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Carren Heart

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It is a World of Dread a world taken by evil, has it truly been only two short years.
Your world fell into a state of vile evil the peaceful planes now stained with the blood of Heroes.

About two years ago a powerful force laid siege to your world, the land of magic called Landis your home now ruled by an inhuman evil a faceless power.
With no knowledge left but your name and powers you must make a choose between fighting like the heroes long past you o/r live a life so horrible that death is its reward.

Chr Name:
Chr "class"
hopes and dreams-

Pick between


O/r MP me with your idea for a new race

Then pick your "class"


After that you can choose three minor Powers/Moves/Spells (offensive, defensive, or general)
I will okay almost every thing in here with MPing you all
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Name: Jrake
class:human, warrior
des: average height. short hair, very fast in reflexes with monk-like abilities. shyish
hopes: to be liked by everyone/
dreams: to be the greatest monk/warrior around.

abilities: above average speed.
able to fight better hand to hand.
able to throw rocks with moderate accuracy
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Name: Amby
class: Elf, Thief
description: 500 years old, but she looks like a 13 year old human child with pointy-ish ears, has blonde hair with green streaks and wild green eyes. Usually wearing the classic elf suit (a dark green nature fabric vest, tied down in the front with a knee lengh uneven cut dark green skirt and a green anklet with no shoes.
hopes: to be the most well known thief around! :D :naughty:
dreams: to be the greatest monk/warrior around.
abilities: able to aim a sling shot and hit at any distance wherever she wants, has smoke powder so when she wants a quick escape she throws it it blows up and she can get out through the smoke, and is an expert climber, can climb in trees like a monkey :D fun fun fun
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[color=crimson]Name: Asuka

Race: Elf

Class: Priestess

Description: Long, silvery hair to her knees, perfectly straight. She has ice blue eyes and a pale complextion. She wears a white gown, cut short up one side and rippling softly to the floor in an angle. She carries a staff that she uses for healing powers.

Hopes and Dreams: After not being able to save her father and mother with her healing powers as a priestess, she has dedicated herself to make her powers stronger and better so that no one close to her will ever die again.

Spells and Powers: Defensive powers. Skilled in the art of healing and calming. [/color]
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Name: Samantha

Race: human

Class: wizard (sorceress)

Description: Samantha wears the same outfit; brown hair, a dark blue cloak, black pants, brown boots, a silver staff, and a black cape.

Hopes and Dreams: Samantha has heard rumors of what have happened, but not in detail. She since then has trained herself in the art of magic and sorcery. She hopes to protect everyone she can.

Spells and Powers: magic, sword play, and lots of fighting skills.
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Name: Craig

Race: Elf, Wizard

Description: Long Silver hair, Deep hazel eyes. Has a black and red tunic with a black cape, and black boots. He has a staff, with a red and white orb on top, anda long bow.

Hopes and Dreams: Craig wishes to be at peace with everything, and to be one with the earth.

Spells: Magic Missiles
Din's fire
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Name: Ash
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Description: Ash has long brown hair and brown eyes. Wears and armoured chest plate with a holster for his sword on the back. His sword is made of Titanium and is light but strong. It's handle is made of a gold alloy that has been passed down for many years in his family.
Hopes/Dreams: To avenge the murders of his parents and to become one of the greatest warriors around.

Fire Arrow
Fire sword (He charges up his sword and it ignites without getting damaged and teh flame will only be put out by the spell caster)
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name: tursi

Race: human

Class:theft by night warrior by day. ((can i do that?))

Description: tall, medium long brown hair useually pulled up and tucked under an emrald cloak. Has a broadsword given to her by and old friend. has been abandodn since the age of ten and is now 15

hopes and dreams: my hopes are to be the quickest theif, and the the best swords man

abilities: sword fighting and achery are her best subjuects. she has a black arabin horse the she stunt rides on and works on.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Flaija Chastain

Race: Elf/human hybrid. Warrioress

Description: Shoulder length Silverey blond hair [think Legolas, from the Lord of the Rings] Glowing silver eyes. Wears a long purple tunic, belted with leather, a silver cape, and black boots. She has a crystal that transforms to a sword when she calls it's name.

Hopes and Dreams: Flaija wishes to be reunited with her fellow warriors, Shuelya and Raika, but they died years ago. She fights to gain admitance to Valhalla, where she can be with them forever.

Moves: Light Shield: blocks most spells, except the most powerful
Crystal Sword: sword pulled out of the crystal
Eternity Last: a finishing move[/COLOR]
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Character Name: Andrew
Character "class": Elf thief

Descirption:Andrew is unlike nay elf seen before. He has short spikey blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears a black cloak and black everything else (Traditonal elf wear). He has a large long sword which was finly crafted by his father along with a small dagger.

hopes and dreams: Andrew wants nothing more than a pleasant life even if stealing is required.
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Charceter Name:Zack
Charecter Class:Human, Warrior

Describtion:Zack was a human lost to the human world. He was in the forest when the seige upon the his world began...and during the ensueing attacks, Zack lost his memory of the human world...of all he had knowen. From that point on he fought against the "man-beast" to defend what he thinks of as his home. He wears a stone mask ashamed to look like the "man-beast". He carry's a spear and a self made stone dagger. He knows a little evilish from an elf that used to visit him.He wears clothing made out of animal fur.He is agile, relying on speed over strength. 16 years old, Grey-Blue eyes, and Dark Brown hair, grown out and pulled back into a ponytail with some strong vines.

Hopes&Dreams:To defend his home from both man and the evil. To know his origins.

Spear mastery
Herbology((He knows all the cures and poisons of his forest))
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[font=century gothic]Name: Riven Arcane
Race: Human; thief

Description: Just a kid; ten or eleven years old; dark hair; black clothes; pale skin; pendant around neck

Personality: Riven's a scrawny kid with a bit of an attitude. To start, doesn't care about anything or anyone but herself. Not afraid of anything, except maybe letting someone get too close.

Weapons: Dagger, staff
Abilities: Very small, agile, fast; can move/hide easily in the dark, shadows[/font]
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