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Sign Up The Adjutants [M - VL]


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[FONT="Times New Roman"][center][u]One Month Ago[/u][/center]

A bright light overcame the skies of Tokyo, pale green in color and short in duration. The attention of the population wandering the streets, gazing out windows, and going about their business on the busy Friday night was captivated for the moments the light filled the sky, clashing with the natural light of the full moon. As it faded, as did the memories of each person who saw it. As if a fleeting daydream, or a prolonged sense of déjà vu. It was elsewhere however outside of Tokyo where there was one person who not only kept his memory of the light…but was directly effected in a different fashion.

It was a dark and small room, four torches lined the small pathway on each side with a throne in front and a locked double door in the back. The boy, 18 years of age, looked up from his forced kneeling position and noticed the man sitting in the throne, and the man standing beside him. The listless face of the seated man changed very little, as the man who appeared to be an adviser to him of some sort began to speak.

[b]”Hiro Takeda, you’re time has finally come.”[/b] the elderly man called out to him.

Hiro squinted his eyes as he rose up from the ground, trying to analyze what those words were supposed to mean. One minute he was on a date with one of the hottest girls in school on a normal Friday night, next thing he knew he found himself here…in this drab and ominous room. Hiro remembered the pale green light, but couldn’t put together any rhyme or reason. All the events leading up to here just seemed to be realistically unfeasible. Certainly…his time finally coming couldn’t mean that he was dead?

[b]”Where the hell am I? Who are you two jokers and what’s with the theatrics? I hope you realize what you pulled me away from!”[/b] Hiro barked. He took a defensive stance in case the two men had any intention of attacking him. The face of the seated man changed gradually, turning into a very subtle grin.

[b]”Indeed, you are meant to be the true recipient of this tome.”[/b] The words echoed, taking Hiro by surprise. Before him, a black hard-covered book with inscriptions on its cover appeared as if materializing out of nothingness. Hiro took a step back and threw his arms up infront of his face. The elderly man walked down the two stairs between the throne and Hiro’s location and stood just feet away from the perplexed high school senior.

Hiro took a better look at the book and felt his muscles tense, [b]”What the…this is…the book from my dreams.”[/b]

[b]”You’ve seen it since you were a young boy…haven’t you? Unable to explain it’s significance…unable to make any connections. It will all become clear to you now. Take it, Hiro…read from the first page and you will meet your destiny.”[/b] the seated man explained.

Hiro took the words in reluctantly, still feeling like this itself was more like a dream. But the man was right, as far back as he could remember he would have reoccurring dreams at times about that very book. The details of each dream were always hazy afterwards, but the one element that remained concrete was it’s exact appearance. He didn’t know what to make of it, but something about it drew his hands to the book almost as if on instinct. He took it in his hands and stared at the cover for moments after moments.

[b]”The time of the Adjutants has come once again, Hiro. You are among eight who are bestowed a tome to assist you in your struggle. Once all the chosen are decided upon and sent back to the real world…you will become aware of what you must do. If you want to know the purpose of the Adjutant’s existence…you may ask your own”[/b]

Hiro took in the words and as if mesmerized opened the cover of the book and began to read the incantation on the first page. Moments after, strands of purple light emitted from the book and began circling around the vicinity in front of Hiro. It wasn’t long until a figure clad in armor began to take form, a large claymore like sword in his right hand. The figure fully materialized in a kneeling position, and stood up slowly to look ahead at the person who had just summoned him.

[b]”I am Berith the Reaver. So…you’re my new master are you? Well, your attitude is certainly interesting…I hope you’re ready for the events to come, Hiro Takeda.”[/b] the figure spoke, introducing himself in a stern and human like voice. A human like voice, but yet at the same time…he did not seem completely human.

Hiro quickly glanced up to look at the man who had done the majority of the talking, but before he knew it he was back in Tokyo in his apartment. Startled, he began looking back and forth vigorously, and eventually rushing to the window to look out of it.

[b]”I’m back? Was it…was it actually a dream!? Dammit, then why the hell does my head hurt so much.”[/b]

Hiro sighed and walked over to his bed. He sat down and looked at the time, a good half an hour had passed since he remembered being transported by that green light. He figured that would be the last time Mina would accept to going out with him, she probably wasn’t used to her dates disappearing all of a sudden. Hiro rested his head on his pillow for a few moments and turned his head toward his nightstand…where he saw the book.

[b]”Gah!”[/b] Hiro sat up and went to grab the book. He examined it, it was indeed real. The entire incident…was real. He turned to the page he read from…the words were gone. All that was there now was his name. He remembered the entity that he summoned, repeating his name to himself, “Berith the Reaver”. He remembered his look well…as he turned his head the ominous feeling he had since seeing the book once more came into solid form as once again the dark clad knight stood there, staring at Hiro. He remembered the words the man told him as he looked down at the book again, then back up at Berith.

[b]”Alright…Berith. Tell me everything I should know.”[/b]

[center]* * * * *[/center]

Welcome to The Adjutants, an RP with a concept similar to that of the anime [b]Fate/Stay Night[/b]. Though knowledge of the show is hardly necessary to participation, as I have put much time into the differences and elaborations on my take of the concept.

Each of you will receive a tome in a similar fashion to Hiro which will be the basis for summoning your Adjutant. The reason why the time of the Adjutants has once again come and the purpose for receiving their assistance is still a mystery to all but the man who has chosen those these tomes are bestowed upon. But soon, all will become clear. We'll cut right to the chase and I'll list the Adjutants that you will have to choose from:

[center]* * * * *[/center]

[strike][b][color=green]The Reaver[/color][/b][/strike]: - Taken by myself
[b]Weapon[/b]: Serrated Claymore

Heavily armored hybrid knight with the ability to cast dark and ailment magics, Second strongest of the Adjutants in physical attacking power, equal to the Valkyrie in defense. The Reaver favors strong will and initiative in his master, and is loyal to him. The Reaver is inclined toward battle and will willingly fight once ordered to or when convenient.

-Strong attacker
-High defense
-Dark/Ailment magic
-Low resistance to magic
-Average movement
-Mana drains quickly

[b][u]Skill Set[/u][/b]:
4 dark/ailment skills

[b][color=green]The Valkyrie[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Short sword and shield

Heavily armored holy knight skilled in curative and regenerative magic. Second highest defense of the Adjutants along with The Reaver. The Valkyrie favors humility and altruism in her master, and acts in kind. She will defend herself and her master and not full out attack unless ordered to do so. The Valkyrie is naturally kind but is not devoid of subjective thought.

-High defense
-Regenerative magic/skills
-High resistance to magic
-Mediocre movement
-No offensive magic
-Mediocre attacker

[u][b]Skill Set[/b][/u]:
4 curative/defensive skills (regeneration/damage shield/etc)

[b][color=green]The Halberdier[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Halberd

Lightly armored soldier combatant, with knowledge in self-enhancing magic. Long melee range and most balanced of the Adjutants. Favors confidence and obstinacy in his master, and finds amusement in these qualities. The Halberdier enjoys being given leeway with his actions but must adhere to his master’s orders as any adjutant. He is known to taunt and talk to his opponents while he attacks them.

-Good attack and defense
-Good movement
-Self-enhancing skill-set
-No offensive magic
-Good melee attack range
-Slow recovery from injury

[b][u]Skill Set[/b][/u]:
4 self-enhancing skills (attack speed up/defense up/etc)

[b][color=green]The Arcanist[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Ceremonial Staff

Master of offensive elemental magic. Highest general attack power of all the adjutants and lowest defense. Favors foresight and sagacity in his master, and acts on the same qualities himself. The Arcanist will be meticulous in his battle plans in order to utilize his strengths and hide his weaknesses, but will adhere to specific and direct orders by his master.

