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Sign Up Pokemon: The Nazumi League [E]


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[i]For quite some time in the Pokemon World there existed a Pokemon forum website. This forum was called "Pokemon Virtual", and it was a place where trainers all across the land could talk about their Pokemon as well as their experiences as a trainer. In the span of a few years, this forum grew quite popular (by the way, it originated about a year after Ash Ketchum started his Pokemon journey, just for a time reference), and it really eased interaction among trainers worldwide. But this forum also led to something else...

Quite a while after Ash and his friends started their journey in Hoenn, a new continent announced its recontinuation of their own Pokemon League. This continent was called Nazumi, a continent directly south of Kanto and across the ocean. In the past, hardly anyone lived on this giant, mostly Pokemon-inhabited island. However, there was one major city near the centre of the continent: Cottonwall City. The people that lived in this city were mostly Pokemon trainers, and one time, a competition was announced--a competition to see who the strongest trainer was--their Pokemon League. There was a winner: a little boy named David. He and his Pokemon were as closely bound as a mother to her child. The competition was held in the faraway Snow Canyon, which was near the northwest side of the continent.

In the following years, Nazumi had grown into a place with many cities and tourist attractions. Lots of Pokemon habitats were destroyed, though some were preserved because Pokemon of unusual colors were also found there. To make a long and boring story short, the new citizens of Nazumi were mostly tourists and trainers who were not interested in competition, so the Nazumi League was cancelled. This made trainers like David angry. He got together a group of twelve trainers of different level Pokemon, and he ordered them to go to different cities to convince people to bring back the lost Pokemon League. Also making a long story short, David and the twelve messengers finally convinced the Pokemon League officials of Kanto to reopen the Nazumi League. He dubbed his twelve messengers as gym leaders. This only happened but a month or so ago, so no new trainers came to challenge the new Nazumi League... yet.

However, the Nazumi League did draw some unfavourable faces as well: a new evil organization called Team Shockwave. This team originated in Kanto and was much smaller than Team Rocket, but its methods of capturing (and harming) Pokemon were much more fearsome. Anyways, Team Shockwave moved its base to a location in the middle of Nazumi. From then on, they didn't cause widespread fear throughout the region, but they devastated the lives of a few unfortunate trainers.

Let's get back to Pokemon Virtual. In the forum, one member was also a Pokemon professor--Professor Willow. She, like Oak, Elm, and Birch, included giving Pokemon to beginning trainers in her duties. However, she was unique in that she gave trainers a very broad choice in starter Pokemon. She gave out all sorts of Pokemon as starters, so long as they were basic (not evolved) and non-legendary. Also, she was known for designing "Pokevices" (which are like Pokedexes) with many interesting and useful features. Anyways, one day Professor Willow decided to gather together five beginning trainers to enter the new Nazumi League. It didn't matter where they came from--the only qualification was an acceptance of working in a group. The group would be encouraged to stick together, and to hopefully prevail together in the upcoming competition. And this brings us to the start of this RPG.[/i]
A few notes about the RPG:

-[b]Pokemon.[/b] Professor Willow will give everyone a starter Pokemon which you get to choose in your signup. Here are some do's and don'ts about picking your starter:
--Don't pick an evolved Pokemon, even if it evolves from a baby Pokemon. Sorry, Pikachu can't be a starter.
--Do pick a made-up Pokemon if you want--they're allowed. But do see the made-up Pokemon clause below.
--Don't pick more than one Pokemon.
--Don't make your Pokemon shiny or give it any special abilities or attacks.
--Don't pick Forbidden Pokemon (see note below) as starters.

-[b]List of Forbidden Pokemon:[/b] Onix, Lickitung, Rhyhorn, Tangela, Kangaskhan, Scyther, Pinsir, Tauros, Magikarp, Lapras, Ditto, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Girafarig, Gligar, Qwilfish, Shuckle, Delibird, Skarmory, Stantler, Smeargle, Miltank, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Nosepass, Sableye, Mawile, Wailmer, Torkoal, Zangoose, Seviper, Lunatone, Solrock, Feebas, Castform, Kecleon, Tropius, Absol, Wynaut, Relicanth, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Spiritomb, Carnivine, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus
*Note: If you really want one of these Pokemon, you can catch it later on in the RPG--you just can't pick it as a starter.

