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Sign Up The Bounty Company [M-LVS]


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[size=1][color=darkorange]Rell Nerom stood, quite impressed by the pure white structure around him. He was young, probably in his mid twenties by his own estimates, standing on a vessel he had never before seen the likes of. Rell's left hand was scratching his head as he surveyed his surrounding while his right rested on his belt, from which hung a newly cleaned and polished revolver. He himself was of average height, with short dark hair and gleaming blue eyes. He wore a dark blue silken shirt and the style of black pants that had been popular with the aristocracy as of late. Normally he would never be able to afford such stylish apparel but they had already been paid half for what was sure to become the biggest job they had ever pulled, and maybe the last they'd ever need to.

[b]"Now [i]this[/i] is what I call a ship."[/b] Rell announced proudly to his two companions, an aging man with streaks of grey in his hair and a sword at his side and a tall and proud Wolf-kin with piercing amber eyes and a string of tradition tribal beads running down from his left ear. [b] "Look at this,"[/b] Rell continued (knocking on te wall of the ship),[b] "This is pure marble! How the hell do you think the pointy-ears got this to float?"[/b]

[b]"Magic."[/b] the Wolf-kin grunted.

[b]"Well, obviously. I mean this is an elven ship, after all."[/b] Rell said, now to his wolfen companion. [b]"See, Gray, look out at the horizon. You see that line where the ocean gets blurry? Magic bubble, keeps the ship safe from the weather. Ha! You remember that time on the coast runner when the shift rocked so much we had to tie Shift down so he wouldn't drown in his sleep? These elves won't have any of that. How do you like that bit of elven ingenuity, buddy?"

"I don't."[/b] Gray replied firmly. [b]"It's.... unsettling."

"Really? I thought you'd been around a lot of magic back in the day."

"Yes, but not like this... It's not harmonious, more like dwarven technology than our shamans' chants."

"You can tell the difference? For the most part I can never even sense it, I mean if it's very dense I can (right now I can practically smell it all over this ship) but for the most part-"

"Hey, kid."

"Yeah, Lefty?"

"Shut up."[/b] the older man replied, the silver streaks in his hair flashing as he turned his head to face Rell. [b]"This isn't look at the pretty ship time, remember we've got a job to do here before we get to Moren."

"Right, the dwarf with the bank prints. Me and Gray will go take care of him right now-"

"Not now, Rell."[/b] Lefty said, his left arm resting on the hilt of his sword while his right was held up in a sling inside his coat, injured beyond the ability to use it a long time ago. [b]"Remember, we're two days from port. You kill him now, what are we gonna do with the body? I didn't notice any signs on the ship that said 'dead dwarf storage'. These are high class citizens, they're not accustomed to caring for dead bodies on their vacation cruise. Just find him and keep an eye on him for now."

"Sure thing, boss."[/b] Rell said, walking off into the maze of corridors in the interior of the ship.

[b]"Gray, follow him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Of course, brother."

"All right, I'm gonna go see to our 'friends' back in the cabin... and keep vigilante, I'm a little weary as to why the Big Guy in Moren was so reluctant to tell us more about the job until we get there."[/b]

All right, this RP is one that follows a group of adventurers/bounty hunters/vagrants/mercenaries/freelances/magicians/etc. led by a former soldier called 'Lefty' (the players, and the three introduced above) as they take on the job of a lifetime. You may or may not be part of their group already, could be a separate person contracted for the same job as them or a normal person who gets cought up in the middle (or maybe a normal person with them because they've got nowhere to go), as always get creative. It takes place in a more or less typical tolkien-derived fantasy type universe, but with a certain western twist to it. It takes place in the aftermath of an enormous war (which some of the characters fought in) between two human faction of the largest kingdom, resulting in the defeat of the rebel faction and years later the disolving of the empire into many smaller kingdoms). I'm looking for 3-5 characters, but I'll accept more if there are that many good applications.

Here's what I want on the character sign up sheet:

[b]Name:[/b] Self explanatory
[b]Age:[/b] Not too many 15, 16 year old master warriors, please! (I'll accept characters that young but be reasonable as to their abilities)
[b]Race:[/b] All the traditional fantasy races (humans, elves, orcs, etc.) as well as anthropomorphic races too (though not just human but with ears and tails of an animal, they should be like 60/40 animal/human) I'll PM you if I'm not satisfied with the race.
[b]Appearance:[/b] No need to be overly detailed, just enough to paint a picture.

