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RPG Gangirock: Awakening [M-LV]


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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]A black vortex was all around her. She couldn?t see anything at all. Waving her hands in front of her, she tried to find an escape.

[B]??Gangirock Bearer of the Wind? Stop history??[/B]

The sound came behind her. With full of curiosity, she turned around but saw nothing. Then, the same sentence can be heard again. Confused, the only word in her head was ?Huh??

[B]?History is repeating itself?stop the world from destruction??

?Destruction? What are you talking about??[/B]

A well-built man dressed in white appeared in front of her. She can tell that he was in his mid twenties. The man pointed at her with a stern yet convincing look.

[B]??Your life and mankind is in danger, seek for the light? Bring peace back to the world??

?Even if I want to do that, how can I--?

??Gangirock?use it wisely??[/B]

After that sentence, the black vortex seemed to disappear and turn into a white one. The new vortex was blindingly bright. She was forced to close her eyes.

[B]?Ughh?where am I??[/B]

The sounds nature; sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling against each other woke her up. She tried her best to get up, but eventually, she sat up instead. Ashton scanned her surroundings; she remembered the big tree just beside her and the deepened dirt located in front of her. The sky is already orange in color, indicating that it is currently evening time. She got up and brushed her trousers and shirt to remove excess dirt.

[B]?I was sure it was not a dream??[/B]

OOC: Ok. The RP starts now. Just post about your character discovering about his/her powers and maybe about meeting the sage who tells them about Gangirock and its history. Good luck![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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As the cave floor gave way beneath him, the teenager screamed in fear. He tried to grab the sides of the walls; but they were too jagged, and the cut his hands. He hit the ground below with a massive *THUD*, as it echoed in the surrounding chamber.

After a moment or two, he sat up, realizing his hands were bleeding, and that his entire back must be one BIG bruise. He stood up slowly, bracing himself against the wall, "Great, JUUST great!" he complained. "First, I get left alone in the wilderness, and now, I'll never make it out of this FEAKING HOLE alive!!"

(His views on things were a little twisted. He always HAD to have what HE wanted, and never shared, or accepted second-best. He was, a BRAT. And by the time he was six-teen, he had given up on his parents, his friends, and his life. He had gone out into the wilderness, thinking, "it'd be so much better because I make the rules." Well, it ended up getting him stuck in a cave, let's see how much MORE trouble he can get in. :D )

As he walked around, he knew that he was in a room, and it seemed to lead to other rooms, but he couldn't tell; he had no light. Then he remembered the lighter he had got for his birthday, and he scowled; it hadn't been the kind HE liked, it was just a zippo. He tried to light it, but found he couldn't and he threw it down on the floor, cursing his parents for buying the deffective piece-of-crap. He continued on down the passage, feeling with his hands and feet.

When he came to a room, the empty space on the wall told him so, and he proceeded to fall in. He jumped up, and knocked something over, something wooden. He heard it break, and hoped nobody lived here. He scrambled on the floor, seeing if it dropped anything. What he found was a piece of paper, rolled up. He unrolled it, and found that he could read it. It looked to be in some sort of foreign language, but one he could somewhat understand.

"Gan..gir..ock.." he said... At that, the symobols on the paper, formed into readable print. Amazed, he continued to read. "'Save the world'....what is this word? 'Destruction...can only be stopped'... HEY! This is wierd... 'by the Gan-gir-ock users...find them...' Why would I want to FIND anyone?! 'Restore peace,....order.....' What's this? The balance has shifted?" He put the scroll down, thinking over what he had found. "It could be worth money..."

He looked back at the paper, to see a face looking up at him. He screamed, and dropped the paper to the ground. Around him, the room lit up, for the first time in centuries. Someone had discovered Gangirock. The power could once again be transfered. The face in the paper became an older man, wearing a robe. He looked at the teenager, saying, "What will you give, in return for the POWER of Gangirock? The sacrifice must be equal to the power you will obtain; bear in mind."

