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Sign Up Riders [M-LVS]


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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Demons and angels have always fought for power trying to destory the other and control the world. Every war though always ended in a stalemate with each side suffering great losses. The Devil grew smart though. If he could elminate all the angels on Earth then they could not know what was going on and they could shift the power balance and rule the world and be rid of heaven forever. With this though in mind he created the four Dark Riders. Each one with immense power and the leader the Lord of the Riders he created second to himself. These demons were by far the most powerful unit in his army each with their own gifts and powers. He sent them to Earth and they began killing every angel they could find.

News got back to Heaven and soon their own riders appeared each own just as powerful made to destroy the the Dark Riders and then do the same thing, shift the balance of power. The two groups met several times but with each fight the Dark Lord fell more in love with the angel leading the White Riders. the next time they fought the Dark Lord managed to knock her off her horse and reared hsi sword back to strike the fatal blow but then bowed to own knee and asked her hand in marriage taking both sides off guard, even more so when she agreed. Through this they agreed to keep the world free of both demons and angels. Each sent word back saying the other had been destroyed and the two sides inviaded the planet to do battle. But when they met at the plains they normally fought they found the eight Riders int he middle each facing their own side. The Riders managed to barely defeat both armies leaving the world neutral but their own masters killed them being furious that they were betrayed by their own kind. What they did not know was that they had cast a spell on themselves to be reincarnated when the war started again.

Ashen practiced in the yard with his halbred for hours. he really had nothing better to do with his time as his dad was gone with the war with another nearby kingdom and his mom was long gone. Over the years he had become extremely skilled with it his dad had said he had a gift with as he had already bested plenty of knights who had years more expeirence then he did at combat. It came natural to him. A few hours later he laid back on the grass and closed his eyes. After a few minutes he got an uneasy feeling and opened his eyes to see a man looking down at him. He was dressed in the armor of his city. [b]"My dad is not here"[/b] The man frowned. [b]"I came to tell you your dad is dead"[/b] Ashen didn't say a word as shock took over his body. He watched the guy leave then slowly stood up. He had lost everything, his mom his dad. He had no one. He walked back into the ouse and opened up one of the drawers and pulled out a long dagger. He had nothing to live for anymore. [b]"End it now and be with your family"[/b] In a quick motion he drew the blade across his neck and fell to the ground.

In his mind stood a demonic looking rider on a hill creating a long halbred. Behind him were seven others though four looked like angels. The one in front slowly steered his horse over to were he stood and came to a stop before him. If he had looked scary before, up close only made it work as Ashen could see darkness coming off of him. Suddenly the horse reared as the knight brought up his halbred and plunged it into Ashen's chest. Ashen awoke with a start in a puddle of blood to find his neck healed back up but with a scar where he had cut himself. His chest though bruned right where the knight in his dream had stabbed him. It felt like his very soul was on fire. But moments later it passed. Ashen stood up confused but packed his things and headed out into the world trying to figure out hwy he lived.

Rules are smae as always. there is a limited number of spots so you will have to compete for them once they get filled and i will choose the best.

Here are the Riders, their Rider names and powers and class.
1. Rider Chaos- Demon Lord of the Riders who is incrediably strong in darkness
2. Rider Grace- Angel Queen of the Riders who is very skilled in the use of light
3. Rider Arcane- The Fire Demon Rider very short tempered and never listens unless it is Chaos who says it. His fire is from hell itself
4. Rider Snow- The Ice Angel Rider though her powers are cold she however is the exact opposite and usually clashes with Arcane
5.Rider Bolt- The Electric Angel Rider the fastest rider next to Breeze. He tends to rush into things
6. Rider Ivy- The Plant Demon Rider. Is not one to be messed with as her words and attacks are as sharp as thorns.
7. Rider Granite- The Stone Demon Rider. Quiet and never shows emotions but his power is not one to be messed with.
8. Rider Breeze- The Wind Angel Rider. Easy going but she is not the one you want to piss off.