-[b]Made-Up Pokemon.[/b] Yes, you can make up Pokemon! However, I've seen many RPGs where you don't really know very much about a made-up Pokemon besides its name and attacks. So therefore, if you want to use made-up Pokemon you must have them approved. To approve a Pokemon, use the form below. Fill out the form then either PM it to me or include it in your signup. I'll keep a list of all the approved Pokemon. Oh, and also, you cannot have more than two made-up Pokemon.
(I'm a pretty easy person, so if you fill out the Made-Up Pokemon form correctly, there's a very high chance your Pokemon will be accepted.)

-[b]Journey Notes:[/b]
We will be traveling in a group, basically, to take on the new Nazumi League. As a result, I'll probably only accept four or five other people in this RPG, but no pressure. And don't worry too much about Nazumi and the League--I'll inform you on the gym leaders and how to get to certain cities. Also, even though there are twelve gym leaders, you don't have to face them all. How many badges you do have to earn depends on the size of the group...

Now for the two forms:

[b][u]Trainer Signup Form:[/b][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] First, last, nicknames--include whatever you want.
[b]Age:[/b] You don't have to be 10.
[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture or a detailed description will do.
[b]Personality:[/b] This is especially important in this type of RPG, so provide whatever details you feel are necessary.
[b]History:[/b] This isn't as important as Personality, but it will help with character development. It can be as short as a few sentences long, but remember that you're a member of Pokemon Virtual, and that you do not have any Pokemon yet.
[b]Starter:[/b] Pick your starting Pokemon according to the guidelines above.
[b]Other:[/b] Anything else you think people should know about your character. You just can't have any special powers or anything--except understading what Pokemon say is pretty common with any Pokemon RPG trainer.

[b][u]Made-Up Pokemon Form:[/b][/u] (Optional)

[b]Name:[/b] For structural purposes, this must be between 3 and 10 letters long.
[b]Element:[/b] Fire, Water, Ice, etc. No more than 2 elements please.
[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture or detailed description will do.
[b]Attacks:[/b] List a few attacks it can learn. Just make sure that in the RPG, you don't have it learn any really powerful moves later on. You can also make up up to two attacks, as long as they're not all-powerful and you say what they do.
[b]Ability:[/b] Only list one. You can make one up so long as it doesn't make the Pokemon near invincible.
[b]Other:[/b] Anything else about the Pokemon: its strengths and weaknesses, special abilities it has, evolution, etc.

**As for my role in this RPG, I'll play both Professor Willow and a trainer in the group. However, the two don't know each other nearly as closely as Gary and Professor Oak do--in other words, she doesn't show favouritism.

[b][u]Approved Made-Up Pokemon:[/b][/u]
None so far

[b][u]Approved Members:[/b][/u]
None other than myself

**My Signups:
[color=blue][u]Name:[/u] Vi Willow (a.k.a. Professor Willow)
[u]Age:[/u] 26
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance:[/u] Professor Willow is 5'8" tall. She has light almond-coloured skin, dark brown eyes that almost look purple, and black hair tied in a loose ponytail that falls down to her hips--though in front it is shorter and falls near her face. For the most part, all one would see her wearing is a white trenchcoat (with a hint of a black shirt underneath), black boots, and a white hat. She also wears glasses.
[u]Personality:[/u] Willow is quite passionate about her work. She likes adventure and new opportunities, and she especially likes "treasure hunts", especially for Pokemon to capture. Overall she's pretty diligent in the work she does and likes, and if she procrastinates on things, it's a sure sign that she sees them as pointless or uninteresting. She's also eager to learn about new things--if there's something in her way she needs to know about, she studies the matter till she pretty much knows it. But as a side effect of this, she tends to be pedantic and often corrects people who have the facts wrong (though not too harshly). Meanness is something she tries not to use, and one couldn't possibly call her greedy. Rather, she's dedicated to helping people out, and she often does things for people without asking for much of a reward. The only condition is that she has to enjoy whatever she does for that person.
[u]History:[/u] Vi (Willow) was born in Lavender Town, and she had two sisters--one older, one younger. The older one was Sabrina's mother, and the younger one was a cheery, outgoing girl named Mai. The mother often referred to the three sisters as "the magical gradient" because the three had different levels of special powers. Well, for Sabrina's mother those were obvious--she had various psychic powers. Vi, on the other hand, had no such abilities at all. Mai was somewhere in the middle--she just had certain mental characteristics that weren't really "powers" but were out of the ordinary anyways.

