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Sign Up Gangirock: Awakening [M-LV]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][B][U]Gangirock: Awakening [M-LV][/B][/U]

[CENTER]Three men were surrounding her. She was pushed back towards the brick wall; unable to do anything at all. They walked closer to her, intending to do harm. She knows why they were after her; and she has to escape no matter what. She has to protect the secret of Gangirock.

She saw a gap between two of the men. The risks of her getting caught by them are high, but she goes for it. The small sized tomboy crouched and rushed towards the gap as fast as a wild stallion. The three men were surprised and they tried to catch up with her.

Panting, she stopped running after she thinks that she lost them. She sat down beneath a tree with the cold night wind blowing towards her face. Curious, she tried to examine the so-called ?Gangirock? an old woman gave to her this evening. She opened the scroll where she hid in her shirt slowly and carefully as well.

A bright light shined in her eyes. All of a sudden, the wind picked up its pace; making the trees shake wildly. Rain was pouring down heavily together with lighting and thunder. The sound of waves hitting the rocks at the nearby cliff can be heard from her position. She struggled to keep her eyes open; which she did. The same light she was blinded temporarily with was emitted from the scroll. Then, that light seemed to shine out of the book, dispersing to other places.

The tomboy scanned the scroll more thoroughly this time. These were the only words can be seen in it:

[I]?History is repeating itself. Fight, for the sake of humankind.
The power of Gangirock is spreading, use it wisely.?[/I]

As she was trying to understand what that riddle, or so it seems, meant, the three men was in front of her, soaked. [I]They must have followed her by the light just now,[/I] she thought. Calming herself down, she tries to concentrate on her current situation. The tallest among the three man lunged towards her. She jumped towards her side, unaware of what the other two were doing.

Then, one of them, the leader she presumed, requested for the scroll, threatening her with a gun. Then, all of a sudden, her right palm seemed to be screaming in pain. She clutched her right palm with the left, hoping to ease the sudden pain. The three men, knowing that the power of Gangirock was awakening in her, went into their defensive stance.

On that moment, she knew that Gangirock was in her, trying to engulf her alive. The wind was blowing stronger and rain was pouring down even harder this time. Lighting and thunder are happening much more frequently than before. She was on her knees now, still trying to minimize the pain. The three men stood there, grinning. They knew that her body was too weak to have Gangirock in her. Now all they have to do was to wait for her death and after that, they will take the scroll.

Minutes later, the storm died down, and so did the pain in her right palm. She fell onto the ground like a big, heavy log. Still uncertain that she was dead, the leader who still has the gun fired a shot towards her. But, when the bullet almost reached the target, an invisible barrier was formed around the fallen tomboy. The leader dropped his gun. They knew that somehow, Gangirock has been accepted in her small body and was protecting her.

The three of them were terrified. Not knowing what to do, they just stood there waiting for something to happen. Then, the fallen tomboy slowly stood up on her unsteady legs. She was soaked and sweating all over. Her short brown hair was messy because of the wind. The scroll was on the ground, just a few inches from her. The leader gave a signal to the third man who was fat, telling him to grab the scroll.

The fat man obeyed the leader?s command and he rushed towards the scroll. She responded to this and gave a kick, enough to throw the fat man a few meters away. The leader issued the same command to his thinnest member and he obeyed it as well. But, he shared the same fate as his comrade. The two of them ran away, leaving the leader and the tomboy alone.

The gun that was dropped by the well-built leader was taken back up by him. He aimed at her, ready to pull the trigger anytime soon. Silence was in that area. Not a single frogs croaking was heard. Both of them stood still, waiting for either one to react.

[B]?I know, Gangirock is within you?but, can you control it??[/B] he asked, almost mocking her. She just kept silent, still focusing on him. [B]?Hand over the scroll.?

?Even if I hand the scroll over, you won?t be able to control Gangirock.?[/B]

He felt insulted. Furious, he used force to try and get it from her. First, he shot a few rounds and after that, he just dropped the gun and went towards her, eager to punch her in her face. The bullets were deflected by the barrier but the punches he threw came to contact.

