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[CENTER][B][U]Learn to Fly[/U]


[SIZE=1][I]You could say that we are the Fallen from Heaven, and Earth is our Hell. Like Lucifer we defied our God and were cast out, only we were granted the right to redeem ourselves. Either way human beings have fallen short of God?s glory for the actions of their ancestors; the original sin which prevents humanity obtaining its highest status in the Universe. This is something no one ever dwells on for long, people simply get on with their lives and rarely ever wonder about God, or Gods, in such a manner. The events of the past are something that we would find impossible these days, we would never expect another saviour to appear, nor would we expect a change in society due to a higher power.

Whether it be one God or many Gods, whether it be a Christian or Roman God, humans fell short of their glory, and one man will bring forth a prophecy that will never be forgotten.[/I][/SIZE]

[CENTER][B] Quandiu stabit coliseus, stabit et;
Quando cadit coliseus, cadet et Roma;
Quando cadet Roma, cadet et mundus.[/B]

As long as the Colosseum stands, so shall Rome;
When the Colosseum falls, so shall Rome;
When Rome falls, so shall the world.[/CENTER]

[SIZE=1][B][U]A Roman Devil[/U][/B]
In [B]187 BC[/B] Rome saw the rise of a new Titan, a Gladiator who went by the name Magnus Gore. Magnus was an incredible warrior, how he became a Gladiator was unknown. He fought almost everyday and won every battle, whoever he faced would surely die. Outside of the arena he was said to be a quiet man, others would say he was as cold and heartless as the way he would slay his opponent. It seemed Magnus had a complex of killing people, which was why he became a Gladiator, and soon enough the Emperor and the audience grew tired of his constant wins and the lack of warriors around due to Magnus killing them. Since the public had a bitter taste for Magnus, they wanted him dead, but he didn?t seem to die. In one fight Magnus knocked his enemy down, and signalled for the audience to tell him whether his foe should live or die, expecting them to indicate a death. When he was told to let the other Gladiator live, Magnus was confused, and disobeyed anyway.

Seeing his chance for new popularity among his people, the Emperor released the animals on Magnus and Magnus was stoned by the audience. Magnus was said to have died there, but when the lions left the arena there was no body on the floor. The Roman people didn?t dwell on this and let it go, and it turned out that even an assault of the lions couldn?t kill Magnus.

[B][U]The Five Promises of Magnus Gore[/U][/B]
Several months later, Magnus was said to have threatened Commodus, the Emperor who had ?turned? the Romans against Magnus. Magnus said that if humanity wasn?t willing to accept God, and now they weren?t willing to accept the Devil, then he was going to deem them unworthy of both Hell and Heaven, and that he would slay all their children just like the worthless Gladiators in the arena. He promised:[/SIZE]

[*]Humans fell short of God and fall short of me, so they will fall completely and I will do this. Every human child will die, the mighty shall rule in the place of the unaccepting heretics.
[*]The mighty shall appear in the world and, after years of neglect, will start a revolution.
[*]I will never die, I will be there for my people and I will have all you lack.
[*]I will not be forgotten, but your way of life will be, you will be words in a book, you lives will be lost.
[*]You will fall, as a show of humanity's fall from grace.

[SIZE=1]After this, all child deaths and all bad things in the Empire were blamed on Magnus Gore, not really a part of history because people feared to write about him, though a significant role in Commodus? lack of leadership. Commodus was, on many occasions, said to have made a deal with Magnus which was way he was such a blood thirsty, bad Emperor. Magnus was never seen again, and never heard from because no one wrote about him. There was one painting of Magnus, however, and he appeared as a strong man, with great black wings on his back.

[B][U]The Fall[/B][/U]
The traditional date of the fall of the Roman Empire is [B]September 4, 476[/B] when Romulus Augustus, the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire was deposed. Magnus Gore was said, by the few who knew his name, to be involved with that. No one knew how or why, or even if the date was right for Rome?s fall, but many believed that Magnus was portraying the story of Adam and Eve by letting the civilisation fall from its paradise, its glory and everything that made it the greatest city in history. Magnus had kept his last promise. His fourth promise later became clear, as he was never mentioned in history because most things that made Rome what it was were forgotten and misinterperated.

