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RPG Dragon Riders-Battle of Heoul (M-LSV)

Akieen Cloud

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The sun was high and hot that day, just like everyday that week, looking down on the Earth from it's post in the sky. A lone figure walked along the dusty path, each step accented by a rise of the dry dirt. The figure was cloaked in black, the cloak was a thin, light material that resembled silk; The town down the path was bare and quiet, not normal for this part of the region. The figure stopped in the middle of a small road leading through to the center of the town, the hair on the back of the persons neck seemed to stand on end making it obvious that something was wrong. Pulling off the cloak a young women stood there, her silver eyes darting back and forth searching for the danger that she sensed. As if on cue a large beast lunged from the shadows of the building beside her, in a flash an arrow was planted between the monster's red eyes. It fell to the ground twitching form the swift death. Knocking another arrow she proceeded forward to the center of the town catuiously, upon reaching the center she stopped and stared hardly able to look at the sight before her, her fair skin turing pale. There in the center of the town square were the townspeople, all of them dead, charred from burning and piled as high as possible on the brick; men, women, children, even livestock. She continued to inspect the killing, her boots sounding as if she were walking through water, looking down she saw only blood. She looked back up as the screech of a hungry Raven caughty her attention, perched upon the body of a dead infant it bent down to peck at the boady when it exploded into a puff of feathers from her arrow. A loud growl made her spin around, her breath caught as the orange skin of a Mar'Krol showed beneath the thick armor it was wearing. She looked up as a giant shadow passed over her and smiled slightly as a voice filled her head, concern flooding her emotions.
'There is a Mar'Krol army attacking the town.'
She sent a mental reply back.
'But the town is already destroyed, I don't understand...what kind of madness has driven these beasts from the Dark Froests to kill humans?'
'There is a Tamer with them.'
she felt her blood run cold, Tamers were dangerous; they could tame nad control almost any beast other than a Dragon, and if powerful enough they could tame the spirts of the dead and begin to have necromantic powers. The young women began to run through the other half of the town, the shadow following above her. As she ran she heard the roars and clattering of the Mar'Krol behind her following what they were hopeing to bet heir next meal. She triped and landed on her belly, her bow slideing from her grasp.
She picked her-self up and tested her ankle, winceing in pain she she cursed again, twisted. Looking up she felt more terror wash over her as the shadow passed her. She tried a mental call and felt the fear double as a wall blocked her from calling for aid, she looked back as Mar'Krol emerged from between the two buildings and charged at her. As one detached it-self fromt he pack and lunged she threw out a gloved hand and spoke.
A tornado tore the monsters apart leaving clumps of flesh and bone on the grey stone, green blood soaking the dry dirt that rest there. Finally a mental call brole through.
'You used magic, why?'
'I'm in danger! Where are you?'
'On my way.'
She heard the anger in the deep voice and felt a shuder run through her body. Looking up from her metal connection she saw that the other MAr'Krol had finished their mean of their fallen commrades and were now adavanceing on her. She felt ice cold fear grip her chest and heart till a deafening roar bellowed through the streets the shadow fell ontop if the Mar'Krol. He turned to th e girl, green blood staining her pristine scales and claws.
'Are you harmed?'
'Not badly, nothing that I can't heal. Twisted ankel.'
His tail whipped across the alley sliceing an advanceing Mar'Krol in half.
'Can you walk?'
'Does hobble count as walking?'
He turned and in a flash of claw and fang killed two more Mar'Krol.
'It'll do, hobble as you say.'
She stood clumisly and hopped to the large White Dragon that was her partner. He bent his left foreleg and hoisted her onto his back infront of his large wings. He pulled back, arching his neck and let a burst of blue fire erupt from deep in his throat. The Mar'Krol screamed and ran past a tall young man with white hair and red eyes, the Tamer. His red eyes bored into her silver eytes challenging her and the dragon both. She tore her right glove off, throwing out her hand palm outward faceing the Tamer she yelled over the crackleing fires so her could hear her.
"The Dragon riders have returned! Whom do you serve?"
A feral grin spread across his features showing pointed teeth, his white hair blowing as the wind began to blow through the small valley. He turned on his heel and walked away, she linke dher mind to the dragons and useing his eyesight looked at the insignia on his cloak. A large castle, two swords, and a sheild were arranged in black against the red cloth. She went back to her own mind.
'The impire...What could have happened to make that foul king feel he can take over this land?'
'A Tamer ould do that, as well as a treaty with the Mar'Krol.'
'Good point Barcain, I think we should go to the high council with this.'
'I agree Aria, I think things are getting dangerous.'
She nodded as she put her black hair into a pony tail, her pointed ears now exsposed.
'I believe that if he can get a Tamer, and the Mar'Krol to join him, only the High Powers know what else the King has hidden in his black castle.'
The dragon nodded and turned heading for the Heoul Mountains, towards the reble adn dragon riders home, Aria leaned over Barcain's neck and spread a hand on his neck in a sign of affection, a hum came from deep in his throat that could have been considered a purr.
'Do you think he might have a Necromancer hidden in his ranks? Maybe even another Rider besides himself? He does have two stolen eggs from the Haven.'
'We may never know Aria.'
She nodded and leaned back against one of his giant back spikes and let her eyes close as she appriciated the cool wind created by Barcain's flight. She sat up as they neared the mountains and the entrace to the Haven of Heoul. She put her right glove back on once more to cover the white symbol on her palm. As Barcain landed she leaned froward, her black leather rideing outfit streching and molding to her lithe form. PLaceing bloth hands on her injured ankel she whispered a few words, she hopped from his back and began to walk unhindered by her ankle. BArcain followed close behind her, reaching the high council she bowed respectfully, Barcain inclined his large head behind her.
"Rise Aria, daughter of the elves. What brings you back from your quest of finding so soon? Have you discovered the cycle of the earth yet?"
"No high council, I bring disturbing news of the Impire."
the halls grew silent as all the members listened to the young elf and the elder excahnge words.
"What news Aria, speak."
"The Impire has aquried a Tamer, and the entire Mar'krol army."
Many gasps went through the halls. the elder looked for the first time in his long life, to be worried. He summoned a Dwarf to his side.
"Send message to the riders other than aria, we will see how many return to the Haven of Heoul and how many have betrayed us. Quickly, go."
The Dwarf bowed and went to send words as he was told. The elder turned back to Aria.
"I fear little one that the knowlage you have given us means that a war will crash upon us soon. Let us hope that other Riders like yourself heed the call of the Haven, and the call of the peope. Go to the Grand Council Room. the Riders will assemble there. And pray little one, to the higher powers, that we have Riders on our side. I fear that the King may have a sustansital amount of powerthis time. Possibly Necromancers and Riders himself."
She bowed and left Barcain following. The elder watched the go, worry and age etched into her features.
"I pray we have allies in wait, I feel we may need them befroe late."
Arya walked down the hall and looked up at Barcain.
'Do you think there is any real threat to this place?'
'If there was none then they would not have sent out for the others.'
She nodded.
'Yes you are right, do you think there are others who will come?'
'We can only hope Arya, we can only hope.'
She climbed onto his back and rested aginst the back spike as he slowly lumbered to the main hall where they were all to meet.Her hope high that her and Barcain were not the only ones.