The teen thought and thought, and couldn't think of anything valuable he had in his possesion. The old man looked at him, smiling, plotting, and said, "But you have the most precious gift of all. Your memories. I would accept them for our deal. Agreed?" The boy thought about it, and jumped up saying, "YES! GIVE ME POWER!! Take these stupid things, I don't NEED them!" The old man smiled knowingly, and the vortex closed around them, ending with the boy, screaming in pain.
When the boy next awoke, he didn't know where he was, or WHO he was, for that matter. He walked down the tunnel he had fell into, and stopped when he found the zippo lighter he had once thrown down. He picked it up, and tried to light it. It wouldn't light. He tried several more times, finally getting it, and was thankful that he had a light source. He reached the hole, and brought his hands slowly up, the earth beneath him, so that he was lifted to the surface. The only thing on his mind when he walked out of the cave, were the words the man whispered to him as he accepted the power.

"The name of your Gangirock is Raging Earth. You have a raging spirit in you, use it; find the others who have your gift. Protect them, with your passionate power of rage." He whistled and walked aimlessly, not remembering the way out.
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Brisk took a deep breath to calm her nerves and let it out slowly, she had never been caved in before and it was frightening for her. Looking around the old tomb she surveyed everything she could see and took note of it. Looking more closely at the scroll in her hands she took out a small pen knife fron her pocket and began to open it; as she did the earth trembled and she could see the small pebbles on the ground floor by her feet moving. She swallowed the lump in her throat, if she was going to die she wanted to die learning what she had dug up in this desolate place.
She pulled it open and gasped as a bright light filled the dark area where she was. Hearing a small voice she jumped up and dropped the scroll.
'Pick it up young one, it is safe.'
"Who's there?"
'I am he last one of the scroll, you now are enabled the powers that I once posessed, that of the earth.'
'You can move the earth to whatever you desire now, I will speak with you again, for now, get your self out of this predicament.'
She opened her eyes and gasped as the world was bright to her, the ground shook and she felt a higher power enter her. In mere moments she ofun her self laying on the ground out in the sunlight. She sighed and sat up, when one of her co- workers asked her if she was okay she tried to say yes but grabbed her throat as nothing came out, she had lost her ability to speak.
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"Leave me alone and put me down" Nail shouted to the bullies that held up by his limbs and carried him to the deep end of his friends pool. No one else was outside, not even the parents. All four of the kinds just laughed as they got to the 10 ft mark of the cement pool.

"Its time you learned how to swim with the rest of us Nail" One of the kids laughed as they started to swing Nails body in a rocking motion in the air. Nail's eyed widen, they were actually going to toss him into the deep end of the pool. "One.....Two....THREE!" They shouted as they launched Nail into the pool, we resurfaced only to find them laughing a how he couldn't swim very god yet. Nail struggled his hardest to stay afloat, but got tired and eventually sunk down slowly to what he thought to be his death. Nail lost conciousness and thought he was dead until he heard a voice in the water.

"Child, the time has come for your Gangirock to surface. You must find others who share similar Gangirocks in order to maintain peace and order within the world. Les be darkness and destruction occur and history to repeat itself again. Cool Breeze shall be your Gangirock, when the time comes seek out the others and fulfill your destiny." With that the water swirled around Nail as he felt his body being lifted towards the surface and launched out of the pool onto the grass.

[B]Present Time[/B]

Nail opened his eyes, he had fallen asleep again inside the gyms sauna room. That voice appeared in his dream every time he slept for the past couple of months now. He has waited years but found no others yet who had a Gangirock like he did, so he gave up looking and continued life. Now 21, Nail lifts weights and has grown taller and stronger so when he meets these other holders of Gangirocks, he wont be frail and weak like he was when he was 13 years old. Nail concentrated his body and made the steam disappear from him as he got up and left the sauna room.

(Maybe its time to search again) Nail thought as he changed back into his clothes and left the gym and walked to his apartment. At this point it would be better to do that than have endless dreams about the same message he got when was was drowning, it frightens him to remember. Nail looked at his watch briefly and thought to head to the tavern, the game should be on soon and he hasn't drank any alcohol since last month.

"Well I got some time to kill before searching online, why not" Nail sighed as he headed the other direction.
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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=DarkBlue][SIZE=1][I]Master? Why did you left me?[/I]

He saw it all too clearly; the figure of his master, a world-renowned treasure hunter and ruin seeker died right in front of his very own two eyes. Sho remained sitting there beside his breathless body sobbing to himself. In his arm was the scroll, the treasure of the ruin which his master has been seeking all this years. He has to learn to accept the fact that people die, no matter how powerful or weak they are.

