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Sign Up Terror Town 2 [M-LV]

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Back Story:
It was years later now. Sora and Misha had managed to evade hell. They had just finished fighting off more demons. Bail no longer came after them. There only challenge was fighting off the armies of Satin's monsters. Sora and Misha were leaning against a tree cathing there breath and losing thereselves in memories of there freinds. Naru,Sparkle, Hulcus, Anita, and the rest of the group who came to purgatory with them. When they opened there eyes there was a train in front of them. "Please God. Don't let it be more people." Misha muttered. They went in to the train and saw dozens of people. Men and women. Toddlers and teens around there age. All of them were terrified. One man saw Sora and Misha walk in.

"You two!" The man shouted. Sora and Misha turned there attention toward the man. The man walked up to Sora and Misha."You two." The man repeated. "Do have any Idea where we are?"

Sora stared at the man. "You sir," Sora said,"Are in the place between heaven and hell."

Then Misha cut in finishing Sora's sentence "The place were you have a great chance of reclaming salvation, and an even greater chance of damnation."

As Misha and Sora walked onto the train, one of the passangers came up to them and asked,"Where the hell are we? How did we get here?"

"You are in Purgatory.The place were you have a great chance of reclaiming salvation, and an even greater chance of damnation," said Misha.

"That's right. You are here to be tested to see if you go to heaven or to hell," said Sora,"Also, you will be tempted by Satan and the guardian of the gate to hell, Bail."

As soon as Sora finished his sentence, a group of demons came and attacked the train. Everyone screamed and ran in terror. "Follow me!" shouted Misha as she led the people out of the train while Sora fought them off.

"Dammit! There are ****ing too many," said Sora.
Misha and the group of people followed her to a small abandon gas station. They went inside and waited for Sora to show up. Soon after, Sora showed up exhausted from battling all the monsters.

"Are you alright?" asked Misha.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little scratch here and there," Sora replied.

"Let me help you. Parodox Lunarus!" shouted Misha as his wounds suddenly went away.

"How did you do that?" said a girl about the same age as Misha.

"Oh, this is magic. I can use it here because of the kind of place this is," she replied.

"We need to find some weapons so all of you can fight off these monsters," said Sora as he stood up and walked to the basement and came back with lots of boxes filled with some sort of stuff."Now, you need to pick out a weapon and fight hard for your lives."


Name: no crazy ones



Appearance: description or picture


Bio: at least a paragraph or two

Weapon: ( at first you start out with lead pipes and bats and sticks but later you can get katanas, staffs, etc. Whatever you can think of as long as it's not to crazy)

I will post my later after a few more.
OOC: If you would like to play Satan, please pm me. Also remember that I would like the original people who played Misha and Sora and Bail to also come back. I'm not playing favorites, I just think that they were so good in the 1st terror town that they would be good in the second. Also to add, I don't want that much powerplaying, there could be a few but not too much.

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OOC: Misha is back to kick some demon tail(if they do have tails that is)

[COLOR=Lime]Name: Misha

Age: 18

Gendar: Female

Appearance: [IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/vampireknight-1.jpg[/IMG]
Personality:She is kind and very caring of others.

Bio: Like before she is still with Sora and they have been wandering away from the Devil for a long time now. They are still very far away to be in heaven and yet she walks in a train of full of people and she now has a new quest to be delt with and can't wait any longer before they can receive damnation or salvation.

Weapons: She still has her original weapon, a staff with rings of the elements.[/COLOR]

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occ: Yo Baal's back.

[B]Name:[/B] Baal

[B]Age:[/B] Baal doesn't really have an age.

[B]Gender:[/B] Unknown presumebly male

[B]Appearence:[/B] Baal is a rather large grim reaper looking thing with a simpe skull where his face would be and skeletal hands. He also has various worms and grubs crawling out of his skull constantly. Over his harsh skeletal figure he wears a floating black robe of sorts, making him appear even more grusome.[IMG]http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/libris_gallery/84751.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Personality:[/B] He is a cruel twisted individual who likes torturing others in any way possible. He also has a bit of an ego.

[B]Bio:[/B] Baal is the infernal keeper of the gates of hell. He has tryed to sway the passers by in purgetory for most of his existance. His only real failure was with Sora Misha and the others. He Tends to hang around purgetory looking evil in his spare time.

Baal's only enjoyment in his existance comes from dividing friends and family as he hunts them down in purgetory. Although the humans are already dead, if he kills them while here, they will go to hell for eternity.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Baal has a large assortment of destructive magic abilities but his main weapon is a large sythe seemingly made from a whole in reality.