(alright it's up and ready. One thing, those of you in the impire you meet at the moutain of Hell, not Heoul. Thanks and have fun.)
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[I]A cold breeze passes by a small camp of Heoul Warriors.. They become concerned due to the fact that it was a bright and warm day.. All of the sudden the clouds became black as night.. The warriors hear something say to them [B]"No one shall stop the impire."[/B] With that a black shrouded figure appears.. His glowing eyes stare coldly as he chants some words [B]"Zidra aln morda."[/B] five massive shadow beasts appear in front of the warriors.

[B]"You may try and fight or you can run but you will not survive the hour.? [/B] The cloaked figure said. One of the five warriors tried to run, he got five feet before a shadow beast jumped on him and ripped his head off. The other four warriors stood there ground but in the end they were all dead.

After it was all over the cloaked figure left his symbol. It was a dagger with the symbol of an eye on its hilt.. The symbol of Aldohorn. [B]"To all of you dragon riders who see this vision do yourselves a favor and disappear."[/B] Aldohorn soon arrives at the mountain of hell[/I]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Requiem Landed on her dragon Momitchi at the Haven of Heoul and jumped off him and looked around.
' Wonder where everyone is?' She asked her Dragon through her mind.
' I didn't see any other Dragons on the way.' he responded to her.
Requiem shrugged and walked up into the Haven of heoul.
" HELLO?!!" She called out looking around.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Vincent sat on his Maelstrom smoking his pipe. Finally another chance to kill some more Riders. A huge shadow passed as Maelstrom came up on a small village and let a stream of fire down onto it, searing a burning path straight through it. Vincent didn't even smile or show any emotion what so ever. The burning villages had become so common place when flying it didn't even matter. All he heard was the wind and the flap of the huge wings. His dragon had a special trait. It had one of the largest wingspans recorded in the history of dragon.

This had become a trademark as Vincent himself carried an long version of a katanna and helped him spread fear into others. The bigger wingspan made a dragon look tough to oppenents and helped get off the ground faster. He looked up as a large mountain with a flattened top came into view. Other soldiers were already there. There were a few riders and their dragons, a couple of tamers and necromancers as well. All moved out of his way as Maelstrom landed among them. He snapped at the dragons around him showing that he was dominant. Vincent laughed. He was the top Impire rider and Alderhorn was the top Impire tamer, who was bound to show up soon. This meant that the best of the best on each side who fight and Vincent was going to make sure he came out on top over the Rebels.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Arya sat with her hair covering her face, her eyes closed, her arms crossed over her chest and her legs crossed.
"Over here and keep it down, it was quiet."
Barcain closed his eyes in silent laughter.
'Be gentle Arya, she's young.'
'She's loud.'
He gently touched his warm snout to her cheek and then looked at the other pair inclineing his head in a silent welcome. Arya opened her eyes to look at the other girl and saw her blink. Arya was known for haveing peirceing eyes and for those who got a first taste it was, as some describe, the coldest look a person could receive. Arya closed them again, her mind wandering back to where it had been earlier. The tamer was from the Impire. It was a powerful one as well and it had frightened her enough to out right show it, something she never allowed. A teenage boy walked in carrieing a platter of food for the riders and on his back were giant Salt tubes for the dragons; she smiled as Barcain took one gracsiously. Arya watched him enjoy it and sighed reaching for a small piece of tart, looking at the boy she nodded and he retreated. She looked up at the girl and scoffed.
"Sit, we're waiting for the others, and try to be silent, I like the quiet."
Arya liked to establish that she was one fo the best and put a supierior tone to her speech when she talked, her and Barcain were the fastest learning pair that had ever been taught at Heoul Haven, except her brother and she hadn't seen him in years. She was secretly hopeing to see him soon, he was the only one she ever really talked to other then Barcain. He looked up at her as if he knew what she were thinking.
'Thinking of your brother Arya?'
'Of corse, I have not seen him in a long time...it would make sense I would think of him when something this serious is happening'
He nodded and returned to his salt. Arya nibbled the tart and sighed, being patient wasn't her strong point and it made her twitchy. Bit what was making her nervous was her anxiety to know wether or not she was going to see her brother.
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[I]Aldohorn arrives at the mountain of hell and heads toward the meeting area. He takes a look around and notices some warriors and a couple of dragon riders. Only one dragon rider catches his eye. [B]"Well you must be Vincent." [/B] Vincent looks at aldohorn with no emotion on his face. [COLOR=DimGray]"Yea that?s me."[/COLOR] Vincent replies. [B]"You are well known around the world... Your work is more brutal than anything I have done within the passed thousand years."[/B] Aldohorn says as his eyes look toward Vincent?s dragon. [B]"Extroardanary.." [/B] Aldohorn then walks off to his chambers[/I]

Short I know but I am having a bit of writers block right now
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]The rocks behind Aria's head shimmer, just before they explode in a burst of flames and pebbles. A shadow soon covers the Heoul camp and a familiar voice from her childhood is heard in a rolling battlecry, a figure running along the back of what seems to be a dragon above them. The figure leaps, and rockets towards Aria with sword drawn and in a downward striking position, his clothes whipping about him as the wind blows past.