Sho was bummed. He opened the scroll to find out what has been attracting his master to it. After opening it, the only thing that can be seen there were some weird characters Sho has never seen before. Being an apprentice treasure hunter and ruin seeker, he has to know what the scroll says.

[I]It must have existed for a long time?[/I]

[B]?Sho?bring peace back to the?world??[/B]

He looked around him and saw no one else except him and his master. Sho became more alert than before, another principle in treasure hunting. Then, his master?s body began to move into a sitting position, a position where elderly wise men used to sit in. His head was hung low with his eyes closed.

[B]??The equilibrium of the world is shifting? Use it??

?Use what, master??[/B] he asked politely.

[B]??The power of the scroll, Gangirock??

?Power of the scroll??

?Only the chosen one will be able to do it??[/B]

As soon as his master said those words, he came crashing down like a log onto the floor. The words ?power of the scroll? is swirling in his head. He knew that it has something to do with the scroll he found. Sho closed his eyes and thought very hard, concentrating with all his might.

Then a loud thump can be heard from his right, breaking his concentration. He stared at the rock which came falling down the ceiling just now. Putting that aside, he stared into the scroll again. This time, the weird characters in the scroll started swirling around and began to form some Roman characters. Sho began reading the scroll.

[B]??The scroll of Fire has been activated. Gangirock Bearer of Fire, the power of Crimson Blades is yours. Find the others and bring peace back to the world??[/B]

[I]Gangirock Bearer of Fire?I guess that?s me then?[/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[CENTER][i]The Awakening[/i][/CENTER]
[CENTER]Three Months Earlier[/CENTER]

The steady beeping of the EKG next to his hospital bed was the only sound Kell heard as he awoke from his restless sleep. It wasn't hard to tell that it was still the middle of the night. Outside was shrouded in darkness, the only light in the room was from the equipment in the room, and the halls outside were so quiet you could hear footsteps of the departed if you listened closely. This was no surprise to Kell, in his state he was always going in and out of sleep. Then again, being hooked up to every manner of machine just to appease the doctors and his family that he was not going to die did little to keep him occupied. And then there were the "feelings" he got from everyone nearby. Pain, anger, hated, malice, evny, the list went on. With those emotions tearing him appart in life, sometimes it was better to just wish for an eternal dream instead. If not for the nightmares.

On this particular night it seemed another nightmare had found him in his awaken state. Looking over Kell noticed a shape in the corner, a tall figure wrapped in long, flowing robes. The only part of the figure visible past the dark clothing was the lower half of the face, an emotionless one at that. "So, are you the real keeper of death this time, or just another illusion from someone who thinks their end is near?" Kell spoke in a calm and weakened voice. This image was nothing new to him, so he no longer feared it.

"I am neither, my child," the figure spoke in an androgynous voice. "I am the one sent to lead you on your chosen path." As the figure spoke the lights in the room begin to dim, some began to swirl around to form new shapes, runes. [i]Destruction.... desity.... the world.... danger.... save.[i] Kell was shocked to be able to understand any of the runes that began to float in the air. One in particular caught his attention, and was repeated numerous times: [i]Gangirock[/i]. At first he swore he was asleep again, dreaming. However this time, he knew he was not.

The dark figure began to speak again. "You have been given the gift of Gangirock, an ancient an near-forgotten power. You must use it wisely to help protect this world. Your gift has a name, Hypnotic. As it has entranced you with the thoughts of others, so will you learn to entrance others with it's powers." As the figure spoke it's robes begain to flow slightly, as though a light wind had started nearby. By the end of the speech the "wind" had picked up to a gale's force and now threatened to take the robes and the mysterious figure with them.

"Remember, you must help to save all that is. Search for more like yourself, they can aid you in this." With that the robes shreaded and flew off into the distance. A second later there was a flash and Kell awoke to find it was morning. At his beside was the regular morning shift nurse checking the equipment. Although she spoke politely, Kell could tell she hated her job, her boss, and even him. Having learned to control his "gift" to a degree he knew how to not only feel her hatred, but to control it for himself. It seemed like this would work in his favor, and he now had a good route of escape.
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: I?ve decided to let the RP move along sp that I won?t ruin anyone?s fun. For those who haven?t posted their first post in the RP [Takamore and Akuya Astraios (and perhaps Neko ^^)] please do so A.S.A.P. Now, all you have to do is to go to the beach to be gathered.


