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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]Seeking quick and talented posters with the ability to find the spell check button to join into a fast paced and hopefully quality RPG that involves myself, The Boss, and no one else at this point. Following the lines of an ancient East Asian epic tale of high drama, adventure and romance filled with blood, booze, war, true love, senseless violence, and the supernatural. What's not to love?

In the 100th year of the second era, the world of Shijie is caught in the stalemate of an eternal war. Four great kingdoms of the great continent have been combating one another for supremacy, and no end is in sight. To the East, Tsuchi and their mighty samurai clans. In the West, Enshian with it?s many warlords and their mighty generals. Northward, the kingdom of Silla, homeland of the elite Hwarang warriors-officers. To the south, the massive desert-land of Matsya holds mighty forces and the power of the beasts that inhabit their land.

These four great kingdoms, each with their own heroes and champions, are currently locked in deep blood feuds with one another, and have been for many life times. Each with their own motivations, they all believe that they are backed by their own patron deity to achieve victory and gain glorious renown. Each land has it?s own distinct culture, language, and religious base. As well, each land thinks all others to be completely alien. Few understand the many languages universally, and diplomacy is rare, if not absent completely.

Due to lack of diplomatic capability or capacity, the universal language of Shijie has become warfare and bloodshed. The clash of swords has replaced words, the four nations battle one another endlessly using everything from common foot soldiers to magically-endowed spell warriors. Calling upon other-worldly forces to aid themselves in battle, each skirmish sees thousands of deaths. An unfathomable number of souls have been lost on the frontlines and oceans of blood have been spilt in the name of dominance. Despite this, the battles have become common things in the world, news of death being a daily fact; no one is fazed by the magnitude of loss.

Each society has progressed in other fields other than warfare, each having a great population and large amounts of their own land, war is often far away from many citizens, the battles happening mostly on the borders of the nations. Life carries on while blood flows like rivers. The heroes of the era being the mighty warriors and officers who bring victory to the capitals, they have achieved a celebrity status amongst the people, and allow for unconsidered support towards the battle efforts. The dream of every child is to somehow become a great ?hero? for their nation. It has become glorified, and each land helps in the glorification. Heroes are celebrated, cowards are the flotsam of society and a death serving the nation is the greatest honor any one could even dream of.

And so the war rages on, as these great fighters make their marks in history and in legend.

You'll play someone searching for answers to the war, fighting in the war, or profiting off the war. Be you Nobleman, Warrior, General, or Commoner, there is room for all. Throughout the story, there will be massive wars, with heavy casualties, and mingled with this will be politics, intrigue, scandal, and danger. More about the plot, which does exist I swear, will be revealed in time. The Boss has plenty to add, when he posts of course. Your character should be original, and if someone posts before you, check to make sure yours isn't a total copy of another's. Your Legend should be a brief introduction that lets us know if you totally suck or are worth our time as well as serve to round out your character's personality and abilities. The others should be obvious, but no 16 year old wonders. Those are just annoying. Please note that signups will begin in an OFFICIAL capacity once The Boss posts.[/i]


[b]Name:[/b] Shai Guan

[b]Nickname:[/b] "Flying Leaf"

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Country of Origin/Residence:[/b] Enshian, the West Kingdom

[b]Profession:[/b] Court dancer, noblewoman

[b]Appearance[/b]: see attachment.

[b]Weapons/Style:[/b] Sleeves/Summoning

[b]The Legend of Shai Guan:[/b]

[i]It begins with the dance, the swinging sleeves, the bright eyes peering out from under pale silk. You see the silk flowers nestled in shinning black hair, and the brocade collar that sets off her pale neck and slender figure. She flickers from point to point on the stage, surrounded by her peers, but still standing out when you casually glance across the stage. The Flying Leaf is aptly named, for she moves like a fluttering wisp of fabric that drifts across your courtyard. She'll turn to see you, and stare you directly into the eyes.

She's from the Middle Kingdom, and she can break your soul in two. With her magic, she can spear you to the wall. But while she dances in the Emperor's court, and dances delicately like an unfolding blossom, she's beauty and style and grace and delicate charm. Later you'll find her kneeling in her pavilion, with her sleeves trailing down like rivers across her knees and bamboo mats. And if you speak to her softly and sweetly, she'll do more than just gaze into your eyes with her own. The noble court gossips endlessly about her origins. They swear she's from the union of the Phoenix Princess and the Great Immortal White Tiger God that guards Enshian. Of course they also say that she's an elemental faerie that can bind your soul with a flick of her hands. Either way, it's true that she's not fully human, and it's even more true that she's irresistible. They tell stories about her charm and grace, but also about her heart. I can tell you one now if you like.

Once, after Shai had finished her dancing, she returned to her quarters and rested quietly, surrounded by the scents of wisteria blooming down the trellises. A young man, well dressed and handsome strode across the courtyard towards her silk screens, hoping for an audience. When he approached, he did not kneel, and he did not observe the proper rites of conduct. She steeled herself before he was within ten meters of her, and if he had possessed an ounce of sense, he would've left her presence and never returned. However, he raised one hand in greeting and spoke to her boldly.[/i]

"Lady Shai Guan, I ask that I may speak to you."

