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[SIZE="3"][I][CENTER][B]OBlivion [/B] [/CENTER] [/I][/SIZE]


The forest was quiet, It seemed the new moon has made everything go to sleep. Except one. A young man, no younger then fifteen sat against an old tree. He wore rags that were drenched in blood. His hands were covered so much in blood, it looked like he was wearing bloody mittens. He stared at the sky, lost in space and didn?t seem to him that time applied. To lay there, to die.

Sound. The forest awoke as the galloping of horses entered the forestry range. The pack of thieves stopped, making a circle around child. The thieves too were covered in blood, yet in their eyes, they we?re hungry for more. The child, though paid not attention and stared t the sky as if the thieves didn?t exist.

?This is the kid, I?m sure of it!!? roared a frontrunner of the pack as the roared with pleasure. ?I say. We torture him until he begs for his dead village to raise up and save him!? The pulled out their weapons as the bandits made a war cry.

The child made movement for the first time. His face showed pain as tears ran down his eyes. His hand curled into a shaky fist. The men didn?t care. They broke away from their cries and charged the tree, searching for blood. A blinding light appeared I front of the child as it shinned throughout the forest. A war cry went from a cry of pain and of mercy. All went silent. The thieves laid on the ground around the child. Puddles of blood scattered around the young teen. Nothing stood alive around him. Except one. A figure stood in the piles of blood and body parts. The mysteries character wore a white cloak and hid that hid his face from others. The vibe from the figure felt like the child could trust him.

?Will I ever be save?? He whispered, grabbing his knees and huddling close. The young teen tried hard not to cry again. Crying would only bring back memories. The cloak stood , facing the child. He held he held out his hand. By instinct, The child slowly got upon his feet and walked to his fate. The instant the child touched the cloak?s hand, they were teleported from sight. Away from the forest, away from his bad memories.

The two were transported on top of a tower. The child gasped as he looked around. It seemed he could touch the clouds. He looked down and couldn?t believe his eyes. His family, his village stood at the bottom of the tower, smiling happily at him.

?How do I get down there??!!? He shouted with glee as he turned, but he stood alone. He looked down at his family and fellow villagers. He saw them now looking behind them to see suits of soldiers running at them. One by one, they killed his friends, family, his life all over again. He closed his eyes and fell to his knees. He scream until he passed out.

?I cannot have my best soldier out of my formations against the Arcandian army. Zapth, May I ask why you go against my rulings to obtain a mindless child that his village has been destroyed?? A large man wearing the same cloak as Zapth, but who showed his face. His face was large with black hair going back. His purple eyes shinned even throughout the darkness of the room. Zapth stood near the window, silent without an answer. The door opened as a black cloak came in. He bowed at his grace, then to Zapth.
?Lord Jukamono, Master Zapth. News from the front. We have claimed victory over the east Serpent coast.? He bowed to his two lords and left without a word no less.

?I?ve seen the child and his power. He will be some use to us.? Zapth whispered as Jukamono turned to listen.

?So you put him in a illusion chamber.... for?? The Lord questioned, as Zapth walked past his lord to the door.

?Anger and sorrow brings out his full power. I only put him in there to fuel his rage.? He left Jukamono in in silence and in total darkness.


Alexander, Capital of Arcadia

The sun broke through the barriers of the blinds as it hit the tanned skin of a young man?s face. The man twitched as he awoke from his dreamy sleep. More sunlight broke through as the light beamed on him. He grinded his teeth as he grew tired of the light. Then he snapped.

The busy alleyway was busier then ever as people rushed to attain their goods. A mailman from the royal castle marched through the poor side of the city and made his way to a torn up house that was seized between two other houses. He climbed the steps and cleared his voice before knocking. Before he curled his knuckles, he heard a silent roaring from inside.