Name: your chars name
Age: around 16 to 25
Gender: Whatever gender is the one you chose above.
Demon/Angel Name: I thought I would let you decided this
Rider Name: One of the above
Appearance: Human and Demon pics and/or descriptions but if you choose the second make them very good
Weapon: This is a medivial setting in this rp so remember that and please try to be different and only one weapon. If it goes with your Rider it will help you get in all the much better. (ex. stone could have a club or hammer. List is endless with each)
Bio: A little about your past life. Your near death expeirce that should of killed you and your dream and what happened after that.
Snippet: Just everyday activity Make a good one and your odds of getting in increase

If you have any questions pm me[/font][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=SandyBrown]Name[/COLOR]: Jack Learon
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Age[/COLOR]: 24
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Gender[/COLOR]: Male
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Demon/Angel Name[/COLOR]: Matthias Azalor
[COLOR=SandyBrown]Rider Name[/COLOR]: Rider Bolt

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Appearance, Human[/COLOR]: Short, spikey black hair, with pale blue eyes, and a thin nose. He is around 5'11'' tall, and has a slim, average sort of build. He's not muscular, but he's not weak. He has a paler complexion than most, and he shaves regualarly. He wears normal clothing of the period, which consists of leather pants with a cord to hold them up, and a loose woolen shirt. His shoes are simple and made of leather.

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Apperance, Angel[/COLOR]: Unlike Jack, Matthias' hair color is bright blonde, and also a little longer. When his angel form comes out, his eyes turn a dark, deep blue, and his features alter a little. Matthias has a darker skin tone, more tan than normal, and his height grows to about 6'1''. He has about the same build, if a little more muscular, and on his face he wears a constant, ever-present smirk. He can also choose whether to show his wings or not; usually he keeps them hidden.

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Personality[/COLOR]: Jack is very easygoing, a really peaceful person. He'd much rather talk things out than fight, and dangerous situations scare him. He can relate to the potter's wheel; how life is always spinning about him. This is him, on a regular basis.

When Matthias comes out, however, his demeanor comepletely changes. He is an angelic warrior, and he is not afraid to fight or even die for the Angel Queen. He is steadfast and sturdy, and can be as harsh and fast as the lightning in the sky. His decisions are usually quickly made, though often good intentioned. This has caused some problems in the past, but ultimately, he is reliable to his friends, and a bitter enemy that strikes like lightning to any who oppose him.

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Weapon[/COLOR]: A curved pair of swords found when his village was destroyed. They resemble scimitars, and fit together to form a whole sword. They are little used by any except foreign raiders at this point. The curved blades give them the effect of a sharper edge, and the flowing design on the blade is very intricate and detailed. They are, and can be, VERY expertly used as a quick, efficient means of death, by the person wielding them. However, they are hard to use because of the training it takes to wield them together.

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Bio[/COLOR]: Jack worked at a potter's wheel, every day for most of his life. His was a simple story; growing up, plowing the fields, living and growing up with seven sisters and brothers. Of course, there was [I]something[/I] not quite so simple about him. For all the wars raging and bandits plundering and all the evil in the world, he was a very peaceful fellow. At around the age of 15, he set out to make a living how he could, and decided on the life of a potter. It suited him; a simple existance, earning enough to buy him food and live until the next day.

At age 23, he found that his parents had died around the age of 40, passing away in their sleep. He shed a few tears, and then continued on with his life. He lived in a port town, just miles away the border of a neighboring country. He never considered the possibility of a raid; it never occured to him that outside his humble and peaceful home, someone could actually plot to kill for monterary gain.

But sad though it was, it happened, one fateful day when he was away from home. He had been on a day trip, and had just returned to find his home on fire. He ran to seek water, to put out his peaceful home, but on his way back, was attacked by men wearing many different furs, and swinging swords about. He ran away, but was caught by the men, who then stabbed him through the chest. He doubled over, and was just about to die, when a giant lightning bolt, struck from the sky, and covered them all in blue flames.

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Snippet[/COLOR]: When he first awoke, his world was a vast ocean of blue; tingling slightly every now and again. He dared to open his eyes, shaking a bit from fear, and what he saw surprized him. It was not the pearly gates all the sleazy priests at the church had claimed awaited the repenting sinner; it was a large expanse of sky, far as the eye could see. And what was so amazing about it, was that the sky was full of lightning bolts, seemingly endless in their titanic struggle for control over the heavens.

He sat up, amazed as he was by all the splendor, and his eyes almost instantly fell upon a lone figure, standing steadfast in the beautiful, terrible storm. As his eyes came to rest on him, he noticed the figure to be moving closer, if slowly, towards him. After an age-long staredown, the figure was finally close enough so that Jack could make out some details. The main thing he stared at were the wings proudly protruding from the mans back. He sat upon a white stallion of such a fine breed that Jack gazed in awe, and was shrouded it seems by the brightness of the lightning itself.