"You move too quickly, too boldly, for me to even think of it."

[i]But he persisted. And she grew very angry very quickly with every brash word he spoke to her. In a justified rage, she slammed two white palms down on the soft wood of her room, and the curtains around her whisked out of the way to let the man stare directly into her eyes. Long black hair flew out behind her like dark wings. Her voice rose in anger and her cool words whipped around his throat like a noose, causing him to struggle and cry out.[/i]

"How dare you take the liberties to speak to me. To look me in the eye. To even think yourself equal to me in any way possible."

[i]Her silken sleeves rose up in a swift flurry and choked him, buoyed by her words, and her magic alike, he began to suffocate under her grasp. Calling on the sounds of her voice as magic to fuel her attack, the Flying Leaf began the slow kill. Then, just as if someone had blown out a candle flame, she released him at once, and turned, swishing back behind her curtains, leaving him alone and gasping for breath in the middle of the royal gardens. The last he saw of her, through fuzzy vision was long hair trailing down to her ankles, and a swish of her hem, which fluttered in its own private breeze. He never returned to see her dance, and was never heard from again.[/i][/font][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Teal][b]Name:[/b] Kabu Okakitu

[b]Nickname:[/b] "Shadow of Qwon"

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Country of Origin/Residence:[/b] South, The massive desert-land of Matsya

[b]Profession:[/b] Assassin/Commoner

[b]Weapons/Style:[/b] Kunai/Fists/Shadow Fox Style

[b]Legacy of Qwon:[/b] [i]The cool spring breezes whistles through the air as a feather would flutter in the wind. A small black shadow slices through the air and black cloth flutters behind the shadow as he rapidly moves across the rooftops towards a nearby Noble's house. Stopping at the last house in the row the figure looks up and his hand grabs a rope wraped around like his belt with a dull metal hook attached to it. Slowly he swings it in a long arc as he aims for a tiny gap in the wall. Willing the hook to land in the crack he tosses his hook at it. Holding his breathe as he pulls firmly on the rope and tests it's tension to see if it will support him. After quickly muttering a prayer to his ancestors for good luck and blessing he climbs the rope quickly and lowers himself onto the wall with little more then a light muffled grunt.[/i]

[i]Looking around he notices a few guards at the gate and two more on the wall. Moving like a fox he coils his rope and hook and leaps from the wall to the nearby guard shack landing lightly on his feet. Looking around to make sure he ain't noticed he sticks to the shadows as he makes his way toward the noble's house . Looking up at the Noble's house he is in slightly in awe over the way the house is laid out the "Lords" bedroom is bridging over the two wings of the house.[/i]

[i]Pulling out his Kunai he twirls it in his hand and looks at the scratches it has along it's bladed surface. pulling his arm back he stabs the wall with a quiet "clink" in the morter of the building and pulls himself up his muscles flex with the weight of his body being held up by one arm and he stabs the wall again. Slowly he pulls himself up the wall over the next few minutes. As he pulls himself up over the windows ledge and pulls out a small vial of dehibiliting poison and sneaks his way over to the bed slowly he pours a little into the Noble's mouth. As the noble stirs he swiftly leaps out the window grabs his grappling hook and tosses it onto the roof and pulls hard as it sticks he swings up and lands hard on the roof. The guards awaken from the noise and the whole house rises in panic. Under his feet he can hear the Noble choking on the poison in his system. Running down the rooftop he
flings himself off the roof and over the back wall into a nearby river and lands with a splash.[/i]

[i]The next day the town is a buzz with noise of the noble's ravings and a price is set on the head of the assassin. But by that time however the assassin is no where to be found.[/i][/color]
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[color=darkred][size=1] [b]Name:[/b] Pra Chau Sua

[b]Title/Nickname:[/b] The Tiger God King

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] Islands off the coast, north of the western kingdom.

[b]Current Residence:[/b] Kingdom of Enshian

[b]Profession:[/b] Mercenary/Lone Warrior

[b]Weapons/Style:[/b] Chau?s physical prowess on the battle field is unmatched by any mortal man. His natural strength and speed are his only used weapons, and he is often seen as an unmatchable force by any opponent. A master of his land?s native martial art, Muay Boran, his arms and legs are to be considered as powerful weapons on level with sword or spear. His physical skills in battle are of the supernatural, inheriting his powerful body from an otherworldly source. His power is the physical manifestation of his will, pride, and rage. Truely otherwordly, few men survive an encounter with him in battle.