Of all the family, Vi was the first to show a strong interest in Pokemon. Ever since she was around 8 years old, she was very interested in Pokemon, and as time went by she grew much more familiar with it, even though she never became a trainer. She occasionally attended Pokemon workshops but never became fully enrolled in any Pokemon academy--most things she just found out on her own. Her dream was to become a Pokemon researcher--perhaps even a professor.

Vi's goal came sooner than she thought. Over the course of several years, she journeyed across various continents to explore the many Pokemon that inhabited those lands. When she got more experienced in this field (and pretty quickly so), she started discovering Pokemon that hadn't even been discovered yet! Years later, she talked to Professors Oak, Ivy, Birch, and Elm about the new Pokemon she discovered, as well as many of her other studies. She also said that she wanted to be a Pokemon professor like them, but none of them really trusted her experience that much as they had no proof of it. But luckily, some factor in a job as a teacher in a Pokemon academy got Vi the title of Pokemon Professor. (These progresses would take too long to explain.) She wanted to follow the tree tradition of the other professors and thus gaver herself the name Willow. (Willow is not her real last name.)
[u]Starter:[/u] N/A--she's not in the group. She has several Pokemon back at her lab, which she usually takes care of for other trainers or gives to starting trainers.
[u]Other:[/u]Because Willow has very little lab space, she found another way to store Pokemon that will be revealed later...[/color]

**I'll decide on a trainer later, after I see some of your signups. Also then will I post one or two things about the region of Nazumi.

[size=1](I think one reason the last version of this thread died was because my character was too weird... I shall not pick her again this time--and besides, now she has a special ability that would disqualify her anyways.)[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name[/B]: Eri Nanasawa

[B]Age[/B]: 14

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Appearance[/B]: [IMG]http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u130/Kaitou_Angel/1148253292_ultsspunky.jpg[/IMG]
(minus the wings of course)

[B]Personality[/B]: Eri is a friendly, headstrong girl with an immense passion for Pokemon. She doesn?t hang out as much with other kids, but she is always happy just being around Pokemon all the time. Eri has a very innocent mind and is basically oblivious to anything bad happening in the world around her. She has a strong heart and a fighters spirit. She would do anything to protect a Pokemon.

[B]History[/B]: Eri was born in Lavender town - a place surrounded by rural area and safari ground. Her parents were both experienced Pokemon trainers who had retired to start a family long ago. Eri grew up surrounded by Pokemon. Her fondest childhood memories are of crawling onto the belly of her father?s Snorlax out in the garden and falling asleep under it?s massive arms as it hugged her gently. She learned all about Pokemon from her mother, who was an Indigo League champion.

Eri didn?t actually begin to train Pokemon until she was 12 years old. No matter how she tried, though, she couldn?t manage to catch one. The ones that were strong would always get away, and there weren?t enough weak Pokemon around for her to try and catch. Instead, she would battle against locals using her parents? Pokemon in training matches. Eri became a great battler this way, but she still was not a trainer.

One day, while browsing Pokemon Virtual, she found out that Professor Willow was looking for trainers to come join the league and become trainers together - and that she would be giving starter Pokemon to those who participated. Eri was the first to reply - her Pokemon journey was ready to begin. Eri was going to become a real Pokemon trainer!