His sword begins it's downward arc as he gets closer to her, his wild eyes and blue spiked hair becoming visible[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Arya leaped out of the way and looked up at her long lost big brother and forwned.
"Brother, are you out of your mind?"
Barcain looked up amused and ran his tail up her brother's back in a sign of greeting and then looked up at Scorch and nipped the air in annoyance at the Dragons antics.
'Your brother is quite the show.'
'He's quite the fool'
"You always did take things to much like a joke Aoki!"
She slug her bow from her shoulder and let an arrow fly at hima nd frowned even more as he casught it.
"Damn, annoying, fool, can't you ever be serious for once? This meeting is about the Impire coming back into power and all you can do is fool around!"
She wiped the dust from her shirt and looked at him waiting to hear the sacasitc words she knew were heading her way.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]He deftly tosses his sister the arrow, the usual smirk adorning his face.

"Its nice to see the elders haven't made you lose your touch! I was beginning to get worried about you without your big bro around to keep you on your toes."

His dragon Scortch lands behind him, a smirk, if it could be called a smirk on a dragons face, clearly showing his enjoyment of the matter. He slightly bows his head to the pair before them, his eyes closing slowly.
Aoki sheathes his sword and tightens the strap going across his chest holding the scabbard on his back. He then folds his arms over his chest, the family signet ring glinting in the light, and his smile fades just as easily as it appeared.

"I heard you were attacked by a tamer. Hence the reason i came back, you know me, I can never pass up a good fight. But this is more a war than a fight.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Arya nodded.
"Yes it was a tamer, a powerful one at that Aoki. He was controling a whole army of Mar'Kol...at once; alone."
She saw the thoughtful exspression and took a deep breath.
The Mar'Kol never come from the Dark Woods unless to kill cattle, they massacered a whole town under his influence. The Dark King has more power this time then any of the elders can remeber. Aoki, he has necromancers."
She looked at him as his eyes met her's, Barcain's tail wrapped around her protectivly.
'Your brother, is he strong?'
'He's the best Rider from Heoul.'
'Good to know. I sense the Dark Kind getting stronger'
She shivered at the thought of two tamers with the power this one possed and shook her head.
"It is a full scale war he is after this time brother, I'm sure of it."
She indean style on Barcain's back and crossed her arms looking at him silently.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]He listens solemnly, letting the words sink into his mind.

'An entire Mar'kol army my friend, you realize what this means?'
'Yes, it means more fun for us?'
'As always Scortch, you read my mind'

His smile slowly returns to his face, and the wild look enters his eyes as he locks his gaze with his sisters, unfolding his arms and sliding his hands into his pockets.

"Well, do we have any battle plans yet, or are we just waiting for them to come get us? I'd rather take the fight to them myself, you know that."

A slight puff of black flame comes from Scortches nostrils as he nods in agreement, his tail curling around himself and his rider.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Vincent stood silent as he waited. His hand slowly reached up and grabbed the small symbol haning from his necklace as his mind raced back. Maelstrom's huge wings slowly covered Vincent hiding him in shadows making sure nothing disturbed his master.

Vincent just finished packing his things as a girl ran over and threw her arms around him. [B]"I don't want you to go Vincent!"[/B]

Vincent smiled as he faced the girl. He could still remember her features perfectly, her eyes, her hair and how soft it felt. [B]"It will only be for the last month of the war. I most likely won't see any action at all"[/B]

[B]"Well if it is almost over then why do they have to send you?" [/B] Her eyes began to tear up.

Vincent set his hands on her shoulders as a wagon came up and the driver began putting his things in it. [B]"I will be fine. They need me if something bad happens" [/B] He took the egg from his driver. [B]"I prefer to carry this" [/B] Vincent gave her a kiss on the forehead as she broke into tears. [B]"I will be back. I promise" [/B] He went to climb on as he felt a hand stop him.

[B]"Take this"[/B]

Vincent looked down and saw her favorite necklace. He gave another smile and climbed on and waved goodbye.

Three days before shipout and Vincent couldn't believe it. Nothing had happened whatsoever. He already had most of his stuff packed and his egg that his father had given him had just hatched. it made him forget why he hated dragons so much. All he had to do was stand here for another hour and then he could get some sleep. A moving shape caught his eye. [B]"Please don't let it be..." [/B] He saw more and more shapes. [B]"No not now" [/B] He rang the alarm bell as an arrow peirced his right shoulder knocking him to the ground. [B]"So close" [/B] He slowly stood up and drew his sword as the enemy closed in. Both sides became locking in comabt as men fell evrywhere. Shadows passed back and forth as dragons and their riders took to teh sky and fought with each other.

Vincent felled two soldiers and went for a thrid as a falling dragon hit the ground, its tail sending him sliding across the ground. The one who had bested it landed in front of him and reared its head to strike as a black shape suddenly landed on its head and blinded it. [B]"Maelstrom" [/B] He took a step as a sword peirced his stomach. Vincent fell to the ground the necklace in his hand. [B]"I'm sorry Ar..."[/B]

[I]Back to reality[/I]
Vincent came out of his trance as a single tear fell to the ground. That had been many years ago and she had most likely moved on without him. He had to forget her but he couldn't.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]The clouds covered most of the sky, some of them white and looking as if to just block the sun and give shade. Other clouds had a menicing look to them of threatining to pour rain down on any that dare provoke it. The Stranger didn't care what the wheather threw at him, he was tracking, and nothing was gonna get in his way. He put one knee to the ground and used his right hand with the folded up crossbow to feel the ground, touching the foot print in front of him.