[b]The Legend of Pra Chau Sua:[/b]

Pra Chau Sua, better known as the Tiger God King, comes from a mysterious past. From the northern islands of the West Kingdom, it is said he is the son of the indigenous Tsunami God. He came to the mainland a little over a year before the present. Within his short stay, he was quickly identified as Enshian?s prime warrior, but coming at a large price. Few dare deny him what he asks for, in fear that he will turncoat and take the bill of another country. His battlefield exploits are legendary, already warenting horror stories amongst the men of other countries, and Enshian values his contributions to their force greatly.

A vision of fury and pride, Chau?s physical appearance would be indistinguishable from afar with the average man, it is said that his vicious aura can be felt the moment he sets foot on the battlefield. Handsome and physically fit, he prefers to walk into battle unarmored, revealing his near perfect body and many battle scars. The few survivors of his battles report a demon-like glow expulsing off his body, which grew steadily as he degenerated further and further into a mad berserker. He is said to be as blood thirsty as a rabid tiger in battle, which is why he is called The Tiger God King.

In his first battle, the following was reported by a field scholar:

??. From the hillside, I witnessed the brutal blood shed as the lands of Silla and Enshian stalemated for hours on end. In the distance, I could see the back of the Enshian ranks begin to split as a lone figure emerged. They made a pathway for him to the front lines, and I could feel a sick feeling rise in my stomach as he steadily made his way up. The man looked little more than a peasant, despite his obvious physical stature. Bearing no shield or sword, I would have thought it simply a mad man had his aura not be so terrifying.

He?d finally made it to the front lines, and before I could shut my eyes in a blink, an inhuman roar erupted from his person as he launched his body into the ocean of bodies and blades without regard. I watched in awe as men flew taut and lifeless left and right, falling at the bare hands of this demon warrior. He growled and snarled without an ounce of humanity in him, throwing his legs and fists into the bodies of men, crushing them on contact. I could not believe my eyes as his remarkably broke metal armor with flesh and bone, his kicks seeming to break men?s spines with their disgusting force.

? at the battles end, a mountain of broken bodies lay at the feet of this unnamed warrior? a true demon he is, I fear a dark day has befallen our kingdom??
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[COLOR=Sienna][B]Name:[/B] Hathi Jainar Parasuramana

[B]Title:[/B] The 15th Peacock Maharaja of Ramana

[B]Age:[/B] 24 years

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Country of Origin:[/B] Matsya, the South Kingdom

[B]Profession:[/B] prince and ruler of the province of Ramana

[B]Weapon:[/B] Hathi carries a pair of large, decorative axes with a scimitar-like curving blade that he has named [I]Atman[/I] and [I]Brahman[/I]. A story goes in his lineage that the souls of two of his ancestors, twin brothers who fought against each other in a bitter civil war, are sealed within the two axes.

[B]Powers:[/B] Hathi has multiple [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar]avatars[/url] that he can change into. They range from the many-armed warrior [I]Hathi Kalima[/I] to the elephant-headed [I]Hathi Ganeshgangi[/I]. Although he is lithe and frail in his human form, in these avatars his powers exceed mortal boundaries.

[B]~The Legend of the Peacock Maharaja~[/B]

Hathi Jainar Parasuramana sat on top of a war elephant on a high dune and observed the battlefield opening in front of him. The forces of Enshian were struggling against his nomadic warriors. The white sand was dyed red with fresh blood, and the corpses were covered by clouds of dust. Dying men screamed, camels howled, horses neighed and elephants trumpeted with their serpent-like trunks - it was the cacophony of warfare.

[I]How foolish of them, to attack in the desert[/I], Hathi thought. He gazed upwards. [I]Sun has almost reached the peak of the sky. The western snakes won't last long under the scorching eye of the Mighty Matsya, the Celestial Goldfish.[/I]

King Samitr and the Council of Maharajas would be pleased of the victory of the young prince. His lineage had always been looked down upon, ever since the tragedy that the twin brothers brought upon the kingdom three hundred years ago.

He then looked down to the pair of golden axes he carried in his sash. The other, [i]Atman[/i], was decorated with fiery rubies, while [i]Brahman[/i] glittered calm blue with sapphires. They both stood out from his emerald green attire.

[I]These two -[/I], he thought with fondness. [I]They have guided me through countless battles, kept me safe and on the true path. I have little doubt in my mind that the spirits of the twin brothers dwell inside these weapons of might, having finally made peace with each other.[/I]

Now if only he would be able to extend that peace into his beloved country as well...

The sound of trumpets blared from behind him, indicating the arrival of a visitor, and he turned his head to see who was coming. A lone messenger, carrying the regal flag.

"Honorable maharaja, an urgent message from King Samitr! He has summoned the Council to a meeting tomorrow. You are, of course, expected to be present there as well", the messenger shouted. Hathi nodded.

As much as he hated to leave his men to the battlefield, it was obvious that this battle was already won. He gave quick orders to his generals, and then stood up on the back of his elephant.