As Ashton got up from her so-called dream, her head began to hurt. Trying to ease the pain, she rubbed it. Feeling hungry and exhausted, she find it quite hard to walk. Her body was half-numb due to the incident that happened last night which she can hardly tell whether it was a dream or reality. If it was a dream, then, how did she get here?

Putting those thoughts aside, she started walking slowly down the cliff. When she almost reached the base of the cliff, she noticed a man in white standing in front of her. [I]This was the man I saw?[/I] With curiosity engulfing inside her head, she Ashton stopped a few feet in front of him. It was the man, the man who appeared in her ?dream?.

Silence; not one decided to speak just yet.

All dressed in white, she came to a conclusion that he must be a sage. But, do sages exist in the 21st century? She can see him much clearly than in her ?dream?. The sage has a very innocent look and a well-built body. He has white hair. His right eye is grey while his left eye is black in color. A scar can be seen across the gray eye. [I]He must be involved in a war before?[/I]

[B]?Gather the Bearers?meet me again at the deserted house near the beach??

?Wait! Gather the what??[/B]

A gust of wind came, forcing her to close her eyes. She strained her ears to receive a reply from the man but to no avail. His voice seemed to dissolve into the wind. When the wind died down, the man was no longer there. She stood there, astonished and wondering what to do next. Hunger and exhaustion was preventing her from thinking properly.

[I]Should I follow what he says?[/I]

After thinking for sometime, she decided to go to the beach and hopefully he and the bearers will be there. Besides, she can go to the nearest food stall and get some food there.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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She didn't understand why they wouldn't accept her. She was no different than them, except that she had solely survived a massacre. [I]"It doesn't matter, they'll have to like me before they end."[/I] She thought as she passed through the town. She loved to talk, but she hated talking about what had happened. She liked to talk more about the Gangirock. A lot of people said it was fake, it was just something to appease the minds of younger children.

She believed in the Gangirock however. She believed that if she tried hard enough, or proved her worth, it would find her. And find her it did.

She sat in the tree at the base of the hill, like usual. She sat their lazily looking to the clouds, when her mind drifted. She couldn't tell if she was asleep but it felt like it.

A woman approached her with an her palms face up.

[I]"You have been chosen..."[/I]

[COLOR=Red]"Chosen for what?"[/COLOR]

[I]"You have been chosen to wield the Gangirock of flight."[/I]


[I]"To use the power of Gangirock you must give up something in return of great value."[/I]

[COLOR=Red]"I..I want to give up my sight, as long as I can keep my eye color."[/COLOR]

[I]"As soon as you accept this power you must fulfill the prophecy."[/I]

[COLOR=Red]"What prophecy?"[/COLOR]

[I]"You must promise to uphold the honor of the Gangirock, and to find the other wielders of the Gangirock and join forces. Do you accept?"[/I]

[COLOR=Red]"I accept."[/COLOR]

The dream ended in a swirl of colors. Akuya didn't feel an ounce of pain except for the ground as she fell out of the tree. She stood up and looked around. Something was different. She looked to the side of her and saw two black wings protruding from her back. Then she heard the voice again.

[I]"Your wings are black, because you are filled with revenge."[/I]
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Nail finally made it home after a couple of drinks, some of his friends had a taxi take him to his apartment. He walked over to the kitchen to make himself something to eat, he was still sore from the workout at the gym and had a bad hunger craving for a sandwich. Nail brought out 3 slices of break and went to work, making the best salami and peanut butter sandwich he ever saw. He took his plate and his sprite over to his computer where he was going to search the message boards again. Since that dream of his continued to surface in his mind, he might as well start trying to find the other weilders of the Gangirock. When he was younger he only got information on the tales people told long ago about their powers, but no one believed them to be around anymore. It was worth a shot to leave a global message asking anyone if they had one, while Nail was typing, he noticed that the letters of his post began to fall apart and float around on his computer screen. Nail rubbed his eyes thinking he was just tired, but they were actually floating on his screen.

"What in the world?" Nail said to himself as the screen got brighter and flashed in Nails eyes, causing him to shield his eyes. He got up from his seat and backed away a bit before hearing a voice that stopped Nail in his tracks.

