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RPG Digimon - Digidreams RPG Signup

Nagare Boshi

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Hey! This is my first messageboard RPG I'm trying to start. Since I've seen DBZ and FF RPGs in here, I decided to do something differenent. So...er...please don't hurt me if nobody likes this type of RPG anymore c.c'

AAAANYway. The setting.

The digiworld has been untouched by darkness for centuries, so long that the memory of the chosen children is all but forgotten. The digiworld has prospered through years of plenty and famine, natural disastors, and the like.

But now, the rift between the real world and the digiworld has again been breached. Only this time, it is a one-way ticket. The humans tossed into this world are now without any way or hope of getting home...the digiworld has neatly snared and trapped them within it's grasp.

Some may say this would be paradise. But what about the effects, both physically and mentally? Even as the children adapt to their surroundings, the thought of never seeing your friends, your family, ever again, has tread upon the minds of all.

And now, it has warped one human and his digimon so far that they have decided that the only way to go home is to destroy the only thing keeping them there.

The digiworld itself.


Name: Kontan Touzoku
Gender: Male
Crest: Bitterness. Was formerally Friendship, but it warped into something darker. The shape is a jagged line with a small circle in the center.
Personality: Cold. Calm. Detached. Not your average evil person. He fully believes that what he is doing is right, and that anyone who stands in his way is only something else that is keeping him here. His only friend, as it stands, is Nigaimon, his digimon. Sometimes, however, he will drop into ceaseless muttering, as if insane. Is he? Even Kontan doesn't know for sure.
Description: Of asian descent, Kontan has the usual small eyes and darker skin. His black hair is slicked back. He wears all black, like a goth.
Fresh: Kumimon (Data) A small black blob. Attacks: Oni Nibble
In Training: Ruimon. (Data) Looks like a black beetle. Attacks: Oni Bite
Rookie: Nigaimon (Virus) A three foot tall humanoid ant. Attacks: Oni Slash, Bitter Wind
Champion: Tsukamon (Data) This is the most humanoid of his stages. It looks like a normal human teenager, clothes and all, but with dark red hair combed to either side of his head with black tips. He also has a broken, serrated sword. Attacks: Flame Sword, Ice Blade
Ultimate: Koushoumon (Virus) A large spider. More realistic than Arukenimon, though. Attacks: Eight Leg Smack, Venom Drool
Mega: Incumon (Virus) An incubus-like digimon. A dark Angemon, if you will. Attacks: Soul Thief, Energy Drain, Demon Blast


Meh. Er...you don't have to type all the Digimon stats out, I just wanted to give ya'll a good idea of my digis n.n' As long as we got the name/rank, and meybe attacks, it's all good. Ehe.
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[COLOR=chocolate] I assume you need some good guys.

Name: Ginny Lyn
Gender: Female
Crest: Peace. A twirled olive branch with seven leaves.
Personality: Peaceful. Hates confrontation, but if righteously angry, she is an awesome opponent to face.
Description: American. Brown hair, blue eyes. Prefers jeans and t shirts. The Crest of Peace hangs from a pendant on a necklace.
(I will not type all info--it is in the ficDigiDex.
Fresh: Bitomon
In Training: Tiamon
Rookie: Gryfmon
Champion: Tygermon
Ultimate: Ariamon
Mega: Windeimon
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You kidding me? This sounds wonderful. I'm not much for any more typing tonight, though.....bear with me.

Name: Cera
Gender: Female
Crest: Dreams.
Personality: Quiet, smart.
Appearance: Jeans, black t-shirt, green and white flannel shirt

Digimon: I am so NOT typing all this out....Like ginny's, it's in the digidex...
Fresh: Doromon
In Training: Kitmon
Rookie: Marimon
Champion: Lyrdramon
Ultimate: Myriamon
Mega: Lunamon
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[COLOR=purple]AIY! Excellent idea! [/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Shut up Takeru[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Riiiiiiight ¬.¬ um anyways...[/COLOR]

Name: Alin Takaishi :laugh:
Crest: Destiny (heh heh heh)

[COLOR=green]Uh, yeah, brilliant :nope:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Huh? :confuse2:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]K!:love2: :heart: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]:haha: [/COLOR]

Name:Alice Takaishi
Crest: Destiny
Personality:Adores Takeru, despises Hikari, despises evil, is always seen hanging on Takeru's arm. Loves to rag on Patamon, loves Patamon, but loves to make fun of him.
Appearence:Blonde, well, pretty much imagine a blonde Mimi, except with a brain and chest.