Spreading his arms, he called forth his avian avatar, [I]Hathi Garudash[/I]. Immediately his skin sprouted feathers and a pair of colorful wings protruded from his back, tearing through his clothes. In the next moment he was soaring the cloudless sky, heading towards the capital city.[/CENTER][/COLOR]
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Name: Ichiro Satsuma

Title: Sleeping Crane

Age: 55

Gender: Male

Country of Origin: Kingdom of Enshian

Country of Residence: Kingdom of Tsuchi

Profession: Clairvoyant/Military Advisor/Engineer

Weapons/Style: Since his youth, Ichiro has avoided close physical combat whenever possible, preferring to hide from or trick opponents from afar and keep himself out of harm's way. However, when necessary, he is equipped with a walking cane secretly loaded with a blackpowder rocket, which he may employ either as a distraction or to bring a horrible end to whomever wishes him harm. Furthermore, should he be engaged in close combat, it is said that the gods allow him to see the future of the skirmish, and be aware of every move an opponent makes before the opponent even considers making them.

The Legend of Ichiro Satsuma:

Though night has fallen, and the moon remains hidden behind the ever-growing trees and pervasive clouds. Master Satsuma has asked that all the candles around his room be extinguished. Though I protested, saying that it would be dangerous for him to be in such a state. Master Satsuma insisted that he was extremely tired and that he should be allowed to sleep. He said that he would lose the favor of the gods if ever he slept while there remained light, as it would imply that he did not trust them to warn him of danger. Though I remained, and will remain forever worried for his safety, I decided to place my trust in the gods as well and demanded that the candles be extinguished, and that the guards remain vigilant to prevent intruders from entering. Master Satsuma's wish was granted.

That very same evening, by some horrific twist of fate, a loud noise issued from Master Satsuma's room. Guards left and right stampeded in the direction of the noise, awakening guests and people in the streets. I arrived first, expecting the worst, but to my amazement, I found Master Satsuma awake, standing before a kneeling, black-clad figure whom I later learned had sunk a knife into Master Satsuma's bed, only to find one of his machines waiting for him. It had closed about his wrist and held him there, and he was bleeding profusely from the machine's sharp edges. Master Satsuma held the tip of his cane at his would-be assailant's head, and spoke softly enough that only myself and the assassin could hear him.

"I would ask that you not struggle, as the gods have told me of the weapons at your wrists, ankles, and side, and I know that you are desperately considering attempting to use one of them on a vulnerable old man like me. However, I ask you to steady your hand and go quietly with these guards. I can only then assure you that your trial and execution will be quick and painless."

The killer's breath started to issue more and more heavily, and he, in desperation, reached for a weapon at his side, but Master Satsuma's cane was already there. A terrific bang and flash of white, and the assassin found himself bereft of his right hand and leg. A terrific scream, blood pouring from both open wounds, then silence.

A warrior from among the ranks of men, their leader, whom I had recognized before, emerged to face Master Satsuma.

"Ichiro Satsuma, are you unharmed?"

Master Satsuma turned, and I saw that his face was streaked with the invader's blood.

"I am unharmed, Lord Tatsuya. You may report to your superiors as such."

Tatsuya was somewhat rattled by Master Satsuma's assumption, but everyone in the room knew that reporting to his superiors was the lord's intention, Tatsuya bowed before Master Satsuma.

"I must remind you again, Ichiro Satsuma, that your health is integral to our battle strategy. Your machines and knowledge of the thoughts and motions of our enemies are what will win us this war. I need not remind you of what will happen should you fall before the war ends."

"The gods will see fit to take me at their pleasure, Lord Tatsuya, regardless of whether or not the war ends. Remember this, if you will, when you report to your superiors."

Tatsuya, shivering visibly, disappeared into the sea of bodies, who parted to let him pass. A glance from Master Satsuma later, and the remaining men vacated his room without another word, except for a few ho stayed behind to clean up the body of the assailant. I turned to do the same, but my instinct then told me to stay.

"I am too old to be stained with blood once more, Ukyo."

I turned, hiding the fact that I was somewhat pleased at the fact that he still knew that I was there.

"Master Satsuma, I understand that it is not your wish to continue fighting for our country, but our generals have insisted, you have no choice in the matter."

Master Satsuma chuckled, he turned to face me, wiping the blood from his face.

"What these generals fail to understand is that they have no choice in the matter either. The gods will decide who lives or dies in this war, and it is merely my duty to be aware of their decision. I will not ask why, or attempt to deny the gods their wish, for they gave me this power, the power to see the future, so that I might entrust myself to them. I will merely stand by their decision."

"Do you not think the gods gave you this power to help you win this war for us?"

Master Satsuma turned away from me, but as he did so I could see his face clouded with sadness.

"Your heart is still in this war, Ukyo. You must first entrust it to the gods before you have any hope of acquiring their gifts. What you must learn is that this world is greater than war, and that there exist people far greater than the warriors of our country. Once you open your mind to the power of the gods, you will be aware of this, and be able to acquire the gifts that the gods might give you."

