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Dragon Warrior

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[size=1]In a far off land, one riddled with the unexpected, a bard seeks other musicians to undergo a quest across the world in search of an enchanted tree. Only this tree, upon being woken up by a magical song, can save the bard from an ancient evil tracking his family's blood and forever stem its horrible terror.[/size][/center]

[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Welcome, friends, to [b]The Tree Waker,[/b] an enchanted fairy tale that'll cause you to use the most creative and enthusiastic imagination as you become one of these musicians, or perhaps another life weaved into the tale. It shall be a chapter system to seperate the landmarks of the story, however that does not mean we're only allowing certain people to post at certain times. It's a free-will RPG as long as it goes along the storyline.

It's also a make-the-cut RPG, so make sure you work your sign up well ;] I only need two other musicians, but feel free to sign up something else, such as a painter. Using your creativity, perhaps his paintings come to life or something. This is a fairy tale kind of world, so they don't even have to be necessarily human. Go wild. I want to see real enchantment here, folks. Below is the sign up. Please proceed and if you have any questions, just ask me.[/FONT]

[indent][b]Name:[/b] Try a fairy tale name, please.
[b]Age:[/b] Depends on your character.
[b]Gender:[/b] Does it have one even? :P
[b]Occupation:[/b] If you are a musician, put Musician here. If not, put what you like.
[b]Instrument:[/b] For musicians only. Try to stick to string and wind instruments. Drums can be acceptable too, depending on the kind. NOTE: Mandolin is already taken.
[b]Items:[/b] If you have any items on your person. This may depend on your occupation. The painter, for example, would have paintbrushes perhaps.
[b]Weapons:[/b] If you aren't a trained fighter at all, you most likely won't have any weapons yet. You will, however, probably get one later on to simply defend yourself. Though, you won't be extremely amazing, obviously.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Do not use a picture unless you're drawing it specifically for this roleplay. Otherwise, write a decently lengthy description.
[b]Information:[/b] Tell us their past or personality traits or anything important about them that we should know.[/indent]

[b]Thank you all who sign up. We shall see who joins in the adventure soon enough![/b]
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Guest ♥♥Nephilum♥&#9
[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR="DimGray"]Astrid Tannith Onyx[/COLOR]

[B]Age:[/B] [COLOR="DimGray"]17[/COLOR]

[B]Gender: [/B][COLOR="DimGray"]female[/COLOR]

[B]Occupation: [/B][COLOR="purple"]musician[/COLOR]

[B]Instrument:[/B] [COLOR="Purple"]acoustic Guitar[/COLOR]

[B]Items: [/B] [COLOR="DimGray"]well ofcourse she has like a small knife and flint and steel. you have to be prepaed but as far as magical items go probably only tarrot cards and a few protection amulets she wears as jewelry.[/COLOR]

[B]Weapons: [/B][COLOR="DimGray"]Duel Elbow blades, staff, bow and arrow[/COLOR]

[B]Appearance: [/B] [COLOR="DimGray"]Astrid stands at about 5'10" She has feirce eyes that change from a gentle blue to a saddened green and finally to an enraged grey depending on her mood, underneith full evenly spaced eyebrows. She has a Strong jaw, high cheek bones, full dark sensuous lips, and finely chiseled features giving her the appearance of a divine warrier goddess. She has darkly sun browned skin contrasted by short white hair. She is curvy and feminime but should never be underestmated because under her alluring body is the strength of a man.[/COLOR]

[B]Information: [/B] [COLOR="DarkGreen"]Astrid is the youngest of 8 children in her family. And out of all 8 of them she is the only girl. She was raised by her father because shortly after her birth her mother abandoned her and the other kids. It is said that her mother was a great sorceress, and the power drove her mad.

But Astrid never put too much thought in it. She accepts life as it comes. She was the youngest of seven boys so by concequence was raised as a boy. That turned out to be to her advantage. Instead of being some frail little maiden she became crude and tough. Never a victim. She had one loving father and seven protective brothers she didn't have time to miss a mom she never knew. She hardly even noticed the absense.

She studied music and fully understands key signiture and chord progressions. She learned on the piano but as any musician knows it's not that difficult to transfer over if you understand the basics of music itself first.[/COLOR] (occ: I'm a songwriter, not just lyrics but sheet music)
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Name: Persephone Tunder

Age: 22

Gender: female

Occupation: owns a farm. She breeds raises and trains all sorts of mundane and mythological animals. She also grows varius types of herbs and can use them to make potions that can do just about anything. She's pretty useful to have around.