[b]Bio:[/b] One good paragraph is enough, but I'd prefer two. Lead up to how they end up on the ship, going to do the same job as Lefty and Co. (or they could be already part of their group). Not everyone has to be a warrior or a master thief, they could just be a normal person who gets thrown in with the Bounty Company.

[b]Speciality:[/b] What the character is good at and what their job would likely be (stealth, fighting, magic, charisma, luck, get creative). You would also put your character's weapon style here, if applicable (traditional medieval or feudal japanese weapons, some firearms but the technology is only up muskets and cruide revolvers, but if you want to get creative on the weapons, go for it). Or your character may not even have a speciality, if you went with the normal person type. And as always, be realistic, your characters should certainly be above average individuals, but no people so strong they can wipe out entire armies or anything.

[b]Personality:[/b] As many details as possible. You may want to include how they get along with the other characters, if your character's biography allows you to be familiar with them. You may also want to work out how you and other player's characters get along before hand too.

OR you can forego this character sheet and write a 3 or 4 paragraph sample story focusing on your character.

This RP will be done with a set order of posting (everyone will have a designated turn to post) with a two paragraph minimum for every post. The main reason for this is because I've seen RPs get bogged down in two sentence posts that go on for pages and pages with absolutely no story or character development, and the only real problems with this style is that it can really slow down if one of the players goes awol and conversations between PCs can be difficult so if there's going to be a convo between yours and another player's character (which I direly hope there will be) I suggest getting together in an IM or PM session to work out what gets said in the conversation and then one of you post the whole thing.

Any questions or feedback is extremely welcome, just PM me or if I get around to making an underground page go there. I hope to see your sign ups. (I'll post the character sheet for Rell once I have a few sign ups, and YawnBoy will be playing Gray, as we worked out a good bit of the plot together in real life)[/size][/color]
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[size=1][COLOR=DarkRed][b]Name:[/b] Shakun, though he is called Gray by almost all.
[b]Age:[/b] 67 (around 30 in human years)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Race:[/b] Wolf-kin
[b]Appearance:[/b] Tall (about 6' 6"), coverred head to toe in steely gray fur, with amber colored eyes. Has a long string of tribal beads in his hair going down from his left ear. Has an elongated 'snout' and strong claws, typical of his race, and is extremely muscular (even more so than is typical of his brethren). Wears simple, rough leather clothing.

[b]Bio:[/b] Born in a small, shamanistic tribe of Wolf-kin many years ago. It was there that he learned his skills as a hunter from his father, and proved himself to be one of the most adept of his generation. As time went on he became the leader of his tribes Jhetu (Hunter and Warrior caste) and was even thought to possibly be a chosen heir of their chieftain.
However, as the goblins began to spread past their native mountains and develop technology rivaling that of the dwarves (and having support of the Loyalist faction in the human's war) they invaded the homeland of the Wolf-kin, for expansion room and natural resources to feed their vast industrial base. Shakun, and the leaders of all of his neighboring tribes Jhetu, led the defense of their homelands. Though outnumbered and possessing vastly inferior technology they proved extremely tough opponents for the small and fearful goblins. However, their lack of numbers soon made it clear that they had no hope of winning by themselves.
Fortunately, the rebel faction in the human war decided that if the goblins took their lands they would be able to feed war supplies to the loyalists. They sent an army led by General Bas Hakome (the man who would later become known as Lefty the bounty hunter) to assist the wolf-kin against the goblins. With the human's help the Jhetu quickly repelled the goblins and crippled their ability to make war for years to come. Even after their part of the war was over, Shakun pledged his life's service to General Hakome as payment for helping to keep his lands safe. He would remain with him, fighting inthe war all the way to the rebels final defeat at Fort Akan, and continue to serve him after the war as lieutenant of the Bounty Company.

[b]Speciality:[/b] His life training as Jhetu made him a very talented warrior with a strict code of honor. Though he often uses one handed axes and bows, he believes that the only truely honorable way to conduct combat is with his natural weapons (teeth and claws).

