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RPG Pokemon: Crater Academy


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[SIZE="3"]Welcome to Crater Academy.[/SIZE]
[COLOR="DarkRed"]The story begins 10,000 years ago when the legendary pokemon Groudon rose out of a lone volcano on the sea between the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. While the pokemon rose out of the volcano the magma oozed down creating the island which is now home of Crater academy. Kyogre of course wasn?t far behind and rose threw the volcanic rock making the lake of Crater academy, a battle raged for months making the Island larger until it was only miles from Mossdeep City. The trainers of the time period and their beloved pokemon did all they could to stop the battle, but all failed. Then when there seemed to be no hope, a pokemon from the sky flew down from the heavens Rayquaza.
The mighty pokemon silenced the battle with one blow sending the great pokemon back to their eternal slumbers.

Time passed and natives moved onto the island making homes and monuments, and of course bringing pokemon which now inhabit the area. About a hundred years went by and civilization flourished, towns were built and a mysterious religion worshipping the 3 legendary pokemon the created the islands. More time passed and 2 large pieces of land broke off from the main island which now are the pokemon sanctuaries where trainers on the island go to catch pokemon and attend certain classes. About 5,000 years ago, a deadly disease struck the people of the island killing only few at first but soon killing hundreds by the weeks and thousands by the months until no one was left.
Now in the year of 2007 an academy built only 5 years ago is accepting new students for the year to teach them to be not only pokemon masters but coordinators as well.
Here you will learn not only about pokemon and how to raise and treat them but everything from ancient history of the island, to certain types of pokemon. So will you join the academy!?

((Sign ups are still open))[/COLOR]

((My first post I would like everyone els to start as if they have been in the academy for a day ro so and received all of there basic gear for school))

[COLOR="Purple"]Craig walked out of his dorm room, ready to start his new career at the academy. After the orentation with the dean Mr. Ketchum, Craig was filled with excitement for the future to come. He arrived outside and looked around trying to find the path to the sanctuaries, but had no luck. "I guess I'll have to check the reception office..." he said softly as he began to walk towards the academy, after a bit of walking he heard the cry of a Murkrow. "How strange Mr. Ketchum said pokemon don't often appear outside! I just wish I had a pokeball..." he said smiling as the pokemon flew promonantly threw the sky. He took out his pokedex and pointed it at murkrow, recording it's data before moving onto the academy central.[/COLOR]
Metalcore501, do not doublepost unless your word count exceeds the limit - and your posts aren't even close to that. You really should know this by now.
- Sandy[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Sean opened the door to the school and walked in. He smiled and then took out his pokeball and let it open. As it did, a bright flash lit the area, then fadded, leaving a small armless pokemon looking around.

"Hey Bagon. How are ya buddy? Sorry for the long trip. Lets walk around a little bit and find out whats going on this year." He started walking as his pokemon let out a little growl and smiled, walking beside him.

"Hey, is that a Bagon? I haven't seen one of those before." Sean turned around to see a kid pointing a pokedex at his pokemon. Sean smiled and let out a sigh. "Hi, my name is Craig. Are you new here?" The guy watched Bagon as it stepped in front of Sean.

"Huh, oh, no. This is my second year. I started late, and well, what can I say. This is my one and only Bagon. He is pretty strong, being able to train agianst my fathers Salamance." Sean smiled and then bent down and patted Bagon on the head. The small pokemonl turned to him and let out a happy sound and then turned back to Craig. "And by the way, my name is Sean. Sean Williams. Nice to meat you." He shook the boys hand then started on his way around the shool. "See ya round." He waved as they went around a corner, out of sight.
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" What, I can't catch pokemon here." Cody exclaimed with a booming voice. " You can, but in the safari," These are the dean's word before Cody went stamping out of the dean's office. Kids were staring at him from the end of the hall. When he exited another kid walked in. Cody walked towards the bench and took a seat. Then he heard the cry of a murkrow. He ran torwards the sound. " No pokemon catchable outside the safari, huh. Then what is that sound if their is no pokemon here." Cody had snuck some pokeballs from his mansion into the academy. When he got there their was already a trainer there to try to claim the prize. Cody, before seeing the outcome ran off to look for another pokemon. After seeing that pokemon he had a confidence boost in finding a pokemon. He was running torwards the sandtomb knowing that there was pokemon there. He intered the ancient atifact with confidence. He found a duskull attacking some acheologist. This is just what he was looking for. A strong, cool, well.... a pokemon like him. He sent out his cyndaquil to help weaken the duskull. The cyndaquil was commanded to use a tackle. " What happened, I attacked the duskull and he didn't even get a scratch on him," said cody puzzled. " You stupid kid, Normal attacks don't work on ghost type," exclaimed one of the archeologist. " What do you expect from a begginer. Ok, you heard him lets use a fire type move. Ember, lets go," cody was confident he was going to catch his first pokemon. " That must sting, so come into this pokeball," Cody said as he threw the pokeball.
Everyone was looking at the pokeball in suspince.
Everbody let out their breaths and thanked the student that helped them and saved them.
He was pretty happy. What will happen next in this adventure.
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[COLOR="Blue"]?Phew, that took forever. I?m never walking around the campus again?.[/COLOR] Skyler stopped For a second and took out a poke ball, he clicked a button and a flash of light appeared, then left leaving behind a little pokemon called Torchic. The Torchic immediately sprang to life.

