to look at life optimistically.

[U][B]Biography/Character Snippet:[/B][/U]
Takahashi Hoshi is a jounin of the Leaf Village who's parents fought against the Kyubi when he was a child. This left him without a mother, and led his father to drinking. In order to keep his father from slinking into terrible depression episodes, Hoshi swore to himself to never cry, to be strong and always be strong. Of course this was hard, but he managed to go 17 years of his life without shedding a single tear. That single was shed at the passing of his father. However, even without his father around, he tries to stay strong, and keep a happy face.

When Hoshi turned 17 he passed his Chunin exam and joined the ranks of accomplished ninja trainees. His unusual techniques (later discovered to be attributed to a kekkei genkai, a "gift" from his mother) drew much attention from the Hokage. Within two years Hoshi reached the rank of Jounin.

Hoshi awoke in a pile of debris, the sun shining directly in his face.

"Wh-where am I?"

He looked around, and saw other children; some crying, some injured, some dying...
Tears started to well up, his fear becoming almost too much to handle.

"Don't cry, it's alright son."

Young Hoshi recognized the gentle voice, and a smile came to his face. He turned around to face his father, filled with hope, ready for a comforting hug from his mother, the hug that always ended his tears.

Instead, he saw his father, battered and bruised, tears running down his face.


[B]Suzakugan: Stage One[/B]-A Kekkei Genkai that at first glance involves the eye(the user's eyes turn gold). However, this technique actually focuses on the senses of touch and sound. The user of this genetic trait releases chakra in the form of a red wind, which is able to detect the movements of anything within a certain radius. Thus, by sensing slight vibrations in the wind, one is able to predict logical possible motions, and the brain then deduces which will most likely be chosen out of those possible moves. This gives the appearance of prediction of the opponent's technique
[B]Suzakugan: Stage Two[/B]- While the first stage is designed for an advantage over those that focus on taijutsu, this form is ninjutsu and genjutsu specific. It seals the chakra of anyone within a limited radius created by the chakra created red wind. This forces both sides to rely solely on taijutsu. The only visible difference between the first and second stages is the change in eye shape and color. The user's eyes become birdlike and red.
Note: While this Kekkei Genkai may be useful, only one stage may be used at a time, thus limiting the usefulness of stage two (remember that Hoshi has fairly low physical strength).
[B]Gale Force[/B]- Hoshi focuses his chakra into a strong gust of wind designed to knock the foe off balance, making dodging much more difficult.
[B]Crimson Cyclone[/B]-Hoshi creates a vortex around himself, then releases his small razors into the cyclone. Anyone unfortunate enough be pulled in is lacerated by the minute razors, resulting in massive blood loss. The blood is then caught in the whirlwind, seemingly turning it red.

[B]Fighting style:[/B]
Hoshi was backed into a corner, and he knew it. His opponent was faster, stronger, and a much better fighter.

"Well, damn. Why does it always end up like this?" Hoshi closes his eyes and smiled a large smile.

"Well, it was a good try, Mister. But I'm sorry, it was pointless."

His eyes slowly openned, and as they did, the wind began to blow fiercely. The golden glare stunned his foe for a second, but that was all. The opponent shinobi launched his first attack. A kick, a punch, a well timed jab; all effortlessly dodged.

The whole time, Hoshi smiled.

A blow went straight at his face, and Hoshi bent over backwards to dodge it. The enemy ninja was beginning to lose his focus, swing more wildly. This was the break that Hoshi was looking for. He sidestepped the swing and elbowed him in the spinal collumn, disorienting his skillful foe.

Hoshi reached into a pouch and pulled out a small razor, which he held between his middle and forefinger. One swift stroke at his foe's exposed neck, and it was over.

"Damn that was fun. What's next?"

[B]Weapons:[/B] Hoshi keeps a few small pouches filled with tiny razors, the kind typically used to cut parchment. He keeps one in between each finger, to use as a sort of makeshift cat claw. They can also be used as a projectile, or a basic cutting instrument if necessary.
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[B]OOC:[/B] Thanks for waiting 'Zeke. Let me know if I should change anything.