?I?m tired of this Crappy Window!!? A blue light shinned between the cracks of the door and the window on the side. A large explosion boomed throughout the small alley, blowing rocks and smoke everywhere. The alley people paid no attention as they were use to the violent outburst of the sorcerer, Leon. The mailman laid on the ground, his nose bleeding terribly. His hand, holding an envelope, stood up from his body.

?D-e-l-i-v-e-r-y?.? He mumbled as half of his body was covered in bricks and material from the house. Leon snatched the message and didn?t care so much if the man was injured or not. He ripped it up and scanned the message carefully.

Dear, Leon Gatesway

The Royal Family of Arcadia would like to invite you to lunch. We would like to discuss further matters on our country?s future. We hope to see you here? And yes, the lunch is free....

Sorry this message isn't a 'grande' one, but hey, it works.

[I]Your friend,
King Malomantre[I]

Leon made a scowl as he threw the message at the unconscious deliveryman. He knew they were going to ask for help on the war, only a matter of time. He sighed as he got dressed. Bout time he do something for the kingdom. He left into the street, towards the castle, unknowing what really awaits him.


Let us begin. The story is about two nations fighting over ground. Nothing new. The nation of Heliania raged war against Arcadia. The Heliania are dressed in numerous of uniforms describing which rank they are.

Silver cloak- King, Supreme ruler

White Cloak- Archmage, Master of all Magic

Black Cloak- Blackmage, Master of Physical elemental Magic

White/red cloak- Whitemage, Master of Healing and enhancing Magic

Blue cloak- Bluemage, master of stealing magic and teleporting magic

Red Cloak- Redmage, soldier of very little of all magic and melee combat.

(The world is set in a fantasy reality. Airships fly the skies and horses control the roads. There are very weak models of Guns in the world. )

The story will continue as the characters are summon to a meeting to the castle. A company will be assemble to set out through the Heliania territory and to obtain a powerful weapons in an ancient temple left by the Arcadian gods. The story will unfold into plot twists and betrayals. The kingdom as assemble and sent messages to the best in the kingdom for this dangerous quest.

[B][CENTER]The Characters[/CENTER][/B]

[B]Black Mage-[/B] Black Mages have been known to equip magical rods in the earlier installments and staves in the later ones. They can also equip some light daggers. Their armor usually consists of several lightweight vests and mage robes. They attack the enemies with high elemental attacks.

[B]Knight-[/B] A knight is sworn to the nation and is loyal to the king no matter what. The heavy dealer in a battle and is usually a ?tank?, which takes the most blows in the battle. Doesn?t know any or few magic spells. Very weak Magic defense.

[B]Ranger-[/B] A character of nature. A fighter that doesn?t cause a lot of damage unlike a knight, but is quick and agile. A forest is his best fighting grounds. Also has an art of thievery under the character?s belt.

[B]Alchemist- [/B] A master of potion making in the group. The character also performs alchemy in battles and uses ?Transmutation Circles.? A key member in the group, for use of healing the other members. The character also is well informed about herbs, medicines, etc.

[B]Mercenary-[/B] This is a Character that could be anything really. Could be a sword for hire, or a mage searching for more power. This character is sort of a ?free? spot and anyone can make their own desires.

[B]Priestess-[/B] A character that performs healings arts. A very valuable character in the story. Not a weak one in battle though, can hold it?s own like a normal soldier.

[B]Spirit Monk-[/B] This character is a monk that uses his spiritual energy to fight. Uses his fists for weapons, but can use spirit energy to fire at his enemies. Spirit energy can used in many ways, both for physical attacks or healing methods. Though, Spirit energy is hard to attain back, thus the character must rest for long periods of time after using spirit energy.



The Humans are the most populated in the land, and the most well balanced. they don't exceed in any particular attributes and also do not have any really special abilities. They also make a majority of the army and the highest poplation inside the kingdom.


The Aegyl are an angel-like race that are becoming exstint because of the hunt for their precious wings. They resemble Humes with thoose giant wings on their backs.
Not many people have actually seen the Aegyl. The Aegyl are a proud race that believe humans our the ones that our destroying the world.