[COLOR="YellowGreen"]?Torchic? TOR? CHIC?? [/COLOR]the Torchic would not stop yelling. Skyler started to yell at the Torchic, [COLOR="Blue"]?Don?t be like that Torchic. I told you we were coming to a place you had never been before? [/COLOR]

The Torchic calmed down a little, then it started to run ahead of Skyler as he walked to the campus central. [COLOR="blue"] ?Oi! Torchic! Over here, this way? [/COLOR]Then Skyler noticed what his Torchic had ran at; it was a kid with a Bagon that had just turned a corner.

The kid noticed just in time and shouted [COLOR="Cyan"]?Bagon, use Thunder shock!? [/COLOR]The blast hit the Torchic and it fell to the ground in a heap.

?[COLOR="Blue"]Great? Torchic could you make me some friends not enemies? [/COLOR]Skyler took out his Torchic?s poke ball and clicked it again; a flash of light and the Torchic was gone.

The kid with the Bagon walked over to him. Laughing he said; [COLOR="Cyan"]?Sorry about your Torchic. I didn?t know it was wild. By the way my names Sean, are you new here??[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]?Nope second year but my parents never let me actually tour the place. My name?s Skyler, Nice to meet Sean?[/COLOR]
With that, the two boys walked away together into the campus central.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Aryanna streched and looked down as her electrike stared up at her from the floor.
"Did I kick you off again?"
The pokemon growled and looked away laying his head on his paws.
"Oh, c'mon Ject, don't be that way, please?"
He looked up at her and jumped to his feelt letting out a somwhat metalic bark, his electricity echoing in his throat.
"Great, lets go see what's gooing on, I bet this year is going to be even better then last year. And who knows who'll I'll be teamed up with."
he let out another bark and jogged infront of her, a few other third years waved at her as her and Ject walked by, they knew her for the fact that she never kept him in a pokeball. She had other pokemon but they were with her parnets, a vulpix and a vaporeon waited for her return in a few years. She turned the corner running into the Dean.
"Mr. Ketchum, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"
"Ms. Nekoi, shouldn't you be with the others welcomeing the new comers?"
"Oh, uh...yeah."
"Then go."
Ject let out a metalic bark and followed her as she ran for the welcomeing hall to seei in the newer trainers that were still arriveing.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Oliver shut the door to his dorm room and flopped onto the bed. While he lay face down in this pillow, he though about the orientation he just got back from. They weren?t allowed to catch Pokemon out side of the safari, what a stupid rule. It didn?t make a difference anyway, even if he caught every Pokemon on the island, his Eevee would still be the strongest out of the loot.

He got off his bed, thinking how it wasn?t as good as the one at home, and started to unpack his bags thinking off the tasks he was sent here to do.


?You have to attend the academy, Oliver? said his mother.

?Why mother, the training I?m doing here, at home, is far better than what every I will be doing there? Oliver said crossing his arms and pacing around the living room.

?Do not question your mother?s and my judgment, you are going because you are weak, and we are embarrassed to have brought you into this wor-? His father was cut off but a loud knock on the door.

?Oh sweetie, Victor is here for you? his mother said to his father.

?Good I need a break from this? situation? he paused ?This resort in the Kanto region is suppose to be the best around. Will you be joining me there after you drop him off at his school, my sweet?? Oliver?s father nodded towards him.

?Of course? And with that Oliver?s father left.

?Mom, no one from the family ever goes under a different training program, we are suppose to be masters brought up by masters.? Oliver didn?t want to be the first to break the family tradition.

?Well, then you need to prove that you are in fact a child of masters, to begin this training.? She flipped open a magazine and started to skim through the pages.

?How can I do it?? Oliver asked.