[b]Personality:[/b] Often viewed as distant and somewhat cold. Gray however is highly emphatic and well aware of other's emotions. He is most certainly the quiet type and places a great deal of importance on honor, but always comes through in a tight spot.
He has been fighting alongside of Lefty for more than 30 years and they have come to trust eachother with their lives, though he will question him when he believes he is wrong and will not follow orders that he deems dishonorable. Gray has taken a liking to Rell, his enthusiasm reminding Gray of himself when he was younger, however he occasionally becomes annoyed with Rell's loud mouth. Regardless, he thinks of himself as an uncle to Rell and often considers it his responsibility to protect him as he still views Rell as 'just a pup'.

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Ahh, very interesting, reminds me of a story I'm planning to write in the future! Speaking of which, my first choice of character is from that story I just mentioned. However, I'm kind of worried about whether she'll be accepted or not, because she might be A) too young, or B) too weak, or even C) an unfamiliar species... She is my plan A as far as a character goes. However, I do have a plan B, and most likely C and D as well--if she doesn't work out. But for now... my tentative signup.

[color=teal][size=1][u]Name:[/u] Chibutakamo Surenich, often called Chibu for short
[u]Age:[/u] 12
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race:[/u] [b]Fylin:[/b]
[quote][size=1][color=teal]At first glance you?d probably think they were human. They sure looked that way, that is, unless one takes a closer look. Their shins and forearms may have looked like glamourous gloves and boots, but they were actually fins, with little fingers and toes attached at the ends. (The males had more human arms and legs, with small fins attached.) They had tails that matched those of various fish. If you looked very closely, you could see that their skin was covered with minuscule white scales. And on the sides of their jawbones was their method for breathing underwater: gills.[/size][/color][/quote]
^^Also, fylin can walk on land as well as swim in the water, and they can breathe out of water as well. And they often live in underwater societies, where most of the members are trained in various combat styles to protect their delicate homes.
[quote][size=1][color=teal]Chibu sat there quietly in the corner, looking as cute as a little cherub and as tender as a shark?s favourite supper. She stared at Hasaitsu with those adorable big scarlet eyes, and her longish hair flowed gently around her face, matching Hasaitsu?s more scruffy hair in colour. She looked to be in her very early teens, yet seemed to be still brimming with that childlike innocence. Still, she drew many smiles with her slim figure and voluptuous aqua fins. Her tail was bundled lightly behind her like a silky gown lying on a bed.[/size][/color][/quote]
^^What the quote does not say is that Chibu is about four-and-a-half feet tall, that her hair is a light aqua in colour, and that her ears are actually fins shaped sort of like ears.
[u]Bio:[/u] Chibutakamo was born into a typical fylin society just off the coast. And she and her family lived together in a big blue sandcastle. The society the Surenich were associated with was called the "Cavewater Society", as the combat instructor (a very highly respected title in any fylin community) was a half-lion named Bard who lived in a cave.

The Surenich family took up most of this society, and that family was rather interesting. Most interesting of all was Chibu and her siblings. First was Hasaitsuavleun, her big brother. He was an optimistic little guy and also very friendly, but loyal as well. He took his combat training fairly well, and was also quite the experienced hunter in the family. Chibu developed a pretty close relationship with this "muscle boy" Hasaitsu--so much to the extent that foreigners often thought Chibu was Hataitsu's girlfriend... But then there was Sarundanka, her big (and adopted) sister. Saruna hated Chibu for being too obnoxiously cute and sweet. Saruna had a cold and sadistic personality, and was the most experienced fighter in the family, specialising in both magic and a unique weapon she made herself. She did very well in her combat training, but Chibu did very poorly--maybe she "just didn't have that fighting spirit". Chibu also often ventured outside (in the daytime as well--she wasn't a night person), so Saruna often feared Chibu would be kidnapped or something, thus making the entire society vulnerable.