Instrument: doesn't apply

Items: well herbs viles varius types of harnesses

Weapons: um like a training whip maybe

Appearance: She's tall and beautiful. She has an innocent face and vulnerable eyws that make people feel an unnecessary desire to protect her from the world. You can see from her demeaner that she is obviously a very compassionate yet sheltered woman. She has waistlength curly hair and elven ears. Though she doesn't look as faerie like as most mythical creatures would. You get the obvious impression she's atleast half human. Her eyes are orange and her hair is a purpley reddish color. She has sunspeckled flesh pared with delicate curves and long slender legs.

Information: Persephone inherited the family land from her mother. Her mother had two sons before her husband died and then was seduced by a faerie like man one night years later. That's how Persephone was born. They village neighboring the farm has an obvious mistrust for non humans so Persephone's mother kept her away from other people.
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[COLOR="Purple"][B]Name: [/B]Sanagi Hana

[B]Age:[/B] unknown

[B]Gender:[/B] female
Occupation:[/B] musican, sorceress, wish granter

[B]Instument:[/B] flute
Items:[/B] since she's a sorceress she has a few potions and remedies hidden. She also has tarot cards that are specifically for battle and protection usage only. She carries around a pipe from the 19th century that she uses when she smokes and tobacco. Originally, the pipe was used to smoke opium. She has a fan that is known as the Tengu Fan. It is known to transport anyone wherever the Zashiki-Warashi is.

[B]Weapons: [/B]two swords - 1. long sword named Sohi_2. regular katana named Hien -, bow and arrows, and kunai filled with poison.
Appearance:[/B] Sanagi stands at 5'9" and weighs at 120lb. She has piercing green eyes but is blind in her right eye which has a secret behind its blindness underneath very thinly plucked eyebrows. Her stature is slim with big breasts. Her arms and legs are very thin but she is very strong. Her skin is pale almost white with hair that is long and black with major side bangs parted to the left side of her face covering up part of her left eye. In the clothes appearance, she is seen in very nice dresses with slits on the right leg and very low cuts on the top or corsette backs, in kimonos/yukatas that are very detailed in design with pictures of birds, butterflies, frills, etc., and she could be seen wearing very intricate tops with very sliming pants with unique designs.

[B]Information:[/B] Sanagi has a very strange personality that would keep some people wondering what is wrong with her. She acts very sarcastic, annoying, and bossy around her apprentice but has a wise understanding of the human nature. She has a wildly eccentric personality in many respects. She also has a decidedly nasty streak, as evidenced by the humiliating tasks she frequently assigns to her apprentice. Yet she is also capable of showing affection for him as well. She is lazy and whimsical, carrying out her tasks in an off-handed manner much of the time and expressing little concern over what happens to her clients once her job is done. She is also fun-loving, witty and humorous. She has a great fondness for alcohol, which results in sending her apprentice to the pharmacy for hangover cures whenever she drinks too much. She also smokes when she isn't drinking.

Sanagi has always been alone for some time until a boy "accidentally" stumbled upon her shop. He was in desperate search for a job and she gave him one as granting his wish, he became her house slave doing all the cleaning, cooking, and whatever other outrageous things that she could think up for him to do. She is kind to him since he has no family and let's him stay in her shop. He falls into trouble due to staying as an apprentice for her. She has a lot on her hands taking care of him when something of the supernatural come after him. Though he gets into lots of trouble and causes her trouble, she has no problem dealing with as long as he pays her back by doing house work.

Sometimes Sanagi is seen playing a flute on the roof of her shop. The flute causes the world to stop in its place around the shop. The music that is played from it is usually sad music for the dead or sorrow. It is said that her music is to appeal to the dead and hope that they would pass on without the use of help. She helps grant wishes to those who can see and enter her shop due to the barrier around it. All the wishes that she grants come at a price that is equal to the wish so it may result in having something bad happening to you. Her shop is like a general store. It holds a lot of things from different places, worlds, and people who have come to her to have their wishes granted. She makes her appentice clean it from time to time and he complains on how much stuff she keeps in the back.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]OOC: If there is anything I need to change please tell me and I will do it.[/COLOR]
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Name: Kudi Saiga

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Seer ~ Kudi specializes in dreams and invoking the natural powers in people. This skill however comes at a price he has been shunned from much of civilized life and is forces to move from town to town everytime his secret is revealed.

Items: A bag full of crystals and other stones as well as a piece of braided rope he has tied to his wrist.

Weapons: A simple ashwood staff carved with runes that glow when he is in danger.