?Oh, go undefeated your entire stay the school, all the way till you graduate, oh and graduate top of your class, and maybe, just maybe, you will catch the interest of the family? She didn?t even look up from magazine while she spoke.[/I]

Back in the present Oliver thought about going undefeated, for many years, that shouldn?t be to hard, so long as we aren?t up against some on a bunch of years ahead of us he thought as he released his Eevee from its ball. She pranced around the room before settling in his chair.

?I?m sure that we can beat every one in the same year as us, and probable most of the year above us.? He said to his Pokemon, who napped in the chair.

?Compared to what we have been through, this will be cake? Oliver looked up at his Pokemon who continued to ignore him.
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Cody was surprised that the pokemon that he had just caught had been so easy to catch. Knowing he was in touble from going into the forbiden sandtombs he ran out quickly thinking that he had to hide somewhere. He ran without even calling his cyndaquil back into it's pokeball, but being partnered up with a fast trainer th little fire pokemon had learned to run like him. " Come on cyndaquil, lets go to our dorm. You better hope our roomate isn't there." Cody was painting for breath when he got in his dorm. He looked around right before jumping on the stairs to get the top bunk. When he looked around on his bed to search for his roomate, he was realieved that his two roomies weren't there. Then came one of his roomates bursting though the door. His new roomate exspelled a deep beath while saying, " Torchick, this is our dorm sweet dorm." Cody's roomate started to climb the stairs to the top bunk when " The top bunk's taken." " Oh, I didn't know anyone was here. My name is Scyler, and yours is," Scyler said this with real interest in learning Cody's name. " The name's Sasori, Cody Sasori," when Cody made that joke it was intended to be funny, which it wasn't. They heard a creeking sound koming from the door. Cody was expecting it to be the dean, out to get him. But Scyler expected it to be the other roomate, coming in to lie down on his bed.
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Sean looked in the room and smiled. He waved and then started to leave. "Let me know if you need anything. My room is down the hall. Have fun." He left the room and then started walking to the main hall as his Bagon started to growl.

Sean looked down at the pokemon and then looked up and smiled. He saw a dog like pokemon about twenty feet away and he let out a sigh. "Bagon, relax. We are not here to fight, we never are." He patted the pokemon on the head and then went to stand next to the other pokemon's trainer.

"So, your Electrike looks alot stronger than it was last year. How was your summer?" He smiled as he watched new kids enter the school. He glanced over at her, a smile on her face.

"It was alright. And yes, he has gotten stronger, and so has your Bagon. He is getting closer to Shelgon isn't he?" Sean nodded as he started to laugh.

"Well, Aryanna, see you around. Oh, and to let you know, I will beat you this year, our even record will be one sidded by the end of the year. Later." He waved as his pokemon fallowed him twards his room. He smiled, she was one of th only people that he actually had enjoyed fighting the previous year. It was going to be fun trying to beat her.
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((great outcome guys, and I ask if you havn't already looked at the underground thread to do so please.))

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Craig walked up to the receptionist, happy to see an older student he could talk to later and asked her "Excuse me, but could you tell me where the road to the sanctuary is?" The woman smiled "How about this.." she said handing him a paper. "It's a map of the island, Mr. Ketchum told us to hand them to every student. " I have also been informed to tell you, that soon to stop back here when the Poke'tch app. will be out of the map" Craig nodded and walked back outside. He studied the map for a moment and swiftly put it in his bag, "ok, turtwig come on out!" he said throwing his pokeball . The pokeball popped open and a red light flashed out reveiling his bestfriend turtwig, the pokeball returned to his hand as did the pokemon return to his head and began biting on it. "Ok ok Turtwig!" he said laughing as he took his trusty pokemon off of his head, "I missed you to, but we have to find us a new friend!" Turtwig jumped "Tur turtwig!" he said in Happyness.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Craig and Turtwig arrived at the sanctuary gate soon after walking down it, and were surly let in with a smile from the guard. "Here are 5 pokeballs use them wisely." the man said to him, Craig nodded and walked into the zone. after walking a ways and recording numorous pokemon data he sat down by a tree, "So" he began as his pokemon sat next to him What should we look for?" he asked him Turtwig looked up in the tree above them and saw the mukrow from erlyer! "No Turtwig, it's a flying type!" but his Turtwig didn't listen and shot out a razor leaf, the pokemon was hit and fell out of the tree. The Murkrow stood up and caaad at them, "Ok turtwig if you want to, use another razor leaf!" the small pokemon shot out more leaves at the other pokemon hitting it once again. "Wow... It seems so weak...." Craig looked around trying to find a way to pin down the pokemon, "Ok turtwig charge at the Murkrow with headbutt!" Turtwig nodded and charged. Just as craig predicted the pokemon flew up and Turwig smashed into the tree knocking down a coconut smashing the murkrow as it rose into the air knocking it again to the ground. "Turtwig headbutt!" Turtwig shot from the tree into the murkrow sending a loud shreik as it fell to the ground, "Great job!" he said to turtwig as he threw the pokeball at the pokemon. It hit against the KO'd pokemon and sucked it up with a flash of light, it sat on the ground and toppled about 5 times before pinging. Craig picked up the pokeball and left handing the guard the remaining 4 pokeballs, "SO what'd you catch young man?!" he asked in a cheerful tone "A Murkrow.." Craig replied aweing in the guards size. "Oh you caught a rare one, not many of them are on this island and even less appear in the daytime..." craig explained the encounter to the guard the hole time paying attention to him. "Yes you obtained a rare Murkrow young man no one on this island has caught this pokemon, you make sure you treat it well..." Craig nodded and walked off back to the academy. Craig arrived at his dorm room and walked inside hearing two boys talking, he closed the door behind him and saw a boy on the top bunk and another below "Umm hi.... you guys roomies?" he asked them sitting on his bed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"][SIZE="1"]I hate to have to say this to you the second time in the same thread: do not double-post, use the edit button instead. - Sandy[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Skyler looked up at a boy he thought was his age, closed the door behind him and said, ?Hi, my name?s Craig. What are???