-Strong magic attacker
-Weak defense
-High resistance to magic
-Average movement
-Cannot physically attack
-Can regenerate mana when not casting

[b][u]Skill Set[/u][/b]:
6 Elemental/attack skills (Fireball/Lightning blast/etc)

[b][color=green]The Shinobi[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Katana/Shuriken/Smoke bombs

Clandestinely dressed ninja with knowledge of several ninjutsu skills. Most agile of all the adjutants, but low all around in defense. Favors discipline and vigilance in his master, and thinks any lack thereof is a sign of unworthiness. The Shinobi excels in stealth and recon over all else, but is a swift assailant as well.

-Average attacker
-Average defense
-Fast movement
-Low resistance to magic
-Multiple weapons

[b][u]Skill Set[/b][/u]:
4 ninjutsu skills (stealth/clones/transformation/etc)

[b][color=green]The Sniper[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Bow & Arrow / Crossbow

Expert marksman with excellent accuracy and long range sight. Has the advantage over other adjutants in projectile attacks that do not involve the usage of magic. Favors bravado and flashiness in his master. The Sniper typically keeps himself distanced from the fray of battle and takes pride in his marksmanship, though he must answer the command of his master regardless.

-Mediocre attacker
-Excellent accuracy and range
-Low defense
-Large skill set
-Good movement
-No magic

[b][u]Skill Set[/u][/b]:
7 arrow/enhancer skills (exploding arrow/multi-arrow/etc)

[b][color=green]The Rogue[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Dual Crescent Daggers

The quick and precise attacker versed in many crafty skills including lock-picking, persuasion, and shadowing. Deadly striker almost on par with The Shinobi, but is more durable. Favors awareness and deviousness in his master, qualities which match his own. The Rogue is a schemer and a clever attacker and excels at making full use of his resources.

-Good attacker
-Mediocre defense
-Fast movement
-No magic
-Good Stamina

[b][u]Skill Set[/u][/b]:
6 crafty skills (lock picking/poison weapons/etc)

[b][color=green]The Myrmidon[/color][/b]:
[b]Weapon[/b]: Blunt War Maul

Master of battle in the fray. Strongest physical attacker and highest defense of the adjutants, but has slow movement and very low magic resistance. Favors strength and pugnacity in his master. The Myrmidon’s massive frame makes him like an impenetrable wall and is adept at guarding his master or destroying all in his path.

-Strong attacker
-High defense
-Slow movement
-No magic
-Low resistance to magic
-Heals from injury quickly

[b][u]Skill Set[/u][/b]:
3 offensive/defensive skills

[center]* * * * *[/center]

If you've any questions referring to any of the details of the adjutants or what is acceptable for skills (obviously nothing overboard, be reasonable when choosing your Adjutant's skills and the effects), feel free to PM me. Just adhere to the amount of skills allowed to the Adjutant class you select and the few guidelines. I will probably put up an underground thread eventually as well.

Like in the opening (which happens to involve my character, my official sign up will be put up at a later time), you may give your Adjutant a name and have him introduce him or herself to you and despite what it says in their descriptions, you may make them any gender you wish.

[center]* * * * *[/center]

On to the sign-up sheet:

[b]Name:[/b] Whatever you'd like, the story will take place in Tokyo but your character does not necessarily need to be japanese.
[b]Age:[/b] Between 16-35, though I want a mostly young cast.
[b]Appearence:[/b] Pic and/or description
[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Where is your character from?
[b]Personality:[/b] Self-explanatory

[b]Adjutant:[/b] One of the above
[b]Appearence[/b]: Pic and/or description
[b]Adjutant's Skills:[/b] According to the guidelines. In the first chapter, each adjutant will only know two skills, so point out the two they will initially know. The others they will learn as the story goes on.

[b]Bio:[/b] This should include receiving the book, your first meeting with your adjutant, and your adjutant's name and such.

Well then, remember that sign ups are [u]not[/u] first come first serve and happy creating :).

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[SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] Will be editting soon ^^

[COLOR="Navy"][b]Name:[/b] Kaori Mihara
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/1310/girls992fr9.jpg"]Here[/URL]
Even though you wouldn't think a girl like her would have such a style; Kaori is a proud tomboy and often chooses to wear these sort of [URL="http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/331/fashiongirlgothfq4.jpg"]Pants[/URL] (Copyright lcibos@deviantArt) [in more of a dark blue and lighter blue for the purplish areas], comfortable, stylish looking joggers, and a grungy black tank top with tears and messy art designs covering it with an equally grungy looking white hoody. People say she takes advantage of her body and should dress more feminine but she chooses to dress that way for comfort and ease.
[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Tokyo, Japan
[B]Personality:[/B] Self-explanatory

[B]Adjutant:[/B] The Rogue
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/2966/05redscarf3dj.jpg"]Here[/URL]
[B]Adjutant's Skills:[/B]
[B]- Lock Picking*[/B]
Self explanatory, it's the skill to be able to pick any lock, including digital locks that may come up such as codes and things.
[B]- Poison Weapons*[/B]
When Rogue strikes with her weapons it will inflict a poison status that will quickly spread through the blood stream if not treated swiftly. At first it will cause pain and weakness, graduating until causing death.
[B]- Camouflage[/B]
Rogue can blend in with the surroundings around her, making her next to invisible when coupled with her naturally light footed-ness to make her unheard. The opponent often doesn't see her coming.
[B]- Speed Boost[/B]
Rogue gains an increase in speed and movement for a period of time, making her even quicker than she already is. This is helpful especially when she needs to get away from something or if she's fighting an opponent quicker than she.
[B]- Increased/Heightened senses[/B]
The Rogue becomes more aware than previously with this skill, heightening all of her senses; seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and even tasting. All of these heightened senses can come in handy under a number of different instances, and this is a very handy skill to have.
[B]- Paralysing Weapons[/B]
When Rogue strikes an opponent with her weapon it will cause paralysis to spread through the body. At first when initially struck the paralysis will stun the body part that was hit, after that it will quickly move around until the entire body can't move.

[B]Bio:[/B] This should include receiving the book, your first meeting with your adjutant, and your adjutant's name and such.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]Name:[/B] Aiko "Ai" Niwa *cough* >_>

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Appearance: [/B][URL="http://www.darkmirage.com/images/blog/20060509_madoka.jpg"]Ai Niwa.[/URL]
Since Ai is one of those girls that is calm, easy-going and is very shy when it comes to people, she usually wears that cream-coloured poofy sweater, a knee-length black skirt, knee-high socks and black boots. But, whenever she goes out with friends or a night on the town, she wears [URL="http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs15/f/2007/018/5/b/GaiaOnline___S_A_K_U_R_A_by_ippus.jpg"]this pink shirt outfit[/URL] (Copyright Ippus @ devArt), denim pants that follow her leg shape and a pair of white slip-ons.

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Hokkaido, Japan

[B]Personality:[/B] Ai is very easy-going and is more of a follower than a leader, which she really doesn't mind at all. She's the type of person that smiles at every and any little thing that seems to make life a bit easier than usual. Ai is humble and merciful as well, helping anyone they need help with, doing favors for others and smiling whenever someone needs it. Everyone at her school flocks around her and feels comfortable with her kind demeanor, thus making her quite popular among the schools population. Girls admire her and are also jealous of the way she can never get mad, while guys adore her sense of kindness and think she is very cute when shy.