[B]Starter[/B]: Munchlax[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Tahoma][B]Name:[/B] Junior Calypso
[B]Age:[/B] 9
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/7606/adorablechibinaruto5ld.jpg]Yes, he actually does pretend he's a ninja.[/url]

[B]Personality:[/B] Jr. is such a carefree, energetic, happy kid. He has so much energy that he seemingly bounces everywhere he goes, pretending he's a ninja running through a forest. He loves to climb trees as well.

He can also be a bit of a suck. If he doesn't get what he wants, he may not cry, but he'll put your name on his Assassination List. Of course, this involves surprising you from behind with an invisible sword at your throat.

Other than that he's just an average boy that loves Pokemon. He has an obsession with all fighting Pokemon, which is why he's [i]shocked[/i] when he gets Magnemite. The two will have to learn to get along before they can tackle any of the gyms.

[B]History:[/B] Not much history to be said here. He's still on Chapter 2 of his life. He's only just starting his adventures while for others, this voyage may be a grand finale to their Pokemon history.

[B]Starter:[/B] [url=http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/081.shtml]Magnemite[/url]

[B]Other:[/B] [list][*]Thinks girls are yucky. Except for ones that have similar interests as him, like playing Ninja.
[*]Magnemite is his first Pokemon.
[*]He has an older sister who lives with his Parents in Hoenn.[/list][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name: Brendan Stone

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: white hair (hahaha, yes, like the ruby and sapphire guy), average body, green eyes, black and red jacket with a white t-shirt, brown khacki shorts, and black and red sneakers.

Personality: Very shy.. because of his journey just starting out.. personality will start developing during the story.

History: Brendan's always loved Pokemon. Comes from a rich family. Sheltered, wouldn't know anything about Team Shockwave. His parents never approved of that. Grew up very sheltered. Ran away from his home in Mossdeep City, and made it all the way to Viridian, where his brother lives. Brother, Thomas, studies at Viridian Tech [[?? lol]], very decent trainer. Rich father could be later be discovered as a commander for Team Shockwave??

Starter: Mudkip -- Male[/COLOR][/B]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Name: Mizuki Tsujimoto @ Miki
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: [URL=http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k296/blingkaching4693/MizukiTsujimoto.jpg]Mizuki Tsujimoto[/URL]

Personality: A hyperactive tomboy who thinks twice before taking any unnecessary risks. She is very open-minded and will express her feelings very openly. Being friendly and truthful is her nature. When someone of something ticks her off, it?ll take quite a long time for this red-head to regain her cool.

Although she fails desperately in any feminine tasks such as cooking, she is a very skilled mechanic.

History: Her parents died when she was just five due to a fire in their former home. Both her brother and she were able to escape the scorching house just barely. Because of her young age, it was really hard for her to accept the truth about her parents being dead.

Mizuki is currently living with her elder brother; Tohru Tsujimoto who is a successful mechanic, in a small house at Fuschia City. She was obsessed with Pokemon at the age of eleven; that is when her brother showed her his first Pokemon which was a Hitmontop.

From her observations, her brother and his Hitmontop always helped each other in everything they do, including fixing land rovers and training. It is then she decided that she wanted a Pokemon which she will love with all her heart.

When she was fifteen, her brother told her about a new forum that was really popular; the Pokemon Virtual. He explained to her that the forum contains many useful information about Pokemon. Curious, she went browsing the site and saw a thread about becoming a pokemon trainer. With an excited feeling in her, she posted and was very eager to become a pokemon trainer just like her elder brother.

Starter: Growlithe[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Ethan Hurley
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]gender:[/B] male
[B]Appearence:[/B] [IMG]http://www.pojo.com/yu-gi-oh/PriceGuide/Joey-Wheeler.jpg[/IMG]
(Instead of a yu-gi-oh card he has a pokeball.)

[B]Personality:[/B] Ethan hads a high sense of justice. He treats his pokemon with love andd care. If they don't want to fight he respects that wish. but that never happens with his pokemon. He won't give up until his dreams are fufilled.

[B]History:[/B]Ethan lived in Pallet town. He mvoed to Carulean when he was 3. Both his parents were too bsuy to see each other. His mother worked in the Indigo Platue, so she worked more than 6 hours a day. And his father ran a gym almost 24/7. Thier relationship started to seperate.