[B][U]The Ressurection[/B][/U]
[B]2010[/B] hosts the third promise of Magnus Gore. A boy was born with an abnormal bone structure near his shoulder blades and back, though nothing happened until he was a teenager. His name was Matthew, and in those vital years when he was growing up he looked into the mirror, pain shooting through his spine, and watched as two blood stained wings shot out of his back. From that moment he felt no fear, only a despise for humans. His wings were small, so he hid them for some time, and he went to Rome to learn about Magnus. There wasn?t much about Magnus, though what he did know was the answer he needed.

When Matthew grew up he began to preach to the people, telling them that the only way to redeem themselves was to learn to fly and embrace the way of the Ancient Romans, before their fall, and build a city so high that they could [I]take[/I] God, not worship him. Matthew was ignored. One day, on [B]September 4[/B], same day as Rome fell, Matthew assassinated the Pope in front of millions. He then flung off his coat and let the world glance at his wings, telling them that, once again, they ignored the warning from above and now they would die.

Matthew wouldn?t be the last to rise with wings.

[B][U]The Revolution[/B][/U]
Tests were run on those born with the faulty gene, the part which apparently made children bare angel wings. Matthew was still alive then, and he convinced those with wings never to let them be slaves. No more experiments were run. No more nice angels. People rejected them, they were freaks, they weren?t allowed in society. Matthew laughed at this and, in [B]2024[/B], the Revolution that Magnus mentioned in his second promise began. Angels, as they were dubbed, started off in small groups, attacking here and there. As the years past they grew in numbers, and their conquering started from the very place Magnus began; Rome. Under Matthew?s rule, the Angels took over one by one in the name of the Ancients. With their superiority, the Angels took over most of Europe faster than the Romans and, in time, the world.

The day Matthew brought back from was named 1 A.H., [B]After Humanity[/B]. The entire world was taken over in [B]35 A.H.[/B] and humanity was a sub species to the now great Angels. They turned the world into a new age Roman Civilisation, no longer ancient, yet technologically advanced and a new page to history, reviving a legend.

Rome was the capital city of the world. Matthew, proud of his creation, renamed himself Magnus Gore believing that, because of his black wings, he was the reincarnation of the legendary Magnus. Humans lived underground in the worse conditions, most never even saw light again. Some were kept above ground, in camps, they were used as training creatures for the Angels and their army. Humans would also come above ground for the grand event: the Gladiator Games. Humans would fight in Rome?s most grand competition, its highest form of entertainment. Some angels were even thrown underground, criminals forced to fight and die in the arena just like old days. And, just like the old dies, when Magnus fought he never lost.

[CENTER][B]Learn to Fly[/B][/CENTER]

Will humanity fall on its knees and submit to the self-proclaimed superior race? Spartacus lead a slave revolt, there is nothing stopping humans. Though he failed today?s humans outnumber the Angels greatly, and the mistakes of the past won?t be made again.

Several years ago Vincent Arnold had supposedly created a flawless plan of action to reduce the entire Angel world to dust. His followers were few, as many feared being crucified if they followed Vincent. His men fought together in the arena and would normally be responsible for the Angel?s decrease in numbers. Vincent?s battle tactics in the arena seemed to work, so others joined his plan to overthrow the Angels. When Magnus learned of Vincent?s plans, he called him to the arena in a battle. Vincent was alone, without his team beside him, he lost. He was slaughtered by Magnus and is now hung on Colosseum, below the Emperor?s seat, with the words: ?No Mercy? below his decaying corpse.

Vincent?s tactic for the Fall of the Angels was known as ?Learn to Fly?, meaning that humans will rise as the Angels wanted, and they will cast them from their glory. Humans would take to the Heavens, the above ground, apparently, and cast the demons from their paradise. History was a mistake, one which would not be made again.

There is hope. Dare you revolt to take back your world?


Codename:[/B] [You don?t have to be called by this, but it would be good if it was an Ancient name]
[B]Age:[/B] [16+]
[B]Origin:[/B] [The RPG takes place in Rome]

[B]Weapons:[/B] [Only in the arena]
[B]Armour:[/B] [Only in the arena]
[B]Victories:[/B] [Don?t make this huge]

[B]Biography:[/B] [Snippet or full bio][/CENTER]

[I]My own sign-up will be up shortly, and there?ll be an Underground thread up as well. Any questions, just message me and I?ll answer them. Thank you for taking a look and if you choose the join, then good luck with your sign-up. If you wish to play a criminal Angel on our side then message me first.[/I][/SIZE]
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[B]Name-[/B] Cristofer Armen
[B]Codename-[/B] Pyrrhus, meaning flame-colored; red. This was another name of Neoptolemus the son of Achilles and of the name of a 3rd-century BC king of Epirus.
[B]Age-[/B] 23
[B]Origin-[/B] Greece