?My name is Cody. Don?t forget that. You?ll probably use my name a lot when you tell everybody about how badly I?m going to beat you in our battle!?. After his speech, Cody walked out of the dorm with his pokemon with a quick, ?Later? and sped down the hall.

Laughing Skyler said to Craig, ?As you probably know, that?s Cody. He?s weird when you first meet him but I guess he?s a good person. Oh, by the way my name?s Skyler, nice to meet you, Craig. Craig returned Skyler?s greeting with a grin then sat on his bed. Craig started to talk, ?So Skyler, how many years have you been here??

Skyler replied, ?This is my second year. You might not remember me because my parents kept me away from a lot of people during my punishment last year.? Then there was a knock on the door and a girl, a little taller then him, walked in. She spoke, ?Hey, My name?s Aryanna.? [/COLOR][/SIZE]

OOC:I hope this works everyone, i really couldn't think of much.
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Sean walked into his dorm room and smiled. He looked around and noticed somone on the bed at the far corner. Sean smiled as he turned to him with a frown on his face. "How are you doing?" He waved a bit as his bagon walked in behind him and ran over to his pokemon that was sleeping.

"Wow, that is a very nice eevee you have. Its coat is very sleek and shiny. But, something is different with it." Sean petted the pokemon as it sturred and then looked from him to his bagon and then back to him. It let out a small moan and then hopped off the char.

"What did you do to my pokemon?" The boy asked, a little irritated. He sat up, setting his feet on the floor next to his bed. His eevee jumped up to the foot of his bad and laid back down.

"I didn't do anything." He set his bag on his bed as his bagon started jumping around. Sean set a bowl on the ground and then poured a few golf sized balls into the bowl. He then set out another bowl and put a few more into that one. In a quick motion, the boys eevee jumped off the bed and started eating.

"What are you feeding it? And, just who are you?" The boy asked, getting a little more irritated.

"Me, my name is Sean Williams. Its nice to meet you. And I am here to learn how to be a better breeder. Its hard ya know. But, I enjoy it. And going by the way your eevee is eating, it enjoys the food. He smiled as he saw the other boys face getting a little darker.
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[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Cody was walking down the hall way, nowwing he did something bad he would't be caught. Then..... plop, Cody was on the floor with his handcuffed hands behind his back. "You have the right to remain silence, do you," the officer interuppted by the dean. "He knows the drill, just let me handle this. Come with me," the dean wasn't very happy when he said this.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]They were walking towards the deans office, and Cody didn't seem scared. When they took a seat the dean started the conversation with "Well I think you know what your here for. Well I'm going to make it short, you can keep the duskull.''[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]"What, after I went into the forbidden area," said Cody puzzled. " Well, since you saved the archeologist, we will permit you to keep the pokemon. If you do it again we will have to expell you from the academy, or worst stripped of your trainer right," said the dean with a releaved voice.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Cody was releaved to have gotten that of his shoulders. The dean pionted his finger in the way of the door. Cody left, and feeling confused that he got of so lightly walked to his dorm to sit down on the bed. His roomies were stairing at him like he was crazy.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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((nice post Grameil, I like the way you handled it))