Ethan's family spli when he was 5. He started getting into pokemon when he visited his father's gym. His father's favorite pokemon was Cyndaquil. This made Ethan form a love for fire type pokemon. And his dream is to catch the legendry Moltres.

Whilst a member on Pokemon Virtual, he met professor Willow. the professor helped him become a pokemon traner.

Ethan's friends want him to fufill that dream, so they bought him equipment for his journey. pokeballs, great balls, and ultra balls. hs father gave him a master ball that he had when he was a kid. Ethan has seen Moltres in books and on TV shows. Said pokemon fascinates him to no end.

Now he travels with his pokemon, Chimchar. Chimchar has trained hard with hiim, and they are ready for their journey.


([i]OoC: i've been in an RPG along side you Nefertimon, so it would be a great experience.[/i])[/COLOR]
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[size=1]I hope I'm not too late!

[b]Name:[/b] Aja (ay-sha) Lumni
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] Stands about four eleven, kinda lanky with short, shaggy blonde hair with hot pink streaks. Her eyes are a bright blue, and has a perpetual smile on her face. Short pink skirt, black tanktop with a pink short jacket (one of those that is buttoned at the collarbone and only comes to right below her chest), as well as black ankle boots and knee-high pink socks.

[b]Personality:[/b] Aja is very positive and compassionate. She has a love for Pokemon that goes as deeply as her love for her family. When her mother started a Pokemon clinic in Pallet, Aja was the first to volunteer. Aja is a tad niave, and has absolutely no temper. She is very lovable, but a brilliant person.

[b]History:[/b] Aja was born in Goldenrod, and grew up around the big city. She and her mother moved to Pallet when she was 9, and that is where they have lived.

Aja is a mechanic freak. She?s been on Virtual almost as long as it?s been around. She can fix almost anything. She?s never had a Pokemon but has helped people she knows take care of theirs. Her love of Pokemon came from her mother, Mimi, who got her first Pokemon as her 16th birthday present. It was a Teddiursa. Aja is looking forward to getting her first Pokemon as her 16th birthday has just rolled around, and is following tradition in her family.

[b]Starter:[/b] [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/it/9/9e/309_Electrike.png]Electrike[/url][/size]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Ryan Spades
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]Appearance: [/B]
[B][URL=http://lowanjo.blog.jeuxvideo.com/images/mn/1148664945.jpg]Ryan[/URL] [/B]

Ryan Spades is not what you call a 'happy' trainer. his life has been on the downhill ever since he broke up with his long-time girlfriend not too long ago. The event seemed to turn his personality inside out as he became depressed and have hard time bottling his emotions.

Not being able to control his rage and sorrow effects him greatly as smarter oppontents captailize on his blind rage. He has even a harder time putting trust in anyone he meets and decides he must work alone to win his battles. His parents thought it would be best to explore the world and get his mind off of the girl who broke his heart.

Ryan Spades life was always a simple and balanced life. He listened and followed his parent's guidlines and rarely did he get in trouble. When Ryan turned 12, he met a girl named Ceclia. Ryan then got into a relationship with her and seemed life could never get worse.

three years of peace came to an aburpt stop however as Ryan caught Ceclia cheating on him on his 15 birthday. The next day, she came up to him and broke up with him. The pain of the heart-break somehow tore him in half as his life turned upside down. He lost his friends and never truely continued to listen to his parents when they gave him an order.

[B]Starter: [URL=http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/147.shtml]Dratini[/URL] [/B]

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  • 2 weeks later...
Ay ay ay, seven signups? When I did this RPG on another site, it was perfect because two out of the six signups were rejected because of n00bs that didn't follow the rules. But now seven non-n00bs signed up for this RPG.

[b][u]2007DigitalBoy:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/color][/b]
[i]Eri Nanasawa w/ Munchlax[/i]
Hooray for Munchlax! (Still trying to catch one in Diamond.)

[b][u]White:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/color][/b]
[i]Junior Calypso w/ Magnemite[/i]
Ha ha, interesting character. Bring on the ninjas!