Her body flew towards the tree and he followed her. When her body was close enough to the tree, he launched a flying kick which made the tree break into half. She flew a few inches from the ground towards the edge of the cliff. The tomboy managed to stop just in time though.

Slowly, he walked towards her, picking her up by her shirt. She struggled to be free; free from his grasp. Then suddenly, she remembered about the power of Gangirock. She wondered what could be her power. But after that, her mind was taking over her body. She wasn?t able to control her own body!

[B]?Time to die, Gangirock--?[/B]

When he was about to stab her with his pocket-knife, her eyes glared at him. He stopped all of a sudden. She was chanting; chanting in another language with her eyes closed. Then, her dark blue eyes opened wide. The tomboy?s arm was raised, the one that felt pain just now. As if on cue, the storm started again.

[B]?I am the Gangirock Bearer? Turbulent Wind!?[/B]

All of the sudden, the wind seemed to be focusing on him. As he was lifted from the ground, she managed to break his grasp. The tomboy?s arm was still raised. With all her might, the raised arm was pulled behind her. He began to fly towards the edge of the cliff. A long scream was heard when he reached the sea below the cliff. A splash was heard, indicating that he fell in.

She felt weak and dropped on her knees. The tomboy was able to control her body again.

[B]?So?I am able to control the wind??[/B] she said before she fell on the ground again.


Years ago, a powerful sorcerer created Gangirock. He made Gangirock to benefit humankind in their daily lifestyle. Works like cutting down a big tree can be done easier by using Gangirock rather than using axes. However, humankind was too free because almost everything they did can be done quickly. Then, by filling their spare time, they began fighting each other using their Gangirock.

The human population began to decrease because of meaningless death. Earth?s ecosystem was unbalanced. Unhappy, the sorcerer has to stop the effects of Gangirock. He sealed Gangirock in five scrolls, each having their own elements; fire, wind, water, earth and darkness. After that, not one human bears the power of Gangirock.

Years later, a group who called themselves ?The Apostles of the Stars?, seeks the power of Gangirock. They approached the sorcerer demanding for the scrolls. The sorcerer refused. Angered, the group summoned a monster, using it to threaten him to hand over the scrolls. After a long battle, the sorcerer destroyed the monster and ?The Apostles of the Stars? but, costs him his life.

Until this day, the power of Gangirock remained a secret. However, there were a few members of that group who survived, and they are still seeking for Gangirock?


[B]Some terms for this RP...

Gangirock is a power which was once sealed in a scroll by a powerful sorcerer to maintain peace after Earth was in turmoil. Only gifted people were able to receive Gangirock and put it to full use.

[U][B]Gangirock Bearers[/B][/U]
A term used to describe the gifted people who can control Gangirock.

[B]Extra info?
[U]Obtaining Gangirock[/U][/B]
There were five scrolls with their respective elements. Normal humans that seek for Gangirock through the scrolls will have to be prepared that they might die because Gangirock can only be accepted in a youngster?s body, and Gangirock only can be controlled if the body is suitable for that power. If Gangirock is accepted in that person?s body, the person will have to sacrifice something, treat it like an offering to Gangirock.

The person can also obtain Gangirock since birth but can only use Gangirock at 13 years of age. Same thing applies; he/she must also sacrifice something for Gangirock. But, as the person grew older and older, he/she might have a chance of losing the Gangirock or his/her life.

Another of obtaining it is by mere coincidence. Gifted people can see Gangirock. Its power depends on where the person found it. Again, the person must sacrifice something for Gangirock. But, the scarification must be great because this method of obtaining it will not be dangerous to the bearer.

Age: 13-25 (remember?Gangirock can only work in a youngster?s body?^^)
Appearance: (written or picture, or both, up to you)

Gangirock: (what is your Gangirock power, if possible, give a name for it)
How did you obtain Gangirock?: (One for the three methods above?)
What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: (can be anything from losing you eyesight to losing you ability to jump.)