Saruna explained Chibu's problem to her parents, but all they suggested to her was that she watch over Chibu more carefully. Saruna did her best to do this (she would have great fun tormenting her), but she often found herself busy with her training, as well as the real fighting she occasionally did later on in her life. So when she wasn't watching over Chibu, either Hasaitsu or her parents were. However, she rarely trusted Hasaitsu, for he seemed to be too easy on Chibu. He would often just let her be, then go off to do other things. Hasaitsu often got in trouble for this, even though he kept saying that "it was Saruna's fault because she's too darn bloodthirsty to care about the family". Indeed, if the parents ever favored any one of them, it was Saruna for her rather impressive combat skills, or Chibu for the mere fact that she needed a little extra protection. She was like a princess, in a way. Perhaps her parents saw Chibu as eventually being queen of the Cavewater Society in the future, as she seemed to be charismatic and was good at dealing with people. (Well, it was her or Saruna that would inherit the throne next, as Mr. and Mrs. Surenich were king and queen of the society already. And Saruna was ineligible because she was adopted.)

Whenever Chibu managed to escape, she would often rise to the surface and hang out in the small elven village that was on the coast. (It was true that the elves and the fylin got along well together, but let's just say they... each wanted their own personal space.) And one day while she was in the village she caught word of something called the Bounty Company, and some sort of job that needed to be done, and some voyage to some land called Moren. It turns out she found herself at a gathering where they were recruiting members of this mission, but they didn't know much about the job yet.

Wait a minute... that company's name rang a bell. Ahh yes, the Surenich family had gotten a few requests for membership there in the past, but Mr. and Mrs. Surenich never really did anything with these requests... Anyways, Chibu was rather interested in this... whatever sort of mission it was... and mentioned things like her name, how she might be of help to the group, etc. etc. etc... and to make a fairly boring story simple, soon found herself on the magical marble ship bound for Moren as a first stop, along with the others.

[u]Specialty:[/u] Chibu is more of a navigator and watchperson than anything else. Usually what happens on journeys the Surenich family carries out on their own is that Chibu ends up as a "guinea pig" or a "scapegoat", or even bait for the enemies. As she's pretty much innocent and not really afraid of anything, she is a perfect investigative type, especially for spying or seeing what's ahead. She's not really much of a fighter--she does have a "weapon" that is very much like a thorned whip, but she hardly ever uses it. In a battle, she would be a staller--perhaps cause a distraction by talking to the enemy or just being cute. She can confuse people pretty easily, or even persuade them to do things. One can say she has good charisma and luck (especially luck), and other characteristics such as hearing that is as good as that of an elf might help as well...

[u]Personality:[/u] Chibu is quite playful and energetic. She likes to have fun and such, but she also likes to help others out. She can also be described as obedient, and she trusts others easily as well. This can make her pretty much gullible though... But the good thing is, she doesn't fret over her mistakes too badly--she even tends to either forget or completely ignore them. Leading to this, she is quite curious but also pretty naive. Often times she does things without really knowing the purpose behind them. After all, she is pretty young to start figuring all that out... Speaking of which, her judgment is fairly poor--she especially has a hard time distinguishing between a friend and a foe and often has to be told which is which. Also, she won't dare to hurt people she knows and/or trusts, but enemies and strangers are a different story, especially if they're smaller than she is--they're hard to distinguish from prey. Yet aside from the many weaknesses explained, she does rely on fate to carry her along, and partially as a result of that, she is quite intuitive as well as lucky. Also, it takes a long time for her to start being afraid of something--for example, if she were to walk into a haunted house, she might be okay for ten minutes till she starts to get nervous... She also hardly ever talks (or at least doesn't carry on full conversations that often)--which is good because she can't talk all that well given she's used to a different language unique to the fylin.[/color][/size]

OOC: I say it again, I do have plenty of other character choices if Chibu isn't accepted. She's just my first choice.

**The two quotes came from the part of the story I mentioned above so far...
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Arine Eiladeriel Kliclarien

Age: 200 or thereabouts, it's hard to keep track.

Gender: Female

Race: Sphynx

Appearance: I decided to draw the picture, albeit, from last year. She's a fire element Sphynx, so...body of the lion, face of a human, but long toes on her paws that allow her to function normally. She can stand on two legs perfectly well, uses her tail for balance like a primate oddly enough.

Bio: [i]She joined the Company years ago. At first she was one of their conquests, probably because of her unpleasant feeding habits. However, Lefty made one helluva convincing pitch, and then again, who couldn't use an ancient Sphynx that could fly, breathe fire...pierce basic armor...

