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[color=chocolate]Have you got a specific RPG character(s)?
Mine are:
*Cara, an 18 year old girl, she's an orphan and lives with a rich uncle. She's sweet and kind, and liked by all she meets.
She has a pale complexion and long black hair, often wears a black jump suit with a tunic like shirt over it.

*Mist, a water Dragon. She is protective and powerful. She is the animal I use most.

*Storm is a black horse, with a jewel in his forehead. He is bad temepred and kills for fun. He can be tamed if spoke to with kindess, which isn't the case too often. He is less used by me.[/color]
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She is a chosen child. Her digimon is Bellamon.

Takeru's girlfriend.

*Moon Kiss*
Wife of Yue. Long white hair with sparkling blue eyes and is always wearing the diamond necklace made from stars. A goddess.

:angel:Sakura Tamano:angel:
She's an angel whose sole job is to protect the boy she loves, Yamasuke.

Honey loving(no literally she eats honey constantly) superheroine who is always goofing things up.

Alin's digimon.

*Silent Nobility*
Quite possibly my favorite character. An X-Man. She loves Wolverine with every inch of her soul and has Storm's powers.
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Oooo . . . I have a chara. but I still need to draw her properly, her looks keep on changing!

Her name is Sere Tuscumbia. She is a loner of sorts, never really joining one group, but mingling when needed. She works alone, seemingly calm and collected, but inside, her mind is in turmoil. Although she may look human to most, the blood of a cursed race runs through her veins, mixing w/ the little human blood she has. She carries a large sword by her side, and it is rumored that she is the only one to wield it, for all other are burned upon touching it. (I'm starting to run out of things to say . . .) Her age ranges, for she is considered by most immortal, but immortal she is not. An excellent swordsman, most that have met her have not lived to tell the tale. In desperate situations, she pulls out her trusted gun, an Eagle. (This is getting long, no? I think I'll stop and leave the rest for later!)
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[color=darkblue]RicoTranzrig is not my real name...it's my RPG character's name...energetic but quiet, wields many different guns but usually never any melee weapons except his fists. His partner's name, is Akiu Kaze...insane, hard headed, but he knows what's right...("Okay, let's start this," "Real Life," and Otaku's Big Brother)

Chole is another person that I use, he's a boy, but he's nice and acts really innocent. The sad thing is that he really is clueless...(ShipWrecked)

Icar is more of a god-type person...people fear him for no good reason and he kills them from up above. (Silence and the Motion)

Sky is an old character of mine...has a shadow who follows him...(The Silence)

Trell is much like Rico...except he's half dragon (Hybrid Vigor 1 and 2, 3 later on....)

Lupos is a vampire, not as old as some of his superiors, but very well balanced, cruel to everyone else except the people he knows. (Nosferatu: Forsaken Rights)

Those are the most recent ones...[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]LOL, this is going to take me a bit...

Xaida Skyfureé: Daughter of Freiza, half changeling, half Laporin, angry, wild, mother of Raiha, specializes in brutality.

Raiha Kauriji: Daughter of Xaida and Pyro, calm, extremely magical, competitor in DBZ Battlefield, specializes in magic.

Sabirsing Sevenstar: Grandaughter of Raiha, wild, tough, also magical, fighter in DBZ a New Hope, specializes in use of the Zamma-To.

Laurii of Bane: Tiger godess, mean, selfish, inhabits a human body at times, kills without a single thought.

Valik: grandaughter of Laurii, hybrid, fiery tempered, difficult to calm down, passionate, specializes in turning into a tiger and wreaking havoc wherever she goes.

Astralyas: Grandaughter of Sabirsing, a fire witch, deadly, dangerous, specializes in turning into a pheonix and destroying bad guys. :D

Iris Chastain: Calm, cool, collected, can be playful, will be a part of Hybrid Vigor III, haven't decided what animal to morph her into, specializes in.......er......nothing yet...

Last one, I promise!

Espa: Once human, now a vampire, calm, somewhat powerful, Partner of Lupos, specializes in bringing calm to people around her.[/COLOR]
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I have a few rpg characters, all of which i use my own name, its alot easier to remember that way. The main character i use though us:

Name: Liam
Age: 14-18
Features: brown hair flecked with blue, deep blue eyes, tends more to be agile rather than strong, always good for a laugh
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I hyave [COLOR=crimson]many[/COLOR] charecters but all are mostly the same.

I always keep the same name.
Name :Goven

Gender :male


Appearance :1 1/2 in. Blue hair cold green eyes Prince Darians

Armor and outfit from Sailor Moon

Vehicle: silver jeep with black trim Deep blue Ferrari


Name :Hotaru

animal :Tiger

Appearance :Siberian Tiger
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i got two... and it's still hard to rember which is which

artemis- black waist length hair silver eyes charcol grey pants forest green tank top and a dark green short jacket

siren- apperence varys-black, blue or white hair, black or grey pants-in every rpg i'm in but one
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