Bio: (as detailed as possible?^^)

That is all. I?ll sign up as the tomboy later on. Good luck and have fun! ^^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Name[/COLOR]: Zype
[COLOR=DarkOrange]Age[/COLOR]: 16
[COLOR=DarkOrange]Gender[/COLOR]: Male
[COLOR=DarkOrange]Appearance[/COLOR]: Brown, short hair, with dull gray eyes. (His eyes used to be blue until he found the Gangirock) He wears a dark grey hoodie, with black shorts and a loose t-shirt.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Personality[/COLOR]: Being 16, he was a real handful. He always had to be first, and he wouldn't accept anything less than what HE wanted. His parents were just about to give up on him, when he ran away, thinking himself better than them, and everyone else he knew. This all changed when he came into contact with the Gangirock. To have it accept him, it said he had to sacrifice something precious. Thinking nothing of it, he decided to get rid of his memories; of his parents, of his old friends, of the bad influences in his life. He now shows hardly any emotion, other than curiousity and the occasional wonder about the life he leads.
[COLOR=DarkOrange]Gangirock[/COLOR]: The power of his Gangirock is that of the Earth; of cliffs and mountains and rockslides. The name of it is Raging Earth.
[COLOR=DarkOrange]How did you obtain Gangirock[/COLOR]?: While trying to survive in the wild, he one day "felt" that he was supposed to... "go" somewhere. He followed his intuition, and ended up at a hidden cave, far out where people hadn't lived for centuries. He cautiously walked in, not knowing what to expect. What he found deep inside was an altar, where he found the Gangirock scroll of the Earth element. That's when his life changed forever.
[COLOR=DarkOrange]What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock[/COLOR]?: To be accepted by the Gangirock, he had to give up his memories of his former life.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Bio[/COLOR]: Growing up mostly on his own, he developed a sort of, "need" to be the best. He had parents, but they weren't around much, and when they were, they fought and argued. He never really liked that, but got used to it so much that he eventually could tune it out while he continued on with his own pursuits. His friends were almost non-existent, he would much rather just get what he needed from people than befriend them.

He then got the bright idea that he could fend for himself, he didn't need his parents, them never being around and all. He decided to run away, and when he was 16, he did just that. He stayed in the city for a while, but it was too dangerous there, he might get sent back home. So he set off into the wilderness, to make his own way, and get away from everyone who was inferior to him.

While out there, where no one had been for so long, he found the Gangirock scroll, and gained the power of Earth. It had called to him, and he answered it by giving it his memories, in return for it's acceptance. As the memory of his mother and father was pulled from his mind, he shuddered, and suddenly felt very odd, but he didn't remember why.

Now, with his memory gone, he wanders around, looking for a purpose.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Name: Ashton Matthews
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: She has short dark blue/black hair which drops above her shoulders. Her eyes are dark blue in color, not too small or too big. Sometimes, she wears a pair of frameless spectacles, but only when she is reading. Ashton can be seen wearing her casual white round collared t-shirt and her light brown baggy trousers. She also uses a black jacket that has grey lines along it which can be seen tied around her waist. The jacket is only used when she feels cold or when she just feels like it. She puts on a pair of white Reebok sneakers as well. Around her neck is a turtle-shaped pendant, a gift from her mother.

Personality: Ashton is a tomboy. She prefers to be called Ash by her friends and family. Although she fails desperately when it comes to cooking, she excels in backing and making homemade stuff. She always tried to stop herself from crying out loud due to her tomboy-ness. When she is really ticked off, you?ll probably find her sitting down quietly, planning for revenge?

Gangirock: Turbulent Winds (the power to control the wind)
How did you obtain Gangirock?: By accidentally using the Scroll of Wind given by the old lady.
What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock: She might not be able to control herself while using her Gangirock, which means that she might even kill people without her knowledge?