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Craig smiled at Skyler "I'm a newby, my father sent me here to keep me out of trouble at the archeological site.... well thats what I think" Craig was shocked a bit at seeing the girl pop in so suddenly "Hi.." he said with a short wave. "Well hey!" he said looking at skyer "Im going to town for the rest of the day, I want to get some supplies before classes begin tommorow." he rose from the bed "You want to come along?" he asked getting ready to go.[/COLOR]

((Not to long but I think it'll do.))
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Sean looked around his room and then sighed. He fell back onto the bed as a knock on his door made him sit up quickly. He walked over and opened the door to see Aryanna smiling at him.

"Uhh, hey Aryanna. What up? Is there something I can help you with?" Sean smiled back and then looked back at the two pokemon as they finished eating and then started chatting amongst themselves.

"Well, I was looking for you and I think I walked in on a few new students here. I didn't mean to startle them, but I found you in the long run." She smiled and pulled him outside the door and then shut it behind him. "I have something I want to ask you."

Sean took a step back and then looked around the hallway. There was noone else around, just Aryanna and him. He nodded and then got a smile on his face. "On one condition. You wanna have dinner with me tonight? We can say its to catch up on things that happened while we were away." He smiled agian and then waited for her reaction.

He started to lean up agianst the wall when he heard a loud bang on the door and then silence. He heard the bang agian, and then he heard a mumble from inside the room. He opened to see bagon sitting next to the door about ready to headbut it agian.

"What are you doing?" He picked the small dragon pokemon up and then looked back at Aryanna. So, you willing to have dinner with me to discuss whatever it was that you wanted to talk about?" He smiled again as bagon started to growl in a happy manner.
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]"Ah! Finally here!" Karzar said as he stood in front of the school's front door. "Alright Dratini, come on out!" Karzar shouted as he takes a pokeball from his and throws it into the air. A red light glow as the pokeball opens to let out Dratini. "You've been in that pokeball all day, but I think it's time to get some fresh air. What do you think?" The Dratini nodded with gratitude as he follows Karzar into the academy. As Karzar heads to the office to get a sheet saying what dorm he's in, he tells Dratini, "Just wait Dratini, you'll become a Dragonair before you know it. Like my father said, I am the next generation of dragon pokemon trainers." As Karzar walks into the office, he sees a lady sitting on her desk with a laptop, doing some paper work and asks. "Excuse me, but I didn't a paper saying where my dorm was for this year. I was hoping you would have an extra that would tell me where my dorm is." "Why yes, I do!" The lady said as she turns around and gets a paper from a filing cabinet."This should have the info you need." "Thanks!" Said Karzar with a smile on his face. As he leaves the office, he tells Dratini, "Be careful though, the trainers from last year are gonna be tougher this year." After the statement, he begins to think about the trainers like Aryanna and Sean. After he gets out of the building, he walks around the campus, looking his dorm building. "Hmmm.......Bingo! I've found it!" Karzar saids with relief as he walks towards the building. Just he gets to the building, he tells Dratini. "Well buddy, we're here!" He then opens the door and walks into the building. Just as he walks down the hallway, he sees to people talking to each other. "Those guys look familiar." Karzar said as he takes off his sunglasses and takes a better glance at the two trainers. "Oh yeah! It's Aryanna and Sean. Might as well say hi to them." As Karzar walks towards the two trainers he says, "Hi Aryanna! Hi Sean! How's it going? Funny thing was I was just thinking about you two a while ago." As Karzar gives them a smile, Dratini jumps up and down with happiness. "Oh! And Dratini says hi!"[/COLOR]
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Oliver got up off of the bed are recalled Eevee to its pokeball and headed for the door. Sean was leaning on the door, and Oliver had to push his way past Sean, the girl who came to the door, and some guy. With a quick “Pardon me” he walked down the hallway.

“Hey, where are you off to?” asked Sean.

“To catch a Pokemon, I want to get my attempt in before it gets dark.” Oliver said not even pausing to turn around and face the boy he was talking to and walked down the stairs. After he got to the ground floor, he head to the receptionist, who was giving out maps to new students. After leaving the main office, he look at his map to find the closest sanctuary.

Shortly after arriving, the guard gave him his pokeballs and he was aloud to enter. He had never had to fight wild Pokemon before only ones owned by the professors in his family’s estate. He wandered around looking for a Pokemon that was powerful. Eventually after beating some common Pokemon, he came across a Beldum. He ran it through his pokedex and found that this one was oddly colored. The picture in the pokedex was blue, but the one before him was silver. He knew Beldum were rare enough, and a shinny one was that much rarer, he wanted it.