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[SIZE=1]Name: Aiden Higuya

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Appearance: [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v730/GoldenHamster/6bd53188.jpg[/IMG]

Personality: Mostly keeps to himself, he speaks once in a blue moon but his actions really speak for him. When he does decide to talk he seems rather nice.

Bio: Aiden lived Isolated, he kept to himself a huge amount of the time untill around seventeen, He started to get strange at that age, Like he had lost it or something. Countless times he would speak of creatures following him, demons as he put them, he would try to commit suicide, and was saved twice. The third time he was the worst, he succeded in his quest.

He made his way to one of the highest buildings in tokyo, no one knew how he got there but he managed it, and simply jumped. Fortunely it was thought he didnt feel much pain from the fall he died mid-fall. he has arrived in the balance between heaven and hell, to try and save himself, since he tried to kill himsel, he is going to see just how bad hell can be.

Weapon: Lead Pipe[/SIZE]

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[COLOR=Sienna]Just as a BTW here before I sign up, I'm pretty sure it's spelt Baal, not Bail, but eh, not my character...

Name: Geoff Vangelis

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=12]Geoff[/URL]

Personality: Geoff is a fairly relaxed individual. He doesn't take anything seriously and views even life threatening situations with a '**** happens' attitude. He's also a bit of an introvert, which means he's not very likely to be starting a conversation or being with a large group of friends. As a result, people tend to think that he's a dark, lonley person, but the truth is that he's a tremendously cheerful and humerous individual who's fun in a 1-on-1 conversation. He's not really loyal, though, nor is he brave.

Bio: Geoff was born to a middle class family, and had a rather unremarkable childhood. He was never an exceptional student, but he usually got passing grades. He was never an exceptional athlete, nor was he ever a truely popular person in school. He never even had a girlfriend, not that he really wanted one. He really has led an average life; at least, he had been, until he a train ride home to see his parents was interupted by... something strange.

Weapon: Hockey stick.[/COLOR]

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OCC: If it is ok with you guys, I would like to play as Naru again but as a new being ressurected. ^ ^ IF there are changes neede please tell me.

Name: Inaru Kishimeya



Appearance: Inaru without the sword and the tattoo.

Personality: A very outgoing person. He likes to help other when in need but he somtimes a coward during adverse situations. He always wanted to prove himself that he is not weak but in the process he is always hurting himself.

Bio: He was once Naru who was with Sora and Misha. Due to his insistent request to God that he wanted to save the two, his request was accepted. But he can't go to Purgatory since he is already in heaven so to go to Purgatory, he must be ressurected into a new being, having his memories, abilities and everthing that has happened back then forgotten. He should also die again and suffer the same pain that was given to him in Purgatory back then. But due to his will help the two, he went on, despite that condition. After that he was ressurected as Inaru and he woke up in Purgatory just like what happened earlier but this time he died in a train.

Weapon: Sling Shot and a few stones.

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Name: Ame Cotuna

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ame is 5'11, weights 151, has sky blue eyes and hair, and has a slightly slim but well-toned body. Clothing, he has a long sleeved white shirt, and slightly baggy sky blue jeans. Other things, he has 2 sappire earings on each ear and a aqua dragon tattoo colored black and dark blue on his left arm.

Personality: Ame is usually a very serene and compassionate person and dosen't care to much for fighting. He is sometimes extremly self-righteous if demeaned in any way and absolutly hates deception.

Bio: Ame was the middle child of a rich and powerful family and always carried himself as a very respecting and regal person. He never looked down apon anyone and always veiwed everone and eveything as equals. Then one day at the high school he was attending was held hostage by "paranormal forces" the news called it and more than a third of the entire school population was killed. Angry, terrified, and dilussional from the dire wounds he recieved trying to protect his friends he prayed as hard as he could to be given the chance and might to destroy these monstrosities and was granted death instead. "I will have my revenge on you both...god of salvation and demon of hell...", he said in in relaxed tone as he was gored to death.

Weapons: All he had when he died was his best friends needles for her knitting class and was apparently allowed to keep them even in the world between worlds. He uses them like darts.

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[B]Name:[/B] James Marks

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] male


6' tall blonde haired man who lookes a couple years older tha he is. He wears a brown trenchcoat, slacks, with black shoes and tie with a white dress shirt, and rosary beads around his neck.

[B]Personality:[/B] sarcastic, confrontaional, sort of irritable, but a genuinely good person once you get to know him.

[B]Bio:[/B] James never really had a good life, he grew up almost in poverty, he is an about Catholic and in his youth he whent to church every sunday. After he graduated highschool he went to collage on a baseball scholorship but but dropped out. He is now a private investigator not to mention an alchoholic and chain smoker, he might seem like a bad person but he will still help people whenever possible.