Appearance: Kudi is 5'11 with shoulder length brown hair, Green eyes, a lean build with little real muscle, his skin is a pale peach like color and he has a simple tatoo on his right arm that resemebles a circle with three arrows pointing in towards a small star. he tends to wear a simple light brown tunic with dark brown pants and ankle boots, he also as a teal colored crystal that hangs from his neck.

Information: As a young child Kudi was shunned for his strange behaviors and his ability to see the "Inner self of people". as he grew to become a teenager his father became more and more irritated about the fact that his oddness affected his judgement in ways that offended many of their nieghbor, after a time around Kudi's 15th birthday he father and him had a horrible fight and in the midst of it he sent he's father into a dream like trance which brought his father darker emotions into light. in fear of his life after this he left the village before the rising of the sun the following day and spent his time learning to control his unique powers. However he still goes into towns from time to time and each time turns out to be a bad experince for him. That was until the day he met Sanagi Hana.

Let me know if you want anything changed.. i tend to kind of pull this stuff out of various Fan fictions i read or have wrote it won't be a problem to alter him if you need me too.
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Name: Kirin Aurell

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Kirin is an illusionist-She has the power to give a spirit or soul a form-These forms she creates can hold spirits that are stuck on earth or she can go into the spirit world through dreams and collect souls for forms. They do not necessarily have to use a human form. It is very dangerous to go to the spirit world to collect souls and Kirin does not often do it. Her illusions will only disappear if someone tries to kill them. Or they harm themselves in any way. (any kind of nick will cause them to dissolve. Which is why she hardly ever uses them to fight.) She can strengthen then using more willpower but it drains her. Normal people cannot tell these things are illusions as they are very much life-like. Accidents can happen-like choosing the wrong soul and its evil.

Items: Kirin carries whistles on her. Different whistles can call different forms to her. No matter how far away they are they have to come at her call. If someone else gets a hold of her whistles though it can be disasterous. She keeps them in a magically secure pouch on her belt and rarely anyone can take them. If she sees someone try to reach for her belt she immediately takes action.

Weapons: Kirin normally does not like to fight. She of course though has taken martial arts training( a girl has to protect herself) and she carries around a staff about 5 feet long. She also has an assortment of daggers she keeps hidden with 2 visibly on her belt.

Appearance: Kirin is 5'7" and weighs only 96lbs. She's well known wherever she is and is easily recognizable because she has blue hair thats right above her shoulders. Her eyes can be two different colors. The are usually a beautiful violet but when she is searching for spirits and souls her eye color changes to black. Kirin always says its to represent the deafening blackness of the void of the undead. She has a triangular shaped face with nice heart shaped full lips. Her nose is not perfect(she's broken it quite a few times) She wears mostly knee length shorts and tanktops all the time. She is not a shoe person and only wears them when she has too.

Personality: Kirin is a very kind person and tries to help many people. Only a few things can make her angry but when she is shes very dangerous. She's sarcastic and spunky and doesn't let anyone boss her around. If your on her good side she'll always be sunny and bright. If you're on her bad side...it's a death wish.

Information/Bio: She was an orphan. Her parents disowned her because of her difference and power and she was very close to dying when a man found her and took her in. His name was Sayachi and he taught her control and how to defend herself. 6 years after he rescued her he decided to go on a journey. Kirin was 15 years old when he left. He promised to be back and she waits for him. She would know if he was dead because of her access to the spirit world. She's been a kind of roamer ever since. On her 17th birthday she settled down and decided to stay for a while. Until, of course, strange encounters cause her to come out of her shell.

It was really fun coming up with this.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Aeli Ivor
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[b]Occupation:[/b] Musician

[b]Instrument:[/b] Piccolo
[b]Items:[/b] Aeli can normally be found carrying a variety of items, losing them and obtaining new ones quite often. Among the items he does keep is his piccolo and a small knife in his boot, mostly used to crave into wood and threaten people if challenged, but serves no real purpose. Other items include plants/herbs, clothe, twigs and anything else that?s useless.
[b]Weapons:[/b] None beside the knife which he doesn?t use a weapon.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Aeli is a tall young looking boy, slender and thin, a quite an interesting mix of looking both shabby and dignified. He has medium length [i]green[/i] hair that tends to fall over his bright green eyes quite often; his hair being green has been quite a mystery among many strangers, and the general impression is that he did, perhaps, use some kind of natural dye for clothing on his hair. Aeli has slightly tanned skin and sharp features, a long with a uniquely charming smile and smirk. He dresses in layers of clothing, normally with earthy tones excluding a black jacket, created out of a thin, fine material that stands out suspiciously from the rest of his normal attire. There is also a piercing on his right ear (both ears are, in fact, quite pointed at the tip, though it?s never been paid any attention), where a small chain with a feather hangs from.