[B]Weapons-[/B] Carried in his right hand is a golden-red broadsword that began to lose its faux silver glint and in his left is a gauntlet of the same color. Together, these two mighty weapons serve as his survival but also his victory.
[B]Armour-[/B] One of the many ways the other gladiators can discern Cristofer is his bright-red tunic
[B]Victories-[/B] So far, Cristofer has went into battle and won four times.
[B]Defeats-[/B] As for his defeats, it has been two.

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://www.kinoweb.de/film2000/Gladiator/pix/gla.jpg]Cristofer[/URL] is a broad-shouldered man with unruly dark brown hair and an unshaven chin. He appears tough and brusque, wielding his broadsword and gauntlet. He bears a scar on his right shoulder but hides it from on-looking eyes.

[B]Personality-[/B] Cristofer is a quiet man who keeps to himself but when push comes to shove, he is one who stands tall and does not fall. None have ever faced him in the Underground and none have ever approached him for it is said that those who do lose more than just a limb. He appears brute and defiant with cold eyes piercing your soul and a stone heart that couldn?t be broken; Cristofer?s calloused appearance made him a mysterious man who?s actions could not be predicted, let alone watched.

However, he is also a man of dexterity and intelligence, wise beyond words with series of homage written in Ancient times spread out like mats memorized in his mind. Cristofer is as enigmatic as the words he speak, covered in anomalies. Nonetheless, he is but a man waiting to ?Learn to Fly.?

[B]Biography-[/B] [LATER]

[size=1][color=#CD6619]Yay I'm the first ^_^.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Sienna]This sounds interesting. Although, as I recall, by the time the Roman empire collapsed, Rome was already conquered by barbarians, and the last capital of the empire was Byzantium... but eh, whatever sounds cool :animesmil :animesmil

Name: Thomas Earl
Codename: Tacitus
Age: 21
Origin: Rome

Weapons: Ever the traditionalist, Tom uses a simple gladius. Designed for close combat, the gladius is meant to be used with agility and prowess, rather than brute strength. It's hilt is wrapped in blood-red cord, both for looks and extra grip.
Armour: Tom hates to be confined by bulky armour-plating, and hates to have his vision impared by a traditional gladiator helmet. As such, he only keeps a shield, much like that of the traditional Roman legionnaires. Past that, he has little in the way of armour - he relies on a simple leather tunic and his agility to protect him from most opponents.
Victories: Tom has not faught in as many battles as some other gladiators, only 3 thus far, and he has come out the victor in 2 of them. The other was a rather dull draw that was booed by everyone in the stadium.
Defeats: No defeats thus far, unless a draw counts as a defeat.

Appearance: *I have a site that I want to get the picture from, but it's having database trouble... give me some time on this one*
Personality: Tom is considered by himself and those who know him as a bit of a cynic and a defeatist; he has a habit of pointing out the problems with peoples ideas or plans, or just he people in general. He's also a bit dark, he keeps to himself most of the time, and likes to be amongst his own thoughts.
Biography: [Snippet or full bio]
*I'll finish this when I have the time, and all the details I need.*
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kain Draven
[B]Codename:[/B] Achilles
[B]Age:[/B] 27
[B]Origin:[/B] Greece

[B]Weapons:[/B] Twin blades, one bronze, the other steel. Both having intricate designs on the handle that works it way up the blade until it about 6 inches from the tip, if both swords are lined up side-by-side then the designs line up and form the Cube of Metatron. A shaped consisting of 13 circles and seventy-eight lines connect them. One circle is in the center, six circles surround the middle circle, and six more circles touch end to end with the previous circles. Looks something like [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/metatcubebwlogo.gif] this. [/URL]
[B]Armour:[/B] He wears a simple bronze breast plate with armguards, grieves, and helmet and a shield that is placed on his back and rarely is worn on his arm.
[B]Victories:[/B] 8
[B]Defeats:[/B] 4

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/markcopy.jpg] Kain, [/URL] except both eyes are blue, and those are his clothes outside of the arena and he doesn?t use those weapons.
Personality:[/B] Kain is a rather complex individual; he keeps his emotions in check and doesn?t express any hostility towards angels, but deeply despises them. He never has anything against those he fights against in the arena, but does take some deep satisfaction in eliminating angels from the arena. He goes by the strict policy of ?Kill or be killed.?