He looked up, his hat shading his face from the sun trying to break through the dense cloud coverage. His green eyes slightly glowing in the dim light, a grin was peaking out from the left side of his mouth. He stood up and took off, running on two legs so that he coudl watch for other creatures as well as the one he was hunting. No need to get killed by a hungry predator if he wasn't it. He soon took to the trees, digging his claws into the bark and pushing off with his boots.

He leaped from tree trunk to tree trunk, stopping every now and then to take a deep breath of air through his nostrils. Finding the correct scent, then continuing his advancment. Looking through the brush on the ground as he moved, sniffing the air. He soon found a spot that was rich with the scent, he dropped to the ground and stood on two feet. Walking slowly into a clearing the scent had taken him to. He looked around form under his hat
"Where are ya, ya quick bastered?"[/B] He took a few more steps and was about to get in the middle of the clearing when he heard something trip. A large net sprang up from under him and caught him lighting fast, he roared like a lion as he thrashed in the net. He turned on his belly, his hat tilting back as he looked through the net holes, he saw people darting from the forest and running under him.

Looking straight up at him, he growled and cut a few of the net ropes with his claws. He then stuck his right arm through the hole and the crossbow unfolded, a switch unfolded into his hand. A bolt already set in the crossbow, he hit the switch quickly and sent the bolt straight into one of the humans heads. The human feel to the ground, blood pooling on the ground as the rest stared at the corpse, then their faces turning to anger.

They cut the ropes on the net and the Stranger came tumbling down, he stood up instantly and charged the humans, the crossbow folding back up and he was down on all fours, running like a mad beast. The humans drawing their swords but all too late, he bulldozed them over like bowling pins, letting the sheer force of his three hundred and ten pound body, plus the speed he was getting to, do all the damage.

He ran all the way until he was coming up to a tree, that is when he leaped into, twisted in mid-air, landed on it with feet forst, then pushed off from it. Running the way he came, straight into another trap. This time getting hit with several darts, ten to be exact. And he went down, tumbling like a sack of bricks. He passed out as he saw his hat sitting next to him.

He woke up as he was being dragged through a great hall, his vision hazey at first then cleared up slowly. He could see his hat settled on top of one of the people dragging him, both people dragging him seemed to be having a hard time doing it. He grinned to himself and let himself droop more, making it more difficult for these humans to carry him. The soon dragged him into a meeting room with two other people, both showing clearly they were elves and both riders.

He was releaved to see two creatures that were more sensible then these humans were. They brought him close enough to the elves before letting him go, he fell to his knees but stood up steadily. He looked over to the human with his hat on, glaring hard at him. Then pointed at him with one of his clawed fingers.
"Thats my hat their, give it back before I have to take it back."[/B] The human smirked and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. He smiled at the Stranger then spoke to him.
"How are you going to take it from me if your dead?"[/B] The Stranger grinned, he quickly grabbed the humans right arm and brought him down to the ground. While at the same time bring up his crossbow to the back of his head, a steel tip lightly touching the back of his spine. The Stranger held the man down firmly as he struggled to get loose. He grinned and then leaned down, speaking into the humans ear.
"I'll take my hat back now."[/B] The human reached up with his left hand, took off the hat and placed it on the Strangers head. The Stranger pushed him away, he adjusted the hat and folded up the crossbow, he turned to the two elves and the dragons that they each had with them. He looked up at them, and they looked back at him. The female elf spoke first.
"Who are you and what is your name?" [/B]The Stranger looked a them both, observing quickly, picking his words carfully. He tilted a little in his stance, sticking his thumb through a loop on his belt.
"Names are for friends, so no name, every one just calls me, 'The Stranger'."[/B] The elves looked at each other then back to the Stranger. The Male elf spoke this time.
"What were you doing in the forest?"

"Tracking."[/B] The male raised and eye brow at him.
"Tracking what?"

"What I want."[/B] The female spoke next.
"What do you do?"[/B] The Stranger started to look around the great hall, looking at what was something rahter interesting and amazing to him. The elves could see he was no longer paying attention, the female elf seem to be really irritated by it. She gave a look of anger and spoke again in a harder voice with her piercing eyes.
"Stranger! What do you do?"[/B] The Stranger turned from looking around and started into her eyes, finding himself fasinated with them. He observed around him and saw that everyone else seem to cower in fear, he smiled and looked to the elves again.
"I'm a tamer."[/B] The Stranger then looked around again, marveling at the skill it must have taken to make this. He would occasionaly glance back at the elf girl and her eyes, finding they were more interesting then anything in the room was. He was thinking she would make a good ally.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Requiem stood leaning against Momitchi and scowled at the grpund with her arms crossed over her chest.
' What's bothering you?' MOmitchi nudged Requiem's elbow.
' Everything...' She sighed..' Mo we're just not ready for this..and that lady knows it..I'm never going to by as good as an Them..'
' Sure we can! what's got you so down?'