....Arine dozed peacefully in broad daylight, curled around the mainmast of the ship. She opened one eye to notice Rell talking to Lefty...and they noticed her at last. She yawned unconcernedly, giving the entire crew a pleasant view of huge teeth and a very pink tongue. The Sphynx rose to all fours and padded around Lefty and the others, retracting and extending her claws playfully, digging into the floorboards, leaving little splinter-marks where she walked, then she leapt upwards and splayed across several boxes of cargo.[/i]

"Reluctance is a good thing you know..."

[i]The men laughed. Her tone was wry, and playful even. Then again, Arine was often playful with them the way a cat was playful with a mouse. Her voice was hoarse and deep, but if anything, still very feminine.... Relaxing again, she flicked her tail again and yawned once more. The sunlight felt sooo good...[/i]

Speciality: As a sentient creature comprised of mainly lion, she is capable of rending most plate mail armor off any hapless guard with one paw, and perfectly happy eviscerating an entire gang of bandits single...pawedly. Well-made armor presents more of a problem, but that won't really stop her from trampling you. She can also contact the fire that burns in the heart of every Sphynx and burn people from the inside out, although this takes time to prepare, and requires she makes eye contact for an extended period of time. Many cases of spontaneous human combustion are in fact the fault of particularly vengeful or well paid Sphynx. Her huge paws allow for silent travel on foot. When she flies, things are slightly more noisy, so stealth attacks by flight aren't really that possible.

Personality: Like most Sphynx, Arine is aloof to the point of mysterious, calm when not in the presence of raw meat, and generally noble in bearing. As a chimera, she has a high capacity for logic and reasoning, but Arine herself prefers to fight with her body, maiming all in her way. A useful sort of powerhouse to have in any group. When she is in a battle, she usually reverts to a more animal order in her brain, becoming almost mindlessly savage. Most of her companions know to leave her a wide berth when she goes into a blood rage... of course there have been accidents before.[/COLOR][/font]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Name[/COLOR]: Hoshi Sato
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Age[/COLOR]: 29
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Gender[/COLOR]: Male
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Race[/COLOR]: Human
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Appearance[/COLOR]: Hoshi dresses like the traditional samurai; a white robe, or kimono with a sash around the waist to hold up his dashio, or set of katana and wakizashi, (longsword and short sword). He has no facial hair, (he shaves daily) and his eyes are a dark brown. His hair is black, and pulled back to a bushy ponytail.

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Bio[/COLOR]: Hoshi is a samurai of the Mist Dragon Clan. During the war between the loyalists and the rebels, he fought as did the rest of his clan for the loyalists. Even though some of the clan didn't agree with the loyalists idea's, it was against their honor to hold thier forces back from their allies. So, leading the charge like all good samurai, they held onto their swords and faced death like so many other times before.

But this time was different. When the fighting was done, and the dust of the battlefield cleared... none of Hoshi's clan were left standing. Hoshi himself had been wounded; so badly that later on his arm had to be amputated. His clan had been completely wiped off the field, and noone knew how. Hoshi just couldn't fathom how an entire force of samurai just disappeared! He had gotten separated from the main group in the heat of battle, but in the end, he was the only one still breathing. Bandaging up his arm, he quickly returned to his home...

...Only to find it in burnt ruins. The Mist Dragons, it seemed, had finally met their demise, but not in the honorable way in which samurai live. It had been through trickery and deciet, surely, thought Hoshi, that his clan was murdered. Not knowing how to deal with such sorrow, he pondered an honorable suicide; for if the rest of his clan was gone, even the elders and stronger fighters, how could he stay living with the honor of his annihalated clan resting on his shoulders alone?

In the end, after much deliberation and thought, he decided that he would not take the easy way out, he would strive to find the secrets of his clans demise, so that he may in time, be able to avenge there deaths. Once he made up his mind, he set out to find himself a replacement arm; he'd need it if he would be fighting anytime soon! (In the battle, his sword arm was literally bisected from bicept to wrist, there was no way to salvage it) After convincing a dwarf craftsman and an elven mage, he finally got a working mechanical arm, that worked off of magic.