Digimon: Oh my god, c'mon, so much to type.. I'm copying Ginny and Cera..
In Training:Ringmon

[COLOR=purple]shaddap... I was listening to Linkin Park okay, sheesh. *mumbles*[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]What was that?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]I said.. at least I don't have a batpig for a digimon[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green] WHAT?!:angry2: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Heh heh heh[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue](Yamato)Love spats..[/COLOR]
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Mrr? Eeee. c.c' Er...DBZChikaGhan, in the timeline of da RPG, Takeru & Hikari and the rest of the chosen children are long gone. I thought I made that clear in the description of the RPG that the memory of the Chosen was all but forgotten...and that takes a couple generations. c.c'

Mweeeeee...chara looks lovely, though n.n' I just thought I should make that point clear.
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Name: Shiro
Crest: Bravery/Courage
Personality:A loner, like Rika, who is a rebel, and likes to do things on his own. But he is very sensitive about things and always likes to help out when possible. Doesn't have many freinds.
Appearence:Looks like GohanSSj2 but without the SSJ aurora.

Fresh: Pitimon
In Training: Hayamon
Rookie: Hayatomon
Champion: Titanmon
Ultimate: WarTitanmon
Mega: Flaredramon
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I thought 02 killed him off for good. Bu, meybe you should make up a different Digimonpack. As far as my information goes, Myotismon was NEVER a digidestined digi. Plus, he's an FC (Feature Chara)

...dangit, I'm slipping into MUSH speak! I'd really, really, really prefer if you had an original chara, including original digimon...

We can start soon. Maybe after Christmas, I dun' want anybody to miss out cause they're celebrating. n.n'
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Hey, can we make up a digimon. If so, I'll keep the one in my char discription. If not, I'll choose one later.

Name: Gawin Maow
Gender: Male
Crest: Light
Personality: Dispite his stirn look, he is one of the kindest, gentlest people you will ever meet. He has a love for all living things, one only matched by his wisdom of the world, which he gained from training with his father. He is 18, making him quite old for a digidestine, and is unusually mature for his age.
Description: An asian man, often with a stern look on his face. He has dyed blonde spiked up hair and often wheres a monk's robe. However, underneith his large robe, he has the body of a martial arts master, and an outfit to match, a blue jumpsuit (think vegeta during the Buu saga, but w/o the gloves.

Fresh: Fomon - Think a small black Boyomon.
In Training: Fucimon
Rookie: Wyvrmon
Champion: Dragomon
Ultimate: Mecha-Dragomon
Mega: Tiamon

Discriptions will come as they digivolve
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Name: Matt Hunt
Gender: Male
Crest: Power, a fist with a circle around it.
Personality: Matt is not evil, as he intends to protect the digiworld from destruction. He cherishes all life, and seeks another exit. Though supporting the efforts of the light, Matt has always been a loner, with only his digimon to keep him company. However, things may change with this new threat.....
Description: American with red spiked hair, baggy jeans, t-shirt, and over shirt. His father was also his martial arts master, and made sure Matt was an accomplished fighter and survivalist always.
Digimon: I will make mine up, tell me if I should not.
Fresh: Sheramon: small blob with two small horns
In-Training: Retomon: larger blob with long horns and scyth-like forelimbs.
Rookie: Pseudodramon: a typical dragon who stands on its back legs; dragon breath
Champion: Silverdramon: a large metallic-looking dragon with one set of wings and stands on 4 legs; silver barrage
Ultimate: Platinodramon: a platinum colored dragon with uses four legs, has one set of wings, and has many protruding spines on its body; platinum shuriken, dragon energy
Mega: Terradramon: Large dragon, stands on two legs, four wings, larger spines and a bladed tail; Terra warhead, eternal dragon cannon; spine missiles.
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Yay! More Digi stuff!!

Name: Sere Tuscumbia
Gender: Female
Crest: Serenity(the eye of Horus)
Personality: She is one of the calm, cool members of the group. Can be goofy at times, but mostly keeps her emotions inside. Little does everyone else know, she has a deep, dark secret that could endanger the DD's very existance . . .
Description: American, with silvery-white hair pulled up into a tightly braided ponytail. She's one for simple clothes, jeans and a T-Shirt.

Fresh: Jinzimon
In-Training: Laviamon
Rookie: Buttermon
Champion: Ravienmon
Ultimate: Lilacmon
Mega: (Uh . . . she's never digivolved that far yet . . . )
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[SIZE=1]Is it too late for me to join? I don't want to miss out on a digi rpg considering how rare they are.