And he exercises it every day. And even though he is the usual killer of the arena, he wins by calculating each move and thinking before charging head first into any battle. And when he can, he will lurk in the shadows and listen to what other say. Everybody says it is rude, he says it is a necessary means to get intelligence. He sometimes prefers to be alone when he can, he socializes, but not enough to reveal to much.

[B]Biography:[/B] Kain was born and raised on one of the many greek know as Ithaki, and since he was born during the time of angels ruleing the world, he was forced from a very young age to fight. His father, Peleus, was and excellent fighter and taught his son everything. Showing him how to use a blade properly, which points to hit on the body to either cripple them or kill them. And Kain took to this quite quickly, learning it and mastering it while he was 15.

His mother, however, showed him the wonders of Ithaki. Showing and tell him that he should respect all living things around him, even if he hated them. His mother taught him hwo to use his brain, how to think things through and how to calculate each move, almost to an exact science. But shortly after his parents had taught him what they could, and only at the age 20 he was taken away and sent to Rome, where is forced to battle it out with anyone and everything.

He still relys heavily upon his parents teaching to get him through each battle, but it has proved to be something that can be effective and precise in most situations. Not all of them, jsut enough to get him through. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B][Criminal Angel][/B]
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name:[/B][/COLOR] Jonah Marcus
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Codename:[/B][/COLOR] Proditor, meaning traitor/betrayer. He didn?t choose it, it was forced upon him.
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Age:[/B][/COLOR] 90, He looks approx 30 however.
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Origin:[/B] [/COLOR] Rome

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Weapons: [/B][/COLOR] A simple roman broadsword, there is nothing special about his weapon; over many battles it has grown rather blunt to the point where it?s only useful for bludgeoning enemies.
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Armor:[/B][/COLOR] He has none to speak of.
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Victories: [/B][/COLOR] None what so ever.
[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Defeats:[/B][/COLOR] Many, too many to count really, more often than not he is outnumbered in the arena, victory is almost impossible. He lost count of his defeats long ago.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Appearance:[/B] [/COLOR] [URL=http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/7908/angel00white0ob.png ][B]Jonah's[/B][/URL] body is covered in scars, at any one time he may also be covered in scabs or freshly sewn wounds; this is mostly due to his lack of armor when he fights in the arena. His hair is a light blonde-brown colour, his eyes are green. Jonahs wings are a mix of brown, blonde and light brown feathers. His wings are ratty looking, he has no flght leathers. Sometimes patches of feathers may be missing.
Jonah?s hair his just over shoulder length and constantly falls into his face, he shaves occasionally. He is by no means weak in anyway, he has a strong muscle structure and is physically fit. He usually wears a dark brown tunic.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Personality: [/B] [/COLOR]
He acts friendly towards humans and Angels alike; this however is far from how he truly feels on the inside. His outer emotions are purely a facade.

Bitter, crude and defiant, did I mention he was bitter? Jonah was once a proud man, happy and content, now hardly any of his former self remains. His spirit has been broken by the very society he once fought to protect. He is hell bent on revenge and will attempt to exact it even if it means giving his life. By no means is he unwilling to talk to people, in fact Jonah acts quite pleasant even when the Angel guards feel they need to beat him. Two-faced is a perfect way to describe his character. He despises not having something to occupy him, leaving Jonah alone with his thoughts isn?t a very good idea.

Sometimes his true personality may surface due to stress or some other stimulus and he will tend to be very rude towards everyone. Extreme outbursts may cause him to become physically violent.

[B]?AGHH!? [/B] Jonah screamed out in pain, the Angel Guards felt the need to once again beat him for looking sideways at them. Usually his punishments just involved a few good punches, today they had resorted to ripping out his feathers in large clumps, something must have pissed them off. A human couldn?t possibly know the pain that is brought upon an Angel when their feathers are torn from their wings. Jonah had heard it done, when humans managed to capture Angels alive on the battle field and torture them from information, their wings would be the first target.