He held aloft his hand, and it seemed to Jack that the whole of the world around him swirled and found its way into the tip of this strange man's fingertips. When the world was gone, all the lightning sucked away into nothingness, he lowered his hand, and pointed at Jack. Directly, without hesitation, the lightning plunged itself into Jack's chest, where in some past time he had been wounded by a sword. Once it was inside what seemed like his soul, he fell to the ground, unconcious.

When he awoke for the second time, he found himself where he had been, lieing on the ground next to his scorched attakers. The sword he had been stabbed with was next to him, with dried blood on the blade, which was black with ash. Looking around, he saw that the village had burned down what looked like days before. There was nothing in sight, save for the sword sticking out of the ground, where the lightning had struck. He grabbed at the curved sword, finding removing it from the ground quite easy, despite the fact of how far it was wedged in.

Taking one last look around, he did something he normally wouldn't have done under the circumstances; he shouldered the sword, and left, without saying anything, and moved on to face the rest of his destiny.

(OoC: I sort of combined the bio and the snippet, I hope you don't mind!! And also, if you think the twin swords is cheating, let me know, and I'll change it to one. TY!!)
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[color=darkred][font=book antiqua][size=2]No twin short swords are fine[/size] [B][SIZE=3]and I added one more thing to the signup personality i forgot it sorry[/SIZE][/B][size=2]

[b]Name:[/b] Ashen Iscaria
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Demon/Angel Name:[/b] Drakkan Vira
[b]Rider Name:[/b] Rider Chaos
[b]Personality:[/b] When not in his form he is kind and caring and will help out anyone but when he changes he can become harsh and cold and will not hesistate to put someone in their place if he feels it is necisarry.
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Rei02.jpg]Human[/url] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=DarkKnight.jpg]Demon Rider[/url] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=vin.jpg]Armor off[/url]
[b]Weapon:[/b] The spear in the pic
[b]Bio:[/b] Its in the story above
[b]Snippet:[/b] Ashen sighed as he trodded down the street of the city. It had taken him several days to get here and he had no idea why he was even here. But for some reason he was and he would find out sooner or later. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. [b]"Watch where you and pointing that thing you could of killed my kid"[/b] Ashen turned and looked down at the kid that was not even five then looked up to where the point of his new spear was. [b]"I seriously doubt is was holding it that close to him. It hasn't lowered one bit"[/b]

The man huffed. [b]"I should report you to the guards. But you could just pay me and I wont mention a thing"[/b] Ashen frowned. [b]"Scam artist"[/b] He turned as the guy suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder. People gasped as suddenly there was a loud crack as the blunt of end Ashen's spear caught th man in the jaw breaking it and sending him up in the air then crashing into a cart. Ashen slid his hand away from the top of the spear he had pulled it in to keep from stabbing somebody when he brought the bottom end up. [b]"No more scamming for you"[/b] He turned to see three guards coming at him. [b]"Great...."[/b][/size][/font][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Daimonas Rigas

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Demon Name:[/B] Abaddon

[B]Rider Name:[/B] Rider Arcane

[B]Personality:[/B] Arcane is very, rebellious and reluctant to do anything that doesn?t suit his personal interest. His temper usually gets the better of him and never fails to get him in and out of trouble, but, even though he is very, self-centered about everything. He is loyal to Chaos and does as he orders, regardless of what is ordered of him. His behavior is at best reckless and short sighted, he only seems to see things straight a head of him. Even though his beastly side hides his more, intelligent and cunning side, a side that makes him ruthless and formidable in combat.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Leonidas1.jpg] [I]Daimonas.[/I] [/URL] His regular attire is rather, humble for being the Demon Lord. He wears a crimson colored cloak with a black shirt that has dark red stitching of a symbol where his heart would be. It is a circle with a triangle on the side of it, the triangle as three arrows pointing in three different directions. Inside the triangle is stitching of red and black fire. The symbol is called the Red King, it stands for power and Man. He then wears black pants that are a little baggy, but constrict around his ankles, his boots go under the ankle constriction.

[url= http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Abaddon.jpg] [I]Abaddon.[/I] [/URL]

[B]Weapon:[/B] The weapon of choice is a double edged sword, even though the sword has a curve to it that makes it look as if it is only single edged. The blade itself is pitch-black, the blade gives off the feeling that it will swallow up the light all around and extinguish it. The edge on the inside of the blade is as black as the sword, as if it was hiding itself from any until to strikes. The other edge is blood red, looking as if it had been dipped in blood and permanently stained.