I was prepared to trust Master Satsuma on this, though I wondered how Tatsuya would react to such talk. What Master Satsuma said was true, that I did hope to acquire a gift from the gods so that I might help win the war for our country, but perhaps there was some truth to what Master Satsuma said as well, especially since he came here in his youth from Enshian.

Perhaps there was more to this world than the war.

[i]From the journal of Ukyo Watanabe
Student to Ichiro Satsuma[/i]
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[font=times][color=darkorchid]I would like to remind people that have posted, and people that may post, that it's best if your names match up with your kingdom. If you pick a japanese sounding name, you'd best come from the kingdom that's based off of that country. Otherwise you'll look and sound like another anime fanboy that doesn't know how to read.[/font][/color]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Taejong Muyeol

[b]Nickname:[/b] ?True Marrow?

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Country of Origin/Residence:[/b] Silla, the North Kingdom

[b]Profession:[/b] Prince, 1st Commander of the Hwarang, 2nd General of Silla

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.hyung-taekim.org/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=333&fullsize=1][Click here][/url]

[b]Weapons/Style:[/b] Mounted troops armed with bows and arrows, long swords. Taejong heavily prefers surgical strikes and guerrilla tactics as opposed to formal combat, and will rarely, if ever, be caught in an extended engagement.

[b]The Legend of Shai Guan:[/b]

[i]An excerpt from a Sillan merchant's daily record[/i]

At long last, the Three Kingdoms have been reunited under the command of His Excellence, Prince Taejong! We, the people, have lived in a fractured and disjointed world up until this pivotal moment, a world where tomorrow was never certain, a world where there was only war and famine, a world of despair. We have endured great tyranny, endless bureaucracy and unjust authority. It was only one month ago I could not leave my home after the sun at set.

[i][paragraph omitted][/i]

These Three Kingdoms, these three brothers, have been alienated from one another for decades ? it is outside of my memory the last time we stood together as a nation. Our Prince Taejong, through great diplomatic exertions as well as magnificent force, has utterly dispatched the warlords our Three Kingdoms were rife with.

It has been said that Lord Taejong kidnapped the maidens of the two opposing kingdoms, and used them as leverage against them. But in order to foster diplomatic ties, he forced them to intermarry with the aristocracy of all Three Kingdoms. Through this, as well as dispatching those resistant to the unification, these Three Kingdoms, riddled with error and corruption, rise to great heights as the North Kingdom of Silla!

There are few stories of our young Prince?s exploits on the battlefield, but those that do come into the public eye are epic memoirs of gallantry and heroism. It is said that with only one hundred and fifty Hwarang warriors, Prince Taejong managed to slaughter one thousand men. It is certain the man has a mind for tactics, both on and off the battlefield; I would wager he is a very wise man, even in his youth.

Aside from these noble exploits, a unified Silla has made my life much easier. Bandits no longer travel roads. Markets open and close on time. Our currency has been standardized, and Taejong intends to begin taxing the population for public projects. He says he intends to build grand things such as art halls where live performances will be held, he intends to renovate our cities and publicly fund farmers in the countryside.

Surely this union of Three has wrought a Perfect One.[/size]
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[SIZE=2][B]Name[/B]: Zao Kirei (same as Engle, surname first)

[B]Nicknam[/B]e: "The Blue Wind"

[B]Age[/B]: 27

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Country of Origin[/B]: Tsuchi, The Eastern Kingdom

[B]Profession[/B]: Warrior/Bodyguard/ ex-blacksmith

[B]Appearance[/B]: see attachments. Black hair instead of Blue.

[B]Weapons/skills[/B]: Katana. In 1v1 battles he will usually take his time reading his opponents movements, before attacking. However in full out warfare he becomes something quite different, where he has to be aware of every combatant around him, and spending too much time against one opponent gives another a chance to attack from behind.

[B]The Legend of Zao Kirei[/B]:

Kirei stood facing his opponent. yet to draw his sword he observed his opponents stance, playing out the possible battle within his mind. This was the type of thing he'd trained himself for.

Remember back, Kirei thought of the 16 year old boy who had wanted to be more then just a common blacksmith. At night he took what his father had taught him and began tempering a katana. However, Kirei's father had never told him what dimensions should be used for forging a katana, so when the sword was finished it was about a foot longer then a regular katana. This was an advantage to him in one on one combat, but on a crowded battle field he would discover that it wouldn't be so great.

Upon leaving home just before his 17th birthday, he joined the Tsuchi army, knowing it to be the fastest way to escape the peasant life. He had endured the harsh military training, that soon became part of his everyday life. He was soon pushing himself harder and further, knowing the only way to reach nobility status was to excelt and become a part of the elite.

In combat he had been a nuisance with his long sword on a number of occasions, but as time passed and his skill improved he slowly became a great asset on the battlefield. At the age of 26 it looked like his goal may be attainable, yet he had still not progressed far enough. Two months before he had been recommended by his superiors for the Emperor's bodyguard and been accepted. This was still not enough, as he was yet to accomplish a feat grand enough to warrant nobility status.