Everyone seems to think her life is perfect, thus coming from a wealthy home and a happy family. Ai is pretty happy with her life, but she thinks that there is something missing... something that she ultimately needs. She's never done anything to show how brave or courageous she is, so she feels that she is weak and sometimes useless.

[B]Adjutant:[/B] The Valkyrie

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs10/i/2006/110/0/7/Arttrade____Ery_by_Nekoshoujo.jpg"]Ery. (Pronounced Air-y.)[/URL] (Copyright Nekoshoujo@devArt)

[B]Adjutant's Skills:[/B]
[B]* Regeneration[/B]- When wounded with cuts and major wounds, Ery places his right hand on his chest and summons a Cure spell, healing his body back to its normal state.
[B]* Dragon Scales[/B]- Ery places his weapon in front of him and a plate of dragon scales appear, protecting him from harms way with no side effects.
[B]* Flowing River[/B]- Putting his sword and shield together, Ery concentrates his energy and creates images of himself that appear and disappear like a wave in the river, confusing his enemies and creating a chance to attack.
[B]*Phoenix Heart[/B] (plllzzz? I wanna fight, too. D:)- Summoning an entity of a Phoenix, golden light revolves around Ery's body and boosts his strength power to a high for a certain amount of time.


[B]“Umm, hello? Anybody… here?”[/B]

Aiko gripped her sweaty palms together and gulped softly before continuing onwards in the unknown and dusty labyrinth. It was built in a medieval fashion, what with the unusual stone walls, torches hung gracefully from the wet-mossy ceiling and hallways leading into different directions. Aiko was a bit scared, but she followed the path where her inner-self told her to which lead to a podium with a book on it, fog floating around wisp fully on the ground.
“Come, Aiko Niwa, my child. There’s no need to be frightened, my dear.”[/B] an older-aged voice echoed towards her shaking body.

She slightly hid behind a pillar that was near to her side, but… something in her heart told her to keep going, that whatever was going to happen was going to make her stronger. Tightening her grip and gently biting her lower lip, Aiko slowly walked towards the mysterious man and the book. Her footsteps made a soft clacking noise as her boots echoed in the enormous area, her heat beating fast and faster as she stopped right in front of the podium.

[B]“Sir,”[/B] she meekly replied, mustering any strength that was left in her, [B]“where in the world am I? The last thing I remember was looking up into the sunset and seeing this dull greenish glow in the sky… like an explosion…”[/B] She could barely see the man’s face under his brownish-black hood, but she could tell he was smiling, if only just vaguely.

[B]“Yes, my dear,”[/B] the man slowly replied with his husked voice, walking towards the stone podium and picking up the book in his rugged hands. [B]“Everyone was able to see that flash of delicate green, but only some, such as yourself,”[/B] he paused a bit, then continued, [B]“have been chosen and called to wield this almighty power which deals incredible power.”[/B]

The inscripted black book then started to float a little bit over his hands, and then vanished into thin air. Just as Aiko was about to look around for it, the book suddenly appeared before her, slowly floating in the air. She gasped out of surprise, but then opened her hands to catch the book as it was floating downward.

[B]“Huh…”[/B] she thought to herself as she traced her hand through the symbols on the cover, [B]“odd, it looks heavy, but it’s almost as light as a feather… and, I feel as if I’ve seen this somewhere before…”[/B]

[B]“You have seen it before,”[/B] the man replied to her thoughts, surprising her a bit more. [B]“In your dreams since you were a small child in this old universe, not really understanding what it meant until now… read it, Aiko, and all will be clear.”[/B] the hooded man explained to her.

He was right; she had seen this book before in her mysterious dreams that didn’t make any sense. She flipped the book open to the first page and stared in awe at the strange incantations, her hand gracefully touching the page as if it was compelled to do so.

[B]“Do I… do I read this to start it all?” [/B]Aiko replied nobly.

[B]“Yes, my child,”[/B] the hooded man replied, [B]“you must summon your Adjutant in order for you to join the other seven whom were called to fight in this war. When you all have met your Adjutant and come together, everything will then become clear.”[/B] He then nodded toward the book and chuckled a little.
“You won’t start anything if you don’t start to read… go and meet your Adjutant.”[/B]

She looked at him for awhile and looked downwards towards the page, becoming lost in the symbols. Unknowingly, she started to read the incantation on the pages, as if her mouth just moved on its own. Momentarily, a flash of blue light ejected from the book itself, causing Aiko to shield her eyes from the bright light and yelp out in shock as the light encircled in the foggy area before her.

The light shaped into a person wearing light-weight leather armor, metal arm and knee pads and wielding a short-sword with a light blue hold in one hand, while the same coloured shield in the other. He had flowing yet spiked black-blueish hair with his bangs dyed a silvery-white and his eyes flashed an intense Cerulean blue, almost as if pools of water were entrapped in his irises. His ears were pierced on both sides on his marrow with three sliver rings on one side and a sliver-cross on the marrow and a round earring with a white feather on the other.

The handsome figure bowed gracefully towards Aiko, who was slightly blushing from his generous chivalry. He slowly lifted his head to look up at her and smiled a boyish smile, then softly lifting her right hand towards his warm lips, giving her a kiss on the hand lovingly.
“I am named Ery the Valkyrie, at your service, my lady,”[/B] he smiled at her as he stood upward again, a little bit taller than the crimson Aiko. [B]“You’re my master, huh… what a cute and beautiful creature I get to protect,”[/B] he replied as he leaned his face towards hers, [B]“your personality and attitude is one that I love the most…Ai Niwa, I hope you and I will be ready for your destiny that is about to come.”[/B]

She slightly shivered at the sound of his soft yet toned voice, gripping on the book as her words became lost in his eyes. Yet, no matter what… she couldn’t help shake the feeling that he wasn’t totally human, though he looked it.

[B]“Um… I…”[/B] she stuttered, but before she could speak, Ery smiled softly and touched her warm forehead with his arm-clad hand gently. And as she tried to say anything, she was back in her prim and proper room in her parent’s mansion… back in Hokkaido. Ai quickly but quietly got out of her bed and slowly opened her patio glass door, walking out into the cool night and looking into the sky… was it just a dream?

[B]“Why… why did it have to be just a dream…?”[/B] she sighed as she wrapped her robe around her body to keep her warm.

She walked inside again and shut the glass door behind her, slumping against it and sliding downwards until she was in a sitting position. [B]“I don’t understand…”[/B] she mumbled to herself, wiping away the awkward tears burning her brown eyes, [B]“why did it all have to be a dream… I wanted to do something important… I want to actually be someone and be of some use…”[/B]

Suddenly, she felt something heavy on her bent legs, wondering what it was. Aiko then looked downward and gasped loudly, but covered her mouth and looked around to see if she had woken anyone up. She then looked back down and touched the book slightly, remembering its very touch as if she was in her dream again… was this real? Or was she still sleeping?

[B]“My lady,”[/B] a familiar voice called from her bed, [B]“why would I ever lie to you about something that is important to the foundation of your growth?”[/B]

Aiko looked towards her bed and saw the handsome warrior she had met in her dream, but this time… he was sitting on her bed and smiling at her, being… real. She stared at him awkwardly for a bit, then looked back down at the ancient book. Aiko felt it again, running her fingers at the leathery touch… it was real, nothing could change that.

She looked up at a smiling Ery, also realizing that he, too, was real.

Taking a deep breath and clutching the book in her arms, she stood up slowly and walked towards him, sitting next to him and looking at him with her eyes intent on listening.
“Ery… I’m ready. Tell me everything you know about what I must to.”[/B]

[B]OoC:[/B] Sorry it's so long, I just got so into it. ^^; You already knew I was going to sign-up anyway, Matt. ;3 Sounds pretty good; hope I make it.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"]Yo sis! : P

EDIT: woo done!