The Aegyl's wings differ in color, from red to white. They are both a blessing and a curse. While they do enable them to fly, the strain they put on their bodies means they have the shortest life span out of any race, only living for around 40 years.


The Urutan-Yensa are a dangerous race. Usually run in tribes, The Urutan-Yensa are divided into different tribes, and every tribe is ruled by a queen, who is noticeably taller than the others. The Urutan-Yensa are strictly territorial, attacking anyone they see from the outside on sight. They are also extremely proud of their heritage; it is a shame for an Urutan-Yensa to show his weakness, especially by asking outsiders for help, and only death is the fitting punishment.

The Urutan-Yensa evolved from crustaceans, their bodies are thin as if suffering from scurvy. All Urutan-Yensa, besides the queens, are entirely covered in layers of clothing. Some believe they do this to hide their hideous bodies. Their speech sound animal-like. This, and their violent tendencies, keep them from adapting to hume society.They use bows and swords, as well as magic in battle.


Guado are an arboreal humanoid race. They are elvish in appearance with long limbs, over-sized hands, and plant-like hair. They are the protectors of the afterlife.
They are the masters of magics and martial arts. Their race is very calm, yet the inmature of the pack can lose their tempers easily.


Sign-ups are going to be different. This was used in earlier RP?s and will be used now. Sign-ups should be written between 500 to 1000 words. The pieces should include:

Your Characters: Job (ones above)
Your Characters: Name
Your Characters: Age
Your Characters: Gender
Your Characters: Race
Your Characters: Personality

You may also describe the appearance or attach a picture. Many other details may be added also, etc(weapons). I hope everyone who reads this will join and give this RP thought. Thank you. [/SIZE]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]This RP is appealing to me... I love you, Lionheart, and I always have. ;3


[B]Name:[/B] Cyril Rachkt (Pronounced Sai-ril Rach-ekt. Or, if he lets you, Cy.)

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/60612/doujinshi%20Yami%20BakuraXMarik%20page%201.jpg"]Cyril.[/URL] (He's the one with the blueish-sliver spikey hair. ^^)

[B]Race:[/B] Aegyl

[B]Personality:[/B] Cyril acts like he's the leader and boss of everyone, even if he hasn't met them before. He's a rough-houser, likes to fight whenever something that makes him angry or annoyed comes up, and usually smirks and laughs when he starts beating the crap out of someone. He's actually very distant at first and doesn't really talk much around people he doesn't know; his past about his murdered girlfriend, [URL="http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/51965/Elfen%20Queen%20Autumn.jpg"][B]Pyrena[/B][/URL], allowed him to never trust anyone whom his body tells him to. Before that, he used to be happy-go-lucky, smile and laugh a lot and even loved the life he was living; now he only does that with the people really close to him in private. He acts serious all the time, angry whenever he wants and rarely ever smiles, but only when it's a good day. Normally he has nightmares about his girlfriend being murdered and always wakes up in the middle of the night crying himself back to sleep, but he hides his weakness from everyone else.

Cyril is about 5'9 and has a sleek yet well-toned body thanks to his skilled profession of fights and sword dueling. His wings are if the colour white tinted with blue, and he lets them open freely, ready to fight anyone who tries to kill him for his wings. He usually wears [URL="http://moecon.net/gallery/drakengard-caim.jpg"]this[/URL] when he goes around outside or something very important is going on. But, when he's by himself, he usually just dresses casual with an open shirt showing his upper body, no matter who or what is in his home.

[B]Weapons/Armor:[/B] Armor seen in picture above. As for his weapon, [URL="http://tinypic.com/kf5dt3.jpg"]Yakumai.[/URL] (The main guy with the brown hair is wielding it and it does have the blue ribbon wrapped around the base.) If he ever gets Yakumai knocked out of his grasp, he has [URL="http://images.quizilla.com/T/TakuyaFire/1080379776_stardsword.jpg"]this[/URL] hidden just in case.

