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Discuss Pokemon: The Nazumi League [E]


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Welcome to the discussion thread for the Nazumi League! Here's where I will be posting stuff about Nazumi, such as the areas and gym leaders, and also for sorting out issues in the RPG.

Well, speaking of issues, we have an issue now. The issue? We have eight people in this RPG, inclusing me! That's way more people than I initially expected, and seems a little big for a group to me... So therefore, one idea I had was to split up the group into two groups, and run two separate RPG's. They'd pretty much be the same storyline, except there'll be different characters. I'm pretty sure that type of thing is allowed... Which means more work on my part because I'd be playing two different characters, but that's fine with me.

But, the question is, is it fine with you? To have two groups instead of one? It's really up to you--I don't care too much either way. And so you don't have to do one-word posts, you can just vote in the poll.

[center][size=3][b][u]--THE CONTINENT OF NAZUMI--[/b][/u][/size][/center]

As you may or may not know, Nazumi is divided into two sub-continents: Okawa and Mire. Okawa has eight gym leaders while Mire has only four. We'll be starting in a place called Seaport City, which is as the name indicates a city facing the ocean to the north, and the mountains to the south. That's also the city where Professor Willow's lab is. The first thing we will be doing in the RPG is going there to meet in front of the lab. Professor Willow already sent an email to all of our trainers informing them of this meeting place.

Other than that, I'll let you be creative as to what else is in Seaport City--besides an obvious beach on the north side of town.

Before this RPG starts I will provide a map of Nazumi--or rather separate maps of Okawa and Mire. Those maps are almost done but I have to still proofread them to make sure they're still accurate...

Other than that, feel free to post any questions or comments you may have about the RPG here.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Oi. I'm glad for this finally being under way, though I will say that I'd prefer we all be one group. It'd be easier to manage and keep track of, as well as we all get to work together. Having people seperated [I]always [/I] ends up a mess - the last 2 rps I was in proved that. [/COLOR]
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange]Oi. I'm glad for this finally being under way, though I will say that I'd prefer we all be one group. It'd be easier to manage and keep track of, as well as we all get to work together. Having people seperated [I]always [/I'] ends up a mess - the last 2 rps I was in proved that. [/COLOR][/quote]

[I][COLOR=Navy]I'm one of those prime examples from the Ponopticon!>;P

I completely agree.[/COLOR][/I]
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Okay...so I totally think that we should split up into 2 groups. It would be interesting, if we plan to start together, but we split up because of drama issues [?]. I think that 2 groups would be better, but being in the same RPG would keep it easier, and if we organize it with titles like Team Red or such, it wouldn't hurt.

One of the Pokemon RPG's that I liked the best, was Pokemon Legacies, which I think Sakazaki and White were in.

I think that you should PM people about this matter because its been a pretty long time since the Inn part of it started.

If you want me to change my personality, that will be fine.

Personality/History: Strong character. Acts tough. Thinks of himself as very strong inside and out. Loves to fight and argue. Loves Pokemon. Only thinks of them as strong creatures made to fight. Hates fake people and rich people as well. Has managed to be by himself, for almost 3 years. Hasn't had company for most of his life. Hasn't met his father, mother died 4 years ago, of cancer. Lives off of stealing money from people. Has currently been living with an old lady by the name of Agatha, which is where he heard of Pokemon Virtual

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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Tahoma]I can see how being in two seperate groups can be a good and bad thing. to me, i really don't care just for this to get under way. Anyway, i can't really vote on this because im alittle torn between the polls. so its a coin toss for me...

Also I'm going to change my starter pokemon since i just notice their three fire type. no fun. lol[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE]Orignally posted by [B]BeatlesFan53[/B]
[I]One of the Pokemon RPG's that I liked the best, was Pokemon Legacies, which I think Sakazaki and White were in.[/I][/QUOTE]

[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]You got that right...^^

Yeah, I agree with Lionheart; both of the options can be good and bad. It just depends on how the RP goes on, I guess...

However, If i'm suppose to make a choice, I guess that being in two groups will be better. All the RPers will not be left out if they are in two separate groups. Being in two separate groups means that we can comunicate with each other better than being in one big group. One big group = more RPers. Two separate groups = less RPers.

Well...to say the truth, I don't really mind if we go on as one big group or just two separate groups...^^ I guess, I'm just voicing out my opinion...heh...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Tahoma]I think two seperate groups would be a better idea. That way if we're waiting for one person to post the other group doesn't have to wait thus decreasing the chance of the RP dying.

Also it would be hard to catch Pokemon with 7 other people. :/[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Yes, we are, tomorrow in fact. Unfortunately, I am running out of the time I have today, so I can't start the RPG today unless I'm awake enough to start it late tonight. But, I have decided on a few things:

[b]-We will be traveling in two groups.[/b]
Yes, the vote was decided... we have a group of five and a group of four. That makes things so much easier... Anyways, the two groups are:

[u]Group A[/u]
Aja Lumni w/ Electrike (Squiggles)
Ethan Hurley w/ Chimchar (Premonition)
Ryan Spades w/ Dratini (Lionheart)
Junior Calypso w/ Magnemite (White)
Orbie Yukimori w/ Patacata (Nefertimon)

[u]Group B[/u]
Mizuki Tsujimoto w/ Growlithe (Sakazaki)
Eri Nanasawa w/ Munchlax (2007Digital Boy)
Brendan Stone w/ Mudkip (BeatlesFan53)
Tiffany Elderwood w/ Misdreavus (Nefertimon)

I tried to separate any two characters who had a similar personality or starting Pokemon... and put together characters that might fit tigether in a group. Also, when I start the RPG, I will be putting each group in a separate thread--so only post in your group! And of course remember to refer to this thread for any notes on the RPG or to ask questions about it, and to the signup thread to check on other people's characters.

[b]-I have a map of Nazumi![/b]
You don't need to study this map or anything--it'll just make a nice reference so you can see where the group's headed to. Also, Nazumi is too big for only one map, so I made two maps--one for each subregion of Nazumi, Okawa and Mire. Mire is to the northeast of Okawa.
*Note: Professor Willow's lab is in Seaport City, which is on the northern coast of Okawa.

[b]-My Signups[/b]
I will now post my two signups in the signup thread. I will be playing two trainers in this RPG--one per group. (One of those trainers has a made-up Pokemon...)

Finally, the RPG will start tomorrow--this time, I promise that!
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  • 2 weeks later...
[quote name='BeatlesFan53']Looks like we're gonna have our hands full writing if we plan to go on the whoooole map.

Chances are we won't get through every single area in Nazumi... especially since most RPGs don't finish anyway. I have my hopes up, but...

Anyways, it's been over a week since I last posted, so I'm not going to wait for anyone else to post... Professor Willow will now start giving out starter Pokemon.

NOTE: Willow also gives out Pokevices to all of us, which are explained in my most recent post. I will say in advance that you can pick the colour of your Pokevice when you receive it. I completely forgot to include that little preference in the signup...
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Oi! Sorry i didn't get around to posting yet! You took so long getting this started that I thought it was just going to die and forgot all about it >_< now it's back, so i'll get a post in as soon as I can - probably tommorrow since I'm going to crash pretty soon.[/COLOR]
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All right, before I make my next post, I have one announcement to make. It turns out that a couple of people have PM'd me asking to sign up for this RPG. I accepted one of them into the RPG, and the other might end up being a gym leader or a member of Team Shockwave. Besides, we have five people in Group A and only four in Group B, so there's room for one more. So that means [b]garmeil[/b] will be joining Group B. However, I still have to wait for a signup...

EDIT: Where's the rest of Group A...? I'm still the last one who posted there...
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