“Eevee!” Oliver released his Pokemon form its ball. “Attack the Beldum with extreme speed.”

Eevee moved so fast, it disappeared for a second, crashing in to Beldum. Beldum responded with a Take Down that miss due to Eevee’s Double Team attack. Oliver ordered Eevee to continue to attack the Beldum, who wasn’t taking any damage and Eevee was getting tired out fast. Eventually, Beldum floated away into some bushes.

“Quick Eevee after it” Oliver and his Pokemon followed the Beldum into the bushes, but couldn’t find it. “Dang it!” Oliver was mad; all of Eevee’s attacks weren’t even damaging the steel pokemon’s tough skin.

“Come on Eevee, we’ll be back for it after we get a Pokemon who can damage it.” Oliver and Eevee left the area where the Beldum was. They walked around the area, until they ran into a Baltoy.

“Lets go Eevee, this Pokemon is a ground type, it will help us get that Beldum tomorrow.” Oliver had new hope in his eyes. Eevee mad quick work of the Baltoy, and Oliver caught it.

“Good work Eevee, even if the Baltoy is a lot weaker than you, if we get it to use some ground moves on the Beldum, we should have the advantage when trying to get it.” Oliver said as they made there way to the exit. Eevee nodded in agreement.

Oliver returned the 4 pokeballs he didn’t use and asked the guard if there was a place to heal his Eevee, the guard showed him on the map. Oliver thanked him and left, after he stood in a short line his Eevee was healed and her started back to his dorm room.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]skyler stood up quickly "Sure!" he said collecting his thing, "Excuse us" Craig said as he stepped to the side of the girl, letting them both out of the room. The two boys exited the dorms and quickly arrived on the main road, "So.." Craig began holding his hands on the back of his head. "What pokemon do you have?" he asked him, "A torchick, had it with me for a while." "Really I guess opposites really do attract! I have a Turtwig!" he exclaimed sure he was going to make a new friend. "I just recently caught a Murkrow today too." Skyler was surprised that he had caught a Murkrow "Really I didn't know they were on this island, let alone appear in the daytime!", "Yeah thats what the guard said too.".
The two boys walked a while more as the sun began to set, when Skyler began to speak "So, what are we getting in town?" he asked Craig "Well," he said taking out his school list "It says on here that he need to get Anceint Gyphs for history, and Pokemon Basic Care for well pokemon care. and for cooking we need Poffins and Berries For All." Craigs eyes widened at the next part of the list "It says here that for Battling stratigies we need, Type Basics, approx. 10 potions, and 15 full heals. And besides all of this I want to get more than all of this, my father and I are studying the Ruins on the island and need more history books. They arrived in town close after they finished reading off their supply list, "I think we should head to the pokemon center!" Craig exclaimed in awe of the large town. Skyler nodded and they walked into the center, It was full of people and there were three Nurse Joys instead of one. They walked up to one of the woman "Hello, how may I help you?" she ask happily "Can I get you to heal me pokemon please?" Craig asked, she nodded and he handed her his two pokeballs. In a matter of moments she arrived back and he took the pokeballs back before walking out of the center with Skyler "I guess we should head to the book shop now." he said to Craig, he nodded and walked off to the shop. [/COLOR]

((Finish it up when you get the time ok Blayzerman, I would also like to say there is a new update it the underground thread. And would like you all to go check it out.))
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Sean watched his roomate leave and then he let out a sigh. "I have feeling that he doesn't like me." He shook his head as Aryanna giggled a little bit and Kazar let out a heh.

"And what gives that impression?" Kazar asked, watching the boy leave.

"I fed his eevee, and it made him a little angry. But, it was hungry, and well, its my nature to feed pokemon." He smiled and then got a strange feeling in his gut. He turned as he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He frowned as the person got closer.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" He watched his father wave and then walk up to him.

"Hey, son. How is it going? I have something to discuss with the dean and so, I though I would say hi before I go and see him." He turned to Aryanna and Kazar and smiled. "Its nice to meet you. I am Seans father, Jason. Tell me, has be been causing any trouble for you two?"

"Sean, no. If anything, he has helped me with my pokemon. He is pretty good when it comes to connecting with them." Kazar said with a smile. "Hang on, your Jason Williams? The breeder?" Sean's father nodded and then turned to Sean.

"Yes I am. But don't let that stop you from trying to beat him. And just to let you two know, his bagon is really close to evolving. My salamance has been training with them hard all summer." He smiled as Kazar's face went blank.