[B]Job:[/B] Knight (I know that the Aegyls don't like the human population, but I wanted to be a Knight, so... if you want me to change it, I can.)


[B]"Look, you... if I said no, it means no, dammit!"

"Cyril, I'm asking you to do this as a close friend of yours."

"Tch. I don't ever recall asking you to become 'my friend',"[/B] the silver-haired Aegyl scoffed under his breath, swinging his sword around in the mid-day as he practiced his sword skills with the passing leaves. He was angry; you could tell by the way he quickened his steps and his swords swings were rash and had no meaning to them. Cyril didn't like it when people bothered him during his afternoons alone... especially if it was a human friend whom he used to be so close to before [I]that[/I] incident.

Lloyd sighed as he pushed his brownish-blonde bangs from his brow, words eating away at him. [B]"Why can't you just let that grudge go and protect the town from any upcoming enemies? Even the King is asking anyone to do this, Cyril... I mean, the King!"[/B]

Cyril turned around and gave Lloyd a passing glance, then walked past him a little to a nearby tree, cutting off some bark with his rage. [B]"Since when do the humans need any help from Aegyls if they have so much pride in themselves? How do I not know this might be a trap to steal my precious wings?"

"Your 'precious wings' don't mean anything to anyone right now. Just the strength you wield in order to protect this Kingdom!"

"So, when everything gets tough, you basically just throw away your morals so you can win?" [/B]Cyril scoffed as he sharpened his sword against the trees aging-bark once more. [B]"It's no wonder you humans are dying out so quickly... maybe then the world will become a better place?"[/B]

As Cyril walked past him once again with his back towards him, Lloyd's rage increased that he was going to win this argument, no matter what he had to say. Even if it was something that he had to dig up from the past.

[B]"Pyrena would've agreed with me, and you know it. She was a human herself, so why do you hate us so much?"[/B]

The spiked-hair of Cyril's pricked up in a mad rage as he snapped and became violently angry, quickly turning around in a flash. He jumped up and flew towards Lloyd, knocking him downwards on the grassy plain with his sword right on his throat.

Lloyd gasped and tried to use his strength to push off the angry Cyril, but it was in vain. Nothing could stop him whenever someone used his dead girlfriends name against him in rage... he hated it and would kill anyone who defiled her virtue.

[B]"Never, ever use her name against me like that again,"[/B] Cyril hoarsely whispered, inching the sword to Lloyd's throat slowly, [B]"she was murdered because of you greedy human pigs... and for that, I'll never forgive you."[/B]

He roughly got up and put Yakuami back into its sheath, then walking away from the fallen friend and back towards his house to drink away whatever memory was arising from the back of his mind.

Lloyd slowly got up, rubbing his throat with his sweaty right hand and felt as if he had just killed his best friend. But, before Cyril walked away too far for him to yell, he sprinted up behind him and placed his hand on his friend's shoulder.

[B]"What happened...? You were never like this before; it's as if you have no heart anymore..."[/B]

Cyril shrugged off Lloyd's grip on his shoulder and slightly turned his head around just enough to take a glance at him, yet still looking downwards.

[B]"I don't have a heart anymore... it died along with her."[/B]

And with that, he continued walking without looking back towards his home.
+ + +[/CENTER]
Well, I'm done with my sign-up now. If you want me to change anything, such as my gender, personality, etc., you just let me know. But I really, really want to be in this RP aswell. Hope I make it. ;3
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name[/B]: Jiaan ?Achilles? Drasem

[B]Age[/B]: 29

[B]Job[/B]: Mercenary (Mord-Sith): Mord-Siths are an interesting bunch, for the fact that they don?t use magic of their own. They use magic they take from other magic users, and not in the usual sense of magic using. They use it to control the person they stole the magic from, Mord-Siths have a special power that is instilled in them while they are being trained. Training is a brutal horrific trial for any who get taken by other Mord-Sith.