Bio: Raised by her father after her mother died at the age of three, she was the only kid in the family. Her father always treated her as a boy; teaching her how to fight and retreat like a man. Her father only focused in teaching her how to fight because other people might bully her. While she focused on things like that, her father took the role of her mother, cooking, washing and etc. That?s why Ashton?s cooking never improved.

When she is older, her father let her explore the world more. She rides on her bike and went to the football field to watch the guys play. One of the players kicked the ball towards her and asked her to give it back. She held the ball in her hands and gave the ball back. The guy asked her to play along, not knowing that she is a girl until she was tackled by one of the opposing team players.

Then both teams had a quarrel about whether she gets to play along or not. Feeling guilty, she rode back home without telling the others. When she got back, her father was not at home, instead, there was a note on the table saying that her father was held in a warehouse. She was worried and went there although it was raining, just to see her father dead.

She was depressed after that but remembering her father?s wishes, she endured life.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Nail Rowland
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'2'' Caucasian male. he has brown eyes and short spiky brown hair on the top of his head, shaved sides and back of head. Has a type of bodybuilder body, likes to wear his yellow long sleeve hoodie with a blank tank-top underneath. Along with his long black sweat pants and his yellow and black running shoes. He also wears a blue bandanna on both his wrist and along his forearms when he has his hoodie off.

Personality: Though Nail has been one to lose his temper at times when he drinks or gets mad, he's really mellow at heart. He doesn't have a lot of friends except a few close ones because a lot of people are scared of Nail by his appearance and phesique. Even though he's bigger now he's always referred to as, "The Nice Boy"

Gangirock: Nail's Gangirock grants him the power over Water. Ice, oceans, hail, rain and regular water to use however he wishes. It is named Cool Breeze

How did you obtain Gangirock?: Cool Breeze was given to Nail by birth when he was a toddler.

What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: By accepting the Gangirock, Nail lost the ability to Swim in water (Also due to a childhood accident).

Nail lives with his father after his mothers death at birth. His mother had read the scroll of Gangirock which caused her to give birth earlier than expected, when she passed away the Gangirock needed a host and sought after the baby. Doctors said the child would not live long either, but became stabilized a few days later which baffled them. Nail grew up with his father closely and went to school as any other child.

Nail was picked on when he was growing up because of his small frame, at 14 he was pushed into the deep end of a friends pool and sank to the bottom. Nail lost conciousness but felt something burning inside of his heart and throughout his body. When he was rescued he was alive and well, but had great fear of swimming since then. After that, Nail wanted to be stronger and not be harassed by everyone else. He joined the Boxing and Wrestling team in High school which gave his no only a few extra pounds and inches, but the body of a bodybuilder says some of his friends. When he graduatd High School Nail went to college to study science and history, and did some bodybuilding shows on the side.

Nail is fully aware of his Gangirock he has and practices with its powers whenever he has some free time to be alone. he's always tried to get into the pool again, but always chokes when he tries to. Recently Nail turned 21 and goes out drinking with his friends sometimes, but has a hard time controlling his anger when someone upsets him, which causes his Gangirock "Cool Breeze" to emerge.
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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Just as you wished, bro...

Name: Sho Katashi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sho is taller than an average man?s height. He has orange eyes and hair. He has a black headband across his forehead. For his attire, he wears a sleeveless black sweater and brownish trousers. His belt is black in colour and has a picture of a sword on the buckle. His boots are dark brown in colour. Sometimes, he can be seen carrying a brown bag pack with him.

Personality: Sho is very playful and he loves to joke around. But, he knows when to keep his mouth shut. He has a weak point to very cute animals?

Gangirock: Crimson Blades (He can throw balls of flames towards the enemy and manipulate the flames to a melee weapon)
How did you obtain Gangirock?: He used the Scroll of Fire
What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: He became color blind after obtaining it.

Bio: When Sho was a young boy, he was alone. His parents dumped him when he was six. He is always seen in the alleys where he would be asking for donations. Not many people pitied him though, except for a man. This man was a traveler; he travels around the world finding legends which he would turn into stories. One day, this man adopted Sho. Together they travel around the world seeking for legends.