[B][COLOR="YellowGreen"]Name: [/COLOR][/B]Conner Summerlin

[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Age:[/COLOR][/B] Twenty Five
[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Appearence:[/COLOR][/B] [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/Broken_Hearted_Angel_by_morbidprinc.jpg"][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Conner’s Face[/COLOR][/URL] ©2004-2007 ~morbidprince ++ [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/Freyr_by_Wen_M.jpg"][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Conner’s clothes[/COLOR][/URL] ©2005-2007 *Wen-M ++ [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/Marius_by_malicekisho.jpg"][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Another Example [/COLOR][/URL] ©2006-2007 *malicekisho

Conner favors comfort over style when it comes to clothing, but that’s not to say he’s a total dork. He has often been described as a ‘nerd’ and ‘book worm’ by his friends; however he doesn’t think himself to be anything of the sort. Occasionally he may wear black, thin frame, rectangle lens glasses for reading or visions sake. His normal attire consists of simple jeans, sneakers and some sort of t-shirt or shirt; he may even wear a tie but doesn’t want to enforce that ‘nerd’ look any more than he has too. He prefers lighter colors when it comes to clothing, opting for whites and creams in his shirts, sometimes he may go for a dark blue or green.

His hair is a pale blonde color, in some lights it almost appears white in others it looks more yellow. It almost refuses to stay neat and at times looks quite disheveled. Bits of his long fringe constantly fall into his face but he doesn’t make any effort to move them unless they are significantly obstructing his vision. His body is rather fit and muscular; he likes to keep in shape and go for walks and runs. His complexion is rather pale but his cheeks become rather red if he gets angry or embarrassed.

[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Place of Origin:[/COLOR][/B] London, Britain
[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Personality: [/COLOR][/B]

Conner is reserved for the most part, he likes to thoroughly think things through before he acts or says anything. He won’t offer his advice on a matter unless he is asked first out of politeness. Despite his every move to counter act the nerd mark people have branded him with Conner loves to read books and gain knowledge though any means. He’s a kind individual and won’t hesitate to help others out even if he doesn’t know them. He doesn’t scare easily and constantly screws up his face in thought. His glasses a little loose and constantly slip down his nose, he is forever trying to push them back and make them stay. He is an extremely patient individual and rarely becomes angry or upset. It takes a lot for him to become flustered or irritated and he often just shrugs off any negative feelings. Conner is quick to console anyone who is upset and offer his friendship.

[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Adjutant:[/COLOR][/B] The Arcanist
[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Appearence:[/COLOR][/B] [URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/Young_girl__by_heise.jpg"][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Athar[/COLOR][/URL] ©2005-2007 ~heise
[URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/Spears_02_by_Wen_Mb.jpg"][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Staff[/COLOR][/URL] ©2005-2007 *Wen-M

[B][COLOR="yellowgreen"]Adjutant's Skills: [/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR="Goldenrod"]+Thunder*:[/COLOR][/B] [Lightening based magic]
Arcanist raises her staff high above her head and summons forth bolts of lightening from the heavens. The severity of the bolts depends on the attackers and her overall desired effect. The bolts range from one being summoned at a time, up to a total of six.

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]+Earthquake*:[/COLOR][/B] [Earth based magic]
Striking the ground in front of her with her staff, Arcanist is able to call forth the element of earth. The ground shakes around her up to a radius of 4 meters, from were she is standing the earth erupts sending a stream of rock and debris streaming after her opponent. For a less severe effect Arcane may summon rocks of various sizes and send them hurling.

[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]+Tsunami:[/COLOR][/B] [Water based magic]
Summoning water from the depths of the ocean, Arcanist twirls her staff in a clock wise direction and then points the tip at her enemy sending a highly pressurized jet of water flying in their direction. In more extreme cases the jet may well become a sort of wave. If the temperature allows it this attack may turn to ice, but occurrences of this are rare.

[B][COLOR="Indianred"]+Inferno: [/COLOR][/B][Fire based magic]
Drawing power from the sun Arcanist can ignite fire; she spins her staff, changing hands and directions in complex patterns to summon the fire. She can choose to send fire balls at her enemies or a stream, more correctly described as a sort of flame thrower.

[COLOR="SlateGray"][B]+Tornado:[/B][/COLOR] [Wind based magic]
The second most difficult spell to cat for Arcanist, she twirls her staff above her head in complex patterns altering the wind currents around her. She can send gusts of wind at her foes or organize the currents to form a small tornado which has a very limited amount of time.

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][B]+Ultima:[/B][/COLOR][No elemental Base]
Ultima holds no elemental base, using a complex pattern of movements Arcanist can summon balls of white light to chase after her foe and attack them, either one orb or a maximum of three.


[COLOR="YellowGreen"][B]“Argghh, this is hopeless…” [/B][/COLOR]Conner announced out loud in his thick British accent with a heavy sigh, his shoulders rising with his chest and falling into a slump, he hung his head low and looked up though his fallen blonde bangs, his glasses slipping to the end of his nose. The sky was becoming darker with every second, it would be sun set soon and he had no idea where he was, correction, he did know where he was, he was thoroughly [i]lost[/i]. Sighing again he reached into his left pocket and fished out a rather crumpled map. Conner examined the map for the what, one hundredth million time? His Japanese wasn’t as good as he thought it to be, he looked at the map and screwed his face up in frustration and confusion… did he have the darn thing up side down? Conner turned the map every which way but it wasn’t making any more sense. He used his index finger to return his glasses to their correct position on his face and looked above the open map, the sun was setting and it was emitting a strange green light.

[COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“Curious…”[/B][/COLOR] He murmured, and watched the light until it was gone with the sun set. Determined to find his way Conner went back to studying the troublesome map and began to walk down a side street, which by his calculations should join up with the main street he originally intended to be on. Not paying very much attention to where he was walking he smacked into something rather hard. [COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“Ouch…” [/B][/COLOR]he muttered dead pan, removing the map from in front of his face to examine who or what he had walked into. Alas, a wall, a rather old looking dark and mossy wall. Conner stepped back and lowered the map even further, a puzzled look on his pale face. His eyes flicked around him, and he turned his head to look behind him.

[COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“I’m not in Kansas anymore…” [/B][/COLOR]he stated sarcastically before hastily folding up the map and shoving it in his jean pocket. Indeed, he appeared to be in a damp dungeon of sorts, torches lined the wet stone walls and threw haphazard shadows over everything. He raised a curious eye brow and began to walk down the corridor scratching the back of his head as he looked about. He stepped lightly and cautiously, the hall reminded him somewhat of an Indiana Jones movie and he was expecting a giant stone ball to come rolling down at him any second. After walking for a while and numerous attempts to prove his initial theory that he had somehow fallen asleep, Conner finally reached what seemed like the end of his strange ordeal. He apprehensively walked into the dark room similar in décor to the rest of the strange place. A voice suddenly boomed out at him from the shadows, Conner whipped his head around in the direction and he could just make out the out line of some cloaked figure sitting on a throne of some sort.

[COLOR="Green"][I][B]“Welcome Mr. Summerlin, you have finally arrived.” [/B][/I][/COLOR]Announced a gruff voice, the voice sounded to Conner like it belonged to an eighty year old but he couldn’t be exactly sure. He squinted through his glasses and pushed them back up to their proper place once again, they were forever falling down his nose.

[COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“Thanks…I guess. Why have you brought me here?” [/B][/COLOR]He questioned, rather calm despite the apparent situation he was in, had he been kidnapped or worse? He didn’t much fancy being held captive by strange hooded men, or tortured if that it was supposed to come to. The man gave a slight chuckle at Conner’s question and answered in a rather hushed tone.