There are three steps to there training: First step is torture to the point of the mental will breaking, and they are tortured with a very handy device called and Agiel. It is a red rod, with a gold chain attached to it, and this rod can inflict massive amounts of pain, or a killing blow in one touch.

The second step is the torture and servitude of the mother, she brutally raped and beaten every day, in between torture sessions. The mother has to be the trainers ?pet? as they call them, and is dragged around by a leash and collar until the mother eventually dies from the torture; at that point another piece of the child is lost. The third and final step, is the torture of the father, by the hand of the child him/herself. This is to teach the child to enjoy inflicting pain, when the father dies, the training is complete and the child is now a ruthless killing machine.

Mord-Siths use there special gift, to capture magic user, and when the magic is a Mord-Siths, there is no escape from it. A Mord-Sith uses the link made between the trainer and the pet to inflict pain on them. Once the link has been established, anything the trainer tells you to do must be done, or else the pet will suffer unending pain that worsens each second.

The link between Trainer and pet is unbreakable by anyone else, it can only be broken if the pet dies, or the Mord-Sith does. Because of the effort it takes to make a link like that, they can only have one pet. Mord-Sith are not solely dependent on there Agiel and capturing pets, they are also trained in how to fight. So even if you don?t have magic for them to take, it is difficult to take them down.

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Race[/B]: Human

[B]Personality:[/B] Achilles is supposed to be cold, ruthless and incapable of compassion and mercy. But, those personality traits that were bore into his brain only became add-ons to who he was. He was happy, care free, and energetic before being taken and turned into a killing machine. But, he managed to partition his mind and save a part of himself during his ordeal. After he got came out as a Mord-Sith, he was now a fighter, but also a new person.

He retained his old self, but managed to meld his new instill traits into his core person. He can manage to separate his being for different situations. But, he generally likes to remain cold and distant, after watching your mother and father killed, he avoids making strong connections like that.

[B]Appearance[/B]: [url=http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/?action=view¤t=markcopy.jpg] Jiaan "Achilles" [/url] Jiaan stands at about 5'11" and his clothes consist of three different kinds of leather. First is red leather, it is used for training, red doesn't show blood and the gloves have armor on them. the second is brown leather, it is casual wear for Mord-Sith. The last is white, white shows that a pet has been broken completely and you don't need to spill their blood anymore. He never wears the white, only red.

OOC: Hey Lionheart, about time you put one up. Was getting bored of just waiting for a good one. Well, hope this is good, if it isn't just say so and i'll change it or whatever.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Great sign-ups so far guys. Keyblade Wielder, I see nothing that needs to be changed in your sign-up. Everything looks really good.

Keyblade Wielder: Cyril Rachkt- Knight
The Spartan: Jiaan ?Achilles? Drasem- Mercenary

Hopefully we'll get acouple of more sign-ups for this RP and we can begin it very soon.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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This one sounds like a really fun RPG. I'll add my sign-up too. Let me know if you want more to it, Lionheart. I'm working on a background idea right now, that I can add later.

[b]Name[/b]: Alno?dra

[b]Job[/b]: Spirit Monk

[b]Age[/b]: 36

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Guado

[b]Personality[/b]: Alno?dra is a quiet individual with a worldly knowledge that belies his age. He is level-headed, often has a fatherly smile on his face, and works hard to avoid fights (both verbal and physical) if there is a non-violent solution to be found. Should he ever be forced into a fight he is quick to dispatch the one he is fighting, but strives to minimize the injury inflicted (just enough to disable the opponent). In everyday life he is gregarious and tends to make friends easily. Often his presence in a room of friends will bring with it a sense of calm. Even among those older than him he often takes on the role of a surrogate father, spreading his knowledge to those around him.

