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Sign Up Legion: Ties That Bind <M-V,L>


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There are those among us that are not like us; They look like us, think like us, act like us but they are not. They have been blessed [I]or[/I] cursed with almost supernatural powers. They are the Children of the Atom, Natures Misfits, Freaks but one word is used to describe them.

My name is Erik Regal, I run a school similar to that of Charles Xavier. I and my employees form the anti-mutant organization known as 'Devil-Trigger.' However, we also are known as a mutant group named Legion; We train young mutants into an elite fighting force. But our work is hampered by those who subvert the mutant population, Humans & Evil Mutants would use the force to their own gains instead of defence.

[I]This is the story of the Legion[/I]

Character Creation


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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Amliea Dun (Ami)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly and out going she likes to have fun and joke around with others. She makes friends with almost everyone she meets, but her temper is one to be reckoned with.

Power: She can form ice with just a thought and make it what she wants.
Biography: Amelia was young when she first learned that she could control ice, living in Maine made it that much easier. It was snowing the day she found out what she was really able to do. The roads were slic and icey, the car she was in with her family slid off the road and over a cliff, the singal thought of a small ramp of ice was all it took to save her life and her family's. But the thought of having someone such as her in their family was to much for the Dun's and they threw her out, sending her to her uncles who in turn to do her the favor of not feeling so left out in the world sent her to he instatute so she could learn more of her power, she's been there since she was 6.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Erik Regal
Codename: Psyche
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Personality: Erik Regal is a quiet man but this is partially to blame on what has occurred to him in his life. He has a strange sense of dedication to his cause; He wishes to unite the Humans and Mutants but he is more than ready to remove any obstacles that get in the way.

Appearance: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/chars/list/imageview.php?img=l/luc09.jpg&char_id=443[/IMG]
(However, the experimentation process corrupted his pituitary gland so that his growth is now at a slower rate. His body is now that of a nineteen year old)

Power: Erik Regal is able to generate force bolts using his mind as a weapon. As such, he can be described as a telepath but he is unable to read minds or levitate himself and objects.
He chooses to use the Force Bolts in two ways; He can either use it as a blast or as a minor forcefield of sorts.

Biography: Erik Regal didn't know much of his early life, He had woken up and found himself in a tube. As he later found out, he was an experiment into the creation of a Super Soldier. The tests and serums that were administered on him did more harm than good as they unlocked his dormant psychic abilities. He was able to escape from the Laboratory that he was being tested in and fled to New York city. It was here when he had an encounter with the X-Men who originally found him to be an evil mutant as his powers were laying waste to a lot of things.
This was merely an aftereffect of the Serums as they caused his powers to lose control. He was sedated and taken to Xaviers mansion where the famous mutant delved into Regals mind and isolated the serum affected areas of the brain in an effort to grant him control. The incident was a complete success with Regal gaining full control and he left without saying a word to travel across country.

He eventually settled down in Las Angeles but he grew tired with this complacency in a city that was full of crime. He took to establishing a team of like-minded individuals and through hunting bounties did they gain enough money to purchase a mansion similar to the X-Mansion but also with underground facilities that were designed for training and housing. Erik Regal didn't want Mutants to be treated the way he was by Humans. It was a t that time when he created [B]'Devil-Trigger'[/B] to find any mutants unable to control their powers and train them so that a united world could be acheived.
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Name: Christopher "Chance" Hamilton
Code Name: Nova
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: Though he has the stature of a bully, Chance is really calm at heart. Sometimes he can be wild at parties with his close group of friend but knows his limits and respects his friends wishes when things get too rowdy. Chance is shy at first but opens up more when he find that people have similarities with him on different topics and thoughts. Chance is a loyal friend who goes out of his way to help out his friends, but he's not a push over and stand for his rights and beliefs. Chance always likes to think ahead of situations, looking at both the good views and bad outcomes and he's not one to make rash decisions.

Appearance: 6'2'' caucasian male. Chance has brown eyes and short spiky brown hair on the top of his head, shaves the sides and back of his head. Has a type of bodybuilder body, likes to wear his yellow long sleeve hoodie with a blank tank-top underneath. Along with his long black sweat pants and his yellow and black running shoes. He also wears a blue bandanna on both his wrist and along his forearms when he has his hoodie off.

Power: Pyrokenises- The ability to create fire either by thought or absorbing heat in the air and concentrating the energy to create fire.

Biography: Chance grew up normally, or what he thought to be normal in society, when he was a freshman in high school he suffered from high body temperature flux as the doctors called it. He would receive moments of high elevated heat all over his body for a short while, he had this symptom until his senior year when he learned about his powers. While taking on of his finals Chance concentrated hard on his paper, so hard it caught on fire suddenly and then his desk. After the school evacuated the administration presumed it to be a random freak accident and didn't charge Chance with anything.

After graduation Chance practiced with his powers more, being able to create barrier and balls of fire, control the temperature and diminish flames by a mere thought that passes through his head. One day in college Chance started to suffer another one of his Temperature Flux's and destroyed a whole section of campus, fire-fighters and doctors alike didn't know how he survived in the center of the explosion. Chance knew his powers were growing again and needed help to control them, after going online to find some help he was referred to the Xavier Institute for the Gifted.

Charles Xavier was able to help Chance control his powers, after training with the X-Men for some time he was offered a position. Chance declined because he wanted to live life normally for a while before joining any kind of "Super Hero" team, at 21 he moved into an apartment studio in New York by himself and continued college. Inside his body though, the burning rage of his powers grew silently and awaits its opportunity to surface.......but Chance will never know when or where it will happen.
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