"You must find the others as the prophecy has foretold young man. It is time to gather your strength and meet the other wielders of the Gangirock. There is a deserted house on the beach near our location. It would be o your benefit to go there, for your destiny along with others will begin" The voice said before the light vanished back to his computer screen, there was only his message he was about to post. No letters floating, nothing! Nail stood tall as he went over to his computer and finally posted his message:

"If you for a Gangirock and want to meet others of the same, come to the abandoned house on the beach at this location" Nail entered the coordinated and signed it as "Cool Breeze", then name of his own Gangirock. He turned around to grab his keys and cell phone before heading out the door, the beach was only about a mile away from his house. Nail got into his car and began to drive off.
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??? looked back and reflected. The past couple of days had been hard. He had had to learn to do many things in order to survive. He had come out of the cave in the woods, to find a forest he knew nothing about. He managed to find his way out of the forest, and ran into a....a....well, he couldn't remember the word. All he knew, is that it was BIG. He was a little apprehensive about venturing into the (city), but as long as he had the ground beneath his feet, he knew he'd be fine. There were many...people, in this place, and none of them were the same. He had to ask many of them what things were called, and how to do things; he just COULDN'T REMEMBER!

Eventually, he found out that he was in a 'city', that was next to 'the beach'. ??? searched around, trying to learn all that there was to learn. At times, he felt pangs of something in his stomach, and found that it was called hunger. He only passed out once, and then a nice 'lady' gave him something to consume so he would not be 'hungry'. He was very grateful. He decided to check out something called, and 'arcade', and when he did, he found he hated it. All the noise and flashing lights scared him, and he quickly ran out of there.

He kept running once he was clear of the 'arcade', and he ran onto 'the beach'. It had been night time, and he was alone. The darkness was comforting, he didn't have to deal with the bustle of the city. He layed in the reeds, when a voice came from nowhere, "Find the others. They will gather here, at the beach house. Await them, for you are the first." Not knowing that this wasn't normal, he took it in stride, and decided the next day that he would look for this 'house'.

He had found it the next morning, after he asked some kids who threw something cold at him. He found it was called, 'ice cream', and he wanted to find some, to 'consume'. It tasted good! He walked until he found the beach house, which no one had visited in years. He didn't know what fear was though, and so he walked into it. He sat on the dusty floor, and began to feel lonely, though he couldn't imagine why. Eventually, he went to sleep, and dreamed of something he couldn't remember.

When he woke up, he was surprised to see a girl at the door, and he welcomed her with a smile, and a wave. Maybe SHE was one of the one's he was waiting for? He had no way to know.
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The voice told her that she had to find the other wielders of Gangirock, but she didn't know where to go. For three years she trained herself to live with her power and finally she got a lead as to where she should go. The voice came to her.

[I]"Look to the area of water and sand, and you'll find where you need to be."[/I]

The riddle puzzled her then it came to her. "The beach!" She had a general idea where to go but she was afraid she was going to get lost. She used her minds eye to look around as she watched where she was going. Since it was the day, she couldn't fly just yet, so the first part of her travel went by very slowly.

Eventually night turned to day and she was able to take to the skies. She felt much more comfortable in the air, then she did on the ground. She was able to make it to her destination just before the sun rose. To blend in with the crowd of beach-goers, she changed into a bikini top and shorts with sunglasses, though she didn't really need them.

She found a shack near the beach and approached it warily. She didn't know wether to go in or to stay and watch for a while, but she went in. She didn't notice the boy or the other person in the room. She went strait to a couch and sat down on it waiting and watching for the others.
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[CENTER][b]***Act I***[/b][/CENTER]


"Anger," Kell wispered in an almost inaudible voice. "Fear. Spite. Decite. Pain..." He continued on as he walked through the city. His head throbbed with pain as the overwhelming emotions of others pounded him. To most of these people he must have looked pathetic, weak, and possibly half-way to his deathbed. Most of them were right. Despite having knowledge of this fact he pushed forward, slowly making his way toward the beach. By all rights he had no business there, but something felt like it was pulling him in that direction, something very similar to his encounter at the hospital. Still, with his body ravaged as it was by his condition, he was not even sure how far he would get.