Requiem did not answer him and looked up at the other two here with her.
" What are we going to do about it? Is there even enough riders to help out there? And better yet, how many of them aren't ready to fight and will die because of this war?" She stated, her expression solemn and her eyes weary.
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Arya looked up at the girl who had spoken for the first time since she had first arrived.
"We wait, we wait to see if there are enough of us and then we plan, we try to see what is going on in the lands and see what is happening. The Mar'Kol attack I witnessed was only one of many massacers I'm sure."
Barcain looked at the tamer and gorwled.
'I do not trust him Arya.'
'Nor I Barcain, nor I.'
She took a deep breath and stood up streching her stiff legs and decided to take a walk. Barcain left her alone knowing she was going to think about the one that had left her behind. Arya sat ontop of the tall moutain top looking out over the valleys It was beautiful country and she loved it. she leaned against a large rock and let her past run through her mind, the day she became so hard and cold; she was sure Aoki remembered it well, just as she did. It had been years ago when he had left for the retched war and she had begged him not to go but he went anyway. She had known, just known that something was going to happen. And it did, the night he was supposed to come back he had been killed. It broke her to pieces and ever since then it was her goal to take down the Impire, she swore that she would kill the bastards who had killed him, she had trained the rest of her life so far for it when she recived Baracain it was a blessing to her. She looked at her gloved hand and sighed, it had been the only thing they could find of his, just this one golve, the only glove she wore on her right hand to cover up the dragon riders mark. She looked up to the sky as a singal tear fell and wiped away.
She buried her face in her hands and pulled her self back together putting her cold expression back into place and then stood just watching the sun go down.
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"Nothing 'creeps' me out, and actually I would perfer to be alone for the moment."
She didn't even look as Requiem left, she knew she was being cold but truth was she really did perfer to be alone at the moment. The only one that knew what was going through her mind was Aoki and she wasn't sure she would want to talk with him either. Barcain landed next to her and nugded her gently.
'You must let it go little one.'
'Easy for you to say. He promised me Barcain.'
'You cant blame him, the Impire killed him.'
'Which is why I vowed to kill them'
She leaned on him gently and felt the mental comfort he granted her, she welcomed it and then let him go as she stayed on the top looking out tot he lands below.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]Aoki reaches up and scratches his head, slipping his hand back into his pocket. A tamer? Out here?

'Should we trust him, Scortch?'
'Perhaps, i sense no evil intent in him, nor any pure feelings either'

Aoki turns to the path his sister walked, smiling.

'She still goes to ponder on that same trail.'
'The death of Vincent scorned her well my friend, as her brother you would be wise to remember.'
'Oh i know, Scortch, I know. Just amazing how so little changes in such a long time.'
'Such is the way of things'

Aoki turns back towards the tamer, and overlooks his appearance with his well trained eyes.

"You know how to fight, obviously, otherwise you wouldn't have your hat right now. And i can tell from the way you handle yourself that you're a pretty decent tamer."

His green eyes begin to almost gleam with excitement, his hands sliding out of his pockets and resting on his sides

"What do you know about the attacks happening here recently? The Mar'kol armies?"

It's becoming harder for Aoki to hide his anxiety in the matter, a warrior's thirst for battle is hardly quenched by haven chatter.

'Calm yourself, partner. You're begging to make my blood boil.'
'Scortch, your'e a dragon. Your blood always boils.'

Aoki's eyes glimmer now, awaiting his answers.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]The Stranger looked up at the elf, taking quick sniffs of the air to see if anything was wround. Always better to check then to be dead, he thought as he grinned and peaked from under his hat. Examining the anxious look on his face and the way the dragon stared at him coldly. He smiled this time, then spoke.
"I've heard a little bit of the attacks. Nothing that was hard a solid, but the Mar'kol armies. Now that is something I know of." [/B]Aoki's eyes lit up, the Stranger could see it clearly and was satisfied with waiting for the elf to speak first. Several seconds passed before the elf spoke in and anxious voice.
"Well, what do you know?"[/B] The Strangers smiled faded and he looked at him with a cold face, remembering the monsters and the amount of them. Remembering the force they had, he spoke in a dark tone.
"There are many of them, far to many for a tamer like me, or any tamer, to even consider controling. They are vicious and seem to lack even the most simplest form of mercy. I was tracking one when your human lackies caught me."[/B] The Stranger had a mean look on his face as he looked over to the humans around him, staring each of them down. The elf spoke to him in a more urgent and questionining tone.
"You were tracking one! Can you find him and the rest of the army?" [/B]The Stranger kept staring at the humans, making them feel scared and uncomfrotable. Doing what he could to show them that they had made a mistake in ever crossing his path, completely ignoring the question. Aoki found this rather irritating like his sister, and spoke in a harsher tone.
"Stranger, can you track him to the rest of the army?" [/B]The Stranger still ignoring him, soon the human rider spoke up, speaking in a loud and demanding tone.
"Stranger! Aoki asked you a question!" [/B]The Stranger turned back to them, looking at the human. Looking at her with a cold face.
"Don't give me orders human, I know he asked me a question. And I will anwser when I believe I should."[/B] The Stranger changed his gaze to Aoki and spoke again.
"Possibley, the scent might now be gone since I don't know how long it has been since I have been unconsious And I don't know how far I am from the last place I sniffed him out. So it will be very difficult."[/B] The Stranger kept his gaze on Aoki and Requiem, watching them both carfully as he waited for what they would do.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]Aoki's usual smirk comes easily to his face as he observes the stranger's attitude to the other Heoul warriors around them. This tamer is obviously not going to cause him a problem, at least, not here, there's too much pride at stake.
He motions for the human warrior that found the tamer to step forward, the insignia on his right hand gleaming, verifying that he was, in fact, a rider.

'Scortch, do me a favor.'
'Anything, my friend, you need but to ask.'
'Do a quick recon of our area, or have one of your buddies do it for you, we need a verification on where this man was picked up, and if anything, signs of where the creature he was tracking dissappeared to.'
'I will send my best fledgling, you have nothing to worry. This tamer is more interested in his prey than what we have going on here'

Aoki grabs the human by the collar as it gets close, his grip iron tight and his eyes blaze with green flame, as he speaks, his voice seems to echo throughout the hall.

"How do you expect us to make new friends when you treat them like animals and trap them in this forest? Did he harm you?! NO!! HE WAS TRACKING A MAR'KOL!"

The flames die down from his eyes as he scrutinizes the helpless warrior, the air around his head seeming to shimmer.