[COLOR="Green"][I][B]“All will be revealed to you soon. Turn and face what you were destined too.” [/B][/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“What?”[/B][/COLOR] Conner asked puzzled, he spun around and in the shadows stood a stone and wooden pedestal, on top pf which an old book sat. Conner approached the book cautiously and yet quite commandingly, he didn’t feel afraid or anything of the sort, as if he was meant to be here, experiencing this, whatever [i]this[/i] was. Conner ran his right hand over the book, he knew this book, it had been in his dreams as long as he could remember. He had searched and searched in libraries and online for answers but never found anything.

Without so much as a word, Conner took the book from its shadowy place and opened it, flicking through its worn and tired pages. He stopped at one particular page and squinted, once again pushing his glasses back up his nose. Unknowingly, rather instinctively, began to read and speak the strange writing as if it was his native language. Before his eyes, the writing bean to glow with a strange pale green light, much like the sunset. The brightness of the writing increased in intensity until he couldn’t look at it any more. Conner almost jumped as a soothing female voice spoke from his right side.

[COLOR="SeaGreen"][B]“Greetings Conner, I am Athar. I find your manner most pleasing, certainly a wise individual.”[/B][/COLOR] Mused the tall and rather lithe female dressed in some sort of ceremonial green attire, she was holding a curious staff slightly taller than she was. Conner bowed in response to the appearance of the woman and smiled nervously, he wouldn’t normally bow but it was a slight habit he had picked up from being in Japan, plus the added fact that he just [i]felt [/i] like he should bow in her presence.

[COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“Pleased to meet you Athar.”[/B] [/COLOR]Conner almost found himself blushing in her presence, she was quite beautiful.

Suddenly, as if by dare he say magic? the room appeared to bend and suck inward. Before he knew it he was back in his rented apartment. Conner looked around quickly, his face screwing up in confusion.

[COLOR="YellowGreen"][B]“Well that was…”[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="SeaGreen"][B]“Interesting?” [/B][/COLOR]

Conner was cut off by a familiar voice. He looked up through his blonde locks at Athar, he half smiled, nodding and scratched the back of his head. He really didn’t know quite what to believe, he had always though himself to be quite the rational person but what was happening to him was quite beyond like anything before.

[COLOR="seagreen"][B]“You handled the whole situation quite admirably, Mr. Summerlin.” [/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="YellowGreen"][B]“Well I…ah…thanks.”[/B] [/COLOR]He stammered, smiling still, [COLOR="yellowgreen"][B]“So Athar? Care to explain what’s going on here?” [/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="SeaGreen"][B]“With pleasure.” [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Name: Kenta Akira
Age: 19
Appearance: [URL="http://lowanjo.blog.jeuxvideo.com/images/mn/1148664945.jpg"]Kenta Akira[/URL]
Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Kenta, a young man who just wants to be a normal kid. His bright and sometimes rash personality is greatly known to everyone. Yet, it is over-shadowed by his uncanny ability to fall asleep in a heartbeat. Some say he just plays the joke, but it is something he can't control. He talks to anyone that has the courage to say anything to him. He would seem friendly compared to others around him who want to be alone all the time. His friends praise him at school for talking to the 'hot' girls around.

Adjutant: The Shinobi

Appearance: [URL="http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/3351/sasuke2vt7.jpg"]Pic[/URL]

Adjutant's Skills:
*illusion clones
*Beserker Transformation
*Shadow field (stealth)

Bio: (edit)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"]Just a note, feel free to be more detailed with your Adjutant's skills. See my sign up for what I mean.

[center]* * * * *[/center]
[b]Name:[/b] Hiro Takeda
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Appearence:[/b] [URL="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/anime_guy.jpg"]Hiro[/URL]
[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Tokyo, Japan


Hiro is a straightforward and confident person who isn't afraid to say whats on his mind. His attitude and looks has made him quite popular in his school in Tokyo. He can seem like a know-it-all at times, but really doesn't care much to be that kind of person. In fact he'll admit that he isn't the smartest person in the world, and wouldn't really care much. Hiro prefers acting on how he feels to keep up who he is and not being indecisive. Not caring much for following the crowd, Hiro will usually be the first person to suggest something if hanging out with friends or if he's working on something for work or school, or will just take things into his own hands. Hiro is a physically gifted person, excelling at sports if he wanted to, but prefers practicing martial arts over everything else.

[b]Adjutant:[/b] The Reaver
[b]Appearence[/b]: [URL="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/BlueHairedwarrior.jpg"]Berith Without Helmet[/URL] / [URL="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/untitled5.jpg"]With Helmet[/URL]

[b]Adjutant's Skills:[/b]

-[b]Noxious Mist[/b]: Reaver creates clouds of dense mist in the vicinity of his opponents that causes gradual effects of intoxicating opponents causing their senses of sight, hearing, and touch to dwindle.
-[b]Vampiric Embrace[/b]: Reaver imbues his sword with a gold draining light that extends the claymore?s range and thickness but adds no weight. When an opponent is struck by the sword, a portion of their energy is drained away from them and given to Reaver.
-[b]Lance of Impulsion[/b]: Reaver shoots out a straight beam of destructive energy from his hand.
-[b]Rune Aegis[/b]: Reaver encases himself in a protective field of energy which greatly increases his magic resistance for a period of time.

[b]Bio:[/b] See Intro Post[/FONT]
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It's an addiction.. Once I signed up for one RP, I really wanted to sign up for more. I hope it doesn't take away from my homework time for summer school ;D Who am I kidding? Of course I do.

[B]Name[/B]: Yuki Nakamura
[B]Age[/B]: 19
[B]Appearance[/B]: Tall for a Japanese girl, about 5'8, very thin but athletic build. She is very trendy, and has dyed her black hair to the popular rusty orange-ish colour. Sideswept bangs, her hair reaches to about her collarbone. She constantly changes it, sometimes putting many bobby pins or other colourful clips in her hair, other days she does nothing at all. She wears whatever is current, but her favourite outfit is her skinny jeans with a white tanktop covered in stars over several other tanktops of various colours and a pair of flats.
[B]Place of Origin[/B]: Tokyo, Japan.
[B]Personality[/B]: Yuki is a sarcastic joker and very social. Lives to make awkward moments easier, with a joke or a little interjection. She might seem like a prankster, but she knows when her friends need her and when it's time to be serious. She's very easy-going, and takes whatever life throws at her with an open mind and a smile. Or, at the very least, a some sort of sarcastic statement. She prefers to lead, not to follow(despite the fact that she's so trendy), as well as talk without thinking it out.

[B]Adjutant[/B]: The Sniper
Appearance: Resembles an elf, with his pale skin, and blonde-silver hair. Very tall, this Adjutant has pointed ears, and sharp - though not unpleasant to look at - facial features.
[B]Adjutant's Skills[/B]:
Shot Storm - for a very short period of time, many arrows barrage an enemy. Not the most accurate, but works well over a large area of land or a larger enemy.
Meteor Melee - Strong arrow, with larger berth and much heavier, this particular attack can pierce through most barriers and tear through foes, but requires charging and cannot be used one after another.
Retraction - Arrow extends to pierce enemy, rather than actually being shot, and then instantly retracts back, ready to be used again. Powerful attack, but greatly weakens the actual shaft of the arrow during it's extended state.
[still working on these]

Yuki looked up from the electronic glow of her cellphone. One second she was walking in downtown Tokyo, talking on her cell to her best friend about their plans for later that night when she saw a strange glow across the sky and the next, she was in some musty, dingy hallway, with no idea how she got there and no sense of direction or inkling as to how to get out. She shrugged, which is how she usually handled things she couldn't explain, and began walking. No point in standing still, she figured. Better chances of finding her way out, than someone finding their way to her.