One day, they went traveling in a ruin called ?The Ruin of Memories?. When they were halfway in the ruin, an earthquake happened inside it. The surface of the ground cracked and began to split open. Both of them struggled to stand, but eventually, the man fell into the bottomless pit.

Before he fell, he told Sho about the treasure that lies within the ruin, a treasure that many ruin seekers wishes to obtain. Whoever obtains the treasure can either bring light or darkness to the world. Eager to continue his master?s wishes, he went deeper into the ruin, seeking for the treasure.

After dodging many traps and mazes, Sho finally reached the heart on the ruin, the place where the treasure is located. He walked slowly towards the treasure and when he got there, he opened the box. Sho was surprised when he saw a scroll inside. Curiously, he opened the scroll. A flash of light came and that is all. He tried finding the scroll but it was no where to be found. Feeling tired, he went back home with full of regrets.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Guest takamore
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name[/B]: Xant

[B]Age[/B]: 14 Years of age

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Appearance[/B]: The typical fourteen year old kid. He has a brownish red straight hair, which falls just into his eyes that many would describe as dream-like and charming blue eyes (whenever he uses his abilities, both of the middle of his eyes turn completely red). His face is slightly narrower, but full. He has always been skinny, but despite his appearance he is stronger than he appears. He is about 5?5? Xant always has on his blood-red bandana wrapped around his forehead that his father had, during his younger days. He wears plain wear-worn blue jeans, and a black shirt. Also on the top of his body he has dark green armor that covers one half of his torso down to his stomach, and covers completely one arm, down to the hand where a blade protrudes out just past the knuckles. The armor then only extends over to his other shoulder via his back.

[B]Personality[/B]: Xant is very stubborn, but also a very quite boy. His personality is more that of a cold man, someone who has been too much. Once he warms up to people though, which takes an incredible amount of time, he becomes very warm, and a great companion, loving laughs and great times. He?s also coming to the point where he likes girls, but he just becomes way too shy. Xant is very innocent, and pure. But over all he just has on a tough act, and really just wants to be accepted and to join in with everyone else.

[B]Gangirock[/B]: Through Xant?s trials the power of his gangirock is the element of fire, that through which he became accepted as a gangirock bearer, has become know as the Phoenix rage. Cant soon discovred that the power of fire even controlled that of lightning, but that took a toll on him as well, which meant he had to use this sparingly. he could manipulate fire anyway he wanted, he could hold it, form it shape it, throw it, if only he could completely grasp the power though.

[B]Trials to obtain Gangirock[/B]: Xant was innate with the power of gangirock. Xant had been chased down by thieves during a very cold night, the sky lit only by that of the night?s half moon. He was backed up against a cliff, the avengers closing in. he lost control of his body, and flames consumed his pursuers.

[B]The Sacrifice[/B]: ever since obtaining the Gangirock, Xant can no longer hear lies. If someone speaks a lie, he momentarily cannot hear what they say, and often times to his vision alone, that person will disappear, become as if a ghost. And even as he speaks a lie, the rims of his eyes turn red.

[B]Bio[/B]: Xant had had a very happy life until the age of eight when his house burnt down collapsing and killing his parents within, and the fire-fighters only just getting him out. Since then he has lived the streets hour by hour, day by day. Many times he had to resolve to petty thievery but only for things such as food, and whenever he could he would pay back the theft. He became quite adept at stealing, sneaking, pick-pocketing, but most important of all, fighting and staying alive. Through his tough life, he learned not to trust those around him. But his name became infamous, and a syndicate wanted him to join them, and help ?obtain? the jade dragon worth a fortune. Xant declined, but they never quit pursuing him. One day the syndicate caught up, and that was the day he discovered his abilities of fire, and destruction. Since then, he began to believe that he caused the house to burn down, that he killed his parents. It was the very syndicate that wanted him though he never knew it. Since then Xant has lived with the belief that he killed his parents.[/COLOR]
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Name: Brisk Shadows
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: [URL=http://blogol.hu/pikz/battybeetle/anime_girl_fav635488.jpg]Brisk[/URL]