"You will take him back, and let him resume his hunt. Do as i say, and do not veer from my course of instructions. NOW GO!"

As he releases the warrior, Aoki watches the terrified man scramble out of the hall, calling for his horses and wagon. After the man gets out of the hall, and all eyes are on Aoki, he bursts into joyous laughter, doubling over, tears almost flowing from his eyes.

"Man! Did you see the look on his face!! HAHAHAA!! That was classic! Whewww.."

Aoki wipes the tears from his eyes as he straightens up, looking once again at the Tamer infront of him, a fool's grin still on his face

"You obviously have no reason to stay here, but you're welcome to if you want. We could use more scouts, and you know you're way around a hunt. Just don't cross swords with us, and we'll leave you alone. I hope you find the Mar'kol you were searching for."

Aoki points to the back of the hall, where the human, still with horrified eyes, waits, sweat pouring off his face. Aoki then places his two first fingers to his temple, in a mock salute, the way he usually bids farewell to a friend he hopes to meet again.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]The Stranger looked at the elf, suspisious of what his intentions were and also cautious. He nodded his head, and looked into the others green eyes as well. The Strangers eyes glowing brighter in the darkened hall. He spoke to the elf before moving.
"No need to worry about me crossing your sword. But, I must extend the same warning. If I see any of your men following me, or try to trap me again. I'll kill them, and send you their heads."[/B] Aoki had a smile on his face, The stranger kept his face blank. Aoki nodded.
"Fair trade. Now, you are free to go."[/B] The Stranger walked past him, looking forward at the terrified man. As soon as the Stranger was within a few feet of him the man started walking, moving outside to where a few horse stood. Five men came up and sattled their horses, The Stranger roled his shoulders and sniffed the air one more time. Remebering the scent of this place if and when he was to return. He had also caught the scent of the female elf, he looked around and spotted her as she was staring at the failing light.

He grinned and then looked to the frightened men, he signeled he was ready and the men took off. The Stranger speeding after them, first on two feet, then as he reached maximum speed on his two feet he went down on all fours and took off. Passing and dodging through the trees, his green eyes focusing on the task at hand, his speed matched that of the men on the horses, then he passed them. Seeing he was more agile then the horses or even the humans, he kept his eyes ahead.

Sniffing the air constantly to see if any familiar scents would return to him, and soon enough, that is exactly what happened. He recognized a certin scent and quickly changed his angle of approch, slightly skidding across the soft grass. He bolted off in another direction and slowled down as he came to a clearing, sliding all the way to the middle. He stood up right and turned around, seeing the faint images of the humans and their steeds in the distance, he chuckled to himself and turned forward once more.

He got down on both knees and bent his head all the way to the ground, he then started to sniff furiously and restlessly. He needed to find the scent quickly before it faded completely and the Mar'lok was lossed to him, he crawled on the ground as he sniffed the ground, closing his eyes to get a better chance of finding it. A few seconds later he pin pointed the scent and stood up straight, he smiled triumphantly and turned to the men who had just come. He waved them to come closer.
"Come here." [/B]The men trodded over to him and he took a deep whiff of the air, they backed up as he did that. He exhaled deeply and grinned.
"Good, now. If any of you follow me i'll know. And I will kill you if I find you are following me. Now go back to where you came."[/B] The men nodded and took off, the Stranger turned back, his eyes growing brightly in the darkness. He took off into the darkness of the trees, running on all fours, sniffing the air every step of the way. Hunting furiously for the Mar'lok that the humans had kept him from, he traveled several miles before finally tireing and having to stop.

He panted for a bit as he leaned against a tree, he rested for about 15 minutes before he set off again. His green glowing eyes searching the darkness, the moon providing a little bit of light. Enough to show him that something was following him, something in the sky. When he discovered that, he instantly took cover in the darkness of a tree. He looked carfully into the sky, easily spotting a winged creature floating in the sky. He could see it was far to big to be a bird, and he could see scales.

He growled under his breathe and unfolded his crossbow, he didn't recognize the scally creature from his former captuers. He held his crossbow out and fired a bolt, quickly reloding then watching as the bolt passed through the wing of the creature. It roared and the Stranger took aim once more, this time launching the bolt straight into its throat. The creature dropped from the sky, spiraled down and smashed right into the ground. The Stranger rushed over to the downed creatuer, ready to finish it off if it put up more of a fight.

He spotted it, but also spotted the Mar'lok he was hunting. He hid quickly and slowly snuck up behind it, he positioned himself behind it in some brush and readied himself. A few seconds later he lunged from the brush and tackled the Mar'lok, throwing the Mar'lok into a tree then quickly rushing over and grabbing the back of its neck and pushing it up agaisnt the tree. Its face firmly planted against the bark and its deadly claws away from him. It scratched at the tree and scretched, trying to struggle free.

The Stranger held his grip tight and pulled a collar from his belt, he snapped it around the Mar'loks neck and let go. The Mar'lok fell to the ground and turned aroudn to face the Stranger, it moved up to him and bowed its head. Its dark little eyes looking at him blankly, he Stranger grinned.
"Hope the collar holds long enough. They have such strong minds for being simple monsters."[/B] He turned back to fallen flying creatuer and noticed a human arm protruding from under a massive wing, he moved over to the dragon and lifted the wing. He pulled the human out and found the humans face was frozen in a screaming position. The mouth opened wide and the eyes wide open, he didn't pay attention to it. He noticed the insignia immediatly, recognizing it as the one the elves had but different at the same time.

He huffed and turned to the Mar'lok that was still staring at him, he motioned for him to come to his side and it obeyed. The Stranger bent down to the corpse and cut off the insignia from his skin with his claws and handed it to the Mar'lok.
"Tell me where this insignia came from."[/B] The Mar'lok stared at it then pointed off towards a mountain in the distance. One where the darkest clouds gathered, marking the presence of something dark and truely evil. The Stranger groaned.
"Dammit, now there is a whole other side to worry about hunting me. This is no good, Mar'lok. Got and scout out for me."[/B] He listened for the footsteps of the Mar'lok, but found that it didn't make a sound. He turned to see if it had left but it still stood there. Its eyes regaining the crazed look of a true Mar'lok, his fist clenching and the piece of flesh ripping apart in its hand. The collar snapped and fell to the ground, it instantly lunged for the Stranger.