As she walked, she nonchalantly ran her hand down the grimy walls. It made her feel safer, and more connected to this world, to just know she was there. It had to be real; it wasn't a dream, it was far too strange, and she even had the dirt on her fingers from the wall to prove it. She felt strange carvings in the walls, and found herself wondering if the floor and ceiling too were covered with these strange marks. They didn't seem to be uniform, but nor did they seem to be just for decoration. The faint light began to grow stronger and the hallway began to widen. She soon came out to an area with a higher ceiling, and at the end of this mini corridor, stood a great door. Yuki stood in this new area for a moment, contemplating whether or not she should go in. Her doubt quickly caved to her curiousity, and without any more hesitation Yuki headed forward. Like an automatic door, it swung open as she neared. She entered, and just as quickly as the door opened, it shut, and she was engulfed in blackness.

Yuki felt eyes on her, but she refused to think she'd made a mistake. She stood confidently and shouted into the dark
[B]"Hello! I know you're here! Who are you? Where am I, exactly?"[/B] A light beamed down into the middle of the room, illuminating a book on a podium. The rest of the room remained in shadows, and she received no reply. Yuki didn't budge.
[B]"I said hello! I can feel your eyes on me! Just tell me who you are so we can get this awkward stand off done with!"[/B]
[B]"The book."[/B] came a gruff reply.
[B]"..Pardon?" [/B]Yuki responded, genuinely confused. She didn't recognize this voice at all. The owner of the voice let out a loud sigh, clearly full of exasperation.
[B]"The book. Take it. You need to take it. Who I am is of no importance, but that book.. it is of the utmost importance. It is imperative that you take it. You have been chosen."[/B]
Yuki walked slowly over to the book, and leaned down to it, resting her hand on the cover. It felt strange.. it was like she could feel power behind that cover, just waiting to come out. It also felt oddly familiar. Like it was a book she had read long ago, and simply forgotten about until now.
[B]"Hmmm..." [/B]she ran her hand across the cover a few times, frustrated by that feeling of vague remembrance.
[B]"This" [/B]said the man, emerging into the small circle of light, taking her by surprise [B]"will make things perfectly clear."[/B] he startled Yuki, and she fell backward onto the dusty floor.
[B]"I apologize, Miss Nakamura."[/B] the hooded figure moved around the podium, and offered his hand.
[B]"No, no.. It's alright."[/B] she waved his hand away, and quickly pushed herself back up to standing position. [B]"This is all just so strange.. like a drea-"[/B] Yuki broke off in midsentence, and stared down at the book.
[B]"... Miss Nakahara?" [/B]the hooded figure's tone of voice carried a tone of gentle urging. He seemed to know what she was thinking.
[B]"My dreams! That's where I know this book from!"[/B] Yuki exclaimed, putting a hand to her head. The hooded figure clapped it's hands together in obvious approval of her discovery.
[B]"Yes, Yuki Nakahara. This is the book from your dreams. The book that you did not recognize then, nor did you understand it's significance. Today is the day that this all makes itself known to you. You must simply read the first page."[/B] she nodded at his words, and opened the book, now running her fingers down this page covered in strange symbols. She looked up at the man for a moment, scanning what she could see of his face for any hint of approval. He simply looked on, silently. She shook her head a little bit, and looked back down to the page. Like the book, she seemed to recognize this incantation. Her mouth read out the strange words that her brain did not know.

As she read these words, the book began to glow. It was faint at first, but quickly became blinding. She read the last word and squinted, now unable to look directly at the book. Suddenly without warning, a bright bolt of light resembling lightning shot out of the book, ricocheted off the ceiling, and landed a few feet in front of her. The hooded man stepped back to make room. The light stayed in a sort of 'pile' on the ground for a few seconds, and then just as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared. In its place stood a tall man, who had the same ethereal look as the glow had once she had finished reading. Yuki and the new man eyed eachother, neither of them speaking. The cloaked man broke the silence.

[B]"This is your adjutant."[/B] he said, matter-of-factly. [B]"You may now join the seven others chosen to fight in this war."[/B]

[B]"Master."[/B] the glowing man inclined his head slightly at her.
[B]"I'm sorry... You are..?"[/B]
[B]"Ah, of course. I am Aeryndyl The Sniper, and I am your Adjutant. I think we are the perfect team, you and I."[/B] Aeryndyl nodded before going on [B]"We have complimenting personalities. Yes... this will work out just perfectly."[/B]
[B]"I'm Yuki Nakahara." [/B]she said, trying to regain her lost composure, though her voice still lacked it's initial confidence. This was too strange.
[B]"I already knew that, of course." [/B]her Adjutant said.
[B]"Just being polite..." [/B]Yuki rolled her eyes. [B]"So, what? Do we shake hands? What comes next?"[/B]
Aeryndyl smiled a little at her words.
[B]"My my. You're a little anxious, aren't you? This is just the first step in a long journey to come. The next part of your story will be revealed in good time, do not fret." [/B]He stepped over to her in a few long strides, and was towering over her before she realized it. She didn't make eye contact with him, it was too disconcerting. She wasn't used to people being taller than her. Particularly so [I]much [/I]taller! She looked everywhere, furiously trying to fight the rising blush in her cheeks. He placed a finger gingerly under her chin and raised it up so she would look him in the eye. [B]"Whatever you do, do not be afraid." [/B]Aeryndyll told her in a whisper, and gently kissed her on the forehead. In the next second, she was back on the streets of downtown Tokyo.

[I]"What.. was that?" [/I]she thought to herself.[I] "Certainly not a dream..." [/I]she checked her fingers for the grime, and sure enough, there it was. There was also a new weight in her oversized purse which was somehow back on her shoulder. She slung it off and opened it. There -nestled among her notebooks and various gum packages and wallet - was the book.
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[COLOR="goldenrod"]Just a heads up. The particular nature of the Adjutant(s) in my sign up is something BKstyles knows of and has approved for my sign up. ^_~ So there are suppose to be two of them.

[B]Name:[/B] Risha Inna Ulyana
[B]Age: [/B]26
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/19619812/"]Risha [/URL] copyright heise @ DeviantArt
[B]Place of Origin: [/B]Moscow, Russia

[B]Personality: [/B]

Risha is a bit mysterious in that even she doesn’t fully understand herself since at times it’s as if she is two people in one body. At times she’s very much an elegant woman who’s quite refined and easily socializes. Making friends with ease since she’s quite charming and friendly. But when she’s in her other mode, she’s withdrawn and almost secretative taking on a harsher feel. Distancing herself from others much to the bewilderment of those who are use to her friendly and open nature.

Risha is for all intents and purposes equally balanced between her opposite personalities. And unlike one who personality truly is split, she always sees each quite clearly. Even if she does not understand what triggers her progression from one into the other and vice versa.

[B]Adjutant: [/B]The Shinobi
[B]Name:[/B] Yuliya
Appearance: [URL="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/33936743/"]Yuliya[/URL] copyright: Karei @ DeviantArt

[B]Stealth [/B]– Yuliya can essentially cloak herself in shadow, making her movements extremely difficult to detect, though best a night, this shadow will also seem to bend light making her blend in even in the daytime.
[B]Evasion [/B]– Yuliya can temporarily increase both her agility and dexterity, enabling her to avoid situations that might otherwise spell certain death.