Uchiha Sasuke



[URL=http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/8227/sasukeandnaruto5vx.jpg][B]Sasuke[/B][/URL]. After coming back from Orochimaru he changed his new outfit back to his old one from his younger days. Sasuke still wears a top as he did when he was younger. He's thrown away the arm bands and his shorts, replacing them with [URL=http://www.narutofan.com/_content-images/handprotectors.jpg][B]metal plated gloves[/B][/URL], worn by many Chuunin and Jounin, and slightly baggy black pants with wrapping still around his right leg.


Sasuke has changed quite a bit from when he was younger, he isn't quite as cold as he used to be, though still quite arrogant and conceited. He is still popular in Konoha, both from being extremely smart when younger, and because of when he ran away from the Hidden Village in search of power. Sasuke still remains quiet, not bothering to talk to people if he knows it's not worth his time or effort. He still isn't very social, but he's made friends with all the others that he knew when younger, like Naruto, Sakura, Rock Lee, Gaara, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Kiba, etc. He's one of the more powerful Jounin and he carries that power confidently. He isn't afraid to humiliate anyone if they make a mistake because he knows that in a proper situation, it could cost them their life and the lives of their team. Sasuke prefers to take charge of situations rather than take orders because he feels that he knows a lot better than others, especially with help from his Sharingan. Whenever he's given a mission, he gets it done no matter what, he prides himself in being a reliable Jounin and the jobs are done properly and on time.

[B]Biography/Character Snippet:[/B]
Sasuke's fingers twitched at his side, ready to reach for a kunai, his eyes darted around the thick forest, where was he? There was a quiet rustle, inaudible if you weren't listening for it. He dove off to the left as a barrage of shuriken flew from the area the sound had come from. Sasuke rolled along the ground as a stream of shuriken seemed to follow him. He got to his feet and threw a handful of shuriken into the tree, hearing the hollow sound he knew that his opponent had used Kawarimi no Jutsu, the Substitution technique.

He blinked and his eyes had changed from the deep coal colour to a bloody red with three commas circling the pupil. His senses immediately became a lot more alert than they had been and he stepped and turned his body just in time to dodge a fuuma shuriken from a different tree. His opponent was moving. Sasuke spun and caught the fuuma shuriken as it circled around him, ready to return to its owner. As soon as he caught it, he gave it a quick spin and threw it in anticipation that he knew where his opponent was.

There was a thunk and the shuffling sound as someone moved away from the spot quickly. Sasuke climbed his way into the tree quickly, keeping on guard and saw that it was buried in the trunk of a tree, pinned to it was a scrap of bright orange material. He grinned and tugged the weapon free, unexpectedly there was an explosion, Sasuke flipped out of reach just in time, the weapon in hand. He'd been tricked, connected to the back of the material had been an exploding note. He folded the fuuma shuriken down and held onto it for further use, jumping through the trees in search of his opponent, he saw a flash in his periferal vision and smirked to himself, continuing on his way. When the time was right he jumped to the next tree in his path but instead of continuing on, he pushed off it and sent himself back the other way, tackling his opponent around the middle, sending them sailing from the trees and hitting the forest floor. Sasuke grinned at his victory as he sat on his opponent and held a kunai against his throat.

[B]"Teme! That hurt!"[/B] his opponent cried pushing the kunai away and sitting up as the Uchiha got off.

[B]"Good session, Dobe. The trick with the exploding note was good."[/B] Sasuke commented, putting away his kunai and handing the fuuma shuriken back to Naruto.

[B]"It was wasn't it?"[/B] Naruto grinned widely, puffing up his chest.

Sasuke smirked and elbowed him lightly in the solar plexus, making the other boy exhale the air and hold his stomach.

[B]"Itai, Sasuke-teme!"[/B] he growled.

[B]"Hn, dobe. Now help me find my large shuriken, they're somewhere in the forest."[/B]

The two boys started to make their way through the forest quickly, looking for equipment they'd thrown.