[I]Physique[/I]: Alno?dra dwarfs many of the people he meets, standing at a height of 6? 5? tall. Adding to the oddness of this is his lithe/thin build with long arms and legs. His skin is heavily tanned, and off-sets his white hair, which appears to be made from the petals similar to a lotus (best I can think of for ?plant-like hair?) and stands up as if gelled back. Across his arms, chest, and back are intricate tattoos displaying everything from runic symbols of his tribe to scenes of nature.

[I]Clothing[/I]: Alno?dra?s clothing roughly resembles the outfit seen in the picture on the main post, specifically the one shown center-right (with the raised collar). The main body and collar are white with red trim on the collar, around the shoulders (vertical stripe under the arms), and at the base. Staring from the red trim at the shoulders the arms are light blue with a green ?creeping vine? pattern up to the elbow. Topping everything is a light-blue cloak with a flaring V-shape clasped at the throat with an iron broach containing a small yellow crystal. Alno?dra also wears a pair of leather bracers on his arms, which have similar iron and crystal inlays, albeit much larger. [I](Lionheart, would you mind me having those crystals being used as small Spirit Energy batteries for emergencies? Please let me know)[/I]
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[COLOR="Green"][B]Name:[/B] Leon Gatesway

[B]age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Race: [/B]Human

[B]appearance:[/B] [URL="http://www.animedat.com/FanArt/NickM/Original/tristan.jpg"]Leon[/URL]

Leon tries his best to make it through his life, trying to find what his meaning is in the world. Born, never knowing who his real parents were, was raised by a an old sage named, Yie. The Sorcerer taught Leon everything about the magics in the world and how to obtain and weild them without flaw.

Leon's personality has always been the lazy, yet confident hero that appears when people need help the most. He gets tired always arriving into a town, knowing something evil was afoot. Most of the time, he tried to make someone else do all the work, while he tries to escape away to either get some sleep or fill his stomach to the max. Somehow though, his plans never work and it's always Leon that must defeat the darkness in the end.


[B]Black Magic: [/B]Destructive powers based on the elements of Earth, Fire, Light, Ice and Wind.
[B]White Magic: [/B]Spells that allow the user to enter the spirit world and control it; may be used for healing, protection spells, etc...

[B]Snippet:[/B] (Beginning post)[/COLOR]

I'll be starting this soon if those who posted are still in this. Sign-ups are still OPEN so if you want, you may still post.
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Name: Tula

Age: 26

Job: Alchemist

Gender: Female

Race: Aegyl

Personality: She is a very cheerful girl. She likes to make people smile, and in dire situations, she will stip out only the good things of the matter. She hates to see people down in the dumps. She likes to smile alot, no matter the cause, and she loves to laugh.

Even though she is very kind, she does, however, have an angry side. When things are life and death matters, she will stand up and do everything in her power to try and help anyone that may need it. She will, if the cause is right, giver her life to protect others.

She isn't one to cry much, but when she is feeling down, she likes to find a body of water and watch it. She loves water, and uses it alot in her alchemy. If she has the time, she will watch a body of water for hours without even thinking about it. As if she is bound to water with an unknown force.

Appearance: [URL="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q196/griff189/p1929592.jpg"]Tula[/URL].


Running, she seemed to do alot of that. She wasn't sure why, but it was as if people were after her. Ever since she was a young girl. She always had men, women, even children and elderly people after her.

One day, when she was at a local inn, she over heard some men talking about how much money they would get for her wings. It seemed that hers was a strange color, and could give them a hefty ammount of money. A small look of fear shown her face as she turned around to see the three men watching her.

She slowly stood up and made her way to the door. As she walked, she felt that the men behind her were fallowing her. AS she made her way outside, she turned around and watched them file out, one after another. There were four of them, and they all had an evil grin on their faces.

It didn't take long for her to realize that she could either fly away or stay and try to stop these men from ever trying to hurt her agian. She gave an innocent smile and then put both of her hands together.