"Sean, I didn't know your father had a salamance. Those things are powerful." Sean nodded as his fhater waved and started to walk away.

"I have a strange feeling that we will be seeing him alot more now. Darn. He is going to want to battle soon too. He likes to beat up on my and bagon. Oh man, how can this get any worse?" Sean lowered his head and let out a long sigh.
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[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Finally, when Cody noticed that his roomies had left the room Cody exclaimed "Hey, wait for me." Although Cody was in a daze at the time he herd them say they were going to the Groutkey. Cody was running in the middle of the road trying to get his freinds. Then he spoted them walking toward the book shop. "Hey, I'm right here wait for me," Cody said running even though he was exaughsted.

"Huh," Scyler and Craig both turned around. "Wait for me, I'm coming too," At the time he had stopped running and started dragging his feet along. He had finally caught up to them Scyler exclaimed "What do you want." "I'm here do what ever your doing," Cody was feeling like he wasn't want when saying that. "Well, you can come with us if you want," said Craig.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

(OOC: Sorry their isn't much in it, but i just wanted to come along and you told blazer to finish it.)
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((Thanks Grameil, I wasn't sure when he'd get on.))

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Skyler, Cody, and Craig walked into the book store together. "Wow!" Cody said looking at all of the books "Yeah I was here a couple of days ago with my dad, I guess there's a section not allowed for the students." Craig explained pointing at a door with a sing that read 'Teachers Only!'. After looking around for a bit in the store and collection the books they needed they approched the counter. "How may I help you?" said a huge man he looked much like that hagrid fella Craig had seen in that harry somthing movie. Craig placed his books up first the other two soon after him, "School book." he said with a sigh "Very well, take good care of them!" he exlcaimed putting them in seperate bags. He handed them their books and left the shop. "I guess the next place we need to go is-" Skyler interrupted "The Pokemart!" the boys laughed for a moment and walked off to the mart.[/COLOR]

((I love to keep my posts open ended, either Blayzerman finish this or Grameil :D ))
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]"You've been worried alot lately. And it's only the first day here at the academy, so I see nothing to worry about. But anyway, my room is just down this hallway. Nice seeing you both again. Come Dratini." Karzar said as waves while he walks down the hallway to his room, with Dratini following him. "He's a very nice guy! It was nice seeing him again!" Aryanna said. "Yeah. I wonder when his Dratini will evolve into a Dragonair. (But I'm still worried that he'll be challenging me more often. He's one of the toughest trainers I've seen in battle!)" Said Sean as he watches Karzar walk down the hallway. Just as Karzar reaches his room, he opens the door and closes it. "Not bad, not bad at all!" Karzar said as he puts his guitar case against the wall and takes out a laptop from his backpack and places it on a table. "Alright then, let's see how the other pokemon at home are doing." Karzar hooks up the laptop as he turns it on. With a satellite his parents launched into space, he is able to see how his pokemon are doing through video camera's linked into the satellite. Karzar does have a Charmeleon, Umbreon, and a Scyther at home, but they help Karzar's Dratini train. "Alright then, let's see how the others are doing. Charmeleon is doing fine, Umbreon is sleeping, and Sycther is helping mom cut the grass. Seems everything's okay. And I see dad is training Dragonite and Charizard Awesome!" Karzar shut off his laptop for now and returns Dratini back into it's pokeball. "Dratini, return!" The pokeball Karzar is holding opens up as a glowing red lazer appears, capturing Dratini and putting it back into it's pokeball. "Let's see now, what to do next.....Pokemart! Just going to see what they have."