[B]Adjutant: [/B]The Shinobi
[B]Name:[/B] Victor
[B]Appearance: [/B][URL="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/12229437/"]Victor[/URL] copyright: pulyx @ DeviantArt


[B]Illusion [/B]– Victor can create clones of himself as well as other objects on a limited scale.
[B]Transformation[/B] – Victor can temporarily imitate the skill of an enemy so long as it is not magical in nature. Though he does not retain the skill beyond using it a few times and must see it performed first in order to use it.


Risha had thought that she had caught the barest glimpse of a pale green light from her view of Tokyo from her window to her room. But that could not be, for she was not in her room but rather in a mysterious shrine she had never seen before, nor did she know how she had gotten there. [I]Why did I think I was in my room? [COLOR="Indigo"]Because not all is as it seems[/COLOR][/I] her own mind whispered back. [I]True but… [COLOR="Indigo"]Enough! You wished to come here, why do you hesitate?[/COLOR] [/I]Indeed, why did she? Though Risha did not recall wishing to come to this place.

With a tiny shrug she continued walking among the tall stone pillars, taking note of how they seemed to be inscribed with a language she had never seen. And yet it was oddly familiar. For what seemed like hours she walked among the pillars, heading through the light of the torches that lined the outer walls as shadows danced along the pillars with each step she took. It was in a sense oddly comforting as if she was somehow directing those shadows, slipping between moments of light and darkness.

Further ahead, just coming into view was a set of massive door. As Risha approached them she raised her hands to open them, but they opened for her, the sound of stone grating on stone echoing loudly. Even more so than the clip of her heels striking the stone floors. On the other side of the doors was an enormous chamber with three pillars thrust up from the floor, a elaborate black leather bound book resting upon each one.

It seemed that the stone slabs that made up the floor were also done in strange patterns of three, and the thought tugged at the back of her mind that only one misstep would be fatal. And yet without knowing why Risha could sense that which was illusion and that which was real. Stepping without hesitation on each stone with exact precision. Even when it seemed that lances of darkness approached her upon seeing one she could somehow think of another intercepting the next. [I]What is going on? [/I] [COLOR="Indigo"][I]Honestly! Do I need to tell you everything?[/I] [/COLOR][I]No.[/I]

Risha continued until she was standing but a few steps away from the pillars with the books resting on them, just in front of the one in the center. Her hand already reaching out to take the book, but at the last possible moment she hesitated. Looking to the other two books. [i]Why do I know these books and yet I do not?[/i] Risha pulled her hand back, letting it fall to her side. [I][COLOR="Indigo"]You must choose [/COLOR][/I]her other self whispered to her. [i]Choose? [/i]Without knowing why this time she picked up the book on the right pillar instead of the one in the middle that she had originally been reaching for. She opened it and read the first few pages, not realizing that she was speaking out loud what she read until voices interrupted her.

“[B]Excellent.[/B]” A deep male voice spoke.

“[B]Agreed.[/B]” A rich female voice also spoke at nearly the same time.

Startled Risha looked up only to see two figures standing before her where the pillars had been, the other two books gone. A mysterious man wrapped in robes, his face concealed, his arms folded across his chest. And just beside him was a woman dressed in similar robes, her face also covered with long silver hair. [I]What the hell?[/I] Instinctively she took a few steps back, clutching the book to her chest.

“[B]W…who are you?[/B]” She finally stammered.

“[B]I am Victor.[/B]” The man responded.

“[B]And I am Yuliya.[/B]” The woman spoke up, she paused meaningfully after a side glance at Victor, “[B]We are Adjutants. And it seems that you are our new master.[/B]”

“[B]Adjutants?[/B]” Risha asked, clearly confused.

“[B]You will learn soon enough what you must do.[/B]” Victor replied. “[B]Though I must say it is interesting that you chose the third aspect of the book.[/B]”

“[B]Yes, it is fascinating. As well as unexpected.[/B]” Yuliya spoke up. “[B]Though other than in your dreams you will never see us together again, like you do now at the time of your choosing. Which one of us is summoned at any given time will depend upon you.[/B]”

[I]Depend upon me? Summon? [/I]Risha was still trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened when she found her self lying in her own bed. Slowly she sat up, wondering what had just happened. Shaking her head in disbelief.

“[B]What a bizarre dream.[/B]” She finally said to herself. That is until she looked over to the chest by the window and saw the book from her dream sitting there. [/COLOR]
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[size=1]I haven't been on in a while as you noticed, and this is just the thing I've been missing. ;]

[indent][b]Name:[/b] Tanaka Ryuu
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/Relaxing_by_sweetmoon.jpg]Ryuu[/url] (art © [url=sweetmoon.deviantart.com][b]sweetmoon[/b][/url] @ deviantART)
[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Okayama, Japan
[b]Personality:[/b] Ryuu is a very absent-minded person, seldom paying attention to anything other than what's two feet in front of him so he doesn't run into anything. He has often got himself into trouble for falling asleep or not paying attention while in class or at his part-time job in the bookstore near his home. However, when something does manage to catch his interest, he becomes extremely aggressive in his pursuit of whatever it is. He is also very stubborn and self-important, often speaking in a rude manner towards others, leaving him with few friends who can stand his rather obnoxious attitude, though he really doesn't pay much mind to his popularity. This is also the reason why he can never keep a relationship going for very long, though he somehow keeps managing to snag himself a girlfriend ? another thing that irritates his guy classmates and coworkers.

[b]Adjutant:[/b] The Halberdier
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/_Diemies__by__coey_.jpg]Reith[/url], pronounced ?ray-ith?. (art © [url=-coey-.deviantart.com][b]-coey-[/b][/url] @ deviantART)
[b]Adjutant's Skills:[/b]
// [i]Eagle's Eye[/i] ? Reith enhances her eyesight to allow her perfect vision in any conditions, up to a distance of a mile. She is essentially able to work her eyes like fairly advanced binoculars as long as the spell lasts, which, depending on how much energy she has, is anywhere between a few seconds and an entire day.
// [i]Fire Bubble[/i] ? As strange a name as it has, it is a very useful and basic spell. Reith creates a large, fiery 'bubble' around herself and/or whomever else she wants. This shield protects anyone within from all physical attacks and any fire-based magic, and lasts as long as Reith wants it to or until she loses consciousness.
// [i]Dragon's Fury[/i] ? Reith's dragon characteristics (ie. horns, wings and tail) all grow larger, and scales start to cover her body, mainly along her sides, hands, lower arms, feet, and calves. While in this state, Reith becomes twice as bloodthirsty as she usually is, and her strength is increased significantly. However, this form offers no extra defense, so she is still easily susceptible to damage, though she won't feel most of the pain until after the spell wears off.
// [i]Berserker[/i] ? Her most powerful enhancement, this spell boosts all of Reith's qualities, most drastically improving her recovery rate. Reith's strength, defense, speed, and accuracy all increase three times their regular level, and any wounds she has immediately heal. The main drawback of this enhancement is that she loses most control of herself, and can only be commanded by Ryuu successfully. She also becomes extremely drained after usage, and since her recovery returns to normal, it takes a long time for her to get all of her strength back.

Ryuu yawned as he wandered through the dimly lit corridors that he had suddenly found himself in. He could've sworn he had been shelving the latest merchandise back at the bookstore only minutes ago before seeing a weird light through the window, and wondered if he had fallen asleep on the job again. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he realized he had walked into a large door. He paused for a moment to contemplate whether it was really worth opening the door, but his curiosity won out in the end, and he pushed it open with startling ease despite its size.

