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Hey, I don't think I'll add another character, just because I have an idea. If no one else signs up, then we can have our two characters meet, and the story of their adventures, etc. But they meet and/or have to fight other characters on the way. LoL, but more people could be added or something. I don't know, just making suggestions; didn't want to pester your message box, :D. Anyway, I'm still in, I would like to see where it goes too. :)
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[quote name='Mage17']So........is this going to starting up soon or are we waiting for more people to sign up and fill the other positions?[/quote]

It's going to start soon...^^ Just need to finish some things up before school. Check the Square every now and then...
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[QUOTE=Neko]Just to double-check...

...this isn't the same Gangirock that I signed up for a bit back, is it? (Named 'Trigger') 'Cause I was kinda bumming about it not starting...[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Unfortunatly, this RP is not [Trigger], however, they're pretty simmilar. Well, I sorry that you're bummed about [Trigger] not starting. I, too was disapointed when they were not many people signing up as the Triggers.

Anyway, as I said before, this RP is simmilar to [Trigger]. So...if you want to join go ahead. You can use your character from [Trigger] but with minor changes (Gangirock: Awakening doesn't have the Gangirock Compatibility Test)

Hope you'll understand...I suck at apologizing...^^[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Sorry for my absence in the RP. It was exam week at my place and my grades were going down so I was forced to hit the books instead. Okay, here?s the case now. I?m sure everyone wants the RP to go on right? But because Takamore who signed up earlier still hasn?t post in the RP? and we have waited for quite a long time now, should the RP go on without him? It seems unfair for him though?

I was thinking, maybe if we give him another three days to post. If he failed to do so although he still has interest in the RP, he will have to find another way to join with the other Gangirock Bearers.

Please post, we need to discuss about this?
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I think to be fair we should give him the three days, cause like you you he may also have exams... I know I have exams next week, and so won't be able to post for a couple of days...so just give it a bit more time in my opinion, you know there are so many things that could have gone wrong.
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I say we go on ahead and when things straighten out he can met us up in the rp later cause at the rate its going its going to get shut down or just dwindle away and die on its own. We've waited long enought for one person. I think others are getting bored waiting for something to happen and will eventually quit because of it. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Tahoma]Okay, it's decided then. The next chapter of Gangirock: Awakening will start at this Saturday.

Look forward to it. ^^

[CENTER][B][SIZE=3][U]Chapter 1: The Apostles of the Stars[/B][/U][/SIZE]

[I]The Apostles of the Stars resumed their mission to return Gangirock into its true form after years of waiting. Unaware by them, a small group of Gangirock Bearers who are accepted by Gangirock are ready to counter whatever The Apostles are planning.[/I][/CENTER]

Okay. The first chapter of the RP will start (as I?ve said above) this Saturday (2nd June 2007). This is how things will proceed. As we all know from the introduction above, The Apostles of the Stars are resuming their ambition to awaken Gangirock?s true form. So far, The Apostles? bases are held in two locations, the North Pole and the South Pole. Why the two remote places? Because they do not want anyone else to interfere with their plans as it did years ago? ^^

1) Get to know each other better?^^
2) Get into two groups
3) Infiltrate (but do not kill any of The Apostles) their bases to get information on what they?re planning to do.
4) Once all of that is done, return back to the (re-furnished) shack.

This is just a brief info about The Apostles of the Stars (a.k.a The Apostles). The group?s members will change when the RP advances. Feel free to control them in any way you want but do keep their personality intact.

[B]Creed Cascade [The Blue Destiny][/B]
- Age 21. The leader of The Apostles of the Stars. Creed is a silent and cold person. Doesn't really talk much. His actions are his words. The only person who understands him the most and seen him smile before is Shalte Cascade.
- Gangirock: Lust Jaw (Able to manipulate darkness, but only in a very dark area)
- Sacrifice: Creed is unable to control his Gangirock manually. To counter it, he wields a Dark Blade which he calls 'Lucifer'.

[B]Shalte Cascade [The Shield][/B]
- Age 18. Creed's younger sister and a commander of The Apostles of the Stars. Also known as the 'shield' which protects Creed. She is always seen smiling but when things get serious, so will she.
-Gangirock: Flash Hit (The ability to control the light?s brightness)
-Sacrifice: Shalte has lost the ability to see.

[B]Clive Winslett [Shadow][/B]
- Age 19. A commander of The Apostles of the Stars. Clive is a serious and straight-laced person. Also known as the 'lance' of Creed.
- Gangirock: Shadow (His Gangirock enables him to change his shadow into anything he wanted)
- Sacrifice: The memories he spent with his family.

[B]Jeremy Maxwell [The Psychotic Fury][/B]
- Age 19. A Lieutenant who is fueled by violence and destruction. He is by far the most psychotic member of The Apostles, willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. He and Clive do not get along at all.
- Gangirock: Brave Seal (Able to control the Earth?s weather)
- Sacrifice: Unable to judge distances accurately

[B]Catherine Balgaine [Dark Whisper][/B]
- Age 15. A Lieutenant who is harsh on herself and has difficulty interacting with others. Although she lacks physical prowess in battle, her specialty is in psychological attacks. She is not only able to materialize her opponent?s fears using her Gangirock (Dark Whisper), but she also has the ability to shape shift.
- Gangirock: Dark Whisper (Able to materialize opponent?s fears and shape shifting)
- Sacrifice: She is unable to experience fear

[B]Heath Maverick [Invisible Stalker][/B]
- Age 10. The youngest Lieutenant and member of The Apostles. He had no love for anything including himself. The only things he loved were the dolls he created, Fiore and Asia which somehow brought life into them.
- Gangirock: Invisible Stalker (Able to manipulate space and create wormholes)
- Sacrifice: His feelings.

[B]Gawn Brawdia [Twin Gunner][/B]
- Age 16. Gawn is the trump card of the group, in that he is only used if all else fails. He is also another Lieutenant of The Apostles.
- Gangirock: Twin Gunner (His Gangirock enables him to copy an item into two. Ex: Copying one umbrella into two?etc?)
- Sacrifice: He is unable to feel pain. Which means he may bleed to death without him knowing.

[B]Fiore and Asia [The Twins][/B]
- Age unknown. Both of them had the figure of an eight year old. The only difference between them is their hair color (Fiore?s dark red and Asia?s dark green). Both of them fight alongside Heath.
- Gangirock: Foggy Mist (the ability to control mist)
- Sacrifice: The twins lost the ability to hear. They used their mind?s hearing instead.

[B]Hauser Blackwell [The Baron of Gore][/B]
- Age 17. A power fighter who yearns for an honorable death on the battlefield. With his cyborg body, he packs unimaginable power. His strength even surpasses Creed Cascade.
- Gangirock: Terra Roar (the ability to manipulate the earth)
- Sacrifice: Hauser can no longer hear rock music?^^

[B]Scythe Jonathan [System Chronos][/B]
- Age 13. He is the optimistic one of The Apostles. His Gangirock allows him to see into the future and past.
- Gangirock: System Chronos (the ability to manipulate time)
- Sacrifice: Scythe is unable to stay under the sun for too long. Otherwise, he will eventually disappear into time.

[B]Gale Zellweger [The Scientist][/B]
- Age 17. He is the scientist of The Apostles of the Stars. Although he doesn?t posses the power of Gangirock, he uses his talent of invention to benefit the group.

- Age unknown. He is the first prototype invented by Gale. Rainer possesses the prototype copy of Gangirock.
- Gangirock: Icy Fists (Rainer is able to turn water into ice)]

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask...^^[/FONT][/COLOR]
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