The days since he left the hospital were brutal. Suddenly being removed from the machines that kept him pumped full of nutritional fluids proved to be rather harsh, and since then he had been either drifting between homeless shelters, or using his ability to "force" others to throw food to him in an act of either hate or pity. Combining the physical and mental stresses from this it was a wonder he was as lively as he is now.

Kell was greeted with a sight which momentarily brought some life back into him, the golden yellow hue of sand meeting the light blue tint of sea. In the middle of the beach was a small house, which looked to be abandonned. Emanating from the house was a strong feeling, the same that had drawn him here. As he approached the feeling faded, but the intent was clear that he was meant to find this place. For a time Kell's pace quickened as he endevored to reach his destination, which seemed so close and yet so far away.

Sadly, he did not manage to finish his trip. As he approached his eyes began to fog over, and his body succum to its own fatigue. A mere seven steps from the door he collapsed, his shoulder hitting the side of the house, and slumped against the exterior. [i]Damn it.... so close,[/i] was the last thought that entered his mind as he lost consciousness.

OOC: Heh. Well, so much for a dramatic entrance. ;)
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Nail listened to some easy jazz music as he made his way down to the beach in his car, he had a strong feeling he would finally get the answers he was looking for. There was a throbbing sensation in his chest that wouldn't go away, the closer Nail got to his destination the stronger it felt and pulsated inside of him. Nail made a fast right turn on the corner street, causing some of the objects in his car to move about quickly, water splashed out of the container and was about to collide on the passenger side widow before it stopped in mid air. The water hovered in the air as Nail steadied the car on the road, he looked at the liquid as it came closer to his face, now dancing in the air in a single strand liquid.

"I'll finally know why I have these powers" Nail whispered to himself as he mentally moved the stand of water in the back area of the car, it continued to hover randomly in the air. Nail finally pulled into the parking lot of the beach, some people were leaving as the sun started to sink down into the ocean, the feeling Nail felt got stronger as he walked around the beach looking for the abandoned house the strange voice told him. After a few moments Nail was able to see the worn down house, he was careful as he approached it, seeing the design and age of the structure.Nail walked around the side of the house as he noticed someone leaning against the hard wooden structure, Nail was hesitant to inspect but knew the boy was in trouble. He walked closer to see he has lost consciousness, Nail knelt down and out his hand on the boys shoulder to shake him a little, he felt a sudden rush from his body as he made contact with the child. There was something about him when they touched, Nail didn't know how to explain it.....but he felt like the child had something inside of him. The boy looked badly hurt, Nail picked up his light body and hung him over his left shoulder as he continued to walk around the house coming up at the front entrance. Nail slowly walked up the wooden stair of the porch, the errie sounds it made as he applied pressure to the aging wood scared him a little as he faced the front door.

"Now......I will get my answers" Nail thought to himself as he turned his body to the ocean and extended his right hand towards the water. In an instant water spiraled into his palm forming a water ball no bigger than a regular baseball, Nail turned back around to face the door. He could hear some faint whispering inside, or what seemed like chatter o him. Nail held onto the boy hung over his shoulder with his left arm and stretched his right arm to the door, the water began to freeze and float in front of him. Suddenly it shattered into small sharp pieces as it flew towards the door like a machine gun shoots bullets, the loud chipping of wood could be heard a mile away. When the final shard went though Nail lifted his leg and kicked the door down, causing some dust to rise around him and adding a loud crash on the floor that echoed though out the house. It was dark inside and he couldn't make out anything yet. "Well, it was better than knocking" Nail sighed to himself. "Was it all just a prank?"
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]Brisk sighed into her helmet as she remembered the dream from the night before, it was strange but at the same time it was as if it was meant to happen, she took another deep breath and pushed down n the throttle making her motorcycle go faster and heading for the beach at a faster pace. The Kawasaki Ninja revved and flew down the highway as if the devil itself were after her.
Getting there she saw a few others already there and turned her bike shrply throwing sand in a wide arch stopping quickly.
"So I'm not the only one, interesting."
She took off the helmet and shook her hair loose and blinked her blue eyes as the sun shone into them. After she got used to teh light she kicked the kickstand out and leaned on the bike looking over everyone and smile and waved at the happily.
"Well, at least I know now that I'm not alone in any of this and that I'm not crazy."
She laughed lightly and bowed her head.
"I'm Brisk."[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Akuya looked around at all the unfamiliar people in the room. There was only one other girl in the room. She noticed that none of them really wanted to talk, so she sat there as quietly as she could.