Personality: Kind and generous she loves to make others happly. Forgiving and loyal she is one that is take for granted but she also one to look out for if you make her mad.
Gangirock: Earth, the power to move the land with a singal thought, to cause earth quakes and stalagmites with a snap of the fingers. KNown to her as Terra Forming.
How did you obtain Gangirock?: Being a vomlenteer acheologist she was in the desert digging up an old tomb when a cave in forced her to dig deeper in to the tomb and try to find a way out. She found the sacred tomb and with it the scroll containing the Earth Gangirock. Opening it before the excvation team could find her she was granted to power to earth.
What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: Her ability to speak.

Bio: Brisk was born into what most would call a wealthy family, her father and mother were both diggers so naturally she too got into the habit of looking over old fossils in the middle of no where. As she got older this interest turned to a passion and she persued a career in archeology. Getting her wish she began to travle to the far reaches of the earth. After years of digging one treasue still remained unfound to her which for her reputaion as the best was uncalled for, the lost tomb of Akmenrah.
It had taken her years til she finaly got the funds to begin her dig in the egyptian desert. There she found the tomb and with it a scroll that would change her life forever. The treasure of the king was a scroll of gagirock that Brisk found and took on the powers, being italin she soon called her new powers 'Terra' which soon became 'Terra Forming' as she fouon what she could do with it. To her dismay her power came at a price, she could no longer speak, climbing over this obstacle she taught herself sign language and also carries a pad of papper and a pen wth her at all times, just in case.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Okay, so far everyone that posted their charater here are accepted. The sign-ups are still open. And yes, the RP has started. [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=773511]Here's the link.[/URL] Good luck, ya'll![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Akuya Astarios
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: Long bright silver hair that goes down to the middle of the back. Piercing Green eyes that can entrance any body. Short for her age at only five foot tall. Dark black wings that protrude from her shoulder blades. She is human. Most of the time she wears jean capris and a black tank top, but she will occasionally where shorts and a t-shirt.

Personality: Very active, doesn't like to sit down. Must be doing something or she goes insane. Likes to be rewarded with food. Not shy, will talk to anybody, even an enemy, which most of the time gets her in trouble.
Gangirock: The power of flight. She can fly for hours on end, but only during the day. Her wings are black for the nature of why she got them. She wanted power for revenge, and revenge is represented by the color black.
How did you obtain Gangirock?: Akuya was able to see the Gangirock, and so she was able to attain it without much harm to her, but with a great sacrifice.
What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: For the power of flight, Akuya lost her ability to see. She's not completely blind. She can see with her mind's eye, but that only works during the day, so she is usually grounded during the night.
Bio: Akuya lived in a town called Culinos for seven years, before it was attacked, and her clan was killed. She vowed revenge, but at the age of seven she couldn't do much. She learned through various people that some were able to see the Gangirock, and at the age of thirteen she went saw it for the first time, and when she did she lost her sight. But she could fly. It took three years of training for her to be able to use her mind's eye to see, but she still couldn't fly yet. When she returned to the village after attaining her newfound power, she was rejected and kicked out of the village. She has had to defend herself and look after herself for only three years, and she still isn't used to it. For the first two years after attaining her power she couldn't hide her wings. She was forced to take to the sky during the day, and to lay low during the night, but as her knowledge of how to control her power increased she could slowly hide them. It was painful though. The process was short, but the wings had to retreat into her body to hide, so she had to be strong to do it, but most of the time she does it.
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Hmm, no one seems to have tried darkness yet. Well, guess I'll give it a shot.