The tip is odd in the fact that it is two prongs, about 6 inches long and creates a V shape. Both sides of the prongs are razor sharp and seem to leak the raging inferno that resides within the blade. The blade that they use was crafted from fire s of hell and evil, being the sheer essence of it, having the power to burns ones very soul. Or, as the other Riders like to say, the blade is almost 3 feet long, just a few inches short of it. This puts it within the range of what Arcane likes, long enough to swing with power, but short enough to be used swiftly and quickly.

[B]Bio:[/B] Daimonas grew up like any other poor youngster, his family was simple and quaint. They were mere farmers, growing, tending and harvesting the crops they made each year. Selling what little amount that was left over for other pieces of either farming tools and animals that were needed to plow the fields every year when the season came around. He lived a rather happy, but poor, life. He never asked for much, never demanded anything from anyone. He just enjoyed what was given to him and used his higher intelligence to do what he could to get the best deals for his family.

When Daimonas turned 22 he had fallen in love and had married the woman he had been courting for sometime. He took care of her as best he could, while still helping his father and mother with the farm work. His brother was too young to do the hard labor, and his three sisters were all being taught different things, so, Daimonas was forced to pick up the slack. Within a year of Daimonas? marriage, his father passed on, falling pray to a sickness that could not have been seen coming. This put a heavier amount of pressure on Daimonas, he now was forced to support his whole family. Still, he pulled through, doing everything he could to make sure his family lived comfortably.

When Daimonas was 24 tragedy struck him once again, his three sisters had been in town with his mother. They were all on some errand that Daimonas had sent them out on so they could get him some more farm tools and whatever they needed. Unfortunately, they never made it back, they were ambushed by a group of bandits who saw this as an opportunity to relieve some of there human needs. They raped his three sisters, and used them for there twisted pleasure of cutting them and watching them bleed while listening to them scream and cry. His mother was killed quickly, due to her age, they saw that she would do no good for there lust so they removed her head from her shoulders.

Several days later, after Daimonas, his wife Agkelos, and his younger brother Promesium had been searching for his three sisters and mother they found there mangled bodies thrown into some random field. His sisters were all naked and torn up, their flesh was cut all over and there faces had been beaten in so badly that he could hardly recognize them. His mother?s corpse was a distance away from them, her head was one a sharpened stick next to the bodies. Her expression of terror and pain still present on her rotting head, Daimonas made sure not to cry in front of his wife or younger brother. He knew he had to remain strong in order for them all to move on from this.

They buried the bodies in the same field they found them, Daimonas handled his mother and her head. Daimonas was then forced to be the head of the house hold, Agkelos was now the only one who did all the tasks his mother and sisters did. Daimonas and Promesium tended the farm lands, making sure they had a prosperous crop so they could continue to live on. But, the worst of Daimonas horror was not yet over. The year Daimonas turned 25, he saw something that would break what strength he had left and unleash all the rage and fury he had in him. Daimonas had been working the fields all day, harvesting half the crop by himself. Promesium had run off somewhere and left him to do all the work.

He returned when the sun was fully out of sight, entering the home he had lived in for his whole life. He entered his home and found the house void of life, well, downstairs that was. Upstairs, he heard noises and decided to see what it was, he came to his bedroom. As soon as he pushed open the door, he saw the most shocking thing of his life. He found his wife in bed with another man, the other man was his brother Promesium. His wife and younger brother both saw him and reacted quickly, trying to cover themselves. Inside of Daimonas? mind, the final barrier against his release of anger was broken. He roared in sheer rage as he tore his brother from the bed had shared with Agkelos and dragged him downstairs. He took him outside and tossed him out into the cold dirt.

His brother still naked and Daimonas livid, he grabbed the nearest item next to him. It was a pitchfork, he took his newly found object and ran his brother through his chest. Piercing both of his lungs and his heart, his wife came out, running after him trying to explain everything. Then she saw the gory sight of Promesium dead on the ground, the pitchfork in Daimonas? hand covered in blood. The look of the devil himself in the eyes of Daimonas, he used the pitchfork to slaughter his wife next. After he had done his deed, and came back to realization of his horrible crime he dragged the bodies into the house. He sat in the chair as let the tears pour out. After he let this happen, he walked over to the hearth, a fire already blazing in it. He used the oil from a lamp and some wood to get the fire to spread to the rest of the house.