[b][u]BeatlesFan53:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/color][/b]
[i]Brendan Stone w/ Mudkip[/i]
At first I thought about rejecting you because of an incredibly short Personality, but since you said you'd reveal more of it in the RPG, I suppose I'll have to take your word for it. (And besides, I hate rejecting people...) Often times people post more things about their character as an RPG progresses. And besides, the idea about having a father in Team Shockwave is interesting...

[b][u]Sakazaki:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/b][/color]
[i]Mizuki Tsujimoto w/ Growlithe[/i]
A mechanic eh? So is one of the gym leaders in Nazumi. But Miki won't know that until later. ~_^

[b][u]Premonition:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/b][/color]
[i]Ethan Hurley w/ Chimchar[/i]
Ha ha, imagine Joey Wheeler in Pokemon world. However, one little correction: Ethan couldn't have been training hard with his Chimchar because he doesn't even have Chimchar yet. Surely eliminating that last dinky little paragraph of your History can't hurt you... And I suppose you really like Chimchar, especially if you don't have to pick one of the mainstream starter Pokemon as a starter.

[b][u]Squiggles:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/b][/color]
[i]Aja Lumni w/ Electrike[/i]
I don't think your character being fairly similar to Sakazaki's character is a valid reason for me not to accept you. Nobody's [i]exactly[/i] the same, after all.

[b][u]Lionheart:[/u] [color=blue]Accepted[/b][/color]
[i]Ryan Spades w/ Charmander[/i]
You have a very interesting character there. Breaking up really is hard to do... and when it happens, it's no fun...

[b][size=3]SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED.[/size][/b]
[size=1](With the exception of a certain someone who PM'd me for a special position. You know who you are.)[/size]

However, there is something I need to discuss with you seven in the Underground thread before I can start this RPG--or even post my character's signup. I know I can discuss the problem in this thread, but as there will be stuff to cover about Nazumi anyways... See you in the Underground, and thanks for signing up!

**Oh, and if you want to change your character or starter, you still may as the RPG hasn't started yet.

My signups:

[color=royalblue][u]Name:[/u] Orbie Yukimori
[u]Age:[/u] 12
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance:[/u] Orbie is about 4'7" tall. She has hair that is fairly short and light blue in colour--a nice compliment to the milky peach colour of her skin. And her deep blue eyes go pretty well with the few little freckles on her nose. As for what she wears... One thing is a shirt that is white and has a light blue outline of a Piplup on the front, and sleeves that go down to her elbows and have light blue stripes. Below that she wears a short aqua skirt with a little bow on the front, and some jeans underneath that. She also wears little blue boots that have a few stars on the sides. She keeps all her belongings in a backpack that matches her skirt in colour and has a Piplup design on it--except this one is in full colour.
[u]Personality:[/u] It can be pretty hard to tell Orbie is twelve years old rather than fourteen--this is based on both her appearance and her overall personality. She tends to be rather polite with people--even criminals--but she blushes when the person she's talking to seems odd or funny to her. Aside from that, she can also be a careful person--she doesn't like to take risks or do dangerous things. She can tolerate a little bit of competition, but not to where it gets fierce. Now, as for her attitude toward Pokemon... Orbie does like Pokemon, of all sizes and types (well, except maybe Muk), and Piplup is her tentative favourite Pokemon. But she does look down a little on ice Pokemon, as that's her older sister's favourite type of Pokemon and she doesn't like her older sister that much. But anyways, since Orbie gets bored very easily, getting a Pokemon for herself might cure that... not to mention being in a group with other trainers.
[u]History:[/u] Orbie's family lives in Jubilife City (Sinnoh). Her parents weren't that involved with Pokemon, but they did have jobs in the technological field. Also Orbie had an older sister named Crystal. Anyways, often times while Crystal went over to places like the library and the Pokemon Centre to learn a little bit about Pokemon, Orbie went with her mum to the TV station, looking at what was new in TV and all the pretty pictures of Pokemon that were dressed up by their trainers. She also remembered getting a Piplup mask from a man there--this she would sometimes wear on her head while acting like a Piplup where she went. Orbie really got to like Piplup a lot, and even got to meet one up close while visiting Professor Rowan's lab one day.