Name: Josh
Gender: Male
Crest: Insecurities
Personality: Josh is the quiet one who many people consider to be rude because he never speaks. It is not that he doesn't want to talk to themm but it is that he has a paralyzing fear of meeting ang talking to people. He never makes any friends because of how shy he is and has loyalty to nobody except his digimon shymon.
Description: Shorrt black hair and green eyes. Josh wears a black sweater with a red stripe across the middle. He has regular jeans and can sometimes be seen wearing a black coat when its cold.


Fresh: Doobamon (fic)
In Training: Jynxmon (fic)
Rookie: Shymon (fic)
Champion: Fearmon (fic)
Ultimate: Phantmon (real)
Mega: Unknown

I will post the descriptions of my digis as they the rpg progresses, and I don't feel like doing it now.[/SIZE]
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may i join if so here are the stats

name: frankie (lee for short its my middle)
gender: female
crest: reson/respect
personality: lonly never relly makes friends cause no one likes her cause she is so strange..she never fights when its not needed
will give up her oun life to svae her oun friends(if she has any),and her oun digimon...
description: lives by her self (she never had a family,or home)
wears a blue shirt with a mad boxer dog on it.. black jeans
age: 14

freash: syphermon (a small ball of green fluff 2 eyes)
in-training: tepormon(a small green head with legs eyes and long whiskers
rookie: takururumon (a little lizard on all four legs red stipes and a spike on the end of his tail) attack: tail stabber(attacks with tail)
champion: baemon (see attachment) attacks: tail-spikes,blade-lasers,and O-MEGA-FLAME
ulimate:rocaceramon(gient dino with skull all over body like armour,big blue stripes) Attacks: Filler-tri-peaks(sends loads of filler(rocks))oh i will post his pic up latter
Mega: ??????????

uhh i forgot to say...i am almost always seen with baemon not takururumon
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[COLOR=purple]FINE! Grrrr Hay Dios Mio!
If I can't bw obsessed with Takeru... which is gonna make me a *****...
then I'll be obsesesed wtih Shiro.. I'll be one of his only friends... he said he looks like Gohan, so it's all good...

Name:Alin Tahaishi
Crest: Destiny
Appearence:White hair, yes that's right, white with thin purple streaks, blue eyes, has two freckles on her left cheek

*nudges Matt* sound farmiliar?

Height: 5'5"
Weight:Um.. she won't tell me
Description:Is always wearing low rise jeans with studded sides and a white shirt with a wing painted on the front

She isn't dumb okay? She's not Mimi. She is reliable, repectful, honest, cunning, dangerous, fast, smart, responsible and independent.

Digimon: *see previous post*[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonfire1477 [/i]

Matt: :nervous:

Alin: :therock: *SMACK*

Matt: :blackeye: :drunk: [/B][/QUOTE]


You are so thick! NOBODY comes to mind that had white hair and liked to show ff her tummy?

Matt: :nervous:

Alin: *SMACK*
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oh can i join??!?! please? it's about time i joined one of these

Name: siren
Gender: female
Crest: honor/loyalty
Personality:stubborn and loyal if she gives her word nothing will make her break it short tempered, has a wry sense of humor... always finds somthing to joke about, loves danger, will go in no matter the odds... sad inside...
Description: waist length thick black hair kept in a braid silver/blue eyes wears black baggy pants and a navy tank top with a short dark green jacket (dbz fans it's like trunks's outfit-no a girl!)
Fresh: silthmon- small blue blob
In Training: takkamon-knee hight blue wolf/tiger
Rookie: halamon-large blue/purple tiger
Champion: wulfmon- large black wolf
Ultimate: chilamon- large blue and black wolf tiger with black wings
Mega: lithlostomon- a dark angel with claws and a mane of shaggy blue hair
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Username - Charaname - Crest - Rookie Digimon

Nagare Boshi - Kontan Touzoku - Bitterness - Nigaimon

GinnyLyn - Ginny Lyn - Peace - Gryfmon

Cera - Cera - Dreams - Marimon

Outlaw - Gawin Maow - Light - Wyvrmon

Dragonfire1477 - Matt Hunt - Power - Pseudodramon

Sere Tuscumbia - Sere Tuscumbia - Serenity - Buttermon

Sayian_Metroid - Shiro - Bravery - Hayatomon

Shyguy - Josh - Insecurities - Shymon

Blanko_el-miez - Frankie - Reason - Takururumon (Baemon's the one she's seen with. Think Kari and Gatomon)

DBZChikaGhan - Alin Tahaishi - Destiny - Bellamon

stormwing - Siren - Honor - Halamon

EbonyFox - Todd 'Ebony' Fox - Perserverance - Bombermon

Nataniamon - Erin (ravin) Crouse - Imagination - Nataniamon
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