[b]Information:[/b] Aeli Ivor is a traveller from a family of travellers. Himself, his father and his younger brother would travel around, having no home to call their own, and entertain, trade, sell, even steal, to get along in their life. Along the way, Aeli picked up traits such as lying, trickery and playing a variety of instruments, most notably the piccolo, which he still carries with him. He has the tendency to pick up things that aren?t really valuable, although he assumes they might come in handy in the future. They never really do.

Aeli?s family is a mystery to even themselves. Having no mother or no traceable family line, they just assumed they had always been travellers, especially considering their odd personalities and eccentric styles. Aeli hoped that, one day, he would actually know more about his bloodline, though it didn?t really bother him all that much.

He had left his father and brother to travel by himself sometime ago, coming across a few wonders of his own. Personality wise, Aeli is charming, kind hearted, and slightly arrogant of himself. He has a dignified manner of going about things (for a thief, anyway) and although he grew up on trickery and lies, he rarely relies on lying unless he finds it necessary, or doesn?t trust a particular person. He is not entirely selfish, but he does tend to do things to his own advantage. Despite all this, Aeli still has the curiosity that would make him a child, with no desirable leadership skills or any kind of ambition other than to let his life take him wherever he would end up.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"][B]Name:[/B] Liir Tanin

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Occupation:[/B] Traveler/Sword for Hire - He tries to lend his skills with a balade for those who seek it. The few jobs he dose get are mostly as a guard. Sometimes he is hired for the tracking and capture of fugitives.

[B]Items:[/B] a bedroll, flint and steel, along with some bandages for when he might injure himself.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Liir carries a longsword, a dagger, and a small knife he keeps hidden under his left arm bracer.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Liir is 6' 2" weighing around 200lbs. He has a olive complextion and hazel eyes that are offset by his midlenght black hair. He wears dark colors, mostly greens, blacks, and browns so that he is hard to spot in forested areas. His shirts are close fitting but leave room for him to move well, where his pants fit him loosely giving him excelent leg movement. He wears leather boots and arm bracers along with a dark grey cloak wich he keeps his hood up most of the time. He has 3 small scars on his face and many smaller scars on his hands. He has somewhat of a gruff appeance but still looks youthfull.He dosent smile infront of strangers but he carries a small smile when around those he feels comfortable with.

[B]Personality:[/B] Liir is enegrgetic and is always looking for action. He tries to stay out of the public eye, but he finds that difficult since he is very confrontational and starts alot of fights. He tends to be sarcastic and says things that can get him into a decent amount of trouble. He likes to joke around with people but when he is hired for a job he takes it very seriously and is determined to get the job done.

[B]Information:[/B] Liir comes from a village that was known for its hunters. They were very skilled in tracking animals. Theses skills were passed down through the generations, but Liir didnt enjoy hunting like the other children, he wanted action and he would often stray off from the others and practice sword skills with the local blacksmith. He would practice late into the night and stumble back home sore and tired.

As he grew older he grew in skill with the sword and as a hunter. He set off from the village at the age of 17 to start on his own. He traveled from town to town but he is not taken seriously as a fighter due to his age and appearance. So he would take up jobs as personal security to make money even though he hated them and barely got so see the action he yearned for. He is now just wondering from town to town looking for work[/COLOR]

[B]OCC: If there is anthing you want me to change, just pm me[/B]
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DW you always were a bit evil and sadistic making us squirm like insect larva... *pokes head to make sure he ain't larva* Nope no slime
hehe long time no see man... hope to be around alot longer this time around...after all it's been almost 2 years since i was here last.
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] Phineas Dougal
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Occupation:[/B] Musician.
[B]Instrument: [/B]Fiddle.
[B]Items:[/B] The clothes on his back.
[B]Weapons:[/B] None, though growing up with 5 older brothers he knows a thing or two about basic self defense in brawls.
Appearance: Skinny Finny is a childhood nickname that Phineas has never quite been able to shake, perhaps because his is still a a rail. He is not especially tall, nor does he appear coordinated until he takes up his instrument. Finny is not particularly striking in any way - his brown hair and eyes don't help him stand out in a crowd.
[/B]"For most of his young life, it was assumed that Phineas Dougal played with an incomplete deck. To watch him play with the other children reminded me of a broken-winged bird trying to fly with the rest of the flock. Finny remained blissfully unaware of his mental slowness; he was outspoken and energetic, eager to grow up and make friends, like any other child.
Unfortunately, as he grew older, Finny started to understand his...'shortcomings'. It wasn't that he was plain dumb- Finny could learn anything the rest of the boys could. It wasn't that he was forgetful- at times, Finny's memory shocked his friends and parents. It was the sluggish pace at which comprehension came to him.
Now, we all thought Finny was going to run into trouble as an adult, simply because we didn't think he'd be able to learn a craft or a trade. Not quite the case, you see. After church one day - I think Phineas was 15 or 16 - he scooped up one of the musicians fiddles. I think at first people thought he was going to break it (And that violin was a might fine piece of work - if he had, he'd have been working for the rest of his life to pay that man back), but quite suddenly and unexpectedly he broke into that morning's songs... with perfection. I don't know if a miracle happened because we were at the church or what, but I have never seen anything like it. I have never heard anyone as good as Phineas Dougal."