Behind the door was a small room, filled with the same strange wall decorations and torches as the corridors that led him there. Unlike the hallways outside, this room contained a pedestal in its center, with something rather large floating above it. Intrigued, Ryuu made his way towards the floating object and, upon closer inspection, realized that it was a book. And while he was confident he had never seen it before, it felt very familiar.

[b]?Do you know what that is??[/b] someone spoke from behind him. The voice startled him, and he turned around quickly to see where it had come from. It was an older man who looked as if he hadn't had a good night's rest in years, the bags under his eyes as dark as Ryuu had ever seen. As he walked towards the fairly confused young man, the door closed on its own behind him.

[b]?Am I asleep??[/b] Ryuu asked, ignoring the older man's question. [b] ?Or was I knocked out and dragged to this weirdo place by you or your henchmen? [i]Or[/i] is this--?[/b]

[b]?You really don't recognize it??[/b] the man asked, staring down at the teenager he had just interrupted. Ryuu quickly decided that he did [i]not[/i] like this strange person, who had likely kidnapped him for God knows what, and was oddly adamant about knowing whether or not the book held any meaning for him. Rolling his eyes, he answered the old man, figuring he wouldn't get any answers unless he gave a few.

[b]?No, I [i]don't[/i]... Well, I don't think I do, anyway. I swear I've seen it before, but I don't remember where or when. But what's it matter? It's a big book? Big deal,?[/b] he answered, poking at the large book, making it bounce up and down in the air above the pedestal.

[b]?Despite what you may think, Ryuu Tanaka, this 'big book' is a very big deal.?[/b] Ryuu was about to retort when he realized that the old man had called him by name. Now he was positive that he had been kidnapped.

[b]?What do you want from me??[/b] he asked immediately, taking a couple steps away from the man and the pedestal.

[b]?I want you to read this book and summon your Adjutant. You are one of eight who have been chosen, and now you must realize your responsibility, and your destiny. Take the book and read, Ryuu. Only you can,?[/b] the man said calmly. To demonstrate his point, he attempted to touch the book as Ryuu had earlier, but it would not budge beneath his fingers. Curiosity once again beating out his better judgment, Ryuu approached the pedestal once again ? though this time from the side opposite the man he was still quite wary of ? and reached for the book. He was surprised at how easily he could lift the large tome, and he eagerly pulled open the cover and stared at the first page.

[b]?Am I supposed to read [i]this[/i]??[/b]

[b]?Give yourself a moment. It will come to you.?[/b]

[b]?Yeah, but-?[/b] Ryuu began to protest, but once he looked up, the man was gone. He stood silent for a moment before letting out a sigh. [b]?I [i]have[/i] to be dreaming. Anyway, since I'll forget this when I wake up, might as well try reading this crap.?[/b] Returning his eyes to the first page covered in what originally appeared as nonsense scribbles, he suddenly found himself able to read it aloud, and read aloud he did. Once he reached a certain point, a flash of dark red light poured out of the page, and he was forced to hold an arm in front of his eyes. After several moments of standing like that, he blinked his eyes open as he lowered his arm, and saw that he was not alone in the room once again.

Before him stood a tall, tan woman who appeared to also have dragon-like characteristics. Out of her back sprouted two feathery, brown wings and a long, scaly tail. Her hands and feet were bare and clawed, and she wasn't wearing much anywhere else, either. Her reddish brown hair fell just below her shoulders, and three horns poked out from beneath her bangs. Lifting her eyelids, she revealed two golden irises with slanted pupils, and used them to examine Ryuu from top to bottom.

[b]?W-Who... [i]What[/i] are you??[/b] Ryuu corrected himself in a slightly panicked tone, holding the book up as if he would use it as a shield should the woman prove to be violent. She walked towards him, causing him to pull the book up just under his eyes, and suddenly fell to one knee, bowing her head. Stunned, Ryuu unintentionally let the book fall from his hands and land on his foot with a weight it seemed to gain out of nowhere. He let out a brief howl as he grabbed his foot and lost his balance, landing on the floor in front of the bowing woman. She lifted her head slightly to see him sprawled out on the ground before her and let out a quiet chuckle.

[b]?Sh-Shut up,?[/b] he snapped, finding himself blushing slightly as he scrambled to a sitting position. She obediently fell silent and lowered her head again, confusing Ryuu even more. [b] ?At least tell me your name,?[/b] he sighed, now sounding much calmer.

[b]?Reith the Halberdier.?[/b]

A moment after she said her name, he blinked and suddenly found himself back in the book store between the shelves he had been filling. Looking around, he wondered what the hell had just happened.

[b]?I guess it was just a dream,?[/b] he said with a sigh of relief, though he also felt strangely disappointed. He quickly finished his task (startling his boss and coworkers) and left for home on his bike. He was used to eating alone most of the time since his parents left early and worked late, so he rummaged through the refrigerator before taking his makeshift meal upstairs to his room. Opening the door, he was surprised to see the same dark red book from the ?dream? he had had back at work resting on his bed. He nearly dropped his plate, but managed to keep from spilling it everywhere and placed it on his desk before slowly approaching it.

[b]?Still think it was a dream??[/b] came a female voice from behind him as he touched the tattered cover. It took less than a second for the voice to register in his mind, and he let out a small chuckle. Whoever that old man was, if Ryuu ever saw him again, he was going to definitely kick his butt. Turning around, he stared at Reith with a grin and offered her his desk chair as a seat.

[b]?So, [i]Reith[/i], you gonna explain all of this to me or what??[/b][/indent][/size]
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[FONT="Tahoma"]A note to anybody in competition for a spot, there is one Adjutant left if you would rather secure yourself a spot with confidence, if either of you wants to do that, let me know and i'll await your finished sign up and start the RP up as soon as possible. Which would also then mean, those who havn't finished yet, finish up :p. Everything looks great so far, excited to start this one up.[/FONT]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"][B]Name:[/B] Jamie Yufella
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Appearance:[/B] Click [url=http://www.cavalierdaily.com/.Archives/2005/02/03/ae-brighteyes.gif]here[/url]. He also sometimes spikes his hair into a fohawk.
[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Groningen, Holland.
[B]Personality:[/B] A punk *** kid that hangs out with the wrong crowd. Always getting into trouble with the authorities, Jamie needs to learn how to grow up and act his age if he's to get anywhere in life.

He's very bitter towards anyone that tries to get him to open up, even his own parents. Mostly he's just angry all the time, though a bit of a joker. He does like to make himself look good and he likes being bad ***.

[B]Adjutant:[/B] The Myrmidon
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://www.lineage2-online.com/gallery/albums/concept-art/org_pic_orc_1.jpg]Kite, with most of his armor off.[/url]
[B]Adjutant's Skills:[/B]
[INDENT][B]Whirlwind Swing:[/B] Kite spins his pole arm fast enough to create a force of wind strong enough to push back all enemies within 10 yards of him. Offensive.
[B]Concentration Offense:[/B] The Myrmidon goes into a state of complete offensive concentration, increasing his strength and depleting his defense until he breaks concentration. Offensive.
[B]Sleeper Stun:[/B] Kite strikes with the bunt of his pole arm stunning the enemy for a certain amount of time. Offensive.

[B]Battleworn Skin:[/B] Kite sits and hardens his own skin to increase his defense. Defensive.
[b]Chant of Thunder:[/b] Kite lets out a loud cry, intimidating all enemies within 30 yards of him. Sometimes causes them to run away. Otherwise it just temporarily cuts their accuracy. Defensive.
[b]Concentration Defense:[/b] The Myrmidon goes into a state of complete defensive concentration, increasing his defense and depleting his strength until he breaks concentration. Defensive.[/INDENT]

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