Since joining the bodyguard these challenges had become a regular occurrence. Those who wished to become part of the small group bydefeating a member would often appear. And he being the newest recruit was often challenged. He slowly drew his katana from its sheath. The only thing he had ever crafted in his previous life.

He began to take his stance ready for the duel. It would have appeared to an outsider as if the slow movements were Kirei taunting his opponent, but they were all deliberately made by Kirei, part of his battle preparation. His opponent charged him, but the stroke was easily deflected. His opponent turn and made more strokes at Kirei, but these too were easily deflected. Kirei kept his cool, reading his opponents movements waiting for the right moment to strike.

There was always something mystical about Kirei's fights, something fluent about his preparation and movements. It was if he moved as gracefully as the wind.

The opening was there. Kirei changed his movement as quickly as a changing breeze, using the base of his katana to disarm his opponent before knocking him down with his body. When the opponent raised his head Kirei's sword was pointed at his throat.

"You have lost," Kirei stated re-sheathing his sword.

"If I have lost then why have you not killed him?" His opponent questioned.

"It is better to have lost and lived, so one may fight another day rather then lost and died, leaving all behind," Kirei answered as he walked towards the barracks.

((been a while since I've done a RPG))[/SIZE]
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[color=#40826D][size=1][b]Name.:[/b] Hwang Zhejiang. (Surname first, given second.)
[b]Nickname.:[/b] The Winter Leaf.
[b]Age:[/b] 29.
[b]Gender.:[/b] Male.
[b]Country of Origin:[/b] Kingdom of Tsuchi.
[b]Country of Residence:[/b] Silla.
[b]Profession:[/b] Swordsmith, Nobleman.
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/6769/greenishrj0.jpg] Please, see here.[/url]

[b]Weapons / Style.:[/b] Handcrafted blade used in the Zhejiang-Lei style. However, Zhejiang is also adept at using the otherworldly powers to sew deceit and illusion, or be used in more direct style. The deceitful use of his power he calls "Zaijian", and the more direct style, "Tsun-Leung". The style of Zhejiang-Lei style was named after Zhejiang himself, and is a mixture of quick draw-thrusts for quicker fights-and in the even of a drawn out battle, parrying and cleaving skills.

Zaijian is used to distort the senses of enemies, either attacking sight to make it appear as if there are multiple of an item or person, or the sense of smell to lure an unwitting opponent into a trap. A favored method of Zhejiang's is to tamper with the sense of feel, often making it feel as if scarab beetles were crawling upon the flesh of the enemy, and inside of their bodies. Quite a few enemies have entirely destroyed themselves from the pure agitation and fear, either casting themselves into rivers, into burning buildings, or in extreme cases, hacking, biting, or tearing their own flesh apart.

Tsun-Leung is used in a more traditional, elemental way. Air can be superheated and combust into a ball of controllable fire with in the blink of an eye, or slow dramatically and freeze into a spire of frozen water molecules just as quickly. Zhejiang often uses the otherworldly power of Tsun-Leung to stimulate plant growth and freeze the water molecules inside, creating weapons out of vines and branches that are equal to the sturdiest spears and finest arrows. Tsun-Leung is also incorporated into the Zhejiang-Lei style of swordplay, imbuing Zhejiang's blade with elemental power.

[b][i]The Legend of the Winter Leaf.[/i][/b]

A single crow sat upon the desiccated corpse of a soldier, scavenging a meal from the remnants of flesh that clung to his bones. It was obvious that the man had been dead for several days, maybe even a week or two. Fires still burned on the outskirts of the trees, lighting a way for the spirits of the dead to find eternal rest- if there was such a thing.

The crow let out an unearthly shriek, spreading wings of midnight to rise into the cloudless night sky and avoid what was coming. What was indistinguishable from the forest, that moved as a part of it, like a leaf fluttering in the wind of a forgotten war. However, the animal knew better. This visitor was human. Or at least, resembled a human.

The crow had been afraid. It had no reason to be. The crow was a servant of the dead, cleaning up what war and famine had left behind. The creature of the forest was as it's servitor, claiming more lives for the crow to pick clean after he'd finished with them, finished his interrogation.

Zhejiang saught only answers, and when he was given none, he took the most precious thing to anyone. Life. Zhejiang was not a cruel person by nature, no, he loved and cherished life. It was their fault for raising sword and bow, shield and spear, magik and despair against him. They would not lay down their arms and surrender answers to him, so he simply put them out of ther pitiful existance, taking lives and moving on.

The forest eventually came to an end, giving birth to Zhejiang, into the night. His eyes were as cold as ice, and they sought the unobtainable again, the answers that eluded him, that would not come to him no matter how he asked, no matter who he asked, no matter what life he took.

A small raiding party lay on the outskirts of the forest. Two men emerged from the wooded area, carrying the hewn limbs of trees as they talked merrily, swapping old war stories. They were the Winter Leaf's target tonight, and the rest of their party. Slipping his viridian robes over the hilt of his blade, Zhejiang adopted a grim smile and approached the pair.