Jonah always thought that the pain brought about from his feathers? being ripped from his wings would be comparable to that of toe or fingernail being ripped out, that?s was what he was told, he discovered it was much worse. His wings hardly ever molted any more, the guards took care of that. When they were finished his wings looked as though someone had attacked them with a sharp implement. They left him bleeding in the alley way they had dragged him too, occasionally a human would poke their head through to see what had happened, when they saw it was an Angel they span on him. Not many humans tolerated the presence of Angels in their ?world?, unless they were a doctor or someone who could be of use, the Angles that were cast down were rarely of use to anyone.

May humans had fought against Jonah in battle, this caused more hatred towards him than usual, but he just smiled back. He lay there in the alley way regaining his composure. The guard that had beaten him was an Angel Jonah once knew well the other he knew only by sight; in fact the guard had served under him once upon a time.


[B]?Will you ever grow sick of beating him??[/B] Adrian questioned his partner, knowing full well what his answer would be. The pair walked about the underground on their appointed route.

[B]?I will only grow sick of beating him once he is dead, killing him will bring me no satisfaction however. I want him to suffer.?[/B] Leonardo was once Jonahs? second in command, when Jonah fell from grace so too did he.

[B]?We both know his story, everyone knows, he was deemed a traitor for consorting with the humans to overthrow Magnus, to over throw our whole society. His own wife, sons and daughter, his own men confirmed the accusation even though there was no ?concrete? evidence. He was rumored by everyone to be the very Angel giving privileged information to Vincent Arnold. You and I know as well as anyone that he should have been executed on the spot but because of whom he was he was cast down here for life, a fate worse than death to any Angel?? [/B] Adrian stopped his recollection there before continuing. [B]?I can understand your hatred, I abhor him for trying to destroy us but why do you take him being here so personally?? [/B] Adrian was eager for an answer he never quite understood his partners actions.

[B]?I was once his second in command, in the grand army, we served together for many years, we were once best friends. When his betrayal became known many people went down with him, I was one of them; I however chose not to kill my self like so many others because of the dishonor or impending punishment. It is his fault I?m down here when I could be leading an army. To day is the anniversary of his arrest and the end of so many others lives?his wings should have been ripped from his back.?[/B] And with those words Adrian was not game enough to say further on the matter, the two walked about their route in silence.


Jonah limped his way back to his cell; he had watched many children on the way home singing chants as they ran though the streets. It had taken the beating to get Jonah to remember what this day signified, [B]?bastards?[/B] he cursed. Indeed this very day marked the day that he was cast down into ?hell?, it was his flaw of showing no resentment towards the humans that caused him to be here. His wife, a daughter and two sons were ambitious, too ambitious for their own good.

He was accused by those he loved, his wife collecting ?evidence? against him, turning his own men and children to her cause. His fall would mean his wife would be promoted to a position of power for finding him out and his eldest son given his command due to the fall of others in his command along with him, none receiving a punishment as harsh as his. Clever they were in their schemes, he was branded a traitor, his loving wife re-married, and to whom he did not know, his other children his daughter and younger son also promoted to positions of authority. Revenge filled his heart and twisted his soul, it was not known by anyone but him and possibly a few others, if he was the Angel that helped Vincent to arrange for the humans to ?Lean to Fly?.

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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Martin Tibbs
[B]Codename: [/B]Blaesus - [i]Someone who mispronounces words, slurs his speech, stammers, or lisps.[/i] - It was an insult from one of his masters, he kept it because it's his speech patterns that leads the enemies to believe him unintelligent.
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Origin:[/B] London, England - or what's left of it.

[B]Weapons:[/B] None
[B]Armor:[/B] None
[B]Victories: [/B]None
[B]Defeats:[/B] None, although some might say his whole life has been a defeat...

[B]Appearance: [/B]Tibbs is short - five feet, two inches - and skinny, with a mane of uncontrollable reddish-brown hair. His hair is long enough to be worn pulled back or braided, but he prefers to do neither. He also has the scruff of an attempted beard, although it's somewhat patchy; the same shade of reddish-brown as his hair. His eyes are bright green with flecks of brown, and tend to broadcast his emotions. They're usually hidden behind thin-framed glasses.

His entire body is covered with thin, white scars from his various punishment sessions when he was a slave, and his wrists and ankles have thicker scars from years of manacles.

He dresses in layers, usually three or four deep. All of his clothing tends to be on the raggedy side, although he keeps them patched. He never wears jewelry, and ESPECIALLY never necklaces. His movements are spastic - he never stands still.
Personality: [/B]Tibbs has a somewhat hangdog personality - he's easily overruled, easily walked on and easily hurt. After a life of being a slave, though, what else could you really expect? He's trying to be strong for the rest of the Learn to Fly group, but he doesn't really know what 'strong' is. He's easily startled, easily frightened, and his instincts tend to tell him 'flight over fight.' He considers that somewhat ironic. He hates being touched, to the point where he freaks out when people just [i]stand[/i] too close to him.