One man seemed to have lost counciousness, or so she believed, since she couldn't really see what was going on except for what she percieved with her minds eye. She twiddled her thumbs and hummed to herself.

She was growing quite bored, so she walked over to the one named Brisk.

"Welcome Brisk. I'm Akuya." She smiled politely.

"At least we know we aren't the only ones." She laughed half nervously.

She stood there for a while trying to percieve if anyone else was as bored as she was or if they even knew what was going on.
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Guac is roaming down a road, stumbling about randomly

"Oh... man... I'm starving..." He looks about, but sees no one nearby.

"I shouldn't have spent all of my money... funny... I run out of money, the day before I reach a place with food..."

Guac continues walking then sees a beach up ahead

"I guess that's as good a place as any." He approaches the beach and notices a shack. He quickly goes inside, seeing a few people around.

"Does anyone have any food?"
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With the arrival of all of the people, ??? slowly notices that they all possess the same type of aura as the scroll he found. He stops for a minute; where did that memory come from? Shrugging it off, but saving it for later, he surveys the room. There are alot of people, for only a night to have passed. But then again, he thought, these people were summoned here. They had to come.

He gets up, walking over to the two girls that were talking. They were the only girls here; and the only ones that seemed willing to talk. Walking up, he said, "Hi!" The two girls stared at him, and then smiled. "Nice to meet you," said the short girl, with silvery hair, and dark wings. The other girl gave the same greeting. ??? smiled back at the two, and thought how odd it was that one of them had wings. After talking to them for what seemed like only a few minutes, he got the strange feeling that something was about to happen.

He excused himself, (because it seemed like the right thing to do), and quickly checked everyone in the room. They too, looked tense, and even the sickly boy was up, searching. ??? hurried over to the door. He actually FELT someone coming. It had to be the last person, the one they were waiting for. He didn't know HOW he knew; he just did.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]Brisk felt the presence but pushed the young man she had been talking to to te side and went to her bike pack near the shack and pulled out what looked like a large backpack. She smiled and handed the entire thing to the young man that had entered last, opening it his eyes widened and he looked up at her.
"Eat what you want it's not a big deal really, I can always cook somemore when we get the chance."
Besides her job as an achitect cooking was the only other thing she rreally prided herself in, that and her personality. She watched as tears of gratitude formed in his ees and smiled more. His eyes got large as he dug into the various food stuffs that she had made and pack including her own sushi recipes, cake, steaks, kabobs, steam and fried vegetables, and many others. She went back to her bike and pulled off her other bike bag and brought it in, in this one were various drinks, from alchohol to koolaid. Looking at the other's she set the bag in the middle of the shack where the man sat eatting and looked around as they eyes the foods and drinks wantingly for the smell from the food was effecting them all.
"Help yourselves, I didn't know how far away this place was so I packed plenty."
She grabed a sandwhich and a diet pepsi jazz, carmel and cream and sat down on the old table in the corner where she was before and enjoyed her wn cooking.
'It always tastes better when there are people around to enjoy it with you.' she thought.
Her smile grew as the others made their way in looking for what they wanted in the bags and all were surprised to find what they wanted.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Akuya looked at the boy. He had a strange aura. She grabbed a sandwich from the girls pack since she had offered. She bit into it and then threw the rest away. She never ate much, and never in front of so many people. She absentmindedly stroked her wings then she remembered why she had them. Revenge is all that was on her mind, but she didn't know what she had to do next. She had found the others, but now she was lost. She didn't know what to do.

She closed her eyes and used her minds eye to sweep the room once more. These people didn't seem to friendly, but they knew what she was going through. Like it or not she was stuck with them.
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Guac grinned,"Thank you very much!"

He continued eating ravenously for a while, then got curious. He slowly looked around the room and noticed that the people a round the room all loked different. They all had their own 'vibes' that seemed familiar for some reason. Where exactly am I? He wondered. Suddenly the thought came into his mind "Gangirock..." He mumbled.Then he looked up at the girl who had given him food

"So why are all of you guys here?" Guac asks to Brisk,"It must be something bcause I could feel something ... 'special' about this place... and also, what city are we in?"
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Akuya finally got restless and walked outside. It wasn't like anyone was talking to her anyway. She was met by a rush of wind that smelled like the sea that crept onto the beach shore. She walked down slowly to it apprehensive just a little bit. She slid out of her sandals and let the water lap over her feet. Everytime the waves washed away, it was like more of her stress was lifted off of her.