He seated himself on his knees, the whole house burning around him as he readied himself to be burned along with his slain brother and wife. The fire burned his brother first, the smell of burning flesh filled his nostrils as his wife was burned next, the fire licked at Daimonas. He screamed as it spread across him, singing his flesh and slowly killing him. Daimonas thought he was finished with this world, and would now move on. But, he soon found he was wrong. He awoke in a place of sheer fire and hellish torrent of fire winds. Daimonas could see a creature sitting atop a large horse. The creature terrifying and intimidating as it merely looked at Daimonas, the black horns and red skin giving it that look of darkness, the way this place looked. Its wings were even more intimidating, adding to the things size.

The Rider rode down to him, slowly trotting to him from atop a hill made of pure fire that slowly evaporated behind this creature. Daimonas could see the essence of rage and hatred radiate off him, as if it was alive and searching for something. The Rider stopped before Daimonas as if he were the king of some land, the Rider seemed to stare into Daimonas? very soul. Daimonas heard a ring when the blade from the creature was drawn. He could see the gleam from the blood red edge, Daimonas also saw the two prongs as the tip. The creature drew back its blade and thrust it forward, the sword stopping just inches from Daimonas face. Suddenly, a fire seeped from the blade, twisting around it like a snake around a vine.

It leaked from the blade and found its way to Daimonas, pushing its way into every open space in his face, snaking its way into his eye sockets, his nostrils, his ears, and his mouth. The fire tearing its way through his body and corrupting his soul, forcing itself into him and permanently rooting itself deep within his core. The pain was excruciating and seemed to last an eternity, when in actuality, it lasted mere moments before the creature pulled back its blade. Daimonas collapsed before the mighty being. Daimonas awoke to the blue sky, the sun shining brightly on his face as the birds chirped. Clouds partial covered the sky, allowing the blue and the sun to show greatly. He rose from where he laid, he found himself amongst a pile of ash and burnt timber. The stone hearth before him still remained, he looked around in sheer shock, then looked at himself to see what kind of markings was left from the fire. He found nothing, not even a single scratch. He rose to a full stand and found himself in the dead center of where the blaze had been, he should have been dead, but he wasn?t.

With this amazing event, he had a new inspiration for what to do with the rest of his life. He traveled to the nearest town, traveling naked and bare foot is rather difficult, and managed to get some clothes from a family friend. She gave him the clothes that he wears to this day, and now, he searches for the answers to all of his questions. To the answer to his ultimate question, he needs to find it, to discover its secret and then decide his destiny. He need to find the answer to the question, ?Why me??

[B]Snippet:[/B] The sun was bearing down on all that were caught in its shine, all embraced it with carefree arms. Daimonas was one of these people; he seemed to soak up the sun at times, as if the light of it made him powerful and strong. He always felt it deep within, but he never could grasp why it would effect him like this, he cared little since it only seem to strike at random times. But, its effects were strengthening with each day. He walked down the road, the hood on his cloak down to let the sun beam over his face; he sometimes did enjoy it for more sentimental reason, like he did back when he simply worked on the farm. Back when life was so simple. He shook his head to disregard all those ideas.

He let the wind catch his cloak but continued forward, revealing the sheath at his side with a wicked blade handle extending outward. He was coming up to the next town and he didn?t have any intention to slow down until he arrived there. He was being drawn there so some reason and he needed to get there and soon as possible. He entered the town with ease; it was busy like the rests, filled with horses, wagons and people with different intentions for the day. He avoided the people as he walked through the streets, not wanting them to touch him out of sheer gut instinct. But, he had stopped caring for a mere moment when he swiped against someone else. They fell over and gripped there arm, where Daimonas had touch them, he quickly left the scene before witnessing anything.

As he continued on his way, he noticed a fellow in the town, they way he looked with his spear in his hand was like the image of the creature on his steed with his terrifying appearance. He saw a man on the ground, gripping his jaw and trying to cry out in anguish. Three of the guards in the town were heading towards him; Daimonas instinctively drew his blade and head to the three guards. He knew not why he was going to help this stranger, but something told him that he must. He used his blade and placed it on the shoulders of one of the guards, a light sizzle came from where the sword rest on the guards shoulder. The guard turned as he ducked away from the searing hot blade. He saw Daimonas standing with his sword gripped in one hand; his eyes had a fire in them that showed what he was, and what hid deep within.