Times change when one gets older... and the Yukimori sisters were no exception. True, their parents still lived in Jubilife City... but soon enough Crystal went off on her own Pokemon Journey. What was rather peculiar was that Crystal received a Pokemon in a package from someone called Professor Willow, who lived in a faraway continent called Nazumi. The Pokemon itself was one most of Sinnoh had never heard about: this ice crystal Pokemon named Snowbite. Anyways, in the few months prior to Crystal's journey, both she and Orbie spent a lot of time on Pokemon Virtual--though they often argued over who got to use the computer at certain times. Crystal ended up getting more time on there because "she was older". But the good thing was that Orbie could go on Pokemon Virtual anytime after Crystal left. And it's a good thing that happened, for a couple of years later, Orbie read this notice on Pokemon Virtual that told of a group Pokemon journey in Nazumi, whose members would all receive a Pokemon from Professor Willow. Ooh... did that mean they would all be getting more unheard-of Pokemon from him/her/whatever? Orbie travelled to Nazumi in anticipation of that very question...
[u]Starter:[/u] Patacata
[u]Other:[/u] Orbie doesn't know too much about Pokemon at all--all she knows is that Pokemon can use attacks and can be captured by Pokeballs.

[u]Element:[/u] Normal
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/patacata.gif]click here[/url]
[u]Attacks:[/u] starts with Scratch/Sharpen; later learns Copycat, Fake Tears, Swift, Assist, Pounce (a 2-turn physical Dark attack)
[u]Ability:[/u] Bad Luck--reduces the foe's critical hit rate
[u]Other:[/u] Patacata evolves to Felinx at level 20.

[u]Element:[/u] Normal/Dark
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/felinx.gif]click here[/url]
[u]Attacks:[/u] learns Bite upon evolution; later learns Curse, Pounce (a 2-turn physical Dark attack), Slash, Thief, Shadow Claw, Moonbeam (a Dark-type version of Solarbeam)
[u]Ability:[/u] Bad Luck--reduces the foe's critical hit rate
[u]Other:[/u] In this RPG I'll make it so that Curse has a slightly different non-Ghost effect, and another special effect for Dark-type Pokemon. (Non-Ghost effect: Sacrifice 1/2 HP to maximize Special Attack. Dark effect: Like Toxic except it goes away when the victim switches out.)[/color]

~ ~ ~

[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Tiffany Elderwood
[u]Age:[/u] 19
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance[/u]: Tiffany is of a pretty average height and a pretty average weight--if around 5'3" and 110 pounds is just around normal. Her curly black hair may sometimes make her skin look white, though it obvoiusly has a light peach tint to it. That hair falls down about to her shoulders, though it is a little shorter in front and a little longer in the back. Her eyes are a deep brown in colour and are surrounded by eyelashes that always look like they have a little bit of mascara on them...

Surely, a man might be interested in Tiffany's rather slim figure--that is, if she ever showed it. Tiffany's favourite outfit consists of a long skirt which is a deep blue at the top and fades into black on the bottom, where it ends in a rim of black lace; a black blouse that is made out of a velvet-ish material and has large sleeves that look a little bit like wings when Tiffany holds her arms out, and which has a purple ribbon tied around it just above the waist; a pair of black boots whose heels are only a half inch high, and a purse that is in the shape of a Honchkrow, her favourite Pokemon.
[u]Personality:[/u] Tiffany is pretty much a people person. ...But that's not always a good thing. It is true that she can be exciting person and likes to talk to people about various random topics, and even has a pretty good sense of humour in that. But other than that, she could easily be seen as the mischievous little lady in black, and could easily not be seen as a nice person. She doesn't exactly hurt people physically or directly--but rather hints at a person's flaws or casually makes a negative remark. She is also one to taunt or threaten people, and her version of a grudge is just giving whoever bothers her more attention (to the point where she becomes annoying). But she does try to keep her "evil acts" to a minimum, as she did know about karma. Besides, she always feels ready to accept any depression or other ill fate that would await her should she sin in any way.