[b]"Greetings, fellow travelers."[/b]

[b]"Greetings, young one."[/b] The first spoke, his voice low and deep. Underneath his helm, gray hairs could be seen. Either this man was extremely skilled in combat, or he had joined underneath a draft. The former seemed much more likely, as there was a cut off age in most regions.

[b]"If I may request, could you give me directions of the Tomb of the Unknown Fates?"[/b] Zhejiang spoke, his own voice chilly and sharp, laced with sweetness that would get him what he needed-usually. This was no such time. At the mention of the tomb, the man stiffened and looked at him grimly.

[b]"What is your name, traveler? And what business do you have with that accursed place?"[/b]

[b]"My surname is Hwang, and my business is my own."[/b] Zhejiang was quickly tiring of this conversation. He'd had it thousands of times before. It went down like this most often, with blood being spilled on sand, grass, stone, bare earth, streets, and various other places. With a thoughtful glance, and then widened eyes of terror, the man flung the wood at Zhejiang, reaching for his blade while crying out.

[b]"Sir, a nobleman of the north approac-"[/b] His rallying call was cut off, along with his hands. The severed digits rose in the midsummer night, a spray of blood following as the old man's heart pumped blood. Zhejiang was no longer smiling. His eyes were steeled the color of determination-cold, cold determination, the kind that came from years of searching and finding no answers- as he shoved the man to the grassy plains. His booted foot came down upon the man's neck, silencing his voice forever as he tried to scream. A caress of steel ended his life.

The old man didn't move. Sad, his first informant has expired quickly. The recruit that was along with the old man seemed frozen from the turn of events. He was young, not a day past seventeen. Calmly, Zhejiang pulled his blade out and wiped it on the grass. Procuring a cloth from his clothes along with a small bottle of spring water, he washed the blood off the blade. Returning both items to his robes, he turned to the soldier with what could be called a taunting smirk.

[b]"Would you perchance tell me the location of the Tomb?"[/b] Like a fish out of water, the recruit gaped. The firewood that he'd finished cutting down only moments ago lay on the ground, strewn out. His eyes were almost blank, but he recovered enough to save his own skin.

[b]"South...go south, until a river appears. Follow the river southwest, and follow the third tributary from the right..."[/b] His voice was strained, and his eyes glistened wetly with the beginnings of tears. With an icy smile, Zhejiang fished three gold coins from his other pocket. He spoke in his chilling voice, which would be comparable to the sweet tongue of a serpent entwined with the voice of an angel.

[b]"Place one coin in the hand of the old man so he may be rewarded in the afterlife. You are free to keep the other two. You were smart in not screaming for help. Though, if this information turns out to be false, I will find you. And if you call for help, I will not be so merciful,"[/b] Zhejiang paused and turned his eyes to the dead man, who's warmth had already abandoned his body. From the dead man, Zhejiang returned his eyes to the young soldier, who clutched the coins numbly. Smirking again, Zhejiang continued. [b]"Don't worry. It's only life, we all get through it."[/b][/color][/size]
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I have started the Underground thread, so look for it if you want to see who's in and who isn't.

Actually that's not true, I'll just tell you now who didn't get in.

Kredion_Akima: Sign up is generic, you type in present time instead of past like all legends are typically written, additionally there are several mistakes in the post that detract from overall presentation.

Meggido: Sign up is equally generic, only with a samurai flavor. The same criticisms of Kreidon_Akima apply.

Oh well. Move on.[/COLOR][/font]
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Name: Vidura

Title: Avesavritra (Lesser Avatar of Vritra)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Country of Origin: Matsya, Southern Kingdom

Appearance: [url="http://www.elbakin.net/plume/xmedia/fantasy/news/comics/RR2CVR.jpeg"]Here[/url]

Profession: Captain of the Asuras, a band 200 warriors who serve as officers and frontline soldiers serving the dharma of duty to their kinsmen and country.

Weapons: Custom made two sided Khandra as well as a longer variant. (Both seen in photo)

The Legend of Avesavritra Vidura

[i]It was on the battlefield where I first met the Avesavritra. Previous accounts had embellishments, I must say I was disappointed at first. He did not stand as high as a horse, were his arms as thick as tree trunks, as previous tales had led me to believe. Come time for the battle, he did not even take up shield and armor, and yet he stood afront the soldiers known as the Asuras ready to fight along side them. My first instinct was that he would surely die before the battle's end and his soldiers would be without their captain. I would live to eat those words, I'm afraid.

When the enemy stood but five paces from the Avesavritra, as fast as the serpent god himself, he struck out, killing three men in his first sweep. His attack was the signal for the Asuras to begin their assault[/i]. [i]I watched the magnificent warrior, oblivious to all else around him as the tiger killing it's prey. I watched on impressed, but with scholarly skepticism nontheless. The Avesavritra fought for perhaps one hour, he and his Asuras against perhaps a thousand men. When the second hour dawned, the Asuras had taken nearly three quarters of the enemy's forces. When they cornered the last of the enemy, a new one arose.

