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RPG Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Evil (sign up)


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[I]A new Ring of Power has come into existance and its master is one who shall not allow anyone to get in his way of conquering middle earth and all those who oppose him but there is hope a new fellowship has arisen from the ashes of the old led by a young man named Gladius Maximus who will lead this new fellowship to once again destroy the ring of power and free the lands[/I]

Alright not a bad intro if I do say so my self.
Post in a bio like this after 16 people join i'll
launch this topic

Name: Gladius
Age: 28
Race: Human
Weapons: Bow, arrows and the sword Murasame an incredibly powerful sword with the abiltiy to shilt the wielder agaist magic attacks

Bio: he was a noble of gondor's son and trained in many ways of weapons usage. His father was murdered by the new evil and now gladius seeks only vengence against it

Appearance: wears a black cloak over nomal robes and has a body covers of mythril armour underneath. He is 5'9 with dark blue eyes and long black hair
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I could have sworn that there's another LOTR RPG, and that someone very important who everyone loves started it up. Oh well..... the more the merrier.
Name: Ralvenar

Age: 200 (15 in human years)

Race: Elf

Weapons: Long bow with 30 arrow quiver, and Anduril (his sword).

Bio: Dwelled in Rivendell for many years, an elite guard for Elrond himself.

Description: Long silver hair, hazel eyes, black and red tunic with black cape.
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Okay I was up at 4 writing this (don't ask).
If u even think of dissing it i'll hunt u down and beat u up with a... neon pink rabbit?!?!

Name: Katia
Age: 355 (looks 19)
Race: Elven mage
Specialties: controls the four elements

Bio: was taken from family by group of mages, obviously learnt how to cast spells, use magic, etc... also learnt to fight with staff and daggers.
Appearance: about 6'3", long firey red hair tied back in french plait, has greeny-blue eyes, wears black pants, brown boots, blood red tunic and grey cloak.
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Guest QuickSilver
Name: Seifer
Age: 27
Race: Human
Weapons: Two daggers and a force-edge sword
Bio: Heir to the throne of Rohan, ancestors owner of the one ring.
Description: 6'4", brown vest, white tunic. Brown trousers, knee height black boots. Brown hair, eyes, and beard.
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Hey can I join??? If so...

Name: Nabashi
Age: 13
Race: Elf
Weapons: Bow and two daggers
Bio: Asuka's brother and son of Legolas (sorry he just kicks!) Has skills with the bow as great as Legolas...yet his sister has never failed to beat him in archery.
Appearance: Long white hair, blue eyes, Mythril armor under his green tunic..white trousers....small ankel high white boots..
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me too?

Name: artemis
Age: 100 (15 in human)
Race: half elf
Weapons: recurve long bow, long sword,shurrikens and a dirk
Bio: an outcast from the elven world, a dark elf... honor is high in her mind and her pride comes from her human father...
apperence: waist length hair inn a tight braid silver eyes... wears charcol black baggy pants dark green tank top and a deep blue cloak
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