As far as Pokemon go... Tiffany's favourite Pokemon types are Dark and Ghost, and the occasional Poison. She does like Pokemon battles, but she knows how carried away she might get in a competition and thus prefers not to compete. This is especially the case since she gets embarrassed very easily. But, she remains true to herself and open to new possibilities. She is also aware very much of the presence of the supernatural and knew quite a bit about the subject thanks to Emillie.
[u]History:[/u] Tiffany was born into a rather large family which lived in the bustling world of Jubilife City in Sinnoh. She had two parents, three brothers, and three sisters, and she was the second-oldest out of all her siblings. (First was her older brother Ty, but that's a different story.) Most of the family consisted of rather social and outgoing people--Tiffany chose that as a stereotype for them because she didn't really know her family members all too well. In fact, the only person she did know fairly well was some old woman named Emillie who offered to look after her for days at a time. And she may have even liked her--Emillie was the adventurous sort of person, and even had a Haunter that she kept with her on her travels. There were several times when Emillie would take Tiffany out to see the world, whether it was to explore the caves within Mt. Coronet, look for Pokemon in the Eterna Forest, admire all the flowers in Floaroma Town... all the while telling little Tiffany various things about Pokemon and life in general.

Unfortunately, such childhood memories were such Tiffany seldom looked at as she grew older. This she especially refused to do after Emillie died and she stayed back at home all the time. She didn't care at all for her siblings, so she spent the majority of her time in her room, reading one of the books she inherited from Emillie. These were books on lots of different topics--some were about Pokemon, some were novels, some were collections of short and funny stories, and some were about various philosophical and spiritual topics, such as the origin of the world and paranormal matters and whether the chicken or the egg came first. (That last one was five hundred pages long! ...But that's beside the point... -.-)

But in Tifany's teenage years, she had quite a bit of fun tormenting her little sister in the night, often times by cutting up her toys or whispering strange words in her ear while she slept. Occasionally she did this same thing with her other siblings as well, though for some reason she steered clear of Ty. Maybe it was because Ty wasn't worth tormenting, or was just too boring, or was older than her... But the best part was that her siblings often blamed the problems they suffered on each other rather than Tiffany. Sometimes being in a big family helps...

But sometimes it doesn't. For one day, when Tiffany was about eighteen years old, her parents gave all her siblings a Pokemon. Ah yes, Pichu, Starly, Bidoof, Piplup, Chingling, Shinx... But, Tiffany got no Pokemon. She had secretly wanted a Murkrow, as that was the pre-evolved form of her favourite Pokemon at the time, but she didn't even get any other kind of Pokemon, whereas her siblings all got exactly the Pokemon they wanted. When Tiffany asked why she didn't get a Pokemon as well, she got a reply of "Oh, sorry, were you here? Do I know you?" from her parents.

Tiffany often read and spent a lot of time on the computer in her time alone. She especially liked to join online forums, since there she could talk to people she didn't hate. And she was really happy in those times, times when she could look into her own interests. For example, she had quite an affinity for the supernatural, as well as Pokemon. Her favourite Pokemon was Honchkrow. She really liked Dark-type Pokemon especially, as it went for her affinity for the darker side of many supernatural matters. What was more, she also learned about a journey through a newly discovered region called Nazumi on this website called Pokemon Virtual. Oh, how exciting! She would be getting a Pokemon at last! After all, her parents wouldn't let her have a Pokemon because "they didn't trust her". But, there was still one more thing to do about that restrictive family...

Okay, so now Tiffany had parents that didn't know she was around, siblings that didn't care too much for her, and no Emillie. Her only choice left was to escape--to run away, in a way. That is precisely what she did, wishing the worst of luck for her younger siblings (again, she didn't bother mentioning Ty), and even placing plastic bags over their heads and such. The usual mischief...

Tiffany ran all the way to Floaroma Town, where she boarded a blimp headed straight for Nazumi. It would be only a day or so later that she does get a Pokemon--only it would not be a Murkrow.
[u]Starter:[/u] Misdreavus
[u]Other:[/u] Not much else...[/color]
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