The guard had an angry look on his face as he looked at the blade in Daimonas hands, and then at Daimonas himself. His cloak and his clothes rather made him more fearsome looking, and his stance of holding his blade also added to the look of a creature spawned from the hottest fires. The guard looked at the burned patch on his shirt, then to Daimonas. His face creased with anger and extreme dislike.
?You dare to confront a guard of this town? You will regret this fool!?[/B] The guard drew his short sword as the two other guards occupied themselves with the man with the spear. The guard came at Daimonas and he reacted quickly, parrying each attack with little effort. Each strike from the guard?s blade created a shower of sparks as it bounce off Daimonas blade. There speed was nowhere near what they needed to get that amount of sparks. It was just the heat from within the blade, building as Daimonas temper started to flare. His rage, hatred, anger and fury all flowing through him as his swings became faster, Daimonas took control of the fight.

He put the guard on high alert, forcing the guard to only parry and block all of Daimonas attacks. Daimonas? cloak tossed back and forth as he fought with a grace of a true warrior, of a natural born killer that was seasoned in the art form known as the dance of death. In a mere moment, the guard and Daimonas clashed together, pushing each other back and forth, Daimonas found he wasn?t using all his strength and was pushing the guard back. The blade was so hot that the blood red edge started to melt the guard?s short sword. Pushing right through the metal, drawing closer to the guards face.

Daimonas pushed with much more force, the blade split from the heat and Daimonas blade buried itself in the mans skull. He sliced down with his blade and a large chunk of the mans head fell off. The part where he had sliced on both halves, were seared. Cauterizing the wound instantly without leaving any blistering or scorch marks on the mans flesh. Daimonas swiftly spun his sword and bolted to the man with the spear, standing a bit in front of the man with the spear. His sword gripped in both hands, his fiery intensity surging though his veins. He seemed so ready to give up his own life, to spare this stranger, and he didn?t know why. He lifted his sword as he readied to swing it and bring down a swift death.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Hope you don't mind me moving in on your snippet there Sazabi, gave me something to do with Daimonas.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Magenta][I][B]Name:[/B] [/I]Riiko Watanuki

[I][B]Age: [/I][/B]21

[I][B]Gender: [/B][/I]Female

[B][I]Angel Name:[/I][/B]Tsubasa

[B][I]Rider Name:[/B] [/I]Rider Grace

[B][I]Personality:[/B][/I] She is very kind and considerated to others. She does what's she's told and no quetions asked. She is respected and she is the type who looks at the world a half glass full but sometimes empty.

[B][I]Appearance: [/B][/I][URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Flowers/anime_fav34639063.jpg]Riiko Watanuki[/URL] [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Celestial/normal_mg_0809.jpg]Tsubasa[/URL]

[B][I]Weapon:[/I] [/B]She uses a sword. The blade is about 2 and half feet. The handle of the blade can only be touched by her or the person will get shocked.

[B][I]Bio:[/I][/B] Riiko was grown up in a small village outside of a big town. Both of her parents died in the war and she was left with everything. She decided to move out of the city and live somewhere small and quiet. She took the rest of the money that she had left to pay her house that she stays in now and the rest for food and clothing. She never knew that anyone would hurt her until that day. She was in town for and errand when someone came up from behind and took her away. He had raped her and then stabbed a knife in her heart. Riiko lied her helpless as the man left her. As she closed her eyes to her everlasting slumber, there was someone with long hair that appeared. The person walked up to her and Riiko could see that it was a woman. The woman layed her hand on Riiko's wounded chest and it healed.

Riiko then woke up with a jolt straight up. She sat up straight and looked around. The wound that she had was gone but a scar was left. She used the scar as a reminder of the woman that healed.

[B][I]Snippet:[/B] [/I]As Riiko was walking through yet another village, a man walked up from behind her and said, "You shouldn't be out here all alone. You never know who might get his way with you." The man starting to touch her all over her body but Riiko didn't like it. She turned around and punched him in the face. She then ran off. Riiko was tired and wanted rest. She found a hot springs spa and went inside. She found a lady at the desk and she walked up to it. "May I have a room for one."
"Overnight stay?" asked the lady.
"Yes," she replied. The lady handed Riiko a towel and the room key. Riiko went to her room, put her things down and then went to springs. As she was in the springs, she could hear guys talking about something.
"Did you hear? A guy got punched and was bleeding all over the place. All the guy could say was ,'A girl came up and punched him'," said one of guys.
"You kidding? That man was a hooker anyways. Of course of one these days he would get it. But I mean a girl punched him that hard? What a coward," said the other.
"I know! But you know what? I really want to meet this girl. She sounds pretty hot to me."
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[COLOR=Purple][B]Name[/B]: Evangaline Akira

[B]Age[/B]: 22

[B]Gender[/B]: female

[B]Angel Name[/B]: Sora

[B]Rider Name[/B]: Rider Breeze

[B]Personality[/B]: she is very cold and mean. She can be outgoing a loads of fun, but if you piss her off, you're in dead trouble.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Fighter%20Girls/RandomAnime-FireDance.jpg]Evangaline[/URL] [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/gothickimono.jpg]Sora[/URL]

[B]Weapon[/B]:two small razor fans and one big fan that are razor sharp that if someone touches or gets skimmed by it, they will get serverly injured.