On the positive side, however, he's a great listener, great thinker, and when he feels as though he's safe he's got a shy, quiet sense of humor.

[B]Biography: [/B]Tibbs had been a slave from before he could remember. He remembers no parents, only owners. He was first used as a foot-slave to a rich child, and as he grew older he became that child's whipping boy, punished when the child did anything wrong. The other child, however, soon grew out of Tibbs, and so he was sold to another master.

As time went on, Tibbs passed from owner to owner - gardener, cook, miner, cleaner - anywhere people wanted cheap labor? He'd eventually turn up. As life for a slave went, being useful was about the only thing he could do to survive. He tried to stay cheerful - or at least optimistic - about his life. Where there's life, there's hope of escape...right? But...he was still very young when his latest owner decided he was good for...something else.

That did what beatings and hard work had not - it broke him. Hurt and humiliated, Tibbs retreated into himself, becoming even more quiet and fearful with every encounter. When that owner grew bored, he was passed on - with his former owner taking great pains to let his new owner know exactly what she thought he was good for.

He couldn't really do anything to protest. Humans were secondary citizens now, a subclass. Any protest he could make would be shot down, denied as slander, or just plain impossible - the very [i]thought[/i] of an 'Angel' defiling themselves with a mere human [i]runt[/i] could be taken as blasphemy, although they all knew it was happening. And so it went on for years...

Until he was seventeen. The year he turned seventeen, he was used in a wager - a wager that his master lost...lost to a human, a gladiator. The gladiator set Tibbs free, but Tibbs didn't quite know the meaning of the word anymore. So Tibbs wound up involved in a revolution, despite the fact that he can't fight worth anything. He's one of the few non-combatants in Learn to Fly; he acts now as a data collector, an occasional spy, and a message boy.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I was a little unsure about Rome's fall, Cygnus, since my history teacher forgot to teach us about it. It's why I left that part so blank. And also I forgot to add, many thanks to [B]Revelation[/B] for coming up with a use for the title ^_^;; sorry I forgot, heh. Here's my sign-up and I'll wait for about three or four more people before I start this.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Claudius Adama [Birth name: Henry Adama]
[B]Codename:[/B] Claudius
[B]Age: [/B] 24
[B]Origin:[/B] Unknown to Claudius [Believed to be Poland]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Claudius is normally seen with two [I]gladius?[/I], which is the short sword used by most Gladiators. He prefers the two swords or a spear and also likes to wear a small shield if fighting with any of those weapons.

[B]Armour:[/B] A small, round shield is probably his trademark, but aside that Claudius is fully armoured and wears leather underneath his armour. His [u][url=http://www.penguin3d.com/gallery/breastplate.jpg]breastplate[/url][/u] has a stylized griffin on it, as do his shin pads and arm guards. The shield also bares the same griffin mark. His [u][URL=http://www.nitrocomics.com/gladhelmet2.jpg]helmet[/URL][/u] is always worn in combat and is used as a means of hiding his face from the people he hates. There is also a metal screen over the eyes that can be pulled up, a lot like silver glass, shielding Claudius? eyes from the sun since he spent too much time in the darkness.

[B]Victories:[/B] 5 against normal humans in a competition held several years ago, 2 against angels.
[B]Defeats:[/B] 15, one with Magnus which left a scar from his left shoulder to his index finger.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://imperiumromanum.com/sprache/filme/gladiator_joaquinphoenix_01.jpg]Here[/URL] [Commodus from Gladiator, minus the crown]

[B]Personality:[/B] At a first glance Claudius is seen as a cold, uncaring, angry young man. He spends most of his time on his own in the Underground, never really talking to anyone and shrugging people off if they do get too close. Claudius wants to appear cold and heartless, he doesn?t even care that there have been rumours about his insanity from time to time. In the Underground Claudius is hated for taking part in a human vs. human competition, he is disliked for his sarcastic, ironic attitude and he doesn?t really mind. In all honesty Claudius is trying to make people dislike him, in fear that being close to people will cause just as much pain as before.