[b]Name:[/b] Thomas Kell (preferes to be called Kell)

[b]Age:[/b] 23

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kell is rather short, standing at 5'7" and is very fragil looking. He is thin to the point of looking malnourished, and rather pale. When in large groups he often has a look of pain on his face, which he tries to mask (with little luck). Other than that his look is rather plain. T-shirt, blue jeans and street shoes are the norm. He also has a black leather jacket, which he tends to drape over his shoulders, instead of wearing properly. Has jet-black hair and dark green eyes.

[b]Personality:[/b] Kell is a quiet, and rather reclusive, individual. He tends to shy away from large gatherings as much as possible, and will often avert his eyes from others when speaking to them. He seems especially fearful of people expressing large amounts of anger in his vicinity (even if not at him specifically). He does, however, seem to have a breaking point. At times he will pull a total reversal of his behavior, becoming straight-forward and sometimes even violent. These outbursts are often shortlived, but strong nonetheless.

[b]Gangirock: [/b][i]Hypnotic[/i]. The Gangirock of darkness has become the power within Kell. Specifically, the ability to see/feel/hear the darkness in the hearts of others, and even manipulate it to his will. This mean reducing or ampilifying the darker emotions of others, redircting them, and possibly making them the only emotion the victim will ever experience again. This gives Kell powerful control over specific actions of the victim, so long as those actions can be based off of a dark emotion. It's not know how far his abilities extend, but ther seem to taper off as the distance grows.

[b]How did you obtain Gangirock?:[/b] As far as anyone can tell the Gangirock has been with kell since birth. Before his teens he was a normal child, then became the quiet recluse he is now shortly into those years.

[b]What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?:[/b] Emotional control was the personal loss that Kell experienced. He is now highly suseptible to his own dark feelings, as well as those of people around him.

[b]Bio: [/b] Kell's early life was nothing to be proud or ashamed of, in fact, it was pretty average. Middle-class family, mother, father, two siblings. He lived is a small house and went about life as a normal child. Things began to change early into his teens, however. He became shy, staying away from people as often as possible. When he was around people he became moody, swinging between sadness, fear, anger, and a host of other emotions. This led to him being bullied in school, and that led to fights which were generally rather violent. As his family became concerned, so did he. Falling into state of depression at home he started to become sick more often, ate less, and began to fade. Fearing for his life his parents entered him into a hospital which set him up on IV fluids, medication, and anything else they could try without killing him. Still, not a single treatment helped.

As time passed Kell began to notice that he was not only aware of the darkest feelings in people's hearts, but that he could even reach out and tug at them. After a few years he learned to control his "gift" (or curse) and used it as a means of escape from the hospital. Since that time (shortly before this RPG begins, a few months perhaps) he as wandered around doing what he had to in order to survive.

Okay, hope this works out for you. Wanted to try a unique approach to the darkness aspect. I will probably clean up the bio a bit later, can't think of a good way to write it out at this moment.
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Name: Zander 'Guac' Kanevi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall skinny boy who has ragged blond hair and steely blue eyes, he wears a turquoise shirt and orange pants. Whan he is upset he becomes all and all darker, getting black hair and greyish skin

Personality: Usually calm and carefree he loves nothing more than helping friends, eating, sleeping, and chasing girls(but he's very chivilrous about it) althought when ever he's in a bad mood or it's over cast he becomes depressed and agressive
Gangirock: Cloud's Wrath (wind): Gives him the ability to manipulate electricity and create different objects out of clouds
How did you obtain Gangirock?: Guac, a young age of 5, fell into a river and nearly drowned, but his adoptive mother,found him and sved him by giving him the Gangrirock
What did you lose after obtaining Gangirock?: Guac lost control of his dark side, giving him a double personality that only appears when he's upset or the sky is overcast
Bio: When Guac was 5 his parents died in an mugging, but when Guac tried to escape he fell in a river. He nearly drowned, but was saved by a young girl(She was about 13 at the time). The girl, named Kate, was an orphan as well so she 'adopted' Guac making her a mother figure. Despite that fact, though, Guac things of her more as a sister but then when he was 16 Kate went missing leaving only a note for Guac assuring him that she was fine. So Guac set out to find her and has been looking for the last year.
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