[B]Bio[/B]: Evangaline had always lived by herself since she could remember. Actually, her parents killed themselves because she was different or "a mistake". She had lived a long and lonely life. No one every talked to her and she was just fine with that. One day, she was being harassed by some of people about how she killed her parents instead of her parents killing themselves. She was so enraged that when she went back to her house in the countryside of town, she stormed in, walked up to top of her house - very big house - and jumped off the roof. She lied there on the ground helpless as the pain and everything else caught up with her. She thought that if no one wanted her, then everyone would be better off if she had never existed.

She closed her eyes as death came upon her. She had a dream and there was a woman with long black hair and wearing a kimono. She had a huge fan on her back and two fans around her waist on a chain. The woman approached her and placed a hand on her chest. There was glow and a sudden feeling of pain. She then opened up her eyes and looked at the sky. She thought to herself how was she alive and why. She looked at her chest and there was a little mark or scare on her chest and it reminded her of the woman that she met in her dream.

[B]Snippet[/B]:Evangaline was walking through a very busy town. She walked around and found herself lost in an alleyway. She walked to around to see if she could find her way back when she ran into a man. She fell to the ground and the man helped her up. She looked at the man and said," Thank you sir. Sorry about running into you."

"Oh, it's alright. You can make it up by your body," said the man

"Are you frickin' serious. There is no way in all of hell would I do that. You must be drunk," she said as she walked past him but he grabbed her arm,"Hey! Let go!"

"No way. You're gonna have sex with me whether you like it or not."

"If that's the way you want it," she said as she grabbed a razor fan from her side and threw it. It flew and cut the man's head clean off. "Oh, it seems that we didn't get down to it. Oh, well."

She walked off and snickered as she went.

Some guys happened to be watching what went down and were amazed.

"Dude, did you see that? She cut his head clean off with that fan of hers," said one guy

"Yeah, I don't want to be caught in a dark alley with her," said another guy

"You got that right," said a third as they watched her walk off into the darkness.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]Name: Gueno Nathratu
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Demon name: Dronsu
Rider name: Granite
Personality: Quiet, but never affraid to put in his word.
Appearance: [URL=http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2005463580389127250][IMG]http://aycu35.webshots.com/image/13634/2005463580389127250_th.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL=http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2002841312656003538][IMG]http://aycu18.webshots.com/image/14577/2002841312656003538_th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

Order: Rider(Top left) Demon (Top right) Human(Bottom)

Weapon: [URL=http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2003241336981288688][IMG]http://aycu12.webshots.com/image/13731/2003241336981288688_th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
(But much bigger.)

Bio: Gueno wandered the streets ever since he was a young boy. He can't remember his mother or father at all. One night he was walking down an ally when a group of thugs beat and stabbed him to his death. He awoke in pure darkness. He saw before him a black horse with a rider. The rider was dressed in black. He turned around to see four other riders on white horses, and three others on similar black ones. The rider rose his attack and struck Gueno's back. He awoke in a pool of crimson read blood as thunder clapsed in the distance. He can feel hot pain in his back. He found a broken mirror and saw a huge scar down his back. "Someone out there must know about what happened to me. I must find them." He grabed a peice of the mirror set off in search of information. He headed toward the gate and was stopped by a guard. "Sorry, I cant let anyone out after dark." "Your mistake." He took the peice of mirrior and stabed the guard in the heart. He took the soldier's things: a hooded cloak, a knife, a sword and some money. Another guard witnessed the events and alerted reinforcments. Gueno bolted out of the door in the gate and ran down the road. He hid in the hills as he watched soldiers search the road.