This man, beast, or what ever it was fit the previous descriptions of the Avesavritra I had heard. And he stood against this beast. Alone, the Asuras unknowingly clearing a battlefield for the two of them. The Avesavritra, armed with nothing but his two edged staff, against the beast and his club. The beast made the first move, only to be countered and sent sliding along the ground from a kick. The blow was powerful, almost too powerful to believe that a man did it. Then, as the beast settled into bed of dirt he forced up himself lightning struck it, rendering the battlefield silent. Friend and foe alike turned to see the charred body of the beast, standing miraculously from the bolt. The Avesavritra then rushed it, slashing and stabbing it at a near blinding speed before finally lopping off it's head. The battle was over, the enemy had not the heart to continue. We all watched as the Avesavritra took the head and held it high in the air as one would a trophy. The blood of the beast dripped upon his tattoed face, and then I saw him as he was described to me. He truly was the reincarnation of Vritra, Thunder Serpent and Asura. In the years I would follow him, and even after his death, I knew it was my duty, no, my privaledge to tell this Hero's tale. The Legend of Avesavritra Vidura.

[/i]~ur-Malkav-Shurgi cir.1020 BC
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[size=1][color=#8B008B][B]Name-[/B] Known as White Lotus; few people know her as Moon Alyeong [Surname, Given Name]
[B]Age-[/B] 18
[B]Gender-[/B] Female
[B] Country of Origin/Residence-[/B] Born in the Kingdom of Silla, now resides in the Kingdom of Enshian.
[B]Profession-[/B] Courtesan; Traveling performer
[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs11/i/2006/220/b/8/lotus_by_anaRasha.jpg]White Lotus[/URL]
- She has intricate markings that start at her shoulder joints and meet at her sternum, closely resembling an elegant tribal tattoo.
- Artwork by [URL=http://anarasha.deviantart.com][B]anaRasha[/B][/URL]

[B]Weapon(s)/Style-[/B] Alyeong uses a [URL=http://www.swordsofkorea.com/sword_3b.jpg]short sword[/URL] hidden in the handle of her parasol, as well as two dual fans.

As a performer, she is flexible and acrobatic, graceful yet fierce, and gentle in both performance and action. As a fighter, she integrates her performer?s attributes into her fighting style; however though she may be gentle as a performer, she is anything but as a fighter.

[B]The Legend of Moon Alyeong?[/B]
For years now, I?ve traveled the four kingdoms captivating and high officials, as well as anyone who would enjoy an illustrious show. One of the most culminating things about performing was not the orchestration of a performance or the amazements of the audience; no, the most culminating thing about performing was my ability to open a new world before the very eyes of my audience. I had a way of captivating people with my seductive acrobatics and graceful skills of controlling water. It felt invigorating, knowing what I brought with me and shared to the world.

As the White Lotus I was known for my bemusing abilities that had people baffled and bewildered. Rumours stretched across the lands and have been greatly exaggerated as to where I acquired such skills yet none have been proved nor have they been corrected. The most common, thus far, was that I was granted a gift from gods to become a sorceress who tricked all who laid eyes on me. It wasn?t far from the truth when it concerned the gods but receiving powers of sorcery stretched the truth.

Few people have learned the true story behind my life while many have failed in their attempts to learn. My given name was Moon Alyeong and during my childhood I was oblivious to being a descendant of a Silla goddess of water. I had found my powers at a young age, just like my mother and her mother before her. My father refused to keep me in the safeties of our home but instead introduce me to the world; he refused to see me fear the world like my mother had during her childhood. He was the reason for my bold nature and stubbornness. It was also because of my father that I realized my love for entertaining people. I always enjoyed finding smiles across their faces and hearing them applaud. However, one incident had left my young innocence behind, only to be replaced by White Lotus for the rest of my days.

It was on a cool summer?s night where I first stepped into an estate that seemed to go on for miles. The sounds of the [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gayageum]gayageum[/URL] resounded throughout the large estate as I began my display for a high official. Using my control of water, I dazzled the noblemen sitting in the large room. I was lithe and limber, dancing on the waters that rose from nowhere. However, the performance wasn?t where I came to an epiphany. Once I had done my part in this high official?s party, I began to walk out into the breezy night; sounds of my mother?s laughter seemed to pass my ears. In wonderment I followed her laughter towards the back of the estate only to find her cavorting with a man who was not my father.

In anger and distraught, I ran from the estate. I ran until my legs felt like they were being ripped apart from my body, but even then I refused to stop until I was in the West Kingdom. I stripped away Alyeong from my persona and guised my self as White Lotus, taking on a new persona to fit the new lifestyle I?d given myself. The life in Silla was all but a memory and nothing more; if anything the only part of Silla that stayed was my mother?s coquettish behavior which turned into my own.[/size][/color]
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