([B]Note:[/B] They call each other "teme" and "dobe" in a teasing/friendly way now.)

[B]Sharingan:[/B] As the last remaining member of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke is the final natural user of the powerful eye condition known as Sharingan, and it is his most utilised ability. Most notably the Sharingan's most well known ability is to be able to memorize any technique that it has seen including nijutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu techniques. Other abilities of this very special eye include hypnosis, allowing it's user to suggest actions and thoughts to the opponent. The Sharingan also has the very useful ability to see through any illusionary technique. Now that he's an adult, Sasuke has gotten full use of all the skills of Sharingan, having all three dots in both eyes, but he hasn't brought himself to use the ability of Mangekyou Sharingan, seeing as he would have to kill his best friend.

[B]Cursed Seal:[/B] Sasuke's secret weapon is the Cursed Seal that still remains on the nape of his neck, he has learnt how to control it properly and will only use it in dire situations, otherwise it remains dormant as a tattoo on his body.

[B]Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu:[/B] Sasuke gathers a large amount of chakra in his hand and mouth; this attack is pretty similar to a flamethrower. His mouth shoots out fire and one hand is placed just outside of his lips to control it into one large fireball.

[B]Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu:[/B] Sasuke gathers a large amount of chakra in his mouth, it creates so much flame that a red hot fire will light up around him. All the chakra is then converted into fire inside the his mouth, and it's all ejected at once, creating an extremely long blaze of fire, going directly to the opponent. This technique is agile, fast, and strong, and almost always the victim will die or suffer severe burns on his entire body.

[B]Fighting style:[/B]
Sasuke is a well rounded individual, using a good mixture of ninjutsu and taijutsu. His taijutsu skills have mainly come from learning some from Rock Lee, and from training with Gai-sensei. Some experience came from his time with Orochimaru but when he was there he mainly focussed on his ninjutsu and learning to use the Cursed Seal. He's made a variety of combo moves, but one of his favourites is still his Shishi Rendan. He learns more moves and types of things with his Sharingan Copy ability. He also just enjoys pure brawling, using his hands and his katana to duke it out with other people. Sometimes he'll spar with people purely brawling since it exercises the body more than using jutsus. But he does love his weapons, which is a reason why he carries so much of them.

As a Jounin, Sasuke carries all the different holders needed for different kinds of equipment. His [B][URL=http://www.narutofan.com/_content-images/bombholster.jpg]holster[/URL][/B] is on the back of his belt on the left side for easy access, he carries a few bombs, some soldier pills, a reel of invisible string, exploding notes, and a small bunch of throwing kunai with a batch of regular kunai. Sasuke's [B][URL=http://www.narutofan.com/_content-images/shurikenholster.jpg]shuriken holster[/URL][/B] is strapped to his right thigh and he carries two fuuma shuriken slipped in between the binding and his leg. Finally he has his [B][URL=http://www.narutofan.com/_content-images/scrollholster.jpg]scroll pouch[/URL][/B] on the back of his belt, but on the right side so he can simply flick the carriers open to extract a scroll, he carries three jutsu scrolls, and fills the other compartments with missions and maps. Sasuke also sometimes carries some large shuriken (like the one that Iruka got hit with in the first episode) but he doesn't take them with him all the time since they're so big and bulky to carry around.

Sasuke's large weapon of choice is a [B][URL=http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/8250/katana3py.jpg]katana[/URL][/B] (the blade's slightly longer) that's just tied to his belt with dark navy blue wrapping, with a matching sheath. The tsuba has three comma like dots cut into it, spread around it evenly just like his Sharingan eyes, and the Cursed Seal is stamped deeply into the bottom of the weapon, inked a dark black colour. He proudly displays the symbol of Konoha engraved on the metal just above the tsuba.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Alright then! Thank you everyone for your sign ups, I'm closing this now and I'll either be starting the RP later today or tomorrow. I'll send a PM out in any case, just to let you know.

Those accepted are as follows:

JT Darkfire

The Boss
And of course myself

Sorry to those who aren't in, if you wish to know why, PM me.[/SIZE]
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