One day he was going home to his appartment when he herd a scream from one of the upper floors of the building. He ran up there to see that a woman was being mugged. He intervened and fought with the man until the fight made it down the hallway. Not realizing it, he tackled the man trough a window. They both fell to there deaths.

[B]Weapon:[/B] a wooden baseball bat

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[COLOR=Purple]OOC: this is my character
Name: Taiyo Watnuki

Age: 19

Gender: female


Personality: she is quiet, stubborn, and cold. when the train arrives in Purgetory, she is not too happy about it.

Bio: Taiyo was different from everyone else at her school. She was always picked on and no one wanted to be near her. Soon she became a bully to the other kids and eveyone soon backed off on her and respected her more. She had to go out of town to visit family and had to take a train from Tokyo to Kyoto. The train soon broke down and everyone blacked out for a second and the next thing she knew, she was in some town and then two teens come on the train saying that they are in Purgatory and that they have to fight in order to survive.

Weapon: at first she uses a lead pipe but soon gets needles, kunai, and shudiken.
[COLOR=Navy] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Okay, here are they people who would be accepted into this rpg, the following:

Guardian Angel-Misha
Obesepanda-Aiden Higuya
Lonley Fighter-Ame

You all have been accepted!!! But I need someone to be Satan and remember, if you want to be him, pm me your sign up. Thanx.

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Name: Roger Young



Appearance: hes got green camouflage pants. And wears the his dog tags along with the tags of his best friend who was killed in action. He 6?5 and is pretty muscular. He wears brown combat boots and has a olive green shirt (which tends to get ripped rather easily?.) hes got short dark brown hair that naturally spikes up ward. He also has a grey bandana on his forehead and tends to have a cigarette in his mouth.

Personality: Roger likes to joke around but when it comes down to business this man holds nothing back. Stays cool under pressure and doesn?t like to show pain towards friend nor foe. Hes very motivating and tries to keeps his troops moral up. A true warrior all the way through.

Bio: Raised in a military family Roger went to army and joined the Rangers. Right after joining he was sent to his first war in Bosnia. He received excellent remarks for his action in the battle of krakina and was recognized by a special elite force known as ?THEM.? Training with the most elite Roger became one of the greatest soldier to ever live, able to survive in any situation and use his environment to his advantage. He even won the medal of honor for his action in Anokor. His best friend Spec was killed in that battle and he carries his dogs tags in memory of his friend.

Weapon: Roger will start off with a long metal pipe. Eventually he?ll find a combat knife and a good amount of throwing knives (which he has to pull out of the enemy after he kills him). He?s also good at setting up traps and can use any type of firearm that he finds along the way.

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OOC: Sora's back, and he's ready for more!


Name: Sora



Appearance: [IMG]http://www.gamers.fr/jeux/kingdomhearts2_ps2/176.jpg[/IMG]

Personality:Has been rather tense ever since he first discovered that he and his freinds had been sent to Purgatory and is kinda on edge since he has a new bunch of people to take care of.

Bio: Came to Purgatory with the first bunch of victims and helped insure the transportation of the rest of the group to heaven. Except Misha who refused to leave without him. Since then he and Misha have been evoiding hell and now are helping the new bunch of people do the same.

Weapon: Key Blade. However, unlike the picture, he only has one sword.

[B]P.S. If there's anything wrong, please tell me.[/B]

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Name:sparkle lin
appearance:she always wears a black cloak that she takes off in battle to reveal a black halter top and a black mini skir with black knee high boots or a black sleevless tube top dress and she has long straight black hair thats down to her feet
short Bio:she never really knew her mother or father but her foster mother never talks about her real parents and she is a big help because she loves studying and analyzes situations out before acctually fighting.The reason she went on this feild trip is because she needed a break from all her worshippers,fans and school work.Sparkle lin has some magic powers that she hides inside her that she only uses if you get really mad,but in order to get that mad you would have to hurt one of her close friends or loved ones
personallity:she seems to be a bit hiding a few secrets and acts mature but also seems mysterious.she wears goth clothes and acts mature around boys and teachers but deep inside all she really wants is to be the real fun loving a bit kid like and fun to have around girl that she really is.
weapon:normally she has two double side swords and a reagular sword and or the magic she hides inside her but she uses a stick and a pipe right now
[COLOR=DarkGreen]Dear monipo1982, if the creator of an RPG specifically says the recruitment is [I]closed[/I], then you can't join anymore unless you get a permission from the creator. You can get that permission by asking the creator directly through a private message.

Furthermore, do not double post, it's considered spamming. Use the "edit"-button located at the bottom of each post.

- Sandy[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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