Karzar opens the door, walks down the hallway, and leaves the building. Just as he walks to the pokemart, he sees all the wild pokemon running around such as Mankeys, Aipoms, and Primeapes swinging from tree to tree, bird pokemon like Pidgeys, Sparrows, Taillows, Swellows, and other bird like pokemon flying. "Really nice to see pokemon come out on a beautiful day like this! It'll be really nice to go to that forbbiden area everyone's been talking about. Would be very cool to see a legendary pokemon there!" Karzar said with a smile on his face. Karzar has been always fascinated with the wonders of pokemon and how pokemon and people interact with each other. "I see the pokemart up ahead!" Before Karzar gets to the pokemoart, he quickly stops and notices something wierd. He sees a moving object that's somehow invisible, with only water-ripple like effects ressembling the shape of the pokemon that were noticeable. "Woah! Gotta take a picture of this!" Karzar quickly takes out his digital camera anf takes a quickly photo of the invisible pokemon. Just as the picture was taken, the pokemon quickly flies away. "Was that what I think it was? Well, atleast a got a picture of it." Still with a puzzled look on his face, Karzar continues on to Gourtkey to reach the pokemart. After the walk to Gourtkey, Karzar can already see the pokemart up ahead. "Found it." Karzar said as he walks towards to the pokemart. Just before entering the pokemart, Karzar sits down on a bench and thinks about some stuff. "(What the heck was that, a legendary pokemon. Must be. I'll have to find an archeologist, they know.......I hope.)" With a big sigh, Karzar lays his head back and says to himself, "I have funny feeling that something wierd is gonna happen."[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]The three trainers were walking to the Pokemart when Cody spotted a kid sitting on the bench by the PokeMart. "Hey, I know that kid," Cody said eager to see him. "Hi Cody, whats up. I haven't seen you in, well, a year," Kazar was extatic with energy. "Jax (Kazars Nickname Cody gave him) and me started the academy with each other, I was younger then him though," Cody was glad to explain.

"Hay Cody we didn't finish our end of the year battle last year. We were forced to leave, so when we are done in the pokemart do you want to battle," Jax said soundin sorta serious. "Sure, I always love to battle," said wanting to battle so much he could barely hold it in. They walked in the store and Craig looked at his list to start off there.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
(OOC: K somone finish it for me or get me to the courtyard.)
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[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Fixedsys"]Skyler ran into the pokemart, after introducing himself to Cody?s friend. He quickly spotted the potions and antidotes and grabbed handfuls.

?Hey Skyler where are you?? he heard Craig call from the door of the pokemart.

?Over in the potions section, Craig!? he called back.? Skyler walked over to the counter and paid the person behind it for their battle supplies. Finally Craig and Cody found him and they headed out to the courtyard, where Cody would battle.

Cody and his Friend Jax walked over into the courtyard for their battle, they each took out a pokeball and shouted go?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

OOC: sorry it is really short. I?m sorda busy lol. Oh well, and by go. I mean like ?Go Torchic?
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[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]As they walk into the store, Karzar looks at everything that's hung on the shelves and in display for sale. [COLOR="Green"]"Hmmm....Nothing here interests me."[/COLOR] Karzar said as he walks back outside. [COLOR="Green"]"Where are you going? Aren't you getting supplies?"[/COLOR] Cody asked right before Karzar walked out of the door. [COLOR="Green"]"No, I already have supplies I need for class. I just came to see if there was anything here that interests me."[/COLOR] Karzar said as he leaves the pokemart. Karzar then walks back the courtyard, waiting for Cody to arrive. Fifteen minutes later, he sees a group of three boys walking towards him. [COLOR="Green"]"Hmmm.....Cody's here!" [/COLOR]Karzar said to himself as he walks towards Cody and his friends. [COLOR="Green"]"So, I take it you've brought an audience." [/COLOR]Karzar said. [COLOR="Green"]"But enough of that, let's get this battle started!" [/COLOR]Karzar quickly points Craig and tells him, "You'll be our judge, ok?" "Alright." Craig said with a nod.

Both trainers then stood across from each other from about 20 feet. [COLOR="Green"]"This match is between the two trainers. Cody and Karzar. Each trainer is only allowed to use one pokemon in this battle. Hey, I'm good at this!" [/COLOR]Craig said as both trainers take out their pokemon. [COLOR="Green"]"Dratini, I chose you!" [/COLOR]Karzar yelled as he throws his pokeball into the air. [COLOR="Green"]"Cyndaquil, I chose you!"[/COLOR] Cody yelled as he throws his pokeball into the air. Both pokebals open up as a red lazer comes out to let both pokemon out. [COLOR="Green"]"Alright, let's get this party started[/COLOR]!" Karzar said as he readjusts his sunglasses.[/COLOR]

OOC: You can finish from here garmeil.
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[SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"](OOC:Green is Jax and red is Cody. Ohh And this is the way i'm going to battle forever.)
[COLOR="Red"]"Cyndaquil, lets see a ember."[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Green"]"Dodge, quiwkly dratini."[/COLOR]
The dratini dodge the attack with ease.
[COLOR="Red"]"Ok now, while he's in the air, use a headbutt Cyndaquil."[/COLOR]
It was a direct hit. The dratini was hurt very bad.
[COLOR="Green"]"Come on get dratini, you have to get up."[/COLOR]
Then dratini got up.

(OOC: SRY About it being so short but he has to do some of the battle also.)[/FONT][/SIZE]
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