-Bathilda Capricia, a woman from Finny's town.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="1"][B]name. [/B] Dante Bertrand

[B]age. [/B] 38

[B]gender. [/B] Male

[B]occupation.[/B] Priest

[B]items. [/B] Dante carries a crucifix, a staff, and holy water.

[B]information.[/B] Dante was born and raised in a large and luxurious home with one elder brother and one elder sister. His father passed away before Dante was born. His siblings and mother constantly committed sins against God, such as fornication, intoxication, lies, and much more senseless acts.
Dante was a good boy who always read the Book of God and prayed. At the age of twelve Dante finally got his own room; he had since shared a room with his brother. In Dante's room he stayed constantly, only coming out to eat and use the restroom. His room had become a sort of sanctuary for him, and he spent all of his time in there creating a stronger bond with his god. His family thought him psychotic, and at age sixteen Dante was literally defenestrated from his home, never to return.
On his own with only a crucifix and the clothes on his back, Dante set out to find a holy place, a church perhaps, where he could take refuge. On the second day after being ejected from his home Dante found the home for which he was searching. A small little sanctuary situated by a stream and a beautiful forest, this place was occupied by two godly monks.
Dante lived with these men for many years, and learned much from them. Eventually he surpassed them in his knowledge of the spiritual realm and he was having visions of angels and saints. He also claims to have supernatural powers granted him by the lord God himself.
Dante, now thirty-eight years old, travels the land to help the poor and the suffering.

[B]appearance.[/B] Dante stands roughly six feet tall and weighs about 161 pounds. His body type is quite slim, with a bit of muscle on him. His skin tone is quite pale, and his hair is jet-black in color. His jaw line is very defined, his ears are small, and his neck is a bit long. Dante's eyes are blue in color and his eyebrows are shaped quite nicely. His nose is not wide, nor is it too long; it is just right. His mouth is small in size.
Dante is dressed regularly in long white hooded robes made of cotton, and he wears white boots which have a high rise. Around his neck on a string Dante wears a wooden crucifix. He carries a brown, wooden staff with him, and from his rope belt hang two small containers of holy water. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]name. [/B]Nei

[B]age. [/B] 13

[B]gender. [/B]Female

[B]occupation.[/B] None

[B]items. [/B] A rope, some bandages, and medicine.

[B]information.[/B] She was a combination of human DNA and dragon DNA. The DNA samples were combined magically, creating Nei. She is an outcast from society. She is usually a pacifist, but when provoked, will fight. She is agile and intelligent, but hates carrying a heavy load. She can use powerful spells to defend herself.Some are Res, a healing spell, Zan, a combat spell, and Saner, a speed-increasing spell.

[B]appearance.[/B] She has long, pink hair. She has horns and dragon wings. She wears a blue, sleeveless shirt and a dark blue skirt. She has light purple eyes.
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[size=1]Okay, everyone. Tough choices as always, but I selected the characters that would best suit the atmosphere and plot of the story. Those who made it in are:
Not that big of a list, I know. It happens. Thanks to all that signed up. The RPG will be up soon.[/size]
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His choices not yours and he ain't being a bad picky. Vicky and Forest Cruscader are both good RPGers. Used to do RPG's with both of them back in the day and under other names. who knows he might add more people if it gets slow in RPg doubt it but maybe. plus they do quality post something most people here can't.
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]As Dragon Warrior said, the sign-ups are now closed, and there's no point in questioning the game creator's choices. The only thing you might want to consider is how to improve your OWN sign-ups, so that the next time you will be chosen as well.

I'll close this thread anyway now. If you want to debate the reasons why some people get chosen to the games and others don't, please create a separate thread about it to the Adventure Underground, thanks!

- Sandy[/COLOR]
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