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When it Rains Blood [M-LVS]


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[color=darkred][size=1][b]Before time itself began[/b]
The realms of Heaven and Hell lay in ruin after many centuries of war. The dried blood of angels and demons covered almost everything. Weapons, armor, and pieces of equipment were scattered everywhere with bodies laying among the wreckage. Any wounded slowly dragged themselves across the ground until they either received help or were killed off. Several angels flew along the ground killing off any remaining demons that fell behind from the retreating force of demons that now was so few that you could meet them all in one day.

The only place that stood was the Inner Sanctum where the archangels Michael and Gabriel who had their swords pointed at Satan, who sat on his knees bowing before a gold throne that almost looked white and shined with a bright light and spoke with a deep voice. [b]?Are you proud with the destruction that you have caused to Heaven and Hell. Many have lost their lives in this battle. For this you will be banished to Hell for a certain length of time. After that moment has passed I will release from your forsaken home so you can redeem yourself of your sins.?[/b]

Satan frowned. [b]?And what will this moment be??[/b] The voice emitted from the light again. [b]?When it rains blood on the planet Earth. Soon to be created?[/b]

[b]Year 885 AD[/b]
The Devil paced around his forever burning home. [b]?When it rains blood. Ha, like that will ever happen?[/b] He sat down and began thinking. [b]?But since He never lies then it must come to pass sooner or later. Thus I will begin rebuilding my armies even greater. But I will have stronger independent demons capable of much more?[/b] He held out his hand as three orbs of black fire appeared in front of him then took shape into three separate demons. [b]?Your training begins now for you will teach those demons a lesson?[/b]

[b]Heaven[/b] Gabriel felt several strong presences appear. [b]?It seems that he is growing smarter?[/b] The light from the throne spoke again. [b]?Guess we can?t fall behind then?[/b] Three gold halos appeared and a gold light came from the middle and formed three angels. [b]?Train them Gabriel and have Michael help you. They may be our only hope?[/b]

[b]Year 2013 October 13[/b]
Then sun was almost at the peak of its rise as a young couple sat on their front porch enjoying their meal. The young man looked up at the sky as it began to be slowly covered by black almost red looking clouds. [b]?Looks like a huge storm is coming?[/b] After the sky fully darkened the soft patter of rain came and the young man stood up and stepped into it. [b]?The rain feels good?[/b] He gave a small frown as the water felt warm and tasted thick and of iron causing him to spit onto the ground the turn as his wife screamed. [b]?Jill what is it??[/b] His wife stood stone cold white as the man looked at his hands and white shirt which was now covered in blood. The rain stopped as a young girl came running out of the house and clutched her dad?s leg. [b]?Daddy there is a monster in my closet it tired to get me?[/b] The man looked up as a suck cracking sound was heard the part of the front wall came flying off. A huge sick twisted looking creature with dark red and black skin and long horns stood before them and let out a long evil howl. [b]?jill get away from it?[/b] The creature let out what sounded like a laugh as it turned on the woman and sliced her open, blood flying every where. The demon turned as the man?s wife suddenly rose. Her eyes were black and empty and she let out a sort of growl as blood dripped from her. She began advancing on the man and the girl when a flash of a blade was seen and the demon and the woman were split in half. An angel floated next to them, his robes no longer white but stained with the woman?s and demon?s blood. [b]?She is lost to the pits of hell and so will be everyone else that is infected by a demon or someone the demon has touched.?[/b] He stabbed a needle into their arms and injected a gold like substance. The man and the daughter were suddenly clothed in white and held weapons. [b]?Go do the same to any other you come across that they might be saved from the pits of Hell?[/b]

Basically an old war has started anew with the raining of blood which happens throughout the war. Only three individuals on each side have the power within them to change the fate of Heaven and Hell. But in order for these characters to do that they need you to control them. Each one has a strength and its flaws. They are based around speed, strength, and skill but each lacks slightly in the others so the three must learn to work as a team to defeat its adversaries. Will you choose the side of Heaven and defeat the powers of evil once and for all and make the Earth a Paradise or will you help the demented ones and bring the Earth under eternal pain and chaos. It is up to you.

Warning: This Rp will contain graphic scenes so be advised

Name: Make it angelic or demonic depending on what side you are one.
Personality: Please make it to what side you are on
Appearance: should be easy
Side: Heaven or Hell
Aspect: Speed, Strength, or Skill. Skill for the Angels is already taken by me.
Weapon: Two or three at the max. Does not include claws, teeth, horns.

At least one of each gender on each side I prefer speed to be female.

If the six are taken to can be a regular demon or angel and give your account on the front lines.[/size][/color]
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Name: Borarium
Gender: male

Personality: Fueled and perserved by hatred, so vast that it has sated his appetite for anything else but that hated, a feeding, growing thing which has consumed Borarium's whole like a sickening bog of cancer and disease. A hate so passionate, so heated by the fires of Hell that Borarium has gone silent, almost apathetic to the appearance out of a sheer loathing that man has never felt.

Appearance: A charcoal black demon with white horns that point back and tilt up behind his long ears. His eyebrows are white, though they are not of hair, but ash instead, and his eyes glow white with the intense hatred in his soul, and his raven wings that shed burning feathers when he flies, never depleting what seems an inexhaustable amount of deathly black feathers that seem to baulk the light of the sun itself. A magmic black rock expanse of his skin forms something like leggings, and his feet bare tremendous claws that grind into the gravel upon which he walks.

Side: Hell
Aspect: Strength
Weapon: One large obsidian-tinted sword
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][B]Name:[/B] Arella

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Personality:[/B] Righteous and quick-thinking, Arella has always embraced the fact that she was meant to fight the forces of Hell on the day that it rained blood on Earth. She is proud of the fact that she was chosen to fight to preserve life on Earth and the sanctity of Heaven alike. While she is determined, and was often focused on training for the battle, she is friendly with her teammates. She knows that there's a deep bond of trust that they must share to be successful.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Her long, raven-black hair contrasts her pure white robes.Her eyes are dark green. For moving purposes, her robe has no sleeves and is cut at the knee. She has a golden rope tied around her waist to keep her robe from moving around her body too much and distracting her from her work. The back of her robe is cut to about mid-back level so that her large, white wings have plenty of room to move around.

[B]Side:[/B] Heaven

[B]Aspect:[/B] Speed

[B]Weapon:[/B] One blessed dagger that she keeps on her rope-belt and one golden staff about five and a half feet in length.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[color=darkred][size=1]just a reminder. If the six are taken you can compete for their spots and I will chose the better.Do not join if you do not want your charatcer killed off cause I will not guarentee everyone's character will live. This will start out as a rp then change to a spar at the end[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Name: Shinei the Avenger
Gender: Male
Personality: He is somber, being given such a heavy duty. He has been trained his entire life for battle against demons. Shinei was originally a lieutenent in the Holy Army, but showed great promise in combat. As such, he was given the duty of defending Heaven from the fiends.
Appearance: [URL=http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/k/a/katyushja/angel_male.jpg.html]Here[/URL]
Side: Heaven
Aspect: strength
Weapon: An ax, the head of which is shaped in the visage of an angel, the two wings forming the two serated blades. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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