The Stranger reacted quickly but not fast enough to avoid being cut across his left arm but its claws. The Stranger struck back without letting the pain affect him, it turned jsut as he was swiping with his hand. Ripping the Mar'loks face off with his claws alone, bones cracked and buckled under the power of his swipe. The Mar'lok fell over dead, its face gone and black blood polling under the body. The Stranger growled as he held up his arm and looked at the damage.

He lowered his arm and growled once more,picking up the collar and secureing it to his belt once more, and this time, taking off in the direction of the dark mountain. Curious to see what was causing this sort of distortion in the woods and creating these Mar'loks.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#354253][SIZE=1]It was dark when the Rider and the Dragon finally reached the Haven. In the light of hundreds of blazing torches and paper lanterns, citizens scurried about, their pace more hurried than the usual easy measure of the capital. Everything about Heoul that night amplified the unsettling sense of urgency that hung in the air.

Not far from where they landed was a great white edifice whose single entrance was guarded by a line of soldiers dressed in the colours of Heoul. The Rider walked briskly towards the tent, his light armour clinking softly, his long raven hair gathering up the swift breeze that blew through Heoul that night. The silver Dragon trailed behind, now slowing down to smell wares that lined the path, then speeding up to keep pace with the Rider. At the approach of the Rider, the head guard stepped out of the formation, drew his sabre and held it to his chest. Taking cue, the other guards saluted the Rider, and he in turn acknowledged them with a small nod.

[b]?Lord Sigil Trebec and the dragon Sierra have arrived,?[/b] began the head guard. A gloved hand appeared from under his cloak and motioned towards the entrance. [b]?The Council awaits you.?[/b] The doors then opened, revealing the dimly-lit passage that led to the Hall.

Sigil stepped up to the entrance. For a while he just stood there and waited at that end of the corridor. Finally, he turned to the head guard (who had been watching him with great interest all this time) and asked, [b]?Where is she??[/b]

[b]?Ah, yes. The lady Reis went to the temple in El just this morning. She wished to inform you that she will be back by tomorrow evening. So sorry, sire. This old man forgets a lot of things.?[/b] As the head guard finished his explanation, he drew his cloak and gave the Rider a deep bow and an apologetic smile.

Again, Sigil acknowledged the gesture with a nod. He murmured his thanks and proceeded down the passage.

[b]OOC:[/b] I'm kind of lost (yes, this early into the RPG) so please excuse the rather bland post.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]OOc: Yeah Turenn you need to put a signup in the inn before you can post buddy

Vincent watched as more and more people arrived at the mountain. it was only a matter of time before a fight broke out among them and that wouldn't be good for their cause if they all killed one another. Two necromancers began arguing about who was better and suddenly four skeleton soldiers stood before them, two for each person.

[B]"You will pay for your insubordance to the better necromancer, you whelp"[/B]

Vincent snapped his fingers as Maelstrom's jaws suddenly snapped down on the skeletons, sending the bones flying. Smoke curled out of his nostrils as Vincent walked in between them. All eyes were on himas Vincent turend in disgust. [B]"Neither of you are the strongest. I know of one that would put you to shame. I also know of a dragon rider that could out do almost all of you as well so don't get full of yourself" [/B] Somethign needed to happen, it was only a matter of time before another fight borke out.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]OOc: Sorry about that guys, Turenn is one of my friends, i forgot to mention the signup. My bad.

As Aoki watches the stranger leave, he chuckles to himself, confident that he made steps into gaining a powerful ally.

'Well old friend, i think we should head up to see what my sister is ambling around that boring mountain for'
'I'm afraid that this task is better set for you, young one. I do not wish to incur the wrath of a female scorned.'
'Suit yourself then, wait for me in the dens, I'll come let you know what I've found out about the area from her when I return'

With that the dragon Scortch lowers his reptilian head, and the two softly headbutt each other, a sign of a fond bond of trust that they have gained throughout the years. Aoki watched his companion lumber away towards the dragon dens, smiling, knowing that the dragon would be ready for any task set before them. As he would.
Aoki turns in place and picks up a light jog, heading up the path his sister took earlier, the small braid of blue hair he kept at the base of his hairline flapping a few times in the breeze. As his pace picks up, he finds that his mind wanders, a few scenes replaying in his head, but one sticks out the most, a joyous memory, of his graduation fight between him and his master.......

[FONT=Arial Narrow][B]Aoki's Vision:[/B]
[COLOR=DarkRed]The word spread quickly about the graduate tournament, the first held in years at the acadamy. The two finalists were to duke it out today, in the most anticipated match known to the rider's corps. Aoki, the best hand-to-hand combatant was the underdog, whereas the other finalist, an elf that nobody had known much about during the beginning but quickly word spread of his skill, named Carthan. Both elves were well trained in the arts and forms of combat and strategy, although the head trainer, Liutenant Colonel Grazze, had his personal view on the match.

The crowd was feverish, rampant, almost rabid for the match to begin, both fighters were evenly weighted, but Carthan held a good 6 inch height advantage over Aoki. Lt.Col. Grazze was dressed in his best suit, adorned with his medals and achievements during the last wars. A very imposing sight indeed. The crowd hushed as he came into the makeshift ring, eager faces all trained on him, awaiting his speech. He cleared his throat and held up his dress sword, a fine elven rapier, gleaming in the sunlight as if it was on fire.