After swearing them eternal gratitude, and many other similar oaths, he finally set off to find his clans murderers and avenge them. At a travelers stop, he found information on a certain bounty company, who had deep connections and were about to make some "daring" venture. The man laughed when he suggested going to see them. All Hoshi could think about was his wronged clan, and that maybe he had found the first step to finding answers.

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Speciality[/COLOR]: Hoshi is skilled with his swords, and is trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat. He has too be trained in hand-to-hand fighting; it's what gives his moves their flowing motion. Usually wielding his katana in his metal hand for extra strength, he deals terrible wounds, and is quick enough to fend off attacks. He can use his arm to block attacks, but it's not indestructable; eventually it would break.

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Personality[/COLOR]: People that see him with his metal arm, call him the Steel Samurai. Hoshi usually keeps to himself, not trusting anyone after his clan was destroyed. His arm too he keeps secret, hoping to give himself an edge on any fights he enters. He is calm and careful, and doesn't usually let his emotions show. He won't back down from a fight, even if his opponent is much stronger than he is. Hoshi sees it as a challenge to his abilities and a personal goal to overcome. His goal is to see his clan avenged, and he knows he will either accomplish this, or die trying.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name: [/B] Goes by Argento Soma

[B]Age:[/B] mid to late twenties, roughly guessing

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Argentosoma010071.jpg]Argento Soma.[/URL] He stands at about 5'10 and weights in at 165 lbs. He's scared from head to toe. His left eye is damaged, but he can still see vaguely out of it, mostly colors and blurred shapes.

[B]Bio: [/B] Little is known about his past, even to himself. All he remembers it has something to do with the great war so many years ago now. The first clear memory he has is of terrible pain. It was about a year after the end of the war. He awoke in a grassy field coverd in blood and in terrible pain. He screamed out for help and was aided by two passing travelers. They were elves. They said they had heard someone fighting, but when they arrived he was the only still there. They brought him back and tended to his rather severe wounds.

After only a week he began to have nightmares. He would always awake from them, rather then in fear, in a terrible rage. He spent the next year with the elves, learning what he could about them and himself with the aid of the elder. But at the end of the year the elder told him his rage had become to great and that he was no longer welcome to stay. The elder feared that with the anger inside him he might lash out and was prepared to fight, but instead he simply bowed and left the village without so much as a word.

For the next 2 years he became a vagabond, simply wandering about the world with no real destination in mind. In his journey he gatherd not ony knowledge, but weapons. He felt like he was a soldier on a mission, but he wasn't quite sure what the mission was. He had managed to leave with not only some elven arms from the village had stayed at, he also managed to attain some dwarven armor as well.

As he went along he felt himself becoming more and more enraged, but he couldn't rememebr why he was so angry. It didn't matter how much he attained or how many women he took for himself, he always felt in a state of rage.

For the last year he had been staying at a fallen outpost. It had become a home for vagabonds like himself, former soldiers, criminals on the run, and even refugees from the last great war. It was at this time and place he took up mercenary work. He found that it was the easiest way for one such as him. He took the items he had gatherd and his haphazard skills to the streets of the world and became rather infamous in the eastern territory.

It was only but a week ago he recieved a rather strange invitation for what claimed to be "the job of a lifetime."

[B]Specialty:[/B] He's a self taught swordsman. He has his own unique way doing things so he can often bewilder even seasoned opponenets. The name he gave himself means "Silver Body". He decided on it because of the silver colored mythril chainmail he wears under his clothing. He thougth it sounded dramatic. He weilds a sword forged by elves in the eastern territory he managed to steal while on a job called [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/flame20katana201.jpg][U]Demon Rage[/U].[/URL] He's not sure what it's made of, but it's pretty strong, so he has good faith in it.

[B]Personality:[/B] His is a soul filled with hatred and malice. He cares little for others and only agrees to work with others when it fuels his own agenda. He is quiet with little to no outward expression of this deep burning anger, that runs deeper then the scars all over his body. He's sharp witted and inquisitive, but he would never lead on to believe as much, since he usually seems lathargic and uniterested. Despite his rather unsettling personality for the most part, he still manages to be rather quirky at times.[/COLOR]
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