She looked to the sun that was slowly setting behind the cottage. She felt the anxiousness build up inside her and as the sun set she lifted herself into the air and soared around the cottage eventually lifting herself above the clouds. She didn't care how much energy it took away from her she just wanted to be in the air.

She let herself float down and she landed quietly back on the ground, but she was tired. She didn't know how long she had been up there. She patted her wings for reassurance and walked back into the cottage. Nothing had changed much except for a few more people talking. Again she settled herself onto a couch and became quiet. She hated it but, since no one really seemed to pay her mind she was silent. She just watched and waited for a sign, anything to tell her what else she needed to do.
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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=DarkBlue][SIZE=1]After giving his master a proper burial in the ruin, he tries to find a way out of the ruin. Carrying the scroll, he traced his steps back to where he started. It was bright outside. He closed his eyes so that they can adjust to the blinding light. Within a few seconds, his eyes were able to adjust to his surrounding. Sho look back at the ruin that he left for one last time. Feeling tired, he made up his mind to get back home.

[B]?Go to the beach and enter the deserted house? Together with the other Gangirock Bearers??[/B]


A voice can be heard behind him. He looked back and saw a man who was wearing a white robe. The man gave him a smile and then disappeared. He rubbed his eyes several times to make sure that he wasn?t hallucinating. Sho was surprised at that incident. He walked a few steps forward and then gazes into the horizon.

[B]?Go to the beach, eh? At least there will be something to do.?[/B]

He took a bus ride to the beach and when he arrived there, it was night time. He tried finding the deserted house that the sage was saying. He look all over the place until he reached a cliff. Under the cliff was a house, a deserted house. A force seems to pull him closer and closer towards it.

[I]It must be the deserted house that he mentioned?[/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: Check the Underground. Urgent meeting...^^

[B]?Thank you. Please come again!?[/B]

She gave the man a smile to show gratitude for making the fish burger fast and taste really good. Ashton walked slowly and ate the burger towards the beach. Hearing the sounds that the waves and seagulls were making she knew that the beach was right ahead. Without wasting anymore time, she threw the wrapper that was used to wrap the burger into the wastebasket and rushed to find the deserted house.

It was night time when she reached the beach so it?s quite hard to search for something without a torch light. The beach itself was left deserted. She walked and walked until she bumped into something that made her fell backwards. Rubbing her back she strained her eyes to see what had she bumped into.

[B]?Ummm?are you okay??[/B]

Ashton got up eventually and gave a nod indicating that she is alright. She looked around and saw the deserted house just ahead with the help of the moonlight. A man was in front of her as well.

[B]?You must be one of the Bearers? but, why are you outside??[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Akuya was getting restless again. She knew she probably looked like an idiot, but she stood up on one of the tables in the middle of the room. She looked around and then said,

"Are we not all bearers of Gangirock? What are we doing here? Just sitting here doing nothing? Shouldn't we at least be doing something of use?!"

She didn't mean to shout, but it seemed like nothing else was working. She didn't know if it worked, but she hoped she would be able to get somebody's attention. [I]I think I may have been loud enough to hear outside.[/I] She thought to herself as she stood there waiting for somebody to answer her questions.
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]The shack?s only door swung opened and a strong gust of wind came darting into the shack. All eyes were on Ashton and the man she dragged in. She brushed her clothing and let go of the man. Then, she grinned and showed a thumb?s up to the girl who was shouting on the table.

[B]?Osu! I admire your spirit! The name?s Ashton, but Ash will be enough.?[/B]

Silence. Not one person responded at her introduction. The sound of wood cracking suddenly broke the silence. It seems to be coming from that table. As if on cue, the table collapse and the girl who was standing on it just now fell off it. A loud thud can be heard after that. Everyone who was in the room except for one who was still resting rushed towards her.

Feeling guilty, Ashton decided to help her out. She smiled and offered her hand. The girl took hold of it and eventually got up and smiled back. The others began to spread out and began minding their own business.

[B]?Thanks. I?m Akuya by the way."[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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