"These last years of your training have been a challenging, trying time. Many of you found your true selves during the field combat training, and many more of you discovered what it mean to be a rider on your survival missions. Now you are MEN, and WOMEN, no more. YOU ARE RIDERS! THE FINEST WARRIORS THIS HAVEN HAS TO OFFER!"

The crowd erupted, and a few recruits in the crowd began the chant, the riders chant that they themselves came to love. It was quickly hushed as Grazze looked around.

"These two men before you are the finest combatants we've seen in our years. During this tournament we have all seen spectacular displays of dragon and rider tactics, magical power, and mental prowess. But today, those are to be considered handicaps! Our finest enchanter has placed a null barrier around this ring, negating any and all magical items, effects or components. The riders here, have no dragons to back them up, and no spellblades to call upon or arrows to let fly! This is purely hand to hand! A battle of might! A battle of RIDERS!"

After his speech the crowd couldnt contain itself, men were cheering, women were swooning. Veteran riders were saluting, the swords clanging across old chests all through the crowd. The fresh graduates began the chant again, and this time the whole crowd took up the words, making it swell and imbue the two combatants with a power of adrenaline. Grazze looked between the two, and dropped his sword arm, the singing rapier seeming to cut the air itself as the blade passed between the men.

'Finally, that long winded geezer was beginning to bore me'

Aoki smirked at his own thoughts, and dropped to his ready stance, left foot slightly behind his right and his hands up, guarding his face. Carthan advanced, wearily but steadily, keeping his gravity centered. Aoki bolted, suddenly and powerfully, his legs propelling him forwards like a coiled spring. He dashed low, and hard, aiming to take the fight to the ground from the start. Carthan saw the move, and leapt, his hands planting on Aoki's back, over top of the younger adversary, and as he came down his left foot swished behind him, tripping Aoki and landing him flat on his arse.

The crowd whooped and whistled, random cheers of "Get up youngster!" and "Kick him while he's down!" echoed through the mob. Aoki kept his smile though, and bounced back up, whirling around to face his enemy, his stance changed already to that of a more agressive style, one he was comfortable with, his hands lowered to his shoulder height, and his feet firmly planted. He began the slow tedious advance towards his opponent, bouncing on the balls of his feet and circling around, judging distance and openings all the while. Carthan circled as well, keeping a small buffer of air between the two, waiting for the opening that he knew the more offensive Aoki would give him. And then it came, as Aoki feinted left. Carthan swung right for where he knew the head of his opponent would go, but he didn't take into the fact that Aoki saw the move ahead of time. The air rushed from Carthan's lungs as Aoki didnt go right as he thought, but instead came forwards, connecting solidly with his knee into Carthan's abdomen. Carthan tried to catch his breath, but before he could recover, another blow was dealt, Aoki repeatedly kneeing him as he was held in place. Carthan closed his eyes and focused, then opened them, right as another blow was coming in, and quickly contorted his body, making the blow glance off his side, and throwing Aoki off balance. He took the chance, and shifted his centre of gravity, throwing his weight back, and pulling Aoki over and into a makeshift DDT. Aoki struggled, trying to get out of it, but it was futile, his face hit the dirt and a choke hold was applied, cutting his air supply off. He closed his mind off, channeling all of his attention on getting oxygen into his system. He choked, coughing a little, but didnt tap, even though his vision was fading. His mind raced, searching for an answer, and then it came, like a shock, and he smirked again, despite his situation. He thrust his hands forward, palms first into Carthans chin, hard enough to crack the other's teeth together. Carthan let loose a yelp of surprise, and the choke hold loosened. Aoki slipped his head out of the hold, and landed two good blows into the kidneys of his opponent as he stumbled back. Carthan wobbled, his head still swimming from the blow to his chin, and shook his head, opening his eyes in time to see Aoki leap, rounding a kick straight towards Carthan's temple.

The crowd at this point was ecstatic, people were throwing hands up and booing and yelling in disapproval as Aoki turned the tables.
Aoki's kick landed home, and he felt the dead weight of his opponent drop as the heel of his foot passed through. As Aoki landed, he kneeled, and launched himself forward, catching Carthan as he fell. He lowered the limp body to the ground and stood, breathing heavy, still trying to catch his breath from the hold. He saluted, and then turned to Grazze, saluting as well. Grazze stepped forward and lifted the hand of Carthan, allowing it to drop limply to the ground, the warrior too unconcious to even react. Grazze smiled, and stood, facing Aoki. He took the young rider's hand, and placed his own overtop of it, uttering the chant of the ages. Aoki's face changed from joy to agony, to composed anger, as smoke started to rise from his hand. As Grazze let go, Aoki curled his fingers into a fist, and raised it high, turning to the crowd and letting them see the brand of the rider that Grazze had adorned him with.


The crowd erupted into cheers, and the salutes of the veterans and recruits alike changed into the raised fist, brand outwards, and the voices in unison, all answering the call.


Aoki smiled to himself as he continued up the path, his right hand burning with the brand, as the memory faded, and he focused his mind on the task at hand.

[FONT=Century Gothic][I]*Merged posts*[/I] Please do not double post, Solbadguy, it's against the rules even in RPGs.
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OCC: sorry for being late to post but i have read the previous posts although very tidous still i kinda understand what's going on. And I have changed my sign up sorry that it took me a week before i changed it busy with my studies.

Aranide riding on Phoebe flying through the valley looking down on what's happening below. "It's kinda sad that people have to fight each other... Right Phoebe?" Phoebe: "Why should they fight?" Aranide: "Well that's something we can't change. Off to our destination Heuol Haven." He then opened a letter and this is what the letter contained.

[This is the Impire. Meet us in Heoul Haven Square. We have something to talk about.]

"Gee the impire is very secretive they didn't even gave a name and time. Well i love suspenses. Let's Go!" As they were flying high above, the wind blew the letter away from his hand. "Phoebe! I lost the letter, the wind blew it away." "What?! You're so careless! Let's just go get it back..."

They then went down to get the letter back.
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