In reality, not what Claudius appears to be, he is an honest man. Those in the Underground who have taken the time or have managed to talk to Claudius without being snapped at sarcastically have noticed that he will for freedom and loyalty towards his dead comrades is unheard of. Though Claudius may be angry he still doesn?t let it cloud him enough to make him a monster. Even among his few friends Claudius still appears as a mysterious man from time to time, he will normally blurt out lines of poems he remembers and say things that really are irrelevant to the subject. To his friends, not to the strangers who hold him back, he is a loyal, trustworthy, honourable young man who is willing to fight one last time. Among his friends Claudius seemingly loses the appearance he gives to others and gains respect by kindness and curiosity, possibly the only respect he has in the Underground are from his very few friends.

[B]Biography:[/B] Henry Adama, son of Phillip Adama, does not remember his life before he was five years old. He awoke on a ship sailing towards Ireland, possibly one of the last places the Angels hadn?t taken. He had a mother, a father, two brothers and a sister. Whilst in Ireland he grew up with some good morals and had a very good view on life, though he, like everyone else, knew of the Angels and the doom heading towards them. His father told him that their family would never be taken as slaves and that they would fight any creature, no matter how divine, to the last breath. During his childhood Henry was a very, very caring child. He cared so much about everything in his life, he was an incredibly passionate young man. What was the most important thing was his loyalty and his love. Henry loved his family and his friend, he wasn?t going to let them go.

Magnus came personally to Ireland to crush the last resistance to his superpower. In a fury of flames and battles, Magnus burnt Henry?s village [I]and[/I] the adults. Magnus took the children and made them watch the adults burn alive while crucified, and when this was complete he told each child that this is what they deserve for defying their fate, this is what they deserve for their prejudice and defeat. Magnus said that the strong will be recognized and survive, whilst the weak will die and be forgotten. Henry would never forget that.

The children were shipped to Rome with Magnus and Henry was silent all the way there. He didn?t speak for years. His parents were murdered when he was 7, and he spent 4 years Underground away from the sunlight and most other humans. Since he was so far away from everything else the darkness which he dwelled to got to him, making his eyes more sensitive to light and looking a lot darker than they should have been. When Magnus called for a clean out of all the ?gutters? of the Underground, they found him. After so many years he spoke, telling the soldiers his name was Claudius Adama.

Claudius was forced to live with the other humans and he did so, with difficultly. He wouldn?t let anyone near him and found that he enjoyed making negative remarks and snapping at people. One day, a Gladiator was thrown into the Underground after a defeat, blood on him and dying. Claudius asked him who he had faced to be beaten so badly, and when the Gladiator told Claudius that he had been defeated by Magnus there was a significant change in Claudius. Coldness turned to anger, and he demanded to be allowed his first battle. The Angels simply laughed, commenting he was too young.

In the two years where Claudius eagerly awaited his first fight he watched Vincent carefully, and saw how he talked about his tactics to his followers. From simply listening Claudius learnt a lot, he was even sure he knew what Learn to Fly was. The day Vincent died was the day Claudius was allowed to fight, and when he fought his first battle he won. This was his first mistake, since Claudius made some terrible remarks to the crowd.

After his victory Claudius was beaten by the Angel guards for his remarks. Humans gave him sympathy, which he also disliked. He bitterly snapped at his own species and became an unpopular person in the Underground. What made him even more unpopular was the fact that, when a unique competition pitting humans against humans came around, he entered. All losers in that tournament died. Claudius managed to fight his way to the top and win the tournament, and he ended up making another mistake. In his victory he shouted up at the Emperor, asking if he was having fun. Magnus took this as a challenge.

During their battle Claudius was no match for the Emperor. Magnus flung him around the arena with ease, beating him almost to death with his bare hands. Magnus took his own dagger and made a scar for Claudius to remember the match by, all the way down his left should to the tip of his finger. Despite his hate for the one human, Magnus allowed him to live, and sent him back to the Underground, where Claudius grew angrier and angrier.

The events after that were unimportant. Claudius lost, he won barely, he was an outcast in his own species for his mistakes and was barely able to survive in this world. Under his bitterness and cold exterior he wanted his freedom back, because deep down he felt he wasn?t a loser. The people who knew him for real, the very few that they were, knew he wasn?t as cold and heartless as he seemed. Claudius blamed his lying appearance of coldness on the Emperor and vowed that if anyone was going to kill Magnus he would be the on to deliver the fatal blow.[/SIZE]
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