Snippet: The sun once again brought it's intense heat but Gueno continued to wear his black cloak. He paused and listned. He heared horses in the distance. He turned his head and saw aome rocks on the side of the road. He hid forgetting to cover his tracks. The horses came to a halt. "See these track, he's here some where find him." The men dismounted their horses and Gueno drew his sword. One of the men wandered to close to the rocks. Gueno came up behind him and stabed him through his back. The other soldiers heard his screams and came running. Gueno jumped into the air using the rock for a boost. He came down with his sword, leaving a bid gash in the chest of what appeared to be the Captain. The remaing soldier fell to the ground and crawled backwards as Gueno approached him. "Please, leave me alone." "You had your chance." Gueno out streached his hand grabing the private by his neck. He lifted him and held him above his head. He brought his hand down slaming the soldier into the ground, breaking his neck. He collected the bodies and laid them infront of the boulder. Gueno took his knife and etched the Roman Numeral 3. Bellow that he etched, "That makes 50." Gueno raised the hood on his cloak and continued down the road.[/COLOR]

((The sword will break in the story and I will have my character buy or steal the axe. I'll make it fit, so don't worry. It'll sound cool.))
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One more then this can start unless someone challenges another for a spot. Tempest you need to finish your signup and Ushima make your Bio and Snippet more detailed and longer.
Other then that everyone elses looks great can't wait to start the rp
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Name: Umiko Shendi (Umi)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Demon/Angel Name:Omi
Rider Name: Ivy
Personality: Quiet and standoffish she seems to always be pissed about something. Having great difficulty makeing comversation she keeps quiet and stays low through out alot of things and just listens. Being alone hasn't helped her in this personality quirk of her's also, she does have one good quality about her, or so she thinks, she is brutally honest to a fault and never thinks twice about telling someone what she really thinks about them. Seems harsh and uncareing but is sweet and gentle on the other end as well.
Appearance: [URL=http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/1994/umikoasaginohokubyrosettechanpb8.jpg]Umiko[/URL] Blonde hair and dark geen eyes. Her dress is forest green, the bandana is brown, her cuffs are white.
Weapon: She uses a long and deadly spiked whip that is made of young yew branches, bendy and very leath when used with the right strength.
Bio: Walkng through the village sh coud hear their voices coming up through the dirt and scoffed, this was madness, just because she had a weapon they thought she was there to take over. How ridiculous; she continued to walk when she hit the local forgery, sighing in relife she walked over and asked nicely for a small can of amor oil, it was not used regularly on plants but it kept the water off of her whip and also made sure that it never frayed for which she was happy about. As she reached out to take the can she had a small flashback of when she was younger, her mother giving her a cup of fresh milk and a hard biscut, her brothers in the background wrestleing with her father and the family dog that was older then her at the time, she remebered actually smileing then. That was before the flood; it killed everyone but her, she was found in a tree, high away from the water, her home had been completely swept away, along with everyone in it. from that point on she had been alone. Shakeing off the memory she took the can and paid, but as she was turning around she felt a sharp pain in her heart and looked down, seeing a long arrow in her chest to only come out the back of her she heard the village elder say that she would not get the village befrore she coughed an fell over dead.
She sat up quickly and looked around blinking, the arrow was gone and all she saw was a large hole in her shirt that she would have to patch later, that was just great. Hearing the snort of an animal she looked up and gasped, there in the trees was a person, sespended on the branches as if she weighed nothing. The snap of a whip exploded and she surged forward only to hit the top pf a coffin. Blinking she took a deep breath and braced her knees against the flimsy wood and pushed, pushing her way out of the namelss grave. Giving her thanks to the gods that she was alive she looked down her shirt at her chest and frowned when she saw the scar. She had been hit, but how long ago was it...frowning more she gathered her things, pilfered some from the village and was off not bothering to question her good fortune, only thankful to be alive.
Snippet: Umiko streched languidly and sighed, she was happy here and grateful that it was starting to get warm out. She was tired of sleeping in spikey pine trees. She prefeered the out doors to hotels and since it had been winter the only trees with any cover had been the pines, but now that the warm months were strting he would have more comfortable nights. Listening carefully she smiled and held out her hands as a swarm of butterflies flew by and landed on the cedar tree she was sitting in for a rest. It was times like this that made her happy to be alive, she had always wanted to settle down some where deep in the woods in her youth and just live til she died of old age, alone or with someone it never mattered to her; but now she often thought, if she were to get what she wanted would she want what she would get? She sighed scattering the beatiful bugs and hopped down from the branch, shifting her whip she continued East. Just going where the wind was blowing the branches at that moment. She never followed the sun, 'It takes ouo in circles' is what her mother used to tell her. 'Follow the wind, it's more exciteing.' So she did, which ever direction the branches were blowing she went. It was more tiresome now then exciteing. But as she yawned and remembered her mother she smiled and it seemed somewhat easier.

Let me know, if there are spelling errors forgive me, but the keyboard is messing up, I'll do my best.
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