The men watched her, not even seeing the small circles on the outside of her hands. She seperated her hands as sparks started to fly from the inside of her palms. She suddenly fell to her knees and hit the ground with the palms of her hands. A large circle formed around her and the men in front of her. Sparks started to fly in all directions, and then everything went dark agian.

Tula started to crawl backwards as the ground started to tremble. In the blink of an eye, a large colum of water surrounded the men and then vanished. The men looked at her, soaking wet and in shock. Then quickly turned around and walked back inside, not saying a word to one another.

Tula let out a giggle and then left the town, heading anywhere where she would feel safe. She looked down at the bottles on her waist. They were full of healing potions that her late father had taught her to make. They would not cure everything, but would help alot in the process. She smiled as she took a clear bottle from her waist. It was her stronges potion she had ever made. It was almost as good as her fathers, but she knew, over time, she would eventually be able to make items stronger than his. She only hoped she lived long enough to be abel to do this.

She returned the bottle to its holder and then started to skip down the beaten path, wating until she came accross something or someone in which she could either help, or run from. Because to her, it started to seem like a game. One in which could be life or death, but if she took it as that, she could never hold the cheerfulness she had. And that is something she refuses to loose, to anyone.
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Name: Adrielle Amoria

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: [URL="http://code5.cc/auron/misc/yunalesca1.jpg"]http://code5.cc/auron/misc/yunalesca1.jpg[/URL]

Personality: Adrielle's personality is perky and optimistic, although her positive nature hides her being concerned and worried. She hates to see people fighting, and is always trying to break up any arguments.

Although, at times, she may seem very naive and immature, she is acually very intelligent and responsible. She tends to put up a facade to hide her doubting, worryful side. This is due to her belief in always being strong for others, and being an inspiration.

She is also very good at keeping her temper, rarely if ever will she show her anger to someone. They would have to hit her were it urts her the most.

Race: Guado

Job: Priestess

Weapon: A long bow with magic arrows.(The arrows magic only works when she wields them.) They were both made from a sacred tree, giving them their ability.


A slight breeze hit her face as Adrielle sat her hand made basket into the green full grass. Leaning over and smiling a bit, she picked a blue flower and put it to her nose. The scent was a blend of roses and lilac. Placing it into her basket, she continued to pick a bouquet of beautiful multicolored flowers.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind knocked her on her back, and all of her flowers landed on her stomach. She sighed and gathered the flowers, placing them back into the basket. As she got up a young girl ran towards her with a big smile on her face.

"Adrielle! Master wishes to see your presence in his quarters. I think it's something important."

"Oh really? That's great! I hope everything ok. I would be very distrought if it wasn't."

She quickly grabbed her basket and ran a short way through the woods, until a small cottage came into view. Immediatly she took off her sandals and bowed at the door. Then she got up and walked across a narrow hallway, into a small room.Inside was two rugs and a table, located in the center of the room. On the table was a medium sized bowl, with a strange red liquid inside. She sat on the rug infront of the table and bowed her head.

The sound of shoes and something tapping came towards her, and sat infront of her, on the other carpet. Adrielle opened her eyes, and saw her master sitting there. She was a beautiful woman, with long white hair, and a blue robe. Her pale eyes seemed to gaze into your soul, but that was impossible. Since they couldn't see anything.

Adrielle smiled and placed her hands onto her masters hands.

"You wished to see me master."

"Yes. I have had a vision consurning you."

"A vision? What did you see?"

"You will leave us, and go on a journey."

"A journey, where?"

"This message was sent to me from our king. He has summoned my best girl. I have chosen you."

"Me" But master! Leana is much better than me."

"That may be, but her heart is weak, and can be easily swayed by temptation. Your heart is pure, and untainted. You are ready."

"If it is your wish."

With that she bowed her head once more, and left the room.
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